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Closed: January 7, 1998

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For those of you who missed the Gathering, but still wanted a T-shirt, here's your chance.
Leanne Shawler
volterra@znet.com I have given up on waiting for cheques from certain people -- and I'm down to three t-shirts that I'd like to get rid of by next Friday so I don't have to move them: 1 medium, 2 large (email request to volterra@sd.znet.com). First come, first served. Once I've confirmed your order, please send your cheque for $15 quickly.

Michael W. michaelw@public.sc.cninfo.net Maybe you could help me locate a site on the net that had information pertaining to static wood models of the "Goose". I thought it might be on The 'Gneech" page but for some reason I can not access any sites from AOL. Do you recall any others?
The Gneech's site would be a good starting point. I know that AOL's web servers go down from time to time (Unfortunately, I still have lots of Gold Monkey stuff on AOL myself), but try his site again. If that doesn't work, just drop him an e-mail at TheGneech@aol.com. Plus I'll post your request to my bulletin board. Maybe somebody out there can help you. Good luck!

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Just stopped by to say hello and check out the new photos. I really enjoy the little side notes that you add.
I forgot to ask you a question. My friend asked me if the house in the "Island of Dr. Moreau" was the same set as the Totgm? I don't think so, but she swears that parts are identical. When in doubt, ask the Monkey Goddess.
Well, according to the Internet Movie Database, the 1996 version of the movie was produced by New Line and filmed in Australia, so I would guess they didn't shoot any part of it at Universal Studios in Hollywood. Besides, they would have mentioned it on the Universal Tour. All they mentioned as we passed by Boragora was that they filmed the Gilligan's Island TV movies there. WEENIES!!!!

Kay Mulcahy kmulcahy@lr.net This sucks. All I can say. Sorry.
I'm sure tons of people care about this Gold Monkey, so who am I to pass judgement? Just someone passing thru.
Hmmm...so you took the time to peruse through a web site dedicated to a TV show that you didn't like and/or watch and then took even more time to type up an e-mail to tell me that you didn't like it. Gee, and I thought I didn't have a life. :-)

Darren Green darren.green@wcom.com What a web site! I have been trying to think of this show off and on for around 3 years. I recently ask a contractor (telecommunications engineer) if he remembered the show; we had been talking early 80s stuff. He promised me we would find out. He came up with the name within the day. We went to search Yahoo for "Golden Monkey", it was not found. Next day, he said to use "www.dogpile.com". Presto, your site. If I would have ask him a month earlier, I would have come to the reunion. I've e-mailed for the t-shirt, but no luck yet.
Thanks again,
Darren Green "Newest Monkiac"
Congrats on finding us, Darren. Hope you like the joint. And don't feel bad about missing the Gathering. The odds are that we'll be holding a Sweet 16 party next year.

Andrew Tong atong@ihug.co.nz Just a note to say thanks for the great site :) I was just a 10 year old kid when the show was on here in New Zealand, er way back when....nobody else I know seems to remember the show but after all these years your site provides me with plenty of nostalgia. Jeez I get P.O'd when cool series get cancelled. Anyway, thanks, and keep up the good work :)
Thanks a lot, Andy. Now, go spread the word to all those folks down there who didn't remember the show. :)

Grant Horak esd@pixie.co.za What seredipity... to stumble upon your site quite unexpectedly. I have been yearning to see this series which was screened here in South Africa in the mid 80's. So, to encounter an entire website devoted to the series has been a real boon. Thanks so much.
Thank you, Grant. I believe you are the first person to e-mail me from the African continent, which means that I now truly have a World Wide Web site. I've heard from all the continents except for Antarctica. I guess they don't get much TV down there.

Bill Cosson BillPresto@aol.com Patricia - At the risk of sounding like Corky, I need you to clear something up. In "High Stakes Lady", Sabrina is a German spy, but was Tex an American spy or what? And what of Yamamoto? Was he a spy or just a ruthless gamber/businessman? I keep forgetting to take notes when I watch these episodes. It's usually easier just to pick the brain of an expert.
How will you ever learn, Bill, if I tell you all the answers? :) Anyway, this episode was a little structually chaotic due to re-writing (compare the script on my web site to the actual episode), but I as far as I can tell Sabrina was a German spy, Henderson was an American spy and Yamamoto was working with Henderson, probably just for the money.

