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Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

The Monkey Bar was full of people as the dinner crowd came in, one by one. Jake was sitting at the bar, an expectant look on his face. He heard the sound of heels on the front steps, but disappointment showed on his face when he saw that it was only Sarah. This disappointment was not lost on Sarah, either.

Smiling brightly, trying to look non-plussed, she sauntered up to the bar and slid onto the stool next to Jake. "Hi," she said cheerily. "Waiting for someone?"

"Actually, yes," Jake replied. "An old friend from the States. From a long time ago."

Sarah's eyes widened. "It's not ... ?"

Jake shook his head. "No, it's not ... but she can tell me about her."

Sarah nodded absently, concern showing on her face. Concern for Jake, or concern for her quasi relationship? She wasn't sure

Over in the corner, two women sat watching the crowd. One was particularly taken with Corky, Jake's mechanic, who sat at the piano.

"Don't you think he's cute, Leanne?" she asked.

Leanne followed her friend's gaze. "Yes, in a ... teddy bear sort of fashion. Why don't you ask him to go play something, Lesley?"

Lesley hesitated. "I don't know ... If I do, he might ask me to sing something. I'm not as used to the attention as you are."

Shrugging, Leanne straightened in her chair. "It's not a matter of being used to the attention -- it's a matter of shutting out everything around you. Everything except the other actors and the music. Musical theatre is much easier than being a torch singer. Besides, the place probably already has a singer. The auburn-haired woman at the bar, most likely."

Lesley nodded. "You're probably right." She stood up. "Well, I think I'll go talk to him, anyway."

"Good luck," Leanne replied with a wink. "I think I'll just wait here for Anthony. He said he wouldn't be long."

Lesley nodded, then slowly walked up to Corky. She reached the piano and smiled shyly. "Do you play?"

Corky looked slightly startled, as if surprised he was the one being spoken to. "Err, yeah. I play when Sarah sings. Later."

Lesley nodded, trying to get her courage together. "So what are you doing until then?"

Looking really surprised now, Corky wiped his sweaty palms on his lap. "I ..." He tried desperately to catch Jake's glance, but to no avail. He was still watching the door.

Sensing his shyness made Lesley more sure of herself. "My name is Lesley. What's your name?"

"Corky," he replied quickly, as if relieved to hear a question to which he knew the answer.

"Nice to meet you, Corky." Lesley extended her hand.He shook her hand with his shaking one, then said "C-Can I buy you a beer?"

Lesley smiled. "Thank you. That's very sweet."

"Okay!" Corky jumped up and hurried over to the bar. He pushed in between Sarah and Jake. "Louie," he called, then whispered to Jake, "Jake! There's a lady over there. What do I do?"

"Oh, Jake knows what to do with *all* the ladies," Sarah muttered.

Jake gave her a "what-the-hell-was-that?" glance, then whispered back, "Just talk to her, Corky. You'll be fine."

"But," Corky whispered, "remember Prudy?" Then he called again, panicked, "Louie!"

Sarah rested her hand on her friend's arm. "It's okay, Corky. You'll do just fine."

Reassured slightly, Corky was relieved to see Louie stride behind the bar. "Two beers, Louie. One in a glass for the lady over there."

Louie raised his eyebrows. "For the lady," he repeated. "Have we made a new friend, mon ami?"

Corky shrugged.

"You know what, Corky?" Sarah piped up. "I bet you'll really impress her when you play for me tonight."

"Make that three beers, Louie," Corky added.

Louie looked at Jake and handed Corky two beers.

As Corky was about to walk away, Jake held his arm. Whispering, he said, "Get a table, Corky. Most ladies like to sit at tables."


Jake watched Corky return to Lesley, then turned to find Sarah glaring at him. "What?" he asked innocently.

Corky smiled uncertainly at Lesley. "Would you like to come to a table ... or something?" he asked.

Lesley smiled and nodded. "That would be nice. Thank you."

Trying his best to be his idea of the perfect gentleman, Corky awkwardly pulled out the chair for Lesley, who sat gracefully. He then sat across from her. "So, what brings you to Boragora?"

"I'm travelling to the States. From Australia," Lesley replied. "I'm with a musical theatre company."

Corky grinned. "Really? You must like that."

Lesley shrugged. "I'm the assistant to the stars. Well, they pretty much look after themselves. We're more friends than anything. The female lead is over there," she gestured at Leanne.

But Corky never looked. He was entranced by Lesley. Once she realized this, she blushed to the roots of her hair.

There was a long silence as Corky seemed to wrestle with something within.

"C-Can I ask you a question?" Corky stammered finally. "It's something I really need to know."

Lesley nodded, unsure of what to expect.

Corky took a very deep breath, then asked, "You're really a girl, right?"

Lesley sat in stunned shock for a moment, then slowly nodded.

Corky grinned a grin that lit up his whole face. "Good!"

"Don't I look like a girl?" Lesley asked uneasily.

"Oh, yes! I mean ..." Corky leaned closer and began whispering. "It's just the last time I shared a beer with a girl, she wasn't really a girl at all. You see, she was a guy, an assasin..."

Lesley's eyes widened as Corky began telling her his tale.

Over at the bar, Jake was drumming his fingers. Sarah watched him for a moment, then said, a bit annoyed, "She'll be right over, Jake."

He nodded, preoccupied, then stood up. "I think I'll go make sure she's okay."

"Jake, I'm sure ..."

Suddenly the night air was filled with a deafening scream.

"Patricia!" Jake shouted as he dashed out the door.

(insert commercial here)

Lee Sullivan PanchoSull@aol.com Boy, I thought I was the only one in the world who remembered that show. Liked the airplanes, mostly, and the dog, Jack, because he sort of looked like my dog, and Jack treated him like a person, sort of like I treated my dog Rocky. Anyway, I think a lot of the appeal was the Raiders of the Lost Ark craze. Remember, there was also a show called Bring 'Em Back Alive on another network that season, set in the thirties as well. But TOTGM ruled, mainly because there was a continuing story line with consistent character development. Also, fighting facists gave it a built-in sort of drama. Not a Gen-X thing. Anyone who liked pulps like Doc Savage or Conan, which enjoyed a big revival in the seventies, would have been into it. I was a college sophmore. Okay, who remembers this--one episode was prempted because a nut took over the Washington Monument and threatened to blow himself up? The news report wiped out the entire show. Ticked me off good. Lived for that show--highlight of the week, what with being in engineering school. Love to get tapes of it. Bon chance!
I sure do remember the Washington Monument incident. There's a great article from the Philadelphia Inquirer discussing the event and its impact on the Gold Monkey episode posted on Bulletin Board #2. As for tapes, I'm kinda swamped at the moment but check back in a couple of weeks. I should be caught up on my tape dubbing by then.

Jayme Blaschke jblaschke@hotmail.com
:I know, but we were trying to hold it in LA so we could
:get our VIP visitors to come along. I don't know if they'd want to
:go to San Antonio (no offense, pard).

Ha! That's what you think. You see, old San Antone was the site of one of the greatest adventures of TOTGM: The War Years. Yes, a band of NAZI spies had gained posession of Jack's eye, and planned on using it to finance their subversive activities in the good old U.S. of A. Jack, Jake and Co. discover the whereabouts of the spy ring, and pursue them to South Texas, where they lose track of them on the grounds of Texas' most famous landmark. Jack, though, refuses to give up. He sniffs around, and discovers a heretofor unknown trapdoor in the floor. Jake opens it, and find the NAZIs hidden. They find Jack's eye down there--that's right, in the basement of the Alamo.
See what you'll be missing?
While you go poking around the Alamo, we'll go poking around Universal Studios. Have fun! :)

Anil Sanade TecBoy312@aol.com You know I was thinking just the other day that I haven't seen "Tales" in forever. On a whim I got on the web and started checking out the TV/Movie areas to see if the show was being aired on some obscure cable channel. LO and BEHOLD a web site dedicated to this great show. Thanks for the info I will use it for the good of humanity, I swear! I will be contacting USA with a well written letter extolling the virtues of this timless show.
Don't forget all the other cable channels and MCA. We've got to write to *everyone*. I don't want to take any chances. Thanks for the support.

Well, we had our Tuesday Night Monkey Chat yesterday and, boy, was it fun! We even had a special guest show up, Jeff MacKay! Now, don't you feel terrible that you didn't stop by? You should!! You can find the transcript in the IRC chat log page along with more information on how to participate in our chats. BTW, we may have one or two other special guests come by next week, but I don't want to jinx it by telling you just who may stop in. I guess you'll just have to logon and see for yourself.

For those of you who didn't get to talk to Jeff during our IRC chat, here's a little Q&A session with the lovely, Lesley Pohl.
Did you keep anything from TOTGM as a souvenir, like Corky's cap or something?
JM: I kept the whole outfit! The hat, the coveralls, the black T-shirt, the genuine 1930's black sneakers... even the bandana! Can I help it if I'm an incurable sentimentalist?
LP: Yay, Corky lives!!

