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Opened: July 1, 1997
Closed: August 17, 1997

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Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Great article, Sunseeker! Makes me desperately homesick for Boragora. It was the romance, adventure, and intrigue (not to mention the pilot) that drew me to the show, but it was the feeling that these were real people (no matter how fantastic the circumstances) that kept me a fan all these years. Thanks so much for typing it up. I really enjoyed reading it.

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com I have come to pay my weekly homage to the Monkey Goddess. I just finished reading the fan fiction and wanted to know how you were going to handle all those other girls in the plane with Jake? Sounds like a cat fight waiting to happen.
Now, now, Shannon. We're all friends and mature adults. Besides, we all know Jake belongs to me! :)
I was talking to a friend and they mentioned that sometimes scenes that were edited out of shows are kept. Wonder if any are lying around? For example, the previews to "Honor Thy Brother" show a different version of the scene where Sarah cleans Jake up after the fight. In the episode, it is different.
Yes, they routinely shot more footage than they could use and had to cut for time. Tom Greene has mentioned several times that this was standard practice and that he thought he had some edited scenes on tape somewhere, but so far, no luck. I know that Universal saved some of the footage for a while because the pseudo-movie, "Curse at the Gold Monkey", included footage from 'Trunk From the Past' that was never broadcast on ABC. The movie was hacked together in 1987 so I'm not sure if the edited scenes still exist today.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Shannon Oliver said: "I have come to pay my weekly homage to the Monkey Goddess. I just finished reading the fan fiction and wanted to know how you were going to handle all those other girls in the plane with Jake? Sounds like a cat fight waiting to happen."
Then MonkeyWoman said: "Now, now, Shannon. We're all friends and mature adults. Besides, we all know Jake belongs to me! :)"
And now *Karen* rubs her hands together vigourously and says: "MUUUUAWHAHAHAHAAAAAA!"
Don't even THINK of trying any funny stuff, Cookie, or out of the Goose you go!!
Incidentally, today is July 1. As the MonkeyWoman's Official Canuck Sidekick, I wish you all a very happy Canada Day, eh!
Ooops, sorry it's a day late. Serves you right for trying to keep Jake away from me.

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com I told you that it would be a catfight. I hope Jack was smart enough to stay behind.
We're not having a catfight. Karen's just teasing. She knows full well that Jake belongs to me. :) And Jack always comes along on Jake's adventures. The Goose doesn't take off without him.

Donna Nana987654@aol.com I was trolling for 7th Heaven/S. Collins info and found your site. What a fantastic accomplishment for you! I felt that way about Star Trek (the series) and can empathize with the fantastic ride you've been on. I, too, held a tape recorder next to the TV to record Star Trek episodes and had the adventure of a lifetime when I located long time friends of DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy) in Conyers, Ga while my friends did the tourist thing in Atlanta. It was a grand adventure which included a phone conversation with his sister. I wrote an article which was printed in the Conyers newspaper and sent to DeForest Kelley . He wrote an appreciative letter to me about the good memories it renewed. It was a continuing saga that took place before the days of VCRs and the internet. How fabulous that your effort has grown into such a wonderful experience. I remember The Gold Monkey but my husband is the one who watched it. I hadn't realized Stephen Collins was in it. If I'd caught that part of it I probably would have been hooked. I enjoyed learning about the series and reading Mr. C's contributions. I feel I've learned so much more about him from the information in your site. A couple of hours ago I knew only acting statistics. He's taken on a more human aspect now. Are you still planning the Sept. Monkey Reunion? It's a long way from Florida but sounds tempting. I'm a novice at the Internet and am using my sister's computer which is out of state for me. I'll be here until 7/12. What a treasure trove of information! Wish I'd had this in the beginning Star Trek days.
Thank you for your diligence and hard work. You've created a stupendous site.
Thanks, Donna. (In case you're wondering, I discovered your name from one of your postings to the WB Network's 7th Heaven folder in AOL. I also have an AOL account.) And yes, Stephen Collins is very human and very sweet. As for our Gathering, right now things are in limbo. We're having trouble getting fans to commit to attending. Because of that, we can't get a deal on the hotel rooms and meeting rooms, so we may not be able to afford this. We'll make a make a formal decision in two weeks. If not enough people come forward, then we'll have to cancel the Gathering. I'd hate to do that, since it would be great fun meeting the cast and crew members I've only electronically chatted with, but I can't afford to pay for the whole thing myself.
Feel free to stop back in before you leave.

Tom Sisk msisk@nbnet.nb.ca Like the new location.
Thanks. I later thought that maybe I should have chosen www.boragora.com, but I think I like goldmonkey.com better.
Keep up the pressure for re-runs or videos so the rest of us 20-, 30, 40-somethings have something else to share with their kids. Gotta get my 14 year old daughter off the U.N.C.L.E. re-runs!!!
I'm doing all I can, but the Suits aren't being very cooperative. You'd think by now they would have succumbed to my natural charms, but they're cold, heartless creatures. But we already knew that, eh? :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Hey, look at that!!! Tom Sisk is from New Brunswick! And I thought I was the only one! ;)
As for the catfight ... JAKE CUTTER IS NOT YOURS. He's MINE! MEOW! :) (I'm sitting here laughing my fool head off. Last time I had a fight like this it was with a friend over which member of Duran Duran I was entitled to.)
Then the solution is simple. I get Jake and you get Simon LeBon. Everybody's happy or soon will be. ;)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca I don't want Simon LeBon. He has *not* aged gracefully. Besides, must I continually remind you that *I* saw Jake *first*. :)
Ahem, must I remind you just *who* created the website. I own the site so I own Jake. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Jake strode across the Monkey Bar, his eyes fixed on one goal. There she was, the reason he got up in the morning, the reason he looked forward to going to bed at night: Karen. He wrapped his arms around her, clutching her in a passionate embrace, bringing his mouth down hard on hers.
"Ahem", came Patricia's voice from the background.
Jake reluctantly broke the kiss, then looked up to see who had so rudely interrupted his joyful reunion with the only woman who had ever truly loved him, the only woman he had ever truly loved.
"I'm sorry, whatever-your-name is, but I'm busy."
[Nyah, nyah, nyah! -- Karen :) ]
The doctors said that I must indulge Karen in her outrageous fantasies, even though they all know that Jake belongs to me! :) I've got an idea. Why don't we let Jake decide which woman he wants without you putting words in his mouth? Of course, the Chick Magnet will probably choose all of us.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Yes, the Chick Magnet would choose all of us. Then that rare facial muscle disease would take over and we'd all swoon and not notice the others. :) What a man ... (sigh)
I think we should end this discussion now. After all, this is a family-friendly web site.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca You're just mad because Jake's conscience got the better of him in that hotel room. :)
Sure, for the first time in his life, Jake's with a woman and the organ that's functioning is his brain! WHY ME?!!! :)

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Did anyone tape the Macy's fireworks special? Hosted by Stephen Collins? I've a friend in NY who'd love a copy (and I wouldn't mind running my eyes over it myself!)
WHAT?! I read that Tom Arnold was going to host that. Did SC host it instead? What's going on? HELP!

