Welcome to the (Gold) Monkey House #14

Opened: August 18, 1997
Closed: October 21, 1997

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John Hudak John.Hudak@signet.com Something occurred to me the other day, have you thought about writing a script for a reunion movie? Maybe one that takes place in 1953? (Fifteen years after the fact)
Just a thought. . .
Yeah, but I don't have the time to write any fan fiction, let alone a script. I do have a few ideas though, which I posted in previous boards. One of these days, I'll write some stuff.

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Hi Patricia -- Just wanted to let you know that I've just heard from Caitlin. She would like you to know that she would *love* to come (her schedule permitting) to the GM Gathering.
Please feel free to forward any details you need to send to Caitlin through me, or let me know if there's anything you need from Caitlin.
DAMN! I wish I could afford to go, too... < *pout* >
(aka Carolyn)
p.s. If you've never met Caitlin, you're in for a treat. She's a lovely, vivacious lady. Very warm and friendly and down to earth. The fans are gonna love her! < g >
I'm sure we will. Too bad you can't be there, but I'll take plenty of pictures and post them to the site.

And now a special treat. How many of you folks have wanted to post a note regarding the show, but just didn't feel like e-mailing a stranger? Well, now you don't have to. Thanks to the wonderful world of Usenet groups (and the Mad Scientist Guy), we now have our very own newsgroup, alt.tv.gold-monkey. It was just created yesterday, so it may not be available from your ISP yet, but keep an eye out for it and ask your ISP to carry it.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Congrats on Board 14. May I say, that we are becoming quite high tech on the Monkey Boards. Not to mention, the fact that we have some great history discussions. I am learning so much. So ends my weekly visit to the Monkey Goddess.
So noted.

Charles McBride xnm30@dial.pipex.com I saw the page. I think it's great! I remember watching that show. I think it came on Wednesday nights at 8 pm eastern time. I can remember I was a snot-nosed little 10 year old watching that show almost like it was yesterday. The details are fuzzy, but as I read your page they come back a little. I never realized how much of a role TV played in my life...
Charles McBride
You're welcome, Charles. Yes, ABC aired the show on Wednesdays at 8 ET and yes, TV has made us what we are today. Heaven help us all! :)

David Stipes dstipes@earthlink.net Hello Patricia, You have a neat web site! But I was shocked that any one remembered "Tales of the Gold Monkey"!
My company did the visual effects for the pilot episode. We created 21 matte painting/miniature shots of the volcanic island and the statue pull back at the end.
Don B. was a cranky producer and gave me a lot of grief over the shots but I thought the work was good and I learned a lot.
My best wishes to you. I'll drop in again to see how the site is going. :)
Thanks a lot, David. Drop by anytime. We always love to hear behind-the-scenes stories.

Aaron Kelley kellel@idt.net I'm not quite sure if this is quite the same thing as what I'm remembering, it's been a while since I last saw the show. Was this the one about an Indiana Jones type character and his monkey companion (who had only one eye) and they flew in a sea plane? I don't remember if this was called Tales of the Gold Monkey or Golden Goose, or something like that.
Sorry, I didn't mean to write monkey. I meant dog. Did this movie have an Indiana Jones type character with a one eyed dog?
Yes, Aaron, your memory is better than you think. To bring back more wonderful memories, just spend some quality time in my website. At the very least, I hope you enjoy reading some of the goodies I have.

Jay Metzgar JMetzgar@harmelin.com Not much to send, but wanted to give a quick note thanking you for your effort for the show... I've been kinda wondering what had become of it, so thanks for the bit of nostalgia...
You're very welcome, Jay. It's my pleasure.

Darren Sorrell henryeight@access1.net greetings Patricia, I'm in my thirties. I guess I don't remember the 80's all that well. But I have subscribed to your news group. Look forward to reading more!
Well, it's not really my newsgroup (I assume you're referring to alt.tv.gold-monkey), but I'm glad you've decided to subscribe. Although knowledge of the 80s is recommended, it's not required. But you will have to know how to "Talk the Monkey". Just rummage through my web site to sharpen your skills.

GREAT NEWS!! I just heard from Stephen Collins and he's coming to our Gathering. Not only that, but he's bringing along a friend of his, some guy named Roddy McDowall. Maybe you've heard of him. He was on the show, too. So, c'mon folks, send me your order forms and checks so you don't miss out on this momentous event. Check out the Gathering page for details.

Lisa liz@loki.atcon.com hi! My name is Lisa, I live in New Brunswick in Canada. I was talking with friends the other day about when we were kids watching TV and mentioned Tales of the Gold Monkey among others.So I thought about looking for sites on the web and this is the first one I found.
I just want you to know that alot of my friends and I used to watch the show every week. It was one of my favorite shows at the time. I am sorry to say, but I do not remember any of the episode anymore, I just remember the cast and the setting of the show. When I browsed threw the photo gallery it triggered a few memories of the show for me, Like the cast and what the inside of the bar is now more familliar. I also would like to see the show on TV again. Recently I have been seeing alot of old shows from the 80s in reruns.
Anyway, just so you know, I really enjoyed the web site and the trip threw the past.
Well, that's what the site is for, to relive a magical series and time. Maybe you reading through the episode guide might trigger a few more wonderful memories.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Roddy's coming to the Gathering? What a coup! This is wonderful news! I'm getting so excited about this. I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to go, and then that the whole thing would be called off, but this thing seems meant to be.
I've got to go to work and quiz the American visitors about Los Angeles. (Do you pronounce that "ez" or "eez"?)
We pronounce it el-ay. :)

Ed Gilbert fasted@bellsouth.net Many thanks for he best site on the net for one of the greatest series ever to have aired.
Many welcomes.

And now a word from Shawler about the 15th Anniversary Gold Monkey Gathering T-shirts.
Everyone has until the end of the month to get their order in -- and there will be no spare shirts for sale at the Gathering. Order now! (Do not send any money. We'll bill you.) $15.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com I see that "Jake" will be there. I know how disappointed you are (HA, Ha). Not to mention, that other fellow---HMMMMM----What was his name? I can't believe that it is all coming together so well. Congrats--and try to come down from cloud 9 before the big shindig.

LD Bauer lbauer@vines.colostate.edu For whatever reason, I happened to type "tales of the gold monkey' into Infosearch (a tool I rarely use). Up popped your site. I have to admit I spent some time viewing it. I recall being an avid viewer of the program, I loved both that plane and the 1930's setting. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I appreciated your site. I don't think any of the series ever came out on video. Too bad, it would be fun to watch again.
Well, it's not out on home video yet, but we're going to keep trying to convince Universal to do so. In the meantime, we'll just we have our quasi-legal copies of episodes and the web site to keep us company.

