How much do you know about your favorite tv series and the stars who play the characters? Here's a list of questions designed to test your knowledge of the show, as well as finding out just how much attention you've paid to the Annual, for all the answers are given somewhere in this book. Give yourself three (3) points for every correct answer.

All Tied Up 1. Jake calls his plane 'Cutter's Goose.' But do you know what the manufacturer's name for the plane is?

2. Over which eye does Jake's dog Jack wear his eyepatch?

3. What is the name of the bar Jake and Corky frequent?

4. The proprietor of that bar is Bon Chance Louie. What is:
a. his nationality? b. the official title he represents?

5. Roddy McDowall, who plays Bon Chance Louie, starred in a series of "Ape" movies. Can you name the one he missed?

6. What is the name of the tropical island that acts as Jake Cutter's 'home base'?

7. Caitlin O'Heaney plays Sarah Stickney White. What is:
a. her profession b. and what is it a cover for?

8. Where was actor Stephen Collins born?

9. Roddy McDowall made his name in Hollywood. But where did he originally begin his career?

10. What year is the series set in?

11. Which famous drama school did Caitlin O'Heaney study at?

12. Which actor plays Corky?

13. Corky is invaluable to Jake. As what?

14. Stephen Collins appeared in a box office hit movie based on a successful science fiction tv series.
a. what was the film called? b. what part did he play?


1. Grumman Goose
2. Right
3. Monkey Bar
4. a. French, b. Magistrate of Justice
5. Beneath the Planet of the Apes
6. Boragora
7. a. singer at the Monkey Bar, b. She's also an American agent.
8. Des Moines, Iowa
9. London, England
10. 1938
11. Julliard School of Drama in New York City
12. Jeff MacKay
13. The best mechanic around
14. a. Star Trek: The Motion Picture, b. Decker

Excerpted from the Tales of the Gold Monkey Annual, © 1982, Universal City Studios, Inc., published by Grandreams Ltd., London

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