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This is the area for your questions, comments, opinions and all-around chit-chat about Tales of the Gold Monkey. Ask a question about a particular episode, tell us why you liked the show or just shoot the breeze. Just e-mail me at gmonkey@goldmonkey.com and I'll post your message for all the world to see. Let me know if you would like me to list your e-mail address so others can contact you directly.

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I'll start the ball rolling. (As I'm sure you've noticed, I'll be emphasizing my remarks. After all, I am the benevolent dictator.) I noticed in the Internet Movie Database that they list Walter Koenig, Star Trek's Chekov, as a guest star on the show. This fact also appears in many Star Trek newsletters. Does anybody know which episode he appeared in or is this just false rumor run amok on the Net?

Craig Nystrom psdjuni@qnet.com I am glad to see I am not the only person in the entire world who thot TOTGM was a cool show. I too hope USA will rerun the series. I have all the episodes on tape except the last one. Any ideas how I might get a copy of this show? Please E-mail me back about this if you can. Thanks.
Can anybody help Craig? I lost my VHS collection during a move a few years ago. I assume he's looking for 'Mourning Becomes Matuka'.

In case you thought that this web site is only for Americans, here are a couple of notes I received from the UK when I first floated the idea. If anybody knows a way to get the show on in Great Britain (it would have to be through a satellite system, I assume), please drop me a note.

Caroline Hi, Patricia. I've just read your posting to the rec.arts.tv newsgroup and I would be interested in knowing more about a 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' web site. I saw the programme when it came to England (I'm English), and my friends and I all enjoyed it enormously, though I don't think we saw all the episodes that were shown over here. I'd like to see it again, as it has been years since I saw it, so it would be good if it came onto cable.

Steve The web site idea is a good one. I remember seeing it years ago and would love to see some repeats. I have a poster magazine somewhere from the program, also for years i've wanted a leather flying jacket like Stephen Collins wore.

Pete petec@adnc.comNice to that someone else remembers that series. I was 9 or 10 when 'Monkey' aired. I'll see if I can scare up some pics from the show (probably not).
Remember Jack (the dog with the eye-patch), a few years ago there was a movie called Clean Slate (starring Dana Carvey) and his dog was close replica of Jack, eye-patch and all. Just a tidbit.
Yes, I remember "Clean Slate" and the writers must have watched "Gold Monkey" to have come up with the one-eyed dog. I think this show has a strangely important influence in Generation X pop culture. Damned if I know why! Maybe because you had to be under 21 to fully appreciate the semi-campiness of it all.

Scott Merzbach merzbach@polsci.umass.edu Nice to see a page devoted to the show. There are way too few action series on the air now. We defintely need more shows like Tales of the Gold Monkey.
Thanks, Scott. By the way, congrats to the UMass Minutemen making it to the final 4. You see, I am up on current affairs.

The Gneech ("Uh oh, look out... trivia, and lots of it!") The Gneech@aol.com Hi! :) Through a roundabout search routine, I discovered that you run the closest thing to a _Tales of the Gold Monkey_ web site that exists. (I found out about you going through Yahoo, then "The Ultimate TV List.") Anyway, what follows are just a few notes, which you're free to post on your page, or not, whatever pleases you. I just thought you might find them entertaining. I'm hoping to trade them for information on where I might find the pilot of the show on VHS. So far, I haven't met with much success.
I've posted The Gneech's trivia notes to the "Facts 'N Stuff" page (just hit the hyperlink below). Can anybody supply the pilot? You already know about my VHS plight.

Heeeeeeee's back!
The Gneech ("Oh, Professor, you're full of whimsy!") The Gneech@aol.com Here's another tidbit (for some reason, I seem to be full of tidbits today) for "Steve" who wanted a Flying Tigers jacket but posted no email address: WWII-style flying jackets are available with Flying Tigers emblems from the U.S. Cavalry catalog. There are deluxe black ones for $400, and nifty brown ones for $300. You can call 1-800-777-7732 to get the catalog.

Since I keep asking for VHS tapes for others, I might as well ask for myself. I'd love to get the complete set so I can add credits to the episode guide. If you have tapes and don't want to make copies (GREEDY BASTARD!), could you please supply me with a list of episode credits (writer, director, guest stars, etc.). I'd be much obliged and, as usual, will give you proper credit (but, alas, no cash).


You didn't know there'd be a quiz, did you? Don't worry, it's open book. Here are a few questions about Tales of the Gold Monkey and you. You will not be penalized for unanswered questions and the quiz will be graded on a curve.

1) How old were you when you first saw the show?
2) Why did you first watch the show?
3) Which element of the show did you like the best (e.g. action, writing, acting, etc.)?
4) What was your favorite episode and why?
5) Who was your favorite character and why?

EXTRA CREDIT: Why, after all these years, do you still care enough about the show to visit this web site and answer this survey?

Here are my answers:

1) 15 (Ah, those tender teenage years!)
2) Actually, I didn't watch the show immediately. ABC massively overhyped the show and I was sick to death of it before it even premiered. Then around early November 1982, I was listening to some Top 40 countdown show on the radio when for some inexplicable reason they did a segment on the new fall shows. They briefly mentioned a few series and then concentrated on Gold Monkey (which got me wondering if ABC owned the radio show). They had Stephen Collins describe the three main characters (sounds like a 3rd grade book report). I admit I wasn't paying too much attention, but then he described Sarah as an American spy that Jake was "semi in love with". That intrigued me since I couldn't understand how you could be "semi in love" (I was 15. What did I know about love?). Come that Wednesday, I was trying to avoid doing my homework and remembered that the show was on (my family always watched the show). So I went downstairs, started watching and was hooked.
3) I felt the strongest element on the show were the characters. You really cared about what happened to them and their relationships with each other.
4) 'The Late Sarah White'. That episode had everything; action (Jake fighting his way through the Philippines), drama (would Jake find out what happened to Sarah), comedy (remember Jack's "allergy") and romance (I almost cried during the flashback sequence).
5) It's difficult to pick a favorite character, but I guess I'd have to choose Jack. I've always had a soft spot for characters who speak their minds.
EXTRA CREDIT: I started this site because I was feeling nostalgic for "the good old days" and have always felt that the show had gotten a bum rap. The show didn't seem childish enough for ABC, so they moved it around so no one could find it. Also, ABC never knew which audience they were going for. The show aired in all three hours of primetime and, let's face it, you have a different audience at 8:00 than you have at 10:00. Futhermore, almost all the TV series today (with the exception of the Star Trek series and a few others) pay little or no attention to character development. Look at Baywatch. You've seen one blonde bimbo, you've seen them all.

The Gneech ("These opinions are my own. Your mileage may vary.")The Gneech@aol.com
1.) 12ish.
2.) I have always been, and ever shall be, a pulp-era adventure nut. Give me swing music, a black and white movie with men and women in khaki outfits and leather jackets, wooden crates that say 'fragile,' fog-shrouded jungle exterior shots, and stock footage of elephants and jungle snakes and I'm in heaven. Due to parental interference with life (I think it was a PTA meeting, scout meeting, or other waste of time), I missed all but the last 5 minutes of the pilot, and I've still never seen it.
Hey, Gneech, do you want me to tell you what happened or will that ruin it for you?
3.) Pulp adventure and great art design. What can I say? At the risk of putting Monkiacs off, I always thought the show suffered from the sin of willful goofiness, but it had just enough cool stuff in it to make me watch anyway. The plane, the costumes, and the bar were too good to pass up, even though the writing was weak and the directors kept using that annoying "supernatural trumpet sting" that not only wasn't spooky, but irritated me so much that I would turn the show off if it was used more than twice in a 5-minute period.
FUN FACT: The show won the Emmy for outstanding set design (art direction) in 1983. One of the shows it beat was Cheers (guess Gold Monkey had the better bar). I'm trying to get a complete list of Emmy nominations. It should have received several technical nominations. I know it was also nominated for sound, but lost to Hill Street Blues.
4.) I remember that I watched, and that the opening sequence had a spinning gold monkey statue in it. I don't remember what I saw, other than having a vague memory of the ghost of Sarah's father (or someone that Sarah thought was her father) accompanied by the beforementioned trumpet sting. I haven't found this occurence listed in the episode guide, however, so I don't know what it was that I'm thinking of.
The episode you're thinking of is 'Trunk From the Past' which, in my opinion, was the most "Raiders" influenced episode (how much of that was just to satisfy those weenies at ABC is subject to speculation). It was a pretty cool episode though. Unfortunately, as I mentioned in the episode guide, this episode was never aired on USA, but was hacked together with 'Shanghaied' to become the ludicrous movie, "Curse at the Gold Monkey". They actually tried to make one story out of two totally unrelated episodes. What a farce!!!
5.) Jake Cutter was all-important, because he was the hero and flew the plane. I vaguely remember liking Roddy MacDowell. Nobody else mattered much. I most definitely *didn't* like the dog.
EXTRA CREDIT: Pulp adventure still gets me every time. I'd love to see a feature movie based on the show, with _Raiders_-level production values and a good script. I'm not going to hold my breath, though... ;)
Hey, it could happen. I've heard rumors about a new Battlestar Galactica movie, so anything's possible.

Pete petec@adnc.comHow about having someone u/led the theme to the 'Monkey' site? It's fairly easy to hook up a tape deck or VCR to a soundblaster; I don't know about a mac :). I would volunteer to do it but I don't have any episodes on tape. :( AVI captures would be cool, too.
I don't have any tapes either, which is why I'm trying to get the show back on the air. Besides, I'm not a complete computer geek (and I use the word "geek" as a compliment), though I wish I were, so I can't do too many hi-tech tricks. Also, I'm using an ancient IBM 466DX2. I don't even have CD-ROM!!! I feel so inadequate.

Anne Marcusson anne.marcusson@BHS.utb.hb.seI've just visited your 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' page. Nice to see that someone remembers that show. When I was about twelve years old I wrote in my diary something like 'I love Jack [the dog) more than any other character on television, even JR Ewing... Greetings, Anne (from Sweden).
Yes, folks, this truly is a World Wide Web Page. By the way, I hope Larry Hagman's not offended.

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com Feel free to regale me with the plot of the pilot. I know that the monkey is made of brass (I saw the last 5 minutes), but that's about it.
Also, I just rented a movie called "Choke Canyon," starring Stephen Collins as a scientist-cum-helicopter pilot who fights a bunch of evil corporate types who are trying to illegally dump toxic waste. If anyone asks, (Stephen Collins playing a pilot? Why does that sound familiar?) my recommendation is to give it a miss. It was pretty lame.
("To add insult to injury, _Choke Canyon_ had an intelligent horse named Jake.")
O.K. I'll give it a try, but remember I haven't seen it in about six years or so. Also, there's a book, "Tales of the Gold Monkey Storybook", that's long been out of print. It's the condensed, kiddie version of the pilot with lots of pictures,"Spectacular Color Photographs from the Television Movie of the Hit Series" (or some such nonsense as that). You could always do an out of print book search to try to find it. I remember that it was published by Putnam Publishing, which makes sense since Putnam is owned by MCA which owns Universal which produced the show. Am I just a fountain of semi-useless information or what?

