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To inaugarate our new board, here's the Sunday, April 6 edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Adam Nicholls snaptv@citenet.net Patricia, My name is Adam Nicholls, I'm a 25, and have a huge - oops wrong page! Well now that I know where I am let me say congrats on the page I think it may be just the thing to fill the void in my heart! I am number 14964 although for the record "I am not a number, I am a free man!" (a little pop-culture reference for you!) Anyways I was thrilled to discover this page, it brought back many happy childhood memories. I actually remember playing Golden Monkey with friends and relatives. Unfortunately whenever I played with my older cousin Johnny I always had to be Corky! I'm an independant television producer from Montreal and do quasi-news segments for a CBC (our national, gov't funded channel) pop-culture show called Big Life and we are currently producing a 1 hour monster movie for television, called "EXTREME NEWS". It was shot on Digital Video and edited on a power Mac with Media 100. If you have the time (the fact that you made this page is a good indication that you definately have the time!) check out our web site www.citenet/users/snaptv. It's still under construction and I haven't put my bio in yet but check it out! I'm sorry for babbling but I just smoked a joint and want to chat. I really liked your page, it looks great! The only criticism I have, and it's purely esthetic, is the pink/orange background. I'm not that crazy about the colour - but that's just my personal taste. I'm sure you'll be changing it the second you read this in order to appease that raving lunatic from Montreal whose email was about 20 lines longer than you'd like! Thanks for the site it was a great flashack!
You're welcome, Adam, and I love long emails, especially when ones I post to the bulletin board. Now about the main web page's background color, it was the one that looked the best with the picture of the Goose and the title, so I used it. It looks like a pale salmon color on low resolution. Unfortunately, it gets brighter when the resolution gets higher, but I still kinda like it. BTW, I'm sure you were just joking about the joint, just in case the Montreal authorities are reading this. :)

Allison Hock redhawk@ix.netcom.com Patricia, you do have *way* too much time on your hands! But I was highly amused and pleased by your website. I actually sold a story to "Tales" when it was called "Tales of the Brass Monkey." I don't know why they changed the name. (I know Harvey Laidman, I had Thanksgiving dinner with him a couple of years ago -- great guy).
Anyway, my story, and five others, never made it to script when the two story editors were fired, a common occurrance in series TV. They were Paul Savage, a fine writer, and Rob Gilmore?
I loved my story, it was about Doctor van Raucher (this is from my notes, not memory!) who lived on a mysterious, cured place known as the Isle of Zombies. For years, von Raucher, with the support of the German High Command, has been creating in a lab, lookalikes for FDR, Churchill and DeGaulle. In the middle of jungle, is an exact duplicate of the White House. (Why, I have no idea and can't remember. It was based on a story I read that for terrorist training, a duplicate was built in the 70's).
So the real FDR is bound for Boragora on the China Clipper, and the evil von Raucher is planning a switcheroo. (The "zombies" were actually surgical failures froom the early stages of the experiments).
Corny, but fun. Sorry I never got to write the script.
You wouldn't still happen to have that story lying around somewhere, would you? I'd love to post it to the web site, if you wouldn't mind. I'm sure there are many fans who'd love to read it.
BTW, I do realize that I *REALLY* need to get a life. :)

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Woo hoo! Found another fan! (also did you see those Pads beat the Mets two out of three games!)
Well, I found another Corky fan -- her name is Linda and she's from the L&C list (she mentioned Tales in passing in a post and I directed her to your site! She's interested in the Gathering and hopes to join in one of our irc chats -- and the girl wrote fanfic (I haven't checked to see if she left a message on your board yet but I'm sure she'll introduce herself soon)
Anyway, I got my butt frozen (well, San Diego cold) at that 12 inning game. Very unseasonable SD weather! Nice seats though ...
Thanks for the referral and I hope your butt has recovered. :) And speaking of the Gathering, we've got to get a move on if we're gonna pull this thing together in time. We need to get some sort of head count and get down to business.

Stephen Lee sclee@idirect.com lHiya. Just E-mailed to tel ya ME "Steve" was here.. and frankly I loved Tales of the gold monkey! quite frankly, I thought I was the only one left on the planet that even remembered the series. thanks for the page.. it was ver nostalgic.
You're welcome, Steve, and since the main web page counter is now over 15000, I can assure you that you're not the only one left on the planet to remember the show.

Allison Hock redhawk@ix.netcom.com I'll look for a copy of the story, but all I could find immediately were these rough notes.
Thanks for trying. I'm sure the fans will appreciate it as much as I do.

And now here's Leanne with some info about hotel accommodations for the 15th Anniversary Gathering in California this September.
Leanne Shawler
volterra@znet.com "Airtel Plaza, $114-119 (max 5/room) .... tropical garden areas ... complimentary tie-down spaces for private planes!" Cool! I thought. Just the spot for Corky and Jake to tie up when they come visit." Then I thought. "tie up spaces? airport? noise?" The search continues ...

Robert Mahaffy rmaha@inet.att.co.kr Just wanted to thank you for providing a web page through which I can remember one of my favorite classic TV shows. Any idea what network picked it up for sindication, or if it's ever been put out on video?
Again, thanks again and I'll see you at the Monkey Bar.
Tales of the Gold Monkey hasn't been seen in the US since the USA Network reran the show from 1988-90 and has never been released on video. But we're all working to rectify the situation by contacting cable networks and Universal, begging them to give us back our show!

