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Posted by The Captain on March 23, 2000 at 07:10:59:

In Reply to: Now why would you say a thing like that? posted by Bill Cosson on March 22, 2000 at 23:33:33:

: Cap, you globetrotting scallywag, you may have been everywhere and done everything, but here in America the only dogs we eat are the hot ones. I'm willing to allow for some cross-cultural aberrations in the area of diet, though I find some of them personally distasteful. I bet our Korean friends gag at the sight of a well-done taco - that's their privilege. But you, Cap ol' buddy, are a died-in-the-red true-blue American bluejacket, so don't be eatin' them puppies. The very idea. Jack would bark once if he ever heard of such things. He has, however, gone to the great kennel in the sky, so if you allow me to mix my metaphors, he's probably turning in his grave even as we speak.

: By the way, how's the book coming?


Many years ago a friend of mine was squiring around a naval officer from a country in Asia that no longer exists. He showed him the sights and took him to several typical American restaurants and showed him typical American cuisine.

"Daewi," he said."I like your food and the frankness used in its nameing. If you ask for popcorn, you will get corn that has made the noise 'pop'. If you ask for tossed salad, you will get a mixture of green vegetables that has been tossed around in the bowl. None of this General Tso's Heavenly chicken stuff. Straight names for straight food. No dodging the issues."

"Yes?" the young lieutenant asked wondering what was coming.

"My only problem is with what you call a 'hot dog'."

"Howcum?" the lieutenant said puzzled, since its meaning seemed frank (no pun), honest and clear.

"Well, in my country we eat dog, but, er, never that part."


In "the Man Who Would Be King" (one of my favorite movies) the gurkha describes the English (and he could have described Americans) "as persons who give name to dog."

The rest of the world thinks we're nuts. I know yuppie couples who talk about their dogs like they were children. I know a woman who sends her dog to an analyst.

The editor has had the book for 4 days. You'd think he'd be beating down my door by now. Go figure.


who still hates dogs

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