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Posted by Terry on June 06, 2000 at 02:27:16:

In Reply to: What do you think? posted by Kathy Fleming on June 05, 2000 at 10:23:57:

Although Kathy and everyone have given some interesting ideas for a future show, I find they are probably from a female perspective (which is fine and just as worthy as my opinion), but probably males would want to see a different type of reunion.

But first I must say that I often have found reunion shows depressing. The cast looks older, the story is usually less exciting than the show originally was. I believe in most instances it's best to not have reunion shows, but to re-tell the story with a new, younger cast (good example: "Dark Shadows"--perhaps the only tv show to successfully retell a story while being faithful to the original, giving it new life and new if the series never ended.)

But say we do decide to make this a reunion some 18 years later. I could only see it this way: Jake returns to the Monkey Bar in the South Pacific, after hearing the news of the death of Roddy McDowels character (okay, I stole that from Patricia!) The Monkey Bar has been left to Jake! There, after many years of seperation, stands Sarah!!! Something happens to flame the fires of strife that STILL exist between the two, but something is different this go round---they know they are deeply in love and have missed the other greatly.

Eventually the old cast, one by one returns to pay respects to their dead friend and bar-owner and they find themselves resettling into the area again, since strangly none of them have been able to successfully maintain a settled life anywhere else (the curse of the Gold Monkey at work?)

Of course a new adventure ties the group together in this story (what, I'm not sure, but hopefully something with a supernatural, island errieness to it!). But I do think to let the story take place anywhere but the South Pacific wouldn't work. This was a big part of the charm of the show. And to have it anywhere but the original Monkey Bar....sorry, just can't see it. And to let Jake be married to Sarah from the start....can't see that either. Us guys want our heros to be dashing and single free spirits, not married men! That was the charm of Jake! (But he would EVENTUALLY marry Sarah. But that would take place when the series returned for a new season!!!!!!!)

But I must say, if the story just HAD to take place somewhere else besides the South Pacific and the Monkey Bar, I think Patricia has the most interesting idea of Jake inheriting the Gold Monkey (and it's curse!) That has possibilitys!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. And Patricia, thanks for creating this website! You have paid tribute to a show I dearly loved!

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