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Posted by Terry on May 26, 2000 at 23:30:19:

Terry again!

I'll start with the "fan types" first. What type of person are you that TOTGM so captured you? Interesting question, huh! For me, I think a large part of it comes from my desire to live in the tropics. (Apparently I have a little Jimmy Buffet in me!) Also I loved the Indiana Jones movies. And I have this strange facination with bars (though I don't go to them or drink myself). I think I like the thoughts of a place where interesting characters gather and adventure results! I loved the "Monkey Bar" and it's mystery!

Next, my critique of TOTGM. This critique is coming from a guy who loved the series dearly (even wrote the networks when it was cancelled!) but who hasn't seen a show since it first aired. Incredibly, I can't seem to remember one story-line! So I can't do much of a critique! But I do remember that even though I loved the show, it seemed to fail in one area (now don't you fellow Monkiacs attack me! One can love a show and still look at areas where it could have been even better.)

The area it failed in? Well, if you remember, the Indiana Jones movies ALWAYS had a strong "hint" of the supernatural in them. If I remember correctly, TOTGM seemed to capure much of the "Indy-aspect" except for this area. There in the tropics, there should have been some supernatural scary stuff going on, but that didn't seem to take place on the show.

I recall this because I remember one episode where at the end of it the camera zooms in on the Gold Monkey at the Monkey Bar, and a tear falls from it's eye (and somehow in the story it sugested a possible supernatural aspect.) Well, I LOVE THAT!!!!! South Sea mystery! But if I recall, the series never really "went" with that aspect of it. Am I wrong? I could be because it's been a LONG TIME since I've saw the show!

But other than this one aspect, I dearly loved the show and miss it greatly.

A big fan,

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