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Closed: June 30, 1997

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Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com (sung):
Happy birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! happy Birthday to mee-ee and
Happy Birthday to Tom! Happy Birthday to Tom! Happy Birthday to Toh-om,
Happy Birthday to Tom! Happy Anniversary to Karen! Happy Anniversary to
Karen! Happy Anniversary to Karen and Doh-oug! Happy Anniversary to Karen!
(who's hoping she got Karen's wedding anniversary right!)
You did. How could you forget the date? :)

Shannon Oliver olivershannon@usa.net I was reading the new geographical model and have some info--helpful or not. I remember an episode where Corky refueld the Goose with 100% proof Bourbon? that belonged to he and Louie. Hence, the Goose could fly longer by bringing along fuel. I checked with some of the Air Force guys and they said that carrying fuel was possible. Gneech would know more. However, in "A Distant Shout of Thunder" Jake mentions dead-heading two drums on every return flight--could this be carrying extra fuel? Also, we lived in Japan for almost 7 years. We also visited Okinawa and Guam. The Caroline and Truk islands are known for "unexplained" pyramid type ruins. The natives refuse to go to them at night because of the curse--sound familiar? Apparently, anyone around at night will be killed. There is no explanation of how these pyramid type buildings got on the island. Some of the heavy materials are not indigenous to the region. Makes you wonder how they got large stone bricks there. I never mentioned that I my degree was in history--Asian and Pacific studies to be exact--
Me, again. I found my old textbook and verified that the Truk islands are located next to the Carolines and that this was the area where several mysterious pyramid-like tombs were discovered. I am attempting to retrieve an old video which shows the tombs.
Thanks for all the geographical info. Guess that degree has really paid off. :)

Greymouser jpearson@freenet.calgary.ab.ca I just discovered your website (by accident) I thought I was the only one who remembered this stuff... Well, it's been a while, I don't remember it all that well... But it's nice to know that the Gold Monkey is alive and well and living in Cyberspace.
Golden Monkiacs Unite...
Now if we could only get it back on TV or video, then I'd be truly happy. :)

Carlos Isoard isoard@ehecatl.sis.uia.mx Hello there! I'm writing from Mexico, where TOTGM aired back in the mid-80's, and it was called "Leyendas del Simio Dorado", which literally translates not as "Tales of the Gold Monkey", but as "Legends of the Golden Monkey". I actually prefer the Spanish title. The show continues to air here in Mexico in the Multivisión Network, along with a few other 80's shows, like Knight Rider, Diff'rent Strokes, and a couple of others. I love all of them, but TOTGM is by far my favorite. So, you can say your page was quite a find for me.
Glad you like it, Carlos. And I'm glad you actually get to still watch the show. We can't see it here in the US. As for titles, my favorite foreign title comes from Germany, "Die Himmelhunde von Boragora", which loosely translates to "The Sky-Dogs of Boragora". Now that has a nice ring to it.

John Hudak John.Hudak@signetbank.com Hello! Boy, was I surprised to see the site! I didn't think that anyone loved the show as much as me! I am 27 years old, and I remember 'Tales' VERY WELL because it was my FAVORITE SHOW. I still remember the day that it was canceled, I was HEARTBROKEN! (Funny the things we remember from our childhood - I can't even remember what I had for dinner last week)
I thought that Jake was just too cool. I've always been a big fan of aviation of the 1930's and 40's, so the show was like a dream come true for me. I have looked for the last ten years for a model of a Grumman Goose, and still haven't found one yet. (Not a good one, anyway)
I am very excited about the prospect of us getting the reruns on the air. Do you know if the episodes can be had on video? I can be a very persuasive letter writer (I have a BA in English), so could you give me an idea of who best to contact?
I am a network engineer and a web applications developer, so if you ever need any help with the site, don't hesitate to let me know.
I sent an email to Jeff MacKay and I'll probably send one to Stephen Collins as well when I have time.
One other question - How would I go about purchasing props from the show? I would be very willing to make serious offers if original items could be located.
Thanks again for such a great site! I am glad that someone else who grew up in the 80's appreciates quality television!
John Hudak
P.S. - I remember 'Quark' too!!!!
How about these shows:
Baa Baa Black Sheep
Magnum P.I.
Simon & Simon
Tour of Duty
Here's some trivia: Did you know that in an episode of 'Quantum Leap', footage from 'Tales' was used? Sam was on board a chartered flight over the Bermuda triangle in the early 50's with a rich magnate's son and his new bride. The pilot was an ex-navy man who's name was - yep - CUTTER!!! He was even wearing the summer issue 50 mission crush cap and A-2 flight jacket. They could have even been props from the show. I believe the hat was. The footage of the plane was straight out of 'Tales' and they cut the landing scene just short of Corky popping out of the front hatch.
Pretty cool, huh!
Gee, this is a lot of territory to cover, so let me dive right in. If you'd like Universal to release the series on home video, check out my main web page for the address and the names of the Universal big-wigs to contact. You can also write to Columbia House home video and ask them to offer the show.
Thanks for the offer for help on the web site. If I need anything, I'll give ya a shout.
You can try contacting Universal Studios regarding the props, but we know for a fact that TOTGM creator and executive producer, Don Bellisario, kept the Gold Monkey statue for himself. It adorns his office at Paramount and is used, so it has been reported, as a coat hanger. We're all still a tad miffed about this. :)
And I know the episode of Quantum Leap you mentioned. It's called 'Ghost Ship'. There's a reason that they used all that Gold Monkey stock footage. The creator and executive producer of QL was our friendly, neighborhood Monkey Idol abuser, Don Bellisario.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Got the news this evening. WB have caved in to ABC. No more "Lois & Clark". I will no longer be watching ABC (so I really hope they don't bring back ToTGM)
I don't think there's any likelihood of that happening. I'm sorry for your loss, but as I've said before, "Once weenies, always weenies!" But at least you'll be able to watch L&C reruns on TNT, which is more than we can do for TOTGM.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Off-topic, but I'd like you to post it to the boards. It's from the Lois & Clark mailing list and is directed at anyone and everyone who has been a fan of a TV show.
Sure, why not. The boards have been pretty quiet anyway. Besides, I'd do anything to get back at those ABC weenies!
Hello fellow fans,
I am making this appeal to you on behalf of the FoLCs (Fans of Lois & Clark), and fandom in general. We have fought long and hard for nearly the entire life of Lois and Clark. Our thanks from the network was a cancellation at the last minute, with barely no chance for appeal. We worked diligently, day and night to fight for the survival of a breath of fresh air on network television. But why would a network want to keep a morally fit, 'family' show on the air. It's not glamorous enough. It's not violent enough. It's just a show that appeals to everyone, and in this day and age it was a rarity on television.
Let me tell you a little of what ABC has done, the made a deal with Warner Bros to renew Lois & Clark for next season in order to keep Warner's from selling Rosie O'Donnell's talk tow to NBC affiliates. (Rosie is currently running in syndication on ABC owned affiliates) ABC agreed with this signed and signed a contract. Since this deal was made the network continually made promises than Lois & Clark would return next season.
From the time the 'deal' was signed ABC began to hide Lois & Clark from the viewers. The season started with little fanfare (and granted, a bad storyline) and ABC did little to nothing to promote the show this season. They pre-empted as often as they could, taking the show off the air completely during both February and May sweeps. When it did return in February, it did with no advertising. Then abruptly Lois & Clark was moved out of the 8:00 timeslot it held for three and a half years to 7:00. Again no advertising. It aired at 7:00 for a few episodes and was again pulled from the schedule for two weeks. When it returned, very quietly again, it was on a completely different night. The ad the FoLCs put in the USA Today was THE only ad that announced this move to a new day and time. It aired on Saturday for three episodes. ABC then pulled it so abruptly from the schedule, TV Guides around the country still had it listed.
ABC released their fall schedule on May 19th. To no ones suprise, Lois and Clark was listed as cancelled. But there was still the 'deal' and the promises. As of Wednesday, May 21st, ABC successfully negotiated it's way out of the deal, by paying Warner Brothers a "large sum of money" Promises that were made, were broken.
Fans be damned. It is time that fan groups one and all stand up and be heard. If it were not for the various fan groups around, the networks and the big studios, would not be making the money they are making. We wouldn't be around to spend our hard earned money on movies, or merchandise. If the fans went away, what would happen?
What this long rambling letter is asking; Please show ABC that they cannot treat fans, or the general public, as if they are stupid. There are three episodes left of Lois & Clark's 4th season. They will air beginning Saturday May 31st at 8:00PM on your local ABC station. I'm asking everyone to please watch Lois and Clark these three weeks. Help prove to ABC that, had it been properly advertised, the ratings would not have plummeted as they did. Let Lois and Clark leave ABC with the dignity it deserves. Once Lois and Clark has left ABC's schedule for good, please Boycott ABC. Let them realize there is strength in numbers. For one fangroup to get attention, all fangroups need to band together and fight for the ability to have our voices heard. We need to all be fighting the same fight.
Thank you,
Michele Savage a/k/a Bizarra

