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Dave Smith  BIGTAC0@aol.com  Hello, this is Dave Smith from the rock group "BADNESS" (http://members.aol.com/vladness if, by some chance, you haven't heard of us) I happened upon your website the other night. "Tales of the Gold Monkey" happens to be one of my favorite shows of all time. I enjoyed your page very much. I though I'd send these screen captures and wav files from the episode "High Stakes Lady." Hey, maybe we could trade links!
WOW! Thanks for all the really great stuff, Dave. I'll be posting it all soon, but here's a little taste for all you Monkiacs.

Jake and Jack play poker Corky drowns his sorrows Koji and Todo are not amused Louie arrests Sabrina the Spy Sarah raises her glass in a toast

Mark  Markmercy@aol.com  OK when I get the story finished/set up/whatever, i will have to snail mail it to you. My stupid computer goes nutz when it has to take morre than a few paragraphs in e-mail and shuts down. OK so I am not rich or anything. In any case, just to give you a bit of background, this story is based on SE Alaska in 1959. and involves the crash landing of a Japanese Zero aircraft on June 4 1942 (true!) on the island of Akutan. This event has been compared to the battle of Midway as one of the most significant events leading to the Japanese loss of the Pacific Theater in WW II. (We recovered it and studied the airplane extensively, which led to our being able to counter this all too effective aircraft.) In any case I am working on the story with Jake Cutter as the "foil" most of the action and all revolve around the "Cousin" of Tadayoshi Koga, (the pilot of the airplane, only 19 years old at the time of his death) and his search for the crash site and burial site of his cousin. The young man was buried a few yards away on a hummock of dry ground the day he was discovered. Good story I think.
Sounds good to me. I'd be happy to put it online when it's done.

Gunther  GUNTHER@if.ufrgs.br  Congratulations! I'm a brasilian PhD student of Physics and a "Goldmonkyac". I was looking for some scripts of movies and found your page in a link at O-rama scripts. Amazing!!! The tales of Gold Monkey is, in my opinion, the best TV serie of 80's (at 90's is babylon V). Unfortunately the Brasilian TV presented this series for the last time in 1989.
Many thanks for the pleasure of reading that are others fans in the world. My address you can find at my home page (under constructuion) http://www.if.ufrgs.br/~gunther/home.html
I'm glad you liked the site, Guther. Maybe the folks at Universal will read your message and get the show back on TV in Brazil.

Paul Nuthall  in96ppn@brunel.ac.uk  Hi! Great site! It's nice to see one of the great '80s TV shows getting some coverage on the net. Here in the UK, the series hasn't ever been rerun. So thanks for bringing back the memories...
Too bad. You'd think by now, Rupert Murdoch would have aired it on SKY.
Out of interest, how did you go about purchasing the original scripts? I've wanted to try to get some for a few classic series, but always wondered how -- did you go through a dealer or straight to the production company?
Anyway, keep up the good work!
I purchased copies of the original scripts from a company called

Star Tech
P.O. Box 456
Dunlap, TN 37327 USA
Fax: 423-949-4443
You can purchase a catalog from them, but I'm not sure how much it would cost outside the US. Unfortunately, they don't have a web site as far as I know.

David Shiell  DAShiellx@aol.com  Cool, I'm not the only one who remembers the show.
By the way, I have a Roleplaying page set up for TGM at
There's not much there at the moment (some stats and a link to your page), but that could always change for the better.
Has there been a detailed history of the Marivellas written, or a map produced?
I think I have a few things that will help you, David. First, I have the show "bible" which gives information regarding the characters' backgrounds and the location. That can be found at http://www.goldmonkey.com/infopage.html. Also, fellow Monkiac, Len Warne, wrote up a detailed history of the Marivellas and drew up a couple of detailed maps. That's located at http://www.goldmonkey.com/geomodel.html. Good luck with game.