If you'd like to talk to Jeff MacKay, but can't make it to our chat sessions, you can e-mail him at his new address, boink@worldnet.att.net. About the name, boink, don't ask. And since you folks haven't been sending me any questions to pass along to Stephen Collins, I'm assuming you're just shy and don't want me to get involved. Well, fine! Be like that! Anyway, he did say I could give out this e-mail address, because it's not his primary one. So you guys can contact Mr. C at Steve10147@aol.com. Now, don't be surprised if it takes a while (like a couple of weeks) for him to reply. He's a busy guy, ya know. You think it's easy to star in an weekly hour long TV series? Speaking of that, it is now official. The WB Network has ordered additional episodes of 7th Heaven. And the ratings are rising every week. The show seems to add close to 100,000 new households with each new episode. Way to go, Steverino!

I know everyone's been enjoying the wonderful writing of Karen McLean, but did you know she can draw too? Okay, it's a matter of opinion. You decide for yourself. Below find her disclaimer and her picture.
While helping Jeff MacKay on the IRC chat, Karen got a mental image of herself helping Corky fix the Goose. This is her attempt to show us what the mental picture looked like. (See why she's a *writer*?)

Leslie Abbey leslie@netidea.com Wow! Wow! Wow! I just discoverd your web page today. I was an avid Gold Monkey fan. I guess I still am if I'm writing to you. My name is Leslie, just call me Les. You wanted a name to go with the number. Am I rambling on aimlessly? Probably.
I live in Nelson, B.C., Canada. The reason I tell you this, is that writing to a network in the states, probably wouldn't do me any good. I'd encounter the same problems I have in the past.
You see, I am in the Gilligan's Island fan club. I hear tell that it hasn't been off of t.v. since it first aired in 1963. Could have fooled me. We haven't seen it up here, (the middle of nowhere, I might add) for years. We do get a lot of American channels but knowing my luck it wouldn't be the right one.
I was wondering if you had looked down an alternative avenue. Video. It might be more financially feasable for Belisarius to release the episodes onto video vs. putting the show out into sydication. That way we can still see them over and over and over again.
If you have or haven't looked into this area, let me know. We may be able to come up with a solution.
Love your page.
P.S. My husband will not be impressed. I already have hundreds of videos. But, hey, what's another 20 or so?
On my main web page, under "Write-in Campaign - Part 2", I have the address to write to MCA to request that they offer the series on home video. In fact, I babble on a bit about the beauty of the home video idea. Now, if we can only convince the MCA suits.

Jayme Blaschke jblaschke@hotmail.com Patricia, How about "Tales of the Gold Simpsons?"
Jake -- Homer
Sarah -- Marge
Jack -- Santa's Little Helper
Corky -- Barney
Koji -- Montgomery Burns (in drag)
Todo -- Smithers (wishing he was in drag)
Louie -- Moe
Gushie -- that one-legged vet that shows up every so often
Willie -- Rev. Lovejoy

Or "Gold Monkey Wars?"
Jake -- Han Solo
Sarah -- Princess Leia
Corky -- Luke Skywalker (okay, so its a stretch)
Jack -- Chewbacca
Koji -- Emperor Palpatine (in drag. Geez, so much testosterone with these bad guys...)
Todo -- Darth Vader
Louie -- Lando Calrissian
Willie -- Boba Fett

Have you noticed that this little exercise has degenerated into downright goofiness? I LOVE IT!!!

IMPORTANT IRC CHAT NEWS!!! We've decided to switch servers from Undernet to EfNet. There seems to be less lag and more stability. Don't forget to join us next Tuesday at 6 pm ET.

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hi there Patricia,
Hi there Gayle!
I stumbled upon your Gold Monkey Page quite by accident a couple days ago and haven't been able to leave since!
Not even for food?! Wow, I'm impressed!!
I was in my mid twenties when the show aired and found it's blend of camp combined with terrific writing and memorable characters a tremendous breath of fresh air in those days of Dallas/Falcon Crest mania. I always figured that the bulk of the population may have been lacking somewhat in the IQ department, because it has always seemed if I am throughly thwacked on a program it never lasts more than a year! :)
It is a real treat to see that there were others who loved the show, and what a delight to peruse the painstaking work you have obviously put into this site. I honestly can't tell you when I have had more fun on the web!
Thanks, Gayle, but I can't take all the credit. I've had lots of help from my fellow Gold Monkiacs.
I really enjoy the comments by Stephen Collins and Jeff Mackay, I met Jeff years ago in "The Valley" at an aquarium store, though I am more than sure he would not remember me from Eve! He was a very warm and nice man, it was quite memorable.
Yes, he is a sweetie, isn't he?
I hope to join you online on Tuesday nite in your IRC chat room, I am an IRC addict and go by the nickname of ^otter^, hope to get a chance to talk with all of you then.
I hope so, too. Don't forget, we are meeting of EfNet, channel #TOTGM starting at 6 pm ET. And Jeff may show up again, too.
I do have a question for Stephen, are there any boxes of promotional materials laying around anywhere that might be made available for purchase by all of us Monkeyiacs? I personally would love love love to have a flight jacket with the shows logo on it. Also, does Stephen have any thoughts on the current trend in television to promote "family programming", shows like Touched by an Angel, 7th Heaven etc; in the 80's it was nightime. seamy soaps; and if this is indeed a trend, what commentary might he have on what that says about changing culture. (I know big question) :)
I'll pass 'em along. BTW, you can ask him yourself. His e-mail address is Steve10147@aol.com.
At any rate don't have much else now, I plan to stay active in your group as it is just plain fun, keep up the most excellent work Patricia, and hope to chat with you soon!
Gayle Talbot
da ^otter^
PS: Tell Leanne that I am also a San Diegan, and a HUGE Padres fan, how about that Camm the man!!!!!
I'll pass that along too.

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hi Patricia; I want to make sure I an clear on the IRC chat information. Please correct me if I have this wrong, you meet on efnet at 6 PM Eastern Time, in #TOTGM. Is that right?
Si, correcto.
Do you use any particular server to meet on? I have found that if all the participants are on the same IRC server it cuts out alot of problems, lag time etc as well as splits in the net. Just an idea but you might wnat to give irc.nol.net a try, It seems to be a very stable accessible server as a rule. Just a thought.
We haven't decided on a particular server yet. This is the first time we're using efnet. We had used Undernet, but were having *major* problems with them.
I would love to see a reunion of the show, course I am a purist and feel that the original cast members would have to reprise their original roles and the story line would just have to be later in order to accommodate their current ages.
I'm pulling for the TV movie, "Return of the Gold Monkey" myself. I could write the script!
Is it for real that you have the whole series on tape? If so where the heck do I sign up for copies? I have not actually seen the show since it's original run and would just love to see those delightful episodes again. Seriously let me know, I really do want to buy copies if that is possible.
Yes, I do have the whole series. However, it's of so-so quality. I'm beginning to receive better tapes. Tom Greene just sent me 5 complete episodes, with 2 more on the way. And I should be receiving complete copies of the pilot and 2 other episodes shortly. At least I'll have good copies of half the series. You may want to wait a few weeks until I can get my hands on these tapes.
One more quick thought on the IRC chats, have you thought about having them a little later? 6 PM ET is 3 PM (afternoon) here, which might make it more difficult for people like Jeff or Stephen Or Tom Greene to be with us. Again just a thought!!
Yeah, but I'm on the East coast and so are some of our other chatters. We stayed on for 3 hours last week, so that should give people plenty of time to join in for at least a little while. It's always difficult to schedule chats when the people involved are in so many different time zones.

I've been web surfing again and I came across an article about JAG from this past Sunday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. If any of you guys are interested, JAG will return on Friday nights at 9 ET on CBS in January. But check this out:

"JAG'' is the latest in a long line of Bellisario action/adventures, most of which have starred hunks with a comic touch. (Bellisario's boys include Tom Selleck, Stephen Collins, Jack Scalia, Scott Bakula and "JAG's'' David James Elliott). His office on the Paramount lot is filled with mementos of past TV battles: pictures from "Magnum''; reviews of "Quantum Leap''; a German poster from "Airwolf.'' You can even spot the original metal simian from "Tales of the Gold Monkey,'' which now serves as a coat hanger.
A COAT HANGER?! I guess it's better than a door stop. But isn't it a little small for a coat hanger? A hat rack, perhaps.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net A coat hanger? A COAT HANGER?!
This is an outrage! That's awful! I'm incensed!
I'd give Mr. B. a piece of my mind, but he doesn't even bother to read my e-mails! Well, I sent him just one, but I know he never read it. I sent it through AOL to his AOL account. They have a status e-mail option and for a whole month it read "not yet read". After a month it disappeared. Is this any way to treat Monkey Woman?!

Scott SFLYERP3@aol.com Found your web site while searching for seaplane info. I was 13 when discovered TOTGM. The Goose, Jake the ex-Flying Tiger and the adventure lured me to the show. I've been waiting for the show to come out on home video for years now. Does anyone know where I can get copies? BTW, my wife and I are expecting a boy next month and we're naming him Jake.
Thanks for your note, Scott. As for tapes, I have the entire series, but the quality isn't so hot. I'm currently working on getting complete episodes of about half the series. I don't know what I'm going to do about the other half. Better write to MCA (the address is on the main page of the site) and ask them to release the series on home video.

