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Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

"Where are they going?" Jake asked Louie as Corky and Lesley disappeared out the door.

"I do not know," Louie replied. "Perhaps to enjoy the moonlight?"

Leanne walked up to the bar. "Pardon me, monsieur, but I was wondering if there was to be entertainment this evening?"

Thinking of Sarah's singing, Jake snorted. Patricia smacked him in the arm. "Jake, that's not very nice."

At that moment, Sarah began singing from the top of the stairs. Her voice floated down over the crowd with all the gentle tenderness of a herd of rhinos. Patricia bit her upper lip.

"See what I mean?" Jake retorted. "As much as I love Sarah ..."

His voice trailed off. Patricia looked into his panicking eyes and smiled somewhat sadly. "Yes, Jake, That *is* what you just said."

"Gushie? Could you get me a beer, please," Jake called.

Leanne was listening intently to Sarah's singing. "You know, she could be taught."

"Do you really think so, mademoiselle?" Louie asked. "I myself think it is perhaps a lost cause."

"Perhaps," Leanne agreed.

At that moment, a violent explosion outside rocked the Monkey Bar.

"Mon Dieu!" Louie shouted, hurrying towards the door.

Pandemonium broke out as the Monkey Bar emptied onto the beach. Once outside, the source of the explosion was immediately obvious. The clipper was engulfed in flames.

Jake and Louie both ran towards it, with Patricia, Sarah, and Leanne right behind them. Using buckets from a nearby boat,everyone pitched in to put the fire out. When the last flame was extinguished, all that was left of the clipper was a smoky hulk.

For a long time, no one said anything.

Finally, Sarah sighed. "Why would anyone do such a thing?"

"I don't know," Jake replied.

Louie frowned. "I will find out." He stared at the destroyed plane for a moment longer, then turned briskly. "I must notify the others."

He began to walk away, but Leanne caught him by the arm. "Does this mean that we won't be flying out in the morning?"

Louie looked at her sadly. "Mademoiselle, I have no idea when the next plane will be leaving Boragora. But Jake here is an excellent pilot."

Leanne turned to Jake. "Lesley and I really need to ..." She paused. "Where is Lesley?"

Sarah thought for a moment. "Last I saw her, she was with Corky."

"Oh, no," Jake said.

Everyone turned towards him as Jake bent down to pick up Corky's hat off the dock.

(insert commercial here)

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com I composed a little ditty for the webpage, Karen isn't the only creative one ... although this is questionable. Does Gaugin have only two syllables?
Yes, Gaugin has two syllables. And since you mentioned syllables, when you say "syllables"does it come out as 2 syllables or 3? Karen and I were "talking" about this today. Being from Boston, we like to drop insignificant letters like Rs, so syllables ends up as syllbles.
Written in my head at a bus stop late yesterday afternoon positively *freezing*! I also sang (aloud -- nobody else was fool enough to wait forever for a bus) ; "I get the blues when it rains ..." to see if I could figure out what it's *really* supposed to sound like. The last line (of the song) still sounds off to me though...

To the tune of Frere Jacques:
Frere Louie, Frere Louie,
How would you, how would you,
Like to see my etchings, like to see my etchings,
Gaugin too, Gaugin too.
Sounds great to me. And what do you mean *freezing*? You don't know the meaning of the word! Yesterday it was -13 celsius and I don't even want to factor in the wind chill!

Judd Hollander BNCHPEOP@AOL.COM Hi was looking for material on Robert Vaughn (Man from UNCLE) and came across your web page. Enjoyed the series when it was first on. and later when on USA. Got to know Stephen's wife Faye Grant when she was on Broadway in Singin in the Rain in the mid 1980s. (The two met during an episode of Gold Monkey). Also thought you might like to know, there's a fanzine out there called WHEN BRASS TURNS TO GOLD, a Magnum PI and Gold Monkey Cross over. The zine written in the 1980's when Magnum was still on, ties up all the loose Gold Monkey threads and tells "what ever happened to...." the Gold Monkey cast. i have a copy somewhere in my storeroom - if you're interested in seeing it, I'll see if I can dig it out, and either xerox it (i'll never part with it) or get the author's name and address to you.
Would I be interested in seeing it?!!! OF COURSE!! Thank you very much, Judd. If you can dig out your copy and photocopy it, that would be fantastic. Let me know how much it will cost for copying and mailing. If you can't make a copy, the author's name and address will do. If I could get in touch with author, I could ask if he/she would allow me to post the story to my web site. I'm sure lots of fans would love to read it.

Misfit-9 misfit@main.citynet.net just wanted to thank you for your great page, i thought i was the onl;y one who remembered the Tales of the Golden Monkey.
You're welcome. :)

Mel Santos rcsantos@pusit.admu.edu.ph I just saw this posting throufagh Deja News - the quoted parts might make your blood boil but take a look at the rejoinder! The URL is http://xp5.dejanews.com/profile.xp?author=Jim%20Gronquist%20%3cjim@ekc.
--Mel Santos


Subject:      Re: If you think "JAG"  is bad.......