Dave Donahue spyder@monticello.pdnt.com I would just like to thank you for making a web page dedicated to this show. I was just thinking of shows I loved as a kid and this show was the best. I glanced through the episode list and was wondering which show was the one where Corky remembered this he had forgotten when he was bitten or was sick. That was one of the episodes which I remember the best. Keep up the good work.
Thanks a lot, Dave. The episode you're thinking of is 'Escape From Death Island'. Until we can get Universal to either sell the show to some cable channel for syndication or release it on home video, you'll have to make due with the original script which you can find linked to my episode guide. Or I could make you a copy of the episode on video. It would be a third generation copy, but thanks to the Universal weenies, it's all we've got.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca **Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com** Did anyone tape the Macy's fireworks special? Hosted by Stephen Collins? I've a friend in NY who'd love a copy (and I wouldn't mind running my eyes over it myself!)
"WHAT?! I read that Tom Arnold was going to host that. Did SC host it instead? What's going on? HELP!"
What do you know about this, now, MW? Is it true?
We have not yet received any confirmation on this report. Leanne's friend heard it from someone, but I read that Tom Arnold was supposed to host it. The show was produced for Tribune, which owns 25% of the WB Network and aired on their stations, all WB affiliates (I'm not sure if it ran on all of them, though.). I remember thinking at the time that the only reason they chose Tom Arnold was to hype his new show, but they would have been better off with SC. Maybe they realized the error of their ways.

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com I see that you have settled the "Jake" issue--not. As for the Duran Duran comment, I have and will always have dibs on John "Nigel" Taylor. However, I will remove myself from the ongoing "Jake" debate. Only because I know deep down that Jake belongs to Sarah. Sorry guys. I am a hopeless romantic which is why I was drawn to the show in the first place.
But that's the beauty of fiction. There are a myriad of alternatives. While Jake belonged to Sarah in the actual series, whether the character or the writers realized it, he belongs to me in this story. ME! ME! ME! :)

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com You are the Monkey Goddess--I guess Jake can belong to you here--can I have him on weekends?????
I'll let you and Karen figure out an alternate weekend schedule. Don't forget to leave a weekend free once in a while. Let the poor man get his strength back.

The mystery is solved! Many of you were wondering about the Macy's Fireworks Special that Leanne asked about. I had read that Tom Arnold was to host the special, not Stephen Collins. So, when in doubt, go to the source:
Stephen Collins
I'm in Vancouver shooting the sequel to An Unexpected Family for USA (called AN Unexpected Life). I pre-taped a couple of segments and apparently they made it seem like I was there. I think the other host was the actress who plays Xena, but I'm not sure. You'd write to WPIX in New York for info, or Macy's (I guess). Sorry, but that's all I know.
Gee, he took time out of his busy schedule just to answer this silly little question. Isn't he such a sweetie?

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net I spoke to one of the organizers today and she told me that Caitlin will not be at the convention this weekend. I'm sort of bummed, I was hoping to go to see her. Since I'm not really interested in Beauty and the Beast, I guess I'll save my money.
Still wishing I could go to San Diego this fall, but I probably can't, so don't count me.
Anyway, thought you'd want to hear the bad news.
Sorry you can't join us in LA, Bob, but don't feel bad. With only a handful of confirmations so far, it look like we won't even have a Gathering, so you won't be missing anything. Too bad, though. It would have been so much fun.

Rocky Macy rock1@netins.net Hi Patricia, Thanks for providing the Gold Monkey page. You have certainly collected a bunch of information!
Yes, TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY was one of my favorites and I would also like to see it brought back on cable or, more preferably, on home video.
And just so you know, I found your page as a link from Drew's Scripts-O-Rama.
Thanks a lot for your note, Rocky. And thanks to Drew for the script links. Every little bit of publicity about the Gold Monkey cause helps.

Lesley Pohl lpohl@jeffnet.org Regarding the recent little "meowing contest" you girls have been having over Jake, all I can say is that Corky and I have really enjoyed reading it. :)
(you can post the last paragraph if you want! :) )
Well, if you insist. :)

Jim Ray rayj@lewisville.isd.tenet.edu Thanks for letting me download a LOT of stuff. I remember the Gold Monkey as being one of the best series on TV at the time. Not that ripppppp-off on another TV channel!
I have headrd that USA had a rerun of it. Wish I knew about that. I would certainly have watched it (and probably have recorded it also.)
Hope to see you again real soon....it takes a while to read all the scripts.
Thanks, again.
ps...... I was in my 40's when it first aired. Even us old foggies liked it.
Aw, Jim, that just means you're young at heart and that's all that matters. Hopefully we can convince USA or somebody else to rerun it again. Personally, though, I'd rather have it on home video. USA edited the episodes to add more commercials. I'd prefer my Gold Monkey unedited and commercial-free. In the meantime, keep on downloading.

Mike zoobie@auracom.com Wow this is great.I unfortunately have'nt seen anything about the Monkey since it originally aired.I thought that maybe I was dreaming of this cool show in the 80's until my friend opened up saying he liked it too.Patricia I'am passing your name to some people to award you the nobel peace prize for this website.Besides the fact you've got a good sense of humor as well.Great work I'd buy you a drink at the Monkey Bar for this.
A drink, you say? Hmmm...how about a nice ice coffee. Black, no sugar. It gets awfully hot and humid in Boragora. :)
Glad you like the website. If you're going to pass my name on to some people, forget the Nobel folks. Write to Universal and get them to make the show available to fans in North America. I take that back, most of North America. They can watch it in Mexico. So much for NAFTA!

Jcursine Jcursine@aol.com I just finished reading an old book (Round the Bend by Nevil Shute). It is about flyer called Tom Cutter who sets up an air service in the Persian Gulf after World War II. I admit that it's not much like TOTGM, but I wonder if D. Bellisario ever read the book, remembered the name Cutter and assoicated it somehow with flying. There's even a Goose mentioned in the book, I think, a reference to a "Grumman amphibian." It sounds like a Goose anyway. The only amphibian Grumman made was the Goose, right?
I believe Grumman made other amphibians like the Widgeon, which is just a smaller version of the Goose. You can find out more information at the Gneech's Grumman Goose page. I have a link on the main web page.
As for the name Cutter, the book is definitely a possiblity. Also, Don Bellisario claimed he got the inspiration for the show from the movie "Only Angels Have Wings" starring Cary Grant as the head of an air service in South America. His character's name was Geoff Carter. Sounds a lot like Jake Cutter, doesn't it. Also, Jake Cutter was the name of John Wayne's character in the 1961 western, "The Comencharos". If Mr. B. ever stops by again (it's been over a year), I'll ask him.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Can I have him every other Tuesday? (Yes, I've been catching up on the bulletin boards) You see, Louie has a date at that time with Princess Koji, so I'm free that night... (ok, so's Todo but he and I just don't see eye to eye)
Just joining in the insanity!
Oh, and we have a submission for the Gathering T-shirt design. I'll send you the much smaller JPG version of it. The designer, Micah Burke, can't come either. Anyway, now that we can't get that wonderful group discount of $74 a room, because like Jake Cutter, SOME PEOPLE CAN'T COMMIT!!! (please print that), the prices for the Airtel are back to the original $139 single, $149 double. The meeting room (actually a board room) for the Sunday meeting will be: $125 total, that's $18 from the 7 who have said they'd come. You can add another $13 per person if we want to eat lunch there. More if we're nice and pay for the cast & crew's lunch. More *again* for the T-shirt (although I refuse to go and find out costs until I know we have a Gathering or not, I'm getting more than a little sick of spending all this time for nothing)
So, as you can see, some things have become more expensive due to the fact that people are unwilling (or unable) to say whether they can come or not, or are doing their own thing, thus making it expensive for everybody else coming from out of town *and* raising the cost of attending the convention for everyone. Are you all getting my point here? Good.
(who started off in fun and ended in grumpiness)
You folks better let me know soon if you're going to join the party or Leanne will REALLY get mad.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Leanne grumped: "So, as you can see, some things have become more expensive due to the fact that people are unwilling (or unable) to say whether they can come or not, or are doing their own thing, thus making it expensive for everybody else coming from out of town *and* raising the cost of attending the convention for everyone. Are you all getting my point here? Good."
(sniff) I'm sorry! This is all my fault! It was my idea. (sniff) I brought it up out of the blue, never thinking people would pick up on it. (sniff) I'm flat broke. I would give almost anything (yes, even Jake's hat) if I thought it would get me to the Gathering so I could meet my last intact childhood hero. I've been praying for miracles but nothing seems to be happening yet. (sniff) (sniff) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Manuel Esparza glassmonkey@ghg.net Ah, its good to see that someone else apprecitaed the show. But this business of an 80's nostalgia page frightens me. i feel so old.
I know what you mean. Next month, I'll hit the big 3-0. Tales of the Gold Monkey was half a lifetime ago. How sad.

