Would You Change The Gold Monkey?

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Posted by Terry on October 25, 2000 at 00:25:23:

Since we have a few writers in our group, I'm curious if others are like me about the Gold Monkey storylines. Recently, thanks to a virtual donation from a fan, I was given the series and loved watching the episodes!

I was reaquainted with some things I loved about the show, namely:

1. The sence of "family" and friendship between the characters.

2. The "quirkiness" of the show, the unusual characters and local.

3. The love story between Jake and Sarah.

Some elements of the show surprised me, because I had forgotten them. But one element didn't, and I even recalled that the one thing I DIDN'T like about the show is they didn't go deep enough into the supernatural and spooky elements.

I loved how the Indiana Jones series did this. (Remember Indiana is surrounded by avenging angels at the end of the first movie. He meets a cult leader who seems to be able to pull out a man's heart in part two. And in the last movie he finds a knight who is hundreds of years old!

Gold Monkey just barely touched on the supernatural, and I think this element would have added much to the stories. If Gold Monkey were on TV now, and I had it within my power to direct the storylines, I would make every third episode a supernatural one, and the rest adventure stories, or character stories or time period-type stories.

I think I've addressed this before to the group, but since we have a few writers here, I think it's good to remind them (in case a novel should ever appear!) that some of us wanted more elements of the spooky and supernatural to befall Bora Gora. I think it would have added to the "quirkyness" of the show and the adventure. How do others feel?


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