Sally Mierop rm_fan@ameritech.net > Hi Patricia, Just wanted to tell you *I* notified RM of the TOTGM Gathering in Sept., but as he wrote me, "...Lord knows where I will be at that time", I wouldn't count him as tentatively scheduled to appear.
Thanks a lot for contacting Roddy for us, Sally. Too bad it looks like he won't be able to make it, but we've still got four months to hope for the best.

Rick Neely NeelyRE@aol.com Hello Patricia, Although I am not a die-hard fan of the "Gold Monkey," I have become very familiar with the airing history of this show, including the 2 year syndication run on USA network. To be honest, I have been trying to acquire a VHS copy of episode 7-"Trunk from the past" ever since I saw it back during network heyday. I hadn't gotten my VCR back then and therefore tuned in religiously to the USA syndicated run to record it then. And believe it or not, during the two year stint, THAT PARTICULAR EPISODE NEVER RAN! I even called the cable network to verify it didn't.
Even though I support and would be happy to participate in your letter writing campaigns, I would appreciate any insight you could give as to how to obtain a VHS copy of this show, such as someone who might have recorded it off TV and could make a dub. I don't to pirate nor set off a bootlegging operation, but maybe you might know of a way I can solve this dilemma. I really just want a decent copy of the episode-I don't care if the sound is in mono or stereo, if the original recording was in EP or SP mode, if the commercials aren't edited- I'd just like to get some decent form episode 7. I'd appreciate some form of response at your convenience either to my E-mail or my home phone [snipped]. At the very least, you can confirm that I successfully sent this letter off right (I'm kinda new at this).
Anyway, thanks for whatever you can tell me and I look forward to hearing from you. Right now though, I have to, as your website cleverly refers, get back ot my life.
Never fear, Rick. Not only did I get your e-mail, but I have ALL the episodes on video, including 'Trunk From the Past'. Although I would prefer it if Universal released the series for sale on home video, I guess it's up to me to help folks out in the meantime. I'll make you a copy. All I ask in return is for you to cover the cost of the blank tape and postage. Anything more would be immoral, not to mention illegal.
Do you also need a copy of 'Shanghaied'? That episode never aired on USA either. Prior to USA purchasing the rights to TOTGM, Universal took 'Shanghaied' and 'Trunk From the Past' and edited them together (quite badly, I might add) and syndicated the concoction as the movie, "Curse at the Gold Monkey". Since USA had purchased exclusive rights to the show, it couldn't air the episodes already in syndication.

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Hi Patricia -- I just wanted to ring in as being 85% certain I'll be making the GM gathering in September. Much of that depends on whether John Kapelos (the actor whose fan club I helm) opens his one-man stage play in the Fall (in Chicago) or in the Spring. If the play opens in the Fall, I'll be spending a lot of time organizing a John Kapelos Fan Club event for club members where they can see John's play, get to meet him afterward, and all join him for dinner. Which, alas, would mean a trip to LA wouldn't be affordable. But, as of this moment, I'm planning on being in LA in September! Hey, I don't want to miss the chance to see Caitlin again or to meet Jeff MacKay!!
Speaking of Caitlin, she's been *very* busy on an exciting project (alas, I am not yet at liberty to divulge it's nature) and it seems time gets away from her so fast! I re-sent her the 3 questions you'd asked earlier and hopefully she'll get a chance to get to them *very* shortly. (Honest!) We also spoke about the upcoming GM Gathering and she's looking forward to it.
Hope to see you there, Cal. And here's some more Gathering news. We have gotten a tentative proposal from a hotel in Van Nuys for $74 a room which 2 people can share. Plus, there may be some overhead charge (for a meeting room) at $20 each. Now what we need from you guys are FIRM acceptances. So please, either e-mail me at gmonkey@goldmonkey.com or Leanne Shawler, so we can get the ball rolling.

SunSeeker sunseeker@lasercom.net Hi Patricia, At the risk of repeating something you must hear constantly...I had no idea that anyone but me remembered this show. When I ran an idle Search for "Tales of the Gold Monkey," I didn't really expect to find anything. Imagine my astonishment when I found this delightful place. You have to understand, this show bordered on obsession for me in the brief time it was on the air, but I never realized that there were *thousands* of fellow Monkiacs out there. Needless to say, I've bookmarked this spot and I'll be visiting often.
Keep up the good work!
Glad you like the site, Sunseeker. Please feel free to stop by anytime. I'd love to hear why you were so obsessed by the show. I find it interesting that so many people loved TOTGM and for so many different reasons.

Thomas Lamore TheBlacula@aol.com Hello: I just discovered your web site. I was 13 I think when TOTGM was on in prime time. I remember that cool dog with the pirate eye patch and I also thought that plane Jake drove in was awesome. I know you must be asked this a million times but do you know anyone who has the shows for sale on video. There are alot of people who sell tapes of old tv shows (from collector to collecter so they don't get in trouble) and I would love to get some of these shows on tape. Pleass let me know if you can help me out with my search for one of the greatest tv series all time. (GET A LIFE) that old Chris Elliott show I know it was extremely dumb but that was my favorite show of all time. Thanks a lot and good luck in your future!!!!!!
Thomas Lamore aka
Thanks for the good luck wish, Thomas. Now here's some good luck for you. I have all the episodes on video and will make you copies if you want. I'm making copies for a few other folks, so it will probably be a couple of weeks before I can make you tapes. If you're interested, let me know how you'd like the tapes (SP, LP or SLP mode). All I ask is that you cover the cost of the blank tapes and postage.