Jeff Schramm jeff.schramm@brite.com Great web page! TOTGM was one of our favorite shows - we'd schedule around it. I'm gratified to find other Monkiacs (great term!) out there. Thanks for the time & effort spent maintaining the site!
My pleasure, Jeff.
How's your taping backlog? I'd like to get on the schedule for the complete set, if possible.
Sure. Right now, the turnaround time from request to receipt of tapes is 3-4 weeks. You can get the entire series on 11 tapes at SP mode ($33 to cover costs of the blank tapes and postage), 6 tapes at LP mode ($18) or 4 tapes in SLP ($12). Let me know which method you'd prefer.
I've been thinking about the campaign to get the show onto cable and I've decided to approach it from a slightly different angle - I was a unit manager at Arbitron for a while, so I still remember a little bit about ratings and what they represent. What I intend to do is watch prime time TNT and USA network for a week or so to identify the major advertisers. Then I'll write to the programming departments at the network, copying the advertisers, pointing out the potential audience. If you don't mind, I'd like to reference your web site hit count - the demographics associated with web surfers is a hot button with advertisers right now (look at all the URLs found in commercials these days). Anyway, the strategy is to appeal to their profit motive. Do you mind if I include the reference?
Thanks a lot. Reference away. But I wouldn't bother with primetime. It's highly unlikely that a major cable channel like USA or TNT would schedule a 15 year old series with only 21 episodes in primetime. I think weekends are more appropriate, more likely in the afternoon. The show would be perfect as Saturday "matinee" fare. Not only would the show attract the audience that watched the show back in 1982, but there's a whole generation of young adults who never saw the show. It would definitely appeal to them too.

Dayna Budde daynawayna@aol.com I was hunting in the IMdB, and decided to look up one of my favorite actors, Stephen Collins.. and found ToTGM listed! I linked to it, and found your site... boy, was I HAPPY!!! :D I was graduated 8th grade in '82, and I had a SERIOUS crush on Mr. Jake Cutter.. :::sigh!::: I was sooooooo depressed when it was canceled. :(
But, thanks to you, I can now have my "monkey fix" (that sounds so bad! :D ) any time I want! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I just get giddy looking at the pix... it's been sooooo long since I've seen anything on the Gold MOnkey.
Anyway, I took both of your advices, and am 1). Writing to you so I'm not just a number.. :) and 2). I wrote to TNT asking for totgm to be on the air. Here is a copy of what I sent them...
Hello, my name is Dayna, and I am a "Tales of the Gold Monkey" fan. The show ran in 1982, and I would just LOVE to see it again! If you could get it into syndication, I'd be FOREVER grateful! :)
I found a website dedicated to the show (Tales of the Gold Monkey -- Full Service Website ), and now, I've got the bug! I WANT MY GOLD MONKEY FIX! :::laughing::: ok, with that said... could you see what can be done, please?
Thank you for any time and effort.
Dayna Budde
I hope I did that right! I'm also going to see if I can come to the mini-convention you guys are having. Is it being put on by just this group, or is it more like a Creation Convention? I'm just curious. E-mail me back.. I'd love to talk to you more! And, did I see an address for AOL? that would be so much easier... :D
Hope to hear from you soon!
Dayna Budde (Buddy is how it's said)
Well, well, Dayna, where to begin. I'm so glad you've got your Monkey Fix. It definitely makes getting through life's boring stretches, like work, paying bills, etc., a little easier. Aren't you happy to discover you weren't the only one to love the show and Mr. Jake Cutter (I've got dibs on him!! :) )? Thanks for writing to TNT. They've kindly rebuffed us in the past (they have a glut of programming), but maybe they'll see the error of their ways and put it on once a week.
About the "Gathering", it's just a bunch of Monkiacs, kicking back for the weekend. We're planning to go visit Universal Studios, but mainly were going to relax, watch videos, eat and chat. And we're going to do all that with some members of the cast and crew too. Don't think of it as a convention. Think of it as spending the weekend with friends.
And if you'd rather e-mail me at my AOL address, it's PMA082267, though the messages I mainly get at that address are junk e-mails.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca ACK! I've been cloned! Dayna, you sound just like *me*! Literally! (The "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" is eerie ... Check out Bulletin Board #5 to see what I mean.)
Welcome to Jake-aholics Anonymous, where we all believe that he truly belongs only to each of us ourselves. In truth, I have dibs on everything: the pilot (of course), the hat (comes with the pilot and I want to try it on), and the plane (gotta have a place to hide from Sarah, and besides, Jake belongs in it). Don't believe a word that MonkeyWench says. :)
Oh, Karen, dear. May I remind you who's paying the bills around here. This site is registered to me. Therefore, THE PILOT'S MINE!!!! :)

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com I feel better now. I have had my monkey fix for the week. I can't believe how many people have written since I was here last. I wish we could have an online chat. It would be interesting to see who would show up. I was thinking about the convention. Perhaps more advertising would increase the numbers. There are several web pages (ie Geocities) where you can post things and I know a lot of monkiacs have pages of their own. Do you think this is a good idea?
I had thought of that, but then I worried about security. Who knows who'd read our invitation and just show up. I'd rather have a small group of responisble people who actually watched the show than a large group consisting mainly of people who just want to meet celebrities, any celebrities. I wanted to make this more of a family reunion than a convention. But if you know some people who may be intertested in attending, feel free to let them drop on by.
PS I know that certain people won't share Jake on the weekends. How selfish!!!!!!!!
Well, just give Karen the hat and sneak Jake out once in a while. :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Hey, Shannon, I *am* generous by nature, and would probably share on the occasional weekend. But if you have that pretty boy, JT, would you really need Jake? :)
Now *this* is a catfight! :)

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com Dream on--I want them both--Okay I am the one who is dreaming. John is definitely mine. It is bad when you can remember his stats (memorized faithfully), but can't remember what you were supposed to buy at the grocery store. By the way, I remember his birthday was in June (I believe the 7 or 8th) and one of his favorite movies was "Goldfinger".