The one question that people seem to ask me a lot is "Why aren't there any pictures of you on the site?" (Actually, most people ask "Where can I get videos?", but that's another story.) Well, to satisfy all you curious folks, here's a little picture from the Gathering, courtesy of Leanne Shawler. It'll soon make its appearance with the other Sunday Shindig pics just as soon as one of my lovely assistants remembers to scan the rest of Leanne's photos for posting. BTW, I'm the one on the right. :)

Andrew Holtz smeghead@chariot.net.au Hi Patricia, I just found your site and I think its just great. I first saw gold monkey when it was released here in australia in about 1983 and I loved it . I was so wrapped with the show that I went on an all out campaign to find out everything I could about the GOOSE aircraft. This finally led me to the Grumman aircraft company in Bethpage. A nice lady by the name of Lois Lovisolo sent me some blueprints of the plane with some black and white shots , when I get the chance I will scan them in and send them to you.
Thanks! I can think of several people who would love to see them.
Unfortunately I dont have pay tv yet and the only copy I have of the series is the original pilot and that is stuck on a beta tape. It wouldnt do me much good to transfer it now anyway as I watched it so many times I actually wore the tape out. I hope all your efforts to get the series re-aired over there works out, in my opinion this so called failed series is worth much more than the contemptable shootem up type garbage that the networks are currently spewing out and hyping as must see.
well Ive raved long enough
bye for now
Thanks for the words of encouragement. With luck, we'll convince Universal to release the series on home video around the world, so no one will have to be at the mercy of Pay TV channels ever again.

Jill Dixon jpdixon@smc.cc.mi.us well liked your website - found it by accident but my older sister and I watched every episode of "tales" and really loved it. would love to see it back - I get lousy cable, tho we do get usa, tnt, (everyone gets wgn too, I bet) and I either get fx or foxnet? I think fx, actually (don't they advertise that as "fox gone cable"?) and you are right, I've seen every episode of "in the heat of the night" three times - NOT to mention the dumbest show ever, "saved by the bell" closely followed by that DUMB urkel show!!! which is on three to a hundred times a week in my area. Thanks for the cool page :) jpd
Thanks for your note.

Pete Cooper porkers@hunterlink.net.au PATRICIA, just dropped into your page! thank you! i was a young australian teenager in love with caitlin o'heaney and the show has not been shown here for years, i ran into a girl the other night called caitlin and my memory of 'the tales' was stirred up, i thought i'd do a search thinking no one else would remember! thank you!
E-MAIL porkers@hunterlink.net.au
PORK PAGE www.redback.hl.com.au/porkers
Of course others remember it, Pete. It was a cool show. BTW, if you can get Optus Vision pay TV, you can watch Tales of the Gold Monkey Saturday nights on the Disney Channel. You lucky Aussies.

Donald Skinner ddskinner@earthlink.net Thank you for assembling the pictures, the episode guide, etc. I know it was hard labor as well as a labor of love.
It was both, but well worth it.

Cheryl Callahan Cheryl2470@AOL.COM I was so glad to find this site. I too thought I was the only fan of this show. Reading messages from others who've visited brings back memories. I was 12 when the series began and I LIVED for this show. Each week it wasn't on seemed like an eternity. I remember jumping on the TV Guide every Sunday to see it if was back on (after being off the air for many, many weeks). And when it was cancelled I actually started a petition to bring it back (Never sent it though).
Does anyone remember the commercials for that show "Buffalo Bill" where they asked people "Would you rather watch 'Tales of the Gold Monkey' or get a pie in your face?" then showed people getting hit in the face with pies? I was so mad I immediately wrote a nasty letter to NBC. This ran at the end of the season, so talk about kicking a show when it's down!
Anyways, love the site!
Thanks, Cheryl. And I have a confession to make. I loved the Buffalo Bill commercial (It was much better than the show). Not only was it original, but it was a compliment to Gold Monkey. NBC knew that Tales of the Gold Monkey would probably beat Buffalo Bill, so they went after it. They did the same thing a couple of months later in commercials for Manimal (Something attacks a J.R. Ewing look-alike) and The Rousters (A carnival game called "Sink the Love Boat"). Also, at the 15th Anniversary Gathering, Stephen Collins told us that a couple of years later he had a meeting with NBC President, Brandon Tartikoff. Tartikoff told him that based on the research they received, NBC expected Gold Monkey to last 7 seasons, so when word came down that ABC had cancelled the show, they were shocked and relieved. Too bad the show didn't air on NBC.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com How cruel. When I read the comment about NBC thinking that TOTGM should of run for seven years, I thought "what if". It would of been great seeing all those episodes!! Gathering pictures look great..
Thanks, Shannon. And even though we only have one season's worth of episodes to remember, through the power of imagination, we can create our own later seasons.

