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Jayme Blashcke jblaschke@hotmail.com Hey hey hey! It seems that Mr. C is no longer the only published author on the Monkey page. I just got a letter today from Interzone, the largest SF magazine in England, saying they want to buy my story "Project Timespan"! Profoundly cool. Perhaps in time I'll even stop bouncing off the walls.
Congrats, Dude!!! But does this mean that you won't want to chat with us "little people"? I hope not. We don't hear from you nearly enough. BTW, sorry about the Aggies. Not quite the football season you were hoping for, huh?

Well, we held another IRC chat last night and it was basically just Karen and me again. Therefore, I'm postponing the chats until further notice. There just doesn't seem to be much interest on your part to warrant me wasting my valuable time. I know people are busy at this time of the year. So am I. So, we may resume the chats after the first of the year, but I want to make sure there's a demand for them. Please e-mail me and let me know if you want to keep the chats or are they just a waste of time.

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hey Patricia and other Monkieacs, I checked the IRC chat logs from last nite as soon as I got up and I am sorry to see that there is not more interest. I am a bit of an IRC addict and have even managed large channels (via protect bots) on a 24 hour basis, and I have a few suggestions which may be helpful (by the way I will DEFINATELY be there Sunday at 3PM ET barring another hard drive misfortune).
Great! The more, the merrier. I think we now have 4 confirmations.
One of the biggest dilemas in having a regular chat time that is scheduled is of course finding a time that is most conduscive to the optimum number of people. The 6PM Tuesday time is VERY difficult for those of us on the west coast as that is like the middle of the work day, so I think you may be prohibiting alot of people from attendinmg just based on that. A far larger percentage of people are available on weekends so I think that may be a start. In addition I think that the earlier in the day on a weekend that a regular time slot could be arranged would also be helpful as people tend to want to go places etc on weekends. I have found after two years of addictive (I admit it, I need help :) ) IRC that a regular schedule for a meeting, say 7 or 8 AM ET works really well on a Saturday and enables more people to attend. 7 or 8 AM Saturday Pacific time is 11 or noon. It confines the chat time to the morning before people move into the business of weekend play and also isn't so early that it's prohibitive for those on the east coast.
We finally arrived at the 6 pm ET because it was the most convienient time for tthe three main chatters, Karen, Lesley and myself. If we held the chat later, it would be really too late for us by the time it was over. I'm on the East Coast, Karen's in New Brunswick (an hour ahead of me) and Lesley uses a PC at her work since she doesn't have a home PC. Because I knew that Tuesday nights were bad for some people, we decided to also hold a weekend chat. We had to pass on Saturdays (Karen works on Saturdays), so we decided on Sunday. We arrived at the 3 pm ET (noon PT) since it gave people time to go to church or run errands. I know these times aren't the most convienent, but it's the best we could do.
If anyone would be interested in trying this let me know on the boards or via mail as I would be happy to set the channel up with a header ans well as operational modes. I am a reasonably good channel operator (lord knows I have had enough practice) and perhaps if we tried a time like this in an establised room we could generate more interest. Also it is possible to set up a 24 hour TOTGM channel if we would like, again via a 24 hour protect bot.
I don't think we need a 24 hour channel, but if you'd like to run a chat on Saturday mornings, please feel free. If you wouldn't mind, could you also log the chats for posting? I'd appreciate it.
Again, I really hope we can try some different approaches to this chat thing as I do think it is really fun as well as conduscive to moving the convention/get together idea forward.
I prefer to call it an "informal gathering". But, like I think much of the chat problem right now is because everybody's busy with the holidays. I have a feeling that things will pick up after the New Year.
Meanwhile, I will be there Sunday for sure and hope to see you all then as well. Let me know about the Saturday/Time etc as I would be happy to try that if you wish.
Thanks for all your suggestions and your help. I really appreciate it.

Carl Allison I'd be real interested in obtaining TOTGM on vieotape it it ever becomes available. As to writing in, in theory, I'm not even supposed to use the e-mail from my job, and where I live is dixie-cup and string technology so it's out of the question. I probably won't get strung up for this mail, but you never know. TOTGM reminds me of my high-school days when I spent 2 years in Vientianne, Laos, where my father was flying for Air America circa 1965-1968. There were a lot of ex-Flying Tiger guys, mercenaries, spies, wacko's and the whole shebang. Even the bars had the air that TOTGM portrayed so well. Well, the bars did, I just wasn't in them, I was 15. There was even an old (non-flying in 1966) DeHavilland Dragon Rapide, circa 1937, with over 100,000 flying hours.
The whole Air America thing was very much a combination of TOTGM, Terry and the Pirates, Steve Canyon etc. typical of the genre. And it was real!!
Years later, my father wound up flying a Ford Trimotor in Las Vegas and Grand Canyon and once let me take the controls. Like the Goose, they're incredibly valuable and rare, and me not being a pilot (or a fool) let it continue on it's already pre-trimmed course. Still it was a thrill, and that happened just before TOTGM aired. I still miss the show. I can't think of one without the other.
My wife wouldn't appreciate it, but I always thought that Caitlin was one of the most attractive tv stars, but she apparently disappeared from the crt in the 80's, so I was surprised to see that she visited the bulletin board, which I assume was this year.
Thanks very much for your note, Carl. I wasn't sure if I should respond via e-mail or not (I don't want to get you in trouble.), so I decided to err on the side of caution. From your message, I assume that you read the board, so here's my reply. About the tapes, I have copies of all the episodes in varying degrees of quality. I just received beautiful copies of the first three episodes from my mystery man at MCA. However, I'm swamped making tapes, buying Christmas presents, making a list, checking it twice, finding out who's naughty or nice...well, you know how it is at this time of year. E-mail me after the new year, if you can, if you're interested in getting copies. If you can't e-mail me, you send me a note to the P.O. Box listed on the main web page. As for Caitlin, yes, she wrote just a few months ago, but I haven't heard from her since. From what I understand, she doesn't have an e-mail account of her own and is borrowing a friend's account. She's probably too busy to try to arrange another connection.

Lorie Schultz VA_WHO@juno.com Dear Pat, Thanks for the recent letter. You put at the top Michael A Schultz wrote: etc... I was wondering, didn't I sign my name? Actually, the email is under Mike's name only because he's the one who set it up and I haven't bothered yet to set up my own email address. So seeing something from him only means that's it's really coming from me (Lorie). Personally, he has no interest in TGM. He's much more into Dr. Who (hence VA_WHO) and STar Trek etc than TGM. Both of us are SF fans so this email address really does fit us both (You should hear our answering machine message, we actually have people telling us that they got a wrong number but they wanted us to know the message was cute).
The e-mail system I have automatically refers to the person named in the original e-mail. I've manually changed it to Lorie now, so you and Mike won't get confused. :)
I tried to get into the library this past Weds. evening as usual but the poor worker there said he'd been there since 7AM and was closing at 7:45. Which is about when I typically show up. So I haven't gotten any news from the BBS in about 2 weeks and so much goes by so fast.
Good news though is that I've finally gotten in touch with Lesley and it's great being able to talk about Jeff to someone who loves him as much as I do (and probably more than I do). Lesley says she would be willing to type up the novel. She has done a good job of tempting me into sending it to her and I probably will although I really should type it up on my own computer so I make my own corrections. If she types it up herself it'll still need to be done on mine. Well perhaps I'll loan it to her for quick reading and THEN start typing it onto a disk.
Or Lesley can do the grunt work (she just loves typing up Gold Monkey stuff!) and you could do the proofing. After all, the author shouldn't have to do *everything*. But, Lesley's computer time has been severely curtailed by her weenie employers (or as we prefer to call them, Boogerheads!), so I'm not sure if she could find the time, but we'll let her decide.
Oh! The Way Back Machine. I remember that!!! I recently tried to dig up some of those photos from the con but couldn't find it. I think as soon as I get all the presents under the tree (and out from the closet) then I can look for the albums. My kids have a walk in closet filled with 'you name it'. I have a white two door cabinet in there which houses books, candles, and mostly photo albums.
Yeah, I did keep all my TGM stuff. Funny how so many fans unloaded their things and yet I kept mine. I actually have two copies of the TGM story book in the shed. I still have every story Karen V sent me (their really funny) and every story Cal Lynn sent me (wish I could get in touch with her again). Don't know if Karen would want her stuff published though. She was kinda insecure about it even then. Karen had a real knack for writing funny dialog.
I won't publish anything that hadn't been published before without the author's permission, but I'd really love to read those stories when and if you find them. And maybe, with a little luck, the authors will find the site (Heck, just about everybody else has.) and will gladly let me put their stories on the web.
About the story with Lesley and you -- that's okay, I'm not jealous, nah...not jealous...(#@&*@%) Truthfully, I'm not, although I wish 'our' fantasy island story would get finished so I could get Corky as well.
You could finish it yourself, you know. Kind of a collaborative effort. Or maybe I could finish it, though I'd feel that I was betraying Lesley in giving Corky to another woman. :)
Hope to be on the website this coming week, even earlier than usual. W/B when you have time.