Jim Ray rayj@lewisville.isd.tenet.edu Know what you mean about the commericals. That's one of my criteria for stopping while I surf the wasteland......Is a commerical on when I hit the channel???? If it is I keep on going. Up to about 10 minutes commerical time per half hour. Has to cut into the programming. Who 'owns' TOTGM????? Do they have an internet address??? I would certainly like to see the original episodes sans commericals on tape.
Universal produced the series and, as far as I know, still holds the rights. They have a web site at www.mca.com, but there are no email addresses for feedback. I was able to some names and the main address from someone who works for Universal (he even sent me some tapes!). You could also ask Columbia House to offer the series on video at http://www.columbiahouse.com/repl/vl/tmpls/survey.html?86291288820715514113299737. However, I believe they can't sell it unless Universal produces the tapes. But if they get enough requests, maybe that will convince Universal Home Video to do just that.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net You know you're probably right about not advertising, it would just get people who are looking for celebs, though you probably would get some true fans as well.
I really wish I could make it, but so far it looks like I won't be there.
On another topic, I just got my first video cassette from Columbia House, Kolchak: The Night Stalker. The whole series ran for only 20 episodes, so it will be relatively cheap. I see no reason why they couldn't put out Gold Monkey. I'd buy it.
Anyway, just my tiny thoughts.
Don't belittle yourself, Bob. I think your thoughts are just fine. :)

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com OK, here's the scoop.
The Earhart room from 10-4 on Sunday, 20th Sept will cost $150. I found out about audio-visual equip in that room (unless you meant bedrooms? in which case I should call back) and that will cost an extra $110. That means a total of $37 between 7 people. And I'm not even including lunch there. Aren't you just loving how this price is creeping up?
Still that's a heck of a lot better than the Burbank Hilton. $650 for the room, $165 for the a/v equip. Plus, I discovered that I can fly round trip from Providence, RI to Burbank, CA for around $300, so I've got a little extra cash then. Of course, the catch is that the trip has 3 stops and takes 9 hours. :(
Anyway, they've sent me a credit card form to fill out and fax back. With a non-refundable depoist of $150. Yup. That much. Needless to say, I haven't done that yet.
Let's hold off a bit. When do they need a firm commitment from us anyway?
Oh, and Tina -- did bugger all after my call. They found my name booked but no other information on file. She's left the hotel and they're trying to sort things out. Not even a copy of the contract. Wonderful, eh? So I'm dealing with Tony now.
So that's the latest.
Oh and is it me or is there an incredible similarity between an episode of Battlestar Galactica (I went on a BG fix haven't seen the series since it first screened -- always wanted to be Sheba but get Starbuck -- and hey, ABC cancelled them after the first season two. I'm sensing a trend here -- and I was 9-10 at the time :))
Leanne, you're babbling. :) But I know what you're talking about. In fact, I mention it on the Facts Page under "The Galactica/Gold Monkey Connection". Check it out and let me know if that's the episode you're refering to.
Oh and I have a story slowly brewing -- Monkey fanfic :)
Cool! Am I in it? :)

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Did I ever finish that babbling sentence about BG? And no, the fanfic is not fans in fanfic, just a GM story :)
No, the BG stuff is an incomplete sentence, but I understood you. (How sad. :)) And, didn't I tell you the new rules, Leanne? I must appear in all GM fanfic. It's one of the perks of being Monkey Woman. :)

Sunseeker sunseeker@lasercom.net Did you get a copy of the picture Lesley scanned for me? I've been eagerly awaiting its appearance on your page! After all these years, my poor battered picture *deserves* to hit the big time! < G >
Sorry, I didn't realize that you wanted it posted. I wasn't sure because it is faded and torn. But your wish is my command. Unfortunately, the file is kinda big (63K), so I'll just put in a thumbnail pic on the bulletin board that's linked to the larger version. Okay?

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net Ok, I watched my Kolchak tape and saw it was released by Universal through Columbia House, so it can be done for GM as well. If we all bug them we can maybe get it released through Columbia House.
I'm sure you meant, "If we all *kindly request* them...". We don't want to make pests of ourselves. :)

James Hampton Dear Patricia, I stumbled upon your well done site today as I was perusing Scriptorama and noted that the "Gold Monkey" scripts were attributedto your site. I remember doing "Cooked Goose" very vividly. It was February and it was very cold shooting at night on the Universal lot. I was especially sorry for Sandra Currie who was not wearing all that much in the tent. I had a great time on the show and and am still friends with Jeff. Thank you for bringing up old memories.
Thank you for your wonderful note. I'll be posting it to the bulletin board. I wasn't sure if you wanted your e-mail address floating on the Internet, so I left that out. Feel free to stop back anytime. We're open 24 hours a day, as long as the servers are working. And, if we can get enough people to commit to attending, we're having a 15th Anniversary Gathering in Van Nuys, CA in September. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we'd be honored if you could come. There's more information at http://www.goldmonkey.com/gather.html.

G.R. Matheson knucklebones@geocities.com I vaguely remember the show but I know I loved it as a kid. I'd love to see them again. Is there antwhere that a guy like me can pick them up on video.
At the moment, the show is unavailable on home video, but we're trying to convince Universal and Columbia House to change their minds. Until they do, I've been making copies of tapes for folks. They won't be perfect, but they're better than nothing. Let me know if you're interested.
p.s. I gotta link to your site. Hope ya don't mind.
Don't mind at all. I love free publicity.

Stephanie storta@cpcglobal.com Cool page!! I hope the series is re-broadcast too. I only saw the pilot on a movie channel somewhere, it would be cool to see the series sometime. Good luck with things!
Thanks, Stephanie. BTW, do you remember which movie channel you saw the pilot on and when? We've been trying for quite some time to find *any* broadcast of the show in the US, but no luck.

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com I leave for a few days and the Monkey Goddess picks up another celebrity and another link to her page. If anyone is interested, Columbia House picked up the Danielle Steele series. If I remember correctly, Stephen Collins was in "The Two Ms. Greenvilles".
You do remember correctly, Shannon, but "The Two Mrs. Grenvilles" was written by Dominick Dunne, not the ubiquitious Ms. Steele. I know that SC has starred in one or two trashy TV movies in his career, but the man has *some* dignity. :)

Shannon Oliver olivershannon@usa.net That is why I visit the web page---well not the only reason. Sigh. I was hoping that I could see Mr. C in yet another role. I guess I will have to wait.
Now, now, Shannon. Don't get discouraged. Maybe Columbia House has some other SC stuff. Ask them. And while you're at it, keep asking them for Gold Monkey, but politely, of course.

Stephanie storta@cpcglobal.com I think I saw the movie on the Channel 11 - WPIX New York (now part of the WB, but, still has an extensive movie vault), out of New York City. I taped it. . .so, I can look on the tape to make sure, if you want. I remembered the movie from a picture book that I bought when I was young, so I just taped it.
I'm look at the tape again and get back to you!
That would be great, Stephanie. Thanks. Do you remember when you taped it? I know that WWOR in NY ran the pseudo-movie "Curse at the Gold Monkey" (just two episodes hacked together) in the late 80s-early 90s, but I don't ever recall any local station airing the pilot movie. The USA Network did from 1988-90, but I haven't seen it broadcast since. Don't these people realize they're supposed to notify if they air the show?! :)

Jayme Blaschke jblaschke@hotmail.com Hey, Patricia! The place looks great. Like what you've done with it. I know I'm in trouble for staying away so much, but don't beat me. Things have been really busy, and since I don't have internet access at home, I don't get to spend much time online anymore. But I do tell everyone I can about your site. I was flipping through all the pictures you have posted, and was disappointed you were never able to get te big Jake and Jack on the monkeybar scanned. Some things were just never meant to be, huh? Tis a pity...
Keep flying,
Welcome back, Jayme. Long time, no hear. Sorry you can't join us more often. As for that pic, did you ever send a copy to Lesley for her to scan? She was going to send you $5 for it. Oh well, I suppose we can live without it. There are plenty of other pictures to keep folks happy.