The Expert the-expert@geocities.com Congrats on you awesome site!
I run the Ultimate Sliders Companion at http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/9053 and am currently making a links section to other 'ultimate companion' guides to TV shows past and present.
This is the best so far.
Thanks, Expert, or do you prefer to be called The? Anyway, I aim to please. BTW, one good link deserves another, so I'll post yours.

Now a little reminder. The Gathering is about 3 weeks away and I haven't seen a penny or a form from anyone. Isn't anyone going to come to talk to the stars? Not to nag or anything, but I did buy non-refundable airline tickets and pay $500 for the room and food for Sunday, not to mention that cast and crew members have generously donated their time to spend with us. I hate to think we've spent all this time and energy on this event only to have the cast and crew outnumber the fans by 2 to 1. So, if you plan to be in the Los Angeles area on Sunday, September 21, stop on by the Airtel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys. You'll be glad you did. And bring cash, because Monkey Woman doesn't take American Express or Visa for that matter.

Noreen drpaz@aol.com Although I will be unable to attend the Gathering, I just wanted to say how excited I am to see such interest in a show that I thought had been long forgotten! I watched every episode--I only wish I had been able to tape them at the time. Good luck with the gathering---wish I was there.
Thanks, Noreen. We'll make sure we take plenty of pictures at the Gathering so it'll be almost like being there. Of course, nothing can be as fantastic as actually meeting these guys in person.

Dino dino@iname.com Hi, being too young to watch , I've never before heard of 'Gold monkeys' but I'm always willing to learn..
We might as well have repeats people want to watch < G >
As good a reason as any. Always willing to help a convert. :)

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Even while away on my first wedding anniversary, I am always the alert Monkiac. We stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego (on Coronado island) for the long weekend ... we were wandering through the shopping gallery which also has photos of celebs and so on who have stayed at the Hotel Del ....
And if you want to see a pic of SC in a smile and legs (ok, he was wearing clothes) -- you have to pay a visit to the Hotel Del. For those who can't make it: it's a profile shot and he's sitting with fellow castmembers Susan Sarandon, Shirley Maclaine and some other guy (hey, I only figured out Susan and Shirley after a *much* closer examination of the photo, while I spotted SC instantly. Dan didn't believe it was SC) from the movie "Loving Couples" which was filmed at the Del.
Cool, eh?
Very cool. BTW, the other guy is James Coburn. Yes, I actually saw this movie once. I was bored. Sue me. Anyway, it's a trashy bit o' fluff, but you do get to see SC in various stages of undress. :)
(who's giving out a last call for those who want t-shirts, I'm ordering *very* soon)
(am I expected to go back and take a photo of the photo now?)
Um, couldn't ya just "borrow" it? :)

Also, for those of you who wish to attend the Gathering, please mail your forms and/or checks to me no later than next Wednesday, September 10, to make sure I'll get them in time. Of course you can always pay a little extra at the door.

Just two weeks to go until the big event! You better let me know soon if you're planning to attend the Gathering or even if there is a possiblity that you'll be there. And some good news. We've received confirmation that Jeff MacKay and Caitlin O'Heaney will be coming. For you poor people who can't make it, fear not. I'll be taking plenty of pictures and posting them to the site, along with a detail recap. Plus, we'll try to video tape the procedings and make copies for folks.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca TWO WEEKS! I'm so excited about this, my coworkers (all newly-converted "7th Heaven" fans) ask me each day how many days are left before I board the plane. Of course I can tell them. I'm even half-packed!
I'm so excited to be meeting these people. Stephen Collins, whose Jake Cutter was my "first love". Caitlin O'Heaney, through whose Sarah I lived the adventure. Roddy McDowell, whose Louie was the epitome of class and subtle charm. Jeff MacKay, whose Corky was just plain lovable and who made me really wish I had a big brother just like him. Tom Greene, whose writing started *me* writing. And Harvey Laidman, who had the magic touch and knew how to put it all together, making Boragora look like the place to be, with the people to be with. This was my dream when I was twelve years old. I never ever thought it would come true, especially fifteen years after the fact.
This is so wonderful. I can't believe it's actually going to happen, and I'm going to be there.
I think I'll go pack my ... magic marker.
By the way, The Official Stephen Collins Appreciation Site has rolled 1000 recently. I'm continuously adding to it, so drop by and leave a message on the guest book.

But that's not the last we'll hear from Karen. She's *FINALLY* gotten around giving us the latest installment of...


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

Jake had never been so nervous flying the Goose before. It wasn't the fact that he was worried about the port engine holding up. It wasn't the fact that they would most likely be flying into the Japanese mandate. It wasn't even the fact that Corky wasn't with him.

It was all of those women sitting behind him.

Jack was co-pilot today. For some strange reason, Sarah hadn't tried to move him. Maybe she was feeling a little unsure of herself? The fake mouse was a nice touch. Jake grinned smugly. It wasn't often a pilot in the South Pacific got to be fought over by so many women.

He heard footsteps and turned to see Karen standing beside him. "Hi," he said.

"May I join you?" Karen asked.

Jake looked at Jack. "Well, actually, Jack is ..."

Jack woofed his assent, jumped off the seat, and trotted aft.

Karen smiled, then sat down. "Jack is such a gentleman." She paused. "Hope you don't mind. I just thought I might be able to help look."

"I don't mind," Jake replied. "But there are so many islands ..."

"He'll make sure we can find him," Karen said with a certainty Jake dared not question.

* * *

"So *how* does this thing work again?" Corky asked, looking at the array of shiny bits of metal that had been strung up on vines between two poles on the beach.

The bearded man adjusted the length of one of the vines. "Very simple. The sun reflects off the metal and up into the sky. Anyone flying over us will see it, but it's not visible from the island."

"Oh," Corky replied. "I think I liked the still better."

"Patience," his companion replied, "is a virtue. If you're so certain that you're friend will come looking for you, this will make sure he finds you."

"So how come no one has found you yet?" Corky asked suspiciously.

"Because no one as come looking for me yet." He looked skyward.

Lesley joined them on the beach. "Good morning, boys." She stared at the metal contraption. "Windchimes?"

"No, no, no ..." The Mad Scientist sighed in exasperation. "If only I had some plutonium ..."

Corky cocked his head. It was still too early to tell.

* * *

Sarah glanced across the aisle at Patricia, who was keeping her eyes pealed for any signs of life on the islands below. She cleared her throat. Patricia did not turn around.

"A-HEM," Sarah said again, a bit more audibly. (Even Jake heard her.)