Joni Ransom ranapui@cccadm.gi.cccneb.edu I guess there's a spoil sport in every crowd. One of the things that always bothered by about the series was the reference to Jake Cutter's experience with the Flying Tigers. Actually,the Flying Tigers, or American Voluneteer Group, to use their poppular name, were not in existence in 1938. Chennault began forming them in 1940 or '41, and they actually didn't commence flight operations against the Japanese until after Pearl Harbor. Some Americans did fly with the Chinese air force in the 1930s, but they weren't the Flying Tigers.
Yeah, we know all that, but it doesn't really matter. Nobody ever claimed the show was realistic. Heck, the dog spoke at least three languages!!! :)

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hi Patricia, I think the idea for the convention would be great. I would suggest the San Fernando Valley in lieu of LA proper, as I have a suspicion that most of the cast and crew live in that area and it would make it that much easier for them to attend.
I used to live up there and could probably scope out some places to hold it, actually almost any of the good restaurants up there have meeting rooms so it would just be a matter of determining which one, costs etc. Also there are lots of inexpensive motels up there as well. I also have a handful of friend sup there and might even be able to get some "free" accomodations for those that had financial restrictions.
You should contact Leanne Shawler at volterra@znet.com. She's been looking into the accommodations in the area. I'm sure she'd welcome the help. Thanks.
Maybe Tom Greene or someone could find us an inside track on original souvenirs from the show? Would that be fun or what?
Oooo, stuff!! I like stuff!! Well, we know where the Gold Monkey statue is. It's in Mr. B's office being used as a coat hanger!!!
Let me know as soon as you are able to make tapes fo me and what I will owe you, I honestly can hardly wait!!
I'll let you know when I get my grubby little hands on those improved tapes.
BTW, Gayle, could you let me know whether you're reading this on the board or if you're getting my e-mails. The e-mail address on your messages bounces back as host unknown.

Dominic Antignano dantignano@worldnet.att.net I'm so glad I found your page, beating the bushes for something else ( that's another story ). I loved the show: between the Goose and Jack who could resist. I named my middle son after the blond, blue eyed hero, but my Jake is turning into Claude van Damme. Forget Cutter, you're my hero - amazing page!
I'm really honored that I'm your hero, but please, do me a favor. Don't start singing "Wind Beneath My Wings". I would have to inflict bodily harm on you if you did. :)

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hey Patricia, I HAVE IT!! I mean I really have it as far as where to hold the convention. There is a place in "The Valley" called The 94th Aero Squadron. It's a nice restaurant (steak/seafood) and it's decor is all 30's wwII flight stuff. I mean would that be cool or what. Not only is it virtually already themed properly but the"Squadron" has tons of meeting rooms as it is in a real business type area (well sort of, Van Nuys). Another Idea might be The Elephant Bar (I know, wrong animal, but it's as close as we are gonna get til Don B releases that hat rack) it is a themed type place as well and has the whole tropical/asian island type look that the Monkey Bar had. It's really funny, but the first time my husband and I went there the first words outta my face were "gee, this sure looks like the Monkey Bar." To which he replied, "Huh, whassa Monkey Bar?"
Also, it is VERY reasonably priced and a real fun environment.
Well I am sure I will come up with more madness later, but for now something to think about. I'll pass this on to Leanne as well and see what she thinks.
Thanks, Gayle. Keep those suggestions coming. I'll have to defer to your knowledge of the LA metro area. And remember, there has to be hotel space in the area, reasonably priced, of course.

Linda Sardaro LSard@aol.com Patricia, What about a Tales of the Gold Monkey convention (sort of). I would love to have some place to meet everyone and compare memorabilia. We could find a place and decorate it like the Gold Monkey Bar (maybe). What do you think, huh, huh, huh!!! Any ideas, suggestions??
Just read about a suggestion for a TOGM convention from someone else. I guess I should keep up with the bulletin boards!! Anyway, I'm encouraged that someone else likes the idea.
Well, mom can we please??
We're working on it, Linda. Right now, all we've decided was that it will be held in the Los Angeles area on the weekend of Sept. 20-21, 1997, to celebrate the 15th anniversary. If you'd like, join our IRC chat session tomorrow at 6:00 pm ET on Efnet channel #TOTGM. We'll be discussing this further. Hope you can join us.
BTW, Linda, I keep getting error messages when I try to reply to you. Thought you'd like to know.

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hi Patricia, Maybe DonB could be persuaded to part with the Gold Monkey just for us to use at the convention? Maybe Tom or Stephen or Jeff (or all three) could exert some pressure there, It would be really fun to be able to get pictures beside it or something.
I'll keep em comin' as long as they keep poppin in my head!
But where would Mr. B. hang his coat? :-)

And just a reminder to you guys. We'll be discussing our convention plans further in tonight's IRC chat. It's Efnet channel #TOTGM starting at 6 pm ET. Also, we've discovered that the Phoenix, AZ server is the fastest, so we recommend that you try that server first.

Jennifer Newburg generous@ix.netcom.com Hi Patricia! I've been seeing your "ads" (for lack of a better word!) for this site for months now and I just dropped in for a look!
First off, yes this is me!

odds are you're part of that generation that "came of age" (God, I hate that phrase)[me too!] in the early '80s. You listened to Duran Duran and Men at Work, wore your collar up, moussed your hair and had a collection of buttons (you know, those stupid pins you put on your jacket, your purse, etc.). And you used to watch Gold Monkey 'cause it was wicked cool. Don't be ashamed. Be proud. Be strong.
'wicked cool'? Where are you from??? Anyway, I've only had a chance to look at the opening page os far, but it looks great--lots of fun stuff to keep me busy when I 'elect not to work' --usually a couple of afternoons a week!
Thanks. BTW, I'm from Boston, hence "wicked". :)
My parents loved the show and it was always fun to watch it with them! Pretty much, FUN is my major criteria for whether I'll like a TV show or not and this definitely had it! I rememeber Stephen Collins (the guy who just can't seem to get a break!), the sea plane, the guy who went on to be MacGuyver's friend, and a small hut on the water. How am I doing? But what on earth did the golden monkey refer to?
keep up the good 80s work!
You were doing fine with Stephen Collins and the sea plane, but I think you're referring to Bruce McGill, who played Jack Dalton on MacGyver. However, he never appeared on Gold Monkey. I believe you're confusing him with William Lucking who played a similar, trouble-making, adventure-loving character on the show. Interestingly, I found the McGill/Lucking mix-up in the Quantum Leap frequently asked questions. One of these days I'll straighten those folks out. Also, not quite sure about a small hut on the water. That doesn't ring any bells. Sorry.
The Gold Monkey was a legendary idol that supposedly possessed heat-resistant properties. The Nazis were looking for it to develop rockets. All this took place in the pilot episode only and had no bearing on the rest of the series. I'm still baffled as to why they decided to name the entire series after it. I still love the way the Germans handled the situation. The series over there is known as "Die Himmelhunde von Boragora", which roughly translates to "The Sky-Dogs of Boragora". Now that's a title! :)

Rob Margar1028@aol.com I have been telling my friends for years about Tales of the Gold Monkey, but nobody could even remeber the show. They thought I was crazy. I told them it was the best show. Anyway. I would love to see the show back on the air. Do you know where I can get copies of shows on VHS? Especially the first show, where he lost the dog's eye in the card game and they had the argument about how many barks were "yes" and How many were "no". That was cool. Jesus, I sound like a geek.
You don't sound like a geek, Rob. If you did, that would make me head geek! Now about these tapes, particular the pilot episode, I have a copy of the pilot, but it's fading fast. However, I hope to have a complete copy from the vaults of MCA (a couple of generations removed anyway) shortly. I'll let everyone know if and when it arrives.

Linda Sardaro LSard@aol.com Well, don't keep me on the edge of my seat for too long. What's going to happen next in Karen's story. It seems last we've heard you were in some kind of distress, and Jake is ready to come to your rescue (lucky you). Will Corky ask Lesley to be his girl? Will Jake save Patricia in time? Will Sarah turn green with envy? Please, I've got to know!!
Patience, Linda. You can't rush genius. Besides, I've been badgering Karen for a while now. I wanna know what happens!!!! Does Jake rescue me? Do I get to "thank" Jake for rescuing me? I've got to know, too!!
BTW, thanks for the note about the error message. I think I've fixed it.
I didn't get an undeliverable mail error message. This is always a good sign.

Okay, folks, wait no longer. Here's part four of Karen's "The Continuing Adventures of Patricia and Karen in Boragora". It was worth the wait.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

Jake raced out the door and up the stairs leading to the balcony above. Karen was standing on the balcony in front of Patricia's room, looking at something inside.

"Is Trishie alright?" Jake demanded as he reached the door.

Karen nodded, then pointed inside.

Patricia knelt on the floor next to the tiny, almost lifeless body of a small monkey. She was wrapping him in the blanket from the bed, then began speaking to Jake without turning away. "We came back to get my purse," she began, "and a native came barrelling down the balcony, shouting 'Monkey Woman' in a high strange voice. He thrust this at me and took off."

"Are you alright?" Jake asked. "Did he hurt you? Why did you scream?"

