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Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

The Monkey Bar was more subdued than usual. There had only been one brawl all night. Jake's heart just wasn't into it. His best friend had disappeared, and, along with him, one of the passengers from the clipper. The clipper had been destroyed in an explosion, and things looked pretty glum.

Leanne was sitting by herself at a table. "Lesley is not dead," she kept repeating over and over again. "Lesley is not dead."

"Poor girl," Louie said to Jake. "Her best friend is gone and she has no idea of how she's going to get home."

Jake looked at Louie. "Well, I can't take her. I have to find Corky."

"Mon ami ..." Louie began sadly.

"Do you remember when I got that telegram saying Sarah was dead? I knew she wasn't, and I found her. The same way I'm going to find Corky. He's not dead, either." Jake glared at Louie, then took a swig of his beer. "You'll see."

Louie merely nodded, then turned his attention back to Leanne. "I think I will go and see if there is anything I can do to help."

Jake gave Louie a sidelong glance. "What, mon ami? I'm merely ..." Louie smiled. "You have been on this island too long, my friend." He patted Jake on the arm and walked over to Leanne's table.

"Excusez-moi, mademoiselle, but I was wondering if perhaps I could be of some assistance?"

Leanne shook her head. "No. Thank you. Lesley's not dead."

Louie smiled sadly and pulled up a chair. "I will do my best as Magistrate de Justice to find out what happened to your friend."

Leanne nodded. "I know you will."

Patricia walked into the bar and over to Jake. In her arms she held the monkey, now lively and the picture of health. Patricia, however, looked worried. "Jake, I need your help."

"What is it, Trishie?" Jake asked, immediately concerned.

"It's Karen," she replied. "I don't know what's wrong. I tried talking to her ... but it's no use." She paused. "You were always pretty good at finding out what was bothering me, even when I didn't want to tell you. I was hoping maybe you could ..." Her voice trailed off.

"Trishie, I barely know your friend," Jake replied. "What good could I do?"

"Please, Jake?" Patricia pleaded.

Jake nodded. "If you really think it would help."

Patricia smiled. "Thanks, Jake."

Jake smiled his best hero-to-the-rescue smile, stuck his cigar in the corner of his mouth, and headed out the doors.

(insert commercial here)

Mary Hi, Just found your site when I did a search on WebCrawler for "star trek plots". Your email page was the first site listed so I read the whole thing! It made me wish I could see the series again. I was 31 at the time and never missed it! I am writing this from my job so please do not respond or print this address. There are four other system operators here who can access the email. I do have one request (I am bookmarking this site!) in regards to the email page. There are no dates on any of the listings. I got the impression these emails where at least 2 years old! Keep up the great work!
Mary 02/22/97

Mary Hi Patricia, I feel like a fool. As soon as I sent the last email I went back to your site and discovered your 10!! yes 10!! email boards!! It will give me great pleasure to read all of the mail when I get the chance. I work weekends and spend an average of 11 hours on the internet each sat and sun. Can't wait to get started. Some personal info. I am 44, married 20 years, 2 kids, one girl 14, one boy 19. Big adventure series fan.
Glad to have you on board, Mary. As for dates on the bulletin boards, you can find the dates that each board covers on the Bulletin Board List page or at the top of each board (The current board begins the day after the last board ended.). Each board lasts approximately one month. I'm trying to subtly put date references on the boards themselves, but I don't want to dwell on precisely when a note was written and/or posted. I want the focus to be on the content of the letters.

Doch1000 Doch1000@aol.com EXCELLENT SITE! Just marked it as a favorite site. I, too loved the show. I first watched in tenth grade 16 or 17 years old). What attracted me was the setting and the historical drama aspect. My favorite character was Jake, because he had a facinating backround(minor league ballplayer, Flying Tiger). Favorite episode: The pilot. Closly followed by the episode where Corky had a toothache (I am a dentist, now, weird foreshadowing, huh?).
Thanks for your note. Please stop back again soon, if only to tell me your name. :)

Gary Holmes Doch1000@aol.com Sorry I forgot to include my name. It is Gary Holmes. Thanks again for the site.

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Hi again, Patricia! Just thought I'd update you on Caitlin. She's been very busy on a project and, alas, has misplaced the questions you sent her. Could you resend the questions c/o my email? I'll send them on to her or, if it works out better, ask them of her via phone and transcribe her answers. (She doesn't have easy access to a computer just now.) Also, Caitlin will be appearing as a guest at a BEAUTY & THE BEAST convention in Minneapolis this July. I'll let you know as soon as I have more details as to place and date!
That's great, Cal. Thanks. I'll let everyone know. As for the questions for Caitlin, let's start with some easy ones. 1) The standard question, What was your favorite episode? 2) Professionally, what have you been up to lately? And the big question 3) Was Stephen Collins as good a kisser as he appears to be? BTW, I'll be asking him the same question in reverse. :)

Happy Monday, February 24! It's time for Karen's Kwazy Komics. However, poor Karen doesn't seem to like the name of this feature anymore since she realized that it can be abbreviated KKK. So if anybody has any suggestions as to what to call her creations, please let me know.

Okay, it's Tuesday and time again for Karen's creations, now called Crazy Canuck Comics © (Thanks to Bill Cosson).