SunSeeker sunseeker@lasercom.net Glad you like the site, Sunseeker. Please feel free to stop by anytime. I'd love to hear why you were so obsessed by the show. I find it interesting that so many people loved TOTGM and for so many different reasons.
I think the main thing that most of us have in common is our age-group. I was thirteen when I first saw the show, and I gather that most of the people here were between the ages of 11 and 15. Think back to that magical age...we were idealistic, we were intrepid, we wanted heroes to believe in and adventures to look forward to. And, speaking for my fellow female Monkiacs, our awakening hormones were pleasantly stimulated by our golden boy Jake. (Admit it, we would have tuned in every Wednesday night just to watch Jake Cutter lounge around the Monkey Bar for an hour.) And then there was Bon Chance Louie...was there ever a more suave and fascinating man? And Corky, the faithful sidekick that always gave his best efforts to Jake and agonized if they weren't enough; Sarah the spy; the everpresent and fiercely loyal Jack...these were people that *we* wanted to be and/or associate with. We all wanted to move to Boragora and test our mettle against that life of adventure and romance.
Isn't that why we're all here remembering?
That's pretty much why I'm here (loved the characters, loved the setting, REALLY loved Jake), but we have Monkiacs of all ages and backgrounds. We have very loyal Corky fans who'll tell you that Jeff MacKay was the real star of the show. Others believe that the true star was the Goose. Some wanted more pulp adventure, while others prefered the character studies. We all have diverse opinions except for one, that Tales of the Gold Monkey was a very special series that was cruelly cut short. Either way, I'm glad to have you aboard, Sunseeker.

SunSeeker sunseeker@lasercom.net It's funny...the Goose really *was* a character, with a personality all her own (although, it feels awkward describing it as a "her;" that battered, temperamental old warhorse always seemed male to me), and she added as much to the show as almost anyone else did. Another "silent partner" was the Monkey Bar itself. What an atmosphere! How come nobody designs sets like that for tv anymore? With the exception of the Star Trek series, modern set designers seem to be of the "less is more" school of thought. The Monkey Bar was so richly furnished, so inviting, and yet so exotic...who wouldn't want to vacation there? *Sigh*
You'll be happy to know, Sunseeker, that the series won the Emmy for Outstanding Art Direction (set design) in 1983, so it seems that the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences agree with you.
It's strange...as much as I miss that old show, I don't think I'd want to see them try to remake it. It had a magical combination of ingredients that could never be duplicated. Take away a single element and it would lose its perfection. With apologies to Ron Moody, I can't see anyone else filling Roddy MacDowell's shoes as Louie, or Jeff Mackay's as Corky, and certainly no one else could be Jake.
I don't think any of us want to see a remake. We'll settle for reruns and, perhaps, a reunion movie. However, the chances of the latter happening are pretty slim.
I'd love to have a few of the eps on tape, if you still have decent copies. In particular I'd love to have "The Lady And Tiger," "Last Chance Louie," and "Devil's Island," if they're available.
Yes, I have all the episodes on tape, but right now I'm pretty swamped with tape orders, so it could take about a month. Are those the only three episodes you'd like?

Christine Lazar RENAZANTZ@msn.com why are you or should i say the gold monkey web page linked with "lupus chat rooms"? i put lupus chat rooms in a search and you came up . i used the webcrawler for my search. i just thought this was a bit unusual. but the story sounded interesting and i kept trying to remember if i ever saw it somewhere. well, best of luck with your page. christine
Thanks a lot, Christine. The reason the Facts 'N Stuff page popped up (I recreated your search) was because you didn't specify that you wanted to see ALL those words. That page includes the word "lupus" in a description of an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Such is life on the Information Superhighway.

"Crossbar" crossbar@ou.edu you asked me to send you a message. lets get this show back on the air. I know there were other belerius (?) and thats on, so...
Thanks, Crossbar. Every little bit helps.

SunSeeker sunseeker@lasercom.net I was one of those kids like Karen who sat with a tape-recorder pressed against the tv speaker while the show was on. I even did laboriously handwritten novelizations of the aforementioned episodes! Were we pathetic or what! < g >
I prefer to use the word "creative". :-)

Don "Bucky" Dawson honker@ptialaska.net Dear Pat, Warm greetings from SE Alaska! Enjoyed your great website page and appreciate all the hard efforts put forth. Thought it was worth mentioning that TWO Grumman Gooses were used by Universal Studios for filming the show: N327 (Mfr.serial#l05l - 51st off the Bethpage assembly line and the oldest surviving Goose left of 345 total built.)was used for all the flying sequences, and was flown by noted Goose vet pilot- Lowell Holtrop, of Arlington, Wa. This Goose flew with Avalon Air Transport on the Long Beach - Catalina Isl. run, for Southeast Skyways out of Juneau, Alaska and Kodiak Western out of Kodiak Alaska during its' heyday of commercial flying. KW's Bob Hall owned her during the show's filming. In l988 he sold it to the late James Templeton, a realtor in Severna Park, Md. Jim Chrysler/Chrysler Air bought N327 from Templeton's estate for his Seattle Seaplanes operation on Lake Union a couple years ago, and Jim recently sold the plane to Cliff Larrance of Sequim, Wa. I did some air-air photo work of N327 with Templeton over Chesapeake Bay in Nov.'88 after meeting Jay when I lectured at the NASM in D.C. Will send you a pic via your snail mail address. Universal Studios owned a non-flying static Goose which they used in the show tied up at the set dock for many of the dock location film sequences. Universal sold this Goose to Long Island, NY's-Cradle of Aviation Museum which I believe has been restored for exhibit. The museum's website notes this Goose as Ser.#l05l also, which I'm fairly certain is in error, as this is the construction # for N327. I would like to know what the museum's real Ser.# is, but it might be a mystery and missing it's data plate, and need some serious research starting with Universal's records and going backwards. Oh, I should mention that Shawn Gloyer was also involved with Holtrop for the film flying.
Actually, one other Goose was "almost" involved with the show: Goose N2845D (Ser.#B-112) was the original chosen aircraft to do the filming and was owned by Red Dodge of Anchorage. Pilots- Jim Blakely & Mike Dodge (Red's son) were ferrying it down to Seattle on Feb.20, l982 for shipment to Hawaii to start filming, when both engines quit off Cape Yakataga, Alaska and they were forced to ditch it at sea in l5ft. seas and 50mph winds, l0 miles offshore. They battled for 4 hours to keep the Goose from sinking when they were rescued by a USCG chopper, and they Goose went to the bottom.
I'm ramrodding a museum restoration of Ketchikan, Alaska's first commercial airline Goose (N88821/Ser.#1157) for the Tongass Historical Society's "Save-The-Goose!" Project which is an all-volunteer effort now into its 4th year of rebuild (We have a home page thanks to Kurt Morin). I'm also a Grumman amphib historian, writer, photographer (my shots of the on-step downward view of the blue & yellow Goose running along dark water with my custom paint scheme design, and the Grumman amphib 'family' shot showing Widgeon-Goose-Mallard-Albatross in air-air formation that have been flying across various homepages on the web), and artist/illustrator. All for now.
Wow! Thanks for all the info, Don. And good luck with your "Save the Goose" project. If memory serves, I posted some info regarding your campaign on one of my earlier bulletin boards. I'll have to go check it out again.

J. Pashdag jpashdag@pepperdine.edu Oh, my gawwwd... I typed my name into a Yahoo! search, and your web page came up. "Trunk From the Past" was the first script I ever sold, and one I was damned proud of. I don't think I've ever felt as big a thrill as the first day I was on the Universal lot and saw 40 extras dressed as Egyptians bowing down to a one-eyed dog because I had written it on a page... Thanks very much for remembering. J. Pashdag
Thanks very much for writing. Feel free to stop by anytime to chat about your "Gold Monkey" experiences. We'd all be happy to listen.