Erik Larson  erikvincentlarso@hotmail.com  Patricia, I love Tales of the Gold Monkey. It is definitely my favorite show of all time. I finally decided to search for information on it on the net and was surprised to find your site. It is bringing back a lot of memories for me, it is strange. Even though I am only 21 my favorite band is Duran Duran and I like Men at Work as well. I was also surprised to find out that the show was made by the same people who made Quantum Leap my second favorite show. I would really like to find out if I can purchase some tapes of the show or if it is on syndication anywhere. I really miss tales of the gold monkey and I hope you can help me out. I started to read the script of the pilot episode and it was surreal but it left me aching to watch the show again.
Well, Erik, nobody's airing TOTGM in the US, nor is it "legally" available on video. But I have copies of all the episodes and have been making tapes for folks. However, I have a *major* backlog of requests, so it'll be several months before I could send you anything. But I'll post your message and request to the bulletin board in case somebody else can help you quicker.

Jackie  dofins@coffey.com  Hi, just a note to say thanks for the great site with all my favorite hero's ! i keep thinking that reruns will come along...?
Great picture bank.
Glad you like 'em. I'll try to keep the pictures coming.

Mel J.  mel2100@yahoo.com  Hey! Very coooool site. It goes to show, you can find just about anything on the Internet. Loved Tales of the Gold Monkey!!! Glad to see there are still plenty of folks out there who still remember it fondly.
The various pics and messages bring back great memories. Thanks again for a super page.
You're welcome, Mel. Feel free to stop by and hang out with the gang anytime.

Greg Gottron  ggottron@earthlink.net  Patricia, Wow what a cool site. I can't believe there are so many others (well, I can really) out there that remember this show. It was my all time favorite TV show in the early 80's! I remember when this show was cancelled, looking up in the TV guide and trying to find out where to send fan mail to get the show back on the air! I know it was only a TV show, but TOTGM really had an impression on me. I loved every episode with Jake and the rest flying around in that beautiful Grumman Goose! In fact I know for a fact that this show contributed to my career today- flying for a major US air carrier. It was a good show at the right time. It's unbelievable that it's not airing anywhere here in the U.S. on cable! Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi express my support. Hopefully we'll see it soon on cable.
Capt. Greg Gottron
I'm glad TOTGM played such an important and positive role in your life, Greg. Thanks for the support, but it's an uphill battle. Even the Chairman of Universal Television wasn't too encouraging. But we'll soldier on (no pun intended).

Dave Smith  BIGTAC0@aol.com  Hey, this is Dave Smith, from the rock group BADNESS once again.
I had an idea. I noticed that a lot of "South Park" websites post the entire episodes online in Real Player format (available free from www.real.com). I'm not sure what the legal ramifications are of that, but the "South Park" sites seem to get away with it. I was wondering if you would be interested in posting "Gold Monkey" episodes. That way, people would be able to see them without having to depend on a network picking them up or Universal releasing them on video. It might evening help the show get a bigger following if people can actually go online and see what they're missing.
I have enclosed a Real Player file of the opening credits so that you may see what it would look like.
Stay cool, and...
Dave Smith
I *LOVE* the Real Video file, Dave. Thanks. However, I think putting up entire episodes may be pushing the legal envelope. I know that VERY senior people at Universal know about this site and have visited it. Let me just test the waters with the opening credits. If they don't hassle me about that, maybe we could add scenes. Too bad I just have a clunky Pentium 133. Not enough power to make Real Video or Audio. I really have to upgrade this puppy.

Kathy Fleming  Lockhavn@gte.net  Hi Patricia! I have started a Stephen Collins mail list, and I thought I'd let you know about it. I've already talked to Karen about it and let her know, so I'll hope she'll join, but I know RL has her pretty busy right now. So I am now soliciting subscribers. And I'm hoping for mainly die-hard SC fans, 7H fans, and hopefully as many TotGM fans as possible. And what would an SC list be without you??? Also, I think it would also be a good TotGM forum. It's not a real-time chat, but it's the next best thing (and you may include our posts to the Monkey Houses, so as not to take away from that, if you wish).
So, what do you think? Do you have any suggestions? My goal is to not just talk about SC, but to discuss his projects and provide a chat form for Monkiacs, since there appear to be so many of us out there. And you can announce it on your page if you wish,which would obviously be way cool (it'll be kinda funny if it's just you, me, Karen and a couple of my GM friends). Anyway, If you have any questions, just ask away.
Oh, and to subscribe, go to www.onelist.com/subscribe.cgi/StephenCollins or link from my page //home1.gte.net/lockhavn/Collins.htm (which may or may not be up tonight. I have to update my son's Blues Clues page first and, of course, watch 7th H, which I'm doing now).
Take care, Monkey Woman. Looking forward to hearing from you!
I'm in, although I must warn you that it usually takes me a few days to get through my e-mail backlog.