We start on the island of Baku where two German soldiers, searching for the legendary Gold Monkey, are suddenly attacked and killed by a bunch of giant apes. Then we move to Tagatiya (please excuse my spelling, but you can't do spell checks for fictitious tropical islands), where Jake is involved in a poker game with a German Naval officer, Fritz (John Hillerman) and others. Jake bets Jack's eye, an opal with a sapphire center, and loses, which pisses Jack off. The angry Jack comes upon Sarah, who's fighting off the advances of Sam. So Jack comes to her rescue by attacking Sam's leg. Sam is about to whack Jack with a crowbar when Jake stops him and apologizes for his dog. He then asks Sarah if she's all right. She kind of shudders, which Jake takes for a "no", so he punches Sam. A full-fledged fight ensues and just as Jake is about to finish Sam off, Sarah knocks Jake cold with a bottle of champagne. When Jake comes to, he sees an angry Sarah sitting there with Jack. She tells him that the masher that he tried to save her from was her manager and that he's taken the boat to Boragora to catch the clipper to Hawaii, left her stranded with only five dollars and what was he going to do about it. Jake would love to strangle her at this moment, but he has to get the Goose loaded before the thunderstorms hit. He asks Sarah to help him since she did delay his departure, but she coolly rebuffs him. Then he mentions that he's flying to Boragora, so Sarah decides to help him after all. We see the Goose take off and Sam standing on the dock when Fritz approaches him and asks him for a light. As Sam lifts his match, Fritz pulls out a switchblade and stabs him while he coolly takes the match from Sam's hand.

Back aboard the Goose, Jake and Sarah start to talk about themselves and their hatred for each other begins to dissolve. Then they run into the storms. Just as Jake tells Sarah that there's nothing to worry about, his carburetor quits and one of the engines dies. Jake struggles to keep the plane in the air as Sarah starts dumping the cargo. We then go to Matuka, where Princess Koji is having an audience with Willie Tenboom in her bathhouse. He asks for her help in locating the Gold Monkey. The Monkey is allegedly made of a heat resistant alloy that would allow the Nazis to make rockets to hurl bombs from one end of the world to the other. Princess Koji agrees to help for a hefty price. Jake, Sarah and Jack make it to Boragora (of course) where Corky's waiting to tell Jake something important, only he can't remember what. Jake mentions the carburetor and introduces Sarah to Corky. Then Jake runs into a very large and irate man. Corky now remembers that this was what he had to tell Jake. The man is the husband of a woman who hired Jake to fly her around the islands find him, but the guy wasn't lost. Yes, another fight ensues. Corky doesn't help matters when he tells the man that his wife was so upset at his disappearance that she was up in Jake's room every night for some consolation. Just as it looks like Jake's in big trouble, he picks up the conked out carburetor he was examining and slugs the guy with it. They all go into the bar for some beers and Willie enters now as the Reverend and asks Jake about the bibles he was expecting. One of the bibles contains a map pinpointing the location of the Gold Monkey. Jake informs him that they had to dump everything overboard, including Louie's champagne. Sarah tries to put a good spin on the situation by announcing that they dumped most of the stuff over an island. But the island was Baku, which has an active volcano that blows around that time every year. Louie pulls Jake aside asks him to retrieve his champagne and truffles. Jake refuses, so Louie points out that Jake owes three months rent and Corky's bar bill is longer than the Reverend's face. Jake thinks it over and agrees, but Louie also has to give Sarah a job singing in the bar. Louie agrees. Then Corky comes out and Jake points out that the carburetor is gummy, which means that somebody sugared the gas. Corky wonders who would want to do that and Jake starts thinking.

When Jake goes up to his room, he finds Bobbie, his former client, waiting for him and greeting him with a big kiss. She's heard how Jake and her husband fought over her. Jake's understandably angry with her for lying to him. Just as she tries to seduce him, Sarah knocks at the door. He tells Bobbie that if she stays quiet while he tries to get rid of Sarah, she could stay the night and Bobbie agrees. Sarah thanks him for getting the singing job for her, but it's obvious she has something else on her mind (wink, wink). When she realizes that Jake isn't going to invite her in, she leaves just a little perplexed and disappointed. Jake's also disappointed which Bobbie notices immediately. Jake changes his shirt and starts to leave. Bobbie reminds him that he said that she could spend the night to which Jake replies, "You can. But I didn't say I'd spend it with you." Bobbie storms out of the room and slams the door. On hearing the door, Sarah comes out of her room and sees Bobbie who informs her, "You can have him now, honey. I'm done." Now Sarah's angry at Jake and at herself for falling for him. She takes out her suitcase, the only item of cargo she saved. It's really a radio and we learn that Sarah is a spy. She informs the Naval ship she's in contact with that she can explore Baku and asks if Sam will join her. She learns that Sam is dead and begins to cry.

The next morning, Jake gets ready to go to Baku to retrieve the cargo when Sarah approaches him and invites herself. They both get to the Goose where Corky is finishing his repairs. He tells Jake that he has a visitor. Fritz is sitting in the cockpit. He asks Jake to fly him to Tagatiya. Jake agrees and tell Fritz to sit in the back. When they're on their way, Jake tells Sarah, who's in the cockpit with him, that somebody tried to kill them yesterday by sugaring the gas and that he thought they were after her. She dismisses him, but he points out that pretty soon Fritz was going to realize that they were heading to Baku and that he doesn't fight well when he doesn't know what he's fighting for. She spills the beans and then Fritz makes a move towards Corky. Jake sharply banks the plane to throw Fritz off balance. He tells Sarah to take the controls and Jake knocks out Fritz. They finally land on Baku and Fritz makes his escape. Jake sets off after him. Then Jack runs off and Sarah follows. Jack finds the two dead Germans and the map which Sarah starts to follow. They get to a cave behind a waterfall where the apes are. While Sarah is watching the apes, Fritz sneaks up from behind, knocks Jack out and takes Sarah's gun. He ties her up for the apes to get her and goes inside the cave. Jack comes to and tries to get the apes away from Sarah as she screams for Jake. Jake arrives and unties her and they go into the cave. They see Fritz with a monkey-shaped idol. Fritz and Jake struggle and both fall over the waterfall. Sarah runs out of the cave with the idol down to the tidal pool. She anxiously waits for Jake to come up. Just when she gives up hope, Jake emerges. She's thrilled and they kiss. He tells her to take the monkey back to the plane while he tries to find Jack before the volcano erupts. Jake finds Jack and they both run like hell. They manage to fly out just in the nick of time. Willie and Princess Koji have been on a boat just outside the island during all this as their attempt to get the idol has failed.

You already know how it ends, so that's it. Hope you enjoyed it.

P.S. I saw "Choke Canyon" many years ago on HBO. I was about to change the channel when one of the scenes looked familiar. It was featured in the music video, "Silent Running" by Mike and the Mechanics ("Tommy, this is dad..."). The video includes lots of footage from the film, so I decided to keep watching because I loved the song and the video and wanted to hear the song in the movie. But the song isn't even in the film!!! I wasted an hour and a half of my precious life for nothing!

Rae Stabosz stabosz@udel.edu I love your "Tales of the Gold Monkey" page. I'd totally forgotten that show but I loved it when it was on. I'd love to see it again. I liked your web page so much I put it first in one of my links in the fun section of my own home page, http://www.udel.edu/stabosz/potpourri.html.
Thanks for the plug. One good link deserves another. Rae's Personal Potpourri

Hey guys, I took a stroll to my local public library (you remember books, don't ya?) and found the complete list of Emmy nominations in a reference book from 1985 (With the way library funding's been going, I was surprised the book was that recent.). Anyway, it suited my purpose and now you can read the fruits of my labors (It's over a mile to the library and both copiers were broken [figures!] so I had to write everything down.) Just hit the "Facts 'N Stuff" link below.

Bill van Heerden bv374@freenet.toronto.on.ca Look! I finally made it to your page! Additions, hm? Lemme flip thru my TV trivia books and see if I have any more info for you... back in a sec.
Okay, here goes...

1. You don't mention the THIRD "Raiders" clone (okay, I know, "TOTGM" was based on "Only Angels Have Wings". Got it.): "The Quest". I BAREly remember it, but I've got some basic info for you if you're interested. Just goes to show ya what kind of staying power "Monkey" had, don't it?
The reason you barely remember The Quest, created by the ubiquitous Stephen J. Cannell and starring Perry King and "Raiders" co-star, John Rhys-Davies (And I knew all this off the top of my head. Frightening, ain't it?), is because the show only lasted five episodes. Five episodes too many, if you ask me.
2. You never explain the show's title! (slightly paraphrasing from a number of books) Cutter's travels brought him in contact with an assortment of people searching for the "Gold Monkey", a thousand-year-old relic made of an alloy believed to be heat resistant.
What!!! Didn't you read my mega plot description of the pilot? I spent hours writing that. Besides, the Gold Monkey never appears in any other episode (It's briefly mentioned in 'Legends Are Forever', but that's it.), so the title is a bit silly. But it sure reminds you of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", doesn't it?
3. I'd forgotten the name of Cutter's wheelbound pal... you think there's any chance that "Quantum Leap"'s Gooshie (Dennis Wolfberg) was named after him? Donald Bellisario.... hmmmm...
O.K., so Don Bellisario isn't exactly original in his choice of character names. Did you know that "Jake Cutter" was the name of John Wayne's character in the 1961 film, "The Comencheros". This was the final movie directed by Michael Curtiz, who also directed "Casablanca" (God, how do I remember this stuff?).
And you say I get CREDIT for this too? OOOOOO!
Doesn't take too much to make you happy, does it Bill?

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com The Quest? Wow, that's one I've never heard of. I never watched "Bring 'em Back Alive," but I at least was aware that it existed. Pray tell us all about it! ("Was it good'n'schlocky?")
I never really watched "The Quest", but it was a silly little thing about four Americans who are in line to rule the tiny kingdom of Glendora, but have to prove themselves worthy by performing good deeds and suffering through stupid adventures. Some people consider it a "Raiders" clone, some don't (it's borderline, IMHO). But, like I mentioned, it did have John Rhys-Davies, so maybe that's the Indiana Jones connection. Hell, the show only lasted a month, so it's difficult to even consider it a series!

