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Yes, folks, it's time once again for another episode of "Ask Mr. C".
All right, now time for a comment from a new visitor.
I would like to tell him how much I enjoyed "Eye Contact." Being an unpublished mystery writer myself, I really enjoyed the twists and turns it took and the risks Nick took with her life certainly had me on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for his next one.
Which leads me to these questions. Does your second novel have a title and a publication date yet? Plus, I'm sure that folks would like a brief description of the plot, without giving away too many details.
Stephen Collins
My new novel, in its third draft at the moment, has a working title, "See Through." I have no idea if that'll be the title when it's published. It's about a New York TV critic who meets a neighbor on the day he moves into a new apartment and becomes obsessed with this chameleon-like woman, who is never what she seems to be.
Also, we've been carefully following the ratings for "7th Heaven" and, sorry to say, they don't look good. Everybody I know or have seen on the Net who has watched the show really likes it, but the problem is that not many people have seen it. Do you think that the WB Network will stick with the show long enough for people to find it?
Stephen Collins
As for "7th Heaven" ratings: you have to understand that the WB has only about 85 affiliates, compared to the big networks, which average about 250-285, so no one expects a WB show to compete yet with the big networks. You'll notice that the highest rated WB show is usually #85 or even #100 for the week. WB shows shouldn't really be compared, Neilsen-wise, to the other networks (except UPN), but some newspapers publishe the ratings together. WB is about where FOX was in its second season. If you remember, no one knew what to make of FOX's ratings then, either, and even after 10 years FOX is just beginning to compete on an even keel with CBS, NBC, and ABC. The important thing is that the WB, with its new Monday night lineup, is doing about 30% better compared to last year at this time when they launched their Sunday night programming. Other good news: "7th Heaven"'s ratings have gone up every week, indicating good word-of-mouth. WB shows have to start slowly and build slowly, since so many people don't even know about the WB yet, and since it's still not in a lot of homes. But the signs are all good; plus many reviews nationwide have been excellent. We're all expecting to be picked up any day now for the remainder of this season. But nothing's a sure thing, so keep your fingers crossed, and keep telling people about "7th Heaven."

Now, I know many of you are wondering about our proposed IRC chats. Well, I think we've pretty much decided on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm ET, but we won't start until October 29 at the earliest. Anyway, I still have to get the right equipment before I can plan anything. However, if anyone out there who's more experienced with IRC (Yes, I'm a virgin [blush]) would help me set this up, I'd really appreciate it.
Of course, part of the delay was caused by the absence of my co-pilot, Lesley Pohl. Well, she's back from her family reunion, and Tuesdays at 7 pm ET are okay with her. Let's all give Lesley a big welcome back hug, metaphorically, of course.

Lorie S. hi there!I'm a fan from the time of the original airing of the show. In fact, I was part of a small but dedicated group of fans via the usual fandom route back in the days (datalog & universal translator). Most of us now are in our early to mid 40's. The group and others we wrote to published original fanzines and individual stories plus doing artwork.
It was a thrill to see your group in existence. Wish I knew how to contact you personally because I have a mess of scripts (all of them) plus many photos.
About your survey. I don't have it in front of me since I am accessing the local library's internet but I was about 27 when I first saw the show. A true fan, I taped each and every one of the them including the two-part movie which came out after the show ended. My favorite character was Corky and to this day I still try to follow Jeff's career although, to my frustration, I haven't seen him on anything recently, so if anyone has seen him in any movies or on TV shows, let me know. My favorite episode was Cooked Goose.
Long live Tales of the Gold Monkey. Lorie S
Thanks a lot for your note, Lorie. I don't know if you can read this, but what the heck. Thanks to Marilyn Victor, I now have in my possession the two issues of her fanzine, Cutters Goose, which were published in the mid '80s, and, correct me if I'm wrong, you had a hand in. I'm working on transcribing them and I hope to have them online soon. Marilyn also suggested that we produce Cutters Goose 3 online, so you can e-mail her at MVictor924@aol.com for more information. As for scripts, I have them all and have already uploaded most of them (Hey, Leanne, where's 'Ape Boy'? ;-)) to my site. I'm always interested in more photos, so if you have an e-mail address that I can reach you at, let me know. I don't think it's wise for me to send my home address out around the world.
Another person you may wish to contact is Lesley Pohl at pohl@wpo.sosc.osshe.edu. She's our official Corky correspondent and likes to think of herself as Jeff's number one fan. I don't know how she'll take it knowing that she has competition, but somehow I think you two will hit it off. Besides, she also my official scanner, so if you want to send anybody any pictures, send them to her.

Now, I know you're all on pins and needles waiting for Karen's long story about the Mad Scientist's Rocket Launch. Well, wait no longer...
Karen J. McLean
The Mad Scientist's Rocket Launch: An Explanation
For most of his "adult" life, my husband has been known locally as The Mad Scientist. He even has a BBS called the mad Scientist's BBS. He comes by this name somewhat naturally, as he enjoys doing all sorts of scientific (electrical/chemical/blowing-things-up) things. There are times when I worry about him, but since he is also into geology (my science of choice), it's okay. Besides, how can a hand sample of granite be dangerous unless someone's throwing it at you? :)
On Sunday, October 20, my husband and I, along with about ten other people, drove out to a gravel pit and launched about thirty model rockets. Most were made out of cardboardand rocket motors, but some were made out of kits. It was my very first rocket launch and a lot of fun. My rocket, the Baby Rain Rocket One, was the first to disappear from sight. I went looking for it and couldn't find it anywhere. :(
The most unusual "rocket" was a large plastic devil's pitchfork (a Halloween costume accessory). Doug (The Mad Sci Guy) stuck a motor in the bottom of it. It launched not just once, but *four* times. I couldn't believe it!
One of the more interestig moments was when a motor decided to fly without the rocket and launched itself over my head! The three of us standing there all ducked at the same time. I wish I'd gotten it on tape. Oh well.
So that's the rocket launch explanation. We'll be having another launch next summer, so if anyone wants to join us, feel free. :) It's a bit too cold to do another one before the snow flies.
By the way, Patricia -- you are right. Our Saint John Flames (the farm team for the Calgary Flames) could have at least won the hockey game for me. Between the game and the rocket launch, I think I've got pneumonia. :(
If you need any IRC help, let me know. All questions welcomed.

Also, I know you've all been pins and needles waiting for our final script, 'Ape Boy'. Well, you lucky devils, thanks to Leanne, it's uploaded and linked to the episode guide. Now, we can concentrate on the fan fiction. If anybody wants to help with the typing, I'd very much appreciate it.

Barbie Boyd boydster@aonline.com Aloha, all! I'm visiting this Bulletin Board for the first time, and would like to express my thanks to all of you who have made this possible. I'm a big fan of "Gold Monkey" as well as "Black Sheep Sqadron", and "Magnum, p.i." Common denominator?? Mr. Jeff MacKay, of course. A fine actor, and someone I am pleased to see contributing to this group. How lucky we are!
Please keep up the good work.. the pics are great, the info is accurate, and the subject is, well, just plain terrific. I'll be visiting this site often, you can count on that!
Mahalo (thank you)!
--Barbie Boyd
Thanks very much for your note, Barbie. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. And I know exactly just how lucky we are that not only Jeff MacKay, but many of the other cast and crew members are contributing to the site. However, I don't know how my official Corky correspondent, Lesley Pohl, is going to feel about yet another Jeff fan encroaching on her turf. I know she'd much rather keep him all to herself.

Miquel sai@coac.es Hi Patricia: Thanks for answer my note, i'm glad to see there are lots of fans all around the World.
I'd like to get a videotape of the first episode of the Gold Monkey. I guess it's difficult, besides in Europe we have a different TV system (PAL 625 lines) and you, in Usa, have NTSC. Well, if you know somethig, please write me.
P.D.What about IRC?
I could try to send you the first episode, but it would cost a lot to ship it and then you'd have to find someone to convert it. However, I'll ask around to see if any of our European fans have a copy. Also, I hope to get more details on our proposed IRC chats shortly. I'll let you know what we plan to do as soon as possible.

If and when we have our first IRC chat, I propose a topic for discussion: What do you think happened to the gang during the war? Lesley and I were bantering ideas back and forth yesterday and it was so much fun that I'd like as many people as possible to get involved. We can post a few ideas to bulletin board as a starting point. I'll post my scenario a little later on, though. I don't want to unduly influence anyone.

Chris Neuhahn McSteed@aol.com interesting. I had no idea anyone even remembered the show until I typed it into my browser.
Thank you for the info
You're welcome. That's my mission in life: to remind people how much they loved the series. Gee, that's kinda pathetic when you think about it.

Speaking of pathetic, the responses to my proposed IRC chat topic have been non-existant. Your enthusiasm is underwhelming. Perhaps, you need a little inspiration. So, here's the outline I came up with in my discussions with Lesley. I reserve the right to change my story and/or my mind any way I see fit.

Here are my ideas. Okay, Hitler invades Poland and WWII begins. Now, I'm torn between two paths. First, Jake and Corky rejoin the Flying Tigers, which still didn't exist at this time or they stay on Boragora for a while. The Japanese wouldn't have made a move south until late 1941. So, things could have pretty much stayed the same as in the series, except the stakes would be higher. I kinda favor the second path. Jake and Corky could rejoin the Tigers in late 1941, just before Pearl Harbor. Sometime before that though, Jake and Sarah get married. I'm sorry, but it's the natural progression of things. Anyway, this story needs some sex. So, the war that brought our lovebirds together tears them apart. Jake goes to China and Sarah stays in Boragora. However, shortly thereafter, she discovers that she's pregnant. She decides it's best to go back to the States since a pregnant spy is useless to Uncle Sam. But she doesn't want to be to far from Jake and Corky, so she settles in Hawaii. It's December 1941...