And speaking of the power of imagination, it's time for...
Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca


(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

Jake was trying not to grin as he watched Karen, face to the glass, scanning the beach ahead of them. In the next moment, she saw nothing but water, splashing on the windshield as the Goose landed.

On the beach, Corky was ecstatic. "It's her! It's The Goose!"

Before either of them knew what he was doing, Corky grabbed Lesley, pulled her into his strong arms, and kissed her. It lasted only a moment -- both Lesley and Corky backed away in shock.

"I-I'm sorry, Lesley," Corky stammered. "I just ..."

"I'm not," Lesley replied. "Sorry, that is."

Corky's eyes grew wider. "Y-You're not?"

Lesley shook her head, a coy smile on her face.

"Oh," Corky said, nervously reaching up to adjust his non-existent cap. He hesitated a moment, then smiled shyly. "In that case, maybe I should ... do it again?"

Corky put his arms around Lesley again, pretty much oblivious to a particular red and white Grumman seaplane which had just beached nearby.

Inside the Goose, Leanne, Jake, Patricia, and Sarah were staring out the front window in shock. Only Karen hung back, her face revealing conflicting emotions.

Jake watched in disbelief as Corky kissed Lesley again, and again. Finally, he jerked his gaze away and headed for the front hatch. A moment later, he flipped it open and stuck his head out. In a high-pitched, strangled voice, he called out, "Corky?!"

Corky turned to look in the direction of the Goose. "Oh, hi, Jake."

Jake found himself being pushed up through the hatch, so he jumped out and walked over to his friend. "They said you were dead ... The clipper exploded, and your hat was lying on the dock."

"It was the man who kidnapped us," Lesley replied. "He set it up."

"What man?" Jake asked.

"I can't remember," Corky replied with a shrug.

Jake grinned and punched Corky in the arm. "You son of a gun! I am *so* glad to see *you*."

"LESLEY!" an Aussie voice shrieked. In mere seconds, Patricia, Sarah, and the ecstatic Leanne were joining the trio on the beach.

A high-pitched squeal issued forth from one of the trees. Suddenly a small monkey was streaking across the beach, heading straight for Patricia. A split-second later, he came to a stop on her shoulder.

"Guess you really are Monkey Woman," Corky laughed.

"It's an honour," Patricia deadpanned.

They laughed, all except Jake. He was busy looking around.

"Where's Karen?" he asked.

"Still in the Goose, maybe?" Patricia offered, trying to shift the monkey sitting on her shoulder.

Jake frowned slightly. "I think I'll go see." He turned around and started heading back to the Goose.

"We should probably get out of here," Patricia said, successfully pulling the monkey from her shoulder and placing him on the beach. No sooner had she let go than he shimmied back up to his perch on her shoulder. Sighing in disgust, Patricia relented. "Fine. Stay there, then." She turned back to the rest of them. "We really should get out of here."

"We can't leave yet," Corky argued. "We have to wait for that other guy to come back. We can't just leave him here."

"What guy, Corky?" Sarah asked.

"There's another guy -- he's been stuck here for months. I think he was kidnapped, too." Corky looked around. "We can't just leave him here."

But there was no sign of him.