JamesG jag7@ukc.ac.uk Patricia, Just dropped in after seeing you on the GM thread on uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5 (the things we get upto between seasons!)
< sighs with recollection > Golden Monkey was a wonderful series...
Nice page, very well done. I assume that there aren't any other Golden Monkey sites about and as I'm working on an obscure tv show site myself (Beyond Reality) I wondered if you could give some advice, or a summary of how you created your site, I mean its not like the X-Files where you can just rehash what someone else's has done...
any help greatfully recived
Well, James, the best advice I can give you is to gather as much information about Beyond Reality as you can, arrange it so it's entertaining to read and then upload it to the web. That's basically what I did. I found a Tales of the Gold Monkey episode list using a Dejanews search. I knew this information to be correct, so I then wrote episode descriptions from memory to create an episode guide. (I hadn't seen the show in over 5 years.) I put miscellaneous facts on a Facts Page. But most importantly, I created a Bulletin Board for comments and questions. I also asked people to submit anything they had. When I started I had no graphic files whatsoever. Now I'm swamped with them. Just start small and keep adding to the site as you go along. You'll be surprised on how fast a web site can grow. I sure was.

It's now time for the Wednesday, February 26 edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Chris Banzai88@aol.com Greetings, Thought I drop one of those notes you requested letting you know that I'd stopped by the page (I'm 13268) and think it's great. Loved the show when it was on, and one of my big regrets in life was accidently recording over the pilot after catching it by pure luck on USA one time. Boy, do I hope they (or whoever) show it again. Of course, my fondness for the show has precious little to do with the nostalgia for the 80s. (still love the "Hungry Like The Wolf" video, though) I've just been fond of stuff set in the late 30s/early 40s since I was eight. That's when I first saw "Doc Savage." I started collecting the books then, and have been a sucker for the period ever since. In one of those funky coincidences of life, in my off-hours I've been toying with a fan-fiction story cramming as many cameos as I can into it, and with the info on your page, I'm pretty sure I can get Jake and the Goose in it too. (already it has Indiana Jones, the Phantom, the Shadow, Doc and Pat Savage, among others)
Question: I have a page of my own (devoted to an 80s film, maybe I should rethink my statement above?) and would like to put a link to your page on it. Sound okay? Mine's at http://members.aol.com/wwatchone if you want to check it out first.
Anyway, thanks loads for the page. Great work.
You're welcome, Chris. And thanks for your note. I'm posting it to the bulletin board, so you've just told everyone about your "Buckaroo Banzai" page.

It's now time for the Thursday, February 27 edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

I regret to announce that today, Friday, February 28 is not only the final day of the month, it's the final day for the daily edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©. We're running out of room and comics. But never fear, the Comics will be popping up from time to time. In the meantime, just savor this one.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com This has probably been asked before, but I don't remember it, so I'll forge on ahead: What is Willie's church doing on Devil's Island??? (It was doing time as an infirmary)
Nope, it's never been asked before. All I can gather is that the set designers were either rushed for time or incredibly unoriginal. BTW, it was Death Island, although Louie was once a prisoner on Devil's Island.

Anna valdron@escape.ca Thanks for repling back and letting me know about my mistake, it has been years since I watch the show. May had gotten confused with the episode where Sarah's ex-boyfriends comes by and kidnappes her.
Sorry for not thanking you earlier, been sick, and not able to come to my husband's office. (we aren't on line at home, so have to make illicted use of his office computer, at least for now).
Will look up my comment on our website.
Thanks again.
You're very welcome, Anna. And we're doing our best at trying to convince Universal to offer the show either to pay channels or on home video around the world, but so far not so good. In the meantime, you could read through the scripts and stuff to help bring back those wonderful memories.

Alan Kenneth MacDonald akmac@chass.utoronto.ca I was thinking about my all-time favorite show the other day (which probably hasn't aired here in Canada since it was in its original run) Tales of the Gold Monkey and I thought, "Gee, I should do a Yahoo search to see if anyone has a web page." Well damn, howdy was I impressed at the result of my search. I am not likely to benefit from any US cable network airing the show but if Universal decides to sell home video copies in Canada as well as US, count me as a definite taker. Until then, I intend to make use of this site. Well done.
Thanks a lot for your note. Since we have a very large Canadian contingent here, could you suggest a pay tv channel that we could target? I only list US channels since those are the ones I'm familiar with. Also, we've been asking Universal for ages to release the show on home video (my preference), but so far no luck. But we're not going to give up. But, for the time being, I like to think of my website as the next best thing to being there. :)

Alan MacDonald akmac@chass.utoronto.ca Hi! I'm not sure whether "pay-tv" includes broadcasters like A & E but if it does, there are a couple of A&E-type canadian stations that might go for it. SHOWCASE is one in particular. Also BRAVO. They may not be as well suited as the US one you have in mind but we have less variety here. You might want to post my two suggestions and ask Canadians which they think is more suitable. I would guess Showcase as I think it is the less "high-brow" or artsy of the two (Showcase carries the Tick :) ).
What?! You don't consider Gold Monkey high-brow?! :) I'll leave it up to the Canadian Contingent to decide whether or not to target those channels. Thanks, Alan.
By the way, has Stephen Collins stopped posting notes to the Board? I went through all 10 ir 11 boards and did searches for his name and I ran out of posts in the Oct or Nov 1996 parts
Right now, Stephen's super-busy working on his latest TV series, 7th Heaven. Also, I've run out of things to ask him about the show. If you have anything you'd like to ask him and that you'd think would be appropriate to post to the board, please let me know and I'll pass it along.

ATTENTION! I have an important announcement to make. Since fewer people are showing up and we're running out of things to talk about, we will now only be holding the chats on the first Tuesday (6 pm ET) and the third Saturday (1 pm ET) of each month starting immediately. For more information, check out the IRC Chat Log and Schedule page. And, if you would like to be placed on an e-mail list reminding you when the next chat is, please let me know.

