Better keep your head down, ma'm...

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Posted by The Captain's Yeoman on February 20, 2000 at 10:25:28:

In Reply to: Re: Drat! Missed him again. Yeoman Nash, come quick the game is afoot.... posted by Tali Urulu III, Research Assistant to Professor Immerschreiben on February 19, 2000 at 16:35:58:

Pehea Oe, Miss Urulu

I'm here boiling water. In time's of crisis sidekicks are either sent for help or told to boil water. Ain't no help out here in the land of pineapples and boar tusks.

First things first. I'm rumaging through his uniforms, he's had several tailors. Likes 'em British trained so he "has to tell six buttons, not eight." Harry Sadow (Leon & Sadow)on Vesey Street in Manhattan 'round the corner from 90 Church Street. Not far from his old haunts at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Then there was Johnson's, 34 Hankow Street in Kowloon, and finally Johnny La (L.A. Town) in the Itawon section of Seoul.

Well there's the rub the Captain thinks Leutnant sur Zee Scorzeny put paid to Harry Sadow, who might of been a limey agent. Dispatch the Captain's tailor. That'ill really p*ss the old codger off.

Can't go to Johnson's anymore the Chicoms have closed Hong Kong to the Fleet since that Embassy thing in Yugo... oh, whatever they call it now.

Thank good for Johnny La in Itawon, I suppose. Well I digress.

Well, the skipper cut out of here with a full head of steam and blood in his eye. If your professor looks anything like that Kraut lieutenant well, he's turned in the number of his mess by now. By the way I see you call him Leutnant sur Zee (Ret.). How can you be retired from an organization that ain't never seen closure? In as situation like that can you be retired if you don't want to be retired.

The skipper's a dead shot at 15 feet, 20 feet the vision goes off a mite. Stormed out of here with 8 9mm parabellum rounds and an 8mm Nambu round (the supply system here s**ks, if you'll pardon my French, ma'm.) Hope that 8mm kinda wobbles down the barrel.

By the way, you doin' anything tonight. Like to take stores at the Chafed Kingspoke out there by Sain' 'Ubert. Nice beach for moonlight swimming not to far.

Better tell your Professor to find that Leutnant sur Zee and stick close so the Captain will make a comparison. I suspect most of that misinformation your professor got was from Scorzeny.

I wasn't always a third class, just there was this misunderstanding in Boragora between me and some Free French Fleet sailors. The shore patrol petty officer got kinda uppity...didn't like the bread and water part.

Aloha and keep your head down. Hope to see you at the Chafed Kingspoke.

Nash, YN3 (Ret.)

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