* * *

Jake climbed past his seat and entered the passenger area. "Karen?"

She was sitting in one of the seats, her back to him, staring out the window at the endless Pacific. He could see by her trembling shoulders that she was crying.

"Karen," he said softly, putting his hands on her shoulders and slowly turning her around. "What's wrong?"

"I'm such a terrible person," Karen whispered. "I should be happy for you. You found your friend, and Lesley, alive ... but I was so sure my husband ..." Her voice fell away, and she looked away as another tear slid down her face.

"Oh, Karen," Jake whispered. "I'm so sorry ... I never thought ..." He swallowed hard, then put his arms around around her. "Come here," he murmured. "It's okay. We'll find him."

"The South Pacific is a big place," she said without much hope.

"And I'll fly you to every sandbar in it if I have to," Jake promised. "We'll find your husband."

Karen looked up at him, new life in her eyes. "Thank you."

* * *

With the sound of clunking, clanging metal, the bearded man appeared from the trees. "Okay," he said, dragging various bits and pieces of metal. "I'm ready to go now."

"The still!" Corky laughed.

"You don't need that," Leanne told the bearded man. "Mon ami, mon cher, Louie, has plenty of liquor at the Monkey Bar."

"Your 'cher Louie'?" Lesley asked.

"At *last*, someone who's *interested*," Leanne sighed.

"You can tell me on the way back to Boragora. Let's get out of here," Lesley said quickly. "Before the guy who kidnapped us comes back."

"Good idea," Leanne replied.

"You aren't going anywhere," said a voice from behind them.

Slowly, one by one, the gang turned around to face the direction from which the voice had come. Sure enough, standing at the edge of the beach, holding a gun on them, was the diabolical one himself.

"Bill?" Patricia asked.

(insert commercial here)

Cheryl Callahan Cheryl2470@AOL.COM Hi Patricia! Thanks for the interesting story about the "Buffalo Bill" commercial. Now that I've heard what Tartikoff had to say, it makes me wonder that NBC didn't pick it up after ABC dropped it. I would've been in 7th heaven (no pun intended). Would they have been able to do that or would ABC still have had some kind of rights to the show? Just curious.
I think there was some talk about either NBC or CBS picking up the show, but nothing really serious. Back in 1983, the networks didn't make it a habit of picking up someone's castoffs, no matter how wonderful that castoff was. Besides, Brandon Tartikoff had already gone out on a limb picking up such low-rated NBC series as Cheers, St. Elsewhere and Family Ties. Picking up Gold Monkey would have been too great a risk.
Also, a question for the cast that may have already been asked (sorry if it has), but what was it like working with Jack/Leo? He seemed like a pretty smart dog. Any interesting stories to tell?
There are always interesting stories to tell and the folks at the Gathering did just that. One of these days, I'm going to write up all their great stories, but in the meantime I have some good news. Thanks to Jim Sleeth and his friend, Dave, we have been able to get a video tape of the most of the Gathering. It's about 70% of what went on and the camera work's a little shaky, but it's still wonderful. I'm willing to make copies for people for just $5 ($2 for the blank tape and $3 for postage). But since I expect a lot of requests, everyone will have to be a bit patient.

Drawing of Jake, Jack and the GooseI also have to thank Jim Sleeth for the picture to the right (click on it to get the full-size version). He got it from a company called Still Things. Check out their TV Zone B&W and Color pages for dozens of Gold Monkey photos.

Candy vampires@afn.org Got to your site from IMDB...I was looking up info on old tv shows that I liked...and GM was one of them. I haven't seen it since it first aired, but I won't forget it :).
If you ever find that your memory is fading, just stop back for a refresher.

Adam M. Coleman acoleman@Morgan.EDU I was in college the first time, when TOTGM went on the air. It was an awesome series and now finding your website...Thank you so much. I've read all the scripts now and all I need is ANY of the tapes< grin >. Have you thought about the Sci-Fi channel and their habit of resurrecting lost series? good luck and good fortune.
I had thought about the Sci-Fi Channel, but since it isn't science fiction and only borderline fantasy, I'd say the odds are low on the show being re-broadcast there. But we still have hope that *someone* will run it somewhere.