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com I'm in the middle of _Where is Joe Merchant_, in which the narrator/hero is the pilot of a Goose, operating out of Key West. Although it's set in the late 1980s or early 1990s (pub. 1992), judging from the plot so far I'd guess that Jimmy Buffett is a TotGM fan. However, this annoys me to no end, because if I ever manage to publish any of my 'Benjy Hale' stories, people will think I'm trying to cash in on Jimmy Buffet. ("No, your honor, I wasn't plagiarising Mr. Buffett, I was plagiarising _Tales of the Gold Monkey_, which was in turn plagiarising _Only Angels Have Wings_, so if anyone should sue me, it should be Howard Hawks's ghost.")
Aw, Gneech, Howard Hawks couldn't sue you even if he were alive. "Only Angels Have Wings" is in the public domain, therefore is no longer copyrighted. Feel free to plagiarize to your heart's content. (Not very sporting, but perfectly legal.)

Chris covers@netrunner.net Yes, I was visitor #378 to your pseudo-page. The way you worded it, I would have felt guilty for days had I not sent you a note connecting the number with my name.
Good. My guilt trips DO work.
I must admit, you have me pegged almost to a tee. (I currently have Men at Work's "Overkill" going through my head, thanks to you. Still have a couple of their albums [yes, on vinyl]; I may dig them out.) You only missed me on one part: I miss Ronald Reagan. :)
I promise that I'll write to USA this weekend and beg them to put the show on. Even if they don't put it back on in primetime, I can see it running once a weekend.
My grand goal would be to get USA to run the show once on the weekend, but I can't say that I have much hope. I read a recent article stating how USA is trying to run more "original" programming (as if one can consider "Pacific Blue" original). I had a thought yesterday that since most people have been requesting VHS tapes, maybe we should try to convince MCA/Universal to release to show on home video. That way the episodes would be uncut and unedited. Whatcha all think?

The Gneech ("Ooo... neat stuff!") The Gneech@aol.com I created a Tales of the Gold Monkey board on AOL. It's at Keyword: SCIENCE FICTION, under "SF Television and Movies" and then under "Vintage Television Shows." Make me proud by filling it full of neat stuff! :) I put a plug for the Gold Monkey page in it! :)
THIS IS AN ORDER FROM YOUR BENEVOLENT DICTATOR!!! All AOL members must visit this board. If your not a member, JOIN!!! (Hey, for every new member I sign up, I get 15 free hours!)

Yes, another query from your B.D.. Has anyone else noticed the downright creepy similarities between Tales of the Gold Monkey and Disney's Tale Spin cartoon? Here are a few examples:

1) Both series are set in the South Pacific
2) Both main characters are cargo pilots
3) Both fly beat-up seaplanes (Cutter's Goose or "the Goose" and the Sea Duck or "the Duck". Duck, duck, goose??)
4) Both have an absent-minded mechanic/co-pilot
5) Both hangout in a tropical bar/club with an owner named Louie. (Bon Chance Louie and Louie the Orangutan. Did Disney really have the chutzpah to replace Roddy McDowall with an ape?!)

The connections make sense when you consider that Disney has on many occasions tried to emulate "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (e.g. "Treasure of the Lost Lamp", "Raiders of the Lost Harp", etc.). However, there is little continuity in the Indiana Jones films, so is it possible that the folks at Disney "borrowed" the basic structure of Gold Monkey to proceed down the Indy trail on a regular basis? You make the call.

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com Disney? Steal someone else's work and call it their own?
Nnnaaah. Never happen.
Actually, I rather like Tale Spin, as far as it goes. The best episode is one in which Ballou and Louie are stranded in a desert country trying to collect on an invoice that the evil vizier refused to pay. I have a feeling the writers of that episode overdosed on back-to-back viewings of _The Road to Morocco_ before they started on the script.
(When confronted with a pair of big, ugly guards: "Hey, there, Louie, how's things with you?" "Just fine, Ballou, learned a new trick or two." "Really? Then what say we clobber these two?" WHOMP!)

Scott sdurrell@vnet.ibm.com Well done Patricia!!!! I was just thinking about this show on the weekend. Keep up the good work.
Any idea what Caitlin has been doing in the last 13 years??
Thanks for the compliment. I assume you are refering to this web site, but then again I've been all over cyberspace playing Gold Monkey expert. As for cast members' whereabouts (nice to see you're on a first name basis), that's a bit difficult. With the exception of Stephen Collins and Roddy McDowall, the cast have practically disappeared from the face of the earth (well, the film/tv earth anyway). I remember that Caitlin O'Heaney starred on the 1987 sitcom The Charmings as Snow White, but she was replaced later on (Don't ask me why. I'm not omniscient.) I haven't seen her in anything since (Oops, I take that back. She did appear in an episode of Beauty and the Beast right after her Charmings disappearance, but that's all I know.). You can always check the Internet Movie Database for more info on the cast (BTW, the database also has a hyperlink to this web site. Cool!).

Scott sdurrell@vnet.ibm.com I have just browsed the chat page and noticed your quiz/questionnaire. Before I provide my answers I would like to add my request for the 21 shows on video. However, I can use either VHS or BETA. That's right, Beta. Another long lost event of the 1980's. If anyone knows where I can get a copy, let me know. And by the way, in keeping up with the global reach of Tales of the Gold Monkey, I should add that I am from Toronto, Canada.
Now for the answers:
1. 15 years old
2. Can't recall exactly. Looked cool!! Cool commercials!!
3. Liked the overall flavour of the show; action, adventure, humour and espionage.
4. The Late Sarah White
5. The plane.
6. Every once in a while I reflect on my past and recall those tv shows that I used to watch. This one stands out because it was only on for such a short while. Very disappointing.

I've got another question to ask you folks (YES, ANOTHER ONE!). Where did you first hear about this web site. I sent my URL to a zillion (O.K. a slight exaggeration) search engines, but only a few (e.g. Yahoo, Infoseek) sent me replies telling me that my URL was accepted. I'd like to know just where in cyberspace is my name being used in vain.

Eric Nixon nixone@nevada.edu Well Patricia, I was just at your web page, and i am very impressed. I loved it. I like your idea about trying to get USA to start rerunning the shows once again, especially with the "I'am in the desired demographic and I'am a avid fan" spin to it. However, have you ever considered going one step further? Since USA wants to do more "original" programming, why not try to convince them to do a TOFGM movie? It has a built in audience, die-hard fans, and I can probably bet that Donald Belissaro(sic) would be more than happy to get the money and the chance to reintroduce the series to American audiences. (Thus having a very good chance that there would be a revival along the lines of Star Trek, just on a smaller scale.) After all, Johhny Quest is being made into a motion picture, (and how many die-hard fans of JQ are out there?) why not at least have a television motion picture that would appeal to a even broader fan base?
Good idea about the Gold Monkey movie, but I wouldn't bet on it ever happening. Donald Bellisario doesn't exactly need the money, with all the cash he rakes in from Magnum, P.I., Quantum Leap and Airwolf and currently he's busy making JAG (but he many not be busy much longer). Besides, have you ever seen a USA Original Movie? If you haven't, don't bother. However, personally, I would love to see a TV movie picking up the characters 13-15 years later. That way you could reunite the original cast and find out whatever happened to these characters. I don't think the Gold Monkey name could sell it, but perhaps the names of Bellisario and Stephen Collins could (Collins is the King of TV movies and Miniseries; that should count for something.).

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com Well, about 170 pages into _Where is Joe Merchant?_, I couldn't read it any more. The first chapters, in which the Goose is lovingly described, are nice, but after that, it just turns goofy. I'm skimming through to find any more good parts, but there just plain aren't that many.
Bet you didn't think you'd get book reviews in a TV show web site, did you? Aren't you pleasantly surprised.

GOOD NEWS!!! I think I've got a lead on Gold Monkey tapes. There's a Usenet Newsgroup dedicated to tape trading (alt.video.tape-trading). Someone mentioned that they have episodes of the show. I'm going to make an inquiry. I might have to part with my complete uncut and unedited Max Headroom collection (including with the original British movie), but it will be worth it. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

jerry shafer zzshafer@bcc.wuacc.edu NIA PEEPLES was in THE SULTAN OF SWAT and was killed in the episode. was she, as zena, in any episodes before that one?
I don't remember Nia Peeples in any other episode prior to 'The Sultan of Swat' and since she was murdered before the first commercial, it made it very difficult for her to make a return appearance. I do remember Apollonia (who then went under the name Patty Kotero) played another native girl in 'Force of Habit', but I don't remember her character's name.

Onny Carr opc@pixar.com First of all, great web page.
But, of course, mon ami. Would you expect anything short of magnifique?
Second (and lastly), you wouldn't happen to have a soundfile of that theme, would you?
Sorry, I don't. First I have to track down video tapes of the show. Then I can try to make a soundfile (this could get REALLY ugly). I've been asking for stuff from others, but no one seems to have any of the really cool stuff. But, I'll ask again. Actually, you just did.

Lesley Pohl pohl@wpo.sosc.osshe.edu Just saw your Web pages for the first time. Regarding the Grumman Goose used on the show, a bit of information. The plane originally to be used on the show crashed in the ocean while being flown from Alaska to California for filming. A replacement was then found.
Also, there are at least four turbo "geese" located in Anchorage, Alaska adjacent to the airport. Anyone driving away from the airport should be able to spot them along side the road.
I think I have ALL of the episodes on tape, but I'll have to check to make sure. It seems there are a number of people around who are looking for copies. I'd be glad to help if I can.
Thanks for keeping the spirit of "Tales" alive. It was an excellent program which deserved better.
Thanks for the Goose info, Lesley. And more importantly, thanks for the help with the tapes. I'd do anything (yes, ANYTHING) to get the all the episodes. I do take my responsibilities as the unofficial Keeper of the Gold Monkey Flame very seriously.

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com Crank up your web browser, folks, and navigate to...


...to see the most exciting web page in the universe!
...Okay, maybe the second most...
I highly recommend this page (and not just because Gneech put in a link to my site). Just hit the link above to see what I mean.

David Hill drh3049@acs.tamu.edu I'm glad to see I'm not the only person out here who remembers this great old show! It's been forever since I've seen the show, and your episode guide was great. However, I'm not too sure about something. Did they kill Sarah in "The Late Sarah White?" It sounded like it from the description.
Good luck with the campaign. If you can pull this off, I might even forgive your disparaging remark about President Reagan.
Thanks for a great site!
Well, now I'm going to have to spoil the ending to 'The Late Sarah White', but Sarah isn't really dead. I state in the episode guide that Jake is "informed" of her death, but he doesn't believe it ("Sarah's alive! I know it. I can feel it." - God, how romantic.) which is why he flies to Manila and gets involved in all sorts of intrigue involving Gen. MacArthur. Besides, if you read further in the guide, you would have noticed that Sarah pops up in later episodes. Of course, this is television and she could have died and come back without a plausible explanation, but that would be like, say, Dallas killing off Bobby Ewing and then a year later finding him in the shower and explaining that it had all been a dream. Who'd be stupid enough to buy that?!
Thanks for your encouragement. BTW, was this show recommended viewing for the Republican Party? I keep getting comments about the Reagan reference. (However, you have to agree on the Dan Quayle/Stephen Collins resemblance.) In my defense (and I don't need to defend myself), I grew up in Malden, Massachusetts, where they firmly believed in the one party system of government. If the rest of the country followed Malden's lead, the 41st President of the United States would have been Walter Mondale!