From:         Jim Gronquist 

Date:         1997/01/23

Organization: Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Newsgroups:   rec.aviation.military

> >>Years ago, the same producer (Don Bellisario) produced a series

> >> called, if I recall correctly, "The Brass Monkey."  It was about a

> >> "bush" pilot who flew a Grumman Widgeon in the South Seas. He

> >> had a mongrel dog who wore an eyepatch

> The show was called "Tales From The Brass Monkey" and starred

> Stephen Collins and Roddy McDowall.  It came in on the heels of the

> Indiana Jones craze.


> It *was* pretty pathetic.


> Sue


'was'?  It was on Swedish TV a couple weeks ago!


I found this thread yesterday through Dejanews too. I don't know which upset me more, that most of those military aviation folks thought Gold Monkey was pathetic (What do you expect? They couldn't even get the title right!) or that it's on TV in Sweden. I wonder if they're airing the whole series or just the (Roddy-less) pilot movie.

Bill Cosson BillPresto@aol.com Patricia - can you believe those Swedish guys, calling Jack a mongrel? This from the people who kept the Nazi war machine going by selling them steel throughout the war, while hiding behind a sanctimonious screen of neutrality? And calling the Goose a Widgeon? And calling gold brass? Them's fightin' words!
Calling Jack a mongrel. Sheesh.
Well, first of all, only one of the people was Swedish (How come they get to see the show and we don't?!!). And, I hate to break this to you, Bill, but I think Jack was indeed a mongrel (I prefer the term "mixed breed"). I'm pretty sure we've eliminated all the pure breeds he could be. As for all the other points, I'd just like to say that the people who hang out in rec.aviation.military are just big ol' weenies!!! :)

Bill Cosson BillPresto@aol.com I can't believe you're calling Jack a mongrel too, but one look at the little guy (may he rest in piece) is sufficient to lend credence to your case. How 'bout if we call him a "purebred mix?"
But, Bill, isn't that an oxymoron? :)
They don't make dogs like Jack anymore. Sigh.
No, no they don't. (wipes away a tear)

Sally Mierop rm_fan@cyberdrive.net Hello Patricia, Would you add me to the end of your list for TOTGM tapes? The only ones I want at this time would be the "good" quality tapes which you said were the first 3 and the last 7.
Standard play would be best.
Okay, but it'll take a while. I've got 4 people ahead of you and they all want the entire series. I'll let you know when I can start your tapes. By the time I get to yours, I could have "good" tapes of the other episodes. Would you want those too?
I know I'm being really specific but I hope that you will somehow get the others from Mr. Greene.
Alas, he only had copies of the episodes he worked on (the last 7).
BTW, I *do* read the IRC chat logs too. ;-)
I told them that people read the logs! Why doesn't anybody believe me?! :)

chicken guy of akron ohio chknguy@usit.net WOW!
Your page has become unbelievable since my last visit! Congratulations. I'd add something, but I think you've got to be the world's expert by now.
Keep 'em flying-
-The Chicken Guy
Well, somebody had to be the world's expert in Monkiology. Might as well be me. :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Here's something for the BB, if you so desire.

I received these two letters from Lorie Schultz. I think the first one was meant to be sent earlier, but it bounced back. Anyway, Lorie seems to say it all in her messages, so I won't interrupt.