MacKenzie Williams saj@ix.netcom.com Hey, I caught your Gold Monkey site just on a whim...It's great! I mean, here I was going nutso, because I remembered (and adored) "this" show, and yet no one I knew seemed to remember it... I thought it was just a blank memory or something. I was only 9 when the show aired, however, so I only have vague recollections. I thought the Samurai was great and the bar brawls were classic! I, too, wish they'd have it on again--They still show Aaron Spelling's kaka (I am sick to death of Love Boat!), fer cryin' out loud. So how come the bigwigs can't put on anything "old" and DECENT?? Public demands, I suppose. I grew up on TV and really miss shows like TOTGM and (don't shoot me for this) Fantasy Island. As for the 90s, I am probably a Sliders fan (due to John Rhys-Davies perhaps--the pulp-adventure king!) and I can live with all of the X-Files (clones et al) reruns...But other than that...I mean, when Savannah comes on (Spellingschmelling) I always seem to make a LONG break for the john...
Thanks for the memories!
MacKenzie Williams
You're welcome, MacKenzie. We're trying our best to get TOTGM reruns back on the air, but it's an uphill battle. And I have to admit that when I was a wee lass, I too used to watch Fantasy Island, along with The Love Boat and all those other Aaron Spelling shows of the '70s. But, the only new Spelling show I watch is 7th Heaven since Mr. S. has been kind enough to employ TOTGM vets Stephen Collins and director, Harvey Laidman. BTW, Harvey's first (They just *have* to have him back!) episode of 7th Heaven aired last night and it was great. Of course, I turned off the TV when Savannah came on. :)

And now, to get us into the holiday spirit, here's a little poem from Karen McLean, babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca.

The Night Before Christmas
(Boragoran rendition)

'Twas Christmas on Boragora, and outside of the bar
Not a vehicle was stirring, not even a car.
The generator had blown; there was no spare,
And the smell of gasoline hung in the air;
Willie's "converts" were nestled all snug in his bed,
While visions of blessings danced in their heads;
To Pat with her banana, and me with my pop,
The journey by plane was a mere island hop,
When inside the bar there arouse such a clatter,
We ran from the clipper to see what was the matter.
Through the doors to the bar we flew like a flash,
And then skidded to a stop, ending our frantic, mad dash.
The moon coming through a hole in the roof,
Caused the terrier to look up, startled, and woof;
Then what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But a festive mechanic, and eight empty beer,
With speech slightly slurred, and his thoughts a bit dorky,
We knew in a moment it must have been Corky.
More rapid than eagles his Monkiacs came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and called them by name:
"Now, Lesley! now, Karen! now, Pat and Lori!
On, Leanne! on, Bill! on, Linda and Corey!
To the top of the bar, to the top of the wall!
Now, dash away, dash away, dash away, all!",
We watched this performance from the corner of our eye,
When finally we had to smile up at the sky,
Over by the piano, there rose such a wailing,
It was Sarah the spy and her arms were flailing.
We were scared of her singing; we didn't want to listen,
So Pat made fun of her, the sly little vixen.
As I drew in my breath, and was turning around,
Down the stairs our friend Louie came with a bound.
He was dressed impeccably from his head to his foot,
But his clothes were a bit smudgy with ashes and soot;
A concealing scarf he wore round his neck,
And he greeted us both with a welcoming peck.
But I was drawn to the pilot! his dimples how merry!
His eyes like the sea, his drink had a cherry;
His droll little mouth was drawn up oh so sly,
We had to wonder if he belonged with the spy.
The stump of a cigar he held tight in his teeth,
And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath;
He had a warm smile and a firm furry chest
And I could only imagine what I'd do with the rest.
His dimples made me think of a mischievous elf;
And I drooled when I saw him, in spite of myself.
To a wink of his eye, I responded in kind,
With impure thoughts foremost in my mind.
But he yelled at Corky for drinking ere work,
And I couldn't help wondering, "Is he really a jerk?",
But Pat caught his eye from across the room,
Her beauty shone brightly from out of the gloom.
Jake sprang to his feet, and let out a low whistle,
Away he and Pat flew like the down of a thistle;
But I heard him exclaim, ere they disappeared from sight,
"Free drinks for all, and to all a good flight!"

And in keeping with the Christmas theme, you can hear the present I gave to Karen. It was a stuffed monkey I picked up at K-Mart that makes the coolest monkey call. The WAV file is 140K, but it's crystal clear. And speaking of WAV files, I'm going to start adding WAV files of some memorable lines/moments from the series. I'd love to have some suggestions from you guys. Let me know what you'd like to hear.

Marilyn Victor MVictor924@aol.com Hi! I just logged into your website and caught myself up. I loved the poem. That was fabulous. And I'm enjoying Karen's story. But where's the rest of it? Got to read the rest!
Don't we all! I wanna know what happens between me and Jake!! But you can't rush talent. Just be patient.
I tried getting on the chat line Tuesday, but can't seem to be able to connect from AOL. Any suggestions? Course, after reading the website, I see you've suspended them till after the holidays. Probably a good move. And I like the idea of having them on Sundays. A lot easier for me at least. And may I make a suggestion? When you've posting info about meeting on the chat line and all, it might help to say the exact date you're speaking of. I know you mentioned one on Dec. 8 and that helped immensely, as someone like me, who doens't log on every day hasn't a clear idea as to what date you're talking about.
You can log on using AOL and mIRC (You can use another IRC program, but I'm more comfortable with mIRC, and it's available in AOL's software library.) by connecting to EFNET: US, America Online. You can't log on to any other Efnet server with AOL. And when I mention chats on the board I'll try to remember using dates, but I usually post those announcements early in the morning before I start work and have my morning coffee. I'm lucky I can even type at that hour. Besides all dates and times are listed in the IRC Chat Log and Schedule Page. If you ever get confused about the chats, all the info is there.
I also plan to call Karen Valentine today and see if it's OK to publish some of her other stories. I'll get copies of them from Lorie S. and see if I can type them up myself and use them for Cutters Goose #3. She has a great sense of humor. In fact, she and a friend redubbed "High Stakes Lady" renaming if "High Stakes Slut" (Karen never likes it when Jake is interested in someone besides Sarah). There's a lot of inside humor, and it does get a bit long, but there are some real priceless bits in it. If you're interested in, I'll see about dubbing a copy and sharing it with you--with Karen's permission of course. But I can't see her minding.
Sounds fantastic. Thanks. I'm sure I'll enjoy the tape. And poor Karen must not have liked quite a few of the episodes. After all, Jake did have a tendency to play the field. Let's see, there was the Amish widow in 'The Lady and the Tiger', the Duchess in 'God Save the Queen', the High Stakes Slut, and he got pretty close with the nun in 'Force of Habit'. I'm sure Karen knows if I'm leaving any of Jake's conquests out.
It was really good to see Les Jansky mentioned. I always liked the character of Gushie. Hope he's out of the hospital and all (another instance where a date would be helpful). I'd really love to e-mail these guys, but I haven't a clue what to say. I'm so into trying to be original and not asking something they've been asked a hundred times before.
I haven't heard from either Les or Darrell in a couple of weeks. I'll try to put dates in somewhere without it detracting from the board. Of course, I could be nasty and just tell you to check in more often, but I'm not that kind of Monkey Woman. :)
I also would love to see the sound bytes added to the page. I just discovered these little snippets of sound and have been having a ball customizing my computer. Right now I've got all of the Looney Tune characters welcoming me (ah, what's up doc?), saying good bye (ttt..ttthat's all folks) and assorted insults from Daffy and Yosmite Sam whenever I make an error. It's great. And driving my business partner nuts. He never knows what to expect when he sits down to the computer. Just wait until Monday morning when Darth Vader tells him "You should not have come back." He's going to kill me. Well..,. you can't let business get too serious, right? And as far as Tales goes, you have to have the "Don't let the bedbugs bite" in there. And make them short. I found some great sound sites, but they're too long to add to the computer as error messages and such. And Louie and his famous..."For the want of a eye the bar was lost." or whatever that saying was. He was a great character. They all were. God, I miss that show. I just may have to spend Saturday night watching the reruns (ohh, the exitement of the single woman's life).
I hope to make the WAV files this weekend (Yeah, I'm a single woman too.). I've gotten some really good suggestions so far. And the Louie quote went: "For the want of an eye, the temper was lost. For a want of a temper, the peace was lost. For a want of a peace, THE BAR was lost." You know, I really need a man in my life!
Well, gotta go. Have a Merry, Merry Christmas and a Lively New Year. Talk to you later.
Hope to talk to you tomorrow, Sunday, December 22 at 3 pm ET. And here's a little Christmas card that I'm sending around. I don't know who created this, but I got it as an interoffice e-mail. It's a 33K DOS application with graphics and audio, so I'm not sure if it's Mac compatible. Happy Holidays!!!

Mary Fanning LETRMAN NF@aol.com Had a great time reading all the info in your site. I really liked this show. So did my husband. I have to admit to being a little older than everyone else seems to be. I am in my 40's now. But the show was fun, had some adventure, romance, and (I'm old enough, and I don't care if it is sexist!!) a stud in Stephen Collins. My other favorite SC apperance is in JUMPIN JACK FLASH. Can't help it, I love that movie and laugh all the way through it. I would take your survey, but I honestly don't remember any episode names. I remember all the characters, wished our dog was as smart as Jack. It was just a fun show. Nice to look at and didn't need to strain your brain figuring out the plot. I remember one episode where Jake was standing in the rain, I know it's a tropical island, what are the odds of rain? I remember he sure looked good wet!!! Later...........Mary Fanning
Thanks for your note, Mary. If you'd like to refresh your memory about the episodes, you can check out my episode guide. Not only does it list the episode names and descriptions, but I also have links to the original scripts! Or maybe you'd like to look at some pictures on the pics page. Stephen Collins does look studly in a few of them, though I believe he's dry in all of them. :) Come back often.

Jake lapsys@nevada.edu your page rules!!!!! I love that show and I love you for making a page of it!!!!!!!!!!!!
FINALLY!!!!! Jake tells me he loves me!!!! Okay, wrong Jake, but it's *something*. :)

Leslie Seibert bkwrm1216@webtv.net Glad to find other fans. Will be writing to all suggested networks come my vacation. Hooray for the word processor. And I like your tone.
Thanks for your note and your support, Leslie.

