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Here's my new attempt at the best darn Tales of the Gold Monkey episode guide available on the Web. Don't settle for imitations. Thanks to Lesley Pohl and Craig Nystrom for supplying me tapes so I could add credits (and of course see this wonderful show again after all these years).

Not only can you relive these exciting adventures by reading the episode descriptions, you can read the text to the original scripts!!! That's right, I've purchased all the original scripts and with lots of help from Lesley Pohl and Leanne Shawler (and a little help from yours truly), I've uploaded them to this site and linked them to the episode title here. The size of the file is listed in brackets. Plus as an added bonus, you can read three early scripts that were never produced. I don't know why they weren't made, but my guess is that they were too elaborate to film for a weekly series. Happy reading!!

NEWIf you prefer visual stimulation to jog your memory, I've now added thumbnail pictures from all the episodes. Just click on the PICS link to open up the page of 48 (96 for the Pilot) pictures. That's over 1,100 total pictures! Dial-up users, please be patient while the the pictures open.

All episodes are one hour unless otherwise noted. The titles and original broadcast dates are accurate. (All dates are from ABC's first telecast.)

Note: All opinions expressed in this guide are that of Patricia Annino and no one else. If you don't like them, TOUGH! Write your own episode guide!


Stephen Collins (Jake Cutter)
Jeff MacKay (Corky)
Caitlin O'Heaney (Sarah White)
Roddy McDowall (Bon Chance Louie)
Ron Moody (Bon Chance Louie - Pilot only)
John Calvin (Rev. Willie Tenboom)
Marta DuBois (Princess Koji)
John Fujioka (Todo)
Les Jankey (Gushie)
Leo [a.k.a. Jack] (Jack)


Lady From a Colder Clime (written 25-Jun-1982)
Writer: Andrew Schneider, Paul Savage
Jake tries to help a beautiful woman professing to be Anastasia Romanov, heir to the Russian throne, prove her claim. To do this, they must find a Russian priest allegedly living on an island inhabited by cannibals. Num-num, Jake stew!

Visions From the Past (written 3-Aug-1982)
Writer: George Geiger, Sheldon Chad, Donald R. Boyle
While coming to the aid of a sinking ship, Jake meets a woman who's a dead ringer for his lost love. However, she's not what she pretends to be. Yes, Jake's hormones get him into trouble again.

River to the Past (written 22-Nov-1982)
Writer: Steve Zito
A rewritten version of "Visions From the Past". More than 3 months and a different writer still didn't make a difference and get this story on the air.


Pilot (22-Sep-1982) - 2 hours PICS
Special Guest Star: John Hillerman
Writer: Donald P. Bellisario
Director: Ray Austin
Jake meets Sarah (Not exactly love at first sight. She brains him with a bottle of champagne.) and helps her with her mission to stop the Nazis, led by the evil Fritz (John "Higgins" Hillerman), from retrieving the legendary Gold Monkey. Worth watching if only to see John Hillerman, with monocle and goofy, German accent, pistol-whip Jack. Nazis viciously attacking innocent dogs!! Boo...hiss!!! Also interesting is Ron Moody's portrayal of Louie, a striking contrast to Roddy McDowall's.

Shanghaied (29-Sep-1982) PICS
Guest Star: Guy Stockwell
Writer: Donald P. Bellisario
Director: Alan J. Levi
Corky is shanghaied by a mysterious man with a hook for a hand to repair his ship. So Jake sets out to find him while battling a nasty case of malaria (as opposed to pleasant case of malaria). This episode was never broadcast on the USA Network, but instead was hacked together with 'Trunk from the Past' and syndicated as the movie, "Curse at the Gold Monkey" (always erroneously listed as "Curse of the Gold Monkey". Both titles are pretty stupid, if you ask me.).

Black Pearl (13-Oct-1982) PICS
Guest Stars: Cliff Potts, Bo Brundin, Kai Wulff, Barrie Ingham
Writer: Dennis Capps and George Geiger & Bob Foster & Paul Savage & Donald P. Bellisario
Director: Victor Lobl
Those evil Nazis are at it again; this time, attempting to create the atom bomb. Of course, mankind's only hope is the very busy, Mr. Cutter. Doesn't this poor guy ever just kick back and relax? This episode introduces Cliff Potts as agent Johnny Kimble. Also, pay close attention to the shark attack scene. That stock footage looks like they lifted it straight from "Jaws". You knew Steven Spielberg had to figure into this show somehow.

Legends Are Forever (20-Oct-1982) PICS
Guest Stars: William Lucking, Badja Djola
Teleplay: Milt Rosen and Reuben Leder and Donald P. Bellisario
Story: Milt Rosen
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Jake's old Flying Tiger buddy, Gandy Dancer (William Lucking), talks Jake into helping him transport medical supplies to a Watusi tribe and locate the treasure of King Solomon's Mines. (Yes, this show IS set in the South Pacific, not Africa.) It's great to see Louie actually get involved in the action. I just hope this episode didn't inspire that insipid 1985 remake of "King Solomon's Mines" starring Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone.
NOTE: When this episode was originally telecast, this dedication was included at the end, "This Program is Dedicated to the Memory of Director LARRY DOHENY 1924-1982".