Darris Dobbs Hieroglyfx@aol.com Love your site. I thought my brother and I were the only ones who remembered this show til I stumbled onto your page. I am a professional animator and web designer and I would like your permission to link to my own website.
My site has a very similar flavor. Our studio name is HieroglyFX and we have our own daring adventurer for a mascot, Hiero Harry.We use an Egyptian Cyber-archeology theme. With your permission I would like to add your site to our Links page. If there is an icon you'd like for us to use , send it to me by e-mail.
Thank you in advance and good luck with your campaign, I'd love to see the Monkey returned to the tube.
Darris Dobbs
HieroglyFX Design
Thanks for your note, Darris. Feel free to link to my site. I'm always grateful to folks who add a link to my page.

Well, it's Sunday, April 13. You know what that means. It's time again for Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Darris Dobbs Hieroglyfx@aol.com Thank you Patricia. Your page will be given a prominent position on our links page. I took the liberty of creating a graphic to accompany it from the cover picture you have posted. I inserted our own daring little mascot into the picture with Jake and the gang. I am attatching a copy. I hope you like it. Thanks again.

I LOVE IT! The little guy is cute. Not as cute as Jake, but then who is. :)

Cecilia de Mander lmelev07@sk.uppsala.se Hi! You wanted a name to the number. Well, hereīs one; Cecilia de Mander, from Uppsala, Sweden.
Unfortunately, I canīt make you very happy, I ended up here by mistake. I was actually looking for something on another TV-show, Higlander, and then this monkey-thing showed up. I am sorry to disappoint you about it, but I havenīt even heard about before. That might be because I live in Sweden (that is not Switcherland, and we are not very good at making watches, but it is in Europe, in the north actually, quite close to Russia) and I was born 1980, so i hadnīt "come to age" yet at that time, anyway.
As I said, sorry to disappoint you, but I hope youīll get to wath your monkeys sooner or later.
Just wanted to be friendly and keep you from freeking out about nameless numbers, even if I couldnīt help you against the TV-programmers that might stop by.
Good luck!
Greetings from Cecilia
Thanks a lot for your note, Cecilia. I'm sorry you've never seen the show. I know that it did air in Sweden since I've gotten email from Swedish fans, but you were too young to have seen it, let alone remember it. A couple of months ago, I read that the show had recently aired in Sweden, but I couldn't confirm this. If it had, it was probably just the pilot movie being broadcast on a satellite channel. You'll probably get to see it sooner than I will here in the US. If you do get an opportunity to watch it, check it out. You may like it.