Jim starbuck@gate.net After seeing your info about the Gold Monkey kids book. I asked everyone I knew to look for one. Well I found one and its different then what you have. Its a stoy book of the 2 hour tv movie. Its has a goldish cover with the volcanno with four pictures on the bottom of Jack,Jake,Sara and the monkey.. Jim
Yep, Jim, you've got your hands on the elusive non-best seller, the Tales of the Gold Monkey Storybook, published by Putnam in the US in 1983. It's a kiddie book of the pilot movie loaded with pictures. I've got some of those pictures online on my pics/audio page. I actually had a copy of the book years ago, but gave it away. The other "kiddie" book was the Tales of the Gold Monkey Annual, published by Grandreams Ltd. in the UK in 1982. It had articles, stories and cartoons about the show. That's the book that I have completely online. There wasn't any need for me to post the entire Storybook since I've got the actual script. Hope you like your book.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Dear MonkeyWoman,
I know how you hate to have nameless numbers on the counter, so I have one to submit to you.
#0020000 Karen J. McLean -- Canuck Sidekick.
WAHOO! Let's have a pahty!
It's so sad when poor Canucks try to do a Boston accent. :) But, it's definitely PAHTY TIME!

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com You know. I bet she sat there and timed so she could be #20,000. Well, congrats to all. Any news on the "Gathering"---
Well, since you asked...

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com OK, so it snuck up on me too.
All you "maybe"s out there, we need to know by July 31st (yes, that's tomorrow, told you it snuck up on me) whether you're attending the Gathering or not.
If you can't give us a firm decision, then it's "not" and I'm sorry, but you'll miss out.
Registered members and guests will only be allowed to attend the Gathering. There'll be an email going out after the 31st with payment details and stuff like your soul to sign away (just kidding) for the "yes"es to fill in and send it to absolutely positively confirm without a doubt (along with their cheque) that they'll be there.

Tom Greene TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Hello! Been a long time since Iíve posted anything to you, but Iíve been out of town for a very long time! I do occasionally peek into your great website and see that youíve crossed the big 20,000 mark! CONGRATS! Iím so damn impressed. Again, you deserve an enormous amount of credit, and you should be very, very proud. I also should let you know that I was just in a big mucka-mucka meeting at a big mucka-mucka agency here in town, and one of the big mucka-mucka agents just had to come in and shake my hand and tell me how I was the producer of his all time favorite TV series.... of course... GOLD MONKEY. I mention that not to pat myself on the back (cowboyís donít do that kind of thing)... but to tell you he went on to say that he spends a lot of his time on YOUR website, and how great it was. So there you have it... you are famous in Hollywood. Now I must ask you, are you the one in the red jacket in that photo that you put in the bulletin boards some time ago? If so... yikes, I have to ask you... why arenít you on "Baywatch" yet? I mean, I know all those guys... it would only take one phone call!
YES! I've made it in Hollywood!! Not the way I had planned, but good enough for now. BTW, I was wearing my lovely pink, plastic raincoat in that picture, which not only keeps me dry in the rain, but hides my hips. Those skimpy red bathsuits on the other hand just won't do the trick. :)
As for me, Iíve been very busy with a new project. I am now the proud owner of the Exclusive world-wide television rights to that great classic song: "Ghost Riders In The Sky", and I intend to develop it into a TV series. So, check in with me in about a year (which is how long it takes, even if everything goes smoothly) to see how itís going! And yes, itís going to be done as a classic Western. Iím off again to the National Cowboy Symposium and Celebration in Lubbock, Texas the first week in September to perform my cowboy poetry and storytelling and to give out a few awards to REAL cowboys (like Dennis Weaver and Richard Farnsworth), so if any of you are up in the panhandle... drop on by. I mention it, since well-versed Monkey-iets will know that Academy Award winning Richard Farnsworth has a son, Diamond Farnsworth, who was Steveís stunt double on Gold Monkey, and was also the stunt coordinator for the entire series (yep, thatís him doing the amazing motorcycle-sidecar jump in "Boragora or Bust"!). If I see him, I sure will mention your website, and see if I can get him to come on to answer some questions.
Great! The more, the merrier, I always say, party-gal that I am.
I donít have a whole lot of time here, but there was one question thatís been asked over and over again to me on my e-mail from Gold Monkey fans. I must be getting old, or have been kicked in the head by too many bulls, since Iím not sure if I answered it... but many people have written to me asking about Saraís singing on the show. They wondered if it was her voice... some asking that as a compliment, and otherís not so complimentary! The answer is... remember, her character was that of a spy DISGUISED as a singer. She really wasnít supposed to be good, and actually, if I remember, we took pains to make sure that when she did her voice tracks to be played during the scenes in the bar, we purposely had her sing it, shall we say... less than something youíd want to go out and buy a CD of. I do remember being in some of the sessions and hearing her real singing voice which was actually very haunting and lovely... so I know she can sing. But as for what we all heard on the show... yes, if memory is correct (and again... remember Iíve been kicked by many a bull since then), we purposely made her singing less than wonderful, to make it more realistic. I guess spies just arenít suppose to be the best of singers!
Like it would matter anyway. I wouldn't think that the Monkey Bar patrons were there for the entertainment.
Anyway, I also have a great fun website coming on, based on a book I co-wrote. Itís being beta tested right now, so when itís on-line, Iíll let you know and hope you can give me a link off your staggeringly successful website!
And you'll give me the link to yours so it can be proudly displayed n the Other Cool Links section along with sites from other such luminaries as Harvey Laidman.
Again, if anyone has any more questions, please feel free to e-mail me, and thanks for all the nice mail Iíve received. You are great for this Ďol cowboyís ego!
Thanks for answering all our e-mail. We really do appreciate it.

Harvey Laidman Harveyl@outadaloop.com If it will help, I'll be happy to commit to a room/convention fee. Hate to see this momentous event fade away. Seems we're all too busy out here to make that "Hollywood Lunch." This way we'd all be trapped in Amelia Erhardt for a few golden hours. Tom mentioned Diamond Farnsworth - he's a lot of fun - He also did "Quantum Leap." It's a relief to see him when there's a hard day ahead and he's also very funny. I knew Richard, his dad, when he was a stunt man himself. The same, gentle, kind sort of person. Thanks for reminding me - to you and Tom. Maybe Tom can get Vaughn Monroe for "Ghost Riders" I remember playing the '78 over and over. ...Harvey
Thanks for making a commitment, Harvey. It's so refreshing to find a man who can do that. :) Hopefully, this will start the ball rolling and we'll get more folks to drop on by the Airtel in September.

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com Oh, Oh, Oh.....Did you say Lubbock, Texas. That is my hometown. I can't believe it. I lived there all my life and that is where I got hooked on the Gold Monkey. I saw Dennis Weaver before too. End of E-mail....Shannon has fainted.
Hope you revive before the Gathering.

Marilyn Victor mnfreeze@geocities.com Hi! Long time, no talk. Finally sat down and perused your fabulous webpage (even tho for some reason my computer couldn't access all the pages I wanted to read). And I can tell you it absolutely breaks my heart that I can't attend the gathering in September--what a great birthday present that would make for this Libra girl! But I have to attend a conference in Milwaukee that weekend. And if I could get out of it I would, but I can't. You can sign me up for one of those t-shirts. And I'm going to pass along the info to a few of my fellow monkiacs who don't have access to the www.
On a sadder note, I read a few mentions of Deforest Kelley in the last bulletin so I thought this may be of interest to his fans--I jsut found out this morning that he's been diagnosed with throat cancer. I don't know any details, but I'll let you know what I hear.
Also, how's the retyping of Cutters Goose going? Anything I can do to help?
Well, I'm off to a Vikings game. Hope to talk to you soon.
Sorry to hear about DeForest Kelley and your conference. I'll give Stephen Collins your love. :)
About Cutter's Goose, I just need to start proofing and prettying. However, my time's being consumed with planning the Gathering. I promise, one of these days... I know, I've been saying that for quite some time, but I really mean it. Really!