Patricia turned around.

"Oh, hi," Sarah said in her worst spy-on-a-mission voice. "Do you see anything?"

"Not yet," Patricia replied, meeting Sarah's gaze. "Of course, I think what we're most interested in is actually sitting up front."

Sarah looked a bit stunned at the direct approach. "Well, yes, I ... suppose he is."

Patricia smiled sweetly. "You have good taste. He's ... very good."

Now Sarah looked horrified. "I - I wouldn't know," she said quietly.

"But I would have thought you'd flown with him before," Patricia replied with mock-surprise.

In the cockpit, Karen turned to Jake. "Catfight, six o'clock."

He nodded quickly, his mouth twisted in a wry grin and his blue eyes twinkling.

"Well, of course I've flown with him before," Sarah shot back. "I thought you were talking about ... Nevermind." She haughtily looked away.

"Oh, that," Patricia chuckled. "You have such a ... sordid ... mind for such a ..."

"Doesn't anyone want to ask me why I was up with Louie this morning?" Leanne mischievously piped up from behind.

Both Patricia and Sarah turned to face Leanne, this previously un-noticed tidbit suddenly dawning on them.

"THERE!" Karen shrieked from the cockpit. "He's down there!"

Jake looked at the beach of the island they were approaching. Something on the beach was reflecting up at them. From the air, it took the shape of a bolt of electricity snaking across the beach.

"I take it you're sure?" Jake asked sarcastically. He made ready to land the Goose.

(insert commercial here)

Mark markt@fullnet.net WOW Patricia, I am not sure exactly how I came across your site but sure glad I did. It's not just a GeoCities fan page this is great. Full of great information, it brings back the old days of sitting up watching the "goose"
Glad you like the site. I like to think of it as the next best thing to watching the show.
Currently I am a flight instructor in Oklahoma with a hobby of building web pages for aviation type people. As a matter of fact I am re-working a page http://www.stan-mcclain.com for Stan. He was the Director of Photography oddly enough on TOTGM and now president of the SOC society of camera men. I also did the Official Patty Wagstaff Air shows page http://www.pattywagstaff.com and the Fly for Fun page http://www.users.duracom.net/flyforfun so as you can tell I have a big interest in aviation.
I wish I could go to the reunion I'll bet that will be great. Bring me a souvenir if you get a chance and also write Stan, info@stan-mcclain.com I'll bet he doesn't even know about it. Tell him I told you to write.
Will do, Mark. Thanks. I heard from Stan once back in February, but haven't heard from him since. I hope he hasn't forgotten us. I'll let him know about the Gathering.

Doug Baer dsb@navier.stanford.edu Hi, Congratulations on a terrific website!
I have many happy memories of "Tales..." and wish you all the best of luck getting the show (back) on the air so that we can revisit all of those wonderful episodes regularly.
My father, Donald A. Baer, was a producer on "Tales..." from its inception, currently lives in Boulder, CO, would like to know how the group was established (what brought the interested parties together?).
Since my dad does not yet have an internet address, perhaps you can put my email address on any list of Monkiacs that you may have so that I can forward any news (or questions) of the group to him...
Thanks and Good Luck!
Thank you for your very kind words. As for the website's history, I'll try to give you the short version. About a year and a half ago, I was stuck in a dead-end job which consisted of long periods of tedium punctuated with brief bursts of panic ("WE NEED THIS YESTERDAY!!!"). So, to keep myself occupied during the long down times, I started to explore the internet. I got myself an America Online account and started to "play". I then learned that AOL gives you free web space, so I decided to learn HTML and put up a web page. I decided on Tales of the Gold Monkey as my subject since I discovered in my internet travels that there were plenty of questions from folks regarding the show, but no info. I put up everything I had, which wasn't much and then pleaded with folks to make contributions. The response I received was beyond my wildest dreams. Not only did I hear from fans from around the world, but cast and crew members appeared loaded with stories and pictures that they were willing to share. I'm still trying to figure out how exactly all this happened.
BTW, I've been "talking" with Harvey Laidman, so I know that your father knows about our Gathering. Please let him know that I'd be honored if he could attend.

Anna jerch@escape.ca Hi, Just checking out your website. Happy that you still have it up, been out of touch with the net since the spring.
Wish to say thanks for the information you passed on to be a few months back. Sorry for not thanking you sooner, just not able to do so.
Keep up the good work. Going back to reading your website.
Glad to have you back, Anna.

Bad news and good news. I just received this message from Stephen Collins:
Sad to say, Roddy called today to say he can't be at the reunion. He's sorry but a work thing that just came up for him conflicts with your date. But Jeff MacKay and I will be there.
Well, two out of three ain't bad, though greedy woman that I am would have loved Roddy to be able to come.

Bill Archibald As I wrote you privately last week, I have a picture of a unique configuration of a Goose. A primarily helicopter company, Kamen, apparently attempted to fulfill a specification from the Navy for a V-STOL by taking a perfectly good Goose and performing some kind of ungodly experiment on it. What I assume was the prototype now rests at the New England Air Museum (www.neams.org) in Windsor Locks, Conn. A short trip for us Bay Staters. So if any Monkiac is interested in seeing what was done to a Goose you are welcome to browse over to:
Beware, the photo might be disturbing to true Monkiacs or Goosephiles. Corky would positively drown himself in a bottle if he ever saw this one.
BTW, if any one knows of a radio control Goose model, please let me know at:
warch AT ultranet DOT com
(sorry for this form of e-address, but the spambots are searching websites now)
Rumor has it that at one time a Widgeon kit was being produced, but the search for a Goose has been fruitless.
Good luck with the gathering, I am jealous
Don't be jealous, Bill. We'll take lots of pictures. Thanks for all the info and the web page.

Speaking of the Gathering, it's just a few days away. Tickets are still available at the door for Sunday's shindig, but the T-shirt orders are closed.

Steven Briggs geordie@ns.sympatico.ca Just a note to say I was here and think your site is great. I loved the show when it was originally on and wish there were reruns on TV.
Don't we all!

Raymond W. Neal ScotPage@aol.com This is probably a dead end road, but I've always had something of a dream of doing a Gold Monkey comic & was wondering who holds licensing rights: Universal? Bellisario? Both?. If this idea has been tried before & failed, can you let me know? I always thought this show was simply ripe for such a thing. Looking back, the absence of good marketing tie-ins was probably a big part of the show failing.
Thanks for having the site!
Raymond W. Neal
Universal should still own the rights to the series. I would write to them first. As far as I know, there have never been any Gold Monkey comic books made in the US. However, there were some comics produced in the UK from Polystyle Publications. I found a web site that was auctioning off storyboards of the drawings. Unfortunately, the auction was postponed over a year ago and never held as far as I can tell. You can check out the site and even download a graphic of one of the storyboards at http://www.bonhams.com/auct/a960905/Page6.html#L2. Also, we have online some comics that were included in the Tales of the Gold Monkey Annual also published in the UK. You can check those out if you're interested.

