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Posted by Joanne on June 02, 2000 at 20:06:43:

In Reply to: MONKEY CRITIQUE, AND FAN TYPES posted by Terry on May 26, 2000 at 23:30:19:

: Terry again!

: I'll start with the "fan types" first. What type of person are you that TOTGM so captured you? Interesting question, huh! For me, I think a large part of it comes from my desire to live in the tropics. (Apparently I have a little Jimmy Buffet in me!) Also I loved the Indiana Jones movies. And I have this strange facination with bars (though I don't go to them or drink myself). I think I like the thoughts of a place where interesting characters gather and adventure results! I loved the "Monkey Bar" and it's mystery!

: Next, my critique of TOTGM. This critique is coming from a guy who loved the series dearly (even wrote the networks when it was cancelled!) but who hasn't seen a show since it first aired. Incredibly, I can't seem to remember one story-line! So I can't do much of a critique! But I do remember that even though I loved the show, it seemed to fail in one area (now don't you fellow Monkiacs attack me! One can love a show and still look at areas where it could have been even better.)

: The area it failed in? Well, if you remember, the Indiana Jones movies ALWAYS had a strong "hint" of the supernatural in them. If I remember correctly, TOTGM seemed to capure much of the "Indy-aspect" except for this area. There in the tropics, there should have been some supernatural scary stuff going on, but that didn't seem to take place on the show.

: I recall this because I remember one episode where at the end of it the camera zooms in on the Gold Monkey at the Monkey Bar, and a tear falls from it's eye (and somehow in the story it sugested a possible supernatural aspect.) Well, I LOVE THAT!!!!! South Sea mystery! But if I recall, the series never really "went" with that aspect of it. Am I wrong? I could be because it's been a LONG TIME since I've saw the show!

: But other than this one aspect, I dearly loved the show and miss it greatly.

: A big fan,
: Terry

Well, that episiode did have a creepy element--Sarah took the idol from a cemetary during an eclipse, and a island man wanted her to atone for it. (A Distant Shout of Thunder). the statue was of the volcano godess Pele and modern people had lost respect for her power (thus the tear).

There was also Trunk from the Past, where Sarah sees her dead father as a warning to be careful in seeking the tomb of KA.

Some episodes had it "it makes you wonder" quality. For example, Legends Are Forever had Jake's old friend Gandy getting him (and Louie, Jack and Corky) to an island where King Solomon's Treasure was supposed to be hidden. They were guarding a cve even though they were sick with fever and they paid in raw diamonds making you wonder if there was treasure after all.

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