Marilyn Victor mnfreeze@geocities.com Sorry to hear about DeForest Kelley and your conference. I'll give Stephen Collins your love. :)
I bet you will! :) Wish I could do it in person. Believe me, if there was anyway I could get out there, I would. I did meet Faye and his dog Warren in New York when she was in "Singing in the Rain." Guess I'll have to settle for that.
Warren? He named his dog Warren? What kind of name is that for a dog? Whatever happened to the traditional names like Spot and Jack? :) BTW, what kind of dog was it?
I understand about being busy, really I do. You've done such a bang up job on the website, I can't even imagine putting in that kind of work. I have a personal website and a business one I'm supposed to be updating and it never gets done. And yours is always up to date. You deserve a pat on the back. So just hang in there and whenever it gets up, it gets up. I'm looking forward to it.
Maybe after the Gathering's over I'll have time to finish it up. But right now, we're still working on finalizing details.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca I can't believe it!!! I'm going to the Gathering!!!!!!!
(Karen passes out cold. Please bring smelling salts before September 19, 1997, so she can pack.)
Would you other folks like to attend too, if only to see Karen faint again? Well check out more details below and on our Gathering web page.

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com I know that you said something about an email going out, but I wanted to see if the prices listed on the Gathering Page are still current. My email has been wacky lately. Italy is not know for its reliable lines.
I'm looking into the hotel rates right now, but it looks like $139/night is the going rate. Of course, you don't have to stay at the AirTel. There are other hotels in Van Nuys. I can do some checking into that. Now, the cost of the big Sunday Shindig (talking to the cast & crew, watching videos, having lunch) will be $20/person pre-paid. Checks should be made out to Patricia Annino (Hey, I'm putting all this on my credit card!) and sent to P.O. Box 806, Norwell, MA 02061. Once I get a check, I'll send you tickets to the event.
Also, we'll probably be going to Universal Studios on Saturday, the 20th, which I believe costs $36/person. Then there's the Saturday night dinner at the 94th Aero Squadron which will probably average out to $25/person. No pre-payment is necessary for these events.
As usual, we'll keep everyone posted on our progress.

Harry hmoyer@mindspring.com Hello Patricia,,,I have the following episodes on one tape,,Shanghaied,,Sultan of Swat,,Ape Boy,,God save the Queen,,High Stakes Lady,,Last Chance Louie,,there is a place here in Atlanta that can dupe the tape,and I was wondering if anybody can help me get the rest of the episodes. maybe we can swap or something,,my email is
I don't know anyplace in anywhere that would dupe a tape, but you could try calling camera stores or anyplace that develops film. Some specialty stores may offer that service, but be warned. Many of them are worried about copyright laws, so they may not duplicate your tape.
Also, I have all the episodes on tape and have been making copies for folks (I have two VCRs). I'd be willing to make you copies, though it could be a while since I'm also making tapes for others. All I ask in return is the cost of the blank tapes and postage, which usually averages out to $3/tape. Let me know if you're interested.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the price for the Gathering has gone up slightly. Now it's $25/person for the Sunday Shindig. Sorry. I didn't realize that the food would be so expensive. Anyway, I'll put the details on the Gathering page in the next day or two. Hope to see you there.

I re-invited several cast and crews members to participate in our Gathering. We already heard from Harvey Laidman. Now it's the Cowboy's turn.
Tom Greene
TJGCOWBOY@aol.com Thanks for the invite! Sans any last minute ranch emergency, or a sudden trip to Japan (I'm doing a film with a company out there, and you know what happens when "Koji" asks for you!)... I would be delighted to attend your gathering. So count me in!
Duly noted and thank you.
By the way, I have the original work-print un-cut version of LAST CHANCE LOUIE, (this is the full show before titles, effects, music, etc. are put in... which includes all the neat-o "edit marks", which we used to put in for fades and dissolves, etc., before everything was edited on video... gad do I feel old!), which has several scenes that were not in the final show, (including a beautifully acted scene in a church with Steve and Faye). It's on VHS, and if you're interested, I'll bring it with me (or send it to you in case I can't be there), and perhaps you may want to play it before the pilot.
I'm not sure if we have time to run both, but given a choice, I'd prefer the never before seen stuff. Thanks for the offer. And you could make me a copy, if it's not too much trouble, but could you also bring a copy to the Gathering. I'm afraid to bring videos with me on the flight. Too many darn metal detectors around to damage the videos.
I'll also see if I can find some of the props I still have (I know I have the statue from THUNDER, and the map of BoraGora with "Louie's" fingerprints still on it, from "BUST". Hope to see you all there, and let me know if there's anything more I can do! (I could bring some beef jerkey from my ranch in Texas, but I'm sure you are all veggie eaters!).
Well, we will have fresh fruit and veggies (It's California. It's the law.), but we'll also have a huge tray of hot hors d'oeuvres like Swedish meatballs, mini burritos, chicken fingers, mini pizza and much more. Just looking at it all will make your arteries harden. And thanks for the prop offer. They will definitely add to the festivities.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Hellooooo. I just found something that I thought might help with prices. There is a website at www.itn.net that allows you to put in your user profile. Then, you can go to the low fare tracker and all the airline specials will appear. It is great. I found rates to LA from Newark for $216.00 round trip. I hope this helps some of the travelers to the Gathering (you know those Crazy Canadians etc.). I don't know if I would book through them, but at least you can go to the travel agent armed with some rate info.
Thanks for the info, Shannon. In fact, that's how I got my tickets. I first checked out the prices on the International Travel Network and Travelocity (www.travelocity.com). Then I had my travel agent check them out and book my flight. I really love the internet. :)

Archibald Seaton aseaton@bellsouth.net I am behind you 100% would love to see everyone of the programs aired again. I am #0020500. Arch
Thanks, Arch. We need all the support we can get.

And now a special treat. Lesley Pohl has sent us a Gold Monkey related article. Hope you enjoy it.

Behind the Scenes With
By Linda Cauthen
Action Films Magazine
February 1983

Tales of the Gold Monkey, an ABC-TV action-adventure series, features a rich cast of characters in exotic locales. Stunt coordinator Diamond Farnsworth explains his version of the show: "Jake Cutter (played by Stephen Collins) is a kind of fortune seeker. He's out to do good for the world, and he's a really mellow, easygoing guy. The show takes place in 1938 on an island called Bora Gora someplace in the South Pacific. We have Germans and spies and Orientals and martial arts. Every episode is a little different. I think the kids will eat it up. We have a wonderful dog with a patch over his eye who performs excellently."

Tales has been compared to both the film Raiders of the Lost Ark and the new series Bring 'Em Back Alive. "Bring 'Em Back is more like Raiders," Diamond observes. "Gold Monkey is a little like it, but it's hard to compare it to Raiders."

The show has its exteriors shot in Hawaii, but most of Gold Monkey is shot at Universal Studios, on the back lot where the lagoon is located, and on a stage which houses the sets of the Monkey Bar and Sarah's room upstairs. It is in this room where the action takes place on the day we visit the set.