John Hudak John.Hudak@signetbank.com Well, I tried with TNT. I have included the reply I got from Dean Treadway below. I am going to try writing to some of the other networks mentioned on your site.
I'll keep on trying, and maybe we can actually get something accomplished. After all, 80's nostalgia is 'in' again. I also posted an entry on the F/X bulletin board. (I think it was F/X - it was the board you mentioned on your site.)
Have you heard from Stephen Collins or Jeff MacKay recently? Just curious.

From: IN: TNT@turner.com
Sent: Friday, May 30, 1997 11:27 AM
To: Hudak, John
Subject: Re: Tales of the Gold Monkey

Sorry--"Gold Monkey," fine show that it is, is unfortunately not TNT-bound, I'm afraid. We're getting a lot of new series like "Babylon 5," "ER," "Lois and Clark," "Brisco County Jr.," "Spenser: For Hire," "Lonesome Dove," "Hunter," "The New Twilight Zone," and "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues." Sorry we couldn't help more, but thanks for the suggestion anyway. Take care.

Dean Treadway @ TNT Programming

Thanks for all your help, John. We'll just keep plugging away. Somebody out there will rerun the show. I just know it.
And I haven't heard from Stephen or Jeff in a while. Maybe they're off vacationing somewhere.

SunSeeker sunseeker@lasercom.net Well, that show sure inflamed our creative impulses, didn't it. :-) Like most 13-year-olds, I lived a rich fantasy life anyway, so it wasn't too hard to convince myself that I was destined to grow up and marry Stephen Collins (or failing that, RoddyMcDowell), and live a life of adventure in some exotic locale. As it turned out, I grew up and married a rodeo cowboy and live on a cattle ranch, which just goes to show you that life can take you in totally unexpected directions and still turn out happily.
I still have a wonderful respect for Mr. Collins' acting talents, though; I love 7th Heaven and I think Eric Camden is a very compelling character. I love the scene in the pool hall when Eric and Lucy are talking out a problem over a game of pool, and that deadbeat dad comes in, sees Eric, and assumes that Eric was "lying in wait" to talk him into paying child support. Eric shrugs off the accusation, but when the other fellow says to Lucy, "I suppose you're in on this too," Eric switches gears from casually offhand to deadly serious as he warns, "You don't want to mess with my kid." All of the best instincts of fatherhood show clearly in his face as he protects Lucy from being drawn into the squabble. I love the sheer talent that allows Mr. Collins to play a scene like that and make it so believable that you feel it in your gut.
You know, Sunseeker, you sound more and more like Karen every day. :-) And you'll be pleased to know that 7th Heaven has been picked up for an entire season so we'll all be able to enjoy Stephen Collins' talents for another year.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Yes, Sunseeker, you *do* sound more and more like me everyday. :) You were the same age as me, did the tape recorder thing (although you had a working 'pause' button, you lucky thing, you), and now we find out that you wanted to grow up and marry Stephen Collins. Well, I must comment on this first. You see, I was going to grow up to marry Jake Cutter. While there is a subtle difference, it means here's enough to go around. Oh, unless the MonkeyWoman wanted to marry him, too. :) As for "7th Heaven", I love the scene you described. Eric Camden is an all-round great guy, and since I'm a twenty-seven-year-old Lucy, that scene is one of my favourites. By the way, do you have a name? (just curious)
For the record, I didn't want to marry Jake. Jake belonged to Sarah, well vice versa. I wanted to marry someone JUST LIKE Jake, right down to his dimples. Yet another subtle difference. :-)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Sarah schmarah. Jake Cutter belonged to me. Me, me, me, me, ME! :) But if you wanted someone JUST LIKE Jake, then there's still enough for all of us. :)
For the record, I STILL want to marry someone JUST LIKE Jake! Can anybody out there help me? :)

I know most of you folks are probably upset that we haven't had a Crazy Canuck Comic © in a few weeks. Well, just to make up for that delay, here's a very special Comic from the Great Gold Monkey International Summit (a.ka. my visit to New Brunswick to see Karen). Hope you like it.

John JPWOLANSKI@prodigy.net Dear God, I call you God not to commit an act of blasphemy, but because you have basically raised yourself to godhood status by making a webpage of Tales of the Gold Monkey! So far only two website "owners" (or whatever you call'em) have received my personal seal of godliness. You, and whoever it was that made the Hong Kong Phooey webpage.
I loved Hong Kong Phooey as a kid! BTW, I prefer the title Goddess of the Gold Monkey, but most folks just call me Monkey Woman. :)
I was there! I had the mousse, the Duran Duran AND the Talking Heads (I didn't have the buttons though--my sister had those so that's close enough)! I even had Regean (as we all, for better or for worse, did!)!
I didn't even think of checking to see if there was a Monkey's page until about two days ago when I was chatting with some vampire-freak that was carrying on about how Anubis is his master and trying to convert me. I asked him if this was the same Anubis that appeared on Tales of the GM and he hadn't the foggiest idea WHAT I was talking about! This forced me to assume that he was probably around 11-16 yrs old and so I did my best to forget about him.
But anyway, since then I've been dying to know if there was anything to do with Monkey on the web. The fact that no network, cable or otherwise, shows it's reruns has always surprised me when you consider how many other old shows are rerun that are waaayyyyy lame compared to Monkey. And that's just from an objective point of view having nothing to do with the fact that I am a Monkey fan! (yeah, right...)
I have access to satellite TV and I'll check all their listings to see if they play it at all and keep you posted as to which stations are airing it.
Anyhoo, that's about all for now...keep up the great work!
(ps-the Anubis episode was some guy in a mask pretending to be Anubis--only a cheap imposter!--but I think he was killing people or something...)
Thanks a lot for your note, John. Also, thanks for checking the TV listings. I've been checking for years and still no luck. I'm beginning to give up on cable and pin all my hopes on home video.
BTW, the episode with the Anubis was 'Trunk From the Past'. You can check out the original script to that episode--all the episodes, in fact--by going to my episode guide. Ironically, just a couple of days ago, one of the writers of 'Trunk From the Past' stopped by. Weird, huh?

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Whoa!!! Pat, you put your *real* picture on the web for *everyone* to see!!! *gasp* *shock*.
Were you that horrified by it? I know I don't look my best, but it was early in the morning and I was exhausted. :)
Anyway, just wanted to echo Sunseeker's statement, with a few minor changes. I wanted to marry someone just like Jake Cutter (hmm, have we all blocked out the High Stakes Incident or did we all want to be the German spy?), or failing that Bon Chance Louie, although I don't think I ever really wanted to *marry* Louie. Anyway, I came close: I married an older American who likes smart-ass terriers, baseball and gambling (but fortunately not anywhere *near* the extent of anyone losing an eye over it. He hates losing, so that's when he quits!). And I'm thanking God he doesn't smoke cigars! (bleh -- that's one repulsive habit of Jake's). Also, I wanted to *be* Sarah (ahh, to look lovely in one of those long evening gowns): she had Jake, she had spunk (some of the time anyway), she was a spy (exciting!) and she had a job singing in a bar (hence the reason that I love to sing torch songs. I haven't dared to ask Hubby Dan yet if I'm better or worse than Sarah!).
PS. I did ask Dan. He says I sing better. Not that that's saying anything.
If Hubby Dan values his life, of course he's going to tell you that. :) But in all fairness, although I've never heard you sing, I can pretty much agree with him.

