Cutter's Goose

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Posted by Lorie on February 13, 1999 at 08:30:48:

Was finding that map of the Marivellas interesting but I found myself disagreeing with something pertaining to the Goose. I may be wrong, since it's been about 2 years since I've watched all the episodes...but in one of those episodes..."Once A Tiger" I believe, Kramer is asking Jake about 'her speed' and Jake tells him that she does about 105 mph but with Corky tweeking her a bit she can do a little more. That's a big difference between "Dr. McWhirtle"'s stated speed of about 200 mph. He forgot that the Goose was a rebuilt plane and that with the parts available and their quality and the lack of available NEW replacements, it's possible that all she could do was in the low 100's. Given that fact, the distance to Tagataya in Four hours would be adjusted down to about 400 miles away (since Jake presumably, as a good pilot, wouldn't want to excessively push his plane all the time).

Also I may have misunderstood the part about flying "legs" but it's stated in the "Geographical Model" that it was flying "Southeast to Northwest". Hmmmm...That would kinda defeat the purppose of flying at all since that would be doubling back one's self. If they were flying legs then, according to the 'model' they would be flying Southeast and Southwest, or Northeast and Northwest, depending on the 'leg' and the direction they were flying.

Hahaha! Great effort guys! I enjoyed reading it.


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