"Startled, I guess," Patricia replied. "Besides, I'm not used to having someone hand me a dead monkey and then run away." She paused. "I thought he was dead, but he's still breathing."

Jake walked into the room. The monkey opened his eyes and cried pitifully. Jake stepped back while Patricia shushed the monkey.

"This is very weird," Karen said quietly.

"Not for this island," Jake replied.

Patricia finished wrapping the monkey and laid him down on the bed, putting a pillow on either side of him to form a sort of cradle. "I'll check back on him in a bit. I think he just needs some rest."

Karen looked at Jake. "She's a vet," she explained.

Jake raised his eyebrows. "Really. I don't think there's ever been a vet on this island. Even Jack ..." He paused. "Where is Jack, anyway?"

"Jack?" Karen repeated.

Jake nodded. "Yes. My dog. Jack. ... I haven't seen him since ..."

Patricia joined them on the balcony and closed the door behind her. "I think his fever's going down. The drugs I gave him seem to be helping."

Jake nodded, absently. Then a look of realization dawned on his face. "Oh, no," he said quietly. "I didn't. Did I?"

Karen and Patricia followed Jake as he hurried down the stairs and out onto the dock, heading for the Goose. Sure enough, there was Jack, looking out the front window and looking none too happy.

Jake opened up the side hatch and Jack hopped out. He stopped, looked up at Jake, and growl-muttered at him.

"I'm sorry," Jake said quietly.

Jack barked once.

"Yes, I am," Jake insisted.

Jack barked once.

Patricia knelt down and looked Jack in the eye. "Did Jake leave you in that plane all by yourself?"

Jack barked twice.

"That means yes," Jake began. "One bark is ..."

Patricia broke in. "I'm a veterinarian, Jake, remember?"

Jake just shrugged his shoulders as Patricia started back towards the Monkey Bar, asking Jack questions and getting answers as he trotted along beside her.

"Patricia! Wait!" Jake called.

She stopped, and waiting for Karen and Jake to catch up.

Jake took her hand. "I think we need to talk, Trishie. *I* need to talk."

Patricia looked deep into Jake's eyes. "Are you ready?"

He nodded. "Okay, then," she replied.

Inside the Monkey Bar, Corky and Lesley were still engaged in conversation.

"So you put the rum in the gas tank and it worked?" Lesley asked, incredulous.

"Yep," Corky said. "I was just as surprised as you are. B-but when we got back here and Louie tried some from the last bottle, he said it tasted like gasoline."

"That's fantastic, Corky," Lesley replied. "Tell me more."

Corky looked surprised. "Y-you're really enjoying this?" he asked.

Lesley nodded. "Yes! Please ... continue." Then, realizing how eager she sounded, she added softly, "That is, if you want to."

"Sure!" Corky replied. "Hey, do you want something to eat? You must be getting hungry."

Lesley turned to look at Leanne and was stunned to see that she was gone.

"I guess I've been deserted," she said.

"I-I'll keep you company, " Corky replied. "I-if you want me to."

Lesley nodded, smiling. "I'd like that."

Karen walked into the bar and sat down at a table. Louie walked over. "Vous etes seules, mademoiselle?" he asked.

"Oui," Karen replied. "Patricia et Jake parlent maintenant."

"Avez-vous faim?" Louie continued.

Karen nodded enthusiastically. "Oui, et soif, aussi. Avez-vous le Diet Pepsi?"

Louie smiled. "I will see what I can do for you, mademoiselle." He paused. "Do you think they will be long?"

Karen nodded. "I suspect I will be dining alone."

Louie pursed his lips in thought and then nodded. "Well, if you would like, I would be honoured to join you. If it is not an imposition, I would very much like to hear more of your French. The accent is very unusual. Canadian, is it?"

Karen nodded. As Louie walked towards the kitchen to order her meal, she found herself wondering about what Jake and Patricia were talking about.

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Poor little Lorie Schultz was having problems with the e-mail system at her local library so she had to snail-mail me this message. I hope you can read this, Lorie. BTW, if anybody else needs to snail mail me, my P.O. Box is listed on the main web page.
Lorie Shultz
First I wanted to say thanks for getting the PO BOX because it makes it easier for people without easy web access to get in touch.
And I wanted to thank Tom for giving a great retelling of that scene with Corky delivering the baby. I'm only sorry I couldn't have seen it played out. I'm sure Jeff would have played it marvelously well. I whole heartdly agree with all the other Jeff MacKay fans that he is incredibly talented. I just wish I could see him on another series. Every year I scan the "TV GUIDE preview issue" in the hopes of seeing his name listed there.
I'll confess that I never really felt that Corky was Jeff and vice versa. Partially because I'd already seen him in quite a few different roles and was well aware of the variety of characters that he played.
I'll admit that I was disappointed, sometimes, with the way Corky was presented on the show. Sometimes he was shown to be one dimensional and not too bright. I wished they had explored his character in more depth. After all how stupid could Corky have been when he was chief mechanic of a `major' airline, he could speak several languages passably well, he could fix or jury rig just about anything, he could read sheet music as well as play from memory, he learned how to fly the plane, and could read navigational maps. And of course, let's not forget the scene from Escape from Death Island where he got bitten by the snake and began to remember all sorts of things. To me the character history showed Corky may have been an alcoholic but he wasn't a stupid man. I guess I found myself wishing the writers would have expanded the character a bit more. Ah well, perhaps if they'd had another season they might have.
Okay, here's two questions for Jeff. Could you tell us a bit about "Dr. Shrinker", and an anecdote or two about your involvement with that series. Also, if you could have written any scene for Corky what would it have been about?
Believe it or not I haven't seen 7th Heaven. I don't have cable. The only service we got was lousy so we cancelled it. The area we live in is currently limiting cable service to that one company. And there is a no outside antenna rule. Since this rual area only gets one major network, PBS and Fox, I haven't been able to see Stephen's new show, much as I'd like to.
Your WWII story ideas were interesting. I haven't thought much about it myself. I imagined them joining the war effort but getting separated. Realistically the military services wouldn't have kept them together unless a high ranking officer pulled strings. I'd love to think that everyone survived the war and not been permanently disabled in the process. I'd also like to think that Corky finally got himself permanently sober somehow. Hmmm, couple of years in a POW camp might do the trick. Of course he'd probably celebrate his freedom by taking a drink and that would start the ball rolling again wouldn't it?
One girl in our group, named Shelley, did a story along this theme of yours. But what she did was place the story in the present with Jake and Sarah's daughter (I think her name was Naomi) being friends with Corky's son. The plot centered around a mystery to be solved but she did have some flashback scenes to Jake and Corky in WWII. Decent story. Wish I could find it. Like all my fanfic, it's sitting in the shed for the last 4 years because I had little need for it up til now. Marilyn had mostly the same things I did. If you're interested I could send copies along to you from time to time.
That would lead me to one major question. I have copies of TGM stories from writers who never got published in the fanzines or were published elsewhere. I don't mind my stuff being shared with TGM fans at large even if it was passed along without my knowledge, but what about those women who wrote stories and can't be reached now for their approval? I mean, is it ethically right to send out the stories to other people even if the stuff doesn't get put on the net? Problem is that some of these people might be hard to reach in order to get their permission.
Thanks once more for such a super website. This really brings back such wonderful memories.
You're welcome, Lorie. It's my pleasure. I'll pass along your questions and comments to Jeff.
Now about that major question, did these women send you their stories to be published and shared with everyone or sent them to you for your sole enjoyment? If they had wanted to share them with many others then, I don't see any harm with sharing them with one or two other people now. However, I wouldn't put unpublished stories in my site without the writer's permission. But, I don't have a problem with putting the fanzines online. We're just reprinting the entire zine electronically. I hope that solves your ethical dilemma.
I would love to read those stories, if it's no trouble for you. To make it easier on you, you could send me the originals and I could make copies at work and mail the originals back to you, if you don't mind parting with them for a few days. Write me and let me know what you decide.

Gail Sanders infomedx@owt.com Hi - I'm a book seller who just picked up a copy of "Tales of the Gold Monkey Storybook." I thought I'd see if there were any fans out there... and your web site popped up. 8^) Let me know if you are interested in the following:

Tales of the Gold Monkey Storybook. Based on the Universal Televions Pilot "Tales of the Gold Monkey" written by Donald P. Bellisario. Story Adapted by Judy Alexander. G.P. Putnam Sons, New York, 1983, First Impression, about 60 pgs. Picture book size, filled with color photos from the pilot of this series. Cover shows a little wear, a little cardboard showing along the bottom of the cover, otherwise in good condition. I'm asking $10 plus postage. ($2 for 4th class book rate, $3 for priority mail.)
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best wishes,
http://www.owt.com/infomedix/gailcat.htm -- book catalogs
Thanks for your note, Gail, but I'm not interested in purchasing the book. I had a copy of the storybook many years ago (I bought it for just $1.19!), but gave it away. However, I'll post your offer to the bulletin board area of my site. Maybe one of the visitors would like it. Thanks again.