Jeff MacKay boink@worldnet.att.net Hi Patricia! Just thought I'd check in and let you know that I haven't forgotten all you lovely people. I just finished reading the posts that you've made since I was here last... wow... House #12! You really have created a monster. (but a good monster)
Yes, my little Monkey page has turned into King Kong, hasn't it?
I've been writing and auditioning and trying with my partner to get some shows off the ground, and haven't had much time to devote to my 'internet life.' We seem to be getting pretty close to financing our projects finally, and man would I love that! I've shamefully written myself some great parts and it'd be fun to work in front of the camera again... it's been a while.
Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the Sept. gathering. Hang in there and keep up the loving work you do in the interest of promoting the show. I don't think anyone was sadder than I was when ABC cancelled us. It really broke my heart. We truly had a great family of talented and very nice people to associate with every day, and I still miss it.
My love to you all,
Jeff MacKay
The Corkmeister
Always a pleasure to have you stop by, Jeff. Hope things work out with your projects. And the plans are coming together about the Gathering. Now if we could only get some commitments from some more fans to attend. Right now, we could be outnumbered by the cast and crew.

Simon Hi, I have been looking for a GM site for ages. Would you believe none of the search engines I tried ever came up with anything!!
Guess you've been searching in the wrong engines. I know I'm listed in Yahoo!, Alta Vista, Infoseek, Excite and several more.
Its a superb site and I have now finally got to listen to the theme tune again. I think I will go mad if I never see this program again. I was only 6 when I first saw it. I always remember it as being very atmospheric. I cannot remember it vividly unfortunately, but it must have been something for me to remember it after all these years.
We're still trying for home video or reruns on cable/satellite channels, but not much luck in the US or UK. Just about every place else in the world can watch it though. NO FAIR!!

"Xenon" 10015670@ccs.edge-hill-college.ac.uk I have to say that your Gold Monkey site is really good. The last time the show was on in Britain was in about 1983, and it hasn't been repeated since. I was about eight when I last saw it, and I was beginning to wonder if I'd imagined it all! It's great to find a site with so many great pictures, as well as the scripts, and all the inside info in the Bulletin Boards.
We just got a new channel in Britain, Channel 5, which has expressed an interest in repeating some of the old American action shows that we all grew up with, so with a bit of luck...!
I've read that the ratings for Channel 5 have been pretty dismal. I think Tales of the Gold Monkey would turn them into a broadcasting powerhouse. Of course, I'm a wee bit biased. :-)

cipher cipher@unforgettable.com Visited AND bookmarked your 'site.
Great job! It's good to know someone else remembers.
Thanks a lot. And judging from the fact that we're approaching 18,000 hits, I'd say LOTS of other folks remember.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Patricia said: "We're still trying for home video or reruns on cable/satellite channels, but not much luck in the US or UK. Just about every place else in the world can watch it though. NO FAIR!!"
Monkey-less Canadian who has not yet been annexed by the US of A. :)
It's only a matter of time, m'dear. Don't fight it. :)

cipher cipher@unforgettable.com Another major influence on Tales of the Gold Monkey was Milton Caniff's 1930's comic strip Terry and the Pirates. Princess Koji, in particular, was blatanly inspired by Terry's villainess, the Dragon Lady.
I've only very recently gotten Web access, and have yet to find a Terry 'site, but when I do I'll pass it on.
Thanks. I'm sure there are quite of few folks who'd like to check out the site, if one exists.

John Hudak John.Hudak@signetbank.com Hey Patricia, I haven't had any luck with the video companies either. Could I score a few episodes from you? If yours are too worn to copy and you would rather not, do you have any other contacts?
I'd be glad to make copies for you, but it'll be a while. I'm making tapes for a few other folks right now. Let me know which episodes you'd like and at what speed you'd like your tapes. I'll also post your request to the bulletin board, in case someone else would care to help you sooner than I can.
P.S. - I heard from Jeff MacKay. . . he's a really nice guy and asked me if I had any specific questions for him as he had some computer problems and lost my email. He remembered my name though, and got my email off of the 'Gold Monkey' bulletin board. I emailed him back and am awaiting a reply. What a nice guy. . .
Yes, our Jeffy is such a sweetie. Actually, everyone associated with the show who has contacted me has been pretty nice. It must have been a great place to work.
It appears that everyone is really stoked about your site. I'll keep spreading the word so that maybe we can get some more attention from the corporate scum who booted the show. I hate to deal with the corporate types, as I deal with them all day long at work - but sometimes you have to play nice to get what you want. Too bad nobody appreciates quality anymore. . . .
Tell me about it! But I know that someday, someone will wise up and start showing the series again. It's just a matter of time.

Shannon Oliver olivershannon@usa.net Okay, this is the final straw. I just saw that the DUKE OF HAZZARD was put on Columbia House's video list. Now, you can own the whole series. I can see QUANTUM LEAP, but two guys in a car just doesn't seem to have the pizzazz---AND certainly not near as cute as Jake. Oh, well we can keep trying. I would like to come to the convention. I have checked on the prices for renting a car versus a van. It's not that big a difference when you consider that more people could chip in on the van and it would be easier to stay together. What do you think?
I think that those Columbia House folks are giant weenies! But, getting back to the van versus car, I think renting minivans would be a good idea. We should also coordinate arrival and departure times from LAX, so fans don't have to take taxiis to and from the airport.
PS I found an article on Stephen Collins. It is old but gives some good bio information. I will try to get it to you if you would like it. Thanks again for the video.
You're welcome. And when and where is this article from? I'm always interested in any bit of info regarding the show, but I don't want you to go to the trouble of sending it to me if I already have it. Thanks.

Corey Lekanof Snowfox739@aol.com I am so unbelieveably astounded. I am so thrilled to find that my favorite show as a young girl is still celebrated. I was at a new friends house and we stared talking about our favorite shows and this one came up. She told me about this website and I thought I would cry.
Thankyou so much for giving people like me a place to enjoy what never should have ended.
My pleasure, Corey. Now, if we could only get the cable networks and Universal to cooperate, we'd able to enjoy the real thing.

John Hudak John.Hudak@signetbank.com Thanks for your help on the tapes. I don't mind that it will be awhile. I can mail you some tapes once I know which episodes. I'll go through the episode guide on the site to pick the ones that I want. As far as the speed goes, the one that will yield the best quality is always preferable to me. I'll supply you with as many tapes as you need.
By the way, you're a brave soul for putting your picture out on the net! I didn't even notice until last night because I always scroll down so fast to see new messages.
Gee, was the picture THAT bad?! I know it's not a glamour shot, but I've had worse pictures taken of me, not like I'll ever post them on the Web. :)
Anyway, thank you very much for your help and I'll be in touch if any news breaks.
P.S. - Do we know which hotel the convention is at? I'm thinking about going.
It looks like we'll be staying at the AirTel in Van Nuys, CA. You can check out our Gathering page for more details.

Hey, folks. It looks like AOL is screwing around with their web servers again, so don't be surprised if you try to access some of my pages and you come up with error messages. Hopefully, they'll be back up and running soon. THEY JUST BETTER BE!!!