Eric Agent4HARM@aol.com Hello Patricia,
I'm no die-hard "Gold Monkiac" but you can count me anyway. I don't want to be one of those "numbers with no names." I do remember the show, (I was 9). Here's how I came to your informative site:
I was watching an older episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and I noticed a reference to Tales of the Gold Monkey. I laughed and thought, "Wow! How many people remember that show?" So I looked it up on the web. I had no idea the show's history was so well documented! There are entire websites dedicated to explaining the obscure references made on MST3K, but none of them mention Gold Monkey!
I found the similarities between Gold Monkey & Battlestar Galactica very interesting. In fact, a more recent episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 featured a movie called Space Mutiny which used footage of Galactica without giving any credit to the original at all! (Go figure.)
Anyway, I'm about as dedicated to MST3K as you are to Gold Monkey & there are 7 entire seasons of MST3K no longer on the air, so I know what it's like to go through withdrawl.
Keep up the great work and perhaps the Goose will fly again!
Thanks for the encouragement, Eric. BTW, which episode of MST3K had the Gold Monkey reference? And was the reference good or bad?

Pasi Ahvonen pasi.ahvonen@mail.wwnet.fi Hello! Thanks for the great goldmonkey site. I'm 31 years old and used to watch the show about 15 years ago (like yesterday). Cheez how the time goes by. I also used to be a big fan of Battleship Galactica and Magnum PI as they were aired in Finland late 70 s and beginning of 80's.
I took today only a short peek of your site and found it pretty interesting. You can bet that I ll return on your site and browse through all the pages. We ve got the same problem around here as you have - it is not possible to see old shows anywhere. I remember seeing some episodes in Germany about 6 - 7 years ago but as you possibly know they dub the original audio in German and it is not as amusing as I'm used to (we have original English audio with finnish subtitles).
Thanks again for all the work you've done with your site. It would be quite interesting to see some figures about the age and interests of visitors of your site. Why not writing a short questionnaire on the web page for visitors to fill to find out what kind of people read them.
Thanks for all your kind words, Pasi. As for a questionaire, I did post a survey on Bulletin Board #1. You can check out the previous boards to see the questions and people's answers.

Eric Agent4HARM@aol.com The Gold Monkey reference I previously mentioned is from Mystery Science Theater 3000 show # 621 The Beast of Yucca Flats. It's neither a good or bad reference, just an acute observation. When the movie shows a crusty unshaven gas station attendent wearing a pilot type cap, Tom Servo simply says, "Tales of the Gold Monkey," implying that the man looks like Corky (he even has a dog).
Ya see, we're not the only people who remember the show! Thanks for the info, Eric. If the Sci-Fi Channel ever reruns it (and if I ever get the Sci-Fi Channel), I'll make sure to catch it.

Mike Creedon PrthdCrdon@aol.com Hello there! I am writing you to congratualte you on an excellent web site! I am only 20, and was quite young when the show was on, ( 5 to be exact ) but still vividly recall images from the series. I think it was Jack who caught my attention. Anyway, as time went on I got into the island life, flying boats, Jimmy Buffett, and the life of an aviator. I am currently in Air Force ROTC, and will be a pilot soon.
I will certainly write in an effort to re-air the series, and will do my best to persuade others to do the same. If, however, there is anything more I can do, just send an e-mail. I am dying to see the show again!
I am not sure you will get this, but please send a little note if you do. Nothing fancy. If you have any info on any way to buy videos, let me know.
Well, Mike, here's my little note and some info on how to get videos. I have all the episodes on tape and make copies for folks. All I ask in return is the cost of the blank tapes and postage. Let me know if you're interested, but be warned. I've got a backlog of requests to fill first so it could take a month or so.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca To all the American Monkiacs out there: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
To all the other Monkiacs (myself included): HAPPY THURSDAY!!!!
Okay, okay. I know that I'm posting this a day late. So, I took the holiday off. Sue me. :)

David Jones d.jones@barnsley.ac.uk I just stumbled across your pages and thought I'd drop you a note of congratulation. Absolutely brilliant. TOTGM was shown here in the UK when I was about 14 or 15 and at the time I was enthralled by it. I am amazed that the show finished, or that it has never been shown since.
Keep up the good work
Thanks, David. I intend to keep up the work until everyone around the world can see the show again.

