Tales of the Gold Monkey AnnualAction, adventure, international intrigue, and exotic ambiance combine in "Tales of the Gold Monkey" the delightful hour-long series of drama, suspense, and fun-filled entertainment.

Step into the Monkey Bar, have a drink or simply enjoy the music. But keep your eyes open, because in this bar anyone from the sexy chanteuse to the minister just may be a spy. It is 1938 and this lush tropical island locale is also a stepping-off point for exciting intrigue and adventure.

Somewhere in a backwater corner of the South Pacific, Jake Cutter (STEPHEN COLLINS) is an expatriate American adventurer who often finds himself in the thick of high sea adventure. As the pilot of a well-worn Grumman Goose, Jake transports cargo which runs the gamut from bibles to contraband, from vintage wines to hidden weapons. He also transports people, from American tourists to Nazi spies, from Oriental mercenaries to French magistrates. Unfortunately, these flights are catalysts for murder, robbery, blackmail, and subterfuge. Fortunately, Jake and his ragtag group of friends love every minute of it. Thwarting criminals can be fun.

At his "home base" on the lush, tropical island of Boragora, Jake is a frequent patron of the Monkey Bar, the central gathering place on the islands. Its proprietor is Bon Chance Louie (RODDY MCDOWALL), the mysterious Frenchman who is also the questionable Magistrate of Justice. Musical entertainment at the Monkey Bar is provided by Sarah Stickney White (CAITLIN O'HEANEY), who also happens to be an American agent keeping an eye on island activities. Jake's friend Corky (JEFF MACKAY) is forgetful and drinks a bit too much, but he's the best mechanic around. And then there's Jack (LEO), a one-eyed dog with a mind of his own, who has been with Jake through good times and bad -- often proving more sensible than his master.


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