The scene being shot today involves a fight between Collins and guest star Jared Martin, in which Martin is pushed backward through a door. Or at least, that's what the audience will see on television. In reality, it will be Diamond Farnsworth knocking stuntman Gary Jensen backward through a door of balsa wood which has been scored (sawed through in places) so that it will break more easily. This shot, which will run a few minutes on film, takes all day to shoot.

On the set today, Diamond Farnsworth is wearing the same tan pants and baseball shirt as Stephen Collins. They are about the same size and have similar close-cropped dark blond hair. From across the set, it's difficult to tell them apart. As the scene begins, cast members Collins, Martin, Roddy McDowell and Les Jankey are gathered at the bedside of Caitlin O'Heaney, who has fainted. After some dialogue about why Sarah fainted, an argument arises between Collins and Martin. This scene is shot from numerous angles, taking close-ups of all the principals, including Jack the dog. (Jack only wears his eye patch when he's acting.) This takes most of the morning.

The Fight

After lunch, the breakaway door is put into position and Gary Jensen dons the white suit Martin wears on the show. Jensen and Farnsworth get into position and resume the fight left off by Martin and Collins. Farnsworth knocks Jensen through the breakaway door, which disintegrates perfectly, and Jensen falls back onto the balcony outside. Using the balcony as leverage, he kicks Farnsworth back into the bedroom and goes in after him. They fall back onto the bed as O'Heaney fires a gun she has removed from the bedside table. After she fires the gun, and the director yells, "Cut!" Collins and Martin will step back into the scene.

This is a typical day on the set for stunt coordinator Diamond Farnsworth. A stuntman for over 15 years, he has worked on Mork and Mindy and many feature movies. Diamond recently doubled for Sylvester Stallone in First Blood, an action thriller about a Vietnam veteran. He has had his share of close calls in the stunt business. "I split my pelvis in two in a movie called Rollercoaster. I got thrown out of the rollercoaster, about 150 feet past my pads. I was laid up for eight months. I broke my leg really bad in a film called Rollerball filmed in Germany with James Caan."

In the course of his career, Farnsworth has seen film stunts grow more spectacular. "They're a lot bigger than they were, a lot more dangerous. The key thing in doing stunts is to create an illusion. I'm not a thrill seeker--you don't have to go out and risk your life for the audiences. There is risk involved, but if you set things up safely and really go over it, then bad things should never happen. A piece of film is not worth your life."

"There are a lot of people out there doing stunts who are very incompetent. A lot of kids don't want to serve an apprenticeship. They just walk in and say, 'Here I am and this is what I can do.' It took me a while to get to where I am today, but these kids come out of stunt school and think they're ready to do stunts. Doing stunts on a TV set is a whole different deal than doing it in stunt school. The pressure is on and your adrenalin is pumping. You can get yourself hurt and you can get someone else hurt."

Despite the risks involved, Farnsworth feels that action shows are here to stay. "Action shows have always been popular. Dialogue after dialogue gets a little boring, but action always keeps you on the edge of your seat."

As the star of the show, Stephen Collins is naturally enthusiastic about the show's potential: "The show is called an action-adventure show, and essentially it is, but it's also a character show. We're trying to take some characters that we hope are rich, complex, and funny, and who relate strongly to each other, and put them in adventure situations that involve a lot of action. If that works, that will be why the show's a hit. Most action-adventure shows rely very heavily on stunts, which is wonderful, but they don't have much else. They tend not to have memorable characters."

"It's not your typical macho superhero show. Jake is heroic only when he gets thrown into situations where he has to act. He tends to do the right thing, but he doesn't think of himself as a hero. I like that, because it grounds the show in reality and gives the audience a character they can care about. That may sound corny, but I'm convinced that that's what makes a show successful on television."

Bill Bain Oakcliff01@aol.com Patricia: I haven't stopped by the web site for obviously too long a time (since it switched addresses, anyway); and I have to tell you, as much as I liked the site before, I LOVE it now !!!! I really looks good !!!!! I've been wondering what I'm going to do for a vacation this year, and the 15th anniversery party sounds like as good an idea as any. If it becomes financially feasible, I'll be there. You know, I realized as I was going through the site and seeing all of the new info, how much I'd forgotten about the show, which made me realize again how much better it was than I'd remembered ! Suffice to say that I'll be stopping by much more often in the future; also, I was very glad that you put in the section about what to do to get the show back on the air, since I was planning on emailing you about that very thing. I'll be writing the letters that you suggested very shortly, but I agree with you that the home video option would be great as well. I'd sure buy the boxed set without a second thought. Well anyway, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I'd stopped by again, and as I said, my visits will be much more frequent in the future. If I make it out to California for the anniversery party, the first round's on me ! Talk to you later. Bill Bain. Oakcliff01@aol.com.
Thanks for the support, Bill. And if you make it out to California, you can by me a Diet Pepsi.

And now a couple of announcements. First, for those of you who can't make it out to California and want to be a part of the celebration, you can purchase the official Gathering T-shirt for just $15. Even if you are going, you can buy a T-shirt too. Just e-mail Leanne Shawler at volterra@znet.com for more information.
And fellow Monkiac, John Hudak, has sent me some interesting historical facts and graphics which I've added to the Facts 'N Stuff page.

And here are a few replies (okay, six) from Shannon Oliver regarding John Hudak's historical facts.
Hello. I was reading the new Fact info and had some questions. John said that the Flying Tigers weren't organized until 1941. However, Chennault resigned from the army in 1937 and became China's aviation advisor.
China was at war with Japan. On September 18, 1921 Japan had organized a false attack on "their" railroad in Manchuria. Japanese soldiers disguised as Chinese burned and plundered the railroad in Mukden. This way all a ploy by Japan to invade Manchuria (rich in resources). As a result, Chiang Kai-Shek of China appealed to the League of Nations for help. The US was in a period of Isolationism and hence, China left the League of Nations.
In 1937, Japan attacked and brutally bombed Shanghai and Nanking (the Nanking Massacre). In fact, the attacks were so brutal to the civilian population that they have been compared to the attrocities committed by the Germans in concentration camps. The Chinese fled to the US embassy for help and safety.
Several American Aviators joined Chennault during this time and came into the country under bogus passports such as teachers, doctors, and yes BASEBALL players. They were volunteers appauled by the war crimes. The "Tigers" were technically disbanded in December of 1941 when the US declared war on Japan. The unit then became "official" and Chennault became a Brig. General.
I believe that this fits the Gold Monkey storyline fairly well. Jake was probably injured by a "Zeke". Although the Zeros weren't known that well in French-Indo China, Siam, or Malaya in 1941, they were common in the Japanese attacks on Shanghai and Nanking according to "The War in the Pacific" documentary. Also, it fits his character to volunteer to defend the helpless and he had been in the army.
I guess the real question is when were they called "The Flying Tigers"?