Yes I can help you with videos, but it'll take a while. I do make copies for folks, since TPTB at Universal still haven't released it on home video. All I ask in return is the cost of the blank tape and postage. Let me know which episodes you'd like. But be warned. I have a long list of people asking for tapes and I'm going away for a long Gold Monkey filled weekend, so just be patient.
And bad news about the T-shirts. We had to special order them, so there aren't any extra. Sorry.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Happy 69th birthday to Roddy! (September 17)
Too bad we couldn't wish him a Happy Birthday in person. Oh well. Easy come, easy go.

Jason Sereno jason@z-axis.com Been awhile since I've been to your great "Tales of the Gold Monkey" page... glad to see it still going strong.
Well, enough banter... just thought you might like to know (in case you didn't already) that the latest issue of Dreamwatch (a British Sci-Fi mag) has a brief article on TotGM, with these two pics, lovingly scanned and retouched by me, for you. I'll attach a thumbnail of the magazine cover, incase you want to look for it.
It's my way of saying thanks for a great page.
Hope you can find a use for them, or at least enjoy them...


Thanks for the pics, Jason. I not only knew about the Dreamwatch article, I have a copy of the magazine. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed in the article. It's just a rehash of my Facts 'N Stuff page. I don't mind people using my site for research--in fact, that's the site's main purpose--but Rod Edgar failed to even mention it in the piece. I know I should be glad that the show is getting publicity, but proper credit wouldn't hurt.

Well, I'm off to the Gathering. For those of you luck enough to be able to join me, I'll see you there. For the rest of you, I'll give you all the details on Tuesday. Ciao!

I'm back! And did we ever have a terrific time! I'm sorry everyone couldn't make it, but don't worry. We took lots of pictures and some video. The details will be appearing soon (I have to get my pictures developed and scanned first), but in the meantime, here are some recollections from attendees.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Hi, Just wanted to say again "THANK YOU" for picking up the pieces and forging ahead and making the Gathering a *real* event! It was excellent! Looking forward to next year's!
I can't believe I am back here at boring old work when just yesterday Stephen Collins had his arm around me, Jeff was wise-cracking (and kissed me on the cheek -- but I think he was doing that to all the girls) and I was listening to the most riotously funny reminiscing ever! It was just too too incredible...
*happy sigh*
I wonder how functional I'm going to be at work today?
Thanks again!

Merri Martin martinme@ucs.orst.edu Thanks again for your great efforts in bringing us all together. It was a terrific gathering, well worth repeating. To those who couldn't join us, start saving now for the next one!
It is a kick meeting people you have only known via email in person. We had a great time friday night finding the Thai restaurant with Leanne/Volterra and Dan the hubby. Then on Saturday morning, we used a shoe horn to squeeze Bob, Karen (our favorite Canuck) and noe other than the Godddess herself into the backo of our rental car and did Universal Studios. The tram tour was a little sad -- seeing the dilapidated condition of the Monkey Bar, and then not hearing anything at all said about the show... ah well, nothing lasts forever.
Bob, Toby and I got sopping wet at Jurassic Park, but, hey, it was hot out and all. After Universal, we went back to the hotel and crashed and then off to 94th Aero Squadron ecause we weren't invited to a certain surprise party (wah, wah, wah). Tom did stop by and give us a taste of the schmooze.
The next morning was THE DAY. Leanne brought the t-shirts out (great job!). I realized when we got home that we never got a signature on ours from the Goddess herself! I guess that means we have to come and kaotao again. Bill Battersby was the first celeb to show, with great tales of camera shots and behind the scenes stuff. Caitlin emerged in the middle of watching the pilot and had more great stories. (Actually, Tom Greene appeared for a few moments before everything a got started and delivered the rough cut of Last chance Louie. He ran off to see to his horse, returning later in the day). Caitlin was tickled to see the rough cut, and told us about her math teacher and this brother.... more monkiacs appeared in the AM as well to add to the monkey fun. Harvey Laidman, Jeff McKay and Stephen Collins showed up as we were finishing lunch. Caitlin really liked the birthday cake ;-). Thanks to all for helping Toby celebrate! (Of course, the cake had to be amended due to a horrendous error -- but a few touches from the Monkey Goddess fixed it up!).
The Q&A session reminded me of a special I saw reuniting the writers and cast of the Sid Caesar show on PBS. Everybody was telling stories on each other, and Jeff was cracking us all up with hilarious asides. Of course, Caitlin was no slouch in that department, either. My ribs started to hurt from laughing (I want a copy of the vdieo!). Harvey, Tom and Bill were great with all the war stories. We were all touched when Stephen told us about his conversation with the late,great Tartikoff about how all the other networks thought ABC was looney to take the show off the air. I kept thinking, if it were nowadays, Turner would have picked it up in a flash!
I could go on all day,, but my point is that everbody there made this weekend special. We had an incredible time and hope we can all get together again.

Mike Rivers hyprdyne@pacbell.net Hi Patricia, Thank you very very much for organizing the gathering last Sunday. My mother LaQuita and I had a wonderful time. In comparison, this was the greatest event since the Beatles arriving to America, but to a smaller scale.(I"m also a big Beatles fan, gee, can you tell)? I cant wait until the "sweet sixteen" gathering next year. Can we hold that next month? Just kidding. I also would love to have a copy of the rough cut of "Last chance Louie" that we saw. Let me know when you can do it. Also I am going to e-mail Leanne about a few T-shirts. Wow! I had a BLAST. Talk to you later and thanks again!

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Still floating, but I think I can reach down and grab the keyboard to type ...
What a weekend that was! I think I'm still in shock. Everyone was so genuine, so real, and I feel that I have made a bunch of brand-new friends. For those who might be wondering, I did not faint -- but I came pretty darn close. :)
Thanks go to Patricia, for all her hard work (and getting me to and from LA in one piece). Thanks to Toby and Merri, who didn't mind car-pooling, and Bob who joined us in the sardine game. Thanks to Leanne and HubbyDan for bringing the T-shirts, and Donna and her husband for bringing a video camera. Thanks to *all* the Monkiacs who came.
But most of all, thanks to Stephen, Jeff, Caitlin, Tom, Harvey, and Bill, for not only coming to the Gathering, but for confirming what we've always known -- that only a very special group of people could have possibly put together such a special program.