Did you know that Tales of the Gold Monkey and Battlestar Galactica had more in common than being accused of stealing from George Lucas? Go to the "Facts 'N Stuff" page to read about the Galactica/Gold Monkey connection.

For those of you who visited the Gneech's web page (And if you didn't, why not?), you can now read his one of his Benjy Hale stories in Astounding Adventures Quarterly

David Hill drh3049@acs.tamu.edu Yeah, I'd read the rest of the episode listings, and I thought it was strange that she was still mentioned. I figured either Jake found her, or she just got around a lot for a dead gal. From what I've read about the episode, I'd have to categorize it as "romantic schmaltz," which is, of course, the best kind.
The episode has a lot more than "romantic schmaltz" (but that was my favorite part). There's plenty of action, intrigue and even humor. Like I said earlier, it is my favorite episode.
You're right about the Collins/Quayle similarities. I didn't notice it until I read it. As for single party states, well, Texas used to be a gold mine for the Democrats. The general elections were mere formalities, the Democrat primary was what decided who was actually going to serve. Of couse, this gave us cool stuff like Box 13, down in Alice, which put that @#$!%*& Johnson in office (not that I'm bitter, or anything)!
Bitter? You don't seem bitter to me, Dave. A bit perturbed, perhaps, but not bitter.
Anyway, thanks for a great site that's brought back some memories of my favorite junior high tv show. Actually, that would be one of the few good things about junior high, now that I think about it. Any ideas or suggestions about how to get my hands on some videos? Also, is there any fan fiction for TOTGM floating around out there?
I working on the video situation, but, as I have come to realize, they are extremely rare. Life would be so much easier if MCA would just release the series on home video. If they could put out VHS tapes of Misfits of Science, why can't they do it for Gold Monkey? As for fan fiction, I've never seen any, but if anybody has any, send them on over and I'll put them in the site. If I ever get a free moment (what with maintaining this site, answering e-mails, tracking down videos and, oh yeah, my full time job), I whip something up for your enjoyment. But speaking of fiction...

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com :: I put this link on the board.::
Wow, thanks! :) I'm going to be sending announcements of the _Astounding Adventures_ page out to places like Webcrawler, etc., which (I hope) will get the TotGM page some more attention, too. :)
:: I promise to read your story just as soon as Adobe fixes their server so I can download Acrobat. ::
Cool! I hope you enjoy it. Benjy Hale is something like a cross between Jake Cutter and Crocodile Dundee. My wife and I are working on a novel in which he's a major player, but he will also have regular appearances in short stories in _AAQ_.

Re: Galactica/TotGM Connection
Writers for "situation" shows (generally adventure shows and comedies) have a grand total of about 30 plots that they use over and over again (which is why most series don't last beyond 4 seasons). A lot of shows use their personal favorite plots several times while ignoring other plots entirely. I haven't categorized them all, but here are a few of the most popular:
*The Evil Twin: A major character has an evil twin, played by the same actor, who goes around causing trouble. If the character is female, she'll probably try to seduce at least one person that the character would normally have nothing to do with or, at best, be a casual friend. If the character is male, he'll probably force his 'attentions' on a woman, terrorising her.
*The Seven Samurai: If it's an adventure series, the characters have to teach a handful of poor but pious villagers how to defend themselves from attackers.
*The Star-Crossed Romance: A main character falls in love with someone who is doomed to die or otherwise leave forever by the end of the episode.
*The User: A variant on "The Star-Crossed Romance," in "The User" the character falls in love with someone who is just using them and doesn't actually care about them.
*Et Tu?: A main character is mind-controlled/manipulated/coerced into betraying the other characters, then has to "make it right."
*The Dark Secret: A dark secret from a character's past comes into play via a turned-up old friend, old enemy, blackmail, mysterious occurence, etc.
*Special Delivery: Usually a light-hearted romp, a character has to get some item ("the MacGuffin") from Point A to Point B, and has all sorts of bizarre encounters along the way.
*I Remember...: For some reason, characters are reminiscing about stuff that happened to them in the past, with the flashbacks conveniently supplied by clips from previous episodes of the show.
*I'm Dead, Jim: A character is believed dead by all the other characters, and they all have to deal with it. This is often a vehicle for "I Remember..."
*The Big Break: A character has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to fulfill their life-long dream, but has to do something that would radically alter the show (they have to move away, steal another character's job, or something similar). If the actor is leaving the show, the character takes the chance. If not, the character declines and everything is back to normal.
*The Gunslinger/Arch Enemy/Romantic Rival: A powerful, dangerous opponent shows up for one of the characters, and they spend the whole episode trying to beat the rival. If the rival is a "good guy," they'll call it even and walk away friends. If the rival is a "bad guy," the character will beat them.
*Rashomon: Three (or more) characters describe the same sequence of events, except that each version is radically different, colored by the person's character.
There are lots more, but I don't want to hog board space! ;)
-The Gneech ("Bellisario: The Akira Kurasawa of television writing...")
You forgot my personal favorite, "Amnesia". But regarding the two episodes I described, Bellisario did a lot more than just borrow well-worn plot lines. He took the entire script and made a few minor changes, like character names. They even share dialogue. I wouldn't mind so much, except that just happens to be my least favorite episode of Battlestar Galactica.

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com Hey, cut the guy some slack--coming up with new scripts every week ain't easy! :) Why write two different scripts when the same script can be used again? Think of it as literary recycling. ;)
("Writers work hard, so readers don't have to.")
I'm perfectly willing to cut the guy some slack. I've been defending him all through cyberspace regarding these episodes. I keep using the excuse that he was busy making Gold Monkey and Magnum, P.I. simultaneosly and was under intense pressure from ABC to bring the show in on time. All I ask is that he should have chosen a better script to recycle. BTW, I was formerly U-G-F-T-V [undergraduate film and television] at NYU. However, I went B-R-O-K-E at NYU.

T.W. Praeriedog@aol.com I really liked the show when it was on, but don't remember too much about it. I'd love to see it again.
Well, that's why we're all here, isn't it. We want to be able to see the show again. However, in the meantime, read through the episode guide and the facts page to bring back some of those misty-colored memories of the way we were and what we watched.

Audrey Rempel Just had to say, "Thank you!" I knew the web was a great place for finding everything you could possibly want to know about old (well 80's) tv shows when I found the Dukes of Hazzard home page, but Tales of the Gold Monkey, this is great! Actually I remember very little about the actual series, but I remember some of the opening sequence, and of course the fact that Jake Cutter was a babe! To encourage you in the endeavour, I will even answer your survey:
2)I have no idea, but I think because it looked cool.
3)Stephen Collins, aka Jake Cutter!
4)I don't recall, but reading the episode guide, I'd have to say "The Late Sarah White"
5)ummm, Jake Cutter??? Yup!
Thanks again for this wonderful blast from the past. Oh, if you're wondering where I learned about this place, I saw you're sig in the alt.video.tape-trading newsgroup. Feel free to use my email: pebbles@result.com
Audrey Rempel Long Live the 80's! Vancouver, BC Canada
At first reading your note, I thought you learned about the site in the alt.culture.us.1980s newsgroup. I've just started a great debate over which show was better, Tales of the Gold Monkey or Bring 'Em Back Alive. Obviously, you know my choice. My reasons were that Gold Monkey had better writing, acting and much better production values than Alive and, much more importantly, Stephen Collins was *much* cuter than Bruce Boxleitner (and still is).

Max Behara a8618329@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA I was just availing myself of the TV Net Search function when I decided to dig up some really old shows. So having dilligently collected TV Guides for all the past 16 years I pulled one out at random (July 16-July 22, 1983) and started to enter shows into the search form. I saw Taled of the Gold Monkey and said to myself "Hey I remember that show but I doubt many others do so let me see if there's anything". Of course there is. This Web Page. Reading those episode summaries was an amazing nostalgia trip. I'm quite proud that before I got to the parts where the actors names were given I managed to recall who played Sarah and Pr. Koji. [I was 16 when I saw the show :)] I suppose I watched the show because of the time period. I was and am a war buff and this show was set just prior to WW2.
I guess the ABC time period was important in my house too. I remember that it replaced The Greatest American Hero on Wednesday nights and aired right before The Fall Guy. My family would watch anything that didn't require brain cells to enjoy. And speaking of World War 2...

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com I feel like sharing a trivia fact that I recently found out, namely that Jake Cutter couldn't possibly be a member of the Flying Tigers in 1938 because they weren't even called the Flying Tigers until 1941 (being called the Hell's Angels before that, and only flying as a group from December 1941 to July 1942), but I'm afraid that if I do, I'll be told to repeat to myself, "It's just a show, I should really just relax."
Yeah, that's why I've never mentioned it. It helps to think that Jake Cutter was just a man ahead of his time.
But I feel that I *can* freely share that I've found out that the emblem on the back of the Flying Tigers' jackets informed anybody who found the pilot that he was an ally to the Chinese and offering a reward to anyone who helped him, due to an early mix-up in which a downed Flying Tiger was mistaken for a Japanese invader by Chinese villiagers and imprisoned, just so long as I *don't* mention that the event took place in December of 1941.
-The Gneech, veritable font of useless knowledge
There is no such thing as *useless* knowledge. Besides, I feel my web site should educate as well as entertain.

Marco Henry fu77@dial.pipex.com Boy was I glad to come across your page! I used to watch the chow here in the UK when I was about 9 years old - and nobody else in the world seems to remember it! Thought I was going mad. If anyone in the UK has tapes of any of the episodes I'd sure like to have a copy.
Aren't you glad to see you're not alone? (WARNING: Anybody who starts singing "You Are Not Alone" is subject to public flogging by yours truly!!!) People all around the world remember the show as is demonstrated by the postings. Good luck trying to find the tapes in the UK. I'm having a hard enough time finding them here in the States.

