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UPDATE 5/11/97: We regret to inform you that due to lack of participation, the regular IRC chats have been postponed indefinitely. However, we will try to hold "special" chats which may included "special" guests. I'll keep everyone posted if we schedule any chats in the future.

In the meantime, you can read through the logs of the previous chats. See what you missed!!!


29-Oct-1996 - Random ramblings from our inaugural chat. (24K text)

06-Nov-1996 - Preliminary discussions regarding the proposed 15th Anniversary convention in Los Angeles in Sept. 1997. (34K text)

12-Nov-1996 - The usual stuff - server crashes, random ramblings, convention discussion, silly behavior and a special guest appearance from Jeff MacKay. (56K text)

19-Nov-1996 - More silly behavior and great, behind-the-scenes info from Jeff MacKay. (60K text)

26-Nov-1996 - Pretty quiet night. Read us discuss ice, height and bit about the show. (31K text)

03-Dec-1996 - Talk about food, men, a little bit of Monkey. (54K text)

08-Dec-1996 - Karen and I chewed the fat for an hour because nobody else showed up. (14K text)

10-Dec-1996 - Some singing, some show discussion and a lot of frustration and disappointment. (20K text)

15-Dec-1996 - The usual: sex, food and convention talk. (38K text)

22-Dec-1996 - Karen, Leanne and I create our own 12 Days of Christmas. (21K text)

07-Jan-1997 - Furry chests, cooking tips and our favorite/least favorite episodes. (46K text)

11-Jan-1997 - Karen and I talk about all sorts of stuff until we're joined by our favorite cowboy, Tom Greene. (57K text)

15-Jan-1997 - Actually a combined file of Tuesday night's technically disasterous chat and Wednesday's not nearly as bad server-wise chat (though poor Leanne kept getting zapped). (59K text)

18-Jan-1997 - Talk about the 15th Anniversary Gathering, Jake and Sarah's future relationship, the characters' childhoods, and most importantly, sheep. (66K text)

21-Jan-1997 - Server glitches, discussion about Karen's writing and tips on how to use IRC. (48K text)

25-Jan-1997 - Everything you ever wanted to know about Tom Greene, but were afraid to ask. Well, we weren't afraid. (71K text)

28-Jan-1997 - More server problems and a discussion about the Monkey Bar menu. (48K text)

01-Feb-1997 - Did you know that Sea Monkeys aren't really monkeys? See what you can learn in our MonkeyChats. (49K text)

04-Feb-1997 - To all the men we've loved before, whether they knew it or not. (56K text)

08-Feb-1997 - The return of Jeff MacKay. (46K text)

11-Feb-1997 - Hold me closer, Gandy Dancer. (42K text)

15-Feb-1997 - Pretty slow chat, but loaded with all sorts of semi-useless information. (35K text)

18-Feb-1997 - A bit of discussion about the Gathering. (38K text)

22-Feb-1997 - Fresh blood and Medford connections. (51K text)

25-Feb-1997 - Short on time, long on Gold Monkey talk. (27K text)

01-Mar-1997 - Short but sweet chat about such topics as bellybutton lint. (22K text)

04-Mar-1997 - A good example of why we're reducing our chat schedule. (13K text)

15-Mar-1997 - Celebrating the first anniversary of the web site and how it's changed our lives. (36K text)



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