Re: Infiltration of the Marivellas

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Posted by The Captain on May 03, 2000 at 21:06:15:

In Reply to: Infiltration of the Marivellas posted by Bill Cosson on May 03, 2000 at 10:04:41:

: Cap -

: You query about the reliability of the French Navy, Marivellas Protectorate. The answer - I dunno. They're probably as reliable as sailors anywhere, but who am I to be telling you these things.

I sense in the future we may have to watch the Frogs. They seem to be of two minds. Met this fellow Darlan when I was back in Washington D. C. didn't like the cut of his jib...

: And notice the organization doing the cartographic research is not the National Geographic Society, but the American Geographic Society. They were formed to map the South Pacific, ostensibly the Solomons ("Damsel in Distress" - Adventure! Digest #5) and the Marivellas, headed as I said by Prof. Edwin Gillespie. The interesting thing is that the US Navy formed the Society (covertly, of course) for their own cartographic purposes, but employed the services of Gillespie (and his lovely niece, Penny) without informing them of the covert nature of the operation. In short, they're being used. But how else are we to get Penny into the South Pacific, where she falls in love with Buzz Cochran after being kidnapped by the crew of the Echo soon after departing from Pearl Harbor? It'll all work out somehow.

Hmmm, if this American Geographic is our concoction, can I supervise the photographic section. I have this idea for a swimsuit edition. Sort of radical mind you, but it might just proved popular.

Cartographic, cartographic, oh yes maps and charts. Depths, gradients, and beach reconnaissances. I wonder, could that ever prove important.

Oh sure, oh sure, let's get Buzz and Penny together, never mind that there's a war on the horizon. Heck, just as bad with that Army flyboy with the dimple in his chin, his chanteuse, and that daft dog. Oh, yeah, and that besotted mechanic. Is anyone paying attention to the potential war!!!

Hmmm, a swimsuit issue. I will have to give that some thought.

: And I may as well throw in a shameless plug. For more info, see

I'm sorry I missed that. Did you say Can anyone surf in?

: Keep your powder dry and your fuses short.

Errr, son you will have to work on your naval idiom. First, with respect to ordnance it is fuze spelled with a "z." Second, if I have a problem with my type "a" personality, it is that I am short-fuzed, very short-fuzed. So get to work!!!!!


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