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Posted by sadcafe on March 10, 2000 at 16:17:59:

Hi everyone; nice to have found you. In thinking about the show, I perceive that every now and then an imagined place comes along that really should be real. A place and often a time that our hearts would make real if only they could. Boragora, sitting as it did on the frontier between what had been and what was to come, peopled with characters fated to man the bulwharks as it were, was such a place, but more importantly such a time, for me. Goodness knows I'm far from being a kid anymore, and doubtless have forgotten most of what being a kid was about, but it appears I'll never stop daydreaming the kids' dream that someday the Monkey Bar might welcome me too, weighed down with the dust of years spent in the real world. I guess we grownups can only try to find a place in our more prosaic lives for a little of the old romance, and try to live them with a little more adventurous spirit, as Jake would. I look around my life, and realise there's a Corky there (tho' his name is Bill), and a Sarah (really Marissa) and even a Louie. So hell, I'm gonna buy 'em a beer and thank 'em for being around, and make sure there's some shared adventure in our lives to rejuvenate the soul.

But to the point. Those of you who've seen Dave G's posts know he's been doing yeoman work converting episodes into computer-friendly digital files and posting them to Usenet newsgroups to make them available to those of us who know how to get there and what to do once we arrive. But if your eyes just rolled back into your head at the mention of that (it is '38 in monkey years, after all), don't despair. His work has inspired - or shamed - me into trying to help. I've posted two episodes, "Shanghaied" and "Once a Tiger", both in RealMedia format, to this Web location:


Both are downloadable from there; the password is "goose". You must first register with FreeDiskSpace, but it is free and you will get 5 megabytes of free file storage for yourself by doing so. If you use my referral code, "U0006D363", 5 megs will be added to my total as well and someday maybe I'll be able to fit more episodes at once. Right now the plan is to rotate the ones I have up, maybe monthly, so everyone has the chance to download all I have (six, at the moment). As Dave has said before, these files are large (140 megs avg) and will take forever (and a day) to download over a modem. If you have network access or a cable modem you'll have better luck, but modem folk can still make a fair play for 'em by starting the download at night and checking on the progress in the morning. You probably already have the RealPlayer on your computer, but if not it can be downloaded, also for free from "http://www.real.com".

I'm certain I'll be embarrassed by the length of this note once I post it, but work doesn't leave me much time for such things and I feel that I must say everything at once. My apologies. If anyone has questions about how to directly access the newsgroups and the wealth (and trash) they contain, email me and I'll be happy to do my best at leading you through the shoals. Otherwise, please enjoy the episodes and remember, a brave heart, sturdy soul and an eye for adventure make you a virtual "stick 'n rudder man" (or woman) along with Jake.


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