Tom Greene TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Well hello again, all you great Monkey fans. Itís been a long time since Iíve sent anything to you, but Iíve been extremely busy. Finished a few TV projects, then ran off to the ranch to chill out, do some rodeo and buy the spring cattle. Had an experience there that reminded me of a Gold Monkey episode. About a hundred miles or so from my ranch is a large gorge. Part of this gorge is unfortunately owned by the a very strange man, the land having been passed through his family ever since his great, great grandfather slaughtered a whole Indian tribe that lived in the gorge. So the government gave him part of this gorge as a reward. (Don't you just love history?!) Anyway, the part of the gorge that's on a national park protects all wildlife... but these mustangs have migrated over to the private land, and this "man" (and I use that term loosely), thought he'd make some money by charging wannbe "wild game" hunters five hundred dollars a piece to go on his land and "hunt" the mustangs. The first hunt was to begin in two days, so we had only one night to get the mustangs back to safety. First we tried to get a helicopter in there (he can't own the sky!), and push these mustangs back to safe ground, but it only scattered them further up the private property... so we had to dark-ride... that is ride down into the gorge under cover of darkness (blazing a trail where on each side were drop offs of hundreds of feet!), and literally drive the mustangs back on our horses before sunlight. We used Paso Finos for their strength and bravery and to make a long story short... we got all the mustangs back to safety, then dynamited the gorge behind them, so they won't be going back to the "happy hunting grounds". Since I'm also a reserve deputy, I also checked with InterPole, and found > that this "man" who owned the property had a few traffic warrants out for him, and also was a "dead beat dad", so on the way back we rode up to his home. He came out with a shotgun ready to shoot us down for trespassing and dynamiting the gorge, and instead I had two officers with me, (major horse-lovers themselves, as most are), who instead arrested him! Ahhh, sweet revenge. It also seems his family didn't kill all the tribe that was there, those many years ago, and it just so happened that one of the officers was a decedent of that tribe, and he's been wanting to get this man for years!
Anyway, thatís what a Hollywood Producer does during his free time! By the way, Iím going back to Warsaw, Missouri in a few weeks for the tenth annual Celebrity Wild Turkey celebration, so if any of you find yourselves in the Ozarks feel free to stop in! Continue to get wonderful mail from all of you, with more and more questions. Iíve been traveling so much that I tend to just answer them and send them back... but a few of the same questions keep repeating themselves, so I thought Iíd answer a few more right here. One question that came up over and over was why in the entire series, since it was a tropical island, did we see so little rain or other weather besides sunshine? Well, actually we did have some weather when plot points dedicated it, for example in FORCE OF HABIT, Jake and the nun are up in the stormy skies chasing after the stolen China Clipper, and back at the Monkey Bar the regulars are very worried about them as they look up at the rain; and of course, A DISTANT SHOUT OF THUNDER is ALL about weather! But besides that, the obvious answer is the expense to have rain, and the trouble it takes to match it from shot to shot. In fact, on a pilot I just directed, I needed to have rain, and it started to REALLY rain, and we had to wait for the rain to stop so that we could shoot our fake rain. Sounds strange, but remember a scene is made up of many different shots, filmed at many different angles, and you can never depend on the real weather to give you the same kind of rain hour after hour. If we shot in the real rain, and in the master it was raining buckets, and by the time we got to the close-ups, the rain had stopped, the shots would not matched when edited, so that when you have fake rain, you can keep the amount of rain consistent from shot to shot. Wind is another problem, since you have to used what are called ritters which are huge wind-machines. They are VERY noisy, and you must then replace ALL the dialogue in post. Not only is this expensive and time consuming, but it also can effect the dynamics of their performance. If any of you have caught THUNDER IN PARADISE, a series I produced a few years back (it still reruns every day on TNT), there is an episode that I also directed called DEAD RECKONING, wherein the stars are floating in the middle of the ocean on a life raft. At one point it is nighttime and the raft has deflated, and there is a huge storm at sea, and they are all clinging on for dear life. The bad guy who has been brainwashed has a bomb strapped to his waist and is about to trigger it, and the other two (Hulk Hogan and Chris Lemmon) have to bring him back to reality before they are all blown to bits. The performance were extremely important in that long scene, since the bad guy (played by the wrestling champ Sting) goes through some very subtle changes as they slowly bring him around. We shot that scene in a tank with seven wind machines, wave machines, lightening machines, and drop-tanks for water, plus rain machines... so it was impossible to hear the dialogue. When it came for post I was back in LA (we shot the whole thing at Disney Studios in Florida), and that scene was so important that they flew me back to Florida to direct the actors in the ADR (Automatic Dialogue Replacement). It took a whole day for each actor to do his part. Thatís why you think very hard before you do weather, even in a tropical series like Monkey.
Another questions that keeps coming up, and one I answered a long time ago, was why Louie was missing from the last episode, and why some of the other actors werenít in certain shows. Well, except for the main stars, when you make a contract for the regulars or what they call re-occurring roles, you usually give them something like a 15 out of 26, or some combination. That is, you guarantee them 15 shows out of the full order of 26. They are pay or play, which means that even if they donít do those 15, you still have to pay them, which is why, nearing the end of a season of shows you suddenly realize that some of your re-occurring have commitments. Instead of just paying them off, you suddenly find scenes to put them in. I usually work the other way, in that, like Don, I love to have lots of re-occurring characters in my shows, since they are great from creating plot, sub-plots and for driving action and motivation. I end up using up my commitments too early and we have to argue with the networks to allow us to bring them back over and over again. In my Mini-Series Wildside, I had this wonderful actress named Robin Hoff who played the townís undertaker. She was so wonderful in the first episode that I brought her back for every show, even though she was contracted for only one episode. Anyway, as I stated before, Roddy was a star, and was contracted for every episode. He was out of the MOURNING episode, since on the first day we were shooting that episode, we heard that he got a horrible case of Shingles, and couldnít work, so I had to literally sit on the set and write him out of the entire episode (can you imagine if this happened on the LAST CHANCE LOUIE episode?!??!). He felt horrible, as we all did, since we loved him so much, and he was such a joy to work with, and for him not to enjoy working on the last episode was a sad day for all of us! Another question that comes up over and over again is if Jack actually had only one eye. The answer is no... he had both eyes... however, it took a whole lot of training to get him used to that patch. Since they work on hand signals mostly, it was very hard for him to see what he was supposed to do. There was also a few questions about rumors that he was killed half-way through the show and that we had a replacement. That is not true. However, I did hear that there was another Jack that was shipped out before the pilot was shot, and something happened on the airplane, or in transport and that dog may have died... but the Jack you see went through the entire series (and yes, he had run of show contract!). Anyway, thereís lots more to answer, but must run. Am working on a very special and personal project now, a feature based on some experiences in my childhood that I will be directing. Itís been hell to write... you canít hide behind a wonderful Goose or a dog with a patch on its eye! When this is finished, I may be back producing another action-packed series. Iíll keep you posted. Keep up the good work, and if you actually have your Los Angeles celebration, I would be honored to come if Iím in town!
Thanks for stopping by, Tom. It's nice to have you back. We'll be discussing our plans for our LA Gathering during our IRC chat this Saturday at 1 pm ET. Hope to see you there.

Well, we held our chat yesterday, but basically, it was just me and Lesley. So, I regret to announce that the regular IRC chats will be discontinued effective immediately. However, we'll try to hold "special" chats occasionally.
Also, I'm still trying to get a head count of people interested in attending our Gold Monkey Gathering in California on September 20 and 21. Right now, it looks like the cast and crew will outnumber the fans. Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to join us for our 15th anniversary celebration.

And since it's Sunday, April 20, we have another installment of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Whitney Sherwood krull@ridgecrest.ca.us Hello There, I stumbled on to your page and I must say that you have trully made me happy for "Tales of the Gold Monkey" was my all time favorite show. Although I have not seen it since it left the Air Many Many years ago it still remains my all time favorite and I wshall visit your sight again and again whenever i need to just see somthing to make me happy. Thank You for your work you all did a great job and i hope that maybe I can see the show again one day in reruns of course.
Thanks a lot for your note, Whitney. I'm glad the site makes you happy. Now if we can only get some cable channel to make us happy by showing reruns.

BTW, if you hadn't noticed, on my main web page, I list my new snail mail address. The new address is: Patricia Annino, P.O. Box 806, Norwell, MA 02061.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Honor Thy Brother / The Late Sarah White
Well! Two more contrasting episodes could not be found! I mean, in one, the supposedly intelligent Sarah doesn't even know the meaning of the word "camoflage"!!! Ok, so she can't sing, but she *is* bright! (Second in her graduating class after all!) Which brings me to "The Late Sarah White" where not only was she spy-extraordinare in tailing Wallace, snapping pictures, she *also* diplomatically brought the guerrilla group and MacArthur together and may I say, on behalf of the male Monkiacs (even though I am not one, I can appreciate it): didn't she look hot in her rebel outfit!
Did anybody else wonder just how Sarah, clad in her tight and skimpy khaki outfit, convinced the rebels she was on their side? I mean, the only woman in a camp of outlaws, stranded for a whole week... :)
Anyway, Dan would like to point out that Macarthur was a Manilan general, not American -- and nobody speaks Spanish in Manila (although all the extras looked mexican, except for one black guy).
Um, not to belittle Hubby Dan's knowledge of history, but I believe that MacArthur was always a member of the U.S. Army (just stationed in the Philippines at that time) and that Spanish is an official language of the country. Spain controlled the Philippines for over three centuries until they lost it to the U.S. after the Spanish-American war in 1898.
I would like to point out that Gushie was wonderful in TLSW, Corky was darling in HTB, and Jack was just the hansomest dog!
However, I *must* add that I saw Corky as being confused and surprised rather thn horrified that he'd got himself a fat wife who would eat him out of house and home. I think Corky would react the same way no matter what shape the girl came in (although clearly she was *meant* to be returned). Not so sure about Jake, Louie and Willie though.
Well, in fairness to them, attitudes weren't all that politically correct back in 1938, or in 1982 for that matter.

