The louder you shout the better "They" hear......

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Posted by Todd on October 08, 2000 at 01:17:35:

I have been watching this message board very closely for the past 3 plus months and it seems to me that whoever this g goose is he/she is shrewder that you people think. First of all he/she seems to know how to get everyones attention ,because incase you didn't notice, this room was asleep for a while. A good "stirrer upper" , "Dust kicker", "Let me show you what I got guy/gal" is what a group like this needs to get the word out.
Whether or not those 1000 hits in one day were from 1000 different people or not you must admit that that does take some doing,( can you imagine if that was to the owners of TOTGM?...everday!)and from what I've seen so far, you guys talk the talk but don't walk the walk, and can't seem to get the ball rolling. This g goose got 1000 balls rolling. You people lack the gusto that this g goose has. Yeah, ok, so he/she is a little thick headed, but sometimes it takes a thick head to bust through barriers. How many of you can say that you brought as much attention to this website that g goose has in the short amount of time that he'she was here? Huh? Speak up 'cause I can't here you. I for one happened upon this site by accident and only paid attetion to it because of mr/ms g.goose. Now all of a sudden I want to see this tv show too!
Publicity is publicity people, whether it's good press or bad press, and a whole lot of publicity is what this team needs to bring your tv show back to life.
The Tales of the Gold Monkey owners aren't even going to look once at ya, unless you shout loud enough, and that guy/girl sure knew how to shout.

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