Well, it sure has been quiet for the past couple of days. I like to think you folks are saving yourselves for tonight's IRC chat. If you'd like to join in, get the details in the IRC Chat Log and Schedule. Also, I may have mail waiting for me in my gmonkey@goldmonkey.com inbox, but thanks to some numbskull who was trying to fix a program on my work PC (not only did he not fix the program, but he somehow deleted my dial-in connection file from Netscape), I won't be able to pick up those messages until I get home from work. I hope to fix the Netscape problem tomorrow, but I need to reload the software and it's at home, over 32 miles away. In the meantime, if anybody would like to contact me today, you can use the gmonkey@goldmonkey.com address. It always good to have two service providers in case something goes wrong with one.

Paul A. Sandvig sandvigp@westol.com Great work on the "goldmonkey" web page. I loved that show, too. It was great stuff: Jake flying the Goose, etc.
One comment, though: The "THEME SONG" is very substandard. I know Karen did her best to get it.
Thanks for the web site compliments, Paul. As for the theme song, Karen originally taped it by holding a recorder up to the TV back in 1983. But, I've created a new, smaller (650K) .wav file which I will upload soon.

We held our usual IRC chat last night. You can find the log in the IRC Chat Log and Schedule file. It was a pretty quiet night, probably due to the holidays coming up. So, for the time being, I'm not scheduling a chat for next Tuesday. I'll let you know on the board and in the schedule file when we decide on a date for the next chat.

Tom Greene TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Hello again. It seems like many months since last I answered all the questions that keep pouring in. Alas I've been chained to the computer doing several more re-writes on this JASON project. I have no idea whatsoever if it will actually be made... as I may have told you, I'm working with the folks at Gaumont Television... the same folks that give you HIGHLANDER... and although they made a "deal" and all... in this biz, until I'm actually on the Argo yelling at the crew to get the shot before we lose the light... it's all just words on paper. But it has been great fun creating another "larger-than-life" TV series. I'll keep you posted.
Someone wrote to me, wondering why I didn't mention "Willie" in my character's favorite scenes answer. She was right! It just slipped my mind. He was wonderful. Although I still don't know quite what accent that was. I think he was playing a German, trying to fake a Dutch accent. You try that and see how it comes out! Of course his greatest scene was in FORCE OF HABIT, when he's confronted with the Mother Superior, asking her to pray with her, all the while trying to stop the native girl from explaining to her just what kind of "blessings" he gives her! A great moment, and beautifully directed by Harvey Laidman, again.
I already talked about Sarah, but I must mention all those wonderful scenes with Whitney in NAKA JIMA, as they would cat fight with each other. The scene in the cockpit with Jake (I had totally forgotten about that scene, even though I wrote it, until I was making dubs and saw it again, perhaps for the first time in fifteen years!) where she tries to be "civil" with Whitney is a classic! She was just lovely, and a great, great comedienne!
I was also asked what other ideas I had planned that I regretted never getting on the screen. Oh... there were many, but I think the one I remember the most has nothing to do with me, it had to do with Steve and Jeff. All the time we were doing GOLD MONKEY, they were rehearsing the classic "Who's On First" routine. They had it down word for word, with, of course Steve as Bud and Jeff as Lou. They were magnificent, and in some ways, I think, better than the original... and they asked me if there was any way they could do it in the show. I had it all planned how to put it into the last show. Since Universal basically owned Bud and Lou's material, I thought it would be easy to get the rights. Wrong. It would have cost us about as much as the budget for the entire show to get the rights! So that could never be done. However they did do the routine at the wrap party. I only wish someone had a camcorder back then!
Another question I got was from someone who said they just love to find real, REAL obscure trivia on Gold Monkey to blow their friends away, and asked if I had any. Oh, I have lots, since when you're writing, you always put in strange references of your own life, or private jokes (like Louie's tear, as I mentioned earlier) in your scripts. Names of old girlfriends, or girls you loved in High School and wouldn't have anything to do with you is very common. Off the track here, just as an example: Years before Monkey, I had written the "Bionic Boy" which was a spin off of another show I was working on "The Six Million Dollar Man". I used names from everyone in my family in that one, but one particular funny moment came when I had to write the typical high school cheerleader that the Bionic Boy is in love with (he's a high school student), but wouldn't have anything to do with him. Of course I could relate to that, since I, like most everyone, was in love with a cheerleader who would have nothing to do with me! So I used the name of my long lost love, Colleen Lightfoot (a real name, and a great name for a cheerleader, even if you were making it up!) as the girl, and sure enough I actually heard from the real Colleen after she saw the show!
But back to Gold Monkey, yikes... that is a hard one, for anything that really would mean anything. The question asked for REAL obscure references, so I'll have to think on that and get back to you. At the moment, I do have one I remember from MOURNING BECOMES MATUKA. There's a scene with Koji, worried that there's a spy, or an impostor among her, after a failed assassination attempt, is testing her guests to within an inch of their life. There is an old friend of hers from her childhood, and in the scene she is asking him where they went to lunch twenty years ago. If he answers incorrectly he will have his head chopped off. Now, the fun of it is, of course that NOBODY can remember where they went to lunch with someone twenty years ago. But she makes it worse when she asks him what they had to eat! In the original script he answers: "Chicken Salad!" For some strange reason, Don didn't like the chicken salad reference. He thought maybe it was too silly, or whatever, and wanted it removed. I thought it was funny... so I removed it, however changed the name of the guest that she is interrogating into a Russian name. Reason being... I got the Russian word for Chicken Salad, and gave the name to him! Is that obscure enough?!?!? There's lots more questions, and I promise to get to them, but since I finished my script, I always give myself a day off before I go onto the next project, so I'm off to the horses. I wish all of you the happiest of holidays!


                        ,*^^^^              )

                     _+*                     ^**+_

                   +^       _ _++*+_+++_,         )

       _+^^*+_    (     ,+*^ ^          \+_        )

      {       )  (    ,(    ,_+--+--,      ^)      ^\

     { (@)    } f   ,(  ,+-^ __*_*_  ^^\_   ^\       )

    {:;-/    (_+*-+^^^^^+*+*<_ _++_)_    )    )      /

   ( /  (    (        ,___    ^*+_+* )   <    <      \

    U _/     )    *--<  ) ^\-----++__)   )    )       )

     (      )  _(^)^^))  )  )\^^^^^))^*+/    /       /

   (      /  (_))_^)) )  )  ))^^^^^))^^^)__/     +^^

  (     ,/    (^))^))  )  ) ))^^^^^^^))^^)       _)

   *+__+*       (_))^)  ) ) ))^^^^^^))^^^^^)____*^

   \             \_)^)_)) ))^^^^^^^^^^))^^^^)

    (_             ^\__^^^^^^^^^^^^))^^^^^^^)

      ^\___            ^\__^^^^^^))^^^^^^^^)\\


              ___) >____) >___   ^\_\_\_\_\_\_\)

             ^^^//\\_^^//\\_^       ^(\_\_\_\)

               ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^

Thanks for the answers and the turkey. All right, I have to ask, did you do the turkey yourself (Pretty timeconsuming for a man who claims to be so busy.) or did you find it somewhere?

Tom Greene TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Yikes, someone just e-mailed me and told me my turkey got all squashed when you put it on the web site! Bad enough they have to get all roasted and all ... but squashed!?!
You should tell them to get a better web browser. I purposely made it pre-formatted text so it wouldn't get squashed. It looks fine to me using Netscape. The problem may be that that person's web browser does not support the pre-formatted text function. If it doesn't, then it won't read the spaces so poor little Tom Turkey looks like a spokesperson for Jenny Craig.
To answer your question... yes you're right, and I have to be honest. No, I don't have time to make something like that, and even if I did have the time, I have no idea how to do that. I have a French Briard (a massive black bear of a dog), and get e-mail from other Briard owners, since it's just a major thing to keep such a monster as a pet (yet the greatest dogs, next to English Sheepdogs in the world). A briard owner from Finland actually sent that to me (the turkey), so I passed it along. I'm not sure if he made it either, but I must give him credit.
Very kind of you. I just heard from Karen and she says it looks remarkably like one she got a year ago (I guess it didn't look squashed to her.). This little gobbler sure gets around.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all. Hope you American folks are enjoying your turkey day. As a present, I've uploaded the new, smaller (661K) theme song .wav file. I just replaced Karen's version, so you can use the same link. We all appreciate Karen's generousity in giving us a version to start with. Well, almost everybody. So in response to Paul's earlier message, here's...
Karen J. McLean
babyrain@mi.net Hi, Paul,
Regarding the quality of the theme song sound file ... Let's face it, when I recorded that episode on my trusty tape recorder in 1983, I certainly wasn't planning it for anyone's use but my own. In the days before I had a VCR, that tape recorder was the only way I could hang on to my memories of "Tales of the Gold Monkey". I never used a tape recorder to record any other show, before or since, because I never found a show I was that desperate to keep alive. Frankly, it's nothing short of miraculous that the tape has survived almost fourteen years.
Yours is the only complaint I've heard. Most people are happy to at least have something of a show they once knew and loved and may never see again. Some people actually enjoy the fact that the "ba-dum" ending adds a unique historical perspective to it. Obviously, when I was thirteen-years-old, standing beside the television, holding the tape recorder up to the speaker for a whole hour, I never thought I would one day be uploading it to the Internet so others could share it. I did it for me. Most people understand that and are appreciative. At the very least, they have the quality of tact.
Prior to your message to her, Patricia created another sound file of the entire theme, using methods and materials I did not have access to, either when I was thirteen, or when I sent her the original theme .wav file. Her file is much smaller than mine was, so it will download much faster (a concern she and I both shared). I trust you will find it more to your liking.
Karen McLean

Okay, so Karen's .wav file wasn't perfect. But her fan-fic sure is! Here's part 5 of...
Karen J. McLean


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

The last rays of the sun glinted off the water as dusk was settling over Boragora. Jake and Patricia were walking down to the end of the dock again, to have some privacy for their talk.