Michael Rivers michaelr@alr.com I have some questions that I would like to ask you about the series that I was unable to find on the web page.
Q #1 Why did the series end? Was it due to the ratings and/or finances or what?
Kinda both. The ratings weren't nearly as high as ABC had hoped for, though it performed reasonably well until they moved the show to TV Siberia (i.e. Fridays at 10 pm). The average ratings, coupled with the cost of producing the show, spelled cancellation. Of course, the ABC folks were just big WEENIES!!!
Q #2 On "Mouring Becomes Matuka" was that episode a "fill in" or an episode intended to be the series primere for the next season since it didn't really fit in right with the way of the series (Boragora almost blows up in the previous episode and in this episode, almost the whole gang is on Matuka and engaged (Jake) in Princess Koji's matters)? Wierd!
As writer/producer, Tom Greene, pointed out, "A Distant Shout of Thunder" was intended to be the season finale. However, for some reason, "Mourning Becomes Matuka" aired after it. Just the way the schedule worked out, I guess.
Q #3 Is there a way that I can get a good 4 sided piture or the plans to the idol that was found on Baku (The Gold Monkey but made of BRASS)? I want to make a replica of it maybe out of wood or plaster.
Others have asked, but nobody's been able to find any plans. Maybe if you go to Don Bellisario's office at Paramount, he'll let you borrow the Monkey. Yeah, right! :)

Amy amy@infocom.net I read on the Monkey Board:
Well, we held our chat yesterday, but basically, it was just me and Lesley. So, I regret to announce that the regular IRC chats will be discontinued effective immediately. However, we'll try to hold "special" chats occasionally. Also, I'm still trying to get a head count of people interested in attending our Gold Monkey Gathering in California on September 20 and 21. Right now, it looks like the cast and crew will outnumber the fans. Please let me know ASAP if you'd like to join us for our 15th anniversary celebration.
I *might* be able to come. It depends on a couple of things, the most crucial being my school schedule, however, I need some more info. Where, who, what, etc.
Thanks sweetie!
Okay, here's the scoop. On the weekend of September 20-21, we will be holding our Gold Monkey Gathering in or around Van Nuys, California (exact location TBD). The Gathering will include screening of the episodes, a Monkiac dinner, maybe some Hollywood touristy stuff and general merriment. Plus, on Sunday, the 21st, we will have an informal Q&A session with cast and crew members. Those tentatively scheduled to appear are (in no particular order):

Stephen Collins (Jake)
Jeff MacKay (Corky)
Caitlin O'Heaney (Sarah)
Tom Greene (writer/producer)
Harvey Laidman (director)
Some more folks may join us, some others may drop out due to schedule conflicts. We can't determine how much this will cost yet until we get a good head count. Does this sound like anything people may be interested in attending? And Leanne, please feel free to add anything since I'm sure I'm leaving things out.

Wes (ww2) worshamj@citadel.edu and Josh (the exhaulted one) brandonj@citadel.edu OK, I know this sounds so hokey, but i had a dream about TOTGM. I had vague memories about the show, but didn't really remeber that much about it. I asked a friend (also an 80's maniac) and he went absolutely nuts. Between us we got the major plot of the show worked out, and recalled a few of the episodes. Here at the Citadel, there's not much to do in the way of entertainment, so we logged on and stumbled across your page. I can't tell you what a relief it was that someone else out there has a definate affinity for 80's trivia. Anyway, to make a long story short, we have GOT to get a copy of one of the episodes. We will pay any price. ANY PRICE. We are absolutely desperate to rekindle a little of our youth, and as newly rededicated fans, we hope that someone out there can help us out.
Wes (ww2) worshamj@citadel.edu
Josh (the exhaulted one) brandonj@citadel.edu
Well, I can help you two, but not right away. I have all the episodes on tape, but I'm backed up with orders right now. It could take a few weeks. Any particular episode(s) you have in mind?

Len Warne jlenw@aol.com Thanks a million for putting up the Gold Monkey web-site. It's great to have access to the original scripts, especially the two unproduced ones, and I really enjoyed the 'Bible'.
As a TGM sideline, I'm very interested in the geography of the Marivellas, so I was intrigued to come across the curiousity I am sending along with this note. I have converted what I found into one text file, and one .BMP graphics file created with the Windows Paintbrush accessory. If I've launched this mail successfully, the files GEOMODEL.TXT and MARIVELL.BMP should now appear somewhere on your disk. (See e-mail 2).
Since I own one of the world's last existing 2400 bps modems, I haven't yet taken the time to download all your bulletin board files. Had I done so, I might discover that the geography of the Marivellas is already completely solved. If so, I'd sure like to know about it. If not, please use the attached files in whatever way you see fit, including, of course, immediate deletion.
If you wonder why I'm communicating through AOL, it's because I'm largely Internet-illiterate - I hadn't even bothered to log on until I began wondering if there might be a TGM site somewhere on the web.
To my sorrow, I'm still missing the pilot episode on tape. If you have discovered some saintly soul who is willing to respond to such needs, I'd be really grateful if you'd let me know.
My AOL e-mail address is jlenw. (I'm nearly sure AOL puts it right on the heading, but I don't remember for certain - I'm no great whiz on AOL either).
Thanks again for keeping the spirit alive.
You're very welcome, Len, and thank you very much for files. Not only will I not delete them, I'm putting them on their very own page, Gold Monkey Geographical Model. I'm sure everyone will love reading this bit of scholarly research.