Anders Nordström anders.nordstrom@mbox200.swipnet.se I am sorry to announce that Tales of the Gold Monkey now is off the air in Sweden. The last episode was "Escape from Death Island".
Anders Nordström, Solna Sweden
Thanks for the info, Anders. With luck, they'll run through the episodes again soon. I do think it's strange that they aired 'Escape From Death Island' last. It was the fifth episode produced and broadcast. Oh well, I gave up trying to understand the logic behind TV decisions long ago.

Ed Gilbert fasted@bellsouth.net Dear Patricia and True Believers,
Wish I was there! Tell Jack, Corky,Caitlin,and the rest(Oh yeah-Steve too), that I'll be there in spirit if not body. I'm watching the Pilot right now and I feel the presence of all the guys here in my somewhat lonely rooms. Keep yer manifold pressure up, and yer heads down.
As much love as there is,
Sorry you couldn't be there, Eddie, but soon I'll have pictures and audio files up, so it'll feel like you were there. So, start saving now for next year's festivities.

Margaret KNEECEY@aol.com Hello, My name is Margaret and I must tell you that I was very excited to learn that there are fans of the Gold Monkey still around. I remember the show and loved it. I have a friend who is also a fan, which I didn't know until I brought up that fact that I saw your site. Now comes the most important question: Is there any way to get the episodes? Please e-mail with any info you may have and have a great time at the CALIFORNIA convention.
We had a fantastic time at the convention. Thanks. And yes, there is a way to get the episodes. Though I would prefer it if Universal would issue the series on home video, I guess I'll just have to do it for now. I have all the episodes on video. All I ask in return is the cost of the blank tape and postage. If you're interested, let me know which episodes you'd like and what tape speed (SP, LP or EP) you'd prefer.

Ana Anaya aanaya@utep.edu I can't believe I just found your web site. I LOVED "Tales of the Gold Monkey"!! It has been so long so since I had heard anything about it, I was starting to think I had imagined a TV show with a dog with a glass eye. I'm having problems with your site. I tried to click on the "Episodes" link, and I got a "Forbidden" message. It said - You don't have permission to access/geomodel.html on this server. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for reminding me about Jake, Corky, Sarah, and Jack. I am also going to e-mail the networks and beg them to air the show.
Thanks, Ana. I'm glad you like the site and I apologize for my web host. Looks like they were playing around with the servers for a bit last evening, but all is well again.

Dayna DaynaWayna@aol.com I had sooooo much fun this weekend! Thank you sooo much for setting this up! I've been reliving the eps in my head.... reading the scripts....
Lemme know when you'be updated the site to reflect the Gathering, ok?
I"m also glad I got to meet you, finally. :)
It was great meeting you and everyone else too. And I've started to put a few things up on the Gathering page. I'm still waiting for my pictures to get developed and some video. The page is still a little rough, but it'll come together eventually. I'll work on it more this weekend.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Life is so cruel---sob. I can't believe that I missed all of it. I am so jealous of all the people that got to go. However, I am anxiously awaiting all the details. I would like to reserve my copy of the "Gathering" as soon as everyone has recovered. You did a great job---but we never had any doubts.
I'll try to make video copies for the "inner sanctum", but in the meantime, there are some pictures and audio files to keep you company.

Elisabeth Holm elisabeth.holm@swipnet.se Hi there, I wish I could have been able to come to that gathering. Living in Sweden kind of complicated things though. Just wanted to let you know that I think it's great that you could pull something like that off, getting so many people together, and organizing something like that....it's great to see!
If you make a tape of the gathering I would love to buy a copy. Just let me know how much money you want me to send you for tape, postage and so on.
I guess there's no way of avoid making copies of this tape, huh? Actually, the video isn't mine. Donna Cozad was the only person smart enough to remember to bring along a video camera. It's up to her whether I distribute it to the rest of the world or not. If she's uncomfortable about it, then I won't. I have to ask. If it's okay with her, I'll make copies for as many people as I can.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Well, not only has the Gathering changed my life forever, but it has made me somewhat of a local celebrity here in my little city.
A bit of background info: From May to October I work in a general store museum. The store was built in 1860 and was used until 1940 or so. In 1967, it reopened, fully restored to the way it was in 1867. I wear a costume and tell people about the place and the various products/objects within.
Well, we have a bus tour in the city that takes visitors around, complete with commentary, and stopping at various points of interest, one of which is my little general store. Usually Bob, the bus driver, brings them in and says, "Karen, tell them about the store." So I do. But the last two days, Bob has come in, said to his group, "This is the girl I was telling you about, the one who went to California for the *weekend*," then turns to me and says, "Tell them all about your trip and what you did while you were there."
I've become a point of interest! HELP! :)
Just show them the picture of you and SC and you be a *national* celebrity. :)

Lenny Sparkman Sparkma@okstate.edu This was a great show ,and I miss it.
We all do, Lenny. But one day, we'll be able to see it again. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net I've been away from my email since Monday. I wanted to let you know how much fun I had at the Gathering. It was great to meet everyone! Sunday was some of the most fun I've had in a long time!
I've got a couple of pictures I could send you (when I get some copies made). Unfortunately the one with you and Stephen Collins did not turn out at all, safe to say you wouldn't want that one seen (and neither would he). The long show I took showing the Monkey Bar through the trees turned out pretty good, I will send you a copy.
Didn't anybody take a good picture of me and SC?! Oh well, I guess we'll just have to throw another Gathering next year so we can get better pictures.
I too would like a copy of the Gathering video, just let me know when you want me to send money for tapes and postage. Also let me know your address so I can send you the photos.
I have to get a copy of the video from Donna Cozad first. When I do, I'll let you know. As for the address for photos, it's P.O. Box 806, Norwell, MA 02061.
Thanks a lot for going to all the effort to put this on. I really appreciated it. Everything turned out even better than I had expected! You did a really good job!
I can't take all the credit. I want to thank everyone who helped put the whole thing together, especially Leanne Shawler, my California connection. So, are we ready to start planning for next year?

Cal Lynn JKFCprez@aol.com Hi Patricia -- Sounds like the (hopefully first of MANY) Gold Monkey Gathering was a huge success!! Congratulations!!
(...didn't I tell you Caitlin was a sweetie?...)
Yes, you did and yes, she was. Actually everyone was wonderful!
Um ... you *are* planning on making this an annual event, yes? Cuz I'd really, really like to make it to the NEXT one! < g >
Well, everyone started to joke about next year's Sweet 16 party. I have a feeling we're gonna do all this again.