Okay, Pearl Harbor. Sarah and fetus survive intact. Now that the U.S. has officially entered the war, Jake and Corky join the Army or the Marines or something to that effect. They're accepted and Jake's commissioned an officer. I can't decide if he should be a lieutenant or a captain. Probably at least a captain. Jake's put in command of a fighter squadron in the South Pacific, a la Pappy Boyington. People in high places pull a few strings and Corky is assigned to Jake's squadron as the chief mechanic or whatever they call it in the "fill in name of military branch here". Sarah has been working for U.S. Intelligence in a desk job, decoding enemy orders and such. She gives birth to a bouncing, blond, blue-eyed baby boy (say that 5 times fast!). Upon hearing the good news, Jake vows to make it through the war so his son won't grow up without a father (God, how touching.).

Jake moves up the ranks and ends the war as a Colonel. Corky stays with him throughout the war, eventually winding up as Jake's aide-de-camp. Jake is able to get to Honolulu a few times during the war, for both business and pleasure reasons, so is able to see Sarah and the Kid (I don't know what to name him.). After nearly four grueling years, the war ends and everybody settles in Hawaii, where Jake owns a charter service. Corky, of course, is Jake's mechanic. Also working for Jake is one of his young protegees from the war, a young, beefy studmuffin. Sarah is ostensibly a homemaker, but, naturally, she butts into Jake's business every chance she gets. Maybe, just after the war, she gives birth to a little girl, but I'm not sure about that. Anyway, life is good and comfortable for a few years for our heros, until...

It's the 10th anniversary of Jake and Sarah's first meeting and Jake decides to get Sarah a present for the occasion (He ain't stupid!). He surprises her with the Gold Monkey statue. However, they both get a surprise when Princess Koji hears about the shipping of the idol and tracks the Cutters down. The war hadn't been good to Koji. About the only thing she has left is Todo and a few loyal servants and warriors. She's extremely bitter and Hell hath no fury like a Dragon Lady scorned. She figures it's not fair that her life should be in shambles while Jake should be so happy, so naturally she plots to destroy everything he holds dear. First she tries to sabotage his charter planes, but Jake and his crew are unharmed (maybe I'll bang up the beefy protege a little). Then, perhaps she moves to trying to burn his house down. Of course, they'll be minor damage, but no one will be hurt. Then she goes for the big prize, the boy. Koji kidnaps the little nameless rugrat. However, she can't bring herself to harm him because he looks so much like his dad, so she decides to keep him. Now, it's up to Jake and the gang to rescue him. All sorts of emotionally charged action ensues and of course there's a big showdown at Koji's hideout. There's a huge explosion (why not?), but our heroes manage to escape. Koji and friends are assumed dead, but they could pop back up at any time to wreak a little more havoc. Everyone is relieved to go back to their "boring" life, except for the rugrat who thinks that the whole ordeal was one really neat adventure. Yep, he takes after dad, all right!

Chris Neuhahn McSteed@aol.com Im going to put a link to your site in mine.
Chris the Great
Cool! Thanks. Just for that, I'll put in a link to your site in mine. It's the least I can do.
Patricia (who has no delusions of grandeur)

Despite the lack of recent e-mail, we're going ahead with our IRC chat tonight, Tuesday, October 29, at 7:00 pm ET. We'll be using Undernet's Manhattan, KS server. Hey, it's quiet out in Kansas. The channel # will be TOTGM. We'll keep the chat for an hour. If we have more to discuss we can meet again next week and/or recap and continue the discussion on the bulletin board. Y'all come by now, y'hear.

Sally Mierop paul.mierop@po.cle.ab.com Hello Patricia, I read your story outline and I'm a little dismayed that you left out my favorite star - Roddy McDowall. I feel I must speak up for him since he isn't speaking for himself anywhere that I'm aware of right now. Aren't there any RM fans on your site? hmmmm.. they're probably all on our website, come to think of it. http://www.fentonnet.com/smithway/rm/roddy.html
Let's see:
Perhaps Louie left Boragora from lack of excitement and got a job tending bar at the Officers Club.
Well, in all honesty, I came up with my "story" at the spur of the moment, so I didn't have a chance to flesh things out. Let's see, what about Louie. Well, he somehow managed to survive the Japanese invasion and takeover (That's our Louie! Always a survivor.). He continued to run the Monkey Bar and though he appeared neutral, Louie was actually working with the resistance movement. Although the Japanese suspect that, they could never prove it and Louie would continually slip through their fingers. Not long after the end of the war, Boragora became a tourist hot spot and Louie became very rich.
Again, this is all spur of the moment stuff, so I reserve the right to change anything I want. But, it's a start.

I've got some good news to report. We held our inaugural IRC chat last night (or afternoon, depending on where you live) and although there were only four of us, we all had a blast. So, we're going to make it permanent. The chat's will continue to be held on Undernet's Manhattan, KS server at 7 pm ET every Tuesday. We'll try to keep it to one hour just so we'll have something to talk about the following week. If you miss a chat, fear not. I've created a IRC chat log and schedule so you can prepare for the next chat. Yes, there will be a pop quiz. :-).

And now some bad news. Some of you may have tried to access this board earlier today and found it missing. I'm sorry, but I forgot that it was Wednesday and Wednesday is "AOL screws up some part or all of its server" day. So, when I tried to upload the board this morning, AOL's FTP server not only wouldn't upload my file, but ate my old version. Bad, bad AOL!

Back to the chat, here are some suggested topics from Bill Cosson:

1. If a TOTGM movie were to be made today, who would be cast as who? (Assuming the originals are a little old to resume their old roles)
2. If a second season had been produced, some ideas for episodes (a la Stephen Collins idea of Amelia Earhart showing up)
3. Continuation of the "Where Were They in WWII" theme. I don't think I caught it all.
If you want, we can start to address these issues now on the board. Keep the suggestions coming.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Oh God, Patricia! I visited the webpage has promised and discovered I hadn't been there for a week??! What's happening to me?! *Wail of Anguish*
Admitting you have a problem is half the solution.
Anyway, wasn't the chat today fun? It was great talking to other Monkiacs in "real time". A pity we had to end it after an hour, I believe we could have talked all night!
I know! But I didn't want to chat ourselves out. Besides, it's just not an "official" chat without Lesley. We'll see how long we'll let next week's chat last.
Karen (BabyRain) had the suggestion of a convention ... from the visitors on the webpage, it could be a go-er, right? in a year or so? Something to think about anyway.
I have been thinking about it. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could hold a convention next year around Sept. 22, the 15th anniversary of the show?! We'd probably have to hold it in So. Cal. (You lucky thing! Right in your backyard!) so we could reunite the cast and crew. Then we could all traipse down to Universal Studios and go on the tour. I wonder if the trams still go by the sets?
Oh, and I've been holding out on you, Pat. I have a converter which converts from NTSC to PAL, there's a slight change in colour and a little loss in quality, but with the new tapes you may be getting soon from Tom (who is working on JASON and not reading this at all, right?) Greene; I'd be more than happy to a) get copies for myself and b) copy for those PAL people out there.
Sounds great! I'll let you know when and if I get those tapes from Tom. I don't want to disturb him until after his deadline. Also, some more good news. I'm arranging a trade with someone who works for MCA. He managed to get ahold of screener copies of the pilot, 'Shanghaied' and 'Black Pearl'. They have *EVERYTHING*. It'll be a few weeks before I get them, but as soon as I do, I'll let everyone know.

For those of you who didn't notice, I've added a link to the WAV file of the theme song to the main web page. But be warned! The file is 1.27 MB and will take a while to download. Thanks to Karen McLean for making the file for me. FUN FACT: I started BB #2 on her wedding day. You see, Karen, I remembered to post that.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net Thank you, Patricia, for the lovely credits on the main page. It has always been my dream to have my name on the first page of a Gold Monkey anything. :) I especially liked the great big yellow "NEW!" graphic next to it. V-e-r-y nice. :)
Glad you like it. I'd like to take credit for it, but the graphic came with the software I use sometimes to create web pages, Webpen.
Thank you also for mentioning my wedding date. I thought it was kind of cool, to be such a coincidence.
I said I would and I'm a woman of my word.
The chat last night was fun. I can't wait 'til next week!
Neither can I.
In answer to your questions:
BTW, they weren't my questions. They were Bill's.
1. If a TOTGM movie were to be made today, who would be cast as who? (Assuming the originals are a little old to resume their old roles)
Hmmmm ... good question! Just for the record, do you really think the originals would be too old for their roles? I haven't seen SC in quite awhile (because I'm Canadian, eh? and can't get 7th Heaven up here), but I imagine he's aged gracefully. Hmmm. I'll work on this one.
Well, it has been 14 years. And yes, SC has aged well, but he'd have a difficult time playing a 35 year old. I think Bill was refering to the fact that all those 60s-80s TV series are being made into movies. Do you believe that they're actually going to release an A-Team movie with a new cast in 1998?!
2. If a second season had been produced, some ideas for episodes (a la Stephen Collins idea of Amelia Earhart showing up)
I always wanted some sort of tie-in with the mutiny on the Bounty. Not sure why.
What year did the Bounty take place?
3. Continuation of the "Where Were They in WWII" theme. I don't think I caught it all.
I keep telling you -- Jake is my next-door neighbour. :)
Okay, then ask him what he did in the war!
Did I ever tell you my traumatic TOTGM-related junior high violence story?
Nope. But now you have to.