Interest is certainly growing about our 15th Anniversary Gold Monkey Gathering, as is evidenced by the following three notes. We'll be creating a web page especially about the Gathering shortly to keep everyone informed of our progress.

Amy amy@infocom.net I'd certainly be interested. I don't know what school will look like yet, but this really looks cool. How soon will you know stuff like the cost?
I'll keep watching the boards for updates! Thanks!

Shannon Oliver olivershannon@usa.net I just stumbled across you and wanted to congratulate you on the great home page. I have taped all of the episodes. My husband was stationed in Japan (Yeah Air Force) and the Star Network ran the series. I lost the first hour and a half of the Pilot to my VCR. If anyone has it, I > would be glad to trade or pay for the tape. My email is olivershannon@usa.net and I am also interested in the convention in September

Dr. Janice Harbaugh JanieMarie@aol.com Raspberry Ridge Farm, Mitchellville, Iowa
Dear Patricia,
I am a special education teacher, working in a small rural high school. I have a self-contained classroom for students who have behavior disorders. I am a Gold Monkey fan from 'way back, and I use the tapes of the episodes in my visual literature class. I use movies, tv series, and other pieces of visual literature in therapeutic ways, to help my students identify with positive characters, see how characters solved problems, and to help students develop critical thinking skills. I have 5 students, and we call ourselves The Weaver Street Irregulars.
I have been planning to take my students on a train trip in the fall, and I would very much like for us to attend the Gold Monkey Gathering. There would be 5 students and 2 adults. Would you please keep me posted on developments? Thank you!

Lesley Pohl pohl@wpo.sosc.osshe.edu Regarding the Fishies Song from the episode FORCE of HABIT, having just seen a copy of the sheet music, I can share the following: Words and music by Saxie Dowell, and introduced to the world by Hal Kemp and his orchestra. The lyrics actually include two parts--one for human singers and one for the little fishies (it's true!). The words from the "chorus" are: Boop Boop Dit-Tem Dot-Tem What-Em Chu (and have been mangled by many). Interestingly enough, the song wasn't published until 1939, demonstrating yet another example of Jake Cutter and Company's ability to warp time.
Well, I've always said that Jake was a man ahead of his time. :)

Michael Rivers michaelr@alr.com Thank you for your response on the last e-mail (ABC, cheap bastards!). I have another question about the series that I am wondering about. On "Mouring becomes Matuka", I noticed that Caitlin and Jeff appeared to have been upset (look closely at their faces which they are red and puffy). Could it have been that they found out that the series was ending at the time that they shot that episode? Its funny, I kind of notice these small details. I guess this might be one of the reason that this episode stands out more than the others in the more "unusual" category. Its interesing that in the first episode, we were introduced to Sean Flenn, and then in the last episode introduced to Shannon Flenn, interesting huh.
I never noticed anybody's faces being red and puffy in 'Mourning Becomes Matuka', but Corky and Sarah were supposed to be upset at Jake's refusal to leave, so more than likely it's just a case of excellent acting (What else is new?). While people might have suspected it was going to be the final episode, nothing was certain at that point.
I have always tried to figue out an appropriate ending to the story, since it was left up in the air, so to speak. I think that Boragora would have eventually closed down since the Clipper airplanes ended service in the fourties. Jake and Corky would have been probably tied up with the war effort and probably come back to the U.S. Sarah would have probably have been in the war effort too and maybe married Jake (typical, yeah). Louie, since he only had 7 lives left (2 guillotines), would probably be in some sort of crappy situation somewhere else (running Togatiya?). It would be neat that they would have a reunion episode (dream on) and have the story pick up a few years later after the war and show what happened with the characters. Lets hope that will happen.
Right now, I'd settle for reruns.

Interesting in the Gathering grows!
Bob Clinton
bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net I tell you, I would love to go to this but unfortunately I seriously doubt I will be able to get there. No money or time are the issues. I would still love to know all about it though! It sounds like a great idea. Loads of fun for all.
Anyway, put me down as a very long shot to get there.
Thanks, Bob. And don't give up hope. Miracles have been known to happen

Hashiman hashiman@hypergraphix.com It has been a while since I visited your site (I think there were only 3 bulletin boards), but I had to come back and visit. UNBELIEVABLE! It is great that you have 11 B.B.'s now, but to get letters from Stephen Collins himself, Don Bellasarius..........You have done wonders with your site! Keep up the good work!
Thanks, and stop by more often. You just never know who's gonna pop in.
When is the next chat session?
I really should update the Chat Log and Schedule page! Due to lack of interest, the regularly scheduled IRC chats have been postponed indefinitely. However, this doesn't mean that we won't have "special" chats, perhaps with "really special" guests. I'll give people plenty of notice when and if they occur.