Jeremy Sagawa  jc@akina.ne.jp  Out of curiosity, I looked up that show I always had wonderful memories of. I remember thinking at the time (I must have been 10) and thinking for years after that it was the best TV show ever. Maybe I still do, but time dulls and embellishes the best of memories. Admittedly I was very surprised to see 42000 queries into this site in such a short time. I had no idea there were so many others out there who liked the show that much. It is a nice feeling. I wasn't as lucky when I looked up "Belle and Sebastian" a show on Nickelodeon that I believe was originally made in France that I watched as a child.
Anyway, what is the Kurt Vonnegut reference in your bulletin board? I am sorry I can't figure out what it is. I have read probably three-fourth of his books, but it has eluded me.
"Welcome to the Monkey House" is a collection of Vonnegut short stories, including the title story.
I honestly don't remember details of the episodes, except for some of the pilot; though I did faithfully watch the show through its run. I have seen nothing of it since then until today on your site. I remember Sarah, Jake, the dog (forgot his name), the plane, the genre, that German character, Roddy MacDowell, etc. I still have no memory of Corky (but those pictures aren't very easy for me to make out on my screen), or the Japanese characters (strange as I have lived in Japan for the last 3 years, I would probably find the portrayals pretty high camp at this stage, in Japan, but that would make it all the better).
I would really love to support the drive to get the show on USA or the like, but it really does me no good in Japan. Am I selfish or what?
Well, we could try to get the show on in Japan if you'd like. I know that Rupert Murdoch ran it on STAR TV throughout Southeast Asia for a few years, but I'm not sure if he's still doing so or if STAR is available in Japan.
I would love to at least see the pilot again, it's only been 16 years right? Could I arrange getting that on VHS? I would be really appreciative and would, of course, pay for the costs. That would be great.
I'm backlogged with orders but I could try my best. I'm not sure how much it would cost to ship it to Japan though. I'd have to stop by the Post Office.
I do admit to my own early 80's nostalgia, but after seeing so many people go on about it in your bulletin board, I have to say: Yes, the 80's really were great and some things that came out then haven't been equaled, but please keep in perspective that everything is better when you're that age. Ask your parents, ask your grandparents, ask people younger than you after the next millenium who were that age in the 90's. It is the magic of being that age. But, having said that, I don't think it should diminish our enjoyment of the stuff we loved so much. I also loved the heck out of Duran Duran, and I bought their greatest hits CD a few years back to relive the nostalgia, much to the chagrin of my friends who just simply wanted to forget they ever liked them, and leave it buried. In many ways I am remembering being 11 as much as the music itself.
But, I see that you may have an idea of what I am thinking, when I saw your quote from SNL by William Shatner. I saw that episode, it was one of the best ever, and I know where you are coming from.
In response to all the cyber gushing about Stephen Collins (though I am an open minded enough male to admit he is damn good looking, and and oozed enought coolness to bottle and sell in that pilot get up), even at 11, I loved Sarah (I don't even know her real name), everything about her. Her voice, face, character, the way she carried herself. Ooh, chills!
Her name is Caitlin O'Heaney and if she's reading this, I'm sure she'll appreciate your comments. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from her since last year.
Anyway, if you would like to post this to your bulletin board, please feel free, even though I meandered off the track of the Gold Monkey quite a bit.
Ah, meander away. I've got plenty of web space.

Jim Janso  JSJANSO@worldnet.att.net  Great website.I hope to see the series either on video or t.v soon.I grew up watching this as one of my favorite shows.I have a dog like Jack.I bought a rat terrier I named Jake. He looks alot like Jack.You have some great pictures.I'am trying to find a picture of Jack I took off the t.v when I was a kid.I'am interested in any autographs or memoralbilia on the show,if you can help or point me in a direction I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks again.......great site...keep it up........Sincerely,.........Jim Janso
Well, there's a company called Still Things that sells color and b&w publicity photos from the show. Their web site is located at http://www.primenet.com/~stills/ if you'd like more info. Also check eBay's online auctions (http://www.ebay.com) regularly. They sometimes have TOTGM memoriblia listed. Good luck.