Toby Martin toby@ao.com Hi Patricia, I just visited your Gold Monkey page, what a hoot! It had me smiling and laughing all the way through. When I started looking for Grumman Goose info, I though I MIGHT run across a Gold Monkey web page, but I was totally unprepared for www.goldmonkey.com!
Cool URL, isn't it? Well worth the 50 bucks a year I'm paying for it.
Why was I searching for info on the Grumman Goose? Because I was doing some FRP plotting and wanted a plane "like in tales of the Gold Monkey". Your site is exactly what I needed.
Glad to be of service, Toby. I like my site to be both entertaining and educational.
I agree that getting the series on home video would be terrific. Have there been any responses from Universal on that front? Have they taken notice of your web site?
Keep up the good work,
I haven't heard anything officially from Universal. I did hear from someone who works for them and I asked him to pass along the home video idea to higher-ups. I don't know how effective that was, but our write-in campaign certainly can't hurt, so keep those letters coming.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Attention, all "Sky-Dogs of Boragora" fans! (Yes, this means you!)
It's not fair. It's just not fair! Why do they get to see TotGM in Mexico? And Australia? And all of those other places except USA, Canada, (yes, we are separate entities, still *grin*), and the UK?
It's a conspiracy, I tell you. A conspiracy. Evil (but not sinister) Princess Koji is controlling all of the airwaves. Old and frail now, and still flanked by Todo, she is sitting in her hot tub with her Sony Sports remote control and is playing Monkey God. All of the cable companies are under her evil spell. We must fight! We MUST! Don't worry, Jake! I'll save you!!!!!
Karen (who thinks her coworkers might have an interesting day at work today)
Now, how am I supposed to reply to this rant? Oh, I know. PROZAC! Try it. You'll like it. :)

Since we're fresh out of Crazy Canuck Comics ©, here's a treat for you to help ease your withdrawal symptoms. Lesley Pohl dug up this article and kindly typed it up for us. I know that there are more than a few factual errors about the show, most notably the title, but, gosh darnit, there's just not enough Todo Talk on these boards. Enjoy!

November 1982 (Premier Issue)

The Sinister Samurai of TALES OF THE GOLDEN MONKEY
By Lou Salome

There are a number of questions we'd like to ask Todo, the sinister samurai leader of Princess Koji's army on ABC's Tales of the Golden Monkey. For example: Why is he wearing full medieval regalia in 1938 when all samurai were forced to give up their swords two centuries earlier? Why are he and his liege lady exiled to a tropical island? Is Todo an unscrupulous villain or merely a model of samurai loyalty? Is he a great swordsman or a fraud? And, more intimately, what is his real relationship to Princess Koji?

It is these unanswered questions which make Todo so intriguing. To create his character, John Fujioka thought long and carefully about Todo's personal history, motives, loves, and secret sorrows. Now he knows some of the answers--but he's not telling everything.

"Hiden means the secret tradition of the warrior," explains Fujioka, whose usually open, mobile face and wide smile can quickly change into the guarded, expressionless visage of a warrior. "As an actor, I have my own hiden. It wouldn't be interesting playing a heavy unless I made up facts about his life.

"I think Todo and Koji are on the Pacific Islands, not in Japan. Why? They must have done something wrong on the mainland. What did Todo do? Seduce the royal concubines?"

"Is Todo evil? Well, in his relationship with Princess Koji he is a true samurai; everything he does is pure bushido (the way of the warrior in samurai tradition). Of course, in his relationship with the enemy, anything goes."

"Is Todo having an affair with Princess Koji? Only I know that one...that is my hiden. If the audience thinks they see something, let them figure it out."

The Making of a Samurai

Although Todo's romantic life remains veiled, Fujioka will reveal a piece of less sensitive information: Todo is indeed a great samurai warrior. To make himself appear as one, Fujioka is doing intense research in the samurai tradition and the martial arts. "What the samurai goes through boggles the mind. He starts training when he's five, and never stops until the day he dies. When he is five, he gets his costume and his two swords. The short sword, the wakizashi, never leaves the samurai's side. You can think of all sorts of circumstances...but no, it never leaves his side. So I will make sure that Todo always has his wakizashi."

While reading all the reference sources he can find on the subject (he considers The Secrets of the Samurai, Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook, to be the best), Fujioka discovered that the Japanese warrior also prided himself on his mastery of such purely aesthetic pursuits as poetry, calligraphy, the tea ceremony, and ikebana (flower arranging). Fujioka immediately began taking a course on ikebana, hoping to give his warlike villain an unexpected element of artistic sensibility.

Naturally, Fujioka is not neglecting the samurai's more vital art--that of precision killing--and is studying swordsmanship two times a week with martial arts master Takayuki Kubota. "Master Kubota is teaching me everything, the different postures for holding the sword, how you hold yourself when you first approach an enemy, even how one walks. To get the samurai swagger, one has the toes sticking out and must take long steps," Fujioka explains. Paying careful attention to such details as how the sword is worn, how it crosses the stomach, and how long it hangs are vital to giving an overall impression of authenticity. In addition to perfecting these minutiae, Fujioka is learning several sword kata, a traditional series of prearranged movements against imaginary enemies.

"Eventually I want to expand the role," Fujioka says, "I want to be able to use spear, archery, judo, even sumo wrestling, swimming, horseback riding--all the sorts of skills the samurai is supposed to know."

Although Fujioka had earlier studied karate for a year, and had learned the art of sheathing and unsheathing his sword for roles in kyogen, traditional Japanese comic playlets, this is his first plunge into a serious study of the martial arts. However, he is no newcomer to samurai-style discipline and training. "I can identify with the samurai because all of my life I've been training. I wake up at 4:30 a.m. and run six miles. I swim two miles a day. And I'm always studying." Fujioka is also an expert in yoga, and has even taught classes in the ancient art. All this training has helped make him look much younger than his fifty-seven years, and has made him so trim that for Tales of the Golden Monkey's two-hour pilot, he had to pad his midsection with towels to make his kimono hang right.

Todo's militaristic demeanor and ability to bark out commands in Japanese is an aspect of Fujioka's hiden which stems from his unique personal history. During World War II, the eighteen-year-old Fujioka became a Japanese interpreter for U.S. Military Intelligence. Although his job consisted mainly of interpreting military papers captured from the Japanese, Fujioka feels he absorbed the "command voice" and enough military jargon to last a lifetime.

From Social Work to Suzie Wong

After the war, Fujioka became a social worker in Chicago. While on a vacation to New York ("I was so caught up with other people's problems I took every opportunity to get away," he remembers), he was offered a job on the Broadway show, World of Suzie Wong. The acting bug bit hard; Fujioka gave up his social work and took acting lessons, then moved to Hollywood where he worked on his first movie, A Majority of One. "After that I had bit parts until 1960, got discouraged and went back to social work. Then Jack Tsu got me a job on a Las Vegas show, and I said, 'The heck with social work!'" Fujioka said his first big film break came with his role in The Trials of General Yamashita; his biggest television break may well be the role of Todo.

Tales of the Golden Monkey is not exactly the most likely setting for a serious samurai. In the South Sea Islands' tropical paradise, Todo's liege lady, the beautiful but villainous Princess Koji (played by Marta DuBois) commands a fleet of trading vessels and a nineteenth century army. One of her islands is the local hangout for a gang of giant Tibetan monkeys who worship and defend a Monkey Idol. It so happens that the idol is made up of a super special heat resistant metal previous unknown to man. The nasty Germans (here represented by Willie Tenboom, who masquerades as a pompous Dutch minister) want this metal for their rockets; their plots are thwarted by the good guys, including the spirited bartender/chanteuse Sarah Stickney White (played by Caitlin O'Heaney) who is really an American agent; and our hero, Jake Cutter (Steve Collins), a lady-killing American pilot who transports passengers and cargo through the islands on his Grumman Goose. In 1938, with the smell of war in the air, our heros and villains are all involved in a rich mixture of intrigue and espionage.