I'm sorry, but it seems that my weenie ISP, Concentric, has frozen my account for some inexplicable reason, and on a weekend, so I can't contact anybody about it. So, until I get this straightened out, please send all e-mail to my gmonkey@goldmonkey.com address. As far as I can tell, the web site itself isn't affected, just my ability to log on to get email and update any files stored on their server. I knew there was a reason I kept AOL as a backup. :-)

And we're not going to let those Concentric knuckleheads ruin our regular Sunday edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Well, the "crisis" is over. The Concentric Weenies, after some pathetic attempt to make me purchase a $245/month service that I definitely didn't need, have given me back my access. However, I won't be keeping it for long, only about a month more or so. I have BIG plans, though. Stay tuned.

Bill Cosson BillPresto@aol.com Patricia - Read with great interest Len Warne's discovery of Dr. McWhirtle's mapping of the Marivellas. This is excellent material! Better sign Len up to the Monkey team posthaste, before someone else snags him.
PS You seem to attract a varied and interesting bunch of Monkiacs to your page.
Don't I though. And would you believe, Bill, that when I first got Dr. McWhirtle's paper, I immediately thought of you. Come to think of it, so did Karen and Lesley. Hmmm...guess we know you so well. :)

Matt Self mattself@hopper.net This is great. I was in elementary school when this series aired and was very disappointed when it was cancelled. Maybe we shoud pound USA and TBS with e-mail until one or the other agree to re-run it. Also, this may have already been mentioned as I haven't read each message posted on this page, does anyone remember another one of his short-lived tv series "Tattingers"(spelling may be incorrect)?
I remember Tattingers, but I was disappointed in the show. I expected so much more, considering the talent involved. After all, the show was produced by the same folks who made my all-time favorite series, St. Elsewhere. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Mike cccsg2@ldd.net Hi! My name is Mike.
I am looking for information on how to contact by mail or e-mail, Roddy McDowall.
I have a personalized signed studio picture @ 1940 from him to my mother and two letters from him to my mother. I would be inquiring if he kept his correspondence from those years and if he remembered meeting her.
Also, what is the value of items like these to collectors?
Thanks for any info you might be able to share with me. I down-loaded the Roddy info from your site.
Thanks a lot for your note, Mike. If you'd like more info about Roddy McDowall, the person I suggest you talk to is Sally Mierop at rm_fan@ameritech.net. Also you can check out the "Tribute to Roddy McDowall" web site that she's involved with at http://www.smithway.org/rm/roddy.html. Good luck!

Just a little notice. I'm going on vacation for several days, visiting fellow Monkiac, Karen McLean, up in beautiful New Brunswick. Therefore, this site won't be updated again until Sunday night, May 4, at the earliest. I'll try to catch up on all my email just as soon as I can after I return.

HI!!! I'm back! I had a wonderful vacation (THANKS, KAREN!), but now it's back to business. I'll try to catch up on all my email in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's a couple of things from my Canadian Hostess that you'll enjoy. First up a one day late edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

Dawn was still a few hours away when Patricia heard the door to Jake's room open and then close again. Having been awake for hours herself, and glad she wasn't the only one, she eased open her door and peeked out.

Against the dark purple sky, Jake was leaning on the railing, his back to her. Quietly, she stepped out onto the veranda and shut the door behind her. Taking a deep breath, Patricia walked up behind him, reaching up to put her hand on his shoulder and resting her forearm on his back. "What's wrong, Jake?"

Jake lowered his head and half-chuckled, half-sighed. "Trishie. How do you always know?"

Patricia smiled. "I'm your friend. It's my job."

"Yeah," Jake said, straightening up and turning to her. Finally, he said, "I remember one night ... when you were the only friend I had in the world."

Patricia nodded. "I remember, too."

Jake looked out towards the Goose. "That's what friends do. They look out for one another. But right now I have another friend ... " He sighed.

"You'll find Corky, Jake. If he's out there, you'll find him."

"The same way you found me that night."

They looked at each other for a long moment. Then, slowly, Jake drew Patricia closer to him.

Holding her tightly against him, the same way he had all those nights ago, Jake lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, tentatively at first, then more fiercely, desperately. Like a gathering storm, memories of that night so long ago flooded through both of them. As she responded to him, they began moving towards the door to his room. Fumbling, Jake found the doorknob, and the door closed behind them.

But not before Sarah had seen them.

* * *

Lesley stirred in her sleep, then rolled over, her face away from him. Corky glanced down at her, where she lay curled up beside him. He reached down, shifting his jacket over her to make sure she wasn't cold. He wished he had a proper blanket for her. He wished he had some decent food to give her. He wished he could take her home. But most of all, he wished he could make sense of what he was feeling.

"Have you known each other long?" the other man whispered.

Corky shook his head. "Not really. Just a few days ago. But she's pretty swell." He smiled.

The man smiled back, then stood up. "I'll go see how the still's doing. Do you want some more, if it's ready?"

Corky shook his head. "No thanks. That stuff of yours is pretty powerful. I bet we could use it in the Goose, just like we did with that ... that ... other stuff."

The man laughed. "Well, if we've got the fuel, all we need is the plane."

"Jake will bring it," Corky said. "When he thought Sarah was dead, he flew all the way to ... to ..." He laughed. "He found her."

The man laughed again. "Well, that's the main thing."

Corky watched as the man headed out of the cave, then looked down at Lesley. "Just like I'd search for you if I had to." He half-smiled, blinked a few times, then shifted his jacket again.

Lesley, wide awake with her back to him, felt tears of joy well up in her eyes.