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Hi Pat! Wow! What a KEWL website! Jeez. Golly. I haven't thought about TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY in ... oh ... *ages*! Like many of those posting on your bulletin board, I watched the show when it originally aired (and still have well worn tapes from off-the-air recordings). In fact, GOLD MONKEY inspired me to write some fan fiction, (two stories of which appear on the pages of CUTTERS GOOSE 1 and 2).
I loved the show, loved the adventure and wonderful characters, thought the actors were fabulous, and loved the fandom/friends that came from the show. (I was most *definitely* a Corky fan ... just ask Marilyn or Karen or Lorie ... or read the fan fiction I wrote for CUTTERS GOOSE.) I really miss the show -- which is why being turned on to your website (thanks, Lesley!) was such a treat! Better still, it's great to see all the input from the cast/crew of the show. I saw Caitlin in September of '95 when I was in LA and she looks absolutely *fabulous* (but then, she always *does*). It seems Caitlin and I have "bumping into each other" every 2-3 years down to a fine art. (She loses my phone number, I misplace her phone number, she moves, I move, we rediscover our phone numbers and call each other... you get the idea!)
So thanks, Patricia, for bringing back some wonderful (and very fond) memories! I'm looking forward to frequent visits to your site!
Thanks, Cal. I'm looking forward to your frequent visits too. The more, the merrier. I'm also planning on someday (whenever I can finish formatting these stories) uploading the entire contents of Cutters Goose 1 & 2 to the site. I hope you don't mind some of your fan fiction floating on the web. Also, if you have any other stories that you'd like to share, I'd love to post those also. We're a sharing, caring bunch. :)

Mary Fanning LETRMAN NF@aol.com Ask me to come back and I will. I agree with what I've been reading....enough of Love Boat and all that other garbage the networks keep showing. They run this stuff until you want to hurl. I would love to see TOTGM back in reruns. With my advanced age I would think they were new shows!!!
By the way I did check out the episodes the other day when I first discovered your sight. In fact I spent 2 hours at your site. My husband came to see what captivated me for so long. When I told him, he said "cool show", the highest of compliments from him. He would like to see it on again too. So consider those letters to the networks written.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. Mary
Thanks for the support, Mary. And don't forget to thank your husband for me too. Have a Merry Christmas and stop by again soon.

Stan Polinsky polinsky@jeeves.wes.com Hi Patricia, I was amazed to find your Tales of the Gold Monkey Web page via an Internet search on my name (trying to clean up old addresses).
Where did you get all the information about the series? Did you work on it?
I spent all summer in 1983 polishing the sound for the two hour pilot (the season opener and Emmy nominee). I was the lead post production (Rerecording) mixer (I handled the dialogue and music on the final dub, and did most of the presentation sound tracks leading up to the final product. Tenny Sebastion and Mike Casper handled the sound effects on the final mix.
FYI, it is traditional to list the Lead Rerecording Mixer's name first, and then the other mixers following on screen credits. Unfortunately, both academies have chosen to list all mixers in alphabetic order during ceremonies.
I should tell you that it was really rough working with Don Bellisario on the opening scene and the twin engine Goose's take off sounds! Don had just seen Raiders of the Lost Ark and wanted the Goose to sound bigger than life and to shake the dubbing room (and subsequent ABC network's screening rooms). I had to diplomaticly explain the limitations of the dynamic range of broadcast sound and the 3-5" speakers in home television sets, but he wanted it to get the audience's attention immediately! We finally solved the take off sounds (thanks to Sam Shaw) who came up with the sounds of a B-29 bomber and replaced the original sounds of the Goose with them. That's all it took, and we used the same B-29 sounds for the rest of the series.
The next really big challenge was the scene in the cave with the waterfall running in the background at the same sound level as the dialogue, and, of course a pitch and texture change occured at every edit. It was a nightmare but after many iterations of filters and our trusty Dolby CAT 41a noise reductiction device the scene was audible and sort of smooth.
Working on this pilot almost burned all of us out with all the loud sounds, picture and sound changes and comments from the network. We worked 16+ hour days on the last version and finished up early in the morning of the day it was to air. The sound track had to go to the network on magnetic media due to a lack of time.
I could go on forever about the post production adventures of this series, but it bores most folks.
FYI, I also did the Magnum 2 hour pilot, the Simon and Simon 2 hour pilot, the Murder She Wrote pilot, the Knight Rider pilot, along with many episodes of those and Battlestar Galatcia during my stay at Universal. I also did many of the Universal features from 1979-1984. I had to retire from the studios for health reasons (my body couldn't take the long hours and all night marathons week after week). I currently work in the world of software development and technical support.
Good job on the web page!
Wow! Thanks for your note, Stan. First of all, I had nothing to do with the series whatsoever. At the time, I was just a 15 year old fan attending high school in Massachusetts. I am blessed with an excellent memory, and started the web site with just a few facts that I remembered from watching the reruns on the USA Network in the late `80s. Fortunately many other people have given me information and pictures to include in the site, including several cast and crew members who, like yourself, stumbled across the page and decided to write. However, I got the information regarding the Emmy nominations from a book called "TV Facts" that I found in the reference section of my local public library. As for your post-production stories, I'm sure I speak for the rest of the Gold Monkey fans when I tell you that we'd love to hear them. Those great details really set this web site apart from other fan sites. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make a TV series, and I want the people who read my web pages to know that and give credit where credit is due. My web site wouldn't have been possible without people like you who helped make a show that still brings wonderful memories to many people. Thank you very much and come back again soon.

Lorie Schultz VA_WHO@juno.com Pat, Finally got on the computer here at the library again. Hubby is off from work this week and I cut out briefly to visit here...ahhhh!
Sorry about all the confusion with the stories. Actually when I was talking about sharing them and asking if that was 'legal'/ethical etc. I wasn't meaning handing them over to you to print on this sight. I was talking about a situation where someone like yourself would say, oh, I'd love to see that persons story. And I was curious about whether it was ethical even to share it privately with another person. THAT was what I was curious about. I already realized that someone may not like there stuff suddenly showing up on the website. Sharing to me meant more along private lines.
Just read a previous response to you about a theme restaurant. I grew up on Long Island and we had one in Farmingdale called "The 56th Fighter Group and that one was also done up with photos, memorabilia etc from WWII. They even had the building designed to looked bombed out. An old airplane sat in the yard as did a WWII ambulance. They played 40's music while we dined. It overlooked the airfield. Pretty cool.
Nah! No desire to finish that story. It was my friend's baby and I keep hoping she'll do it herself. However, I'll be passing along my story to Lesley. It was way too long for Cutter's Goose because it was 215 pages and naturally I FULLY understood Marilyn not wanting to print something so long, so it just kinda lay around until recently. I'll be happy to share it later on (once Lesley retypes it) with anyone interested.
CAL I can't believe you finally got on this sight. Do you know how many Christmas cards I sent that never got a response and finally the tenant in your old place wrote that you no longer lived there. I think about you constantly and have wondered how you've been. Especially now that I live about 90 minutes away from you. It's really good to see you here. I wasn't sure what happened to you but was reading Sci Fi magazine one day and saw your letter in there. Another Jeff fan to join us! It's great!
Still no access to 7th Heaven. That's the pits about living in the middle of nowhere. I get 3 channels and that's it. Sigh. Sure I could get cable but where I live there are restrictions on cable providers and the one we had delivered terrible service and reception so we dropped it.
Looking forward to Cutter's Goose #3
Well, Lorie, it'll be a while before we get Cutter's Goose #3 together. Maybe it'll be done in time for our "gathering" in September. I'm still working on getting the first two issues online. It's slow going, but it's coming together. As for the stories, do with them what you feel is best. I don't see any harm in sharing them with one or two fellow fans, but it's your call.

Jenny Sands jenny.sands@iniaccess.net.au WOW! All my dreams have come true! This is the first thing I have ever looked up on the net. My survey answers:
1. I didn't watch the show at first....my dad told me to watch it, that he and my brother loved it and that it was just like Raiders. Having not seen Raiders and thinking it wouldn't be to my liking I didn't watch it. BOY did I kick myself when I finally did see it. I was 10.
2.I watched it because a schoolfriend told me how gorgeous Jake was (and she was so right)
3. I loved everything about it. It was corny, romantic, action packed. I loved the time period, the plots.......And I had my first ever crush.....I fell in love with Jake (and boy, did I fall hard).
4. I liked the episode where Jake was in the prison camp and they had him in the corrugated iron pit. His comrade didn't make it and died before rescue.
5. Oh I loved Jake. Completely. Utterly. (It was tragic). I must say I thought Sarah was too thin and a bit of a pain in the neck.
EXTRA CREDIT: I had to look you up. I really loved this show like nothing else. I even wrote a letter to our regional TV station when Tales was taken off the air asking if they would please return it. They said NO (and dashed my hopes) but suggested that they would soon be screening some other shows that I may like......The A-Team, Bring Em Back Alive and of all horrific shows MANNIMAL. Do you remember that one? Michael York would undergo some Incredible Hulk like metamorphis and change from a man to an animal.
Also Hello to Ashley in Melbourne....I live in Newcastle Australia where NO-ONE has pay TV. I also have the TOTGM annual.....I saved up my pocket money and paid $6 for that rare treat. I still flick through it every now and then and gaze at Stephen Collins in his YELLOW jumper. I also have (somewhere) a poster of him from the TV week (an Australian magazine) and an article on Stephen Collins being into transcendental meditation, loving steamed vegetables, fresh fruit and early nights. (This disapointed me terribly). He also mentioned that he was a" borderline diabetic."
Anyway, thanks for this page, I promise to be a devoted reader!
Thanks a lot for your note, Jenny, and the details of undying love for Stephen Collins. It looks like you've only just started to read through the bulletin boards. Not only will you find messages about experiences similiar to yours (I think all of us young girls had crushes on Jake), you'll also find messages from cast and crew members, including The Gorgeous One himself. I don't mean to frighten you, but he has been known on occasion to read through the boards. Imagine my shock when he first stopped by and then me realizing that he read that I called him a "studmuffin"! I also have practically the entire TOTGM Annual online, and yes, I have the picture of Stephen and his yellow jumper (that's sweater to the American Monkiacs). Hope you stop back often.