Well, the AOL weenies are at it again! They decided to hold all my mail for more than a week! The following two notes were sent on February 26 and 27 respectively, but didn't get to me until March 6!!! So, if you guys wanna e-mail me, use my gmonkey@goldmonkey.com address. Thanks.

Lorie Schultz va_who@juno.com Just watched an old tape of TGM taped off USA channel. And I was watching Black Pearl. As I watched it, it brought back this flood of memories of me tuning into it for the first time when it originally aired. I couldn't remember before what the first episode I'd ever seen was but now I'm certain...it WAS Black Pearl. I recalled tuning in just as Sarah and Kimble were sitting with Corky at the table and he was getting schnockered. That scene appealed to me for some reason and I realized this was the scene that attracted me to the show (that and recognizing Jeff) and hooked me long enough to finish watching it instead of changing the channel. Of course, I tuned in again the following week because I liked the adventure and the fun plots. I knew at that moment that I was going to become a major fan!
I wonder how many people experienced "love at first sight" with the show or did it just grow on you guys?

Angie blacwolv@ix.netcom.com I've just spent the last few hours browsing through all the message boards.... I don't even know how I ended up here, I was doing a search for graphics programs!! This is a great site!! *please excuse any excessive use of !!!* I was only 8 or 9 when the show aired, so I don't really remember any of the eps, but I do know that I loved it. Action, adventure, spys, exotic locations, a one-eyed dog...What's not to LOVE! I was disappointed that ABC took it off the air after only one season. GRRR!!!! I'll just have to send some letters to USA and FX in hopes that they'll actually rerun the show. Anyway, just wanted to say your site is fantabulous!! Do you mind if I put a link to your site on my page? (I don't mind my email addy being posted)
Thanks a lot for your note, Angie. I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner, but would you believe AOL just delivered your note today?! After a week of no mail, I suddenly had an inbox full of mainly junk mail! ARGH! BTW, you can also e-mail me at gmonkey@goldmonkey.com. That address seems to work a bit better. :)
I'd love it if you'd put a link to my site on your page. Why don't you send me the URL to your page and I'll put in a link on my page.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com "The Sultan of Swat": or the episode without Sarah!
Well, I have to say that this episode was not dreadful. For a while I thought Babe Ruth er, sorry, Gamble Rodgers, (HubbyDan reckons the only thing different between Babe and Gamble was the name (and that Babe hadn't been to Boragora)) had done it and then I thought that the father had done it (what *have* I been reading lately?) but it just turned out to be < censored > from some unspecified reason. That was disappointing. Favourite scene was the opening with Corky reading the Superman comic for the umpteenth time and the closing with them playing ball. So cool :)
There were definitely some good scenes in that episode (Who could forget the joyride?!), but the plot made absolutely no sense. I never gave much thought to the episode until I read the original script which was terrific. I would have loved to see it in its original form.

Althought the daily editions are a thing of the recent past, we're now introducing the Sunday edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Patricia asked (perhaps rhetorically), "I wonder how many people experienced "love at first sight" with the show or did it just grow on you guys?"
It wasn't rhetorical. I want answers. I want details.
Well, I feel compelled to answer (and not just because it's Sunday morning and I'm snowed in by this never-ending Canadian winter, eh?) I distinctly remember reading the TV guide when I was babysitting. The description was for the two-hour pilot that was to air that night. With me, it was very much a case of love at first sight. And it was Jake's "knight" speech that did it. At the risk of incurring the wrath of every feminist in the cosmos, I very much liked the idea of a knight in shining armour coming in to save the day, rescue me, whatever. I was twelve when I fell in love with TotGM and a certain Goose-flying pilot. I'm now twenty-seven, and frankly, not much has changed. :) Jake Cutter was my very first love-at-first-sight, and he will always have a very special place in my heart.
Aw. How sweet. And somehow, I don't think you're alone on this, Karen.

INTEROCITR INTEROCITR@aol.com Amazing. i've only been on the web about 3 wks and spend most of my tmie browsing entertainment sites. i've come across several others dedicated to obscure short lived series (wizards and warriors just today) but none match yours. great job. in glancing over the cast list i couldnt help but be reminded of what a beauty caitlin o'heaney was. any idea what happened to her. i recall another short lived series with her, the charmings i think, but that's about it. anyway, best of luck in your quest.
Thanks. And hopefully, we should be hearing from Caitlin shortly. She's PCless, but a friend of hers is passing along questions for her. Is there anything you'd like to ask?

INTEROCITR INTEROCITR@aol.com thanks for the quick response. i my chief interest would just be in what she's been doing since those two series that i reacall. on a secondary point, i do some freelance writing for various film related magazines. I've done a couple for a magazine called femme fatales which is sort of a cross between a sports illustrated swimsuit isue (lots of photos of prety girls in minimal clothes) accompanied by some pretty good articles about the girls, their films, careers etc. If o'heaney would be interested i wouldnt mind interviewing her. thanks again,
Well, I've already asked her your first question, but she's still too busy to answer right now. And I'll pass along your request for an interview.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Caitlin and our friendly Monkiac (Is there any other kind? :-)), Cal Lynn, back in September 1995.

Anna valdron@escape.ca Didn't realize until today that you had the scripts for all of the episodes, missed that the first few times checking out the site. It just that there is so much information on the wedsite, I guess.
I know. I'm beginning to run out of room!
It great thru. How in the world did you get them? Did you contact the the director or producers? Just a impressive thing.
I got the scripts from a company called Star Tech. They specialize in SF/Fantasy memoribilia. You can order their catalog for US$1 (I think it's $2 for Canada) from: Star Tech, P.O. Box 456, Dunlap, TN 37327 USA.