Audrey Rempel pebbles@result.com Oh my goodness. I had no idea there was such a newsgroup as alt.culture.us.80s!!! Cool! I may be seeing you there. ;-) Actually I liked Bruce Boxleitner in that other 80s classic, 'Scarecrow and Mrs. King'. And I've just realized James Reed, Murphy Michaels on Remington Steel, looked at lot like both of them ..., hmmmmmmm.
Back to Stephen Collins, what, if anything, has he done lately?? I don't recall seeing him much. Again, thanks for the site, and talk to you later!
Hey, Audrey, you haven't seen Stephen Collins much lately? That's funny; I've been seeing a bit too much of him. It might be some sort of strange cosmic convergence because I started the web site. But anyway, let me run down what I seen or heard he was doing in the past year (If I listed every TV movie or mini-series he's starred in since Tales of the Gold Monkey, I'd be here forever.). He just finished a season on the series, Sisters, playing a surgeon (doctors are so hot now, thanks to ER and Chicago Hope) who falls in love and marries Sela Ward's character, Teddy. If you want to catch him in that, you better make it quick. I believe the series finale (it's been cancelled) is May 4 on NBC. He was in two TV movies (surprise, surprise) a couple of month's ago, "Ivana Trump's For Love Alone" (he played the Donald-type character) and "The Babysitter's Seduction" (bizarre psycho-killer). He'll also be featured in the feature film, "The First Wives' Club", starring Diane Keaton, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn, playing Keaton's ex-husband (Mandy Patinkin dropped out at the last minute). And I just read that he'll be starring in a TV adaptation of Patricia MacDonald's novel, "Mother's Day", with Kate Mulgrew (Voyager's Capt. Janeway), which will air in the fall on ABC. Oops, I almost forgot that he did the narration on a PBS nature documentary starring Christopher Reeve. Reeve was supposed to do it, but of course you know about the tragic accident. For months, anytime I saw Stephen Collins on a talk show or Entertainment Tonight, all they would ask him is "So, how's Chris doing?". I felt a bit sorry for the guy. BTW, don't ask me how I know this stuff. I remember the strangest things.

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com Got my pictures back today that I took on my fact-finding trip to the Air and Space Museum. The curator in charge of the Goose let me come into the museum before regular hours and get an up-close and personal look at the plane. He even opened up the windows and hatch and let me stick my head in. It was great! :) ("Don't tell my wife that I've fallen in love with an airplane!")
Check out my even newer website that links from my home page, or go there directly...


-The Gneech, insatiable web page builder
PS: Patricia, in case you were wondering, Praeriedog@aol.com is a friend of mine who linked to your page from mine. I told you I'd get you some attention! :)
Thanks, I crave attention of any kind. I hope my links create more attention to your web sites. :) If you folks are interested in the Goose, Gneech's Grumman Goose Web Page is the place to go. Hit the link above.

mlf rw2 marcyrw2@wow.com I loved this show and was pleased to find your page. Keep up the good work!
Thanks, O Anoymous One!

Heidi Yeo angusyeo@singnet.com.sg Irreverence Rules! Loved the Golden Monkey page (and the series). Thank you for an enjoyable visit!
-- Heidi Yeo (angusyeo@singnet.com.sg)
"Take THAT you thing from another planet, you..."
Porky Pig, Duck Dodgers in the 24th-and-a-half Century
Thanks a lot, Heidi. In keeping with the irreverence and Warner Bros. cartoons, I admit that I'm currently wearing a long sleeve polo shirt with an in-sewn Taz logo. I got it on sale (marked down from $34 to $8) at the Warner Bros. Studio Store. I am such the bargain shopper! Now if only there was clothing with some sort of Tales of the Gold Monkey logo, I'd be such a happy camper.

Heidi Yeo angusyeo@singnet.com.sg Was there any logo associated with the series? What sticks in my mind was the plane... and Stephen Collins *vbg*
Not really, but any kind of merchandising would do. I'm not that fussy. BTW, please answer my little survey. It's interesting to see all the different viewpoints about the show (e.g. the guys liked the action, the gals liked the characters [It also didn't hurt that Stephen Collins was a Studmuffin. Not to say he still doesn't retain a significant quantity of Studmuffinness.]). And I mean that in a completely non-sexist way. The last thing I need is a sexual harassment lawsuit.

Ed Jones in Columbus Ohio edjones@infinet.com Patricia, Any chance you have a .wav file of the theme song to the show? I collect themes and have been looking for this for years! Thanks!
Sorry, Ed. I don't even have VHS tapes, let alone .wav files. I'm trying, really. You're not the first to ask for this. I've posted this request (yes, even from myself) on the bulletin board, but nobody's come forward yet. But check back periodically. One of these days...

Heidi Yeo angusyeo@singnet.com.sg Righto:
1. First saw aged 15/16.
2. First watched out of curiousity, plus which I love stories on flying and such...
3. Main elements: The flying. The 40s type atmosphere, the hairstyles and the flavour.
4. Can't remember which was my favourite (going senile).
5. Favourite character: Jake, who else...yum...
Heidi, don't tell me that you're going senile already. We're about the same age and, damnit, I'm too young to start losing the old gray matter.

Heidi Yeo angusyeo@singnet.com.sg Everytime I go to the Golden Monkeys page I get this huge grin on my face as I remember the show. Tres off-beat. By the way, wasn't Jeff MacKay also in Baa Baa Black Sheep (another flying show...)?
Yep, he was. Not so coincidentally, Don Bellisario was a writer/producer for the show. This also explains why Jeff MacKay was also on Magnum, P.I..
Just checked your comments on the survey - we're the same age... both born in the year of the monkey...
How appropriate! Actually, you could figure out my age from my e-mail address. 082267 refers to my birthday, August 22, 1967. You now have only four months to get my birthday present.

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com I don't think Stephen Collins would sue *anyone* who called him a studmuffin.
-The Gneech ("I'm more of a jelly donut, myself...")
I'm not so much worried about him, as I am about somebody reading the board and getting offended at the S word. I am just so perplexed in this era of political correctness.
- Patricia (Who prefers jelly donuts to studmuffins. Those damn studs really hurt when you bite down on them.)

Derek Cheshire lensman@mail.wsu.edu THANK YOU! I have been looking for Tales stuff for months (on the web) and years (in "real" life), and I finally stumbled across this one while looking for the theme song for "The Great Escape" (movie 1962). I would also like to put in a big request for merchandizing, videos, wav's, tv movies, etc. I used to have the theme song on an audio tape. (I am enough of a computer geek to make wav's ) If I find this, I will contact you to arrange posting it on your page. Wish me luck.
Derek Cheshire/The Grey Lensman
Permanently Warped since 1995!!
I would be ever so grateful for a .wav file. Now, if I could only get my hands on a PC with a sound card, I'll be all set. That's what I get for using office equipment. (Hey, hey, I'm *working* here. Really!)

Mark R. Gardner markg82@open.org Wow, I was very surprised but pleased indeed to find a web page devoted to this unforgettable show! Thanks for all the effort in doing this for us poor fellow fans! I was 23 and stationed overseas in Scotland when I saw the Pilot episode on British TV. I was really hooked but I only got to see two or three episodes after that. By the time I got back to the States it was off the network so I had to wait awhile before it arrived on USA. I recorded all the episodes on Beta (egads!) and still have them stored away in a box somewhere. I liked it or the nostalgia and the fact that I'm an aviation historian in my spare time (among many other things). My favorite character was the dog, of course!!! I used to have some clippings on the show but, alas, you guessed it, they disappeared during a move! Keep up the good work. Your fellow fan, Mark
It's nice to know that I'm not the only person who has lost stuff during a move. (Well, not exactly *nice*, but you know what I mean.) I have a sneaky suspicion my lost VHS tapes are with those socks of mine that keep disappearing from my dryer.

I was doing a search through Alta Vista today to see if they added my URL to their database [they didn't :( ] but I've noticed that other people have added links to this site to their pages. I don't mind anybody doing that (actually I encourage it). But, please, drop me a note telling me about it. I'll even add a link to your site to the board. Also, during my search I found another country that airs Tales of the Gold Monkey. Unfortunately, it's not a country that the readers of this site (as far as I know) live in. To be quite honest, I'm not sure which county it is. I believe it's Argentina, but since the web pages are just TV listings and in dialectic Spanish (at least I think it's Spanish), it's a little difficult to be definite. What I do know is that the show airs at 3:00 in the morning between Miami Vice and infomercials (how degrading!) and runs Monday-Thursday. Well, my Spanish is a little rusty, which isn't bad considering that I never studied Spanish, so I'm guessing it's Monday-Thursday. Here are the URLs if you want to play the "Guess the Country" contest. There are no rules, but then, there are no prizes either. Have fun.
http://www4.tmm.cl/vcc/data/Viernes.html http://www4.tmm.cl/vcc/data/Jueves.html
http://www4.tmm.cl/vcc/data/Miercoles.html http://www4.tmm.cl/vcc/data/Martes.html

Kerry O'Connor kdoconno@students.cso.uiuc.edu Hey you,
Nice manners there, Kerry!
I must say that I'm impressed with the page. My brother found it in a frantic search for anything 'Golden Monkey'. If I convince him to write to you, you oughtta have another to read as well (but I doubt he'll let you know about the pins he used to have on his hooded/sleeveless denim jacket). Keep up the good work. If we don't save the 80's (ironically, never a less-deserving decade to spare), who will?
I haven't received a note from your brother yet. Maybe he's still recuperating from his "frantic search". But somebody's got to save the '80s, because the '90s are soooooooooooooooo dull!

Jean Zjelera@aol.com Well, I did a double take while browsing through the Yahoo TV list when I saw the words "Tales of the Gold Monkey". I thought I was the only person in the world who remembered the show. I stopped off here to see what was happening. I read the first page of the site and got riled up! Making fun of those buttons and all things 80s. Then I paused, I still have my collection upstairs you know. Styx, Star Wars and I think one that proclaims "I'm like freakin' out". Remember that Valley Girl nonsense?
I miss the 80s - there was good TV then. There is a distinct lack of strong characters in today's shows. Where is the "Magnum, p.i.", "Simon & Simon", or even "The Equalizer"? I haven't seen a decent action/mystery show since A&E and the Science Fiction Channel started showing repeats. I mean, then, even the bad shows at least had good characters. The closest thing to something like "Tales of the Gold Monkey" is probably "Hercules". I know, I know, everyone just looked at me strangely, but think about it. Where else can you get neat costumes, icky villains, a strange sense of camp and good comaraderie (like with Jake and Jack). Yikes, I wax philosopical and mushy - on to your survey.
1) I think I was all of 13 or 14 when the show aired and I definitely agree with your observation - you had to be under 21 to truly like the show. My parents hated it!
2) I watched it because I saw an article in TV guide (which I still have) that previewed all the season's shows. There was a picture of Jake in his pilot gear flanked by two of the giant monkeys (I even made a pencil drawing of it that came out pretty well). I read the description and couldn't wait for the show to begin (it certainly didn't hurt that I though Stephen Collins was really cute).
3) As for my favorite element - I think it was a combination of the time period (I'm a sucker for anything WWII), the action and the twisted sense of humor. Not to mention, I just liked looking at Stephen Collins.
4) Since I haven't seen the show since it was on, I have no idea which was my favorite episode.
5) My favorite character was Jake (in case you couldn't already tell). His boyish smile and his Charlie Brown luck just got to me. I also like Louie - I liked the mystery about his character and the fact that he always seemed one step ahead of everyone else. Hey! How could anyone not like Jack?
Let me take some points one at a time:
1) What made you think you were the only semi-twisted Gen X-er in the world to remember this show?
2) I wasn't making fun of those cool '80s things. I was fondly putting them into perspective. And on one of my many music of the '80s tapes, I have Moon Unit Zappa's "Valley Girl" ("Gag me with a spoon"). In fact, I started the web site because I was suffering (and still am) from early '80s nostalgia.
3) "Hercules"?! Well, Kevin Sorbo is kinda cute, but I'm not so sure you can really compare the two shows. However, I do see your point.
4) Thanks for answering my survey. You see, my hypothesis is correct. The guys liked the action, the girls liked the characters. O.K. so we were really horny, teenage girls who had the hots for Stephen Collins. Close enough.
5) Sorry you haven't seen the show in so long. With any luck, you may be able to soon. In the meantime, read through the episode guide to see if any of the descriptions jog your memory.

