Below is the past and current broadcast schedule for Tales of the Gold Monkey on TV Land. As you can see, TV Land is not running the episodes in order and is only airing 12 of the 21 episodes. Even more distressing, TV Land is planning on running weekend long marathons of All in the Family and The Andy Griffith Show on 8/26-8/27 and 9/2-9/3, respectively, so we may not be seeing Gold Monkey for quite a while.

Please write to Larry Jones and Diana Robina at TV Land to ask them to return Tales of the Gold Monkey back to their weekend line-up soon with ALL the episodes. Further information is avaiable on my home page.

For episode descriptions and original broadcast order, check out my episode guide.


Last Updated: 8/8/00
01/24/00 Legends Are Forever
01/29/00 Last Chance Louie
06/03/00 Black Pearl
06/04/00 Ape Boy
06/10/00 Honor Thy Brother
06/11/00 Shanghaied
06/17/00 Trunk From the Past
06/18/00 Once a Tiger...
06/24/00 Escape From Death Island
06/25/00 The Sultan of Swat
07/01/00 The Late Sarah White
07/02/00 The Lady and the Tiger
07/08/00 Legends Are Forever
07/09/00 Last Chance Louie
07/15/00 Black Pearl
07/16/00 Ape Boy
07/22/00 Honor Thy Brother
07/23/00 Shanghaied
07/29/00 Trunk From the Past
07/30/00 Once a Tiger...
08/05/00 Escape From Death Island
08/06/00 The Sultan of Swat
08/12/00 The Late Sarah White
08/13/00 The Lady and the Tiger
08/19/00 Legends Are Forever
08/20/00 Last Chance Louie