Lorie Schultz va_who@juno.com For me, as I watched Black Pearl, my first viewing of any TGM episode, it was definitely love at first sight. Back in those days I couldn't afford to buy many video tapes but I remember promising myself that I> was going to buy a tape to start recording them the following week.
I eventually wound up with the previous episodes and only had one incomplete one...The Lady and the Tiger. That was because some bozo was trying to blow up the Washington Monument and they kept cutting into the show. To say I was miffed was putting it mildly. I mean, the camera crew at the monument did nothing but film cars passing by the darkened monument for a total of about 40 minutes. Not only was nothing going on but I wound up with only about 20 minutes of the episode. Fortunately someone on the West Coast got a complete episode for me!
BTW, Lorie, there's a great article from the Philadelphia Inquirer on BB #2 detailing the ABC coverage of the Washington Monument incident during Gold Monkey. It's a great piece of journalism.

Graham Graham.Tait@SubSeaOffshore.co.uk Can you get the videos of Tales of the Golden Monkey in the UK
If not then in the States?
I'm interested to know.
Well, not officially. We're still trying to get Universal issue the show on home video. However, I have copies of all the episodes, but I'm rather swamped with tape orders right now. I could try asking a friend of mine if she could make PAL copies of the tapes I sent her. The copies you'd get would be 4th generation, so they won't be perfect.

Anna valdron@escape.ca Thanks for the information, will see about ordering a catalogy this coming week. Can't wait until this coming weekend where I will have to opportunity to sit back and read some of the Tales of the Gold MOnkey scripts that you have posted. There was some stuff that I read in the last website, that confused me, think that it was basically, becasue I have not seen the show for so long that some differnt part got forgotten. LIke that Jack had someone back in the States, other facts about the characters gotten mixed up, with time. Really enjoying rereading the scripts to capture some of the original fun I had with the series.
How do you get all that written material on your website? Do you write it, or is it a collective efferent?
The site is very much a collective effort. I wrote a lot of it myself and then added from submissions from lots of other people. I've given them all proper credit in the appropriate areas. As for your confusion on some of the facts, don't worry about it. After all, it was almost 15 years ago. Besides, some of the facts, like Jake's fiancee, were never mentioned in the series, but probably would have if the ABC weenies hadn't killed it after just one season!

Just a reminder that tomorrow, Saturday March 15, is the third Saturday of the month, so we'll be holding our IRC chat at 1 pm ET. Check out the IRC Chat Log and Schedule page for more information. And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all you folks reading this. Exactly one year ago today, I first uploaded my few pages of this website (which AOL kept destroying!). I never expected the site to expand so quickly. I just hoped that I'd bring a little joy to a few people's lives. Who'd have thought that I'd be reuniting fans and cast members!!! Let's hope Year #2 is just a good as the first!

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com One year ago today (or, rather, the *other* day), you created a web site that started one heck of a snowball rolling! It has not only reunited old friends and GM cast members, but it's helped introduce *new* friends/fans of GM to others. Great little social club you've got here in just one year!!! I, for one, can't wait to see what YEAR TWO of your fabulous GM website brings!!
Happy Anniversary!
Thanks for the hearty congratulations. It's been one helluva year!

Cheryl A. Daniel poovy@ns.gamewood.net Patricia, I don't know too much about "Gold Monkey". I was wondering if it is still airing on TV. Are any reruns on Cable?
Not in the US, though we're working on rectifying that situation. Also, we're trying to get Universal to release the show on home video. You can check out my main web page for the details on that. And just read through the site to get all the Gold Monkey info you can possibly imagine. It's the next best thing to being there. :)

Here's the Sunday, March 16 version of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Alan MacDonald akmac@chass.utoronto.ca This is just an idea a buddy and I had while discussing your web site and the other fan-related things on the internet. Regarding the latter, you may well be acquainted with the huge amount of StarTrek role-playing games or MUSH's & MUX's out there. Based on my recent experience with them, these Trek MU*'s involve fans of the genre pretending they are members of some political group (Federation, Empire) and navigating among various planets belonging to said groups in spaceships. There is, at the best of times, plenty of political intrigue, spying, war and diplomacy.
I got to thinking that the basic code used for this space travel could *very* easily be converted to operate as code that simulated SEAPLANE or SHIP travel among islands of the South Pacific...say circa 1930's. You get my drift I guess. If enough TOTGM fans out there were tempted by the opportunity to play the part of an American or French spy, a German or Japanese intelligence operative, a Flying Tiger or even just a gangster running an illegal casino or flesh parlour...you'd have all the makings for endless Gold Monkey role playing with other fans of the show...complete with text (it's all straight text of course) simulations of island hopping via seaplane or ship. You could have a real economy, black market, tropical diseases...you name it. One particularly tantalizing thought is that, while James Kirk is sometimes played on these Trek MUSHes by some 21 year old school kid, you might be able to set aside a Jake or Corky character on your MUSH for occassional appearances by the real actors, since they seem to retain an interest in the world they helped create. People would certainly have motivation to log on and do a little role playing if there was a small chance that the real Jake Cutter might show up once in a while. (I know I'd be honoured to have the tar kicked out of me in a bar brawl with the master of bar brawls :) )
Perhaps this has already been suggested to you before. If so, please don't bother posting it. If you think it's an interesting idea though, feel free to post. I'm sure there are folks out there reading your board who know more than I do about how to set up a MUSH site with the basic Trek MUSH code on it. Then it's just a matter of doing the creative work of turning all things Trek into all things Monkey :) I would be interested in helping you do that if you decided to go ahead. I might even be able to help you locate a site and the actual MUSH code if you couldn't otherwise do it. Let me know either way.
Well, Alan, I'm pretty clueless about roleplaying games, but it sounds like something a lot of people who visit my site may be interested in. I've posted your note to the bulletin board along with your email address so people can contact you directly. As for getting the original actors to participate, though it's highly improbable, it's not impossible. We'll see what they think.