All right, we've heard enough from the horny, teenage girls contingent. Now, let's give equal time to the horny, teenage boys (an incredibly redundant phrase). Which female character got your pubescent hormones in an uproar? Essentially there was the good girl (Sarah) and the bad girl (Princess Koji). Which did you choose?

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com Neither of the above. Sarah was too annoying (she complained all the time and needed to be rescued too often), and Pricess Koji was too goofy. (It wouldn't have been so bad if they'd actually had a Japanese woman playing her, but I suppose that offended studio heads' sensibilities.) I would have loved to see a tough-talking, straight-shooting, leather-jacket-wearing, rough-around-the-edges female pilot for Jake to banter with.
Yes, Sarah had a tendency to get on my nerves too, especially when she started screaming "JAAAAAKE!!!" This woman was supposed to be a Vassar Valedictorian and a U.S. Intelligence Agent, but at times the situation degenerated into "Lucy Joins the C.I.A.". If Bellisario was trying to create a Howard Hawks' Heroine, he missed the mark. As for Princess Koji, she was a bit of a caricature. However, remember the character was Eurasian, which I believe Marta Dubois is (remember her as Magnum's Vietnamese wife).
Actually, I have a thing for incredibly intelligent redheads, which is why I fell in love with my wife. :) But in terms of TV/film women, my top ten are:
1.) Princess Leia (particularly when she's tearing apart Bespin trying to get to Han)
2.) Liz the Photographer from _The Philadelphia Story_ (as played by Ruth Hussey)
3.) Aunt Mame (as played by Rosalynd Russel)
4.) Beatrice from _Much Ado About Nothing_ (as played by Emma Thompson)
5.) Cammy from _Street Fighter: The Movie_
6.) Katie from _High Spirits_ (*not* Darryl Hannah)
7.) Morticia Addams
8.) Jane Blue (Kathleen Turner) from _Undercover Blues_
9.) Chun Li from _Street Fighter: The Movie_
10.) Xena, Warrior Princess (she could stand to be a little less campy, though)
-The Gneech ("Sophia Hapgood from _Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis_ almost made it to the list, except for those cowboy boots. ;)")
Well, at least you chose Rosilind Russell's Mame and not Lucille Ball's.

Ron Snelgrove ronald@newton.physics.brocku.ca Patricia, I was here (uh, there at your page, or whatever) and it brought back some memories from my teen years. Thanks very much!
P.S. I'm just north of the border a bit west of Niagara Falls, Ontario.
You see, it's not that difficult to send a quick e-mail. Some of you people can learn a lesson in manners from Mr. Snelgrove.

The Gneech The Gneech@aol.com ::However, remember she was Eurasian, which I believe Marta Dubois is (remember her as Magnum's Vietnamese wife).::
I wasn't aware of that (or if I was, I forgot). Still...
Re: Guys like adventure while women like characters, there are plenty of "adventure" shows/movies that I can't stand, precisely because the characters are so lame. (_Choke Canyon_ comes to mind...) My own theory is that guys tend to see character interaction (including witty banter and sappy love scenes) as an aspect of adventure, while women tend to see adventure as an aspect of character interaction. However, this is my own theory. Your mileage may vary.
I was speaking of Tales of the Gold Monkey in particular, not in generalities. And I meant that both sexes liked both the action and character elements, but men seemed to prefer the action more than the character interaction and vice versa for the women. (Are you throughly confused now?) Personally, I liked Gold Monkey better in the later episodes when the characters propelled the action as opposed to the earlier episodes where the action propelled the characters. Again, just my opinion. But then this is MY web page so I can hold any opinion I want. Anybody else want to weigh in on this topic?

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?! Yesterday morning, April 30, when I uploaded the revised board and checked my web counter, it was at 974. This morning the counter read 1020! Pleasantly surprised, I just checked the counter at 10:30 Eastern Time (US), approximately 3 hours later, and now it reads 1036. Has my counter gone berserk or are you people really out there? I wouldn't know since nobody bothered to send a quick note (except for the omnipresent Gneech who *definitely* isn't nobody). So I'll ask for the billionth time, please hit one of the many strategically placed e-mail links and shoot off a note to me. And let me know where you heard about the site. Is this mini-explosion caused by a new listing in some search engine or web page or perhaps through word of mouth?

Trey Barlow treyb@holly.colostate.edu Hello, My name is Trey Barlow. I stumbled across your site while doing a WebCrawler search for Jimmy Buffett! I was attracted to the name of your site. For a Buffett fan, "Welcome to the (Gold) Monkey House" sounds as if it would be a wonderful adventure to some distant land. I started reading your page not even knowing what you were talking about, it did not take long for me to remember the show. I think I was about ten or eleven when "Tales of the Gold Monkey" aired, but when I started reading your page it all came back. I ended up reading the whole thing, and when I got to the bottom I saw the request for info on how we found the site. I hope this has helped a little. I have enjoyed your site thoroughly, thank you.
Thanks a lot for your note, Trey. At least somebody listens to my pleas. I noticed late yesterday that Webcrawler *FINALLY* started to list my pages (I only submitted them three times over the past six weeks). But do you really think that made that big of an impact? For example, from Monday morning to Tuesday morning, the site received 33 visits. From Wednesday morning to Thursday morning (as I type this), the site received 130 visits. I didn't get nearly that kind of response when Yahoo first listed the site, and marked it as *new* for a week, over a month ago. Wow, if this is true, then I promise never to bad mouth America Online again (even when the server crashes!). But I'm really glad you enjoyed the site. BTW, what did you think of "Where is Joe Merchant?"? As you read, The Gneech, our resident book critic, didn't like it very much.

Walter Hudsick whud@TRANSPORT.COM Just a note to say thank you for your wonderful page. I knew I couldn't be alone in my fond remembrance of this off-beat little series. I'm glad I decided to search for it on a whim.
A fun fact, no, theory that I recall: Gandy Dancer had a baby girl (either at the end of the episode or it was mentioned in the episode) (and yes, he didn't have the baby, but it was his daughter, you know what I meant) anyway, the daughter's name was April. April Dancer. Which was the name of the Girl From U.N.C.L.E. And if she had been born in the late thirties, she would have been just the right age to be a spy-girl in the early sixties. What do you think?
I think somebody on the show has a warped sense of humor, which is probably why I liked it so much! It's funny that you mention this episode, because I just got my first tape of Gold Monkey episodes (Thanks to Lesley Pohl) and 'Legends Are Forever' is on it.
One disappointment: I wish you could get ahold of a picture of the Goose in flight.
I have lots of disappointments about this site. That's one of them. Another is that I don't have an audio file of the theme, and unfortunately, the six episodes that Lesley sent to me are missing the opening and closing credit sequences, so I can't make a .wav file.
I apologize if the formatting of this message is screwy; I'm not used to Netscape e-mail. Thanks again for bringing a bit o' fun into my evening.
My pleasure, Walter. Glad to be of service.

As I just mentioned, the wonderful Lesley Pohl sent me six episodes on tape. However, like I also mentioned, they are missing the opening and closing credits, parts of some scenes and the video quality is not that good (But what do you expect from an EP copy of programs taped on Beta almost 14 years ago!). I have another source for tapes and maybe if those are of better quality, I'll make copies for some of you nice folks. In the meantime, I will be adding credits (writer, director and guest stars) to the episode guide. You'll start to see some shortly.

As I was watching my imperfect tape yesterday, remembering lines and scenes that were missing (Don't take offense, Lesley. I am *extremely* grateful.), all I could think about was how wonderful it would be if MCA would release the show on home video. Just think, uncut, unedited episodes in mint condition, ready for viewing any time and available around the world (I hope). Well, if you want to help in this just cause, go to the main web page and read "Write-In Campaign - Part 2".

THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED! I now know why this site was visited so often on May 1. I just received this e-mail:
Subj: Totally Awesome! site of the day for May 01, 1996
Date: 96-05-03 03:40:41 EDT
From: awesome@80s.com
Reply-to: awesome@80s.com (The 80s Server)
To: gmonkey@goldmonkey.com, gmonkey@goldmonkey.com
CC: ken@metrix.metrobbs.com, scottm@metrix.metrobbs.com

Regarding your web page, Tales of the Gold Monkey...
Date: Wed, 1 May 96 16:46:35 CDT
From: awesome@80s.com
Sender: awesome@80s.com

Greetings and saluations! We here at The 80s Server would like you to know that we've chosen your site as our Totally Awesome! site of the day. It will be displayed all day at http://www.80s.com/Entertainment/Awesome

If you would like, you may collect our "Totally Awesome!" icon for addition to your page. We'd appreciate it if you'd make a link back to our site behind it, but don't feel that you have to. You can collect your icon at http://www.80s.com/Entertainment/Awesome/winner.gif at any time.

Congrats and thank you for your time!

---The 80s Gang
Sure, now they tell me!! BTW, things are back to "normal" with only 40 visits to this site yesterday. I miss the good old days. :-(

Yesterday, I watched 'Legends Are Forever' and I'm going to have to disappoint Walter Hudsick (and Stefanie Powers fans). Gandy Dancer's daughter's name was Molly, not April. I guess the writers weren't as warped as we thought.

Calling all PC Gurus! On the now infamous tape I received from Lesley, there is a still of the Goose in flight and Tales of the Gold Monkey written underneath. It was used for one of those "Tales of the Gold Monkey will return after these messages." announcements. I would love to have this converted into a graphic file to be placed on the top of the main web page. Does anybody out there know if this is possible, and if so, would you be willing to do this for me? I don't have the technology or the know-how (I could acquire the know-how pretty easily, but the technology is another matter.). Please e-mail me to discuss details and possible rewards for your good deed.

Unknown@unknown.domain Eye donut no aneething about the Gold Monkey House.
You also don't know about e-mail headers, Zenitha at ibp42@leroy.cc.uregina.ca. Ah, you crazy Canadian college students!