Lorie Schultz va_who@juno.com Finally got a chance to get to the library again. I just hate it when I have to try to do three hourswith of reading in 45 minutes. Sigh... But it was fun, what I scanned of it that is.
Hope your holidays were great!!
The chatline topic of the character's childhoods intrigued me. I always envisioned a young Corky to be very kind, sociable, helpful, a loyal friend, always tinkering with something. The kind of kid who was always taking things apart at a very early age, much to the chagrin of his parents,. and then getting them back together. I suppose, given the show's information, he'd probably have taken piano lessons. I saw him as a fairly shy teen, especially around the girls. Mediocre in sports, though determined enough to be accepted. And an average student in most areas, and perhaps above average in a few that may have been of particular interest. Oddly enough, I didn't envision him as anything other than a social drinker as a teen and young adult. In my short story, he didn't start drinking (in earnest) until problems at Pan Pacific started building. And I definitely didn't see him as 'DUMB'.
Sorry about that, all you potential TGM story writers. I wholeheartedly agree with Jeff. Corky was always getting 'dumbed down' by the writers. In my two TGM stories, I gave Corky his fair share of intellect. Since prolonged drinking usually leads to memory loss of some sort, I attributed those incidents to his drinking history and NOT to his lack of intelligence. After all, even back in 1930's America, he wouldn't have become chief mechanic if he didn't have the intelligence to do the job. The title alone implied an ability to trouble shoot, solve other assorted problems, as well as to delegate tasks and deal with superiors. Secondly, he was great at fixing anything and everything. Some of it could have been attributed to natural inclination but a good understanding of electronics would be expected, plus the ability to read repair diagrams and schematics. Third, for a guy with no brains, he sure did well conversing in other languages, particularly Spanish. The fact that Jake gave him the interpreters job on more than one occasion showed he was at least somewhat familiar with more than one language.
In my own created bio on the character, I attributed his language skills to his having a father who travelled the world. He was an overseer for a company that mined copper, and the father would have had to periodically travel to check the production of the mines. Since most kids learn a second language easily prior to age 5, I had him travelling with his dad (particularly to South America) before that age and during the summers.
Fourth, he possessed decent musical talent. Considering how long I had to labor to learn basic piano notes (and promptly forget them once the lessons stopped), I have an enormous amount of respect for anyone who could play the piano. Remember Corky played both from memory (pretty good for a guy who supposedly could barely remember his own name) and from sheet music (which is a skill unto itself).
And if Corky were as stupid and inept as he sometimes appeared on the show, he would never have been able to learn to fly the Goose. Remember Mourning Becomes Matuka? He flew from Matuka to Bora Gora and back again without the assistance of Jake, and he did it safely.
All in all, dumbing Corky down really irked me, because I didn't see him as stupid at all. I sometimes think my TGM novel was a revolt against some of the writers, an attempt on my part to make him more 'normal'. At times the show made him a one dimensional character. I wanted to make 'my' Corky (in the novel and in my short story) more realistic. I think he was still true to the vision that Donald Bellisario had for the character but I also wanted to explore who the character was underneath. I'm also sorry they didnt give Jeff more free rein to develop Corky into the person he (Jeff) thought Corky should be.
Tom's notion of a Time Warp between Magnum and TGM was a good one. I can envision Corky and Jim Bonnick (Mac) facing off right now. I suspect they'd develop a standoffish dislike for each other had the story been written. Imagine staring at your alter ego. In most ways, Mac II was everything Corky was not and vice versa.
Was it just me or did anyone else cringe in "The Lady and the Tiger" when Corky was banging his head against the post because he couldn't remember where Jake went? I'm undecided if that would have been typical behavior for the character. Instinct says no. He's more likely to drown his sorrows in alcohol if he wanted to be self destructive. At least I would have thought so.
Had to laugh at the reference about which of the four Jeff MacKay fans now writing to you, is the most dedicated. I'm sure each of us would say "I AM". Actually I'd be inclined to put us all in a dead heat, neck and neck and all that. It would be interesting to see how we would devise a qualitative/quantitative measurement in order to answer this question :)
Well, gotta run. Will write again later.

Lorie Schultz va_who@juno.com Pat, Thanks so much for the copy of the chat. You don't know how much I appreciated being able to read it without having to speed read and super scroll through them. I just don't have that much time at the library. Wish I were back in Long Island. I hear someone at home can tape into the net at the local library for free. Now wouldn't THAT be great. Of course I've been told in a round about way it's free but that may not be entirely true. It's nice to dream though.
It's so much fun reading the racy comments you were all exchanging. Funny! In my single days I used to be REAL good talking that way myself. Some of my male coworkers and I used to really get going and everyone would laugh. In reality I was such a prude but they never knew it. Actually, before that, I got lots of practice with innuendo down at the firehouse. I was the lone female firefighter in a firedepartment of over 150 men. If they weren't cussin' at me, they were throwing innuendo at me. It was dish it back or suffer the consequences. Funny how I still miss those days. In the mid 1970's firefighting required a higher level of insanity than it does today if you ask me (most departments are more safety conscious now than they were then!)
I find myself wishing they'd (the producers) given Tom more control over the plots. He seemed to have more respect for the characters than others (including the 'suits') did. And his plots were interesting besides. I look forward to seeing his JASON. Am I correct in understanding that he has a Corky-like character going to be in it? Yahoo!!! I love the good old fashioned sidekick. Not enough of 'em these days.
I agree, having Jake and Sarah getting together would have killed the show eventually. That amount of anticipation they had on the show was just right. You never knew what was going to happen between them. About the only thing we knew was that any love of Jake's or Sarah's or anyone else, was going to get killed off, so who worried about the newcomer. However I still wish they would have gotten a girl for Corky at least ONCE!!! And I DO NOT include Prudy in that category. As I said a while ago, I knew 'Prudy' was a guy in drag as soon as I saw him. Actually, Don Bellisario tends to rewrite some of his older plots from other shows. This 'male assasin in drag' concept was done on Magnum shortly before TGM aired. However THAT person was much more convincing as a female if I remember.
I did like Don's touch when it came to incorporating little things that crossed over between shows. For instance on one Magnum, they are in an airport terminal and you hear the announcer say something about Pan Pacific's flight to Bora Gora is now boarding! Nice! I liked that!
Tom's right. Jeff is still as cute as ever. Well okay, Tom didn't say that EXACTLY, he said they still looked the same, but to me that means 'as cute as ever!
Funny...I recall reading somewhere, maybe on this website, that Jeff and Stephen did a great 'Who's on First' routine. I had to smile at that :) big time because, during one of my muses about potential fanfic, I was envisioning them doing just that! Of course they couldn't have done it on the show because Abbott and Costello didn't do that one til much later (I think so anyway). Pity they couldn't have done it in the Monkey bar in front of a very young aspiring comic named Lou, who sits there absorbing it all...
Thanks again for the log copy. Talk to you again soon!