Pat or Lin Morris brummor@ctg.net There was a statement that USA Network may pickup the Gold Monkey. Has there been any progress. There are a number of Gold Monkey Fans where I work and we would like to see it on. If we can help by sending an e-mail to someone let us know.
We've been trying for months to convince some of the cable networks to rerun the show, but so far we haven't made much progress. On the main web page of my site, I list 3 channels to target, USA, TNT and fX, along with ways to contact them. I'd really appreciate it if you would e-mail and snail-mail these guys and tell them what a brilliant idea it is for them to air Gold Monkey again. Thank you for your support.

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Hi Patricia --
> Thanks, Cal. I'm looking forward to your frequent visits too. The
> more, the merrier. I'm also planning on someday (whenever I can finish
> formatting these stories) uploading the entire contents of Cutters Goose
> 1 & 2 to the site. I hope you don't mind some of your fan fiction
> floating on the web.

Nope, I don't mind at all. If it's okay with Marilyn, it's fine by me. In fact, some fan fiction I wrote recently for "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" was just put on the web about 2 weeks ago, so I'm getting used to the idea of lots of folks being able to access/read something I've written -- *and* their ability respond just as quickly!
> Also, if you have any other stories that you'd
> like to share, I'd love to post those also. We're a sharing, caring
> bunch. :)

Thanks. I'll have to dig around and see what GOLD MONKEY stories are lying around that I may have finished but never published. Actually, I think there might be one or two; and about a half dozen in various stages of completion --- which I never finished because it didn't seem as if there was anyone interested in reading them any longer!
BTW, if you hear and/or see email from Caitlin, would ya please tell her Carolyn in Virginia says hello and where the heck did she get to *this* time?? My phone number's still the same ...
I will, but it sure has been a while since her first note. I sure hope she hasn't forgotten us. But someone who hasn't forgotten you is Lorie Schultz. I just heard from her yesterday. Guess she'd love to get back in contact with you. To be honest, I never imagined when I started this site that I'd reunite so many people. This is really neat. :-)
Thanks muchly! Happy New Year!
Happy New Year to one and all!!

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Wow! A fellow Novocastrian found the site! (Jenny Sands). Is that completely cool or what? I've already emailed her ... I wonder what else we have in common?
Anyway, her remark about the SC pinup has inspired me to relate the following. completely embarrassing story -- SC if you're reading this skip to the next message NOW! :)
My friend and I formed a two-person Stephen Collins fanclub ... we had a set of rules, which I've since lost and forgotten, all except one: every night before we went to sleep, we had to kiss our TV Guide pinup of SC (as Jake Cutter, complete with cigar in mouth) ... *blush*. I only had a photocopy of the poster, incidentally ... and if I remember rightly there was a staple hole on his jawline ... or a photocopy of one in my case! Well, enough rambling. I really must write Linda and tell her to get on this site sharpish (but I'll have to wait for her to email, as I've lost her address!). She probably remembers the rest of the rules!
I would come up with another of my typically, witty replies, but how am I supposed to top that story?! :)

Jake lapsys@nevada.edu OK, this is the second time I am e-mailing ya about your page,but this time I want to ask a question... Can I put a link from my page to your's? I always like to ask first. Check it out it's at:
Thanks again for the Monkey page!
You're welcome again, Jake. And I'm always grateful to people who put in links to my site on their page, so feel free. Thanks for asking. BTW, I checked out your page. Yes, it is truly bizarro. Gee, is the Gold Monkey link gonna go on the same page as the links for K-mart and the Psychic Friends Network? Wow! We've hit the big time! :-)

Important news about this Sunday's chat!!! The December 29 IRC chat will begin two hours later than usual. It is now scheduled at 5 pm ET. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience to anyone. If you'd like to join in, check out the IRC Chat Log and Schedule page for more details.

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Last I heard, Caitlin didn't herself have a computer but was using a friend's. That's probably why you've not heard from her. I'm sure she'll pop back in. Just as I'm sure she'll remember to give me a call sometime. I'd call her, but the phone number's changed again. She moves around alot.
So I gathered. I did hear from her friend, Linda, nearly two months ago saying that Caitlin was trying to find time to jot down her answers to a couple of our questions. Haven't heard from either of them since, but I haven't given up hope.
I emailed Lorie a few days ago but haven't heard back yet. I owe a big thanks to Lesley Pohl for tracking me down and and bringing your GOLD MONKEY site to my attention. Since then I've heard from Marilyn and we're in the process of catching up on what's been happening since we lost track of each other. Now that I'm thinking about it, I should also give Karen Valentine a call. Haven't talked to her in ages!
Thanks for helping putting so many friends back in touch!!
You're welcome, Cal. Now I know how Robert Stack feels when "Unsolved Mysteries" reunites missing friends and relatives. :) Really, I think this is wonderful.

Lorie Schultz VA_WHO@juno.com Dear Patricia, Sent you an email today via the computer at the library. Mike was off today and I decided to get a bit more time to myself down at the library although I only wound up having about 45 minutes before I needed to leave. Figures, that's what comes from having to run a bunch of errands first.
About having Lesley type my novel. I've spoken to her about it already. Actually she made the first offer of her typing services and I'm going to take her up on it since I haven't been able to get around to it myself.
Thanks for the advice on finishing our Fantasy Island story. I'm hoping the author will become inspired and do it on her own. I wouldn't feel right about taking over for her since she alone knew the plot (and it did have a mystery plot). But it got cut off just as it was getting good and I wanted to see where she'd take it next and if she'd actually write some hmmm...sexy scenes in there.
As for showing stuff from other authors...like I mentioned to you on the website, I never meant publishing or showing it on the website. I was just wondering how it would work if someone like yourself asked to see, say, Karen V's work, and no one could reach Karen for her permission. Would it have been ethical to share it one on one, friend to friend, or would I have still needed permission. I mean, if Marilyn shared with you an unpublished story of mine and you just wanted to read it for the heck of it then I certainly wouldn't care. I'm not sure what I'd do if I suddenly found it on the net. Me personally, I wouldn't have been offended as long as it wasn't being made fun of in some way. In our own small group years ago, we were all writing to each other so the issue of passing around stories for private enjoyment was never a problem or worry. We weren't strangers to each other. "Permission" only became an issue when the story was put into a zine. Things are a bit different with a wider audience, like you have now, which is why I asked the question in the first place. Cal Lynn was the only really prolific writer in the group who couldn't be reached, but now I see she's been in touch with your website (hurray) so that eliminates another problem.
Take care, hope you had a happy holiday
Yes, I had a happy holiday. Thanks for asking. And speaking of Cal Lynn, I just finished answering a message of hers. I hope you answered the message she sent to you. Also, I like to think the folks who frequent my site don't make fun of other people's work. We're not a mean-spirited bunch. We're a fun-loving crowd, so we'll enjoy any story anybody decides to share. Have a happy new year!

Megan Reilly EPONINE@prodigy.net Oh my gosh, I was surfing the web and thrilled to discover this Tales of The Gold Monkey site!!! I thought I was the only person who loved this show and remembers it, and watches "Curse of the Gold Monkey" [the only one I have on tape] at least 3x a year. :) So I just wanted to say thanks!!! And ask permission to put a link to your site on my website? Is that OK?
Sure, Megan. Thanks a lot for the link. I'm glad you like the site. BTW, I'll be posting your note to my bulletin board along with a link to your site, http://members.aol.com/eponine119/.

John & Mike Stone sjohn@triax.com YES!!! Wow, I can't believe I found a web page dedicated to one of my favorite shows, "Tales of the Gold Monkey!" I tried to do the search for the show earlier at Yahoo, but all I got was a bunch of pages about a show about the Golden Monkeys of China on PBS. But it's so cool to see someone actually went through all the trouble to put up a web site to TGM. Just like the other fans of the show, I too thought I was the only one on the planet who remembered the show. Mike (my twin brother & great fan of TGM) and I read through boards #1-5 without stopping when we found your page. It's cool to hear what other die hard fans think of the show after 14 years (now that's dedication!). It's especially interesting (& surprising) to hear Steve, Jeff, Catlin and the rest of the gang behind TGM talk about the show. You also mentioned in the boards that you had all(!) of the episodes for TGM available for the fans of the show. Since we didn't have a VCR back in 82', we need those episodes badly, so let me know how much they are, their general condition (did you get those uncut TGM episodes from Tom Greene yet?), and your mailing address so we can watch those episodes as soon as possible. We'll do the survey, come up with a few questions for the stars, & talk some more about TGM in our next E-mail. Anyway Patricia, we'd like to congratulate you on your excellent TGM web site and say hello to all of the TGM fans & stars out there in cyberspace! This internet stuff is great!
Thanks for your note, guys. About the tape situation, here's the deal. I do have all the episodes, but only half of them (the first three and the last seven) are "good" quality (clear picture, complete and intact). The other half are copies from the ABC or USA Network telecasts. These episodes are a bit fuzzy, missing opening and closing credits and may have a gap here and there, but are still viewable. I'm willing to make copies for anybody, but of course it's time-consuming and I've gotten a lot of requests, so people will have to be a bit patient. First of all, I'll need to know which episodes you'd like (I assume all of them) and on what speed do you want them taped. I can get 2 episodes per tape on SP, 4-5 on LP and 7 on SLP. All I ask in return is the cost of the blank tape and postage, which usually comes to $3/tape. Just e-mail me with what you want exactly and I'll put you on my list. Don't send me money until I tell you that I'll be able to start making your copies. I don't want a lot of people to send me checks and then wonder why they haven't gotten their tapes soon after. Remember, this is not a business. I'm just making copies so fans can enjoy the show again. Personally, I really want Universal to issue the show on home video. It would really make my life so much easier.