Tom ghwm@buffnet.net I was at your site and I would also like to see this program rerun along with others especially the daniel boone show.

Well, it's Sunday, March 23, which means it's time for the latest edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Jimmy Williamson jimwilli@fair.net I wa sitting here at the old machine and wondering what to lookf for on the web! I wa a fan of TOTGM for day one ! if I remember . The network was alway "moving " the show form week to week! It was never on the same day or same time as the week before! Of couse that could be just my old memory! Heck I am over the hill! Sso far over the hill,I started another hill! I am 44!
It seems to me the some of the ideas for Tails of the Gold MOnkey came from an old cartoon strip in the paper called Terry and the Pirates! It to had a Dragon lady who was in love with a handsome young American pilot! That is just my humble opinion!
It is a great page and I would like to drop by from time to time and have a look see! I just wish I could at least get a video of the pilot episode!
Oh well maybe some day!
Take care and God Bless!
Jimmy Williamson
I agree that those pulp comics from the '30s and 40s were an influence on the show, particularly Terry and the Pirates. But fortunately, TOTGM was influenced by those classic films of the '30s and '40s like "Casablanca", so it wasn't cartoonish. BTW, I have all the episodes on tape, including the pilot. I'd be willing to make you a copy. All I ask in return is for you to cover the cost of the blank tape and postage. Right now, I'm backlogged with tape requests, but let me know if you're interested.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net Hi, I've been checking out your site and it's pretty neat. Gold Monkey was one of my favorite shows. I really enjoyed it. Had cable TV back in the late 80s when USA was showing the episodes and I taped many of them, but I would really like to see it come out on video (laser disc would be ideal). One of my other favorite shows has been released to a video club (Kolchak: The Night Stalker) and it would be great if Gold Monkey came out also.
I guess I'm not quite of the same age as you describe, though I did see Duran Duran once, they were opening for Blondie in Kansas City. But I really enjoyed the pilot episode and was quite pleased with the series, Roddy McDowell has always been a favorite of mine.
As the season drew to a close I wrote a letter to the production company (the only letter I have ever written to a TV show) and eventually got a response in a Tales of the Gold Monkey envelope, on Tales of the Gold Monkey stationary, telling me that the show had not been renewed. I was bummed. I still have the letter (and envelope) in a file drawer somewhere. That was a nice thing to get.
Well, I glad to see that people still appreciate the show. It really made my Wednesday nights. (Was it Wednesday? One bark yes, two barks no - wait was that one bark no and two barks yes? Oh - oh, big trouble).
Oh, you're not in big trouble, Bob. It's been a while since the show has aired. :-( BTW, it was Wednesday - 8 Eastern, 7 Central - and one bark means no and two barks mean yes. We're trying to convince Universal to release the show on home video, but so far no luck. I'm not going to stop trying though.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net I noticed that an earlier post mentioned that Caitlin would be appearing at a beauty and the Beast convention in Minneapolis in July. Could you keep us posted as to the details, since I live close by I can try to make plans to go. It'd be great to talk to her and maybe get an autograph, but I would rather have a Gold Monkey picture than a BB picture. Do you know anyone who sells stills from the show?
Cal Lynn is the person who mentioned the B&B convention, so perhaps she could give us more details. I don't know anymore about it. As for pictures, you can try stores that specialize in Hollywood memoriblia, but I'm sure that Gold Monkey pictures are very hard to come by. I'll post your note to the bulletin board to see if anybody out there knows where to find them.

Greg Joiner Greg.Joiner@MCI.Com I have been telling people about this show for years and nobody has heard of it!
BRING IT BACK on some CABLE Chanel!! Please!!!
From your keyboard to Ted Turner's ear. :)

Joseph Kilmartin bruin@interlog.com Nice work on teh GpoldMonkey Home page.. Thank teh Ultimate TV listing peiople for cluing me into teh write in campagn...
Keep up teh good work,
Joe in Toronto
Thanks, Joe, and thanks to Ultimate TV.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Review time
"God Save The Queen" (or, Vicki wouldn't stand for such shenanigans on *her* ship (and neither would Capt. Stubing))
Let me just start with what I liked: SC's English accent, and his portrayal of a mad Earl.
Well, all done there. I guess I wasn't too impressed with the rest of it.