"Is this okay?" Jake asked, indicating some crates to be used as seats.

Patricia nodded and sat down. Jake sat down next to her. Their shoulders were touching.

"It's great to see you here," he began. "I haven't seen you since ..." His voice trailed off.

Patricia nodded. "I know. Since the night they called off the wedding."

Jake swallowed hard, remembering. "I ... I came to you. I didn't know who else to ..." He turned, looking Patricia in the eyes. "You helped me so much, Trishie. If you hadn't been there for me, I ... I don't know what I would have done."

"But you left the next day without saying goodbye," she whispered.

Jake slid off the crate and stood up. "I know. I have always felt bad about that. I'm sorry." He stuffed his hands in his pockets and began to slowly pace. "I should have at least done that, for all you did for me. It couldn't have been easy, taking The Bastard's side."

"Jake ..."

Jake turned to Patricia, a fierce look on his face. "They were all ready ... the plans were made. They treated me as one of the family. And then ... And then they found out the truth. I WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH."

Patricia jumped up and stood in front of him, putting her hands on his shoulders and looking up into his face. "Jake. Stop it."

A multitude of emotions crossed Jake's face as Patricia continued.

"You're every bit as good as they are. If anything, they weren't good enough for you! You are sincere, you take people as they are, you look after everyone else but yourself. You loved Elizabeth ..."

"I still love Elizabeth!" Jake shouted.

They stood facing each other in shocked silence, then Jake slowly lowered his head.

Patricia blinked back tears, leaning into him, for support, giving support. She took a deep, ragged breath. "I knew my being here would be hard on you. I knew the instant I saw you in the bar. I am so sorry."

"This can't be easy on you either," he whispered. "Seeing me, you knew we would have to talk about this. You knew what a difficult position you would be in."

Patricia nodded. "And I knew what questions you would eventually ask." She paused. "You've waited for her, haven't you, Jake. All this time, you've waited for Elizabeth."

He nodded silently. "I ... I always felt my committment to her was there ... I couldn't move on ... without ..." He paused. "There's a woman here ... Sarah ... but Elizabeth ..."

A single tear slid down Patricia's cheek. She knew she was about to break him in two. But she had to do it.

"Jake, she ... didn't wait for you. Elizabeth ... married someone else."

Jake didn't respond for a long time. Then, finally, he choked out one word, so low Patricia could barely hear him: "Who?"

"Come sit down, Jake," Patricia said, leading him back to the crates.

They sat down together, Jake taking Patricia's hands in his. His eyes searched her face for an answer. Then, all of a sudden, he knew. "It was him, wasn't it?" Jake nodded, clenching his teeth, his eyes narrowed. "He was always there in the background, just waiting for me to slip up. When I did, he was probably right there to pick up the pieces and ... help Elizabeth move on. It was him, wasn't it?"

Patricia nodded. "Yes, Jake. It was Colin Stevens."

Jake nodded as the realization gradually sunk in. "Figures."

"Jake, I am so sorry ..."

All at once he turned on her, jumping up and glaring down. "And where were you? Where were you, my supposed friend? Were you her maid of honor? Did you help her get ready for the wedding? Do her hair? Did you ever once remind her about me? Or were you too busy trying to catch the bouquet?"

Patricia stood up to defend herself. "Well, where the hell were you?" she exploded. "Do you have any idea how hard it was to stay behind after you'd left? Of course you knew, that's why you left!" She began walking away from him, then turned to glare at him. "Everyone knew I was the last person to see you before you left. They grilled me for days! 'Did he say where he was going?' and 'Did he say he'd be back?' and, my personal favorite, 'What did you say to him, Patricia, to make him disappear like that? How did you drive him away?'" She turned her back on him. "Finally, *I* had to leave!"

For a several moments, the only sound came from the water lapping against the dock. Finally, Jake spoke.

"Trishie?" he called softly.

She turned to look at him as he drew closer.

"I'm sorry," he whispered.

She nodded, tears in her eyes. "I know."

Jake put his arms around Patricia and held her tightly against him, placing a tiny kiss on her forehead. "Thank you," he whispered.

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Darrell Hi to Gold Monkiacs! My name is Darrell. I am an occasional surfer, via the generous indulgence of my good friend Les Jankey, whose computer I am now using. This is my first attempt at e-mail of any kind, so please bear with me on this. I found the Gold Monkey material a few weeks ago and have worked my way through all the good stuff you folks have put together. Thanks and congratulations to you all. I've read all the bulletin boards and been very impressed at the knowledge, wit and great sense of comraderie/esprit you bring to the TOTGM fandom. Have especially enjoyed the insider comments from STEVE, JEFF, TOM and others who were directly involved in bringing the show to us. Through my association with LES JANKEY (GUSHIE), I had the pleasure of being on the set a few times during the show's production and meeting some of the stars/crew. They were just exactly the kind of people that they come across as in these pages: bright, enthusiastic, talented and very commited both to their work and to their fans.
Tom Green's remarks about Les and the Gushie character were pretty much on the mark. Although I make no claim to the kind of detailed knowledge that you serious monkiacs display about the series, I do have some info to add re: Les and Gushie. I'll save most of that for a later posting, but will add these brief comments for now.
Gushie was one of the earliest and perhaps the first recurring character with a disability who was actually portrayed by a performer with a disability in a major television series. This was a breakthrough of no small importance and was quite an accomplishment for TOTGM and of course for Les. Such things require much more than mere good will in this business. Above and beyond creativity, they require courage, faith and committment from a number of different people at all levels. This includes the writers, producers, actors and directors, as well as the network suits who oversee and influence the show's development. In that regard, kudos are well deserved by Steve, Jeff, RODDY et al, Don Bellisario, Tom and GREG GEIGER. I wholeheartedly concur with Tom's praise for JORDAN KERNER, who was an ABC veep when TOTGM was developed and produced. Jordan was and is a man of considerable intelligence and charm, but more importantly (and sadly, more rare), one of substance, integrity, and principle. Thanks, Tom, for giving credit where due. We share a real appreciation and affection for people like Jordan. And while I'm at it, credit also to Tom and the other writers. They took the concept of a character with a disability in a decidedly not-accessible setting like the 1930's world of Bora Gora and made it work, both for the character and for the actor. It's one thing to have a role for such a character at all and to have that character to be regular and recurrent, but quite a bit dicier to have that character actually played by a performer with a disability. We all can cite Ironside, and Dennis Weaver's "Chester" of Gunsmoke, etc. Their particular place in this sort of thing is rightly recognized and remembered. Yet, the fact is that the Gushie character could just as easily have been seen as expendable or unnecessary, or might have been cast using a non-disbaled actor. Instead, TOTGM rose to the challenge and succeeded in creating a role that was more than incidental or minimalized. To do so with an actor who himself has a disability was impresive from any angle.
Which brings me back to my main subject, my good friend for many years, Les Jankey. You can't pull off such a thing without an actor of skill and ability. Of equal and perhaps more importance is that that performer impresses the others involved in the show with his own reliability and range, his willingness and capacity to grow and take risks, as well as (pun intended) to stand and deliver.
Although any performer, myself included, would have loved to land the part of Gushie, Les Jankey was just that sort of guy and an excellent casting choice. Once again, Tom's remarks are on the mark concerning Les, so much so that I won't expand too greatly on them at this point. His love for and knowledge of airplanes, air travel to exotic places, and high adventure were a natural fit for the show. Les brought a credibility and personal style to the role of Gushie, reflected in the series' later episodes especially. This came about in large part as the other actors and creative folks got to know Les better and to have confidence in his professionalism and talent. Les / Gushie had his fair share of fans, too, a fact that I am sure was not lost on those who make creative decisions and choices. I say that not only for the purpose of this letter, but also to encourage those of you who write to networks to continue to do so. It counts because they count.
I'll close for now with a short up-date and a bulletin. Les is still active in the business, though to a lesser extent than in the heyday of TOTGM. He will soon be opening a new travel agency, and is still involved in both the performers with disabilities and the so-called disability movement generally. (And of course, he'd still love to direct!) Here's hoping we'll see more of him, either as Gushie or in some other capacity in the biz.
On a more immediate note, Les had a major surgery this past Saturday (November 30, 1996). I am happy to report that the good folks at Cedars Sinai got him through in fine shape, five hours under the anaestheia / scalpel notwithstanding. Just a few hours after the surgery he was sore, grumpy, and in grumpy good spirits, exactly as you would expect. He was also busy on the phone to family, friends and physicians, as well as keeping the nursing staff busy, too. Now there's a guy who has a knack for directing!
When I stumbled onto this site and showed it to Les, he was amazed and delighted. I know he would love to hear from TOTGM / Gushie fans during his convalescence and afterwards, so shake off that post-Thanksgiving logyness and let him know you're out there. You can reach him at this e-mail address Jankey@mail.GTE.net. Or at Cedars Sinai by calling-310-855-7110 during the next week or so. That should get you through to his room directly (or at least until he wrangles an up-grade into Frank's or Liz' room!) I'll keep him posted daily of all your correspondence, so feel free to keep me busy with e-traffic. I'm sure Les will be logging in ASAP, too. Cards or other snail-mail can be sent c/o Cedars Sinai Medical Center, 8700 Beverly Blvd, Room N7110, Los Angeles CA 90048.
A final note for now: there's a certain vibe around a show that engenders and sustains the sort of loyalty that the TOTGM site exhibits among its creators and it fans. Call it chemistry or Karma or whatever you will, but I noted then and still do the sense of family, conviviality, pride and derring-do that was a hallmark of the series.
From a fellow Primate: Good Work, Monkiacs! Hope to hear from you soon... Darrell
Hello Darrell! Thanks for your kind words and the news about Les. I know I speak for all Monkiacs by wishing him a full and speedy recovery. I'm posting your note to the bulletin board shortly, so expect a deluge of e-mail very soon. Have you let the other cast and crew members who have visited the site know? If not, I'll pass on the news, if you wish.
Please stop by again with further news and behind-the-scenes action. We all would really enjoy hearing from the both of you again soon.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com SC Alert! He's showing up on the USA network, co-starring with Stockard Channing in "An Unexpected Family" 9pm PST ... and I've seen a short (which is how I discovered it -- I heard *the voice*, looked up, saw Stockard Channing and finally Stephen --- complete with a beard!!!
I would just like to say right here, I HATE THE BEARD! The beard, which is mainly gray by the way, is bad enough (It covers his dimples. :(), but his wardrobe in this flick is atrocious. Take a look below. YUCK!