For those of you who wanted to download the log for the December 29 chat, I'm sorry. Just Leanne and I showed up so we cut it short and I decided that the log wasn't worth posting. I'm not sure if we'll be holding a chat next Sunday (if anybody wants to chat, please let me know), but we'll definitely be holding an IRC chat on Tuesday, January 7 at 6 pm ET. Hope you can join us then.

Karen McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca > For those of you who wanted to download the log for the December
> 29 chat, I'm sorry. Just Leanne and I showed up so we cut it short
> and I decided that the log wasn't worth posting.

I'm sorry. I tried to get home in time. (sniff) The Goose couldn't have made it through that fog, either.
I'd better get that next installment done, eh? :)
If you'd rather just leave me in Jake's arms, Karen, I won't mind. ;)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@mi.net


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

The Monkey Bar was filled with people as Jake and Patricia came back inside. Gushie turned to Jake, "Can I get something for you and the lady?"

Jake nodded. "I'll have a beer, and ..." he turned to Patricia, "a Diet Pepsi for my friend."

Gushie looked apologetic. "Sorry, Jake, but Diet Pepsi is pretty scarce*. The lady over in the corner got the last one."

Patricia turned to see her "friend" Karen basking in a caffeine-induced afterglow. She shook her head and sighed. "I guess I'll just have to have a beer, too."

"You haven't changed," Jake said. He turned to Gushie. "What's going on over there?"

Gushie followed Jake's glance. There was a cluster of people at a table in the corner. Louie, Lesley, and Corky were sitting down, along with some man Jake had never seen before.

"Poker game," Gushie replied. "I think Corky's new friend is winning."

Lesley grinned and scooped the winnings into her purse.

"You're pretty good!" Corky exclaimed in admiration. "Where did you learn to play poker like that?"

Lesley shrugged. "You get bored travelling with a musical theatre group. Besides, poker is almost universal." She turned to her victims. "Care for another hand?"

Louie shook his head. "No, mon amie. I think you have enough of my money for one evening. I must get back to work." He smiled, pushed his chair back from the table and stood up. "I think we have all met our matches tonight."

The stranger slowly nodded in agreement. "Hmph." He got up and stalked away.

Corky stared after him. Noticing, Lesley tapped him on the shoulder. "Corky? What's wrong?"

He frowned slightly. "I'm not sure. I-I think I remember him from somewhere."

"Maybe you just think you know him?" Lesley offered.

Corky shook his head. "No. I know him." He began walking towards the door. "I'm going to see where he's going."

Lesley caught up with him. "Wait for me!"

They rushed past Jake and Patricia and out the door.

(insert commercial here)

*especially since it hadn't been invented yet -- author

Thanks for the latest installment, Karen, but how come YOU got to have the last Diet Pepsi?!!! :)
KM I gave you Jake! (For a few minutes, anyway.) How many sacrifices do you *need*?! :)
(Pele was a pushover compared to Monkey Woman)
Sure, now I have to go through both Jake and caffeine withdrawal! :)

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Happy New Year!
It's getting off to a good start! Lorie and are are back in touch and, thanks to Karen Valentine (you'll find several of her stories in CUTTER'S GOOSE), I was able to get back in touch with Caitlin O'Heaney! (BTW, Caitlin hasn't forgotten her promise to answer those questions! Things have been hectic for her lately, but rest assured that she has every intention of getting back to you.)
Also, I was checking out the latest messages on BB #8 and had to laugh when I saw Lorie's mention of my having been the most "prolific" fan fiction writer of the CUTTER'S GOOSE "group". Back then, I was cranking out GM stories (mostly centering around Corky) right and left! I'd be hard pressed to say who was the bigger Jeff Mackay/Corky fan ---> Lorie or me. (I'm betting on *me*, of course!)
Ya know, I *still* have several stories on disk in various stages of completion which went by the wayside because, after the series was cancelled, folks started to drift away. (Believe it or not, one of those "almost finished" stories explained how Corky of GM was the father of the conman "Mac", who looked just like Lt. MacReynolds, both recurring roles Jeff Mackay played in MAGNUM PI.) My fanfic tended to center more around the friendship between Jake & Corky and Corky & Sarah than the more popular romances about Jake/Sarah, Jake/Koji, and/or Jake/female-guest-star-of-the-week. I guess that's why I now mainly write fan fiction for genre shows like Forever Knight and Hercules. It's those partner/buddy types of relationships that get me hooked on a series every time -- and what attracted me to GOLD MONKEY.
<*sigh*> It was a great show. It deserved more than one season...
Wishing you and yours a safe and happy 1997!!
Thanks, Cal, the same to you. And thanks for letting me know that Caitlin is fine and still remembers us. As for your stories, if you'd like to share parts of them with us, I'm sure everyone would really enjoy that. Now, if I could just find the time to finish formatting those Cutters Goose stories and get them online. I know, I keep promising everyone I'll do it, but it's SLOW going, especially at this time of year. And when it comes to just who is the biggest Corky fan, don't forget our official Corky correspondent, Lesley. You three ladies will have to hash this out amongst yourselves. :)

Megan Reilly EPONINE@prodigy.net Hi Patricia, Sorry to bother you, I'm sure you must be busy. I've been reading the bulletin boards at your site and they are fascinating, especially the technical information. I wanted to ask if you could maybe sometime find the time to dub the eps for me, too, I realize your wait list must be long. Let me know, OK? I'd love to watch again.
Well, I may not be able to get to make copies for you for a few weeks, but I have no problem making copies for you. Just let me know which episodes and at tape speed you'd like.
I had two questions, as well: do you have a spot for fanfic on your site and I missed it? I'd love to read other peoples' stories. I saw the Annual, but I was wondering if there was more - I saw references to it in the bulletin boards.
I'm working on it, VERY SLOWLY. With lots of help from Leanne Shawler and Lesley Pohl, we're scanning and transcribing stories from two fanzines, Cutters Goose 1 &2, that were published by Marilyn Victor back in the mid-eighties. However, these zines are huge and I wanted to get at least the first issue all together and then upload it all at once instead of piecemeal. It's turning out to be a very daunting task, but I'll get it done or my name's not MONKEY WOMAN! :)
My other question is about the poem in "Distant Shout of Thunder" which has been banging about, half memorized, in my head for years - was it written specifically for that episode or is it by someone famous I should have heard of?
I'm not sure who wrote it, but we can ask the episode's co-writer, Tom Greene, who's a regular visitor to the site. And if it's really driving you crazy, here's the poem:

When you hear the warning bell, the hounds of hell,
that trumpet the trembling terror of your fears.
Just close your eyes, and you'll realize,
it's but a distant shout of thunder in your ears.
I would have posted this straight to the bulletin board, but I didn't see a way to, so I emailed you instead. I liked your 'Monkiac" [great term, btw] quiz and thought I'd answer it a bit. :) I watched the show when it was on the USA network, and I was about 12. I'm told my family liked it when it was originally on ABC, but I was only six or so, and don't remember. I initially watched it because my mom had this tendency to order my sister and me to "just watch the first 15 minutes" of things she thought we'd like - and I was hooked. So hooked that she probably wished I'd never watched it at all. I even went so far as to record on audio tape some of the episodes, but I can't find those tapes now. I liked a lot of the shows, I don't know if I could pick a favorite.
Thanks for answering my little survey, Megan. And unfortunately, you can post anything directly to the board. AOL doesn't let you use cgi scripts for guestbooks, so I have to do the old e-mail method. Sorry, but at least it gives me a bit of control.
Oh, and I do have something kind of neat that I don't know if you've seen - doing research in the library I found old TV Guides, and the ads for Tales were very nice - cartoon drawings in the style of 40s movie posters, or so. I have photocopies of them somewhere, and I intend on looking for them tonight. Got to clean my room anyhow. I anticipate spending many more hours investigating your comprehensive site.
Thanks for your offer, Megan. I remember seeing the drawings way back when, but never saved them. BTW, what kind of library keeps old TV Guides? :)