* * * * *
I forgot to add that the US volunteers had to have fake passports to enter the country because the US was not "officially" supporting the Chinese cause until after Pearl Harbor.
* * * * *
Hooray. I found the info I was looking for in the attic. Chennault did bring over what could be termed as "mercenaries" from the US in 1937 and 1938. They were paid $500 for each plane they downed. The term "Flying Tiger" was probably used to discribe the men of 1941, but became retroactive to include the men of 1937. That will have to be researched.
Chennault retired from the army (actually he was retired because of his health) in 1937. The "ZEROS" were withdrawn from China/Burma Road in 1941 by the Japanese, but were noted in China prior to that. Along with the following:
NATES (KI-27) 1937 (built by Japan for cold weather in Manchuria)
Pereguine FALCON (KI-43)
LILY (KI-48) Fall of 1939
SALLY (K-21) 1937
* * * * *
I still haven't located any info telling when the "Flying Tigers" officially got their name. I did, however, find a place that sells imitation leather jackets. They are located in Korea and I have sent them a fax requesting prices etc.
* * * * *
Okay, it is me again. I began a quest and have found some info that I think is interesting. This is all according to the USAF history manual so here it goes:
Chennault resigned from the army & became aviation advisor to China in 1937. Many of his fellow aviators were very loyal to him and soon joined him in China.
The first batch of US aviators were know as the 14th Volunteer Squadron (1937 late). They entered the country on bogus passports as teachers etc. (baseball players were commonly listed as well) This was still an experiment and due to the lack of supplies and the overall brawling/boozing of the aviators it was not a complete success. Mercenary missions where $500 was paid for each plane downed soon took over as the incentive.
The use of the term "Flying Tiger" first appeared on the American scene when "Time" magazine used the term in an article on Chennault on December 27, 1941. However, the term was used prior to this in China. "Ru Fu Tien Yi" or "as a Tiger with wings" was used to describe Chennault and his men prior to 1941.
In 1942, the Flying Tigers became known as the China Air Task Force and the jagged teeth that once decorated their planes became the tiger wearing an Uncle Sam's hat tearing through the Chinese insignia. The insignia was seen on "Once a Tiger..." when a tiger was brought to shore by natives. The patch of a sun surrounded by triangles was noticed immediately by Jake and Sarah as that of a tiger.
The "Blood Chit" was first used by a US aviator in 1793 when George Washington issued it to a baloon flight. In 1917, it was commonly used by the British and in February of 1938 the Chinese government officially issued it to Chennault and his American men.
My conclusion is that Jake was one of the first batch to follow Chennault to China (fiction permitting). The brawling and boozing part caught my attention and seems to fit in with Jake's flashbacks to China and Gandy. Speaking of which, there was actually a tiger named David "Tex" hill of San Antonio who was an ace. I wonder if he was the influence for Gandy? Also, there was an actual newspaper entitled "The Tiger News" (remember the clipping Jake had in "Honor Thy Brother"). I am not sure how common the name "Flying Tiger" was, but seems to have been around at least in China at the time (1937-8).
I also ran across some info about the most famous female spy in WWII. Amy Elizabeth Thorpe was born on November 22, 1910. She had green eyes and amber hair and was known for a magnetism that drew men. She was referred to as "the Mata Hari of WWII" by "American History" magazine. I wonder if she served as a basis for Sarah's character. Also, I read about the importance of the cryptographers in the Pacific. They served as a vital part of the spy network. In fact, a spy/cryptographer on BORA BORA helped decode a message which helped to shoot down a plane carrying a very important Japanese official.
Maybe this is all a stretch, but I think it is interesting. Hopefully, it will get some of those fan-fiction writers going again.
* * * * *
One more thing, and I promise to leave you alone. The "Flying Tigers" were all decorated with the Flying Cross and Bronze Stars, but not until 55 years after the war. The US government declared them as "unofficial" volunteers until 1941 and could not be granted military honors. However, after much petitioning, they were given their medals in Dallas, Texas. Hence, "the Flying Tigers" were around prior to 1941.

Mark McCann blusteryday@juno.com Hello Patricia... May I call you Patricia? Or should you be hence forth reffered to as the Golden Monkey Goddess? I was visitor 20745 according to your counter. I found you on a webcrawler search for wav+disney... Dont even ask why it came up with TOTGM. But I saw your site, and was curious enough to come on by. I used to watch the show on wednesday nights back in highschool, and god, what a trip it was reading the guide and all the comments and stuff. You have a really neat, and unique site here, and I'll check in often.
Keep up the great work!
Thanks, Mark. And yes, I do prefer to be called Goddess of the Gold Monkey, but for some strange reason, folks just call me Monkey Woman. But feel free to call me Goddess if you'd like. :-)

Shannon Oliver oliverzone@geocities.com Thanks for posting the info, but I forgot to share my credit. I have been tutoring some kids over the summer. One of our projects has been how to use the library and the internet. We used the "Flying Tigers" as one of our subjects....They had no idea why until they saw your web page. They got a real kick out of having you post info they helped find. So congrats to my library friends on a job well done.

John Hudak John.Hudak@signet.com I just realized in my haste to respond to Shannon that I didn't even include a note to you with my response! Sorry about that.
I am not trying to be argumentative, but I always make darn sure that I research my information with as many sources as I can before I send or publish any historical data. I have read no less than ten books on the Flying Tigers and am in the process of researching for a web site that I am building dedicated specifically to the A.V.G. I would never send you sloppy or inaccurate information as I have the utmost respect for what you have done thus far on the TOTGM site. If Shannon requires it, I can quote chapter and verse from all of the research material I have collected in ten years of studying this subject. I would be happy to make photocopies of paragraphs from each book and send them to her to study.
I really hope you will post my response, as I feel I have supported my information quite well. I also hope that you will leave the info up that I first sent you. Again, I would not have sent anything your way unless I had verified it first. I hope I haven't made anybody mad!
I don't think anybody ever doubted you, John. Thanks for your contributions.

Lesley Pohl lpohl@jeffnet.org MW, Or should I call you the Gold Monkey Goddess? :)
The name does have a nice ring to it. :)
Happy Friday to you, hope you have fun, fun, fun plans for the weekend.
Working on the web site and Gathering stuff. Always fun.
Since Caitlin O'Heaney is not on email, I would please like to use the Bulletin Board in order to wish her a very, very happy and fun birthday (Saturday, August 16), and hope that my fellow Monkiacs will join me in wishing her the bestest birthday ever!! And of course, express hopes of seeing her at the Gathering next month.
I hope so too. Thanks.

And speaking of the Gathering, I have a bit a disappointing news. The menu has changed slightly. I was under the impression that the hot hors d'oeuvres tray came with all the items listed, but I was just informed that I had to choose one or two. So we'll only have mini pizzas and chicken fingers along with our fruit and veggies. Sorry about that. But to make it up to you guys we'll have coffee in the morning and a little surprise for dessert.

Matthew Nelson nelsonm@rocky.edu Hey so cool to find "monkey" lovers like myself. The name's Matt. I was only 11 when I saw ABC premier our beloved Jack & co. I was hooked from the start. The biggest hook for me was the 1938 Grumman G-21A Goose. The greatest peice of machinery ever made. It belongs in a place of reverence next the likes of Mona Lisa and Michaelangelo. Although I don't currently have any tapes, (can somebody help here) I've let the show completely go to my head. I'm an aviation student at Rocky Mountain College in Billings Montana. I'm currently in the market for a Goose with the idea of starting my own South Pacific air cargo and charter service. I might possibly spend some time in the Keys. To the dissapointment of some I found "Where is Joe Merchant" a great book. Anything to be near a Goose. I think everyone with a fondness of The Gold Monkey should send USA network a barrage of E-mails until they realize that a Americana such as this does not deserve to be locked up in some film vault. Digitally remaster these shows and re-air them.
Well, Matt, I can't help you with the Goose, but I can help you with the tapes. I have all the episodes, although they're definitely not digitally remastered. It'll be a while before I can make you copies, since I'm backed up with requests, but let me know if you're interested.

Okay folks, it's time for a new board. See ya over in Bulletin Board #14.

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