1) The Queen Vic made one hell of a detour to get to Sydney, Australia from London, England. (I'll let you all mull that one over)
2) When Eddy became King the only law he "enacted" was his own abdication. Any "crown" law or what have you is a myth (as far as I know). Further, Eddy was crowned well after any war where Lord Hendriks could be blowing up chappies what jolly good fun what ho and then "retired" for. Even further, the only society even remotely interested in Eddy after he abdicated was the Americans (cause of Wally) although I guess the Germans were still courting him. From memory, the two of them (Eddy and Wally) lived in almost complete seclusion in France until their deaths. (I have this particularly striking B&W picture in my head of the Royal Family finally acknowledging Wallis Simpson's existence at Edward's funeral)
3) Any perfectionist maniac who has been delightfully telling Captain Stubing how long he has before the ship goes "boom" would know that his watch had been messed with. He was checking it that often.
4) The Duchess looked too much like Sarah.
5) Sarah and Louie on Boragora -- can you say "filler" or "contractual obligation"?
6) High Stakes Lady looks like fun (there, I did find something positive about it)
I dunno, this has been the hardest ep to swallow since I saw "Trunk From The Past" and as that had "supernatural" qualities, I'm more likely to swallow that then this pitiful attempt at using "history"
(incidentally, the crown jewels never leave the Tower of London (if they're even really there), only very expensive imitations are ever on display or sent off to a gallery).
Poor show, chaps.
I have to agree with you on all your points, Leanne, except for one. How could you not like the scene where Jake walks around the ship in a towel?! When I first saw that, my teenage heart skipped a beat. :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca In reviewing "God Save the Queen", Leanne said, "Let me just start with what I liked: SC's English accent, and his portrayal of a mad Earl."
In a word, Leanne ... "FLAMENCO!" :)
Okay, I have to disagree here for a minute. I liked this episode. I liked it a lot, actually.
First of all, as for the inclusion of Louie and Sarah as contractual obligation, there was at least one episode where Sarah was left out, and I believe one with Louie as well. (I'm not sure -- Monkey Woman, back me up or disprove me, please.) The scene was kind of ill-placed, coming out of nowhere the way it did.
Sarah wasn't in 'The Sultan of Swat' and Louie is missing from 'Mourning Becomes Matuka'. I think in both cases, the actors were unavailable due to illness or something. And the original script of 'God Save the Queen' (conviently linked to the episode guide) doesn't include the Sarah & Louie scene. Maybe the producers didn't want us to forget they existed.
Kind of like that kiss ... WHERE THE HECK DID *THAT* COME FROM??? I know our Mr. Cutter is friendly, but usually he has a past with the kissee, or, at the very least, some emotional moment first. This is the episode where we are finally shown that Jake has a rare facial muscle control problem which causes him to kiss randomly and without control. If I were Sarah, I'd lock this boy up. It's the only way.
About all the Edward stuff ... there's something called "the willing suspension of disbelief" (thank you, Mr. Coleridge). I'm not sure, Leanne, but I think us Commonwealth types would be much more sensitive to monarchial details than the average American viewer (the only people who really count to the ABC Weenies). Given that the show takes place during a particular year, they were somewhat limited when it came to their choice of monarchs, and I don't think the fudging of the details was really all that bad. I liked this episode much more than "Amish Lady and Cowboy Buzz" or "Tales of the Gold Tarzan". :)
I'm so excited. We're actually having a debate here. Traffic on the bulletin board. Imagine that! ;)
Bill? Lesley? Your thoughts?
Or anybody else with an opinion.

Lorie Schultz va_who@juno.com Just wanted to send you a little tidbit for the website. Back in 1937, the original Goose went into production with an initial production schedule of 10 planes to be manufactured (a test run to see if they'd sell). The first three did sell around July of 1937 at...get this...the cost of $60,000 each. Although there were the usual problems associated with finding buyers, Grumman went ahead with producing the remaining 7 planes for $66,000 each!! I could still find a small old house with two acres of land around here right now for what they had to pay in 1937 for one small airplane. $66,000 would've been an incredible amount of money back then and that was just for a basic plane. It didn't have a lot of 'frills'.
More of the planes sold several years later, with military applications in mind.
Naturally this tends to make the likelihood of Jake getting his hands on a wreck in late 1937 or early 1938 very unlikely but for the sake of argument, lets say that one of the original ten crashed or burned up on one of the Hawaiian Islands. They would probably have had to pay something for 'her'. Even if they didn't, because she was a 'wreck', they would have had to replace parts...LOTS of parts. If the original cost around $66,000, how much money would they have had to shell out to buy new parts. The guy selling it to Jake would have presumably had enough sense to base it's original resale price on how many good parts remained. The lower the resale price, the more parts 'our guys' would have needed to purchase or rebuild.
All in all, it seems like it would have required more cash than two very broke guys would have had. I'd be curious to know how Mr. Bellisario would have explained their dealing with the cash flow problem in the process of getting the Goose up and running. (Perhaps Jake, Corky or both had more cash stockpiled somewhere than we believed).

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com I have to agree with you on all your points, Leanne, except for one. How could you not like the scene where Jake walks around the ship in a towel?! When I first saw that, my teenage heart skipped a beat. :)
Yowsers!!! I knew I'd forget something!!!
BTW, I very much enjoyed "High Stakes Lady" (just finished watching it). Reason one, Sarah wore the same colour blue singing "Am I Blue" that I imagined myself wearing singin on Boragora all those years ago.
She also wore that same dress at the beginning of 'Shanghaied'. I REALLY need to get out more often.
And although I wish that Jake had woken up to the "have to get my purse" earlier and I wish Corky hadn't interrupted Sarah and Jake at the end (*I* want to hear that explanation!!!), I enjoyed it!!! Guess I'm just a high stakes lady at heart after all ...
Okay, it's time for Karen's opinion of your opinion, which should be posted to the board shortly.

