The Haunted Monkey Bar

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Posted by Terry on October 27, 2000 at 00:13:44:

(NOTE: This is a repost of an earlier message I left, which I think no one saw, it was so far down the message board---yep, we do need a new type of message board!!!)

Hey Lady!

I like the way you think! I'm also a big fan of haunted houses (and in fact am working in one this Halloween!)

But I had never considered the possibility of the Monkey Bar itself being haunted! Cool idea!!!

Can I share what my "remake" of Gold Monkey would be like? (This also is in my pretend world! If only I were a rich Hollywood producer though!)

1. The island where Jake and Sarah got the monkey idol from still existed at the end of the first episode (along with a GIANT monkey idol!) This idol would be having a supernatural effect on the south sea islands, including Bora Gora. So all kinds of weird charaters and events would take place from time to time, and not just on Bora Gora.

2. The Monkey Bar would be under the "curse" of the monkey idol (since it was brought into the bar). I think it was said on the show that the idol was supposed to have a curse on it anyway. The curse, in my imaginary version, would actually be both good and bad. Good, in that the "full time occupants" of the Monkey Bar (Corky, Jake, Sarah, etc.) would be given protection from harm--just like the monkey's on the island enjoyed--but bad in that the Monkey Bar would become a "lightening rod" for odd and strange visitors and events!

3. The Monkey Bar would also be haunted! (Okay, okay! I confess--I stole your idea Lady! I loved it!) This would come from either the idol, or from some other source, like Sarah's dad, for instance, who was a ghost in one episode!

4. Since Gold Monkey DID have great character development and some good adventure stories, I would let the episodes go in "a three way cycle". One episode would be an adventure, the next would be a character story (so we could get to know Jake and Sarah and everyone better) and the third episode would always be a supernatural one. And this cycle would be repeated over and over. That way ALL fans would be pleased--a little something for everyone!

Now for those concerned--I am NOT into the occult, or anything! I just like a good scary story and the south seas just SCREAM of mysteries and ghost stories! I think it was kinda sad that the writers of Gold Monkey didn't see this better and give us more stories along this line. Like I said: something for everyone!

Like these ideas Lady? Got any other's you'd like to share? (So I can steal them!!!! LOL!!! Just kiddin'.)


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