Although striving for authenticity, Fujioka is quite aware that television worlds have their own rules of reality, and Tales of the Golden Monkey's South Sea isles are no exception. "Of course it's an anachronism for Todo to still be wearing a sword. But we have to take liberties to make the show work. Here's an example: I'm at Koji's home, and the script says I'm going to have a confrontation with Willie. When I enter a home, I should take off my long sword and put it to one side. But in this scene, I don't because I have to be able to take it from the scabbard quickly. Even though the Japanese would say, "Oh my God, a samurai would never sit at dinner with his long sword,' it works for television."

"This is a fantasy, and as a fantasy, we can take liberties. After all, who ever heard of a samurai fighting monkeys?"

Mark Whitfield markw@info.london.on.ca Hi Patricia.....Look, I'm a name, not just a number!! (hit)..... Just wanted you to know that I visited you page....totally cooooooool!
I was discussing old favourite television shows with my co-workers today...they brought up stuff like, Dallas and Dynasty....I mentioned Tales of the G.M. and got blank stares from everybody....By the time I left, they had questioning whether the show actually existed or was just a figment (sp?) of my imagination.....
Thanks for vindicating me...I know longer question my sanity (about this anyway)....I haven't explored you page thoroughly, but I hope that I will be able to find out how to get my hands on some old shows.....I figure I will be good for about 5 or 6 hits on your page.....
See ya...
London, Ontario, Canada
Thanks for the note, Mark. You'll be happy to know that I have all the episodes on video and am willing to make copies for anybody who asks. All I ask in return is that the recipient cover the cost of the blank tapes and postage. I'd be happy to make you some videos if only to show your co-workers what they've been missing. Dallas and Dynasty indeed!!!!

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

Jake still has it, was Patricia's one conscious thought as they slowly crossed from the door to the bed. It was different this time. The last time Jake had taken Patricia into his arms, it was the desperate embrace of a drowning man.

He broke the kiss and slowly traced her jaw with his mouth. Patricia's fingers grasped the back of his head as the room began whirling, rather than merely spinning.

Then, as if he'd been slapped, Jake stopped. His eyes wide, he took three steps backwards and leaned against the wall. "I_I'm sorry, Trishie. I ..."

Patricia's hands flew to her cheeks. "What's wrong? Did I do some-..."

"No, no, no," Jake said quickly, stepping forward again to take her hands in his. "It's not you," he whispered, then gave her a wry grin. "Trust me on this one."

"Then what is it?" she asked softly.

"Come here," Jake said.

They sat down together on the edge of the bed. "Trishie," Jake began, "I stopped because I ... couldn't hurt you again. All those years ago, after Elizabeth ... I never should have ..."

He shook his head. The words weren't coming out right at all.

Patricia stared down at her hands. Her eyes were filling with tears. "I've never forgotten."

"And neither have I," Jake replied. "But I've never been able to forgive myself, either." He swallowed hard. "I took advantage of you that night, Trishie."

"You did not," Patricia retorted.

"I should never have allowed it to happen, knowing the feelings you had for me, and knowing that I would have to leave." Jake looked away. "I knew how hurt you would be ... Why hurt you all over again? You'll be leaving Boragora in a day or two ... then what? And then there's ..."

A bloodcurdling scream ripped through the night air. Leaping to his feet, Jake yelled, "Be right back!" and tore out the door. Patricia followed close behind.

Sarah was standing outside her room, gesturing frantically inside. "It's in there!"

Jake hurried into the room. He emerged again a moment later, a fake white mouse dangling from one hand. "You had company?" he asked Sarah, a disgusted/amused look on his face.

Sarah merely shrugged.

* * *

The sky was tinged with lavender as it awaited the dawn. Karen sat on the front steps of the Monkey Bar, looking out over the water.

"Mademoiselle?" Louie called from behind her.

Karen turned to see Louie standing in the doorway of the bar. "Louie. What are you doing up so early?"

Louie smiled. "I was ..." He paused. "It doesn't really matter. You look tired. Have you slept at all?"

Karen declined answering, instead turning her attention to the Goose. "So Jake really can fly that plane?"

"It really depends on one's definition of flying," Louie replied with a twinkle in his eye.

"That's a comfort," Karen snorted.

"All set?" Jake called as he headed out onto the dock with Patricia and Sarah right behind him.

Karen leapt to her feet. "All set," she called back. With a last look at Louie, she ran to catch up.

"Wait up, Karen!" Leanne cried as she suddenly appeared behind Louie. "I want to go, too!"

As he watched the search party assemble at the Goose, Louie sighed. "Bon chance, mes amis."

(insert commercial here)

C. Neil Milton bread@.ptd.net Hey, Cool web site. I was wondering if you know of anybody selling videos of the show? If so, please e-mail with the info. I'm interested in purchasing them. Oh, before I forget, what was the name of the show on CBS that also was inspired by Indiana Jones?
You're in luck. I have all the episodes on video and have been making copies for everybody who asks (and LOTS of people have asked). All I ask in return is that you cover the cost of the blank tapes and postage. Let me know if you're interested.
BTW, the show you're thinking of is Bring 'Em Back Alive which starred Bruce Boxleitner. It was pretty cheesy stuff. Notice that they don't have a cool web site. :)

SunSeeker sunseeker@lasercom.net Hi Patricia, Just a quick note to let you know I'm back online. Still a few bugs in the system, but at least now I can come back to the Gold Monkey site. Yay!
Welcome back, Sunseeker. And you're just in time to check out Karen's latest installment of her fan-fict. It's gripping reading.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Patricia said: Welcome back, Sunseeker. And you're just in time to check out Karen's latest installment of her fan-fict. It's gripping reading."
You just wished he gripped you longer, eh? :)
Longer! Harder! Closer! ;)

Jay L. Barron jlbarron@grfn.org Just a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy your Gold Monkey page. I ran across it accidently, but like it so much that I put it in my list of favorites.
Thanks a lot.
I've loved Gold Monkey ever since the original broadcasts. In fact, I have a copy of every episode on tape... all from the original broadcast dates.
FINALLY! Somebody who sends me a note *not* asking for tapes. But I hope this won't stop you from writing to Universal asking them to release the series on home video. Not everybody's as fortunate as you.
Two quick things... First, in the description of Corky, you didn't mention the fact that he has one addiction other than alcohol... Chocolate. Specifically American chocolate. Jake would reward him once in a while with a candy bar...especially when Corky was going through a tough bought of trying to stay on the wagon.
Well, the alcoholism was an integral part of Corky's character; whereas, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being addicted to chocolate. Chocolate is our friend. :-)
Second, you're right... Tailspin IS based on Tales of the Gold Monkey. (I do a lot of freelance work with Disney, and I mentioned this to one of the animators, wondering why there is no credit given. He told me that he knew it was based on the show, but had no idea why credit wasn't given where credit was due. Perhaps because it was changed so much.)
I'm not surprised that the show was not given credit. Everyone knows that The Flintstones was based on The Honeymooners. The folks at Hanna-Barbera freely admit this fact. However, The Honeymooners, Jackie Gleason or anyone else associated with the series receive no mention in the credits for The Flintstones. Don't have to pay them royalities that way, I suppose. I guess we should just be grateful that the people at Disney thought so highly of Gold Monkey that they turned it into a cartoon. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