Walter Hudsick whud@TRANSPORT.COM Hmmm. I guess I'm just as warped as we thought. Funny how something I would have sworn to as a fact for 13 years turns out not to true/ I just wish you had caught it before you reposted my note....
Let me try again: Louie was once First Mate of the Normandie luxury liner. He mentions this once, but I forget which episode.
Trying to save a little face, I remain
Yours, Walter
Well, Walter, your face is saved. Louie indeed makes that revelation in 'God Save the Queen'. However, while watching that episode, I discovered that I made a mistake in my episode guide (Horror! Shock! Dismay!). The liner where all the action is taking place is not the Queen Mary, but the Queen Victoria. As far as I know (and now that I realized that I actually made a mistake, my confidence in my knowledge is shot), there was no British luxury liner in the 1930s named the Queen Victoria. The Queen Mary, on the other hand, did exist. In fact, it's moored in Los Angeles or was when this episode was originally filmed. The Queen Mary was used in many TV and film productions, and I'm 99% sure (I don't think I'll ever be 100% sure about anything ever again.) that the producers used the Queen Mary in the exterior shots for this episode.

Cluster User cluster.user@nd.edu Had to visit this page just to prove to some friends that the show actually existed. Thanks this did the job.
Don't tell me there are doubters out there, Cluster (I hope you don't mind being on a first name basis.). However, I can understand why. Judging from your e-mail address, I assume you're a young, college student. You and your buddies were just mere tykes when the show originally aired. BTW, which institution of higher education is this? Notre Dame? North Dakota? New Dominion (the sequel to Old Dominion)?

Walter Hudsick whud@TRANSPORT.COM Saw the survey on the mail page and figuredd I should join in:
1. I was 25, married, and a white-collar type when the show came on. I missed the premiere (I remember coming home from dinner and catching the closing credits) but saw most of the rest of the series.
2. I was attacted to pulp-adventure nature of the show. Plus, I'm a sucker for seaplanes.
3. My favorite elements of the show: the setting, ambience, sets, etc. The derring-do, of course, but I also thought Caitlin was a real honey.
4. Favorite episode: the French Penal colony run by inmates show, just for the exchange between Jake and the Brit he was rescuing, after Jack makes his way out of the camp: Jake: "Look, if Jack can make it, we can make it!" Brit: "He's a bloody ten-inch dog!" (quoting from my demonstratedly feeble memory).
5. Favorite character: Ahh, can't say. If I had to pick, well Louie.
Keep up the good work.
Your favorite episode is 'Escape From Death Island', yet another one of the episodes I just received. I thought Lesley just taped random episodes, but perhaps there was a method to her madness. I'll make you a copy of the tape, but beware, the episodes are fading fast. You might want to wait a bit until I can get better quality tapes, if any quality tapes exist. Of course, you could write to MCA Home Video requesting them to issue the series on video. Yes, this is my new pet project (I just mailed them my letter yesterday. What about the rest of you people?). Read all about it on the main web page.

Hey, if any of you people live in the Seattle area (or are planning to visit), check out Seattle Sea Planes, because that's the current home of Cutter's Goose. Gee, you can find out just about anything on the Internet. I discovered this little fact in a story about the company's owner giving aerial tours of the Seattle area to people born on February 29. You can read the story at http://www.nwnews.com/nnissues/v16n20/feature1.html. Anybody wanna take a flight?

Walter Hudsick whud@TRANSPORT.COM Just caught your last posting. I live in Vancouver, WA (down near Portland, OR) right now, but consider myself a Seattleite, having lived there for years and years. I am familiar with some of the seaplane outfits up there, but never heard of this place. I head up there frequently, and on my next visit I'll make a point to get some pictures of the Goose. Which pictures, of course, I'll forward on to you. I'll also get some prices, etc. I've had enough visitors coming up for pilgrimages to Hendrix's and Lee's graves; a ride in a flying boat sounds much cooler to me. Anybody interested in info, shoot me an e-mail direct.
Thanks a lot for the note and the offer. I'm sure many fans (including yours truly) would be interested in taking a ride in the Goose. According to the article I found, Seattle Sea Planes is located on Lake Union. Hey, since it's in Seattle, I wonder if they serve cappucino and biscotti as an in-flight snack.

Barry Nugent 93718830ban@nene.ac.uk Hi, just wanted to say I`m happy to see a web site about TOTGM, I thought the show was cool. I live in England and have no way to get hold of videos of the show so if anyone can help me with getting any copies of the show (e,g the pilot episode) I would be forever grateful. I saw TOTGM just after I saw Raiders and ever since have been obsessed with adventure stories, flims etc I now even write my own stories, so you can see I`m a bit of a fan. Anyway many thanks for creating the site.
Thanks a lot for your note. As for tracking down videos, this is a worldwide project. If you want, go to the main web page to get details on how to write to MCA Home Video to get them to release the show on video. It would really help our cause if they saw that there's an overseas market for tapes. As for your own adventure stories, have you checked out Gneech's Astounding Adventures Quarterly? He's always on the lookout for a good adventure.

Remember my "Guess the Country" contest, which nobody entered? Well, forget the country and concentrate on the channel. It appears that the channel in question is the USA Network's Latin America feed. I just read an article about USA launching a Brazilian feed and the story listed shows that are all broadcast on the "mystery channel". When I was reading those mysterious TV listings, I wondered if the listing for "USA Cinema" referred to the cable channel or the country. I guess it was the former. Sure, USA broadcasts Tales of the Gold Monkey to all of Latin America, and probably now Brazil, but not to the USA!! There's something wrong there. And, since I'm in a bitching mood, how come USA has feeds to Latin America and Brazil, but not Europe? Why, oh why, can't they just broadcast Gold Monkey all around the world? It sure would make my life easier, and really, isn't that the most important thing?

Jeff "CRASH" Goldin crash@mailhost.nmt.edu Yea!!! I have been looking for a Tales page for a long time. I keep not only and ascii picture of a Goose on my web page but two more, one of which is the smithsonian shot you talked about. Some one recently, informed me that it was a model, and not an actual plane. However the one taking off is.
And I did find a model of Goose several years ago, and painted just like Jakes.
Hey "CRASH", send me the URL to your web page and I'll put in a link on the board so that other Goose aficionados can visit.

Here's more info on the Goose and Seattle Seaplanes (formerly Chrysler Air, which may be why you never heard of it, Walter). To quote from their website, http://www.chcs.com/seaplane/,

Seattle Seaplanes is conveniently located at the southeast corner of Lake Union, just north of downtown Seattle, and within walking distance of many fine dining establishments. Visit us year-round from 8 a.m. until sunset Monday through Saturday, and from 9 a.m. until sunset on Sundays.

While you're at Seattle Seaplanes, see the famous Grumman Goose, built in 1939. The Goose lands on its hull and can fly at up to 145 mph. This twin-engine legend originally flew in South America and was then purchased for flights from Long Beach to Catalina Island. You may also remember it as Cutter's Goose in the Indiana Jones-style TV series Tales of the Gold Monkey, filmed in Hawaii. Parties of six or more can fly in this famous plane. Contact us for details

Actually, the series was filmed at Universal City, California; however, some of the aerial scenes could have been shot in Hawaii. Remember that Don Bellisario was making Magnum, P.I. at the same time. If anybody wants more info about Seattle Seaplanes, you can call toll-free (800) 637-5553 or locally (206) 329-9638. Also, if you live in the Seattle area, you can visit them at 1325 Fairview Avenue East in Seattle. And if anybody's interested in collecting a party of six or more, let me know. I'd love to go, but since I live in Massachusetts, I'd have to do a little planning ahead.

Gerald Servais serv@nbaycwc.cwconnect.ca Hi! Well I was pleasently surprised to find a web page dedicated to one of my most favorite shows, (I have 3 most favoite shows of all time, and this show remains one of them.) I grew up watching the series, I loved it then, and I watch the 4 episodes that I have on tape often. I have always thought that Stephen Collins is a really good actor. The show was brilliant. I was lucky enough to be able to see, and record several episodes about 5 years ago, on the USA network. I wish that Tales Of The Gold Monkey would be in rerun syndication!! The Fox network plays Star Trek: The Next Generation every day...I would be happy to see TOTGM even once a week. I have always been a loyal fan, and I will always be. I read that some people are looking for copies, well the next time that I'm in my video cupboard I will list out the titles that I have and will include the list for those who are interested in obtaining a copy from me. My email address is serv@cwconnect.ca
Thanks very much for the offer, Gerald. I'm sure that we can find some people who'll want copies of the four episodes you have. After all, we are a *really* desperate bunch of characters.

Ashley Mison ashley@malvern.starway.net.au Hi Patricia Love your home page, and I'm a true Gold Monkiac! I have been using the Web for only 2 weeks and thought that surely nobody else in the world would be interested in the same things as I - so I typed in Gold adj Monkey and boy did I get a pleasant surprise!
I loved the TV show, and I have always been an "Adventure" fan (Biggles, Raiders etc) and seaplanes are one of my other passions.
I have a Tales of the Gold Monkey book - a Annual, if you havn't seen it I can mail you photocopies.
An Annual? Obviously there must be only one of those. I mentioned the Tales of the Gold Monkey storybook before (I once had a copy, but I gave it away years ago. What the hell was I thinking of?!). It was basically the condensed, kiddie version of the pilot episode with lots of pictures. I wonder if it's the same as your book?
Now that I have found the "Tales" pages (including Gneech's) I must go and look at the rest. I'll be back!!
Ashley Mison
Melbourne, Australia
PS: No "Tales" is not running on TV in Australia anymore.
Are you sure, Ashley? I just found an Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy TV Schedule issued by John J Fardoulis and posted to the aus.sf and aus.tv newsgroups yesterday. It lists Tales of the Gold Monkey (I guess the show could be considered Fantasy) as airing on TV1 (a pay channel available through Galaxy and Foxtel) on Saturday afternoon at 1:00 and Sunday at 6:00 a.m. (probably the same episode). Please let me know if this is correct. Of course, it's a little late now to see it, but it should be back next weekend. (I hope!)
PS2: Is that one bark, or two ??
"One bark means no, two barks mean yes. Everybody knows that." - Sarah to Jake ('Pilot')

NICHOLA BAPTISTE hi i am a fan from london england ,i would love to see the show again.we should try and get it out on sell though.great fanzine,please keep it going.
At least I think this is how it should read. The note was fragmented and from an unknown domain, so I can't as Nichola for help.

