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Posted by Tim Waters on January 13, 1999 at 05:23:45:

My name is Tim Waters, and I too am a "Monkiac" as i recently
out we are called. I was just a young'in when TOTGM aired, but i
vividly remember the series. I am also a huge Jimmy Buffett fan, and i
recently read his novel "Where is Joe Merchant?". the Lead character
in the novel is a seaplane pilot who flys a goose. I'd been interested
on aviation for a long time now, and my love for TOTGM coupled by the
"Ghost ship" episode of Quantum leap has constantly fueled my interest
in the Grumman Goose. After reading the novel, I again decided to find
As much info on the goose as possible, and during a web search, i came
across your site. I don't really remember every episode, as I was
young, and probably missed several due to homework or bedtimes and
such, but I've always remembered the characters and the show. I first
want to thank you for your site, as it keeps alive many fond memories
of my family and I watching TOTGM. and second, I want to encourage
you. I don't know how long you've kept the site up, and i'm not sure
how much time and effort you've put into trying to get the series
resurrected, but I guarantee you it can happen... as the recent
resurgence in Dukes of Hazzard fandom helped to bring it back not only
to television, but also in the columbia house video series. From
reading your posts, i understand that you have a huge backlog of
requests for videotapes of the series and I'm afraid to say that I'm
here to add yet another request to that list. Wherever, whenever, and
however, I'd love to own them. As i'm sure many have already said,
i'll be more than happy to pay for expenses, shipping, and your time
as well. I'd also like to say that once I'd get mine, i'll be more
than happy to assist you with future "orders" as I have a top notch
video editing system and am always willing to monkey with it..pun
intended. I also realize that you have a huge email backlog so I'll
try not to be too impatient while waiting for your reply :) .
also, on the silly side note part of this letter...
I seem to recall re-runs of TOTGM in the late 80's possibly on the
network, however, this may be just another side effect of my cluttered
mind trying to cope with yet another pile of information being shoved
and sorted (i'm sure you know all about that from running a site). If
you know anyting about the re-runs that i think i might possibly
remember remembering, please help to straighten me on that. sincerely,
Tim Waters

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