Cutter's Goose

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Cutter's Goose Cover
Cutter's Goose back cover


Editorial -- Marilyn Johansen
Episode Guide/Gold Monkey Merchandise
Seeking Solace -- Lorie Wolferd
Diamonds Are a Spy's Worst Enemy -- Karen B. Valentine
Poetry -- Denise Habel
Fleece -- Carolyn G. Lynn
Tiki Go Home -- Roberta Rogow
Sentimental Journey -- Marilyn Johansen
Who Are You? -- Catherine M. Schlein
And the Other Side -- Catherine M. Schlein
Stardust -- Marilyn Johansen
The War of the Roses -- Karen B. Valentine
The Land's Song, The Wind's Cry -- Denise Habel
Puzzles -- Fran Husejinovic
Christmas Past -- Carolyn G. Lynn

PILOT: Marilyn Johansen
COPILOTS: Kay Brown, Lorie Wolferd
CHIEF MECHANIC: Cynthia Levine


Stephanie Hawks, page 6
Vel Jaeger, page 36
Christine Myers, pages 52, 55
Lorie Wolferd, pages 57, 61
Marilyn Johansen, covers, pages 1, 24, 31, 32, 58, 62, 63, 66, 69, 80, 90, 106, 122

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