Diane Gorton  di@tencton.freeserve.co.uk  Hello Nice to 'meet' a fellow mad person (I've not been on the internet long so I've only met a few so far).
So, I guess "mad person" is a compliment? :)
I have been a fan of the show since some (probably not all) episodes were shown here in the UK so many years ago I can hardly remember. It was on in the days before I owned a video recorder so all I have left is a not great quality audio tape of my favourite episode 'God Save The Queen' - I thought it was great, and Stephen Collins in a towel - what can I say.
It's difficult to say anything when one's busy drooling.
My other interests - tv show wise - are Alien Nation, Babylon 5 and Scarecrow and Mrs King, to name a few (I could be here all day).
If you're interested, I may have a few British clippings (tv listings type things) that I would be happy to copy you in - although, judging by the passage of time, I'm sure you'll already have them. I'll have a look.
I don't have any British listings, so I'd be very interested in seeing what you have, if it's not too much trouble.
As you say, keep it short, stupid and with that I'll depart - but I'll be back.
Diane Gorton, Oldbury, England
Come back anytime. I'm always here as long as my web host is cooperative.

Mick Salls  Gr8coat@aol.com  TOTGM was and still is one of my favorite shows of all time, I'm so glad to see that I'm not crazy... I have two questions for you. One, is the series availible on video anywhere? And two, have you ever heard of a series called Q.E.D., starring Sam Waterson, also from the eighties. It was also one of my favorite memories of TV as a child.
1) No, not legally. However, tape trading has been known to occur here with yours truly being the biggest culprit.
2) I remember Q.E.D, but I didn't watch it. I think I remember just about every TV show that ever aired during the '80s.

Keep up the great work...and I"ll come back often!
Mick Salls, child of the eighties.
Thanks. I will.

John Durkee  jdurkee@brazosport.cc.tx.us  Hi Patricia, I spent nearly an hour or so at your TOGM web site last night - BLOODY OUTSTANDING! I was astounded at the growth of contribution and interest through the BBs. You have done quite a job of galvanizing interest -- you must not have enough to do!!
I guess the fact that I don't have a life is obvious, eh?
I remember the show well -- enjoyed it greatly, mourned it's passing, and I confess I forgot about it -- believing nothing could be done and that tape copies were impossible or prohibitively expensive. But, Internet technology changes that situation as you> have made it possible for us to remember, and take action. I did write to TNT and Universal last night, using your suggestions for guidance.
Thanks for the support. It's a longshot, but we're going to keep plugging away.
I first thought TOGM was a simple TV "Knock-off" of Indiana Jones, and of course it was. But I watched it though the end because of the interplay and detail of the characters, the set detail, a continuing enjoyment of that period of time / place / history, and I loved the romance of the thing. Same reaction about another canceled favorite - "Adventures of Brisco County, Jr." which TNT has reprised if not remade.
I have the thought that maybe we were sort of lucky. Had TOGM become the "Seinfeld" if it's time, maybe we would have hated it. The character development and romance would have been diminished, like gambling @ Las Vegas. Think of the change in Magnum (by the same> producer) over the eight years of it's life. Everyone would have been watching it, and it wouldn't have been unique. 'course I would have settled for three years, and the yearly movie -- ala STNG.
I would have settled for two, as long as if they were of the same quality as the first episodes.
Brian Curley suggested that maybe I could buy copies of the tapes from you -- if you still have some more time. If there is any way this could we done, I would very much appreciate your efforts. Please let me know what you require. That would be a nice Christmas!
Well, John, I am swamped with tape requests (months and months of tape requests), so I doubt I could get to them by Christmas. However, I'll put you on my list (tape, not Christmas) and post your request to the bulletin board just in case somebody else out there can help you sooner.

Mary P. VanderWall  MPVanderWall@usa.net Thanks for the memories. My husband and I have often talked about what a great show this was. We don't get cable so it would be great if a network would pick up reruns. We never did understand why they canceled such a creative, fun show.
I'm glad you liked the site, Mary. I doubt that any network would pick up reruns of the show, even cable is a long shot. But maybe within a few years, we'll be able to log on to the Universal Studios web site and download episodes in DVD format. Hey, it could happen!

