The man of a thousand faces, or goose of a thousand beaks, or troll of a thousand a hit wonders

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Posted by The Captain on October 08, 2000 at 12:48:26:

In Reply to: I had *no* intention of it getting this far, believe me. posted by Lady Iapetus on October 08, 2000 at 10:23:42:

Any one who moderates -- I moderate on another board on another subject -- can recognize the multiple identity game.

I must agree with Tura-lura-lura that quality not quantity counts or all you are doing is watching a puppet show...a one-dimensional Muppet Show. No one gets a thousand hits on a board after average less than twenty a day without "monkey" business unless they are linked to "Survivor" or some other rocketing phenome. Is this site pay per view, is 1,000 hits daily better than 30? Is someone doing a remake of TOTGM?

The Lady from Saturn did not run anyone off, he just came back as someone else...actually several somebody elses. (Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, hmmm where does that put ladies from Saturn's moons?) If he has something to contribute he will, it's only been a day. If he did run off I want joint credit for a 1/2 kill toward ace, if it can be confirmed. (Hey, I tipped him off to netiquette first) Personally I won't miss the SHOUTING.

On another subject, Spam is is a coveted commodity in the Pacific...just ask any Hawaiian or Korean. The computer nerds tend to stay close to home and coin phrases from their digital womb so they are hopelessly unsophisticated on cultures outside of silicon valley.

Monkiacs don't be lured into controversy simply for controversy's sake and to boost hits. He's baiting. Or as they say in the internet he's


As I see it, we just had Halloween early. Trick, no treat.


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