Ashley Mison ashley@malvern.starway.net.au Patricia, Thanks for your reply, YES "Tales of the Gold Monkey" is showing in Melbourne, just as you said - on TV1 (fox & Galaxy). I will have to find somebody who can tape it for me, as I don't have Pay TV. ( I may have to get it now though!)
Well, I wonder if the Pay TV folks will give me a sales commission?
The "Tales of the Gold Monkey Annual" as published in 1982 by:

GRANDREAMS LTD (pretty appropriate EH ?)
Jadwin House,
205/211 Kentish Town Road
London NW5

It has lots of photos, cartoons, articles, notes about the main actors and a quiz:
1/ Over which eye does Jack's dog Jake wear his eyepatch?
2/ Where was actor Stephen Collins born?
3/ What is the name of the tropical sland that acts as Jack Cutter's home base?

That's just a sample - get them all right and I send some more ? Yes I suppose you may call the Annual a "kiddie book" but I'm still a young boy at heart. I purchased it for 40 cents at a "Trash & Treasure" market a few months back - I'll keep my eyes out for more. All for now
1) His right. I know, the picture in my pics page is reversed (so are the other 3 color photos). I don't know if this is from scanning or the magazine that Stephen Mettam used (probably the same as yours since Steve is from England) had them reversed.
2) Des Moines, Iowa. Thanks to the Internet Movie Database for that little tidbit.
3) Boragora
Also, Jack was the dog. Jake was the guy. I know it's confusing.
This is definitely different from the book I had. It just had the story. No cartoons, articles or other neat stuff. Your annual was definitely worth the 40 cents. I guess it's true. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Feel free to keep the questions coming.

Sheri Servais serv@nbaycwc.cwconnect.ca Hi! Well I've just finished watching the lonely 4 episodes that I currently own, and I thought that you might be interested in knowing which ones they were. "Legends are Forever;" "Once a Tiger..." "Sultan of Swat" and "High Stakes Lady" The first two have complete credits and also the opening and ending themes. I love this spot on the internet, as I am a new net user, this is proudly the first place that I have bookmarked, and that I visit often, just to see if anything as been added, or if there is other people out there with copies of TOTGM.
Excuse me while I wipe away a tear. I'm so touched. Really. Damn, I love the internet. Yes, I try to add a little something everyday. It adds to the entertainment value of the site and keeps me out of trouble.
Keep up the great work on this site, I love it.
Long live Tales Of The Gold Monkey!!
Sheri Servais email serv@cwconnect.ca
Thanks, Sheri. BTW, sorry I called you Gerald before. But I'm sure you understand why.

Ashley Mison ashley@malvern.starway.net.au Hi Patricia, YES, you got all three right! - Well done.
Now for some more:
1/ What is the name of the bar that Jack and Corky frequent ?
2/ The proprietor of the bar is ?
3/ The bar proprietor's nationality is ?
4/ Roddy McDowall, who plays the bar proprietor, starred in a series of 'Ape' movies. Can you name the one he missed ?
5/ What year is the series set in ?
6/ Corky is invaluable to Jake, as what ?
7/ Which famous drama schol did Caitlin O'Heaney study at ?
8/ What colour are Caitlin's eyes ?
Well, surely that'll keep you busy for a while ? Now I will go and have a look at your pages again.
Maybe not as long as you think. But I'm not going to post my answers to the bulletin board. I'll just e-mail them to you. I think it's time we let the other Gold Monkiacs have some fun. And I hate to nitpick, but I guess I have to remind you again that "Jack" was the dog and "Jake" was the pilot. I don't know how you could confuse them. They don't look anything alike.

As some of you may have heard, Don Bellisario's latest series, JAG, was just cancelled by NBC after only one season (hmmm...sounds familiar). A self-serving thought popped into my head. Why couldn't the USA Network replace one of its many Saturday movies with reruns of JAG and Tales of the Gold Monkey. Two hours of heart-pounding action. "A hero for yesterday. A hero for today." We know that USA owns broadcast rights to Gold Monkey in Central and South America. Does this sound like a good idea, or have I gone completely off the deep end (It was bound to happen sooner or later.)?

Tracy Yee ArcherHawk@aol.com Patricia: I found your web page via Yahoo a couple of days ago. What a treat to find so many other Gold Monkey fans out there! The best memories I have from sixth grade are from tuning in to Jake's adventures every Wednesday!
Regarding the theme song, I thought everyone would like to know that there is a lovely 3 minute, 6 second version of it on crystal-clear CD. Two different CDs, in fact, produced under the label, "PrimeTime USA" (which I guess specializes in doing TV theme albums). The first is entitled "Fantastic TV", (item number PTD 3006). It includes, along with TOTGM, the themes to Quantum Leap, Knight Rider, Streethawk, Airwolf, Buck Rogers and Bring Em Back Alive (contrast and compare!), as well as others. The second CD with TOTGM is "The Television Music of Mike Post and Pete Carpenter", (item number PTD 3002) It has Doogie Howser, The A-Team, Magnum PI, Hill Street Blues, Riptide, The Rockford Files, and others.
I got these CDs about a year ago, so I don't know if they're still around. Maybe a really big music store, such as Virgin, would still have one or both in its vast selection. Or maybe folks can still get their local store to special order these. They do have the marketing company's contact information on the label, though:

Silva Screen Records America, Inc.
1600 Broadway, Suite 910
New York, NY 10019
Phone: 212-757-1616
Fax: 212-757-2374

I'm not sure how reliable this contact info is. Each CD has a different address and numbers. The one I put above is from the slightly newer album ("Fantastic TV", which has a 1992 copyright date on it.)
I hope this info helps. Keep up the good work with the web page!
Does it ever!!! I knew *somebody* had to have put it on an album (Isn't every Post/Carpenter TV theme available? Well, obviously.) I just checked the phone number (It's 7:13 a.m. Eastern time) and the answering machine confirms it's Silva Screen Records (along with some other record companies). Guess I'm gonna have to buy it (as if there were any question of that). Also, by the time I get the CD, I should have a brand spanking new PC to play with. I love being semi-indespensible to a major company [which, for obvious reasons, shall remain nameless]. They get me all the neat toys. I only had to beg, whine and scream for over a year, but I'll have a Pentium processor, 100mhz, CD-ROM, and even a speakerphone (or so they claim). Finally, I'm technologically in the '90s. Sorry to go off on a tangent. Back to the point. I could then make an audio file of the theme and put it in the site. However, I keep having nagging feelings about copyright infringement. I'll try to get over it.

I'm back with more new fall schedule news, this time from the WB Network (check your local listings for affiliate information). I got this little blurb from the AP's article on the network's new line-up:

The WB's new family drama is "7th Heaven," which stars Stephen Collins as a progressive minister (he shoots pool), and whose flock, with his wife (Catherine Hicks), includes five children ranging from ages 16 to 3.

Variety describes the series as an "Aaron Spelling family drama". I never thought I live to see those four words strung together. ;-)

Carlo arimonza@jupiter.augustea.it I am Carlo from Monza, and found your site through Altavista, doing a simple search with 'jake cutter stephen collins': it showed the epguide.htm file from which I could go back to your page. I am lucky because the episodes are run in Italy by Videomusic TV, every Tuesday and Friday about at 19.15, a good hour to have some audience. First time I saw, or at least I should say I didn't see the show, was about ten years ago, but as I said I didn't see it: I really couldn't watch an episode from beginning to the end until this year. I've been haunted for many years by many fugacious impressions about a pilot, a dog, some german or japanese uniform, someone talking french, islanders natives and so on.. and nowadays (I'm 32) at last I can put all together, and taste the show.
I'm glad that you can finally put everything together and enjoy the show. I wish we could here in the States, but that's what I'm here for.
A curiosity: among my friends I have the nickname of Jake, but any reference to Cutter is purely casual, I think it's Jake the Snake the wrestler whom they referred to.
Some notes about Italian version: very often movies are not well translated. Here the title is 'I PREDATORI DELL'IDOLO D'ORO', and sounds like 'the golden idol marauders'(sic). Anyway steady as she goes.....
My favorite title translation comes from Germany where the show is called "Die Himmelhunde von Boragora" which roughly translates to "The Sky-Dogs of Boragora". BTW, Carlo, couldn't the Italian title also be translated as "Raiders of the Golden Idol"? I think the Italian TV people decided to combine the show with "Raiders of the Lost Ark". Not exactly an original concept.
A question: is there anywhere a bibliography about Tales of the Gold Monkey, are there books referring to the episodes? are there books extra-episodes, maybe written by youngster aspirant writers (e.g. Star Trek launched a good number of SF authors)?
As far as I know, there were never any Tales of the Gold Monkey novels like those for Star Trek and other TV series. There was a children's book published in the US in 1983 called the "Tales of the Gold Monkey Storybook" which was just told the story of the first episode with lots of pictures. There was also the "Tales of the Gold Monkey Annual" published in England in 1982 which was more of a fan magazine. Not too many books refer to the series. But I am always looking.
Greetings to you all and I'll be visiting you again, during my free time. Carlo
P.S. If you want put my E-mail address on the page, but I'm not sure to reply in 24 hours.

Here's an update on the CDs that Tracy Yee told us about (Thank you, Tracy!). You can order both CDs (Fantastic Television Themes and The Television Music of Mike Post and Pete Carpenter) from a company called Star Tech. This is the company from which I purchased all the original Gold Monkey scripts, including two earlier scripts that were never produced, back in the late '80s. But, in my infinite wisdom, I threw them all out several years ago because they took up too much room and I thought I'd never use them for anything. DAMN! And Star Tech no longer sell scripts. DAMN! DAMN! The CDs are sold for US$20.00 a piece. They will ship outside the US, but it will cost you much more in shipping costs. You can order their 152 page catalog for US$2.00 from:

P.O. Box 456
Dunlap, TN 37327

I just did a bit of searching regarding the Italian title. As Carlo mentioned, the show is called I predatori dell'idolo d'oro. I also discovered that the Italian translation for "Raiders of the Lost Ark" is I predatori dell'arca perduta. Coincedence?

Jean Zjelera@aol.com I was just wandering around and thought I would stop back in at your website. Just saying HI!.
Love that Gold Monkey....(well, Jake...Jack?...Jake....hmmm...I'm confused again!)
Well, it's my job to unconfuse you and the rest of the folks. ;-)

Jeff "CRASH" Goldin crash@mailhost.nmt.edu ok my home pages is:
This will lead you to Crash's Goose Page.

Here are the answers to Ashley's 8 question quiz above, since nobody even bothered to send me guesses:
1) The Monkey Bar
2) Bon Chance Louie
3) French
4) "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" (I got this wrong. I knew it was the second of the five "Apes" films, but they all blur together in my mind.
5) 1938
6) his mechanic (or as Ashley notes:
Yes - mechanic, but not just any old mechanic - "the best mechanic around"!
7) Juilliard
8) They sure look blue to me, but Ashley says,
Green, Birthdate Aug 16, Height 5' 7". I guess you can't trust videotape.
Thanks, Ashley. Keep those questions coming.

Well, it seems the board is pretty full, so I guess it's time to introduce Part Deux. Catch you on the other side.


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