While we're waiting for Karen, here's Leanne again.
Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com HOW COULD YOU FORGET THAT?!! :)
Well, I also seemed to have missed the uncontrollable facial muscle, the kiss. Gads, what was I doing? (hmm, from memory, I got up to wash the dishes)
Okay, it's time for Karen's opinion of your opinion, which should be posted to the board shortly.
Yeppers, I read it ... and as a debate needs to keep going more than once to be called a debate (doesn't it?) here goes ...
First, I said that the Sarah and Louie scene was either filler or contractual obligation. Going by the original script, looks like my first guess is correct.
Karen wrote:
About all the Edward stuff ... there's something called "the willing suspension of disbelief" (thank you, Mr. Coleridge). I'm not sure, Leanne, but I think us Commonwealth types would be much more sensitive to monarchial details than the average American viewer (the only people who really count to the ABC Weenies). Given that the show takes place during a particular year, they were somewhat limited when it came to their choice of monarchs, and I don't think the fudging of the details was really all that bad.
Well, we just have to agree to disagree. It's not *that* difficult to look up a history book -- and for a brief-lived reign as famous as Eddy's, there's really no excuse. Well, ABC have *plenty* of excuses, but a *writer*??? No way. Anyway, I was so cheesed off that it seems I almost missed the towel scene and *completely* missed the uncontrollable facial muscle. (gee, do you think it was disease that spread throughout his body -- thinking of the island scene in High Stakes Lady)

HAPPY EASTER!!! In honor of Jake's rare facial muscle control problem, here's this week's edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

And now, heeeeeeeeere's Karen! :-)
Karen J. McLean
babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca The debate continues ...
Leanne said: "BTW, I very much enjoyed "High Stakes Lady" (just finished watching it). Reason one, Sarah wore the same colour blue singing "Am I Blue" that I imagined myself wearing singin on Boragora all those years ago. ... And although I wish that Jake had woken up to the "have to get my purse" earlier and I wish Corky hadn't interrupted Sarah and Jake at the end (*I* want to hear that explanation!!!), I enjoyed it!!! Guess I'm just a high stakes lady at heart after all ..."
I try not to think of this episode. I remember being a very angry twelve-year-old, shutting off the television in absolute disgust at men and their hormones. If I were Sarah, I would have left Boragora and let the fly-boy come find me, after this. I wonder if she ever found out what he and the hussy (can I say "hussy" on the board?) were up to while waiting for those boats to show up. I really don't think Jake would have gone ahead with any sort of relationship without having a chat with Sarah first (to define what their "status"). I simply can't see him doing it. (There. That was *my* rant at the writers.) :)
NOTE: "Hussy" is allowed on the board.
Then Leanne said: "First, I said that the Sarah and Louie scene was either filler or contractual obligation. Going by the original script, looks like my first guess is correct."
Point for the Aussie. :)
Then she said: "Anyway, I was so cheesed off that it seems I almost missed the towel scene and *completely* missed the uncontrollable facial muscle. (gee, do you think it was disease that spread throughout his body -- thinking of the island scene in High Stakes Lady)
Uh, no, Leanne -- those were *other* uncontrollable muscles. :) As for the towel scene, isn't rewind great? :) I've watched that scene a few times. Try it. Watch the scene over and over and over, and very soon, this will be your favourite episode. :)
While we're at it, what other episodes didn't you like? :)

Amy amy@infocom.net Well pinch my toes and call me a jelly donut! I cannot believe there are actually other fans of TOTGM!
I ran across your sig in rec.arts.tv and immediately ran to check out the website and I couldn't believe my eyes. I watched the show when it was in reruns on USA, and even managed to save one on tape ("Once a Tiger...") I was taping it every day, but not saving the eps (silly me!) and I saved that one b/c it featured a kiss between Jake and Sarah - ahh heaven. But enough of that. I'm so happy to see the show has not been forgotten and that someone is working hard to make sure it never shall be. The web site is wonderful! It made my day!
Thanks, Amy. Glad to be of service. And you can never talk enough about Jake's kissing. Trust me, it's one of the most popular topics of discussion on the bulletin boards. :)

Well, we tried holding our 1st Tuesday of the month IRC chat last night and things did not go that well. We could try again tonight or tomorrow if people are interested. Does anybody out there want to MonkeyChat?

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Amy (amy@infocom.net) said: "Well pinch my toes and call me a jelly donut! I cannot believe there are actually other fans of TOTGM!"
I think she wins the award for the best ITIWTOO ("I thought I was the only one") line. :)
Actually the jelly donut line was the subject header of Amy's note, but I liked it so much that I included it on the board. :)

Tim Timeras@aol.com Hiya!! I just found your site- and I wanted to thank you for setting it up in homage of one of the best shows on TV. I am a huge fan of Jake & Co., and am pleased to know that there are others out there too.
Love the sight, especially the scripts! Keep up the good work, and I'll be back!
Thanks a lot, Tim, and feel free to stop back anytime. We're open 24 hours a day, as long as the AOL server doesn't go down. :)

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net I did a little digging and found this web site http://cord.iupui.edu/~tmbegley/songs/cons/cons.htm that has info on the convention in July. It doesn't confirm that Caitlin will be there, though it does mention it as tentative. It seems a mite pricey $85 for the three days, or $30 for one day.
When there is confirmation of Caitlin being there, then I can decide if I want to spend the money.
BTW I still have not found any place with cast/star photos from Tales of the Gold Monkey. Can anyone help me?
Thanks for the info about the Beauty and the Beast convention. Hopefully, so one out there can help you with your picture search. Good luck!

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

Jake didn't have far to go to find Karen. She sat on the steps, knees pulled up to her chin, and her gaze leading out over the water. Her eyes were shiny.

"Hi," Jake said awkwardly.

Karen looked up and smiled bravely. "Hi."

Jake sat down beside her. "Is everything alright? You look ... sad."

Karen shrugged slightly. "No more than usual. I just don't have to hide it out here." She looked back out over the water. "Patricia sent you, didn't she?"

"Well," Jake said, "I could get in trouble if I answered that."

They both laughed softly, then Karen turned to him again. "I'm fine. Really. It's just that today is my wedding anniversary."