The Gneech TheGneech@aol.com Hey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a mongrel! What could possibly be more American than a dog who is 100% mutt? Are we not the great melting pot? In diversity we find strength!
Long live the mongrel, great symbol of American dogdom!
-The Gneech <-- chewed one too many dog biscuits last night
Okay, Gneech, you've made your point. Now go lie down. I think it's time for your medication. :)

Okay, folks, listen up, literally! I've started to upload some WAV files. You'll find the links on the Pics Page. I'll be making some more shortly, so if you have any suggestions, drop me an e-mail. Also I've discovered that Tales of the Gold Monkey is being broadcast in Australia on the Disney Channel. I'm hoping this means that the Disney Channel will start airing it in the US. You can contact the Disney Channel by accessing their website at http://www.disney.com/DisneyChannel and then clicking on the e-mail button to get to their form. For fans in the UK, the closest thing to an e-mail address I could find was a feedback form in the Disney Channel UK site. The URL is http://www.disneychannel.co.uk/feedback.html.
Also, Lesley Pohl has asked me, "And if you feel is appropriate, perhaps you could mention on the Board for Gandy fans that William Lucking will be on Millenium on Friday." Okay by me, Lesley.

Chad cgilley@twmaine.com I never moussed my hair! But I still liked your site,
P.S. Now I hardly have any hair to mousse.
Fortunately, Chad, mousse isn't a Monkiac requirement. :)

Frank Werner RBTI F451@aol.com Realy weird , I was looking for info on how to adjust my carberator and I found this site. Go figure. TOTGM was the greatest show and I have trouble finding people who know or even remember the show. It arrived in the raiders of the lost ark aftermath , there were other Tv shows as well like Frank Buck staring Bruce Boxlitner but it was not nearly as cool but somehow lasted three seasons longer than TOTGM. I loved Jake Cutters Flying Tigers jacket and have one of my own. You can get a replica jacket from a company called Averix they have a store called "The Cockpit" where you can get all kinds of great Flying replicas. Also the show stared Roddy Mcdowel of planet of the apes fame. If any of you Monkey heads want to e-mail me go for it RBTI F451@aol.com
Thanks for your note and the info, Frank. BTW, Bring 'Em Back Alive, which starred Bruce Boxleitner as Frank Buck, only lasted less than a season. It just seemed a lot longer. :-)

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hey Patricia, Be sure to tell Karen (or post this where she can see it) that the "save the monkey" graphic was great! We should print up T-shirts of it and wear em to a sit in at Don B's office! We definately need to FREE THE MONKEY!

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Hey, Gayle, as nice as the sentiment is, I don't think a sit-in is such a great idea. (Does the word "certifiable" mean anything to you? *grin*) I prefer to take the other route -- promote our cause and hope that someone with connections and/or power takes pity on our poor monkey and returns him to those who love him.
How do you like my new sig?


Karen J. McLean      |   

New Brunswick, Canada|    "I am not a coat-hanger."        

babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca | 


Scott Fleck ScottFleck@aol.com Hiya! I visited your page tonight and even though you won't be able to put a face with the number, my name is Scott Fleck (# 12054). I live in Tucson, Arizona. I am only 22, so I was very young when the series ran the first time around. I remember watching it religiously, even though I don't remember what I was watching, as far as plots, guest stars, etc. go.
I agree that your letter writing campaign is probably the most potentially fruitful way to go about seeing the show aired again, and I thank you for being so thorough as to provide the addresses of those whom we shold write.
I do not have any of the episodes on tape, nor have I seen one since the late '80s, on USA, of course, but there are few things that would make me happier. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into this project.
You're welcome. And besides the the cable networks listed on the front page, we're also contacting the Disney Channel. We just found out that the Disney Channel is airing the show in Australia. Let's hope they start running it in the US. From what I understand, the Disney Channel runs shows unedited and commercial-free!

John Johnson jsj@htdc.org Just a quick hello to say thanks for the awesome work on the Golden Monkey home page. I have been needing a fix for years. I was thinking about it again last night and asked my roommate and he had no idea what the Gold Monkey was, so I was devestated. So I started out on a web search and came up with your awesome page. Many thanks! I haven't seen this show since I was 8 or 9 years old and look forward to getting re-acquainted with a show that sticks out in my mind as a "cool show" although I haven't much recollection of it at all.
You're welcome, John. Hope my web site shows you why you remember Tales of the Gold Monkey as being a "cool show". I like to think of my site as the next best thing to watching the show. Maybe someday soon some cable channel will rerun it or perhaps Universal will issue the show on home video. I'm not planning on giving up the fight.

