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I now have so many Tales of the Gold Monkey pictures that I've had to change the Pics Page into a Pics List. You can choose which pictures you wish to view and, if you really like them, download them easily. And now I've also started to add Real Video to supplement the selection of WAV files for a total audio/visual experience. If you have a request for a specific picture, audio or video clip (1 minute or less), please let me know.

I would like to thank Stephen Mettam for the first four pictures which he scanned out of a poster magazine. The cast photo is courtesy of Pete who, for reasons best not revealed here, wishes that I not use his last name. (Just joking, folks.) Thanks also to Walter Hudsick who generously made video captures from the less than perfect, 3rd generation tape I gave him, Lesley Pohl who scanned seven pictures from her copy of the Tales of the Gold Monkey Storybook and a picture that I supplied, and Darin Luse for his personal pictures of the Goose and Boragora sets taken while on the Universal Studios tour in the early '80s. And thanks to all the other people who have given me pictures, but I've forgotten to mention. Yes, I know all these pictures aren't without flaws, but what I can't supply in quality I hope to make up for with quantity.

And now a special bonus and a special thank you! Jeff MacKay has magnanimously scanned some of his personal photographs from the making of the show and presented them to us. The pictures and his comments are located below.

For more pictures, check out the Episode Guide and the Tales of the Gold Monkey Annual.


OUR HERO This shot was taken while shooting on the Queen Mary which is a famous passenger cruise ship dry-docked in Long Beach. As I recall, we shot two shows there (one being SHANGHEID). Steve was waiting between shots, leaning on a rail in his tux while shooting the other one with Roy Dotrice. (GIF 37K)

CORKY W/STUNTMEN During the pilot (which was partially shot in Hawaii) I was accepted as one of the guys. (JPG 74K)

DOCK This is part of our set on the back lot of Universal Studios. To the right and off camera is the spot where the tram runs through a 'parting' Red Sea (as in The Ten Commandments). On the other side of the lake you can see the set for the old series RIVERBOAT that starred Darren McGavin and Burt Reynolds. You never saw that in the series. The camera crew masterfully shot in such a way as to avoid including this and other out-of-place things in the vicinity of the set. (GIF 74K)

JACK Just a shot I took one day of the star. (GIF 50K)

JACK'S PAW Jack (Leo) honored me with an autograph on the back of the picture. (JPG 8K)

EGYPTIAN SHOW Someone mentioned that Caitlin looked ravishing in her Egyptian wardrobe, so here she is. (JPG 55K)

A REFLECTIVE CORKY I tried to show the rather sad, more thoughtful side of Corky when given the opportunity. (JPG 47K)

BEAUTIFUL COUPLE During the pilot... don't they look great together? (JPG 37K)

NIGHTMARE Also during the pilot. In this scene you are witness to an actor's nightmare. Occasionally Murphy's Law proves itself true. I was hit on the head unexpectedly when the wind blew the hatch over, just as Caitlin's carefully coiffured presentation is beset by difficulties. She'll kill me when she finds out I passed this on....... (JPG 103K)

RON MOODY - ORIGINAL LOUIE In the pilot, the role of Louie was played by Ron Moody; I liked him, but there were some differences of opinion between Ron and the creator... I thought Roddy lent the series a touch of class. (JPG 112K)

HAVING FUN Again, in Hawaii we thought we'd make a Caitlin sandwich. (JPG 71K)

THREE AMIGOS As Corky, I wore a black Greek fisherman's cap. Throughout the rest of the series, I thought the dirty white Captain's cap to be a better choice. Inside the cap, tucked in the headband, I always carried a card that said, 'A fool doth think he is wise, but a wise man knoeth himself to be a fool.' Or something like that... I know it's Shakespeare, but canšt remember the play. (JPG 67K)

REVIEWING LINES 'Twas taken during the pilot between shots. (JPG 66K)

You'll need RealPlayer to view them. And now you can see these video clips and more on my You Tube channel.

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