Bill Cosson BillPresto@gnn.com Consider this: Stephen Collins as Bon Chance Louie. He's talented, he's versatile, he's about the right age (Karen is correct - he's aged gracefully; you're correct - he doesn't look 35). He could do it, n'cest pas? And it's proper etiquette to slip the old stars somewhere into the new feature length films.
True, but I'm not sure about the etiquette about slipping an original (let's not call them old) star in another original star's role. It just doesn't seem kosher. Besides, we can't have Louie be better looking than Jake. :) So who'd be Jake?
BTW, my vote for Jack is the dog who stars as "Wishbone". He's not only a Jack Russell terrier, but he has experience playing a talking dog.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net Hey, Monkey-Woman!
What year did the Bounty take place?
Mid 1800s, maybe? Maybe even earlier? I was thinking from an archaeological point of view.
Did I ever tell you my traumatic TOTGM-related junior high violence story?
Nope. But now you have to.
But it drums up email traffic, right? :)
Karen's Traumatic TOTGM-Related Junior High Violence Story:
Once upon a time, not long ago and about 500 km away (from me, anyway), there was a 12-year-old girl named Karen. Karen was mad-mad-mad for a show called "Tales of the Gold Monkey", and was particularly fond of its male lead, a character by the name of Jake Cutter. Karen's enthusiasm for all aspects of the show led to her talking about it incessantly, much to the amusement of her good friend, Mike. And so Mike decided to watch the show for himself, to see if the show was as good as Karen claimed (Jake Cutter not included).
Mike was a Trekkie, along with his good friend, Rene. Rene was a big guy, three years older than Mike and Karen. So Mike and Rene sat down to watch TOTGM one night, and, while doing so, realized that the guy playing Jake was the same guy who played William Decker in the first Star Trek movie. So Mike passed this little tidbit along to Karen, while Rene cackled heartlessly in the background. The two guys neglected to mention what became of Decker, because the movie was going to be on TV later that week, and they didn't want to spoil Karen's "surprise".
Well, Karen spent the entire week gearing up for the movie. She bought special junk food and even bribed her younger sister to be quiet for the two hours the show was on. (It's amazing what a couple of Crispy Crunch bars will do.)
For those in the "know" about Decker's fate, I'll keep this as brief as possible. Basically, Karen spent nearly two hours watching the movie only to see William Decker (aka her beloved Jake Cutter)*FRY* in an explosion of blinding light. (I can't even type this --it's too hard on me).
Both Mike and Rene had known the movie plot, and had known what this would do to Karen. To his credit, Mike felt guilty about sending Karen off totally unprepared ("But, Rene, she *bribed* her *sister* to watch this!"), but the dastardly Rene's evil influence was too strong.
Come Monday morning, in the school library, Mike and Rene awaited Karen's arrival. When she came in, Rene began making sizzling sounds in her ear, enjoying the anguished look on her face each time he did so. Mike tried to stop him, but to no avail. Rene continued to sizzle for approximately forty-five minutes, despite Karen's pleading with him to stop.
Well, Rene made a near-fatal mistake. Mike saw it coming, and removed himself to a safe distance away. Karen was getting ready to snap.
Rene made one last sizzle, then mock-screamed, "I'm MELTING!".
Karen lunged at Rene (who was easily a foot taller than she was) and knocked him flat on the floor with one quick shove. Mike dissolved into gales of laughter, was quickly silenced by the librarian, and then the bell rang.
PS -- I still haven't gotten over that scene. My husband is a Trekkie, and if he ever wants to watch that movie again, I'll have to make alternate plans.
PPS -- If Stephen Collins wants to send me a quick email and let me know that he's *really* alright, and that it *didn't* hurt, it might possibly make these *horrible recurring nightmares* go away. My therapy bills are getting so high, and, wouldn't you know, it's not doing any good? I keep seeing that blinding light over and over and ... HE'S GONE.
Thanks for the story! It was just what I needed to brighten my day. BTW, Decker really didn't *FRY*. He merged with V'ger, so he's still alive--kinda, sorta. Does that make you feel any better?

The continuing discussion between Karen and me...
It sure looked like frying to me! :)
It wasn't heat. It was just light. He didn't feel any pain. Honest. Would Monkey-Woman lie to you?
Are you sure? It looked awful! (Besides, maybe SC will write to me this way -- heheheh!)
How shameful! What a pitiful attempt to get attention! It just might work. :)
Yes, I think you are now Monkey-Woman. This is your new name. :)
Should I be *flattered*?

Bill Cosson BillPresto@gnn.com So you veto Stephen Collins as Bon Chance Louie? Fine. Just fine. How about if Stephen Collins makes a guest appearance as Charles Lindbergh? I'm reading "The Wartime Journals of Charles Lindbergh" and there's an 8 day hole in September-October of 1938 where I think we might slip Lindy into the South Pacific. And who better to play him than Stephen Collins?
Yeah, he'd make a great Lindy. Fine piece of casting.
I've never seen "Wishbone", so I trust your judgment.
What?! You don't watch educational children's programs? Tsk, tsk, tsk.
More to come as the inspiration hits.
Looking forward to it.

Natalie Moran nmoran@loom.net.au Thank you so much for a tribute to one of my favourite shows ever! I thought I was the only one! But now I see I'm not alone I can stand up and say proudly "I am a gold monkiac!" I had the privilege of being able to relive this show when cable TV first started in Sydney, the reruns began showing on Galaxy. But my father swapped to Optus Vision, so it was lost forever! I haven't actually checked out this page yet, I just wanted to drop you a line and say THANKS!
You're welcome, Natalie. Let me know what you think.
P.S. Have you seen The First Wives Club???? Stephen's one of the hubbies. When I saw him, me and my sister just started drooling! And she'd never even seen him before. Over 40 and still gorgeous!
I haven't seen it yet. I'll probably wait for video. I'm so lazy. Besides, you can't rewind and rewatch your favorite scenes in a movie theatre. Well, you can, but the theatre management gets awfully testy. Not that I would know that from experience. :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net Okay: TOTGM: The Movie
Jake -- Kevin Stapleton (plays Kevin Buchanan on One Life to Live)
Corky -- I'll leave this one to Lesley : )
Jack -- "Eddie" on Frasier
Sarah -- Courtney Cox (if she eats something and can sing)
Princess Koji -- Tia Carrere
Todo -- ???
Louie -- Rene Auberjonois (if he grows a mustache again)
Willie -- ???

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Well, after scouring the bulletin boards for my brilliant (ahem) fanfic ideas that I didn't write down anywhere else (sigh), I went off to do some research on Amelia Earhart -- remember how you said she was *so* much older than Jake? Well, according to the facts page, she's only 4 years older than him and did you know that they've discovered that her plane landed on an uninhabited Pacific atoll called Nikumaroro (gee, does that sound familiar or what?)... investigations will continue in early '97 ...
I'm still a little confused over Jake's age. The bible gives him two different years of birth, 1901 and 1903. I prefer 1903. Actually I always thought Jake was supposed to be younger than that. They never mentioned his age in the series. Anyway, back to Amelia, I admit that I haven't been paying attention too closely to the search for her, but from what I understand, they found a plane (not necessarily hers) on some little atoll. That's why they're investigating further. Well, you can write a fanfic with Jake and Amelia, but remember to give SC proper credit. After all, it was his idea first.
:I have been thinking about it. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could hold
:a convention next year around Sept. 22, the 15th anniversary of the
:show?! We'd probably have to hold it in So. Cal. (You lucky thing!
:Right in your backyard!) so we could reunite the cast and crew. Then we
:could all traipse down to Universal Studios and go on the tour. I wonder
:if the trams still go by the sets?

I wonder if the sets are still there? Anyway, I'm ready and willing to help out with organising it.
Thanks. I've never organized a convention before. I can't even organize my desk!
Aren't "screener" copies the pre-special effects, not final cut ones? I'm completely lost on TV terminology -- looking forward to them though!
I asked my MCA man what he meant by "screener". Unfortunately, his reply is on my other PC. But I think he told me that it had everything that would have been broadcast, including the trailers. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks.