Lorie Schultz va_who@juno.com I tried to get on the website the other day at the library but he closed about 10 minutes after I got there. Barely had time to read the new letters. Do you have any idea who wrote "Escape from Death Island". My videos are essentially buried and I to be honest I never paid attention to who wrote what.
That episode was written by Peter Elliot & Stephen Katz. And make those library folks stay open longer. That's what your tax dollars are for. :)
I was able to dig up a few of the non-TGM episodes with Jeff for Lesley. It was great fun seeing him again in The Rousters and Jesse Hawkes. wish I could get my hands on Dr. Shrinker episodes from the the 70's!!! I hear it was done by the same producers as Land of the Dinosaurs.
I remember watching Dr. Shrinker as a kid. It aired Saturday mornings on ABC along side Elektra Woman and Dyna Girl starring Deidre Hall as EW. What campy fun!
Anyone out there remember The Young Rebels (a story about freedom fighters during the Revolutionary War? If you are a fan of that show e-mail me!!!
Well they are remaking old TV series into movies, like Lost In Space so now I think we ought to campaign about a remake of Tales of the Gold Monkey (with all the original cast of course...when they've got the best why go with the rest right?!)
First, let's concentrate on getting reruns back on the air. Reruns first, remakes second. :)

Rebecca Hubbard Bzzbecky@aol.com stumbled on your gold monkey page. I vaugly remember the show and stopping everything to watch it. please keep me updated on having the show rereleased.
If it ever starts airing again, Becky, believe me, you'll hear about it. I'll be telling EVERYONE, whether they care or not! :-)

Lorie Schultz va_who@juno.com I wholeheartedly agree with you about the library expanding their hours for email. It looks like the guy doing it spends much of the day there and if he gets tired or whatever, he'll end it early. I am only about one hundred feet up the road from the Library, taking Hebrew Classes on Wednesday, so that is when I go. Traveling to the library for me takes about 30-35 minutes, so I can't exactly hop over there. However, I finally got the suburban fixed, which gives me opportunity to get there once a week during the day. That sounds great except I'd have to pay for a sitter for Megan. She's too young and too active to sit still in the computer lab. Can't win.
I hear that on Long Island, where I came from originally, people can hook right up to the library internet from their homes. Now THAT would be great. With my luck, I'd be outside the calling area if they did that around here.
Okay, I agree with you, it'd be nice to get reruns of TGM on first. You gotta admit the main problem is that the numbers of episodes are too small for ordinary syndication. They'd have to do it one show a week to make it worthwhile for them otherwise they'd run through the entire series in roughly a month (running 5 days a week). You and I would love that but they are probably thinking 'scheduling problems'.
Oh, there's no chance of it going into general syndication. I was thinking of cable. The show did air on the USA Network for a while. At one point, they were running the show five times a week, in prime time!! It was wonderful. Then they replaced it with Murder, She Wrote. I've never forgiven Angela Lansbury for that. :)
I was telling Lesley recently that one of my most frustrating 'bad dreams' crops up once in a while. I'm in my home and walk into the room to find TGM on the TV. Only the show is drastically altered. Jeff and Stephen and the Goose are in it (and Jack) but they don't have the same names and are somehow doing cargo runs along the Amazon (or some other jungle territory). Worse than that is I realize that the show has been running for a while and I've missed all the other shows that were on. So I'm desperate to see them and can't figure out how to do it and I'm mentally kicking myself for not watching the TV guide more closely. By this time I'm frustrated enough with myself to wake up. Whew! thank goodness I only get this dream once every two years. Problem is that my fertile imagination gets me to see half of this adventure (complete with new plot) and that's it. Then I wake up knowing the plot is new but can't remember enough of it to write it down!!!
When I work too hard on this site, I have had dreams that the show either hadn't been cancelled after the first season or that it's been brought back, but nobody's bothered to tell me. I really have to get out more often. :)
Escape from Death Island was the episode that I think really hooked me into TGM. I'd seen one or two before that and really liked it (and Jeff of course), but the Death Island was the one that got me wrapped up in TGM fandom and got me looking for other fans of the show. I thought the plot was great, it gave some depth to the characters and I liked seeing how much Jake and Corky meant to each other. Plus I enjoyed seeing Corky's memory improve albeit momentarily. Showed he wasn't 'stupid', just forgetting things for some other reason (most likely the alcohol).
The episode that holds a special place in my heart in 'Once a Tiger...'. That was the first episode I ever saw. (I admit, I got on the bandwagon too late.) Not only did it show the camaraderie and humor of Jake, Corky, Sarah and Jack, but it was a great adventure.
Talk to you later.
P.S. Any chance I can see an up to date copy of just the story Karen wrote. I've speed scanned it but haven't been able to savor it. I'm not asking to see it completed, only to see what's been written so far. Any chance you could send me a copy of that?
Sure, Lorie. And I'm expecting the latest installment from Karen *very* soon.

Is this soon enough for you guys? :-)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

"Corky," Lesley whispered. "Corky, wake up."

Corky slowly opened his eyes. "W-where are we?" he asked.

Lesley looked around herself. "My guess is a cave somewhere." She could hear the sound of water dripping further back in the gloom. "I have no idea how we got here."

"You aren't hurt, are you?" Corky asked, trying to sit up.

Lesley gently pushed him back down. "I'm fine," she said. "You're the one who got hit on the head."

Corky smiled. "And then you hit him back for me."

"It was the least I could do," Lesley replied with a shrug. "I would have knocked him out, too, if his friends hadn't come along." She blushed, then changed the subject. "So, do you remember who he is, or know why he got so upset with us for following him?"