Lorie Schultz VA_WHO@juno.com Hurray! Yes, Cal answered me and it was great fun 'conversing' with her again.
Looks like I'm appearing reduntant in my letters, especially on the website. I just realized (talk about being slow!) that both my letters from the library and those coming in from home on juno to you personally are going into the website. Sigh! Didn't know both were showing up. Of course I realize you are doing it because I don't always get to the library, but forgive the repetitive comments anyway. Now that I know you are doing it this way, I'll just be more careful about saying things twice.
Thanks for the explanation on the story 'pass around' issue. That makes it clearer. I just wouldn't want to do something wrong but like many fans of various shows I am hungry for 'NEW' stories and would welcome anything I got, unedited-early draft or not.
ARGH!! When I said I didn't want my stories laughed at I didn't mean to imply that people reading my stories would be nasty or mean-spirited. (Unfortunately written communications are sometimes conveyed and received in ways not intended). In fact, I was saying it half jokingly, more to express MY OWN INSECURITY over showing my stories than to imply others would poke fun at them.
For instance just finished a Lost In Space long short-story. I intended to send it to LISFAN but my old fears of seeing pages returned oozing with bloody looking red ink made me hesitate. As is my habit, I showed it to several fan friends who adore the show (or those who will critique it in a general way without feeling the need to rip it to shreds first). If their responses are decent then and ONLY then will I have the guts to send it to the fanzine editor. As it was two fans of the show said they really liked it (and that they found some surprises in it) and the other friend (a zine editor herself) said that she enjoyed it and even got to like Dr. Smith when I was done, although she didn't like the character at all in the series (now THERE'S a compliment even if my writing style stank!). NOW I feel relaxed enough to show it to a stranger and not care if it gets rejected because I know some people (who I trust to be honest with me) did actually like it. All in all, that was why I commented on being reserved about getting my TGM novel on the website. I'm simply shy about showing my work to others and overly sensitive to criticism. I freely admit it! Most of my fannish friends know this and are honest but also criticize gently! (a big sigh of relief for that!)
Happy new year to you too. Hope this is a great year for you and may the TGM website really grow in popularity and participation.
Thanks, Lorie. BTW, I know you didn't mean that people who read your stories would be nasty. I was just trying to reassure you in a light-hearted way that there's no need to be shy around us. We like to let it all hang out in a fun sort of way, so if you ever decide that you're comfortable with the idea of sharing your stories with the rest of the website visitors, it's okay with me. We all know that fan fiction isn't Shakespeare, but what makes it special is that it comes from the heart. Besides, the natives are getting restless and want to read some more adventures with Jake, Corky and the rest of the gang. :-)

Karen McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca
> We all know that fan fiction isn't Shakespeare, but what makes
> it special is that it comes from the heart.

Louie: What light through yonder cloud breaks? It is the east, and the Goose is the sun! :)
Okay, all fan fiction EXCEPT FOR KAREN'S isn't Shakespeare. Happy?! :)

Marcus mwilemon@ucsd.edu do you have a mailing list for monkiacs?
Sorry, I don't, Marcus. It's just too complicated and cumbersome for me to deal with. Besides, anything that would go out on a mailing list gets posted to the bulletin board area of my web site. You could check out the boards once or twice a week to see what's going on. That just seems more efficient than sending out lots of e-mails. Thanks.

Kevin M. crossbar@ou.edu I'm glad others out there share my love for this show... unfortunatly, I was only about 8 when it came out, and instead of a particular episode, the only thing that really stands out in my mind was how angry my mom got when I wanted to watch it instead of the guy who was going to blow up the washington monument... (peh, the preempted the show anyway!) but alas, I WILL write to USA and MCA as well, so I can see this show again... thanks...
Thanks a lot for your note, Kevin. And thanks for your support. Remember, every letter counts.

Kate LilFigment@aol.com Love your sight. It's now in my Favorite Places folder. Glad I came across it. I just loved that show, especially Stephen Collins. What normal, red-blooded girl didn't? Been trying to teach my dog to talk like Jack, but it just isn't working. Any suggestions. Would love it if this show was back on. I put a suggestion in the TV Land folder, but I don't know if that did any good. This was definitely a classic TV show.
Don't bother with trying to get TOTGM on TV Land right now. Viacom, which owns the channel, is in a bitter court battle with MCA/Universal, which produced Gold Monkey. Universal and Viacom co-own the USA Network. There's an agreement between the two companies that neither one of them could create a new competing channel. Universal claims that Viacom violated that agreement with the creation of TV Land. So, Universal has refused to sell the channel any of its TV series. However, you can try to get the show on other cable channels like USA, TNT and fX. I have the information on how to contact them on the main web page. And if it makes you feel any better, I never could teach any of my dogs to talk either. I guess that proves just how special Jack really was. :)

As you may have noticed, we did not have a Sunday IRC chat yesterday (Jan. 5). However, since you can't read a log, here's a bit of a conversation I had with Karen McLean. My comments are in bold. And don't forget that the Tuesday night chats resume tomorrow at 6 pm ET.

Right now, I'm making more tapes. You know things are getting strange when you scour the flyers to see who's having blank tapes on sale. But those weenies at Universal won't make them, so I guess it's up to me.

We all really appreciate it, you know. You are our new Pele. :)
Does that mean you'd dump Sarah into the volcano for me? I could then "console" Jake. ;)
Now *there's a plot idea ... But could you get past the poetry? :)
Poetry, schmoetry. Just dump the wench!!! :)

Kate LilFigment@aol.com Thanks for the reply. Didn't know there was all that going on between the two companies. Guess I'll work on USA and TNT. Not going to try FX, as we cannot get that here. I could if we had cable, but we have Primestar, and they don't offer FX as yet. They are suppose to be getting around 50 new channels sometime this spring, so maybe that will be one of them. FX is the only channel I miss from not having cable. Primestar had sent around a survey wanting members input on their new channels, and I did tell them I wanted FX, so who knows.
Well, I don't get fX either, but I'm unselfishly asking them too. Hey, if they can run The A-Team and The Fall Guy, they can air Tales of the Gold Monkey.

Richard Gibbons richgibb@telusplanet.net My name is Richard and I am also twenty-something and a fan of this great old show. I live in Calgary, Alberta and I haven't seen Tales of the Gold Monkey for at least 10-12 years. It was not on here for very long, but I remember it fondly. No one else I know here has even heard of it. I would love to see it again.

Chad Osten lokee@wt.net This is a great page! I remember seeing it on tv, and I have some friends who are fans of the 80's, and they thought I was having delusions or something when I'd mentioned Tales.....finally I have something concrete to show them. You wouldn't happen to know if it's in reruns (I've not seen it on any of the cable stations) or where I can get copies of old episodes do you? thanks...
The show isn't currently rerunning in the US, but we're working on it. In the meantime, I've been making copies of the episodes for folks (I hope the F.B.I. isn't reading this.). Let me know if you're interested.

Barb Wright bawrigh@ibm.net Ain't no 20-something any more, but a Gold Monkiac for sure!
Yikes, am I still cool at 42?!? Hey there's life in these bones yet! (or may I too need a life, but whatever!)
My husband and I LOVED this show -- it carried me through my first pregnancy, and ended just before Katherine was born. In fact, it was one of the things that he and I "did" together that we miss now that we have kids and jobs and hectic lives!
I think that Canadians could get the show onto BRAVO or SHOWCASE -- I will find and post details later.
Great work, Patricia! Seems my favorite Websites are all by women; a girl thing, I guess.
Cheers, Barb
Thanks a lot for your note, Barb. And thanks for trying to find out if the show is running in Canada. I know quite a few Canadian fans who'd be very interested in that information.
BTW, age doesn't matter. As long as your a Monkiac, you're always cool! :)

Diana Warner HYPRSPEED@aol.com Hi - Visitor #00010779 (and proud of it!) - Diana Warner, Chicago, IL. Thanks for a great web site - you have a lot of good info and links to explore. I'll do my best to contribute to your campaign - it's definitely well worth it!
I also appreciate all of the info about 7th Heaven on the WB boards and tv newsgroups. Thanks for encouraging me to speak up and put the keys (and soon to be pen) in motion. Please keep the info coming!
Thanks very much for your note, Diana. And thanks for your support of my little campaigns (Today, quality television. Tomorrow, world peace. :-)). And remember, the network hot shots actually listen to us, at least the ones at the WB Network. For those of you who would like more information about my other campaign (Asking the WB Network to keep 7th Heaven and add more quality shows to their lineup), check out the rec.arts.tv and/or alt.tv.7th-heaven Usenet groups, the WB Network area on AOL (Keyword: WBNet) or drop me a line.

Jay Erickson jaye@seanet.com Wow, you've done some homework! I thought I might be the only person who liked the show (the ones I really like seem to be the ones that get cancelled!) I sent my friend a link to the page and I think he'll be just as impressed as I am. Good job. :-)
Thanks, Jay. The site truly is a labor of love and I'm not the only one who has labored on it. Thanks for the positive word of mouth.

Gayle Talbot talbot@inetworld.net Hey Patricia and Monkieacs, I have been so caught up in watching the Tales that you sent that I haven't even bothered to check the mail of late. It has been such a treat, and, I think you are right, "The Late Sarah White" has to be right up there among the best. I really liked "High Stakes lady" alot as well. Actually I like em all but those rank among the best episodes.
As to good times for irc chats; for me the earlier my time the better on weekends. Say even as early as 7 AM my time, which would be 10 AM your time. That would be about the most workable for me as I work on Saturdays, and Sunday is my only day off with my husband and we tend to take off and play. But in a spirit of compromise as late as 10AM my time would also be workable. I am flexible!
Back to the Goose to hunt up some fun phrases for you to make wav files of!
Okay, we have one vote for Saturdays at 10 am ET for our weekend MonkeyChat. Let's see if anybody else has an opinion. Also, I made a few WAV files. I'll upload them soon. Keep those suggestions coming. BTW, I'm glad you like the tapes.