Escape from Death Island (27-Oct-1982) PICS
Guest Stars: Gerry Gibson, Pierrino Mascarino, Mickey Morton, Xander Berkeley, Reid Shelton
Writer: Peter Elliot & Stephen Katz
Director: James Frawley
Jake and Corky are held prisoner in a penal colony after helping a man attempt to rescue his son. They soon discover that the prisoners are running the joint. Why they all didn't just escape is beyond me. Maybe they wanted job security.

Trunk from the Past (3-Nov-1982) PICS
Guest Stars: Jared Martin, Richard Eastham
Writer: John Pashdag & Brady Westwater
Director: Christian I. Nyby II
Sarah first receives the Ancient Egyptian trunk that her father was murdered upon and then a visit from her ex-fiance (Jared Martin), who's searching for the temple of Amon-Ra. Jake seems far less afraid of becoming a victim of the Pharaoh's curse than admitting his feelings for Sarah and making a commitment. (Sigh)...men!
Note: The USA network never aired this episode. See 'Shanghaied' for details.

Once a Tiger... (17-Nov-1982) PICS
Guest Stars: W.K. Stratton, Lance LeGault
Writer: L. Ford Neal & John Huff
Director: Winrich Kolbe
Jake sets out to rescue his nemesis from his Flying Tiger days (Lance LeGault) and his important cargo. Interesting note: the original title of this episode was 'Eye of the Tiger'. Now you can't get that damn Survivor song out of your head, can you. "It's the eye of the tiger. It's the thrill of the fight. Rising up to the challenge of our rival." H - E - L - P!!!

Honor Thy Brother (24-Nov-1982) PICS
Guest Stars: Soon-Teck Oh, Manu Tupou
Special Guest Star: William Lucking
Story: Jeff Ray & Danny Lee Cole
Teleplay: Jeff Ray & Danny Lee Cole and Bill Driskill and George Geiger
Director: Michael Vejar
A Japanese fighter pilot (Soon-Teck Oh) seeks revenge against Jake who killed his brother and wounded him during a dog-fight over China a year earlier. And more importantly in this episode, Jack gets his eye back!
Note: Gandy Dancer is featured in a flashback at the beginning of the episode.

The Lady and the Tiger (8-Dec-1982) PICS
Guest Stars: Anne Lockhart, Richard Narita, Jerry Supiran
Writer: Donald P. Bellisario
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Jake crashes on a Japanese-held island, inhabited by Amish and a tiger. (You know, this stuff sounds really inane when you actually write it down.)
Note: This episode was originally interrupted in most of the US when a terrorist with a truck full of explosives threatened to blow up the Washington Monument in the name of nuclear disarmament (Yeah, you read it right.). Some people have no respect for quality television.
Note 2: This is the only episode in which Jake admits that his parents weren't married and that he never knew his father. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as nobody tells Dan Quayle (who bears a striking resemblance to Stephen Collins, or am I the only one who's noticed?).

The Late Sarah White (22-Dec-1982) PICS
Guest Star: Nicholas Pryor
Special Guest Star: Cliff Potts
Writer: Maryanne Kasica & Michael Scheff and Donald P. Bellisario & George Geiger
Director: Harvey Laidman
Jake sets out to Manila after he's informed that Sarah has died from hepatitis while on a mission there. Cliff Potts makes his second (and last) appearance as Johnny Kimble. So, let me get this straight. Jake risks his life, saves Gen. MacArthur, and stops a civil war from breaking out in the Philippines just because he can feel that Sarah's alive? Why can't I meet a guy like that?

The Sultan of Swat (5-Jan-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: James Callahan, John DiSanti, Calvin Jung, Jay Varela
Writer: David Brown
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
Jake's boyhood idol, a Babe Ruth-type baseball player, is accused of raping and killing a native girl (Nia Peeples). The original script (I have my sources) was actually was pretty good, but for some reason, the character of Sarah was hastily written out and the story that's left is pretty senseless.

Ape Boy (12-Jan-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Shannon Sinutko, Michael Ensign, Bill Cross, Charles Bartlett, Stefan Gierasch
Teleplay: Andrew Schneider and Bill Driskill
Story: Eric Lerner and Bill Driskill
Director: Winrich Kolbe
After making an emergency landing on a supposedly uninhabited island, Jake and his merry friends discover a boy raised by apes. Any resemblance to Tarzan, Bomba the Jungle Boy, et al, is purely intentional.
There's a flashback sequence with no dialogue, just haunting background music. This music was used as the opening theme for the pseudo-movie, "Curse at the Gold Monkey" (see 'Shanghaied" for more info).