Oh and big kudos to Karen for the latest instalment of the fanfic ... keep it coming! And Patricia, maybe when its finished it could all go on one page? Just a suggestion.
I think we'll make it the first story in Cutters Goose 3. That is, if I can ever get Cutters Goose 1 & 2 on-line. One of these days...

I know you guys have been on pins and needles waiting for more info on our IRC chats. Well, we've decided to try something a bit different. Since people want to participate, but can't make it on Tuesday nights, we're going to have *two* mini-chats per week, instead of one big chat. So, we will be meeting on IRC Tuesday night at 6 pm ET as usual, but our chat will be shorter than usual. Then we'll hold another chat Saturday at 1 pm ET (or some other time if enough people ask). Let me know what you guys think of this plan.

Sheryl Aumack seamaidpress@earthlink.net Patricia, Just logged on to your web site for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will make many returns. I'm not a twentysomething (more like a late thirtysomething) but still remember with joy the series - and kick myself when I remember that I used to have all the episodes on tape (from original broadcasts on ABC-TV) that have now gone to that great VCR in the sky. I wish I knew then what I know now about tape perservation. Anyway, I DO GET the "fX" network and will keep my eyes peeled for the series. They do love to run 1-hour action shows (do they ever!) - but usually only if 20th-Fox was the producer, but you never know (finger-crossing time). Wishing you all the best with the site, Sheryl Aumack
Unfortunately, I don't get fX, but recently they've purchased several MCA 80's action shows, including The A-Team and Miami Vice, so them getting Gold Monkey isn't entirely out of the realm of possiblity. Plus, I learned that until recently, the show was broadcast weekly throughout Asia on Rupert Murdoch's STAR TV. If Rupert can run it in Asia, why can't he run it here in North America?!

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Regarding the picture of the guy in the loud shirt and the grey beard: Are you sure that's him, Patricia? Good heavens! It must've been that blinding light that did it! By the way, I've just changed ISPs because my old one was bought out by my new one, and fixing things at the old one was simply no longer a priority for anybody. So here I am -- babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca. See you on Monkeychat tonight!
That shirt is bad enough, but did you notice he's wearing a black T-shirt underneath it and white pants?! Somebody call the Fashion Police!!! :)

John Doane jd37@prism.gatech.edu Well, here's my e-mail to confirm that I hit the TOTGM site. What a great show. It was definitely one of my favorites and I, like many others, wanted to be Jake Cutter. Actually, I still do. Know of any openings for freighter pilots in the South Pacific?
Keep up the site and let's keep pestering USA and Universal for show exposure!
Don't worry about me. I plan to pester anyone and everyone until I get my Monkey back! And if I hear of any jobs that involve flying around the South Pacific, I'll let you know. :)

Lorie Schultz VA_WHO@juno.com Dear Patricia, Love the story you are doing. It's really cute. Makes me think of a certain friend of mine (you know who you are!) who did this TGM/Fantasy Island cross universe story. It was getting really good and then she put it aside to get other things accomplished. Gave me a serious case of Scriptus Interruptus... (hint hint) Actually I fortunately happened to have saved that part she sent me and I'm hoping one of these days that she'll finish it. Hint hint some more!!! Ah well, I'm patient, I've waited 12 years so what's another year or so, right?
I'd love to take credit for the story, but it's not mine. Karen McLean is writing this. She's just letting me guest star in it. She knows how to please Monkey Woman. :)
Thanks for putting the letter in here. Snail mail isn't quick but it usually works. I'm am hoping this one will get through. My mother in law is here and currently watching the kids so I was able to sneak down to the library for a short while.
The idea of a convention for TGM sounds wonderful. But as always I am too broke to attend. Not that I can't dream so I'd like to hear more. When the group of TGM fans got together years ago at a con in NY we had a wonderful time. I'll try to dig out the photos and get color copies made up.
Ooooo, more pictures! Sounds great. Thank you. Nothing much to tell so far about this convention. It'll be more of a gathering than a convention. Right now, it looks like we'll be holding it somewhere in the LA area (probably Van Nuys), the weekend of September 20-21, 1997, just in time for the 15th anniversary. Things are far from definite, but hopefully the whole shabang will begin to take shape after the first of the year.
No problem about the stories. When I dig them out I'll send them. As I've said, they are buried (and I mean buried DEEP) in the shed. But I don't mind sharing them with you if you're interested. Many of the authors could be contacted. Cal is one I lost touch with and she was a prolific writer. I know she stills lives in Alexandria VA because I recognized her name in a letter column in Sci-Fi channel magazine. Most of them were sent to me because I was the 'technical editor' for Cutter's Goose. At that time I knew just about every fact there was so stories would be sent to me for fine tuning on those points. Plus I happened to have owned the Grumman Goose Repair manual/schematics so was able to provide that info as well. I also did some small contributions to the zines, a little artwork and a story "Seeking Solace". Not much compared to what some people were doing. Unfortunately I am not big on quirky ideas. I can write the characters pretty well but the writing gremlins (as Cal used to say) never bit very often. I managed to finish a novel called "The Blood of the Lamb" which was done up as a first draft, brain to paper, and typed up for correction but it never got all that far. Several friends reviewed it and said it was good although there were continuity mistakes which I can't remember right now. This was an otherworldly, fantasy type story featuring Corky, Jake, Louie, Sarah and Jack. I hope to get it typed into the computer one of these days. I'll share that one as well, if you're interested.
Of course I'm interested. A whole novel?! Wow! Maybe with a little fine tuning, we could put it up on the web. But I shouldn't make any promises. It's taking forever to get Cutters Goose online. I shudder to think how long a novel would take.
Time to run now. Looking forward to more great TGM stuff in the future.
Lorie Schultz - VA_WHO@juno.com
P.S. This is a free e-mail service and you can reach me privately there if you want.
I hope this works. I'm posting your note and your e-mail address to the board. There may be one or two other people who'd love to chat with you.

"David Wilson, esq." Nutz2@concentric.net It's about time that someone, anyone tried to talk some sense into the t.v. executives. Tales of the Gold Monkey was a great show. Keep it up-The Raven.
Thanks. I plan to.

DcNitehawk DcNitehawk@aol.com HI there! I ran across your page and felt compelled to write. I know that there were alot of comparisons drawn between the TOTGM show and Bring 'em Back Alive, which aired at the same time.
My wife is a big fan of the Original Frank Buck...you know, the real guy who brought back animals from Africa for zoos. She also thought that the show with Bruce Boxleitner was okay, but she really likes to collect the old "premium" stuff that they released for the original guy.
What I mean to get to here is, do you know of anyone in your various contacts who might also be into Frank Buck? It would be interesting to get them and my wife communicating.
If you can help, please let me know!
I can't think of anybody off the top of my head who would fulfill your requirements. Most of the people I've come across who watched Bring 'Em Back Alive were kids at the time and probably had no idea that a real Frank Buck actually existed. In fact, the only movie I've ever seen that featured Buck was "Africa Screams" starring Abbott and Costello. (I know he made several documentaries, including "Bring 'Em Back Alive" [1932], but I've never seen them.) However, I'll post your note to my bulletin board. Maybe there's somebody out there who'd like to chat with your wife.