Craig Nystrom jpounder@as.net Dear Patricia, I am terribly sorry to have missed The Gathering. I very much wanted to go but with 3 small kids and a few huge car repair bills, it just did not work out. How many were in attendance? Will there be another gathering? Any hot rumors or juicy info to tell? Please e-mail back to this address. I am on my neighbors computer these days. Thanks!
So many questions, Craig. Well, there were about 2 dozen of us total, including fans and honored guests. There may be another Gathering if folks are interested. And there were lots of wonderful stories told, but I'll wait until I get the video so I can do them justice. What kind of "hot rumors or juicy info" do you want?
PS-What were the differences in the episode you guys watched-Last Chance Louie-from the aired version?
There were scenes included that were cut due to time constraints, such as Genevieve and Jake in a church and Jake trying to leave the hospital. Also some scenes were longer than the original broadcast.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Hello. I was watching an old episode of MASH and I swear that Jack was the dog that Margaret was smuggling scraps to. Just some funny info.
Yep, that was good ol' Leo. He appeared in a few episodes of M*A*S*H among other shows.
I suggest an emergency Chat log for those of us who want to know "everything"
If we can get everyone to agree to a day and time, I'm all for it.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Whatever happened to the "Nitpick of the Week" feature? :) I would like to voice something, if no one else has mentioned this already. I was just watching "Cooked Goose" and noticed that Sarah is wearing the same clothes the morning after the fire on the Goose as she was wearing while singing in the bar the night before. Maybe she spent the night "comforting" Jake? :)
Somebody's jealous. :) Maybe all her other dresses were at the laundry. Or maybe she was just really fond of that dress. Or maybe she hadn't gone to bed because of everything that was going on. Get your mind outta the gutter, girl! :)

John Hudak John.Hudak@signet.com Hey! I am sorry we couldn't make it to the Gathering, but it sounds like ya'll had fun! If there is a "Sweet Sixteen," I'll try and be there.
The site looks as good as ever, and I hope to see some more pictures from the event.
Is there any way that I could get a copy of the video? That would be a nice thing to have.
Thanks again and I can't wait to see my T-shirt.
More pictures will be appearing shortly and when I receive a copy of the video, I'll let everyone know.

Half-Pipe HlfPipeD8a@aol.com it's about time I see a site on one of the good shows that aired.. the newer shows aren't half as good as the older ones... cool site.. keep up the great work
Thanks, Half-Pipe. (Do you mind if I call you Half?)

Toby Martin toby@oce.orst.edu
Bless us Monkey Goddess,
     thank you for monkey houses and monkey gatherings.
Bless us Monkey Goddess,
     thank you for good times and good friends.
Bless us Monkey Goddess,
     thank you for that crazy Monkey Woman!
Thank you, Monkey Minion. Now, Toby, just what do you mean by "Bless us"? You don't mean that in the Willie sense, do you? :)

G.F. Mello PourRire@aol.com What is this I read about a "Gold Monkey" Fan Club? How interesting. Would you send me some information for JEAN-PIERRE DORLEAC!
G.F. Mello
Assistant to Jean-Pierre Dorleac
It's not a fan club, per se. I created a web site (www.goldmonkey.com) as a place for fans of the show to find other fans and relive great memories. The response, not just from fans, but from cast and crew members, has been overwhelming. On September 21, we held a Gathering in Van Nuys, CA. The fans not only got to meet Stephen Collins, Jeff MacKay, Caitlin O'Heaney, Tom Greene, Harvey Laidman and Bill Battersby, but we got to hear some wonderful stories about the making of the show. The Gathering was so successful, there's already talk of holding one again next year.

Bill Cosson BillPresto@aol.com Happy Stephen Collins' Birthday!
PS - Get more photos of the Gathering on your page at once, or the minions in Colorado will come storming back there and take action.
DON'T THREATEN MONKEY WOMAN, MINION! :) We're working on getting more pictures up, but it takes time to get the film developed and scanned. Don't worry, we'll have plenty of pictures, but we won't have too much more audio. Seems that Donna's video came out without sound, so we only have a silent movie of the Gathering. Someone else had a video camera, but his battery died 40 minutes into it. I made a partial audio tape too. I think we're going to have to rely on the memories of the Monkiacs to recreate all the great stories. Looks like we should really hold that IRC chat soon and another Gathering next year.

Toby Martin toby@oce.orst.edu Thank you, Monkey Minion. Now, Toby, just what do you mean by "Bless us"? You don't mean that in the Willie sense, do you? :)
So as not to imperil the family raing of this site, I believe I shall respond with only a grin ;-)
Good thing we watched the pilot while at the gathering. My memory is becoming foggy and I almost missed the Willie reference. guess you better sign me up for videos, as time allows. I should also request a copy of the gathering tape from Donna, even without sound. Although we should be able to piece together your audio tape with her video tape and come up with a bunch of usable stuff. Hmm, wonder who I know that has the equiment and know how ... will get back to you on this one when I have snooped around.
Off to the monkey mines,
All tapes may be delayed shortly. I'm not only swamped with tape requests, but I'm moving at the end of the month. I've got to move the TV, the VCRs and, of course, the computer, which means a few days of no tape dubbing or e-mail replying. I hate moving!

Roger Crossland red#u#ice@hospice.com Searching "oarlocks" I came across on of your episodes.
I had written and attempted to submit a screenplay to Belarius some years ago. Is this a group of diehard fans amusing themselves as part of a sort of cyber cargo cult?
Gee, I don't like the word cult. Makes me sound like Jim Jones. :) Anyway, I'd describe ourselves as a group of fans amusing themselves and momentarily escaping that big world of responsibilities, like kids, work, mortgages, etc.
Is there some sort of revival in the offing? Should I dig out the screenplay?
No revival yet. Heck, I'd settle for reruns. But if you have that screenplay, I'd love to see it. We could even post it to the website.
Confused and amused.
Well, Roger, you should fit in quite nicely here.