God Save the Queen (19-Jan-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Kathryn Leigh Scott, Charles Macaulay, Charles Smith, Roy Dotrice
Writer: George Geiger
Director: Virgil W. Vogel
A British Lord attempts to steal the Royal jewels and threatens to blow up the luxury liner, the Queen Victoria, with the Duke of Windsor, Jake, Corky and Jack on board. Ladies, this episode is only worth watching to see Jake trying to elude capture while wearing just a towel. Be still my beating heart.

High Stakes Lady (26-Jan-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Shelley Smith, Charles Napier, Aki Aleong
Teleplay: Bill Driskill
Story: Lance Madrid III and Bill Driskill
Director: James Frawley
Jake falls for a beautiful and mysterious card sharp (Shelley Smith) who gets him involved in a high stakes poker game and international intrigue. Sure, Jake finally tells a woman that he loves her and, not only is it not Sarah, but she turns out to be a German spy. Figures.

Force of Habit (2-Feb-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Pamela Susan Shoop, Elizabeth Huddle, Luke Askew
Teleplay: Tom Greene
Story: Tom Greene and William Schmidt
Director: Harvey Laidman
Not to be confused with the classic 1968 film, "Change of Habit", starring Elvis Presley and Mary Tyler Moore. Jake's former girlfriend, now a novice nun, tries to recover stolen vaccine meant for orphans (or something like that). I'm a little hazy on the details, but you get the gist of it.

Cooked Goose (4-Mar-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Sondra Currie, James Hampton
Writer: Jay Huguely
Director: Donald A. Baer
A clipper co-pilot (James Hampton, Pvt. Dobbs from "F-Troop") is left for dead and his new bride is kidnapped and the evidence points to Princess Koji. This was the first episode to not air in the "family hour" and the writers made the most of their freedom with a risque hot tub sequence. I won't go into details. The cyberpolice may be reading.

Last Chance Louie (11-Mar-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Faye Grant, Jay Robinson, Curt Lowens, Grace Zabriskie, Gerald Hiken, Henry Darrow
Teleplay: Tom Greene & George Geiger
Story: Bob Shayne
Director: James Fargo
Louie goes on trial for the murder of a fellow former Legionnaire who deserted and collaborated with the Germans during WWI. Jake and the man's daughter go to Saigon to find information to clear Louie.
Fun Fact: Faye Grant, who plays Genevieve, later became Mrs. Stephen Collins. At least it's a fun fact as long as they're still married.

Naka Jima Kill (18-Mar-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Michael Mullins, Sandy Ward
Special Guest Star: Kim Cattrall
Teleplay: Andrew Schneider and Tom Greene
Story: Thom Thomas and Andrew Schneider
Director: Jack Whitman
Sarah's college roommate, Whitney Bunting (Kim Cattrall), a newsreel reporter, arrives in the Marivellas to get an interview with the Japanese Defense Minister, the recent subject of an assassination attempt. Unfortunately, she'll go to any length, including putting everybody's lives in danger, to get the job done. In the original story, it was Hirohito, not the fictitious defense minister, who was being plotted against. I don't know why they made the change. Perhaps it was because Hirohito was still alive and they didn't want a copycat attempt.

Boragora or Bust (25-Mar-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: John Reilly, Gerald Hiken, John McLiam
Writer: George Geiger & Tom Greene
Director: Ivan Dixon
Jake's friend, an old prospector, discovers a platinum mine and within days Boragora is crawling with would-be miners and a charming, yet devious American businessman. I'm not usually into stunts, but there's a breathtaking motorcycle jump in this episode.

A Distant Shout of Thunder (8-Apr-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Jose De Vega, Michael Cavanaugh
Writer: Tom Greene & George Geiger
Director: James Fargo
All sorts of Exodus-type mayhem (plague of frogs, water changing into "blood", etc.) occurs after Sarah inadvertently takes a statue of the "fire god", Pele. Here's a TV rarity, a non-violent action show. The angry natives try to sacrifice Sarah, not by throwing her into the volcano, but by drugging her and politely asking her to jump. Then Jake saves her from this bunch by reciting poetry!!! Sen. Paul Simon would be proud. FYI: Pele is actually a goddess. Pele, Polynesian deity, is female. Pele, Brazilian soccer player, is male.

Mourning Becomes Matuka (1-Jun-1983) PICS
Guest Stars: Alexa Hamilton, Sab Shimono, Alex Colon, Marc Hayashi
Teleplay: Jay Huguely and Tom Greene & George Geiger
Story: Jay Huguely
Director: David Jones
Someone's trying to kill Princess Koji during her birthday celebration. So she "persuades" Jake to act as her bodyguard (no Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner jokes, please). O.K., so she blackmails him into doing it by threatening to reveal Sarah as a spy. That's a form of persuasion, isn't it.

The End (unfortunately)

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