Lorie Schultz Thanks so much for the warm welcome! It was so much fun reading all the great letters from the fans. Thanks to the internet you can really reach out in ways we couldn't have reached out in the early 80's. It was kinda funny to see you telling me to contact Marilyn to send her stuff. You see, you were right, I was one of the people involved with Cutter's Goose although it was Marilyn who did nearly all the work. In fact, if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have found out about this website. This is about the third time I've ever been on the net so it's a new experience for me. Unlike most of you, I don't have a job that allows me to access a work computer with the net on it. Which is ironic because I have a part time job that keeps me on a computer for 5 hours at a time doing customer service (YUCK!!!) but they have ONE program and the net isn't it!
There is one drawback to the web though. There isn't as much personal contact as there was in fandom a decade ago. I count Marilyn as one of my friends. She's much more than a pen pal to me. When my birthday came around she gave me the drawing of Corky you'll see on the back cover of Cutter's Goose. It's something that I treasure and no matter where I live, that drawing is always hanging. Same for another pen and ink illo she did of Corky. Both grace my walls now and I really treasure them. Plus we got to meet personally and at cons. The net doesn't exactly let people do that much now. I realize privacy is an important issue but something is missing. Like I'd love to share some of my TGM photos but have no scanner. Right now, as before, I use the computer at the local library. Getting here is no picnic. I have to leave to young, rambunctious munchkins at home with my husband. Anyway, I have pics that Lesley would love to see but have no way to share them with her as I would have in the 'old days' when direct correspondence was the way we contacted each other. That's one of the reasons I still maintain a PO box address.
Funny how Jeff said that his character was named Dixon. I must confess that I knew that from the time the show was on. I noticed one of the photos I had showed a name smeared with grease. Thanks to one clear shot I realized it was Dixon so my fanfic used that name, although I used the first name Darryl. I intentionally chose a name I thought Corky would HATE so that he'd stick with his nickname of Corky. I never thought Corky was his ACTUAL first name. Some of the friends in fandom liked Darryl so it stuck. Another freaky occurance was when I wrote "Seeking Solace". I wanted to explore why Corky left Pan Pacific and wrote about it. A few weeks later Marilyn (I think) sent me a copy of the writer's bible and I was almost exactly on the mark. I was close enough to give me 'goose'bumps. Marilyn, I recall, said that she thought it was weird that I got so close without having seen the bible first.
I do have two questions. The first is to Tom Greene. He mentioned that one episode had Corky delivering a baby but it got cut and I was wondering if he'd fill us all in on that scene in further detail. The second question is to Jeff. In The Late Sarah White, he appeared to have a tattoo on his left forearm. It looked like a snake or a slinking panther but wasn't all that clear. I'm wondering if Corky was supposed to have such a tattoo? And what was it? Or was it simply that Jeff had the tattoo at the time. I don't recall having seen it in any other scenes.
Okay, is there any way to reach Lesley directly? Your response made it sound like it was possible to do that but I am not sure if you meant via the net or mail.
Wish I had my tapes out of boxes. Like Marilyn, all my stuff is either boxed up in my shed or boxed up in the computer room. The tapes were all first generation, uncut, off-air from the original airing of the show plus I got another set first generation off a cable channel several years later.
Well, keep up the wonderful work. I'm looking forward to getting back on as soon as my husband will let me out of the house!!!! (HAH!)
Thanks for the wonderful note, Lorie. Yes, the Net has its advantages and disadvantages, but maybe someday soon, we'll all get together for a convention (for the 15th anniversary perhaps?). I know you can't search the web very often, but can you get e-mail? I just may have to hope that you can ditch the munchkins with the hubby more often.
If you have e-mail, you can e-mail Lesley at pohl@wpo.sosc.osshe.edu so she could tell you where to send the photos. I have her home address, but I'm not going to post that to the board. She doesn't have a PO Box and neither do I, though I'm beginning to think it's a good idea. If I do get one, I'll post the address to the site, so no one will have an excuse not to be able to contact me.
I'll also forward your questions to Tom and Jeff and post their answers to the board. I hope you'll be able to read them.

Greg Turner gturner@std.saic.com Wanted to send a note to prove that I was here, as requested in the first paragraph.
Thanks. It's nice to know that *somebody* listens to me. :)

And here's an answer to one of Lorie's questions:
Lorie Schultz:
In The Late Sarah White, he appeared to have a tattoo on his left forearm. It looked like a snake or a slinking panther but wasn't all that clear. I'm wondering if Corky was supposed to have such a tattoo? And what was it? Or was it simply that Jeff had the tattoo at the time. I don't recall having seen it in any other scenes.
Jeff MacKay: I don't remember a tattoo... could've been an oil smudge. On the other hand, if it was a story point, they could have put one on for that episode... but that's unlikely.

For those of you who read the chat log and have been wondering where's Lesley's "What did the gang do during the war?" story, wonder no more. Here it is!
Lesley Pohl pohl@wpo.sosc.osshe.edu Regarding a Tales of the Gold Monkey reunion movie, or whatever, if set post-WWII, say 1945 or 46, the gang would be able to explain looking about 15 years older instead of 8 or so, due to the exhausting situation of being through a war.
The gang reunites on Boragora, having survived the war, and use the opportunity to stop and reflect and plan. Some episodes would involve treasure seekers looking for gold the Japanese looted during the war, flashbacks of our friends and their escapades during the war, new guest characters introduced in the flashbacks, Japanese deserters hiding out in the Marivellas who don't believe the war's over, etc. Of course, my special script episode would reveal how Willie did NOT die in 1944, he switched I.D. with a dead soldier in order to flee to warmer and friendlier climes. This actually did happen during the war, soldiers from all the armies did it on occasion. Princess Koji would have taken a bashing during the war (her business anyway) and we would introduce a humbler, and softer Koji (Todo would still be incorrigible of course).
Louie and Gushee spend the war at the Monkey Bar which becomes a sort of haven (the Japanese honor the sanctity of the place) for battle-weary, shell-shocked soldiers. Their part for the cause. They also do whatever they can to sabotage Japanese efforts in the area, as well as taking over, to an extent, Sarah's work in communicating local events to the U.S. Navy.
Sarah goes on different missions for Uncle Sam, even running into Jake and Corky, once in the U.S. and once in Europe.
Jake and Corky try and enlist but are turned down (Jake because his leg never healed properly and because of his recurring malaria, and Corky because of his alcoholism and flat feet--sorry, Jeff), so they act as civilian support for our troops whenever and wherever they can. This also provides them with much more flexibility in choosing how to best support the regular troops, as they are still their own bosses. The Goose accompanies them all over, from Boragora, to Hawaii, to San Fran, NY, and then on to Europe where they are shot down once, and that's when they are temporarily reunited with Sarah in France. While there, they also meet some of Louie's family and friends in the Resistance, who help them get the Goose flying again.
While they all have a number of close calls, they all come back and reunite on Boragora in time for Christmas 1945.
NOTE: Jake and Sarah almost make a commitment to each other when they hook up in Europe, but Jake's love back home is now available since her dad's been killed in the war, so Jake holds off. Then, later, she is also killed, and Jake and Sarah are free to be together when then reunite in Boragora. BTW, Sarah doesn't know Jake's free until he tells her.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Was SC's episode unwritten or unproduced? (Maybe I oughtta troll back through the bulletin boards for that one.) Hmm ... maybe SC could submit it to the proposed Cutter's Goose #3 Online? *grin*
Here's his quote: "By the way, I wrote an episode, but needless to say it was never done." I asked him to send me a copy if he still had it, but he never mentioned it again. It's probably long gone by now. DAMN!!!! What a coup that would have been.
Hmm, well San Diego's having one in February but that's no good to us. However, one could probably pick up info at that Con on others ... Doesn't Worldcon hop around the States? There's someone I know on the L&C list (or I'll have to wait until she shows up on irc, I don't think she's on the list anymore, but still participates in other ways) who is involved with the Worldcon thing. I'll see what's happening on the web ... I can also email the LAFF96 (L&C) Committee members and ask for some guidelines .. they've already started preparing for next year.
Marilyn would be a good source of advice on being part of a larger Con ...didn't she do something like that before Cutter's Goose #2?
In the meantime, I shall trawl the net and see what I can find!
Thanks for your help. I've never even been to a Con, let alone organized one. But there's a first time for everything. I'll ask Marilyn for some suggestions. And if anybody else would like to help, PLEASE let me know. I'd really appreciate it.

Now it's time for Leanne's cast lists:
The L&C Cast for TOTGM
Jake: Dean Cain (well, he flies in the other show!)
Sarah: Teri Hatcher (actually, she's the first actress I thought of)
Corky: Justin Whalen (Jimmy) (so he's a little young, but think of the acting challenge!)
Louie: Lane Smith (Perry White)
Willie: Lane Davies (Tempus)
Koji: the actress who played Cat Grant in season one (sorry, forgot her name)

TOTGM The Musical
Jake: Anthony Warlow (can be heard on "Jekyll & Hyde: The Complete Work", blond (well he was but he looks gorgeous with a wig), blue-eyed -- check out the web page in my sig!)
Sarah: Rebecca Luker
Corky: Mandy Patinkin
Louie: Rene Auberjois (spelling? Karen suggested him earlier)
Willie: Howard McGillan
Koji: Debbie Gibson (heh, heh), um, seriously, Donna Murphy (Fosca in "Passion")

I don't want to do a serious cast ... I like Lesley's idea of a reunion film!

The Muppets Take The Gold Monkey
Jake: Kermit
Sarah: Miss Piggy
Corky: Fozzie Bear
Louie: Sam the American Eagle
Willie: Gonzo the Great (and a flock of chickens as his island maids)
Koji: Miss Piggy in a black wig :)
Todo: Animal

Well, that's all I can come up with for now ... Jack in all cases, would be a real dog, except the last, where he'd be a muppet especially made.