"Oh?" Jake said. "I didn't realize you were married." He chuckled. "What does your husband think of you chasing volcanoes in the South Pacific?"

Karen sighed. "I'm not chasing volcanoes." Absently kicking at some sand on the step, she added, "I'm chasing him."

* * *

"So where are we, Corky, if we're not on Boragora?" Lesley asked.

They were scrambling through some dense tropical undergrowth on their way to the beach. Their plan was to write an SOS in the sand so that when the Goose flew over, Jake would see it.

"I'm not sure," Corky replied. "We could be on one of about eight islands. I think this is ..." He paused. "I ... I can't remember."

They continued for a few more steps, then Lesley tripped. Corky lunged to catch her in his arms. "Are you okay?"

She grimaced. "I ... don't think so. My ankle."

Corky helped her over to a fallen tree and she sat down. Corky took a deep breath. "I'm sorry," he said. "This is all my fault. If I could have remembered where I saw that guy, then we wouldn't have ..."

"Ssh," Lesley said soothingly. "It's not your fault. You didn't make me come with you. I volunteered, remember?"

Corky nodded, then looked as if a question had just occurred to him. "Lesley?


"Why did you come with me?"

Lesley blushed a deep crimson. "Because I like you, Corky."

There was a thrashing sound in the brush. Corky wrapped his arms protectively around Lesley as they waited for whatever it was to reach them. Finally, a man emerged from the brush.

"Am I ever glad to see you!" he exclaimed. "You have to help me get off this sandheap."

Corky and Lesley stared at him. The man's clothes were ragged and his dark beard was halfway down his chest. "We would," Corky said, "but we're kind of stuck here ourselves."

Lesley half-smiled some encouragement. "But Jake will come find us soon."

"Yeah," Corky said enthusiastically. "Jake will come find us. Unless ..."

"Unless what?" Lesley asked cautiously.

Corky shrugged. "Unless that guy's plan worked and Jake thinks we're really dead."

* * *

"He's out there somewhere," Karen whispered. "I know he is, Jake."

"What happened?" he asked.

Karen took a deep breath. "Six months ago, a man contacted my husband and told him he had found a cave with what looked like authentic prehistoric drawings. My husband is an anthropologist -- one of the best in his field. So my husband went with this other man. They were coming to one of the islands near Boragora. He ... never came home."

Jake stared back at her. "I'm so ... sorry, Karen."

"Don't say that," Karen snapped. "My husband is no more dead than your friend Corky and that card-lady." Softening, she looked straight into Jake's eyes. "Can you help me find him?"

Jake swallowed hard. "What do we have to go on?"

"The man who lost all his money to Corky's friend bore a strong resemblance to the man who came to my husband with the information about the cave. They aren't the same man, but ... they look a lot alike."

"Do you think ..." Jake began.

"I don't think Corky and Lesley are dead. I think they're with my husband. I think all three are being held captive by the man who talked about the cave."

"It's a long shot," Jake breathed, a hopeful look in his eyes. "But if you're right ..."

"First thing in the morning?" Karen asked.

"Dawn," Jake promised. "Come on, let's go back inside. I'll talk to Trishie and make the necessary arrangements."

Jake helped Karen to her feet and they went inside. Sarah was singing yet another song about being blue. Jake walked over to Patricia, while Karen walked up to the bar. An American in a cowboy hat leaned against the bar beside her.

"I bet I know what you'd like," he said suggestively.

Karen looked at him with loathing. "I highly doubt that." Her eyes searched the room for either Louie or Gushie. Neither was in sight.

"You look awfully lonely," the man continued.

"I'm fine, thank you," Karen replied quickly.

The man leaned closer. "Come on, sweetie," he continued. "Let me buy you a drink."

"I don't think my husband would like that," she replied, her eyes still scanning the room. Finally she caught Jake's gaze. He put his beer down and hurried over, just as the man was forcing his arms around Karen.

Jake grabbed the man and pushed him backwards a bit. "I think the lady told you she wasn't interested."

The man turned to Jake. "She's only saying that because she's afraid to live her life the way she wants to. I know what she wants, and she does, too. She just has to let go, to do the things she wants, not what someone else wants."

With the American's attention away from her, Karen brought her arm up and punched him squarely in the face. The man fell backwards, hitting the side of the bar and knocking over a stool on his way to the floor. The hat fell down over his face.

Lifting the hat, he looked up at Karen. He stared at her in disbelief, his hand on his jaw. Karen, a glint in her green eyes, leaned down over him to look him straight-on.

Glaring at him, her face mere inches from his, Karen seethed. "You're absolutely right. I feel so much better now."

Jake gazed at Karen with a mixed look of awe and admiration, as the bar broke out into applause.

(insert commercial here)

Beryl Gray berylg@gorge.net I must admit that I LOVED TotGM. I must also admit I "came of age" quite a bit earlier (try "The Wild, Wild, West".)
I *hated* flying, but I've always dreamed of flying "Cutter's Goose" to a sun-drenched island with a beautiful girl who waits with a Rum Punch!
Don't worry, Beryl. My site is for fans of all ages.

"cheyene" cheyene@usa.net Pat- Loved your web site. When did you start it? I was looking up Star Wars on Web Crawler and your site was listed! From what I could tell some of the messages were almost a year old now. Are you still active? I spent over an hour browsing and really got a kick out of all your good work. Keep it up please.
Don't worry, Cheyene. The site's one year old and still going trong. I've got no plans to stop now. Heck, we still have to get the show out on home video!

Well, the board's getting pretty big again, so it's time to mosey on over to Bulletin Board #11.

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