Bruce Fagerstrom bfagerst@aplny.a-p-l.com Hello, Patricia. Just stumbled across your TOTGM page -- it looks great.
I've browsed through many webpages devoted to my favorite TV shows and none were as comprehensive as yours. I was 17 in 1982 (when I first saw the show) and unfortunately I missed the show's rebroadcast on USA in the late '80's (no cable at the time). I always had very fond memories of it (I even remember making a note to watch it based on TV Guide's new fall season preview at the time 'cause it sounded cool). You've done an excellent job posting everyone's notes and keeping in touch with the people who made the show. They sound like such great people -- very friendly, open, and giving of their time and resources. They must have really liked working on it. I work in advertising and I found many of the comments about ratings of shows interesting. Did you know that if TOTGM were on today getting the ratings it did in'82 it would be a hit! Network ratings and shares are way down due to cable and syndication. If you want, I have access to the original household ratings of all the original broadcasts (so you could see which ones did the best). Lastly, I saw that you make tapes of the shows for fans. How can I send you blank tapes for copying?
I'd love to post the ratings to my Facts 'N Stuff page, Bruce. Thanks a lot. As for tapes, you don't need to send my blank tapes. I can buy them myself. That way you don't have to pay for postage. But right now, I'm swamped with requests and getting ready to move at the end of the month. To be on the safe side, e-mail me again at the beginning of November and remind me you want tapes. Just let me know which episodes you'd like and what tape speed.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com As you know, I was very disappointed to miss the big event. However, I received my t-shirt today and have been on cloud nine. Thank you Leanne. Not to mention, the Armed Forces Network is now showing "Seventh Heaven". It is a good day to be a Monkiac!!!!!
Glad you like the T-shirt. So, what do you think of 7th Heaven?

Jim S starbuck@gate.net Hi again Have you heard of a company called Still things.. They have a bunch of Gold Monkey photos about 30 different ones ..818-3670654 still@primenet.com.
No, I haven't heard of them, but I'll let everyone know. Thanks.
I hear you had a model of the Goose.. What is the brand name of the model.?..
For all model information, contact Mike Rivers at hyprdyne@pacbell.net.
Also I fabricate props and make molds. I have a friend who is going to try to sculpt the Gold Monkey statue.. I wonder if any one else might want one.. Mold material isn't cheap. I'll see what I can come up this and go from there.. Also I was thinking about taking Star Trek the motion picture action figure of Decker and make a Gold Monkey action figure. I made a David Letterman figure with package and it looked great..
I like the Gold Monkey statue idea. I'm sure others might want one, myself included. I think Playmates may have already made a Decker action figure. They've done every other ST character. But, I was always disappointed that they never made Gold Monkey toys. Just think, kids could have put Jake, Corky, Sarah and Jack in the Goose and had all sorts of great adventures.

Well, I finally got some of my pics of the Gathering developed, scanned and posted. And, I'm currently working on a highlights page with all the "dish". Since I'm relying mainly from memory, I'd love it if those who attended the Gathering could send me some of the great stories they heard that you think others would love to know. The page should be up shortly.

MH mehowell@eagle.fgcu.edu I was here at your web page. I'm having a hard time believing that SC actually wrote that. Anything you can do to prove me wrong??
O, ye of little faith. Well, if it's proof you want, it's proof you'll get. A few weeks ago we held a "Gathering" to celebrate the show's 15th anniversary. The event was attended by several former cast and crew members including the one and only Mr. Collins. You can check out my Gathering page to hear audio clips and check out pictures of the Sunday Shindig. If SC was willing to spend an afternoon hanging out and talking to us, I don't think e-mails are such a stretch of the imagination.
Also, if you'd like to confirm all this with the man himself, you can e-mail him at Steve10147@aol.com. It's his public e-mail address, so it may take a while for him to respond. He's a busy guy, you know.

MH mehowell@eagle.fgcu.edu Wow my faith has been restored!! Thank you very much! If I came off as snotty I sure didn't mean to. Please Forgive and I will check out the site!
All is forgiven. Hope you like the site.

I am currently looking for material from the tails of the gold monkey series for entry ino my book which is under constuction, it is about the grumman amphibian aircraft.... can you help me please...
Sure, I'll do my best to help. What are you looking for exactly? Just poke around the site and if there's anything more you'd like to know, just give me a holler.

Anjali Viola Shaw-Lapinski avs10@columbia.edu Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the great website! I LOVED TOTGM when it was originally on and still miss it. I also liked your tidbits about the '80's -- I was a teenager back then and of course followed all the stuff you mentioned!
I recently started watching "7th Heaven", mainly because of Stephen Collins, but I continue to watch because I think it is a great show. (Although I think I might be out of the age range of the show's target audience).
Well, 7th Heaven is made for all ages. Unfortunately, the WB Network only wants viewers between the ages of 12 and 17. The fools! Don't they realize that there are women in their late 20s-early 30s who watch the show for the fine acting and writing, not to mention the fact that we can pine for Stephen Collins on a weekly basis just like we did 15 years ago?

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Hello. I checked out the audio files and photos (Great Job) and had a few questions.
1. What was in the trash? Did you fish it out?
Are you refering to the nose of the Goose mock-up we saw in the junk heap at Universal? No, we didn't get it. It wouldn't fit on the tram.
2. Why is that "other" woman standing so close to Mr. C?
Which woman? We *all* got to stand really close to Mr. C. He even hugged a few of us. BTW, none of us fainted. :)
3. What movies did you get?
The tapes were Gold Monkey episodes in very special packaging.

Burke Bell BURKEBELL@prodigy.net Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful page. I put in a search for the title of the show and couldn't believe that there was a web site devoted to it. I remember watching the show faithfuly every wed. night. I think another great show, Bring em Back Alive came on afterwards? Anyway, ever since the show, I have been a great fan of the Grumman Goose. I collect pics. and models anywhere I can. Some great reading for you Monkey Maniacs is Jimmy Buffet's Where is Joe Merchant? The main character Frank Bama buzzes around the Carribbean in a Goose getting into all kinds of trouble. I just finnished reading it for the third time, and I think thats what brought back memories of The Gold Monkey. Keep up the good work and lets all give em hell and get it back on the air so that we can all have our own personal copies!
I give everybody hell, Burke. I've got nothing better to do.

"The Gneech" TheGneech@aol.com Hello! I know you haven't seen me, but I've been around. :) Anyway, I recently got this message, and instantly thought of you...
-The Gneech (Author the best-selling 101 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbors)
PS: AOL seems to be having difficulty sending this to you. Apologies if you get it multiple times...

From: Mstyldy@ptialaska.net
To: thegneech@aol.com
Date: Tue, Oct 7, 1997 11:21 PM

My name is Teri Morency-Settje. Just thought you may be interested that the Goose in the Gold Monkey series was recently purchased by my sister and brother-in-law. Their names are Danae and Cliff Larrance and they live in Discovery Bay, WA. I recently was aboard the Goose for a flight from Boeing Field to Olympic Airfield. They own their own airstrip on a mountain in Discovery Bay and they also have a fresh water trench for landing their float planes.
If you should be interested in contacting them their number is [edited]. If ever on the West Coast I'm sure they would love to take you up. Great Web Site Teri
Thanks for the update. If you don't mind, I'll post the note (the phone number excluded) so everyone knows that the Goose has a nice new home.