(just wondering how many are going to hit their favourite TOTGM script and add a few "Hiiii-YAs!" in it for a Miss Piggyied Sarah)

Leanne Shawler
aka Volterra on IRC
The Anthony Warlow Home Page:

Tom Greene TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Hello there! Well, I finally finished the pilot to my series Jason and the Argonauts, and I'm coming up for air. I had a whole week and a half to write this one (compared to Gold Monkey when, as I told you, I only had two days!). Writing like that is very unhealthy. You don't ever want to leave the office for fear you won't return... so no play, no horses, no ranch or cowboying... it's enough to make a grown man cry. I did have one bit of action... two weeks ago during the Malibu fire I was out in the mist of the inferno on my trusted horse roping spooked and stray horses. We save about twenty of them, and I did get a bit of smoke damage in the lungs (but my horse didn't... he knows better how to breath under these situations), which also side-lined me while I was writing.
Anyway... I have a whole batch of questions from you fine folks which I promise to get to in the next day of two. A few things... tapes are coming... I promise. I still have not found the one tape the BBC lost, so I'm going to go back to my 3/4 inch copies and make dubs. I've been meaning to do that for the last ten years... so this is as good an excuse as any. Perhaps in a week or so, that will be done, and I can send them to you. Promise! Really. And a cowboy always keeps his promises.
Second... I notice you have some kind of on-line meeting going now. I have no idea how you get on that "chat", but since I'm back with the living (that is, until I get the "notes" from France on the project, in which case I may just chuck it all and run off to the ranch), if you tell me how a no-tech person like me gets on it, perhaps I could join you sometime and answer questions "live".
Lastly, I did want to give you some new info... the following I wrote up for the Roddy web site. They also had some questions. Since I only worked with Roddy on Monkey, it's all about the show. Hope it interests you. As for the other questions... again, promise to get to them as soon as I see to my horses!
Here's the Roddy Web Site stuff:
TO:Mel/Roddy McDowall Web Site
Well I finally have a few moments to answer all your questions, or at least try to answer them. If you don't mind, I'll also send my answers over to the GOLD MONKEY web site since my only contact with Roddy was one wonderful year of working with him on Gold Monkey.
In my business you work with many of the "big stars" all the time, and it's no big deal... but let's face it... we're all fans in our hearts... which is why were in the biz to begin with. On a few occasions you are allowed to work with someone that you have admired from "afar" and suddenly there you are working with them! I mean the great legends...not just great stars. In my case that has happened only a few times. I did get to work with Hitchcock in a very peripheral way during the shooting of his last movie: Family Plot. To actually be on the set talking to "the master" was something that will stay with me the rest of my life. I also had lunch with him in his office (you didn't order lunch with "Hitch", it was assumed you wanted a steak sandwich along with him, and it just came). I mention that because several years later Don Bellisario's (creator and Executive Producer of Gold Monkey) office was Hitchcock's old office. Anyway, the other legends who I actually got to work with was Roddy McDowall who I had always admired, Roy Rogers (when he called my office I thought it was a joke and was a second away from saying: "Hey, have you mounted Dale yet!", when I heard his voice and almost fell off my chair... I was talking to God and was suddenly seven years old again!), and the great Patrick Macnee (of the "Avengers" fame) who has remained a dear friend. These are legends in my book, and to work with them, to be their "boss" as it were, to have them say my lines, after so many years from childhood up of admiring their work is the great gift we get occasionally from this strange world we work in.
Roddy was an amazing case in point. What they all have in common is summed up in two words: "class and professionalism". Roddy was someone who literally was in the business his entire life. He has a million classics under his belt, has worked with every great star, director, producer... knew the Moguls during the golden era... I mean the guy carried with him the whole history of Hollywood... yet you couldn't meet a more real, genuine, lovely person! No ego, no pretense... he would walk around the lot with his ever-ready camera clicking pictures away as if he was a tourist from Missouri. He always had a child-like wonder of the business, yet an amazing professionalism when it came to his craft. When you have someone like that in your cast (of course give Don credit for casting him, after "removing" Ron Moody from the original pilot), you find that your writing improves a thousand percent. Knowing that someone of Roddy's caliber was going to say the lines, knowing there wasn't anything you could throw at him, that he couldn't catch, no nuance of thought, no subtlety of action, no subtext too complex... it allowed you to be as creative as you could possible be! As soon as I knew I was doing the show, I was planning on doing an episode like LAST CHANCE LOUIE to allow Roddy the full range of his acting talent. It was his show from start to finish (though everyone else was sensational). If you read the script, or watch the episode you will marvel at his performance. There is one scene in particular, where Roddy is on the balcony of the Monkey Bar telling Jake why he shot at an old adversary that is, in my opinion perhaps the best performance you're likely to see on television. TV hates speeches, yet I did the unthinkable and wrote a two page speech for him, knowing that he would keep everyone's attention from start to finish. I remember even Don, who always taught us to keep words short and to the point... to learn to make every line count, and mean something, so you don't have to ramble on and on...even he agreed that the speech should stay, and that only Roddy could pull it off. The point was, if any other actor was playing that part, you could bet I wouldn't have written it. I wrote a bit of business in that scene which was both an in-joke to Roddy and a nod to his amazing skills. At one point in the script I say that "a tear forms in Louie's eye and goes half way down his cheek... it lingers there for a moment and then almost as an after thought, Louie wipes it off"). When Roddy read the first draft I remember he called me with his wonderful laugh. He then said: "Tell me... you want the tear on the right cheek or the left cheek?" I told him that was up to the director, depending on how he stages it! Sure enough, take after take, Roddy let a tear drop from his eye, right on cue... and yes... if you watch the scene it does go half way down his cheek... linger and then it's wiped off!
The second show I did as producer needed a total re-write, and I was feeding pages to production literally hot off the typewriter. I would write a few pages, and they were sent to the set to shoot! This was a very rare way of doing a show, but they were in trouble with the original script, which was one reason I guess I was brought aboard. I, of course, was concerned if what I was writing was making any sense, or if anyone liked it.
There was a scene where a man is killed, and discovered the next morning. Roddy has a scene with Jake in which he talks about perhaps having some kind of eulogy for the poor man. I went on the back-lot to bring over some more pages. At that time I hadn't really talked to Roddy yet. To let you know the kind of man he is... when I walked on the set, a whole bunch of people were there, including a group of Executives both from Universal and ABC. Roddy did the scene where he eulogies the man and then while the cameras were still rolling he looks up and says: "Who wrote these new lines... this is wonderful stuff!" Of course I was then introduced as the new writer/producer to everyone's favor. It was obvious that Roddy had seen me running back and forth with pages, and he could also sense my concern if I was pulling it off. Only he had the class to make a deal about it... while the cameras were rolling... he knew it was a time when everyone would be silent... all eyes and ears would be on him, and it would have the most potent effect to compliment me. I shall never, ever forget him for that magnanimous gesture!
Another time, when we were shooting the Cooked Goose episode, we had a sequence in which the "Goose" catches on fire. The "first unit" was shooting over by the Monkey Bar set, and I was out on the dock, shooting the burning of the plane. For some reason I was actually doing a bit of "second unit directing" setting up the shot and all. My Mother and Father had come to visit the set that day, (lucky for me... I now direct all the time, but then, this young kid producer didn't get to scream "action" very often!). Again, the amazingly perceptive Roddy saw instantly, without anyone telling him, that these two visitors were related to me. My Father especially was a total fan of Roddy's and was being "polite" not to go up to him and make a fuss. But again, somehow Roddy knew. First off, he came over to the pier and in front of my parents went on and on about my re-writes on the scene that he was doing, and then asked my advise about some line-readings. Roddy needs my advice about line readings like the "Shag" needs my advice about basketball. He did it was such abloom... that even I didn't realize until the next day what was going on. Naturally I introduced him to my parents, and he took them aside while I "blew up the Goose", and just gushed about how wonderful the scripts had become since I came aboard. Obviously, Roddy could see that these were my parents, and wanted to "introduce" himself, and "make the fuss over me" in front of them. My Parents talked about that day for years to come. Again, this is a man of such class, such talent... such a joy to work with! Ever since then I have wanted to work with Roddy again. When the times have been right, he has been busy (I don't think he's ever not working on something, whether it be a book, a photo shoot, or movies and TV!). If my Jason and the Argonaut project goes forward, perhaps I will finally have the right situation to work with this living legend again. For now... at least I could say I had the opportunity. I guess I'm blessed!
Speaking of his camera, I know he was always taking pictures so perhaps someone could ask him if he has any of the behind the scenes to put up as gifs. God knows I'd love some. My biggest regret to all the shows I worked on is that I never took any pictures of me on the set. I never know why I didn't do it...sometimes you're just so busy that you don't think of things like that.
Congratulations on finishing up JASON. Could you give us a few details about the show? We're a curious bunch.
Also, thanks for the tapes. I almost forgot to ask what I owe you for doing all this. I've got to cover at least the cost of the blank tapes and shipping.
As for "chat" instructions, I'm a "newbie" myself. I just learned how to get on IRC, so I don't feel comfortable yet teaching someone else. However, I'm sure there are a couple of friends of mine who would be glad to help out. I'll ask them to contact you. It's not all that hard once you get everything set up.
And thanks for the Roddy McDowall stories. They're wonderful.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net :DAMN!!!! What a coup that would have been.
Patricia said a bad-word, Patricia said a bad word...
I can say any damn word I want in my damn website and if you don't like it, you can go to hell! :)
TOTGM as performed by the characters of A. A. Milne:
Jake - Christopher Robin
Corky - Winnie the Pooh
Sara - Kanga (the only female I can think of)
Louie - Tigger
Willie - Eeyore
Princess Koji - Rabbit (in drag)
Todo - Piglet
Jack - Roo
The wonderful thing about Louie
is that Louie's a wonderful thing
His monkey is nice and shiny
His crystal has a nice "ting"
He's got films and singing and vodka and gin and best of all rum, rum, rum
But the most wonderful thing about Louie Bon Chance* is he's the only one
Heeeeeee's the only one!
(*-poetic licence dictated that I could switch his name around)
Methinks Karen really has way too much time on her hands.
Karen, who's going back to her "It was a blinding light, but no heat" therapy.
It *really* was just light! Totally painless. I swear! (a lot, see above)

Stephen Collins Thought you might be interested to know that Harvey Laidman is now, as I write this, directing an episode of "7th Heaven." The cast and crew, myself included, love him. He's doing a great job, and his episode will air some time in late November (I think). We're waiting for news of a pick-up any day now. The ratings have gone up every week except for one when they ran a re-run, so it's looking good......SC
Thanks for the heads-up. I'll pass the message along to the rest of the bunch. BTW, I just found this in the Yahoo! news section:

Thursday October 31 4:15 PM EDT
Spelling Reports 1996 Third Quarter Results
LOS ANGELES, Oct. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- Spelling Entertainment Group Inc , a leading producer and distributor of television, film and interactive entertainment product, today reported its third quarter results of operations.
[bunch of boring business stuff deleted]
The Company has a total of seven television series on the air this fall, for both network and first-run syndication, including the new series "Seventh Heaven" and "Judge Judy." Fox recently ordered "Melrose Place" for the 1997/98 season and the WB Network ordered additional episodes of "Savannah" and "Seventh Heaven" for its 1996/97 broadcast season.
[more boring business stuff deleted]

So it looks like congratulations are in order!