John Durkee  jdurkee@brazosport.cc.tx.us  I don't know much about Internet technology. But I do know it is possible to send and play video over the Internet. Naturally, the video has been compressed and transferred as a file. Windows 95 and 98 have free video players, and then can be donwloaded from microsoft.com for free.
What if you had one of the tapes converted to a video file (I think they have the suffix *.AVI)? Could you distribute that file to those who want copies? Would that be easier for you than you doing us favors by adding us to a long long list? Or, is the technology not developed well enough? Just a thought!?!!?
AVI files are too bulky and choppy for good distribution of video. Real Video seems to work okay, but I don't have the right hardware to do it properly. Perhaps once I get my dream PC, complete with a re-writable CD drive, I could make Real Video versions of the episodes and put them on CDs. The quality wouldn't be nearly as good as video, but it would be faster and cheaper. But that's still a long way down the road.

Jan  eric.sprik@MCIONE.com  Thanks for keeping the memory of Tales of the Gold Monkey alive. I too enjoyed each episode as it aired back in the '80s. It would be fun to see the episodes again. The whole cargo pilot theme was so romantic. All the characters and their individual stories gave you something to think about. Other great shows that never were given much of a chance were--Brisco County, Jr., Legund, and I too like Q.E.D. Legund had some clever writing with its inventions and historical references, but it too got yanked. Alas...It seemed like there were only about 3 episodes of Q.E.D. before it disappeared. I remember it was a turn of the century setting about an inventor (Sam Waterson). There was a girl love interest who was also interested in a newspaperman. It was set in England (better copyright laws or something) but many of the characters were expatriot Americans. Well I've gone on too long I suppose--why is it that we like the stuff that gets axed too soon? Thanks for the memories---Jan
Glad to be of service, Jan. Stop by again soon for another trip down memory lane.

Diane Gorton  di@tencton.freeserve.co.uk  I've looked in my archives of tv listings and I don't have the listings for TOTGM - I started collecting around 1983 so thought I'd have them - although, if I get time I'll try and track them down at the library (I sort of know where to look).
FYI, the UK broadcast dates were as follows. As far as I know these were the only showing in the UK and as you can see there are a few episodes missing.
Listings as per Radio Times - The BBC's weekly listings magazine
Monday night : 19:20 - 20:10 Channel BBC1 (that's no adverts!)

8 November 1982     Shanghaied
15 November 1982    Black Pearl
22 November 1982    Legends Are Forever
29 November 1982    Escape From Death Island
6 December 1982     Trunk From The Past
13 December 1982    Honor Thy Brother

(short! Christmas break)
10 January 1983     The Lady And The Tiger
17 January 1983     The Late Sarah White
24 January 1983     The Sultan Of Swat
31 January 1983     Ape Boy
7 February 1983     God Save The Queen
14 February 1983    High Stakes Lady
21 February 1983    Force Of Habit

(Taken off due to poor ratings, if I remember rightly)
Tuesday 19:40 - 20:30 BBC1
3 May 1983          Cooked Goose (scheduled 19:10 - 20:00)
10 May 1983         Last Chance Louie
24 May 1983         Naka Jima Kill (scheduled 19:40 - 20:25)
7 June 1983         Boragora Or Bust
14 June 1983        A Distant Shout of Thunder
21 June 1983        Mourning Becomes Matuka
TV Zone magazine gave away a CD last year with the theme from TOTGM on it. There's a brief write up - I'll send that when I have time (unless you tell me you have it).
I also have a UK cult tv magazine, I think from sometime last year, with a TOTGM article (nostalgia sort of thing). As yet |'ve been unable to find it but I know it's here somewhere (I do have various film and television magazines from 1928 to the present - probably thousands) - I'll keep looking.
That's all for now.
Diane Gorton
P.S. Yes, of course 'mad person' is a compliment (ref my previous e-mail) - it's probably something to do with the English being quaint.
Thanks for all the information, Diane. I don't have the TV Zone write-up, but I think I have the article you mention. It was in Dreamwatch, issue #35 (July 1997). The author obviously made ample use of my web site, particularly my Facts 'n Stuff page. Personally, I prefer my own presentation of the facts. :)

Roddy in Starlog MagazineImelda Santos  isantos@mail.win.org  Don't know if you have this photo of Roddy as Louie, which I scanned off of Starlog #101. Monkiacs who are also Roddy fans might like to know that Dominick Dunne has written a great article about Roddy in the December 1998 issue of Vanity Fair. Thanks.
Thanks for the pic and the info, Mel. I'll check out the local newstand for that issue of Vanity Fair.

