Re: Drat! Missed him again. Yeoman Nash, come quick the game is afoot....

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Posted by Tali Urulu III, Research Assistant to Professor Immerschreiben on February 19, 2000 at 16:35:58:

In Reply to: Drat! Missed him again. Yeoman Nash, come quick the game is afoot.... posted by The Captain on February 18, 2000 at 07:22:43:

I am responding on behalf of Professor Immerschreiben, who will be "off-island" (as we Tarafuans say)until 29 February. I assisted the Professor in preparing the new article on Jake Cutter and am, therefor, quite familiar with the sources relied upon by the Professor.

I can assure you that all of the facts set forth in the article are fully supported by those sources. Unfortunately, until the Professor's return, I can not reveal those sources.

I can, however, make the following comments without (I trust) violating the Official Secrets Act of the Seiber Islands:

1. Responding to newspaper reports in 1962 of Jake Cutter's alleged "association" with the Office of Naval Intelligence both before and after 1941, un-named high-ranking officials of the government of the Seiber Islands said that they could neither confirm or deny the reports. They added, however, that if such an association did exist, it would have been perfectly consistent with the special relationship which existed between the United States and the Grand Duchy of Wotanberg at the time.

2. By telephone today, Cdr(Ret.)Quinton McHale confirmed meeting the Captain at the Army-Navy game in 1946. He also stated that, to this day, he wishes that he had inquired as to the name of the Captain's tailor. Cdr McHale, however, denied that he has any evidence that Jake Cutter was ever given a U.S. Navy commission, reserve or otherwise.

3. I confirmed with my contacts in the Seiber Islands military intelligence community that a man answering the description of Oberleutnant zur See (Ret.)Siegfried Skorzeny was recently seen in a bar in St Hubert. Since, according to these same contacts, one of the people sitting with Skorzeny was none other than Professor Immerschreiben, it is quite clear that the good Professor cannot, in fact, be Skorzeny, as suggested by the Captain.

Assuming, of course, that the Captain does not improvidently dispatch the Professor with his broomhandle Mauser in the meantime, I am sure that when Professor Inmmerschreiben returns on the 29th of this month , he will respond to the Captain's questions and concerns far more adequately than I.

In the aforementioned meantime, I trust that Yoeman Nash will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the Captain is prevented from interfering with the Professor's timely return.

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