A short time later...
Stephen Collins
As far as I know, there's no OFFICIAL order - but maybe they know something we don't know. Thanks.....SC
Oops, I snipped this from the end of the article:

SOURCE Spelling Entertainment

It was obviously derived a Spelling Entertainment press release. If anybody would know about the renewal, they would. Let's hope they weren't just jumping the gun.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net I send you this in the hopes that my failing memory of Boragora will not too badly marr the quality of this story. Not having visited that fabled isle in half my lifetime makes details more than just a little fuzzy.

It is also not meant to be taken too seriously. : )

(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Term)
Karen J. McLean

The clipper had just arrived, bringing with it only a handful of visitors to Boragora. The natives, curious, gathered around as the sparse group its way down the dock and, finally, towards the Monkey Bar.

"Why are they staring at me?" Patricia asked, feeling their eyes on her back.

Karen shrugged. "Maybe they like your perfume or something. I feel like we were on that thing for hours and hours. I tell you something. For the next leg of our journey, we're getting a private pilot. No more of this Air Bamboo for us."

Patricia smiled slightly, her eyes still on the natives, wary. "You're just mad because you had to ride in cargo." Tense, she bit her lower lip. "Why are they still staring at me, Karen?"

"Probably because I still smell like your laundry," Karen replied.

"It's not my fault my clothes are so dirty. You're the one who suggested we go traipsing around the islands. How was I supposed to know that your idea of a vacation was climbing up and down the sides of volcanoes?"

"How was I supposed to know that there wouldn't be paths to the top?" Karen shot back. "They have to have some access to the crater in order to sacrifice the virgins, don't they?"

Karen stopped and looked back towards the clipper. "Seems like a popular place," she said sarcastically.

Patricia turned to see, squinting in the growing dusk. "Well, the other passengers will probably come to this building, too." She frowned. "They're still staring at me, Karen."

"Well, make a face or something."

As the two women entered the Monkey Bar, the group of natives began chanting.

"M-o-n-k-e-y W-o-m-a-n ... M-o-n-k-e-y W-o-m-a-n ..."

The light in the bar was dim, but Karen could make out the shape of a man standing behind the bar. "We're looking for Louie."

The shape moved, then began speaking, softly, with an accent. "I am Louie. How might I assist you?"

Karen smiled and extended her hand. "My name is Karen McLean. I understand you rent rooms? We'll be needing accommodations."

"Of course," Louie replied, taking two keys from a shelf beneath the counter. "How long will you be staying?"

"Probably until the next eruption," Patricia muttered.

Karen elbowed her in the side. "Somewhere between three days and a week. Depending, of course, on how long it takes us to find a private pilot."

"You are in need of a pilot?" Louie asked, then looked across the room. "There is an excellent pilot, by the name of Jake Cutter ..."

At that moment, a tall blond man strode up to the bar, his gaze firmly fixed on Patrica and Karen.

"Jake ..." Patricia whispered.

"Trishie," he replied.

(Insert commercial here)

If you see any typos, can you fix em? I sent it, forgetting to proof-read.
I love the story! Thanks! I didn't find any typos, but I do have two little nitpicks. First, are you suggesting that the natives think I look like a monkey? I admit that I'm a bit hairy, but....
This will be expanded upon. Don't forget, that was just a commercial break. :) By the way, can you forward it back to me? I wrote it in my email program and forgot to click "copy to self".
And only immediate family members are allowed to call me Trishie and even then I barely tolerate it.
Precisely why I chose it. You see, it would stun Karen in the story to hear you put up with it, so obviously whatever connection there is between you and Jake, it's a serious one. :)
May I humbly suggest that Jake call me "Love Goddess" or something like that? Of course, that's just my personal opinion (and fantasy). :)
I'll see what I can do. :)

Garry Hancock ghancock@drake-software.com Patricia: I've been lurking for awhile now and thought I better drop and note and let you know I've been here. You really have a great page and it brings back good memories. I was 26 when I saw the show. My favorite character was Sarah.
I watched it for the action and adventure elements. That time period still gets my blood going. Swashbuckling, world travel to places few men had seen...wow!
Boragora or Bust! was my favorite episode. (Being a programmer with a degree in Geology left me biased...ok?!?!?!?)
I still love that airplane!
I'll swing through again as time permits.
Take care and have a great day.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my survey questions. I know I'm nosy, but I just can't help myself. PS I've been trying to access the Network where the Theme .wav file is and haven't been able to connect...any suggestions?
Just keep trying, I guess. If all else fails, I could e-mail you the file, but be warned, it's huge!

For all you folks who wish to send me non-electronic stuff to add to the site (pictures, stories, articles, etc.), I now have a p.o. box. My Gold Monkey snail mail address is:

Patricia Annino
P.O. Box 3028
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Tom Greene TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Well, hello again, and now I can take a breath and answer a few questions. There's are a pile more, but as some Eastern holy man once said: you can only climb a mountain by taking one step at a time.
Thank you all for your kind words about the "Jason" project. Unfortunately, you have all jumped the gun, wanting to know when it's on and who to write to... to make sure it stays on the air! Yes, if that should happen, I would love to have you all bugging the network, but at the moment, it is way, way too premature. I made a pilot which I directed and, as I've mentioned, just finished writing the "first" episode (so they can get an idea of what the style of the show would be like), but there is ABSOLUTELY no guarantee that the show will actually go to series. The law of averages is, as I've said before, exactly like going to Vegas and putting a quarter in a slot machine! So, most likely, this script that I worked so hard on (but had a ball doing!), will be the last I see of Jason! Anyway, that's also why we always have many "irons in the fire", since most of them cool off very quickly! However, if by some miracle the show actually goes forward, you all will be the first (or at least the second) to know!
The first specific question had to do with a scene that was cut from FORCE OF HABIT wherein Corky helps give birth to a child on an island. Well, now then, you're really taxing my memory... since I'm having a tough time remembering this one. I don't have any of those old, old first draft scripts anymore, soI have nothing to go back on but this 'ol head of mine.
What I do remember was the in the original story, Jake, Corky and the Nun land on an island to re-fuel, or because of engine trouble. Jake and the Nun go off to find fuel while Corky stays behind and fixes something on the engine. Suddenly he looks around and he's surrounded by natives, who look like they may just make him their dinner! I think that was an act break... as you know in script writing, it's important that all act breaks have some kind of cliff hanger so that you will come back and see the rest of the show and not switch to another station... in fact, your second act break has to be very strong, which I think this one was... since you have double the commercials, and you really have to keep the people wanting to come back. Remember this is where you think you're coming back to the show and instead you see a title with: "Tales of the Gold Monkey will be right back!" And since it's on the half hour, an audience can also switch to a brand new show on another station. Anyway Corky is in trouble, but what happens is that they see that Corky has his tool chest and they think that he's a doctor, since the only other time they saw a white man was when a missionary doctor showed up with his medical bag. They can't tell the difference between a medical bag and a mechanic tool chest! So the scene was a very sweet one where Corky is brought to their village where a young girl is having trouble giving birth. She has given up hope, but seeing Corky with the bag, and thinking he's a doctor, she has new hope. I think Jake was also in the scene, and actually helps Corky with the birth. Corky actually uses some of the tools to save the girl and the child! In the end... they name the little girl "Corky" in his honor.
The scene was very sweet and tense and dramatic, but we just didn't have the room for it. I do remember having a script-notes meeting with Don at his favorite restaurant, which was a sushi restaurant called Tera Sushi (it wasn't named after "Gone With The Wind", by the way!). In those days, if you had notes in Don's office, it usually meant there was something very wrong with your script, but if he invited you to Tera... then you knew he was happy with what you wrote. His notes were, as always excellent, and when we came to the "birth" scene he said he loved the scene, but he knew it would never make it into the final show, since my script was already running a bit long. I have a very, very bad habit of having too many ideas when I write, and like someone with a weight problem, I have a script-length problem... in that my first drafts are always too long, and I'm fighting to get them shorter. Many writers have told me they envy my problem and they are hard pressed to fill out a whole script, and say: "It's easier to cut than to add". I have to disagree! Don told me it was my call. I could either cut the scene, or keep it in, and then we'd decide if we should keep it after we shoot it. The same thing happened in the "LAST CHANGE LOUIE" show, where I wrote a scene with Faye Grant and Steve are in a church wherein Faye tells him how she was a "premature" baby and almost didn't live. It was a very beautiful scene, shot at the alter with candle light and all, and we all decided to shoot it... but it was cut! I think I actually have the uncut version of that show... by the way! Anyway, I decided to cut that baby birthing scene from "FORCE OF HABIT", since I loved the other scenes so much, I didn't want to get into a choice later of which scenes to cut. We still did have to cut a few scenes, including a scene on the stairs at night where Steve gets into an argument with the Nun, after they almost kiss. If you watch that show, there's a scene where Jake can't sleep and he's lying on his bed throwing his baseball into his glove and talking about arguing with the Nun. It may seem a bit strange, since the scene where they argued was cut! But somehow it still works!
Another question was which was my favorite scene from each character: that's a very tough one. This was one of the only shows where each and every actor was so perfect that I just loved to watch them. For Steve, there was never a moment that wasn't true, honest and beautifully realized. I'm sure after I write this I'll remember many more scenes. But if I had to make a choice, I think it would be a scene in FORCE OF HABIT, near the beginning where he's in the Monkey Bar and he sees the Nun, and recognizes her as an old girlfriend who is always playing practical jokes and dressing up in costumes... at least that's they way she used to be when he first met her. Jake sees her, and thinks she's just pulling his leg, and ignoring the warnings of both Corky and Jack... he goes up to the Nun and says something like: "Here at the Monkey Bar, we have a very special way of welcoming our guests", at which point he grabs the nun and plants a huge wet kiss on her lips. Everyone goes into shock. Jake laughs and laughs thinking he's done the funniest thing in the world, and then slowly realized that perhaps she isn't joking! I can watch that scene over and over to see Steve's acting. His emotion, from laughing his head off, to anger that the Nun won't come clean and tell everyone it's a joke, to a realization that she really is a Nun is a magnificent moment in television history. I remember watching that scene in dallies and thinking: "God, I knew Steve was good... but I didn't realizing he was a genius!" From that point forward, as I've said before I continued to write moments that only someone of Steve's deep talent could have pulled off, and he never, ever disappointed me. The scene right after that when the Nun comes to Steve at night on the pier, and lets him know that she is indeed his old girlfriend, is also a gem. At first Steve is embarrassed, then overjoyed that it is his old girlfriend and you can see in his eyes that perhaps something warm and beautiful can start over for them... and then there's a realization that she really is a Nun, and that a relationship with her is never to be. Again, magnificent nuisance in his acting! I just thought of about ten more great scenes... I warned you. Suffice it to say, I'm a major fan of his work! I will say one more, however. There is a scene in LAST CHANCE LOUIE where Faye comes to his room and seduces him. It's, again, a beautiful realized moment of tenderness, sensuality and vulnerability. Gad he's good. And so is she! A side point about that... I had written a different scene at first, which was in the script. The cast and crew were on the set, literally setting up for that scene, and I was off writing next week's show. However something inside me suddenly said: "It's not good enough". I stopped what I was doing, and in almost real time wrote the scene that's now in there. The one with the: "Oh, Jake if you do not hold me, I'm afraid I'm going to break into little pieces!" I rushed the scene to Don and told him that even though they were ready to shoot the scene as written, I think this is a better scene. Don always loved things to be improved. He agreed and I ran it to the set. We didn't even have time to make Xerox copies! Since it was the same set-up, with the same people, lighting, etc., only Steve, Faye and Jim Fargo, the director, had to see the scene! I remember them all looking over each other's shoulders to read it. Steve and Faye loved it, and with only one or two read throughs, had all the lines, and it was shot. And then the very same scene, the original right out of my typewriter was given to the script supervisor to put in her book and make her notes!
Catlin was also a wonder! I kept looking at her, and thinking she had just stepped right out of a 1930's movie. A few years later when I say the Woody Allen movie "Purple Rose", where characters from a 1930's movie literally come off the screen, I remember laughing to myself, since I felt I had experienced the same thing when I first met Catlin! She was a very rare find! Again, it's hard to pin-point any one scene... but I'd have to say, there are two scenes, almost back to back... also from LAST CHANCE LOUIE where-in she catches Faye and Steve in an embrace, and even though she loves Jake... her attitude is that at the moment it's more important to save Louie than to be a fussy jealous girl. She's beautiful in that scene. A few scenes later where she says good-bye to Louie... as he's off to get his head cut off... there's a moment where she says nothing, but just looks at Louie. Jack Whitman our magnificent director of photography, lit her so that the "cross-hatching" in her hat caused spots of light to fall on her face... as if they are tears. Catlin knew enough to move just inches back for some of the scene, and at just the right moment, walk into the "halo light", so that the "tears" suddenly fell on her face. No that wasn't in the script. That's having a cast and crew of brilliant professionals who keep adding more and more to what you write, and making you look so damn good in the process!
For Corky, yikes, again, it's so damn hard to pick one moment. But I think the moment after he burns down the goose in COOKED GOOSE is so filled with almost "Of Mice And Men" emotion that it takes the cake. In fact his performance throughout that entire episode is stunning. That kind of character is so thankless, because the better an actor you are, the more easy you make it seem, and everyone loves you, but they don't really appreciate how hard it is to pull that off! In fact, since then, I can't think of one actor who has done it as well as Jeff. And if you think about it, you rarely see a character like that anymore. There's no one to play it! And when you see his performance in BAA BAA, and in MAGNUM, you can see how good he is. Everyone just assumes that Corky is Jeff and visa-versa... but that's not the case. His other characters were very, very different. It's just that Jeff gets those characters under his skin with such skill that they become a part of him. By the way someone had mentioned all the characters that Jeff has played. Remember that they are all shows produced and/or written by Don. Don was a major fan of Jeff's and wrote the parts (at least he did in Magnum and Monkey) specifically for Jeff. He knew a great talent when he saw one!
As for Louie... well I've already mentioned that one in my last answer!
Last on that front, let's not forget the work of Les Jenkey. Les was an actually "handicapped" actor, in that he did not have any legs. They are making a big thing about several handicapped actors who work now... but Les was one of the very first... if not the first actor in his condition who was a regular in a series. He was an amazing man, and had a million other projects and careers going at once. I think he was also a travel agent, come to think of it. He really wanted to direct, and I'm sure would have been excellent. It's amazing how quickly you forgot about his "condition"! He sure never let it get in his way. I'm not sure what happened to Les, but I'm sure he's still doing a million and one things, traveling all over the world, and perhaps has even directed by now!
So much more... but again, I've just noticed the time and I have to run, and get back to making money for my horse's oats. I'll try to log on again soon and continue to answer your questions! And oh, I'm so pleased to see Harvey Laidman and Steve working together. I'm off on my ranch, but I would love to have showed up on that set for a reunion. I keep promising myself to get together with Steve, and I still am hoping to. But as is the case in this biz, you get so caught up, that it becomes so hard to find the time for the real fun things in life! But, I will get connected. Hopefully in the near future!

Marilyn Victor MVictor924@aol.com Wow! I had the day off and while the rest of the household was off doing their own thing I finally got on-line and read all of the bulletins on your webpage. Looks like some of my word-of-mouth advertising paid off. 'm blushing after all the nice things Lorie said about me--and major guilt set in as I really owe her a letter. The net may make things less personal, but it sure makes it easier to keep in touch and meet people I never would have met without it.
The idea of a TGM convention sounds marvelous! You can count me in. I helped put together a couple of fannish Trek cons (no guest stars) many years back, so if you need any help, just whistle!
Toot, toot.
I'm also glad to see Caitlin stopped in for a visit. She's a sweet lady.
We should be hearing back from her shortly. If you have any questions for her, let me know and I'll pass them along.
I need to comment on your history of what our heros did during the war. Next to Jake, my favorite character was probably Princess Koji. And I really can't see her so embittered that she'd try to ruin Jake's business, burn his house down and kidnap his baby. I can see her, however, trying to break Jake's marriage up. Oh yeah, she'd have the biggest hot tub this side of Bora Bora heating up 'specially for him. And she'd make damned sure Sarah knew about even the slightest weakness on his part!
Well, that goes without saying. :) But all those devestating years of war have changed Koji, at least in my little universe. Besides, Jake's constant rejection sure didn't help her mood!
I've also become a devoted fan for 7th Heaven. SC being in it might have a lot to do with it as I'm not normally attracted to family fare--but this one is really good. Believable stories, good acting and the one really saving grace--fabulous child actors. Those kids are so real and haven't an obnoxious bone in their bodies! In fact, I haven't talked to anyone who doesn't like it. I really hope this one turns into a hit for SC. He hasn't had a lot of luck with series. My favorite (next to TGM) was "Working it Out." That was another one that did not deserve to die.
If you to help him out, you can post your support online in the WB Network's message board area in AOL (KEYWORD: WB Net). Or if you prefer well-placed snail mail, then write to Jamie Kellner, President and/or Garth Ancier, Head of Programming at The Warner Brothers Television Network, 4000 Warner Blvd., Bldg. #34R, Burbank, CA 91522.
Leanne Shawler wrote to me about the next issue of Cutters Goose. And I haven't checked my e-mail yet today, so no doubt there's more there. Do you think Stephen could be coerced into doing a novelization of his Amelia Earhart??? No rush, of course, I know how busy he must be what with the book and the series.
I have already stated my desire to kill, if needed, to get my hands on his Amelia story, but so far, nada.
Well, gotta take one of the dogs to the groomer. Again thanks for all of your hard work in getting Cutter's Goose ready for the web and for putting out such a great web page!
My pleasure, Marilyn. And don't forget our IRC chat tonight at 7 pm ET. And that goes for the rest of you guys. If we get enough people tonight, I may consider having the chats last for 2 hours, 6-8 pm. But we can discuss that tonight.