Corky shook his head. "No, I don't remember," he replied sadly. "I just hope it comes to me before it's too late."

Lesley smiled at him. "Well, at least we're not locked in or anything. Once you're feeling better, we can go back to the Monkey Bar."

"Okay," Corky replied, still thinking. "It had something to do with ... money ..."

"He stole some money?"

"No ..." Corky said, sitting up. "It was ... it was ..." He sighed. I *will* remember."

Lesley smiled. "You will. Right now that bump on your head probably isn't helping, either."

The cut on his forehead was bleeding again. She took a handkerchief from her pocket, and leaned towards him. Corky caught her by the wrist. "You don't have to do that. It's okay."

Lesley ignored him and applied pressure. Soon it stopped.

"You got your nice handkerchief all stained," Corky said. "You didn't have to do that for me." He grasped her hand in his and smiled at her.

"It'll wash," Lesley replied shyly. "Besides, I wanted to help."

They sat looking at each other for a little while, then Corky stood up. "Maybe Jake will remember who that guy is."

"Be careful," Lesley said, following him to the mouth of the cave.

"We can't go back to the Monkey Bar," Corky said, suddenly stopping.

"Why not?" Lesley asked.

Corky looked across the lush green landscape to the twin volcanoes in the distance.

"Because this isn't Boragora," he replied.

(insert commercial here)

Anna valdron@escape.ca Wow, didn't think anyone else even remebered the series. At least none of my friends do.
Where did you get all that material ? It is sub a large website. Didnt' know that there was 21 episodes made. Or that they were still being aired. Havent' seen the series since it was first run in the early 80'.
I've gotten material from magazines, newspapers, mail order companies, and from other fans and even cast and crew members. The show still runs in some countries, but hasn't aired in the U.S. and Canada for years. I'm hoping to rectify that. We're trying to get the show on a cable or satellite channel or maybe even home video.
While reading the episode guide, found that I watched almost every show expected God Save the Queen. Even saw "Black Pearl" as an episode and not as a movie. I live in Canada, so it may have been arranged differently here.
Just one question, I thought (in A Distant Shout of Thunder) that Sarah was being threw into the Volcano, because she was a virgin, specially since all the young native girls were given a blessing by the good Rev. Of cousre it has been 14 years since I seen the series.
Nope, Sarah's intended sacrifice had nothing to do with her virginity. If it had, I'm sure that Jake or the good Rev. would have been more than willing to help her out. :)

And now it's time for a new feature. Our dear friend, Karen McLean, obviously has too much time on her hands (just kidding!), so she's taken some of my pics and added a bit of dialogue. So here's the first installment of Karen's Kwazy Komics.

jogs olivares@caller.infi.net umm......... nice monkey type page.
Umm...like, thanks. :)

Now it's time for Karen's Kwazy Komics.

Dave 9500218b@student.gla.ac.uk Hi there! Just found your home page thingy through the IMDb pages, and very good it is too! I was only about 5 when the series was screened in Scotland, but I can remember enjoying it immensely, and with retrospect it was preferable to contemporaries like Airwolf (bad scriptwriting or what!) or The A-team (good but too formulaic).

And here's the Feb. 12 installment of Karen's Kwazy Komics.

Here's Karen's Kwazy Komic for February 13.

Katchoo (Colleen) katchoo@law.emory.edu Your web page is awesome. I've been poking around the bulletin board sections...really neat that Stephen Colins, Jeff MacKay and various production folks show up....wil the chat be on this weekend? I will have to try to make it.
Yep. The chat's scheduled for Saturday at 1 pm ET on server hebron.in.us.dal.net 7000. Our channel # is TOTGM. Hope you can make it. We're always looking for new blood.
I found my way to your site from your post on a.s.g.x. in reply to my wish for revival for ToTGM. Do you grep for mentions of it or lurk on that newsgroup?
I just did a Usenet search on Alta Vista. I've discovered that every couple of months or so in some newsgroup the question "Does anybody remember Tales of the Gold Monkey?" (or some variant) pops up. I then help those people onto the enlightened path leading to my web site. I like to think of it as a public service. :)
We shall have to correspondd more, as it is I've already slacked enough...back to work!

Mike Madonna MKMADONNA@aol.com Patricia - Just visited your TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY home page. Unfortunately, I've never seen an episode of this show, but after visiting here I sure would like to. I have at least a thousand video tapes of shows I recorded in the 80's and beyond, so it's possible that I could have one or two shows on tapes downstairs and not even be aware of it.
Didn't catch it on your page, but have you seen an Australian film called SKY PIRATES? It looks very much to be like what I imagine an episode of "Tales" might be like. It's worth a look. A local video store cleared it off their shelves recently and I picked it up for 3 bucks.
Anyway, good job on the page. I will make frequent return visits.
Thanks a lot for your note, Mike. I'll be posting it to the bulletin board. I've never heard of of "Sky Pirates" but I'll check out the local video store. And maybe soon we'll be able to pick up Tales of the Gold Monkey episodes at the local video store. Universal has got to realize how much money they could make from us. :)

