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Posted by MR. tali urulu III on February 23, 2000 at 23:43:19:

In Reply to: Better keep your head down, ma'm... posted by The Captain's Yeoman on February 20, 2000 at 10:25:28:

The Captain's Yeoman appears to be as confused as The Captain on at least one (to me and my wife's) significant point. I am Tali Urulu III, grandson of Chief Tali Urulu, whose very real association with Cdr(Ret.)Quinton McHale during World War II was parodied in the American television series, McHale's Navy (note the referenced URL). I am as proud of my grandfather's accomplishments in his distinguished life as (I trust) he is of his those of his only grandSON--me.

As to the other comments made by The Captain's Yeoman, I need to respond with the following:

1. Since neither Professor Immerschreiben nor I bears any resemblence to Oberleutnant zur See (Ret.) Siegfried Skorzeny, neither of us should have anything to fear, assuming, of course, The Captain is as skilled as The Captain's Yeoman claims.

2. My understanding that Siegfied Skorzeny is retired is based on information that he was retired from active service (and awarded the Iron Cross) in March 1945 after receiving disabling (and grossly disfiguring) wounds during a futile attempt to bring to safety (to an undisclosed part of South America) what has been described (by some sources) as documentary evidence that the United States Office of Naval Intelligence had occasionally used civilians to investigate Japanese activities in the Pacific priuor to Pearl Harbor.

3. I must also note that the organization in question with respect to the Oberleutnant zur See--the Reichsmarine--underwent a rather distinct "closure" in 1945.

4. I must also note that it is not unheard of for persons to claim (on the Internet or otherwise) a right to be addressed by a military or naval rank that they were never, or are no longer, entitled to claim. (I was personally shocked to learn that Col. Sanders did not, in fact, lead the charge up "Drum Stick Hill" during the Korean War.)

MR. Tali Urulu III

P.S. Thank you for the names of the tailors; I will pass them along to Cdr (Ret.) McHale who has made clear his intention to be buried in a uniform as well-tailored as The Captain's.

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