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Posted by Kathy Fleming on June 12, 2000 at 14:07:34:

In Reply to: Re: REUNION SHOW posted by Terry on June 09, 2000 at 00:52:08:

: Thanks for liking some of my ideas Kathy. I was also thinking since I wrote how I wouldn't want to see Sarah lose her "charm" in being a single, hard to get lady, much like the way we feel about Jake. But you are the author, and you may be on to something we just don't see.

: I was thinking how that Jake could, as Patricia sugested, inherit only the Gold Monkey statue (with it's curse) and maybe find a building in the South Pacific on another island and turn it into a new Monkey Bar. That also might work. Personally, I could never set the story anywhere else but the mysterious South Pacific. For me , not using this local would be like not including Corky or Sarah in the story! This setting was one of the "characters" that added to the story and made it unique.

: I hope your story will have elements of the supernatural in it. I'm not a wierdo or anything like that, I just loved that aspect in Indana Jones movies. In the old days, islanders had ghost stories and such to explain things about the islands they didn't understand. They were superstitious. I think that definitly has a place in Tales of the Gold Monkey. (Too bad the shows producers didn't undertand that fully.)

: You really sound like you're gonna write this book! Have you written other books, or will this be a first? I'm interested in writing, but have yet to sit down and do it. Hope to some day.

: Terry

You're right, I like the supernatural element. I was actually thinking that the characters in my story could suspect a curse (a bad guy is actually causing them trouble, but they could fear it was a curse, especially Corky). I always imagined Jake would end up with the monkey statue (or some other keepsakes from the bar).

Right now my story is a script, because I need a complete script for another project, and this is just as good as any. But I suppose I could always make a prose version.

I do some freelance writing on the side, but it's not my main job. I have actually had two books accepted for publication (by real trade publishers), but neither made it to the shelves(long stories-but at least I got paid). I guess I'm getting my publishing horror stories out of the way up front, huh? As for unpublished stuff, I have a truckload of it! I'm always writing something. This is just another diversion for me during my boring lunch hour. It's more fun to write about Jake and co. than play computer card games, I figure...


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