SunSeeker sunseeker@lasercom.net Btw, I meant to post a thought to the website a while back, and then my HD died and I never got the chance, but now that I'm back here it is < deep breath >.
Probably the biggest obstacle to getting the Gold Monkey back on TV in syndication is the matter of how very briefly the show lasted. On American TV (don't know about other countries) a syndicated show airs every day, and in GM's case that would mean they could show the entire series in less than a month and then have to start over. It would just get old, even to people who had never seen the show before. Just my 2 cents' worth.
I wouldn't expect the show to air on "free" TV, but on cable, and even then only once or twice a week. For example, in Australia, The Disney Channel airs (or they did earlier this year) Gold Monkey on Saturday and Sunday nights. When the USA Network aired the series, they usually ran it once a week on the weekend. However, during the summer of '88, they actually ran it 5 nights a week. With the glut of available programming out there, it's a long shot for the show to wind up on cable. That's why I'm really hoping for home video. Besides, cable hacks up shows to add more commercials. YUCK! Also...I really wish I had a scanner. I have a great old picture of Jake and Jack at the Monkey bar, that I've had since I was 13 or so. Our newspaper, the Press-Enterprise, used that picture as the cover of their weekly TV Guide, and ran a story on the show. Still have part of the story, too. I could mail it to you, but you would have to PROMISE to return it in one piece!
You could mail it to me, Sunseeker, but I don't have a scanner either. I'd settle for a photocopy though.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com WHAT WAS LOUIE DOING that he was up so early! I demand a flashback! (heh heh, or maybe not!)
Actually, in many TOTGM episodes, we've seen Louie up rather early. In fact, I don't think he ever sleeps.
Karen, great almost-love scene! But what did Jake and Sarah do after the fake mouse was revealed?
Do I have a one-track mind?
Film at 11.
Why, he came crawling back to me, naturally. Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. :)
(who's going slightly insane)
Why should you be any different from the rest of us, dearie?

Anders Nordström anders.nordstrom@mbox200.swipnet.se This evening I watched an episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey for the first time in over ten years. I was just channel surfing and by chance found myself in the middle of the episode "Ape boy". I got so exited that I immediately after the show was over I went out searching for some more information on the internet and to my great happieness I found your site.
You see I am Swedish and when "Tales of the Gold Monkey" was televised in Sweden in the 80'ies it was my favourite TV-show. It was the big event every saturday. It was called "Uppdrag i Singapore" ("Mission in Singapore") and was part of the big saturday evening entertainment block "Razzel" on Swedish TV 1. In those days we only had two state owned TV-channels in the country and TV-commersials was illegal.
Now apparently one of the smaller commersial TV-companies, TV 6, has begun to broadcast it again to the Swedish people. But this time it's called "Guldapans hemlighet" ("Secret of the Golden Monkey"). Thats why I didn't understand that it was the same show.
I found your site by typing boxleitner +singapore on Alta Vista.
Me and my friends often talk about "Tales of the Golden Monkey" and are great fans of adventure stories in general. The recent Phantom film for example brought back memories.
This letter isn´t very well composed but I just writes what comes to mind. I will study your site more in detail and start taping the show from now on. Maybe I write again later.
My name, by the way, is Anders Nordström and I'm a 26 year old history/"society knowledge"(civics?) teacher (senior high school). I live and work in the Stockholm region.
Thanks very much for writing, Anders. I had heard rumors that the show was airing in Sweden, but now you've confirmed it. By the way, I think I can explain your confusion. "Uppdrag i Singapore" sounds like it was really the TV series Bring 'Em Back Alive, which starred Bruce Boxleitner and was set in Singapore in 1939. It was produced at the same time that Tales of the Gold Monkey was (1982-83) and almost everybody gets them confused. I do know that Tales of the Gold Monkey aired in Sweden during the '80s but I don't know the Swedish title. Anyway, I'm glad that you can watch the show and hope to hear from you again.

Anders Nordström anders.nordstrom@mbox200.swipnet.se You are rigth. I got the series confused. I found out after I sent my e-mail to you. (www.xnet.com/~djk/BringEmBackAlive_2.shtml#ep001) For some reason I remember the caracters and surroundings of "Tales of the Gold Monkey" but the title of "Bring 'em back alive". Maybe I never understood why the series was named after a gold monkey. Whatever. It was a long time ago.
The Gold Monkey only appears in the first episode. I never liked the title myself. My favorite is the German title for the show, Die Himmelhunde von Boragora which loosely translates to The Sky Dogs of Boragora. Now that's a title! :)

SunSeeker sunseeker@lasercom.net Hi Patricia, I got motivated and decided to type up a copy of that TV guide story they did on the Gold Monkey way back when. So here goes:

It is 1938 in a lush backwater corner of the South Seas populated by a plot-provoking mix of merchants, misfits, pirates, princesses, priests, soldiers, singers, and spies. The fastest means of transportation is Jake Cutter's well-worn Grumman Goose. Whether he's flying passengers or cargo through the mysterious Marivellas, the handsome expatriot American pilot is inexorably drawn into exotic adventure, surprising intrigue, breathtaking action and delightful fun in "Tales of the Gold Monkey," a high-styled one-hour series airing Wednesdays at 8pm on ABC.
The hundreds of tropical islands in the Marivella chain were formed by still-rumbling volcanoes. No less volcanic is the fact that they are mandated to the Japanese in the North and the French in the South. As he pilots the Goose, Jake looks down on islands colonized by foreigners, or inhabitated by primitive native tribes, or teeming with exotic animals.
The world reaches the islands by short-wave radio, mail, or the China Clipper on her semi-weekly flights between Hawaii and Hong Kong. The Clipper lands briefly on the big port on Tagataya and overnight on smaller Boragora, Jake's home port. On Boragora there's only one place to go: the Monkey Bar, owned by Bon Chance Louie and famed for its wood carvings, tinkling piano, enigmatic patrons and whispered information. There's an unspoken rule in the islands: "Never ask a man his last name, where he came from, or why he's here."
Cutter, whose temperamental seaplane is the closest thing there is to an inter-island island, finds himself in the center of all the intrigue. Jake's jacket's Flying Tiger patch hints of a daredevil and his hunger for the major league scores conveys a yearning...< sadly, a chunk of the article was ruined >
...away his jeweled glass eye in a poker game. Aloof withdrawal is the dog's first reaction to Jake's foolhardiness, but whenever Jake's life is threatened the fearless little dog will leap into action without hesitation.
Equally willing to lay down his life for Jake is his mechanic Corky. He's very forgetful, which causes many problems, but he's a great mechanic--when sober, a pretty good piano player, and Jake couldn't have a better friend.
Neither could Sarah Stickney White, the auburn-haired American who landed a job singing at the Monkey Bar with Jake's help. Behind her innocent exterior hides an American agent keeping her eye on suspicious activities. She is convinced that war is coming and will do her utmost to prevent it.
Among the other islanders that Jake encounters each week is the lovable rogue Bon Chance Louie who owns the Monkey Bar; the pompous Rev. Willie Tenboom, who is a bumbling German spy in disguise; the villainous Princess Kogi who commands a vast fleet of trading ships and a lethal army of warriors; and Todo, a Samurai warrior who commands the Princess' army.
Starring as Jake Cutter is Stephen Collins, who has amassed a richly varied background of roles during his 13 years in theatre and television. Also starring...Caitlin O'Heaney as Sarah Stickney White, Marta DuBois as Princess Kogi; John Calvin as Rev. Willie Tenboom; John Fujioka as Todo, and Roddy McDowall as Bon Chance Louie. Leo, a nine-year veteran of television and films, was coaxed out of retirement to act the role of Jack--the one-eyed dog.

I don't know who wrote the article, so I can't give credit where it's due.
Thanks for the article, Sunseeker. Maybe the author will stop by and claim credit. Hey, you never know who's going to pop in here. Heck, I never thought anybody associated with the show would find this site, but we've done pretty well in the cast and crew department.

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