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Posted by Terry on June 12, 2000 at 22:32:07:

I saw these great questions on the first message boards, which I couldn't answer because I couldn't operate a computer then, nor did I have one! (How I WISH I had been there when this all began!!! Why on earth didn't someone call me! :-)

1) How old were you when you first saw the show?
Well, it priemered in '82, didn't it? So I would have been one of your older Monkiacs at 30.

2) Why did you first watch the show?
I loved Indiana Jones, but almost as important was I've always had this strange love of the tropics and the islands. Where this comes from, I don't know! (Since I grew up in the Virginia mountains.)

3) Which element of the show did you like the best (e.g. action, writing, acting, etc.)?
As I remember, I liked them all, but as the show progressed, in it's second half of the year, I recall wishing I could write a script, since I didn't always like the way the stories went. I wanted more of the supernatural, "native superstition" stuff to come about in the stories.

4) What was your favorite episode and why?
Now this is a strange thing!!!! I LOVED THIS SHOW, and yet I can't remember a single story line!!! (No, I didn't do drugs in the '80's, thank you very much!!!)

I guess because the show only lasted a year, and there was no syndication, I just forgot 'em. But I DO remember "moments" that were forever left on my mind:
When the Gold Monkey appeared to be shedding a tear; when Sarah entered the bar dressed in a beautiful evening gown and Jake in an all white suit, for a romantic evening; the mysterious, tropical looking Monkey Bar. And although I had somehow forgotten the title music, it was then my very favorite. Hearing it here at this website has been great, and I can't get it out of my head! It indeed was some of the most exciting adventure music on TV!

5) Who was your favorite character and why?
Oddly enough, I had totally forgotten about Corky and Jack the dog!!! How did that happen, since I loved them both! But most of all I remember Sarah and Jake. Even though I loved Jakes character, (and wanted to look like him, and have his jacket!) I think Sarah was my favorite. She added some class (in her own "spoiled" way) to the jungle and the Monkey Bar. I like strong female leads, and wish we saw more of them in TV.

EXTRA CREDIT: Why, after all these years, do you still care enough about the show to visit this web site and answer this survey?

Tales of the Gold Monkey was like a fantasy come true for me. I love adventure and mystery. I love tropical settings. I like the sence of humor the show had. It was fun! I also had liked Steven Collins very much in ST:The Motion Picture. His presence in it was VERY strong. I remember after the show was cancelled I wrote in protest, and got a postcard (of all things) from ABC saying they appretiated my interest. Wow! Big freaking deal! But what was embarassing was my dad saw the card and I'm sure he was saying to himself, "What is a 31 year old man doing writing to protest a "kids show" being taken off the air!"

Well, it was no "kids show" to me! I loved it! I wanted to be on that tropical island with this neat group of people.


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