Tisha Kuntz CatFanceee@aol.com Re: Was Walter Koenig on "Tales"?
Hi, Patricia! My name is Tisha Kuntz, and I'm a friend of Walter's. Carolyn Hotchkiss and I used to run Walter's official fan organization, from 1984 to 1995. He's written his autobiography and has asked us to track down a complete filmography, presumably to be included in the final draft of the book.
On many lists of credits, we keep seeing references made to Walter's appearance in "Tales of the Gold Monkey." I was wondering if you would be kind enough to verify his role in the show. I feel kind of dumb, as does Carolyn, because we've been big fans of "Tales of the Gold Monkey" but can't remember seeing Walter in it. (We must have spent far too much time looking at Stephen Collins! ;-)
As if there's something wrong with that? :-)
Could it be possible that someone confused his appearance in "Bring 'Em Back Alive," thinking it was "Tales of the Gold Monkey"? I'd ask Walter to verify this for us, but I saw the reference to the show early this evening -- and he left this afternoon for a week in Austria. LOL! Such timing! :-)
Many, many thanks in advance for any insight you can give me.
When I first started this site, I found all those lists stating that Walter Koenig had appeared on Gold Monkey and I thought I was losing my mind. I knew that I would have remembered that. When I finally got my hands on tapes, I knew I wasn't crazy. He never appeared on the show. A few months later, I got an issue of Epilog magazine, which contained guides for both Gold Monkey and Bring 'Em Back Alive. According to the magazine, Walter appeared in an episode of Bring 'Em Back Alive entitled 'The Reel World of Frank Buck' which was telecast October 12, 1982. His character's name was Toder. Having never really watched the show (Bruce Boxleitner wasn't nearly as nice to look at as Stephen Collins), I can't elaborate any further. I hope this helps.
P.S. -- How was the convention in September? I didn't find out about it until the day before, or I would have tried to stop by and see if tickets were still available. Sounds like it was really terrific and I'm sorry I missed it!
It was beyond our wildest dreams. I'm still having trouble writing a recap of the event since I know it'll be impossible to capture the same feeling. But there's talk of a "Sweet 16" party for next year, so start planning, just in case.

Miquel Muntaner sai@coac.es Hi Patricia: I've read about the meeting in Los Angeles, i would have gone, i live in Barcelona and have no money to travel. I console myself looking the pictures and reading about it. If somebody has a videotape of the first episode of the serie in PAL system, i'm interesting in get it.
I'll post your request for the copy of the first episode to the bulletin board. Hopefully, someone out there can help.

Scott Greig sgreig1@uic.edu Oh...my...God! I can't believe it--all these years I thought I was the one and only person who remembered, let alone liked, Tales of the Gold Monkey!!!!!! Nice to see I wasn't crazy and out in the wilderness for liking the show. The adventure naturally caught me, as did the exotic locale...and its time, place and characters and everything else about it reached out and caught the young World War II nut in me at eight or nine years old. Oh yeah, there was that neat Grumman Goose too.
I only saw the original airing of the show on ABC...my family didn't have a VCR then (and still don't have cable) so all I've had to go on all these years is the storybook (which I found totally by chance--for 50 cents I think?) plus my memories (and I seem to have at least one from every episode!)
Apart from the above the only contact I've had with the show since then is getting my first USAAF type A-2 leather jacket...just like Jake (never did find a fifty-mission-crush hat though), and the time I came across an airworthy Goose at the 1989 EAA Fly-In in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (I practically genuflected before it!!!)
Speaking of the Goose and TOTGM, did anyone else out there catch the point in the failed TV series"Nick & Hillary's" (more importantly, does anyone even remember THAT?) where Stephen Collins' character, having returned from pursuit of his crooked accountant into South America, mentions something about bailing out of a burning Grumman Goose? I got a royal kick out of it when I heard it!
I'm also very impressed to see that you folks have actually been able to make contact with the stars of TOTGM--in person as well as on the chatroom. I used to follow a Wonder Years chatroom (would've loved to see Danica McKellar make an appearance on Gold Monkey...too bad she was only about eight then...) and the participants would've done nearly anything to get ONE of the performers on the chatroom. No such luck for them, though.
In any case, I think your webpage is very nicely done, and I will be stopping by in the future.
Flyin' back to Boragora now!
Glad you enjoyed your visit, Scott. And if it makes you feel better, I not only remember Nick & Hillary (nee Tattingers), I got the Grumman Goose in-joke at the time too. Gold Monkey may be gone, but it's definitely not forgotten.

Toby Martin toby@oce.orst.edu Hi All, Merri and I just saw Tisha Kuntz's message about Walter Koenig. We believe that the best way to clear up this litte confusion is for Walter to come to the Sweet Sixteen party. That way when people ask if he has been on Gold Monkey, he can say he went to the 16th reunion!
Hmmm...I have no problem with him coming the the Sweet 16, Toby, but since he didn't actually work on the show, I think he'll have to buy a ticket. :-)
We are taking the camera out and shooting the rest of the film today, so we can get our gathering pictures developed. Stay tuned for the gathering as seen through our camera.
Toby & Merri
Goodie!!! More pictures!!! I guess I'm going to have to buy a bigger photo album.

And speaking of pictures, I've added a second page of Sunday Shindig pics. I'm sure I'll be adding more in the next few weeks.

Charlie Harrell HarrellC@LanePowell.com I was beginning to think that "Gold Monkey" was a hallucination brought on by the beginnings of puberty. None of my friends ever remember seeing the show. But, now I know I am not crazy. I will let any and all networks know that this show needs to be re-aired. If you ever hear about the show being re0aired, I trust you will post such information on this site. Thanks for your devotion.
What kind of devoted fan would not let the whole world know that the show was being re-aired? Actually it is currently running in several countries; however, the US, Canada and the UK aren't any of them.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Happy Birthday, Jeff MacKay, wherever you are! :) (October 20)
And Jeff, if you read this, PHONE HOME! :)

George Lindsey GLind54475@aol.com Well I’m not an X’er, but I remember the ‘Tales of the Gold Monkey’, I was hooked after seeing the movie that was it’s pilot. I was just at the air and space museum in DC where they have a restored Goose on display and it made me nostalgic for the show. I decided to search the web for info about the show, cast and plane and was surprised to see your site, I was glad to see other people out there liked and remembered the show. I have not seen any of the episodes since their original airing and would love to see them again. Great Site, I'll proud and counted.
I'm proud that you're proud.

Well, it's that time again. Let's move on into Bulletin Board #15.

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