(to be continued)

Ron LaPedis RonL@macconnect.com Would you believe the first tim I ever saw this series was when I was living in Shanghai the last 2 years? Rupurt Murdoch's Star TV was running it. Anyway, I came across your page on a web search, but on my Macintosh the background is deep blue and the text is black so that I can't read it easily. Is this intentional?
Ron LaPedis
Back in San Bruno, CA
No, it isn't, Ron. The background to the main web page is supposed to be a pale pink/orange color. I know on the AOL browser, it comes out kinda grayish-brown, but I've never heard dark blue before. Strange. And since I know other folks who use Macs and they've never said anything, I think it may be your browser or your monitor. Hmmm...perplexing.
And I've said it before, but I'll say it again. If Rupert Murdoch can run the show in Asia, why can't he run it here in the US?! No fair!!! :)

"arannow" arannow@isd.net Having had to skip from your first page to your eleventh page on account of a time rift(that's the best I could do at 2AM), is it possible to obtain through you or? after the 15th ann. reunion autographs of our Tales caracters. Money is no(scratch that) some object.
I'll see what I can do. I can email a few folks and ask, or I could wait until I see them at the Gathering (I hope). As long as they don't charge me, which I'm sure they won't, I won't charge you. All I need is an address from you. Thanks. :)

Shannon Oliver olivershannon@usa.net Just wanted to drop a note with some information that I thought you could use. I found some television appearances that Caitlin O'Heaney made. They include: Jenny on "Alien Nation", Bridget (Irish Scientist) on "Beauty and the Beast" Episode "Masques", and she was an ex-beauty pageant contestant (Ms. Mississippi) turned bad girl on "Vegas". She had an interesting shower scene with Robert Urich. Caitlin O'Heaney was also in the movies "Wolfen" released in the early 80's.
Marta DuBois was in Brian Bosworth's latest movie. She is his wife. He is a banker with a past who loses his memory in an accident. Anyway, members of his past come back to get him and he spends the movie trying to regain his memory and stay alive. Marta gets axed in the bathtub, but only after a lingerie scene that Princess Koji would have liked. Marta DuBois also played in a recent episode of "Walker: Texas Ranger" as a desperate mother who has had her daughter kidnapped (I think by her dad).
Columbia house is sending out ballots asking customers to vote on their favorite series that should be put on tape. Their home page is columbiahouse.com. If we can't get "Tales...." on the air, maybe we can get it on tape. You can drop suggestions at the above address for Columbia House. They just issued "Quantum Leap" the series on tape.
For anybody who'd like to recommend to Columbia House that they should offer the series on video, take their survey at http://www.columbiahouse.com/repl/vl/tmpls/survey.html?86291288820715514113299737. Also, don't forget to write to Universal to ask them to issue the show on home video. I don't think Columbia House can sell the series if Universal doesn't make it available to them. Universal's address in on the main web page.
It seems to have been "Stephen Collins Week" on the Armed Forces network. "Till Murder Do Us Part", "Star Trek", and "Remembrance (or Remember?) aired this week. I got the "Remembrance" movie on tape, but missed the others. It stars Donna Mills as a reporter on the search for her "supposedly dead fiance". Stephen Collins' character is in love with Ms. Mills.
And he looks mighty good in those jeans (The Family Channel just aired it a few weeks ago). :)
Keep us posted on the conference.
I'll keep everybody informed.

Charles Huckleberry charles@carl.all-net.net Maybe you could change your Shatner quote to remind the casual reader of his relationship to "Tales".
Specifically, that Steven Collins worked alongside Shatner in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
I remember enjoying "Tales" quite a bit. But, it conflicted with something else I wanted to watch. My brother liked it, so we watched "Tales" more often than my show.
Eventually, I was upset at the show for stealing Jeff MacKay from Magnum.
Ironically, as your page suggests, we had our share of upturned collars. The young lady that convinced me to watch Magnum looked absoultely Dynamite with her brightwhite top & plastic circle earrings!
-Congrats on the 'Page!
Thanks a lot for your note. And thanks for reminding me about those plastic earrings. Damn! I miss the '80s! :)

He's baaaaaaaaaaack! Yep, it's everybody's favorite cowboy...
Tom Greene
TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Hello again... back from Missouri and Texas. Have sixteen cattle with a bad chest cold, so it's a whole lot of work!
Two things I wanted to say to your people. First off, guess who was with me on my Celebrity Wild Turkey thing... but John DiSanti, who played Babe Ruth in Sulton Of Swat. I have forgotten that I cast him way back then, I was still working on Magnum and hadn't gone over to Monkey yet, but Don and the director Virgil Vogel, for some reason asked me to come over and help with the cast. John doesn't isn't on the InterNet, yet, but he told me to tell you that if you have any questions for him, e-mail me, and I'll send 'em along and then give you the answers. Second, I see someone did an amazing map of the Maravellas (that's how we spelled it at first, actually)... actually I HAVE a map with long/lat lines and all of the Island! We made it for BORA GORA OR BUST. As I think I mentioned in an eariler answer, Roddy points to it in one scene (and gets his makeup all over it in the process). After the shooting I "borrowed" the map and have it framed here in the office. So... tell me what you want to know!

Here's a special Mother's Day surprise for all of you! If you haven't noticed, we've moved! That's right, we've now got our own domain, www.goldmonkey.com. Pretty cool, eh? This also means that someday soon, I'll be able to upload all that fan fiction I've been promising for six months now.