Since the servers were jammed with people probably chatting about the election, our regularly scheduled IRC chat was useless. Therefore, I have rescheduled the chat for Wednesday, Nov. 6 from 6-8 pm ET. That gives us two whole hours to catch up on everything. Also, I'd like to talk more about plans for a 15th anniversary convention in LA. I'd like to know if anybody's interested, because this will take a lot of time and energy to plan.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net Revision to a previous posting.

The Continuing Adventures of Patricia and Karen in Boragora
The Continuing Adventures of Karen and Patricia in Boragora
(depending on who you talk to -- ;) )

(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Term)
Karen J. McLean

The bar waited in stunned silence for the next thing to happen.

"'Trishie'?" Karen asked. "I thought you wouldn't let anyone call you that except your family."

"I make special exceptions," Patricia replied. "And Jake is a special exception."

"Makes one wonder just how special, hmm?" Louie whispered to Karen. He began polishing glasses, only glancing up from time to time.

Jake grinned at Patricia. "What are you doing here in Boragora? How long are you staying?"

"I think that's up to you," Patricia replied coyly. She shook her luggage. "I think I'd like to get rid of this stuff first, if you don't mind? It's getting heavy. Then we can talk."

"Of course!" Jake said quickly, reaching for Patricia's bags. "Here let me help you." He tossed Karen an absent glance. "You have the keys to your rooms, don't you?"

And with that, he and Patricia were out the door, leaving Karen to obediently trail behind, and Louie to chuckle knowingly.

Fifteen minutes later, after Patricia convinced Jake to go back to the bar and let her freshen up, Karen decided to broach what had become the subject of the hour. Watching as Patricia very carefully brushed her hair, Karen piped up, "So, how do you two know each other?"

"Who, Jake?" Patricia murmured.

"Yeah, Jake," Karen replied somewhat sarcastically. "You know, that handsome pilot with the dimples ... Jake."

Patricia smiled as if remembering something. Then she put her hairbrush down and sighed deeply. "We're just old friends. Old ... good ... friends."

Karen tossed a pillow at her friend. "Okay, 'Trishie', enough. What gives? Were you two involved at one time, or what? Details! I want details!"

Patricia sat down in a chair. "Jake and I knew each other a long, long time ago. When he played baseball for the Duluth Dukes. My father coached him. Even after his arm froze up, he and Dad stayed great friends."

"Hence his calling you 'Trishie'," Karen nodded. "Makes sense. He would have picked that up from your father."

Patricia picked up her brush again. "As for details, there really aren't any. Nothing ever happened between us. He was involved with someone else at the time. For awhile, anyway."

Karen raised her right eyebrow. "The plot thickens." She leaned closer. "What happened?"

"He was engaged to a girl named Elizabeth. Her family was rich. They loved Jake almost as much as she did, until they found out something about him. Then they stopped the wedding." Patricia angrily tossed the hairbrush onto the table. "It turned out that Jake wasn't good enough for Elizabeth's family after all."

"What was it?"

"That's not important. The important thing is, it wasn't Jake's fault. At all," Patricia said firmly.

Karen frowned. "That's awful. How could they? How could she let them?"

"I don't know," Patricia replied. "I asked her once, but she wouldn't answer me."

"You knew her?"

Patricia nodded. "She was my cousin. Our mothers were sisters." She sighed. "Jake was devastated, of course. I don't know what upset him more, the wedding being called off or being rejected by people he had come to think of as family." She opened up her suitcase. "The day after the wedding was called off, he joined the Army Air Corps." She paused. "This is the first time I've seen him since."

A knock came at the door. Patricia moved to open it.

"Hello, there," the brunette woman said. "Louie asked me to tell you that dinner will be served shortly." She smiled. "My name is Sarah. Sarah Stickney White. I'm a singer in the Monkey Bar."

"Hi, Sarah," Karen piped up from the corner.

Patricia smiled back. "I'm Patricia, and this is Karen. Thanks for letting us know. We'll be down shortly. I told Jake I wouldn't be long."

"Jake?" Sarah repeated.

(insert commercial here)

Thanks for the rewrite. But you still didn't make the most important change. NOTHING HAPPENED BETWEEN ME AND JAKE?! He got to call me Trishie, but I didn't get any action?! How truly unfair!!!

I've just uploaded the log for most of our last IRC chat. We had to switch servers about a half an hour into it and I lost the beginning portion. However, you didn't miss much there. The majority of our discussion revolved around our proposed convention. We were thinking of holding a 15th anniversary "reunion" in Los Angeles the weekend of September 20-21, 1997. No details are set yet, but the convention would probably consist of a tour of Universal Studios (hopefully the sets are still standing), a dinner (I hope you folks have decent table manners) and of course the usual media convention stuff (discussions, videos, etc.). And, if we can get enough people to commit to coming, we may be able to talk some of our Gold Monkey VIP visitors to join us for a live chat session. But, before I ask them, I'd like to get a headcount of possible attendees. Please e-mail me to let me know if you're interested in joining us. I'd like to have an idea of how many people will attend by January 1, so we can start the ball rolling. I'll keep you updated on our progress. And don't forget to join us for our next IRC session, Tuesday, November 12 from 6-8 pm Eastern Time (Undernet, channel #TOTGM). I'd love to get more ideas from you guys about this.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net The bulletin board is awfully quiet, mon amie. I wonder why. I have a few theories on this:

1) There was snow on Mount Fuji.
2) They swam and they swam right over the dam.
3) She really was a nun.
4) Everyone's allergic to foam rubber.
5) There was sugar poured into the gas tank.
6) There are no more red bandanas.
7) Everyone is busy getting blessings.
8) The Magistrate de Justice is watching.
9) Sarah's asking colourful questions.
10) It's a warrior code.
You know. looking back over this, it almost looks like a quiz. I know *you* would know to which episode and/or situation each of the above points refers. But do the others who read this bulletin board? Hmmm...
Methinks I'll have to post this to the BB. Let's see if I can come up with some reasons of my own:
11) The generator broke down again.
12) They've all been shanghaied.
13) Sarah "mickey finned" them.
14) They're off searching for Shangri-la.
15) They're trapped in Ka's tomb.
16) They've all run off and joined a cargo cult.
17) The Amish don't use the Internet.
18) They're mining for platinum.
19) The Goose just lost an engine, and to stay in the air, they're dumping the cargo.
20) They're just too lazy to send me something!!!

Jayme Blaschke jblaschke@hotmail.com Okay, yes I'm still alive. And if A&M beats Baylor, Oklahoma and t.u., they'll make it to a bowl game with a 7-5 record and Gandy will be happy. High school football ends tonight (Friday) except for a few playoff teams, so hopefully I can start checking in regularly again. Between that and our new Central Texas Stampede hockey team, I haven't had much free time.
Excuses, excuses. See some of my favorites above.
About cons: Worldcon will be in San Antonio this September. I've already gotten my membership, so if any Monkiacs will be there, maybe we can get together. I don't know their website offhand, but you can find it through Yahoo, at least. Haven't seen much Gold Monkey stuff at other cons here in Texas (ArmadilloCon in Austin, AggieCon in College Station) but then again, Worldcon is HUGE.
I know, but we were trying to hold it in LA so we could get our VIP visitors to come along. I don't know if they'd want to go to San Antonio (no offense, pard).
What did Jake and Co. do during the war? I'm not sure on the particulars, but I believe Louie got a call from an old war buddy serving as police chief in a large Morocco city. They arrange for Jake and Corky to fly a big clipper out of Casablanca carrying an important member of the resistance, while a guy looking remarkably like Humphrey Bogart watches from the hangar with Louie's old buddy and a dead NAZI. I suspect they'll all be friends.
"You know, you really ought to write for the movies. Your fantasies are incredible." Help! Somebody stop me!! I really ought to get a life!!!

"The Arc's Corner" arthesis@voicenet.com Tales of the Gold Monkey was in 1982? 1982?!?!?!?! I remember when I used to watch that show religiously.
I feel so old now....
I know how you feel. I'm only 29, but it's downright depressing to think that the show aired half a lifetime ago. I think I'll go take my Geritol now.
"The Arc's Corner" 29? I'm 23! I was 9 when that show was on... The only way I keep remembering it is because of the star. Everytime I see the first Star Trek movie, I remember it.
I like Stephen Collins and all (and I'm not just saying that because he's a frequent web site visitor), but have you noticed that Ted Turner's stations, TBS, TNT and Turner Classic Movies, air "Star Trek: The Motion Picture" too darn much? I mean the man owns most of the movies ever made, but his channels run that movie practically daily!
"The Arc's Corner" I don't even have cable(yes, I do live in the dark ages, but then again, look at what's on TV these days) and I notice it. It seems as if everytime I get to watch cable Star Trek is on. Of course, it's better than watching his colorized versions of movies. *shudders*

Yes, it's that time again. This board is pretty full. Let's mosey on into Bulletin Board #7 and check out part 3 of Karen's fan fic, The Continuing Adventures of Patricia and Karen in Boragora.

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