David Sanders strax@iAmerica.net Hi Patricia! I can't believe I found this page, but it's great! I love ToTGM and have a few of them on tape. It has always been one of my favorite series ever and the one I always felt the networks let get away. It's great to see such a wonderful page devoted to it and that a lot of the cast even contributes. I've dutifully watched Mr. C's carrer ever since ToTGM was on. And, Mr. Collins, if you see this, you're a great actor and I've thoroughly enjoyed your work on everything you've done..(except for the restasurant show..the name eludes me..but I never got into it, not because of the acting..just not my type of series)
The show was called Tattingers and I wasn't all that enamored of it either. It had a fantastic cast and superb writing/production staff, but the structure of the show itself was faulty. I mean, what's so dramatic about a restaurant?
I'm just ecstatic to find so many fans of the show and to now have a place to talk about it without strange looks and people asking "Huh? What show?"
You just have to start hanging around with a better class of people, David. :)
ToTGM was one of the few things I truly looked forward to and it was a special thing me and my father shared, a memory that fills me with happiness. We were both fans of the 30's era and especially the show. I even begged him to buy the ToTGM stoorybook for me when it came out way back when, just so I had _something_ of the show to remeber it by. If you want any pics from the storybook, assuming you don't have them already, let me know...I can scan them here at work.
Check out the Pics Page for not only pictures from the storybook, but pictures from Jeff MacKay!
I guess this enough rambling for now. Thank you, Patricia..for this page and for the memories..Hope to talk to you soon!
I hope so too.

Barry Nugent 93718830BN@nene.ac.uk Greeting from England, You may or may not remember me but I sent a note to your web site about a year ago. Since then I've taken a year out of college so I have had no access to the net. I was thrilled to find out when I got back that not only your page was still going strong(How could I have thought otherwise) but now you have loads of pictures and a wav file of the theme song, which has brought back loads of memories for me as I haven't heard it since the eighties. As you may or not remember I like to write adventure stories in my spare time and I have recently finished a 70,000 word story called "Thirst for adventure" I think it's pretty cool, but then I guess I'm a bit biased. I would like to finish this note with a request.. please, please can anyone help me get a copy of any of the episodes on tape. I know I live in england(don't hold that against me !!) but I, my girlfriend and a couple of other english fans that I've found would be willing to pay any shipping costs, up front if necessary. I have also managed to get hold of a video which can convert and play American tapes so that isn't a problem. Please send me a note if you can help or just send me a note to say hi. Before I dash off to me lecture, which I'm late for I would just like to say to Lesley Pohl, who tried to help me get some videos last year, if you are out there Lesley please send me a note as I would love to hear from you. Once again congrats on a great web site !!!!! Barry.
Welcome back, Barry! Since you've been away, I've managed to get all the episodes on video, so I could make you a copies. Right now, though, I'm swamped with requests, so it could take a while. However, there are some other folks out there (Lesley's one) who may also be able to help you. One of them may even be able to send you PAL copies. I'll have to check first. Let me know which episodes you'd like and we'll try to get them to you as soon as we can. Thanks.

And speaking of Lesley...
Lesley Pohl
pohl@wpo.sosc.osshe.edu Kudos to Karen for her Kwazy Komics. They are a hoot and a half!! Love seeing the gang get new dialogue.
BTW, Jeff said that an informal get together in September sounds like the best idea to him. It's so nice that Tom, Harvey, and Jeff are all willing to meet with the Monkiacs in an informal setting. I anticipate great fun for one and all.

And speaking of Karen, here's a special Valentine's Day edition of Karen's Kwazy Komics.

Stan McClain ECN5248@aol.com In late 1982 I recieved the honor to join aerial coordinator David Jones in Hawaii to shoot the aerial sequences on the 82-83 season of Magnum PI, and shoot the aerials on Tales of The Gold Monkey. Don bellisario knew he didnt need two seperate units, so all of TOTGM aerials were in Hawaii. All good things come to an end, and after the season, I moved back to L.A. and began prepping "Airwolf". That too was a short lived series, two and a half seasons. Check out the the Airwolf sites, they're both well thought out.
Stan McClain
Thanks very much for your note. Feel free to come back any time and regale us with any stories you may have regarding Tales of the Gold Monkey. And not only have I already visited the two Airwolf sites, but I have included links to them on my main web page.