And since it's Sunday, this means it's time again for Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Lorie Schultz va_who@juno.com AAAAAARRRRRGGGGG!! Sob sob!
Okay, now that I've got that off my chest, I gotta tell you what happened today.
I went with my daughters class trip to the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. I figured I'd take her to the Air & Space Museum just to catch a glimpse of the Star Trek Exhibit. That one came in shortly after I'd been there last, which was around 1984.
I figured, why bother with the camera, there wasn't going to be much new there that wasn't there the last time. I went in 1984 specifically hoping to see a Goose on display but they didn't have one. So I decided to avoid the hassle of carrying a heavy camera case along with the other essentials (food and drink in a cooler , etc).
After nearly 90 minutes in there I ambled over toward the far end of the museum and I caught a VERY familiar profile. I moaned a bit and went over to the plane...and there she was in all her radiant beauty...a "GOOSE". I was ready to kick myself!!! I have the photo of this plane (black with yellow accents) kindly donated by Grumman. But I didn't have my camera with me and they gave this plane a REALLY nice and very thorough exhibit with quite a few photos and an abbreviated history of the plane.
I confess I got close enough to see the rivets and I couldn't resist touching it. This Goose was beautifully restored. It looked like it had just been manufactured.
But the fun part came next. Mike called me over to watch a monitor with a brief 90 second repeating clip of a Goose in flight. And get ready for this...the clip was not just of any Goose but "Cutter's Goose" courtesy of Universal Studios! I confess I watched in the hopes of seeing Corky and Jake in the cockpit but no such luck. Ah well, it was great not only seeing a real Goose up close (and it was a whole lot bigger than I imagined) but also seeing Tales of the Gold Monkey being represented, even though 99% of the people seeing the clip probably don't know where it came from!
Sorry I haven't written lately. My Hebrew classes went on hiatus for a while and I haven't been to the Library in over a month. But I did want you to know about my 'little' discovery, if you don't know about it already. I found out the Goose is on indefinite loan to the Smithsonian and has been there 7 years already so anyone getting there in the future should find it there.
I tried to find a poster or picture or postcard of the display in the gift shop but had no luck. Then again, my daughter was on her second hour of whining about wanting to "see the dinosaur bones" and wasn't exactly letting me look thoroughly. Maybe next time!
Thanks a lot for the Goose info, Lorie.

Harvey S. Laidman Harveyl@concentric.net Sorry I've been away for a while - Seems when I have some time off I get really busy. Reading the 'board does give me a chance to catch up on some great people. I'll certainly stand in line to see "The Tom Greene Story" (aka "My Mother Wanted Me to Play the Violin").
H-A-R-V-E-Y!!!! Glad to have you back!!! We missed you! Actually, I've been meaning to write you, but I've been quite busy myself. In fact, I made a mental note to myself last night to drop you a line as I was watching part one of the season finale of 7th Heaven. Your work was excellent, as always. And I hear that the show got picked up for next season, so we all look forward to seeing your directorial skills this fall.
Patricia, wonder if you'd like me to try and get hold of some other directors - like Jim Fargo, etc. and maybe the cameraman, Jack Whitman, who is a wonderful and colorful character in his own right --- ?
In a word, YES!!! Thank you so much. But don't go to too much trouble on my account (bats eyelashes). :)
By the way, our "Show Biz" BBS is closing down, I guess from lack of sincerity, on May 25, so now, I'm just HarveyL@concentric.net
Sorry to hear that. Just don't get me started on those Concentric toads! Here's some friendly advice; don't stay online for too long. They don't like that.

Jason Cook mokum@theriver.com Wow! I was so thrilled when I first found this site a few months back, but never took the time to let you know how much I enjoy it. I remember watching that show every week, and I never missed an episode. I was in 3rd or 4th grade when it aired, and it was my favorite show. I've only known of a few people that have even heard of the show, so it's shocking to see how many people actually remember it and love it as much as I do. I remember when one night years after the show was canceled. A friend of mine called up at 10 o'clock and told me the pilot movie was on. I stayed up to watch it, but after looking through old video tapes, I've discovered that I didn't tape it. Then they played the series on Saturday mornings for a while, and I actually taped some episodes, but I can't find them anywhere! Argh!! I guess it was USA that used to play the pilot movie every once in a while on Saturdays, and I don't understand why they won't play it again. I must have watched it at least twice, and I think more like three or four times. I keep checking the tv guide, but it's never in there. I also remember going on vacation one time and seeing the picture-storybook. Nobody believes me, but I held that book in my hands and then - and I can't believe I did this - I put it back because it was the first day of the vacation and I thought I should save my money. I probably spent the money on candy or something really stupid. And I'm still looking for it to this day. I'm checking used book stores and calling warehouses that deal strictly in out-of-print material, but haven't had any luck just yet. I think your write in campaign is a great idea, I just hope you can get enough people to take part. I know I'd buy all the tapes if they'd make them. But since all we can do is wait, and I can't find my episodes, I was wondering if I could possibly get a set of them. I'd be more than willing to help out with future requests for them and fully understand it could take a while before you could get me a set. Once again, I'd like to say I really like the site and want to thank you for taking the time to prepare it.
A loyal Gold Monkey fan,
Jason Cook
Okay, Jason, I'll try to address all your points as succintly as possible:

  1. No, you're not the only person in the world that remembers this show. I suggest getting a better class of friends. :-)
  2. Yes, the USA Network ran the series from 1988-90. Also, MCA/Universal syndicated a "movie" called "Curse at the Gold Monkey", which was just the episodes 'Shanghaied' and 'Trunk From the Past' hacked together. This movie was last available to local broadcast stations in 1992. In a nutshell, Tales of the Gold Monkey hasn't been broadcast in any way, shape or form in the US in five years, and we're all just a bit ticked off about it.
  3. Would you believe I actually had a copy of the "Tales of the Gold Monkey Storybook" for years, then gave it away when I was trying to "simplify" my life? What a bonehead move *that* was! They are pretty rare, so good luck trying to find a copy.
  4. Sure, I'll make you tapes, but as I point out, there's a waiting list of about a month. How would you like your tapes (SP, LP or SLP mode)?
Think that just about covers it. If you have anymore questions, just drop me a line.

You folks have been waiting patiently for this, so here it is! Thanks to our good Monkiac friend, Leanne Shawler, we have a web page with all the details known so far about our Gathering in So. California this September. If you're even thinking of attending, please check it out.

Well, this "house" is pretty packed, so let's move on into The (Gold) Monkey House #12


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