Okay we now have two votes for Saturdays at 10 am ET. Karen McLean said she could join us. So, we'll try holding our weekend chats then instead of Sundays at 3 pm ET. So feel free to join us January 11 on EfNet channel #TOTGM.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com hey, I watched the last two eps in the series (assuming "Boragora or Bust" and "A Distant Shout of Thunder" come after each other (I know, I know, go look it up in the guide. I will!)) ... and wow :)
*Hugely* impressed .... BoB has this wonderful dark film noir feeling (or authentic lighting :)) as well as good ol' "blast that motorcycle out of the mine shaft" adventure ... loved Willie the professional boxer and him exclaiming in German, I mean, Dutch :) Caitlin acted wonderfully even if as Hubby Dan said: "She really can't sing can she?" and I was surprised by the "upping" of romance between the two (Jake and Sarah, not Dan and Sarah :)) -- when did that happen? Incidentally, the Aussie accent so far as I can tell is spot on.
As far as I know, the actor who played Dowser wasn't Australian. Just a really good actor, I guess. As for the "upping" of romance (I hope not between Dan and Sarah!), I can't pinpoint an exact point when things changed, but they did change in the Tom episodes. It's almost as if after Jake's heart was broken 'High Stakes Lady', he realized that he had a good thing going with Sarah and didn't want to louse it up. You don't have that episode (I don't have a good copy of it), but it was the one just before 'Force of Habit'. The ending that aired was kinda hokey, but read the end of the original script. Jake has Louie prepare a romantic lunch for him and Sarah. When they're alone, Jake makes a toast, "Here's to us, Sarah. A new beginning.". Too bad it didn't survive to the actual episode.
Loved "Distant..." too ... it's my new favourite, I think. What with Corky blowing raspberries, everyone falling under Lucien's spell (even while denying it), the volcano, Jake & Corky & Louie& Willie all going to the rescue and then refusing to cross the lava bridge :), the hot and sultry scene in Sarah's room: Jake removing her dress, the two of them close together as we saw them through the slatted light from her shutters. Yummy :)
Yeah, pretty risque, huh? But getting hanged and burned in effigy really kills the mood. :) BTW, if you didn't realize it, the "raspberry" boy was Don B's son and the father was none other than Mr. Coat Hanger himself.
BTW, Louie is running an extremely close second to Jake as my favourite character, particularly after "Last Chance Louie". Have I mentioned I had a crush on Louie as well as Jake?
No, you didn't. The Musgrave Foundation folks will be pleased.
Anyway, two more videos to go. I'd have watched them all, but Hubby Dan wants to watch them with me ... and sometimes he's more in the mood for "Wuthering Heights" (which is screening on Bravo, very yawnful, imho, but Dan's enjoying it) or the Aussie series "Police Rescue" or "Billy Connolly's Tour of Australia" (and I want to see them too) but we're getting there!
Add my vote in for Saturday 10am irc chat:) Dan and I have rarely started getting our day going by then. Earlier (say 9am) is fine too. And dang, I really gotta call Gayle ....
Right now it's scheduled for 10 am ET Saturday, which is 7 am for you. I know, it's really early, but that's what Gayle suggested and Karen said it was great for her (of course, it's 11 am for her). We'll try it this early this week and maybe start it a bit later next. I'm still experimenting, trying to find the best weekend time.
OK, so I went and checked the guide (it's better than folding laundry). These two eps do run together, but BoB's hot and steamy kiss (well, Sarah was wet anyway standing in the water while Jake smooched in comfort in the Goose) has no precedence. Hmm, well, Sarah wasn't objecting to Jake having his arm around her at the end of Naka Jima Kill ... but before that? Hmm, maybe the eps I haven't watched yet will reveal something.
I have to admit that the BoB kiss is a bit out of character. Usually when Jake and Sarah kiss, it's Sarah who's the initiator (pushy wench!). But in BoB, it's Jake who's in control. BTW, I really hope Caitlin comes back. I want to ask her if SC is as good a kisser as he appears to be on TV. ;)

Robert J. Bowman bbowman@htonline.com Is anything known about the dog Jack's appearances on other television shows?
I recall that at the time that "The Gold Monkey" was originally airing, I thought that I saw Jack on an episode of M.A.S.H. In the episode, Hoolihan feeds a stray dog that lives in the camp, and is saddened when the dog is killed by a jeep. At the time I thought that the dog was Jack. The dog was the same size and shape as Jack, and had the same sort of grey/brown speckled fur.
Yep, that's our little Leo (Jack's real name) in that episode of M*A*S*H. I've also spotted him in a couple of other episodes of the show. According to a ABC press release, Leo's other credits included "Conrack", "The Blue Knight","Nickelodeon", "Helter Skelter" and "Kung Fu". After Gold Monkey, he popped up in such shows as Riptide and Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Since the ABC press release also states that he was found in an animal shelter in 1972, I assume Leo is now in that big kennel in the sky.

Karen McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Leanne Shawler wrote: "I was surprised by the "upping" of romance between the two (Jake and Sarah, not Dan and Sarah :))".
Actually, I was really stunned by that kiss, too. Granted, I haven't seen all the episodes, but that kiss was almost a "married" kiss. It was certainly something you'd expect from two people who had made a committment to each other, as opposed to two people who'd been tip-toeing around each other. It seemed too much like an everyday occurrence or something.
Yes, 'Boragora or Bust' showed a definite shift in Jake and Sarah's relationship. Besides the kissing scene, there was an earlier scene that introduced the shifty, American businessman, Hastings (quoting from the script):

Hastings stops at the bottom of the stairs.  He sees Sarah.  Jake sees that he 

sees Sarah.


		(watching Sarah)

	We all have a price.


		(to Hastings)

	Only if we want to sell.

Jake was acting mighty possessive in that scene, though there's really no earlier reference for his behavior. Perhaps we should ask Tom Greene what was going on.

Lorie Schultz VA_WHO@juno.com By now Lesley should have copy of my novel. Mailed it out last week. As I explained to her it's a rough draft, without any attempts at rewrites. Marilyn and the gang had gone over it with me years ago, to point out the inconsistencies here and there but I've lost the letters since then so the process would have to be done all over again. Essentially I wrote it just for their enjoyment anyway. So I was content when they said they liked it. And yes, it is definitely an adventure story. I'm hoping to hear from Lesley fairly soon just to make sure she got it.
I 'm also waiting to see if my Lost in Space story will get accepted to LISFAN. Once again, my fannish friends really liked it but don't know if the zine editor/publisher will like it...that's the person who matters in publication, isn't it? Sigh...
My contemporary romance is in the hands of a friend who has had her stories published professionally. In this case I expect her to do a major hack and slash job because it's so long (and filled with firefighting scenes and firehouse life). Both copies out have gotten preliminary okay's but I haven't heard the final verdicts yet. If it's good then I'll see if I can get it published professionally. If not, I'll just let it make the rounds of those people who like contemporary/adventure romances, or take it to a small press.
I find myself wondering what the actors on TGM would have liked to have seen done with the show in terms of new plots, love interests, and scenes from the characters pasts. It was fun in the beginning not to know much about these people (I guess we know the most about Sarah, or at least more so than any other character). But I would have loved to have seen a few episodes bringing out a continual stream of bits and pieces about their former lives, particularly their lives before they all met (including Jake and Corky). I'd also like to see some serious though temporary love interests for all of except maybe Jake who already got the lion's share of those plots (not that I'm complaining mind you).
One day you ought to ask Tom if they ever bandied about, and fleshed out plots that never made it to script form. And ask him to detail them a bit. Maybe the writers amongst us could take the ball and run with it, if inspiration hit.
Hope you all had a happy holiday. May this new year bring you all great joys!
Thanks for you note, Lorie. I talked to Lesley and she got the novel and read it immediately. She absolutely loves it. She just gave me a brief description of it, but it sounds great. Can't wait to read it.
I, too, would love to know in what direction the stars thought their characters would go. And I'm sure if the series had continued, we would have learned more about the characters' history. BTW, Tom Greene may (and I stress *may*) join us in our IRC chats soon (If he doesn't get scared off by the technology. But I thought cowboys didn't frighten easily. :)). We could ask him about discarded plot lines in real time. Wouldn't that be fun?

No sooner than I ask that, Tom shows up during the weekend MonkeyChat. Check out the log for 11-Jan-1997 on the IRC Chat Log and Schedule page to read all he had to say. Also, we're going to try holding weekend chats starting next Saturday, January 18, starting at 11 am ET and ending at 3 pm ET. I won't be there the entire time, but at least this way more people can participate in the chat if only for a little while.

The Gneech TheGneech@aol.com Hey, hello! I realize it's been a while, but here's some news I thought you should know. Seattle Seaplanes has recently agreed to sell the Goose to an unnamed buyer! :( When I find out more, I'll let you know.
-The Gneech ("Hey! I haven't saved up to take a ride on it yet!")
GNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!!!!! You're alive!!!!!!! :)
Maybe the "unnamed buyer" is somebody we know and will give us rides for free. Okay, okay. I can dream, can't I? :)
Thanks for letting me know and keeping me posted. Feel free to stop in anytime. We all miss ya! As you've noticed, our little Gold Monkey family has grown quite a bit since your last visit.
Patricia (who would think that somebody's buying the Goose to give to her as a birthday present, only her birthday's in August)

Karen McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca The Gneech said: "Hey, hello! I realize it's been a while, but here's some news I thought you should know. Seattle Seaplanes has recently agreed to sell the Goose to an unnamed buyer! :("
Oh no! We're going to lose it! It'll disappear into nowhere ... It was bad enough they painted it blue, but now ... We'll never see it again. :(
Then Patricia signed her comments this way: "Patricia (who would think that somebody's buying the Goose to give to her as a birthday present, only her birthday's in August)"
Hey, Unnamed Buyer!!! My birthday's in March! :)
who thinks the Monkiacs should save the Gold Monkey from Don's desk before it's sold as scrap.