Maureen S. O'Brien  mobrien@dnaco.net  Over on the quixotic.org JAG mailing list (the one with production insiders on it), DSBPost (watch the JAG credits and you can figure out who he is) noted that he was still looking for his own Betamax VCR to play his Gold Monkey tapes, though he has access to a friend's Beta.
Sooooo, if you think _all_ the Bellisarios have forgotten TOTGM, I'd say you'd be wrong.... ;)
From everything that's been said on the ml about Airwolf and TOTGM in the past, I'd say that Belisarius Productions would love to help us, if only they could. But they can't.
< Maureen does her Princess Leia pose > Universal, you're our only hope!
Maureen, who sometimes thinks that mind control would be a good thing if she could just use it on network programmers for the greater good. But then, everything would be better if I ruled the world, right? ;)
Hey, you can't rule the world, Maureen! I'M THE MONKEY WOMAN!!! The world is mine!!! :)
Now, back to reality. Thanks for letting us now that there's at least one Bellisario out there who wants to watch TOTGM. I know that the Big Kahuna (a.k.a. Don) remembers the show because he e-mailed me over two years ago about the web site. Then he vanished. Besides, I read an article about almost two years ago, about the time when JAG was about to debut on CBS, that mentioned the Mr. B. still has the Gold Monkey statue in his office. However, it has be relegated to the ignominious position of coat hanger. OH THE HUMANITY (or is that Simianity?)!!!!

Stan Polinsky  SPolinsky@cwes.com  Hi Patricia, Long time no hear!
Remember I was the one who was the supervising sound mixer for the 2 hour pilot/movie of the week "Tales of the Gold Monkey." You and I spoke with each other electronically a few years ago. I gave you lots of history about when we were finishing the pilot, and some interesting stuff along the way. By the way, we got an Emmy nomination for best sound as well. In addition, I also did the Magnum PI pilot (and many episodes), and also won a Golden Reel award for that 2 hour pilot/movie of the week. I also did the "Murder She Wrote pilot as well. These were mentioned on your web site, along with "Air Wolf," I didn't do that pilot because I was out sick, but I did a subsequent episode and received a Golden Reel nomination for that episode.
As a reminder, in the motion picture and television industry, the honor is in the nomination, not the award, since you are nominated by your peers and the awards are voted on by the entire Academy.
Small world! I'm pleased to see your web site http://www.goldmonkey.com/ is still up and running. That shows real dedication. By the way, I was also on the dubbing team that did most of the "Battle Star Galactica" episodes (most were all nighters). Talk about tight air dates and short schedules!
I have since left the motion picture industry due to health reasons and currently work with software development.
Good to virtually speak with you,
Stan Polinsky
Nice of you to stop by again, Stan. I plan to keep this site going as long as there are folks out there who want it or I go broke, whichever comes first.

Jon Kawaguchi  MAJIN20@aol.com  I'm so glad that I found this site. I remember the series when it first aired.. I've been looking for getting copies of this series. So far I''ve found only one source that may have some but doesnt have the entire series. I would like to get the entire series except the Pilot episodes... which I'm getting soon..
Please advise........... Jon Kawaguchi
I have all the episodes and I have been making copies for folks. However, I've got a waiting list that's probably 4 months long. I can put you on the list and post your request to the bulletin board in case somebody else out there can help you.

Justin Sane  eraser_head@email.msn.com  WOW!!!! This is truly a joyous occasion. I have been telling all of my friends about this show for years and years and years... and none of them have ever heard of it. I have no idea why I had never thought of looking it up on the web (probably subconsciously thought it would never be here... but I guess the joke's on me).
This was my favorite show when I was a lad, and I'm glad there are people keeping the Gold Monkey Torch going.
And that dog!! Who doesn't love that one-eyed rascal?!
Keep up the good work!
Justin Sane
Surrealist Screenwriter/Filmmaker
Thanks, Justin. I plan to keep the Monkey faith for years to come.

