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Posted by Terry on July 12, 2000 at 19:00:40:

In Reply to: Re: SURVIVOR FRIEND posted by The Captain on July 12, 2000 at 12:34:34:

Wow! What an interesting friend to have! And you sound interesting yourself--having survived on lizards at one time (let's be honest, how many folks can say THAT!)

Thanks for the info, Cap. Maybe someday we will see you on Survival? If so, please wear Jake's jacket! At least the first episode! :-)


: : HI CAP!

: : Did you say Rudy on Survivor is your bud! Cool! Tell me more (I LOVE the show!)Is Rudy the bearded guy? (I'm having problems remembering everyone's names on the show.)

: : I missed the first couple of shows, but have watched it regularly since. I love this concept of survival, and would probably have a ball on this series if given the chance.

: Yes, I have known Master Chief Boesch since 1984. He served on active duty in the Navy with Special Warfare for 40 years which is something of a record and he was Master Chief (equivalent of a Sergeant-Major)of the entire Special Operations Command as his last tour.

: He is not the most grammatical of fellows, but very competent (I see he has seized on the opportunity to be the cook a la Steven Siegel)first rate to be stranded on an island with.

: There are many unrealities to the game such as popularity being a component and knowing in advance only one can ultimately survive. The trick is to not appear threatening to the others and still appear useful. It is however interesting watching the social dynamic. The lady lawyer from San Francisco right away tried to get him voted off. She was voted off a week or two ago and he is still there as a cook.

: I went to survival school not far from where the island is situated and we lived on monitor lizards and prawns. They have monitor lizards there, but I think they are not allowed to eat them.

: In the opening credits they show him with a full white beard yet so far he has no beard. I figure 10 days to grow it minimum. So the first show you see him with the beginnings of a beard, start to worry. Maybe.

: I will be seeing Rudy this weekend in Virginia Beach(the series was filmed several months ago).


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