Schedule change! We won't be holding an IRC chat on Saturday as originally mentioned. That chat has now moved to Sunday, December 8, at 3 pm ET. Hope this doesn't mess anybody up.

Also, I've been getting lots of requests for videos. While I'd love to help everyone, right now I'm swamped. So, could you guys hold off e-mailing me with tape requests until the first of the year? I'll never remember everyone who's asked for tapes and I'll feel bad about forgetting someone. Thanks.

Harvey Laidman Harveyl@concentric.net I just wanted to let you know that I'm keeping up with the Gold Monkey site - even "on the road" (I'm here doing "Savannah"). Tom's remarks bought tears to my eyes!
(The first time I met Roddy, I was an assistant director, and I delivered some script changes to him at the legendary Chateau Marmont. Four years ago, he starred in a "Matlock" I directed. He's an incredible actor and professional.)
The experience on 7th. Heaven was most enjoyable and gives me great enthusiasm for the future of alternative network television. Steven, as ever, right "on-the-money" and the team leader. Really looking forward to going back.
But the reason for this is to tell you that I do have a modest web site: HTTP://www.cris.com/~harveyl, I'd like to put a link to the Gold Monkey site there.
Hi ya, Harvey! Long time, no e-mail. Great to hear that work is going so well for you. Just checked out your web site. *VERY* impressive! Puts my little ol' site to shame. I'd be honored if you put in a Gold Monkey link. I'll put in a link to your site in my Other Cool Links section. Thanks for keeping in touch.

Bryan and Carol DIE6DIE6@aol.com Hi! Patricia, We are Bryan and Carol. What a great Web page you have created! We believe that it is Web pages such as yours and ours that make the Internet worth exploring. We have added a link to your page on our Wings Hauser web site.
Thanks, you two. I feel honored, especially since Wings never appeared on the show, though he probably would have if the show had been renewed for a second season.
We were both ardent fans of "Tales of the Gold Monkey" and particularly Stephen Collins. Have you been watching "7th Heaven" on the WB Network? It is a family show and a great showcase for Stephen's talents. (long time coming, since it is his fourth prime time series)
Well, if you want to get technical (and I always do), 7th Heaven is Stephen's seventh (appropriate) attempt at a successful series:

1) Tales of the Gold Monkey (1982-83)
2) Tattingers (1988)
3) Nick & Hillary (1989) - the revamped, sitcom version of Tattingers
4) Working It Out (1990)
5) On Seventh Avenue (1995) - unsuccessful pilot that NBC later aired in 1996 as a TV Movie
6) Sisters (1995-96) - really just a reoccuring guest role
7) 7th Heaven (1996-present)
Okay, I admit that I had to be a little creative to get there, but let's hope all those 7s are lucky for him.
Wings Hauser has appeared with Jeff Mckay in two films: "Frame Up" and "Frame Up II" which are reviewed on our Web site.
Wings has also appeared in "Airwolf" and "Jag" both Bellasario productions.
Best Wishes - - Bryan and Carol
P.S. This is strictly from Carol: "Who could resist tall, blonde, and those dimples?!"
Judging from all the mail I've received, not many of us! :-)

Angus W.J. (Ron) Robertson awjrfam@mail.cyberus.ca Hi, Patricia: While I was Canadian Ambassador in Finland (1980-1984), then a single parent with two young children, this was one of the few programmes that was available (only two TV channels!) that I and my children used to watch. It was corny but we all enjoyed it (as we had "Battlestar Galactica".) I was surprised to find your web page while reasearching a project on Negro theatre in Peru! Since I was using WebCompass at the time, which doesn't show URL's, I dont know how to bookmark/favorite your site. I'ld be grateful if you would e-mail a detailed address. I would also like to know what became of the star, since there's nothing about him since '82.
Thanks very much for your note. The URL for the main web page is index.html. This page provides links to all the different pages in the site. Judging by your note, it seems you stumbled onto the Stephen Collins biography in the Annual section. I don't have enough time to run down everything he's done since 1982. He's starred in numerous TV movies, miniseries, etc. Right now, he's starring in the TV series, 7th Heaven, which I don't think is airing in Canada. He can also be seen in the hit movie, "The First Wives Club" as Diane Keaton's ex-husband. And he has been known to stop by the web site and talk a while, but he's been busy lately. If you want to ask him something, you can e-mail him at Steve10147@aol.com.

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hi Patricia and all my fellow Monkiacs, I had a major computer crash that has kept me off the net and away from the site for about 3 weeks. It will take me a bit of time to get caught back up, but I am sure glad this monster is running again.
I won't be able to be at the chat session tommorrow which really bums me out since I have been waiting to join for weeks now. I have a dentist appointment unfortunately so will have to get caught up by reading the logs. Well that's all for now, any news on ordering copies of the series? I am really anxious to do that Patricia so let me know!
Welcome back, Gayle! Hope you can join us either next Sunday or next Tuesday for our MonkeyChat. As for tapes, I'm still swamped with stuff, so I'm asking folks to hold off asking for videos until after the holidays. Sorry if this ruins any gift giving plans.

Bill Bain Oakcliff01@aol.com Patricia: Just found this website right now, and I just wanted to thank you so very much for preserving information and pictures from what I think was definitely one of, if not the best show on the air in the 80s. Since it's not on in reruns in my area, looking at the stills from the show really brought back a lot of great memories from the times that I would look forward from one week to the next to see the next episode of TOTGM. To be honest, once I started thinking about it , I had really forgotten just how GOOD the show really was, and it also came back to me that I used to have a MAJOR crush on Sarah. Funny how things like that just pop back into your memory. Well anyway, thanks again, and if you ever want to chat, call me. Bill Bain - email Oakcliff01@AOL.com.
Thanks for your note, Bill. The main reason I created the site was because I was feeling very nostaligic for the early 80s and the show just brought back so many wonderful memories of that time. Glad it brought back some good memories for you too.

Lorie Schultz VA_WHO@juno.com Dear Patricia, What fun! I'm so glad we found out about Juno. I can't get onto the website of course but at least I can communicate quicker this way and it doesn't cost me nearly as much as the post office.
Have you been to the post office lately. It's going to be a zoo there for the next 2 weeks!
As for the novel. I am planning on typing it onto disk. It's about 215 pages with 1.5 line spacing (mid way between single and double space.) I don't know if I can transfer a whole disk that way or not, through the e-mail. I am so new to this. I suspect you can't without fancy footwork. At this point I have two left feet!
When you get it all typed up, you can either send it in pieces, or just attached the file to an e-mail. Attaching the file is the simplest way. And you don't need fancy footwork to do it. Your e-mail program probably has an attach function.
Oh sigh. How I'd love to go to that convention. I tried to dig up my photos the other day and didn't locate them though I know the general vicinity. I have a mess of older photo albums in a cabinet and they are all piled together. But you should have seen us. What a hoot. Marilyn was the Collins fan so she made herself Johdpurs (spelling) and had an Air Force cap and a leather jacket. She even has a cigar in her mouth for a few of the shots. I dressed up as Corky of course and had short curly hair. White coveralls, black t-shirt, black socks, black sneakers like he had. I wanted to find an old rag to make it complete and dug around my car trunk. Came up with an old pinkish rag. Turns out to have been the perfect color! I even packed his alternate outfit (not that I ever wore any of it again after the second con we went to). One Roddy McDowall fan dressed up as Louie. Karen dressed up as Sarah . It was funny how we were all part of this little group and we eached favored a different character. I was so into getting dressed up for the costume contest that I bought stuff for a fake 'beard' but found out I left the glue remover home!!! Grr..... So I did this thing with a dark pencil instead. Looked real enough from a distance but I'm amazed I didn't get lead poisoning in the process. When we got up on stage at the first con (me and Marilyn) there were around 500 spectators. The place went crazy!!! No kidding. They knew who we were, almost every one of them. Then they shuttled us over to an area where photographic backgrounds were set up so the amateur photogs. could snap shots of us. We were pretty popular with them too. I guess we really looked the part.
I am so sorry I missed all that! Makes me want to set that Way Back Machine to the early '80s.
By the way, did you ever see the TGM story book. It was one of those hard cover thin books they sometimes produce for kids like for Star Wars. Oh sigh! It's so frustrating having everything buried. It'd take me hours to liberate it from the shed.
I bought it back in 1985 for $1.19, but gave it away years ago. There was someone who was selling a copy for $10 plus $3 shipping and handling. Talk about inflation! I'm not sure if she sold it yet or not. I'm kicking myself for parting with my copy in the first place. But Lesley sent me a photocopy of the entire book, which is good enough for me.
Karen did quite a job on that little story of hers. Our little TGM/Fantasy Island story wasn't done by me either although I am the co-lead in the tale. I hoped to get my man until the story got waylaid. I'm hoping she'll finish it some time. The difference in her story is that she gave Corky a bit more of an agressive personality. I suspect she was writing this with Jeff MacKay in mind rather than Corky, not that I minded.
Hope you're not jealous that he's with Lesley in this story. :-)
Well, hope to be in touch again. W/B (write back) when you can.

Yes, I think it's time again to start another board. So, just in time for the holiday season, I present Bulletin Board #8.

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