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Posted by Lady Iapetus on October 08, 2000 at 00:16:01:

In Reply to: g. goose et al posted by Tali Urulu III, Editor-in-Chief of the Seiber Islands Historical Journal on October 07, 2000 at 23:14:54:

Well said. Very well said.

: I have a few comments on recent "contributions" from, and regarding, G. GOOSE.

: Exposed to e. e. cummings in school, I learned not to be overly impressed with capital letters. Having decoded more than my share of encrypted messages in the Army in ALL CAPS, I appreciate the delicious variety of the keyboard. Spending less time on the internet than others, I have still managed to learn its etiquette.

: g. goose (following the example of e. e. cummings) would be wise to listen to those in the community she/he apparently is trying to join (and impress). If he/she sincerely intends to become a member of this community, he/she must be also be willing to respond appropriately to criticism of her/his actions regardless of whether it was intended (or perceived) as constructive (or not).

: If he/she is not willing to become a member of this community as an equal, she/he should consider taking his/her self-identified talents to another community which will give him/her the respect she/he apparently believes he/she deserves by virtue of her/his claim of being responsible for the already famous "1,000 hits".

: Regarding his/her claims regarding the 1,000 hits, I recall that there was a cigarette advertisement on American television in the ancient (pre-internet) times which went "It's not how long you make, it's how you make it long." For this reason, I am not very impressed with 1,000 hits unless it can be shown that they actually represent 1,000 people who really care about Tales of the Gold Monkey. Anything less is nothing more than Spam (or something even less palatable than Spam).

: If g. goose really cares about Tales of the Gold Monkey (and this community that has organized itself around that television series and the values it reflects) I sincerely hope that she/he will show as much respect for this community as he/she wants it to show towards her/him.

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