Mike & Nettie  nettie@comnett.net  We have what we beleive to be the only quarter/scale flying model of Cutter's Goose. The model has a 14 ft. wing span, is powered by two 12 horse chain saw engines, and is painted in Cutter's Goose red-white-black. We also have video footage of this plane in flight.
Just have to say thanks for the memories. We've just spent several hours on your web site. We will send pictures of our model. The sound bites are wonderful. I could almost see the Goose taking off when I heard the theme. Keep up the good work. I sure hope we can get TOTGM back on the tube soon.
I'm glad you liked the site. I'd love to see pictures of your model. Where on Earth did you get it? Did you build it yourselves?

Maurits Van Wyk  mauritsvw@pixie.co.za  hi! we also had the show on tv in south africa back in the eighties, and i loved it very much.
Thanks. It's nice to know that people all around the world still remember and love Tales of the Gold Monkey.

Randy Maurer  randym@webserver.hisd.k12.mi.us  Normaly I don't comment on web sites but I thought I would drop you a line to say I enjoyed your episode guide. I was doing some idle net surfing and was looking for something to toss on the video system to keep me company (my wife having drifted off to dream land on the sofa next to me). So I selected an old beta tape at random - a L750 with 5 old 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' episodes on it. While 'Cooked Goose' played I requested info about this series from Metacrawler and low and behold I found you!
Always nice to see fans contributing to the fandom! Keep up the good work!
Thanks, Randy. What would we all do without the web and video? I hope you surfed around the rest of the site to get the full Gold Monkey Experience.

Keith Laird  donald.k.laird@boeing.com  The airplane is now owned by Seattle Seaplanes and flys charter here in the greater Seattle area. I have photos. The owner who sold it to the movie company also lives up here in my area.
I'd love to see your photos, Keith, if that's possible. It's always nice to see what the "cast members" are up to now. BTW, the last I heard, Seattle Seaplanes sold the Goose about a year ago. Do they still have it?

Another lead on the Goose?...
CDQ2@aol.com  Hey... I was looking up some info on the "tales..." series and found your site. I know the guy who now OWNS the "Cutter's Goose"... I met him in my computer store. He bought the plane and now wants to know more about the show. He is looking for videos of the show and I'm sure would pay for them. If you can help, reply to this.
First of all, I'd love to hear from the Goose's current owner. We've kind of lost track of the old plane and would love to know how she's doing. As for info, just refer him to this web site. Talk about information overload. As for videos, I do have copies, but I have a waiting list that's months long (We're talking until Spring). I'll put you on the waiting list and post your request to the bulletin board.

Lorie  VA_WHO@juno.com  Hi Patricia, wow, I'd still love to get a copy of that Sunday shindig you had at the last gathering. Is it still available. Let me know.
Hey, Lorie! Long time, no hear! What's ya been up to? Sure, the Gathering video is still available. It's just $5 for over 90 minutes of Monkey Tales and fun. It makes a nice present for the holidays.

Linda Campanelli  Longtymago@aol.com  Smell This! Well, finally -- you can! "Caitlin" the perfume is now available! It is being carried by four L.A. area stores, plus the Good Catalog Company. We'd love to tell you more about it and offer it to you at our wholesale prices -- which are greatly reduced from the store and catalog prices.
You may recall Caitlin and I met through "Beauty and The Beast" -- she did the one guest spot -- I was Executive Story Editor. Last month I was visiting some friends I've made through the show and they got so excited about the fragrance that they offered to create a web page for "Caitlin" and attached it to one of their B&B sites. We've been waiting for them to finish it so we could contact you and offer it to you too. If you're interested, they have no problem with you you using the pages they've created. (Of course, Caitlin would want to write a personal letter to you folks and we'd do away with the B&B letter.)
Let us know what you think. Here's the B&B website in case you want to take a look at "Caitlin" -- the fragrance.
We hope to hear from you soon!
Linda Campanelli
Thanks for the news about "Caitlin". I've posted your message along with a link to the B&B web page to the bulletin board. We'd all love to hear more about it and do anything we can to help market the fragrance.

Ian Scott  iscott@verio.net  What a great site!

Heidi Schave  budlight@cats.ucsc.edu  Wanted to write and express my thanks for keeping alive the memories of a truly great TV show.
Heidi In California
My pleasure, Heidi.