Charles Le Clair Argo88@aol.com The thing I love about the internet is that you can find a wealth if info on the things you love. TOTGM has always been one of my favorite shows. As a guy who really is into adventure set in the 1930s, ( I think I'm the only person I know who saw and loved The Phantom) I could always depend on Jake and Corkie to keep the monkey off my back. ;)
If I remember correctly, Stephen Collins once said in an interview that the thing he really enjoyed about the show was the interplay between the characters. He felt that, over time, the show could have had a long run with network support. The creators wanted to produce something character driven like M.A.S.H. while ABC wanted the focus of the show on action. While I am a big supporter of fast paced adventure, I agree with Mr. Collins that the real heart of the show was found in the characters.
I think we all agree with that. All of us except for those weenies at ABC! As the show's bible states, "While Tales of the Gold Monkey must have an adventure each week and good action, the key to the story is the relationships between the people, the humor, their caring for one another and good, honest adversaries that are worthy of our hero."
I liked Jake because he was a decent human being. Corky was a sweet guy with a very human drinking problem. Louis was a world wise rouge who just happened to be officially in charge of everything. Even secondary characters tike Todo and Gushy were great characters with a chance to shine.
I have some information on the show's title and why they changed it. As you know, the show was originally "Tales of the Brass Monkey". Well, It seems that back in 1982, there was some type of booze that ran magazine ads set in (you guessed it) The Brass Monkey Bar. It showed people haveing fun in a bar in the tropics. The distillery company felt that the title of the show was too similar to their product and asked the producers to change it. So, abracadabera, brass turned into gold. Neat, Huh? How do I know this? Back in '82, I just happened to watch Entertainment Tonight when they ran this story.
It takes guts to admit that you watched Entertainment Tonight. :) But it's funny you mention this. Just yesterday, Tom Greene, a writer/producer for Gold Monkey, told us that story during our IRC chat. You can check out my IRC Chat Log and Schedule page to read yesterday's log and find out more information about our chats.
Congratulations on one awe inspiring monument to the best show ever to have a genius, one-eyed dog. (Don't tell Jack, it will go to his head.) It was facinating to see things about the show, (ie the show's bible, unproduced scripts, comics) that I never knew existed. I take my flying tigers crunch cap off to you.
It's my pleasure, Charles. And I'd hold onto that crunch cap if I were you. I know of at least one Monkiac who'd do anything to get that hat. :)

The Gneech TheGneech@aol.com I have an open question to all Gold Monkiacs: does anybody know of any good sites out there (besides this one, natch) that relate to "pulp" style fiction adventure? If you do a Yahoo search for "adventure fiction" or "pulp adventure" or "pulp fiction," all you get is 500 sites dedicated to that @&$#@! movie. On one search, I hit my own "Astounding Adventures" page, but that's the closest I've come. Indiana Jones and TOTGM are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pulp adventure fiction. If anybody can point me to some more sites, I'd appreciate it. (If not, I'll just have to create my own...)

Mel Santos rcsantos@pusit.admu.edu.ph Hi there! I've just been looking at my collection of old Starlog magazines. Did you know SC was profiled in Starlog #104 (March 1986 - I did say they were old)? There's a very nice color pic of Jake, Sarah and Jack, and a B&W pic similar to cast.jpg except everyone's smiling (okay, Jack is not smiling). Sorry, I don't have a scanner ...
--Mel Santos
p.s. The folks at Musgrave Foundation are pleased. :-) I've invited Leanne to come visit our website.
Thanks for letting me know about the Starlog interview. I had that issue many years ago, along with the issue from a few months earlier featuring Roddy McDowall (as if I need to tell you about that!), but threw them out. They are just two of the many items I disposed of when I was trying to simply my life. Boy, do I regret that!!
BTW, I told Leanne that she could check out your Roddy McDowall site which is listed in the Other Cool Links section of my main web page.

Judy JudyOmega@aol.com Patricia-Kudos on a great web page! I, too, was a fan of the series, and used to love it when Jake would wear his "Duluth Dukes" shirt.
I spent almost the first 26 years of my life in Duluth, and was living there when the series aired. Naturally, the local paper did a small story on the Duluth connection. It turns out that Stephen Collins chose the 'Dukes' because he had visited the area and he never forgot how beautiful it was there.
The 'Dukes' are still around, BTW, revived in the 90's after a brief hiatus.
Thanks for your time and effort! I enjoyed my 'visit'!
I'm glad you enjoyed the site, Judy. I've been having a blast working on it. And thanks for the info on the Duluth Dukes. Maybe, if I'm ever up there, I'll check out a game for old time's sake.

So far this week, I've been plagued by nasty technology. First the EfNet goes haywire during our Tuesday night chat, so we had to try it again last night. Then I couldn't post this information to the bulletin board yesterday, because AOL had messed up my FTP area. But last night's chat went pretty well. You can check out the logs for both Tuesday and Wednesday on the IRC Chat Log and Schedule page (15-Jan-1997). And AOL seems to be working too. Everybody just keep their fingers crossed.

Thanks for the compliment, Gil, but I don't have enough Magnum knowledge to create a solid web site. Sorry. Besides, I didn't realize just how much time one site would take up. I shudder to think of multiplying that by two! :-)

The Gneech TheGneech@aol.com Here's a semi-Monkey related tidbit for fans of the Goose: Jimmy Buffett has announced that a film version of his book _Where Is Joe Merchant?_ is on the way, and there will be plenty of Goose in it! Maybe *that's* where N327 ("Cutter's Goose's" registry number, or at least, the real plane's registry number...) went.
-The Gneech <-- knows exactly where his shaker of salt is
Thanks for the info, Gneech. And maybe after they finish filming, the producers will donate will the Goose to charity. I'm partial to my Give Me a Goose charitable organization. :)

Slawko Waschuk SAW014@ACAD.DRAKE.EDU Dear Patricia, I just found your Tales of the Golden Monkey page. It's great!!! I'm very impressed with all the information you have on the show. Keep up the good work!
I wondered if it would be possible to get the episodes from you on tape. I haven't seen the show since it aired in 1982-83. I could never watch in in reruns because I'm from Canada, and it never played at home (right now I'm studying in the States, but as you know, TOTGM isn't on anymore!). When the show was on, I was only 8 so I don't really remember it. I do remember watching it with my brother every week, and we both loved it. However, since I was so young I don't really remember any of the episodes, except for one. The only thing I remember is it was based in Egypt, and from your Episode Guide, I realize it must be Trunk from the Past. Well, it would be amazing if I could get all the episodes from you.
Please let me know if you would be willing to make these tapes for me. I would really appreciate it.
I forgot to mention that I am also going to write to MCA and whoever else I can to try to convince them to release TOTGM on video. That would be great if they would. I'd definitely buy it, and I'm sure many other people would too.
You're in luck, Slawko. I have all the episodes on tape, some in good condition, some in so-so, but I'm hoping to be getting better copies within the next few weeks. Right now, I have a couple of other people on a waiting list, but I'd be happy to make you copies, since those folks at Universal are too clueless to make videos themselves. All I ask in return is $3 per tape to cover the cost of the blank tape and postage. Let me know which episodes you'd like and which speed. I can get 2 episodes per tape on SP mode, 4-5 episodes on LP mode and 7 episodes on SLP mode.

Lorie Schultz VA_WHO@juno.com Oh dear, just trashed a whole letter by accident and now I can't find it. That's what I get for having my 5 year old busy nosing her way into the 'space' at the computer. If for some reason it should show up, which it shouldn't because it's not in the outbox, then disregard this.
First off, I'm thrilled that Lesley loved my novel. That warms my heart. I'm always so sensitive about showing my story to others as I've said before. I confess I was less shy about showing this one because Marilyn, Cal, Karen and others really like it (though I acknowledge it needed some work).
As for the IRC CHAT...little old me is far too spastic on the internet, to do something like that. And even if I had some talent for it, I doubt the library would let me get away with it! They weren't open last night when I went and are dependent on someone being available at the desk. Should someone be present until closing, they start shooing everyone out around 8:30 PM. I miss the opportunity to chat, but I have to work with the current situation until our finances improve enough where going on-line from home won't cause a burden. While it's true that most providers are getting cheaper, the cost of the phone call, per hour, will never be less than $6 (we pay 10 cents a minute through Sprint). Should I use it 10 hours a month I'd be up to $60 just for those hours on the phone, plus the $19.95 for AOL or whoever. In this case I agree with Mike, the Library is better for us at this time.
You're right. It sure would be great if Tom Greene could remember some of those old plot lines that got discarded. I can usually write the action and the dialog if I have a decent plot. I tend to ruminate on plot ideas for months (what a waste of time) before coming up with something I like. Then, since I don't use an outline, I've been known to write myself into a hole. Fortunately, in the past, I've been able to dig myself out again in a plausible manner. I often wonder how many plot ideas professional scriptwriters discard before settling on something good...and here I am, happy just to come up with one decent idea a year! I sometimes envy those who can come up with a great story idea in a heartbeat.
If Tom should remember anything, let me know what he said. Maybe it will give me the 'oomph' I need to get motivated again.
Take care, Lorie
P.S. Has anyone ever heard of Shelley Stein from New York. She used to be pretty active in Fandom and was a major TGM fan, plus Man From Uncle, Dr. Who and other fangroups. If anyone is chatting with her, please pass along her Email address.
The name Shelley Stein doesn't ring a bell with me, but perhaps she'll find the site and read your note and contact you. Stranger things have happened concerning this site!
As for Tom's unused plot lines, he talked about a couple in our IRC chat of Jan. 11. You can check out the log to that chat on the IRC chat log & schedule page. He mentioned a possible Gold Monkey/Magnum crossover and a possible affair between Sarah and Willie entitled "Sleeping With the Enemy". Those ideas should get your creative juices flowing.

Yes, it's time again to open a new board. So let's move on to Bulletin Board #9.

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