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Hi ! Just checking in, and wanted to say how delightful Karen's "komics" are on the bulletin board! More! More! < g >
Ask and ye shall recieve. I'll be posting a new Komic every weekday until Karen runs out of them. So far, it looks like they'll be around for at least another couple of weeks.
Also saw Lorie's saying that "Escape from Death Island" was the episode that got her hooked on the show. While it certainly was one of my favorites (gotta *love* those episodes that feature Corky prominantly!), the episode that "caught" me was "Shanghied." It was the first story aired that really showed the heroic side to Corky and gave the audience a real feel for how much Jake and Corky meant to each other as friends; not just pilot and mechanic. Throw in a dash of "Cooked Goose" and
And what, Cal? Don't leave me hanging.
BTW, the most recent newsletter for the KUNG FU: THE LEGEND CONTINUES fan club printed a great photo of Jeff MacKay taken on the set during the filming of last season's "May I Talk With You." Unfortunately, I missed the episode. < pout > Thank goodness for repeats!
At least you have repeats. I don't think it's running anymore in the Boston area. :(
Wishing you all the best, Cal < ...one of *the* four Jeff MacKay fans... > < g >

The Gneech TheGneech@aol.com Hi, Patricia! I've been keeping up with the message board faithfully since my "reappearance," and I've got a suggestion -- maybe you should have the "current" board have the same URL all the time ("current.htm" or something), so that viewers can bookmark that page and know they'll see the most current messages, instead of having to bookmark the "gateway" page that leads to the messages.
Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm trying to avoid changing file names around. I get so easily confused. Besides, the "gateway" page is small and doesn't take much time to load. And you'll be able to see the dates each message board includes.
In any case, I've got some shameless plugs to share with you! :)
First, I don't know if you're interested in having a banner for your link to _Astounding Adventures_, but if you are, there are a variety to choose from at http://members.aol.com/astadvqtrl/freestuf.htm.
Second, if you're interested in some light-hearted strangeness, you might like _The Morning Star_, an underground newsletter I've published for a decade or so about "News, Views, Gaming, and Really Weird Things." It's now on-line at http://members.aol.com/tmsgneech/tms.htm. (Note that's "TMS Gneech," not "THE Gneech.") Try it, you'll like it! ;)
I'll check them both out, Gneech. Thanks.
Catch you later...
-The Gneech <-- is not above shameless self-promotion
--->Ready for some excitement? Check out _Astounding Adventures Quarterly_, the magazine of high adventure at http://members.aol.com/astadvqtrl/main.htm!<---
Is that it? No other sites to plug? Oh, I get it. Leave 'em wanting more. :)

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com > And what, Cal? Don't leave me hanging.
Whoops! That's what happens when you try to compose email on-line and carry on a real-time "conversation" (AOL's IM) at the same time! Duh!
I meant to say "add a dash of "Cooked Goose" and "Once a Tiger" for some strong Corky scenes, and viola -- the reason I fell in love with GM!"
Personally, I can always tell if a show has truly captured my heart if a fan fiction story "gremlin" comes along and demands to be written! GM certainly qualified, which is why you'll find a few of my stories in both issues of Marilyn's "Cutter's Goose." And why -- not surprisingly -- they're stories that focus on Jake and Corky's friendship.
So ... what's this about a GM "get together" in September...?
It's still in the preliminary stages, but the plan is to have an informal "Gathering" of fans and cast & crew members (depending on schedules) in the Los Angeles area the weekend of September 20 to coincide with the show's 15th anniversary. This won't be an official convention, but we'll watch videos, swap stories, have a big lunch or dinner bash, and perhaps go on the Universal Studios tour (I hope the sets are still on the tour). We're still trying to get an idea of how many people will attend before we plan more activities. So, if anybody's interested in attending, please let me know ASAP.

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com I think an informal "Gathering" sounds like loads of fun! If and when dates are firmed up, please let me know and I'll pass the info along to Caitlin. Certainly count me in as someone who is very interested in attending!
The dates are firm, but the exact location isn't, so if you'd like to let Caitlin know about it, I'd really appreciate it. Right now, it looks like we'll be holding the Gathering in or around Van Nuys, CA.
BTW, I was on the Universal Studios tour in June '96. Though it passes within sight of the "lagoon," the GM sets are either no longer standing or in such disrepair as to be virtually unrecognizable. I remember going on the tour 2 years after the show was cancelled and seeing the mock up the Goose still at the dock. It's long gone now, though.
Sigh. I knew it was too much to hope for. :(

And back by popular demand, here's February 17's installment of Karen's Kwazy Komics. Today's dialogue is courtesy of Leanne Shawler. Karen McLean's responsible for the pixel manipulation. And Karen wanted to thank Stephen Collins for the "inspiration". :-)

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Patricia -- Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I just spoke with Caitlin. She was rushing out the door so we didn't get much of a chance to chat (I'll be calling her back tomorrow night when she has more time). However, I did quickly mention the GM Gathering in September and asked if she'd be interested. Caitlin is *very* excited about the prospect and without hesitation said most definitely *YES,* please count her in!!!!
Just thought I'd pass along that happy news.
THANK YOU! The way this Gathering is shaping up, we'll have more cast and crew members than fans. :) I'll keep you and everyone else informed on the progress of the plans.

And here's the Feb. 18 installment of Karen's Kwazy Komics.

fin66 fin66@primenet.com I thought I was the only one who liked this show!!!!!! I used to have to beg my mom to let me watch. Great job.

Yes, it's Wednesday. Time for another edition of Karen's Kwazy Komics.

Today is Thursday, February 20, 1997 and here's the latest installment of Karen's Kwazy Komics.

TGIF!!! Here's the Friday edition of Karen's Kwazy Komics.

Well, after one month, this board is pretty full, so it's time to start Bulletin Board #10.

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