Scott Jorgenson  vscottjxxx@sprintmail.com  Hi! I was searching the Net today and found the link to your page from Script-O-Rama.....and all I have to say is.....WOW!!! I thought I was the only (and I mean *only*) one who remembered this show!!! You are absolutely right - I had rock group buttons, listened to Duran Duran, and watched this show!!! I am so pleased to have found this site. It's really fantastic and I hope it continues and grows. The show is definitely worth mention of late since Roddy McDowell's passing of late. He was fantastic.
And those Don Bellisario links....oooohh yeeeaaahhh - nothing but the best of 80s TV right there!
Good luck with the site
Scott Jorgenson
Thanks for the note, Scott. And I'd just like to add...THE EIGHTIES RULED!!!!

Robert Norman  cloudbase@earthlink.net  Wow! Way cool! Nifty-keen, swell an' all that.
Man. Didn't know that anyone remembered this show. I guess that with this internet thingie, I was bound to find something eventually.
Glad to see the site! I remember watching GM waaaaaay back when. Loved the show. Seems it drew the same audience that would have watched Brisco County and Black Sheep Squadron.
Thank you especially for the info on the Marivellas. I'm involved with a late 30's tabletop wargame, and this info could be useful.
Anyway, I won't take up any more of your time. Again, cool, cool site.
Glad to be of service. Heck, somebody's gotta keep the Gold Monkey spirit alive. Might as well be me.

Heath Gertridge  neila@glinx.com  I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for you terrific website. I have one...ONE friend who remembers Tales of the Gold Monkey. I mention the show and people look at me weird. Two other shows that I have a soft spot for are Voyagers and Battlestar Galactica. Voyagers was a time travel show. Few people remember it. Most people remember Battlestar Galactica though. It's getting closer to being returned to the air (new episodes) or a movie based on the (very good) new novels by Richard Hatch (Apollo). Anyway, I was thrilled to find your site. You did a fantastic job. I'm very sorry to see that the chats sort of petered out. I would like to help remedy that but I'm afraid I'm not online yet. This computer belongs to a good friend of mine (he doesn't remember the show). I will surely tell my friend Ronald about your site though. He is the only other person I know that would come close to appreciating it as much as I have.
I have not seen all of the episodes of Tales of the Gold Monkey. And remembering individual episodes becomes more and more difficult. I'm in Canada and the Canadian network that was airing the show changed its' time slot almost weekly making it very tough for me to see. I would love to see it again. Well...I've babbled enough. Take care.
Well, I'm sorry your friends don't remember the show, Heath, but at least I can help you remember the show and individual episodes. Just check out the episode guide for a bit of a refresher. If the descriptions don't help you, the full scripts will.

Ally  Keely333@aol.com  Yesterday my friend Bryan remarked, "You know what I love about the Net? No matter how obscure or forgotten a given topic is, SOMEONE out there has dedicated a Web page to it. Do you know there's even a Web page for Vegamite?"
So I searched for "Tales of the Gold Monkey"--just for the hell of it. Wow, what a resource you've created!
When I was in second grade, my best friend Becky and I LIVED for this show. We fought over which one of us was going to marry Jake Cutter (our first crush). We tried to build a life-sized model of Cutter's Goose out of bamboo and model-airplane paint. (This project was abandoned before the first wing was finished.) We even learned how to tap out the theme song on my mother's electric organ.
When the series was moved to a later time slot, we had campaign/coax/implore our parents to let us stay up beyond our bed time. Then when it was finally cancelled, we both got grounded for attempting to telephone the network. I still can't believe a show of this calibre didn't last.
Anyway, terrific job--and thanks!!
You're welcome, Ally, and thanks for writing.

Jim Vance  JVance5991@aol.com  Just a quick note to thank you for a great site. Been a TGM fan forever. Thanks again. Jim Vance
Just a quick reply. You're welcome.

I've been very lax in my posting of e-mails over the past few weeks. Not only have I been busy, but I'm beginning to run out of witty replies. So I'm going to run an experiment. My web host package has a BBS available. I'm going to trust you guys and let you use it. If you like it, we'll keep it. Now go check out The Ultimate (Gold) Monkey House!

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