Frank Garcia fgarcia@direct.ca How'd your convention go? Details please!! < G >
It went extremely well and the details are coming (really!). I'll be posting a summary of all the great stories we heard. And then there's always the video. It's not 100% complete but it's still great.

Cole Calloway pnutpirate@earthlink.net I can't tell you how elated I was to find your website!! My fiance loves the show! When he found an old WWII pilot hat in a military surplus catalog, he bought it because it reminded him of the show!
I told him about finding this website and he was totally excited! And we're both glad to hear that you have thought up a writing campaign. We GenXers have the best ideas! Anyway, we'll try the writing campaign definitely. And we really love the idea of them selling them on video. I prefer TV shows unedited and without those annoying commercials!
And since you are really into this website thing, we were wondering if you know of anyone with any info on the show "Earth 2" that aired a couple of years ago. My fiance loves that show, too. So if you ever hear anything in your circle, please let us know!
Thanks again! Keep up the good work! :) :) :)
Thanks for the help with the write-in campaigns. I'm glad you like the site. BTW, I thought I heard that the Sci-Fi Channel had bought the rerun rights to Earth 2. You could check with them.

Christopher Koch ckoch@neo.lrun.com Hey, been at least 12 to 15 years since I seen the series. I loved it, and like your website, glad someone dedicated a website to it.
You're welcome.

Robert r.hoey@virgin.net Hi there, I was delighted to find a fan page to the excellent 'Tales..' show, it was a favourite of mine when i was growing up here in Scotland.
I was wondering if you knew where i could obtain episodes of the show on PAL video tape?
For years now i have been watching tv/satellite listings over here hoping it wouldbe reshown but so far no luck.
Any info gratefully recieved.
Well, Rob, I do have all the episodes on tape, but I only can make NTSC copies. I'll post your request to the bulletin board and hopefully someone out there can help you. Good luck.

Dan MFAXFDRH@fs1.ar.man.ac.uk Finally!! I thought I was the only person alive who remembered this show. Thanks for this site and I hope the campaign to bring "Tales of the Gold Monkey" back to our screens is a success soon. I really can't believe that we haven't had it over in the UK for years seeing as every other programme on is a repeat. Still I've got my memories!! :-)
Nice one.
And those TV weenies can't take them away from us!!! Personally, I'm surprised that the show hasn't popped up on SKY in the UK. Rupert Murdoch recently ran Tales of the Gold Monkey for a few years on his STAR TV in Asia. Plus SKY is currently airing 7th Heaven. They could have a Stephen Collins "then and now" thing. I think it's time to put some more pressure on Sir Rupert.

Dan MFAXFDRH@fs1.ar.man.ac.uk Just one question...is it possible for me to download the Theme tune WAV file? I haven't heard it for ages, there must be some way???
With most web browsers, if you click on the WAV link, the audio player will launch after the file is loaded (That takes a bit of time. The file is over 661K.) and play the song. The file is put into your browser's cache directory. You could retrieve it from there. But if your browser won't behave, I can always e-mail you the fil. It's about 360K when compressed.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Ho. Ho. Ho. Just wanted to wish all the Monkiacs a Happy Holiday Season. Look forward to the juicy Gathering details.
Well, there's nothing really juicy, but it really was a lot of fun. Of course, my summary won't be nearly as good as the video.

Daniel R Hanks MFAXFDRH@fs1.ar.man.ac.uk Rupert Murdoch is a git and just out to make even more money for himself so I doubt he'll listen to a word anyone says. Still if its being aired over there then I guess theres still hope!!
We always have hope. We might not always have Gold Monkey, but we always have hope.

Kemp Farnsworth kemp@goodnet.com I loved this show! which, is probably why it was canceled. I was suprised to find a Web site about it, and it is a very good web site. Nicely done, covers the topic well and doesn't burden us with a lot of moving flames and junk.
Thanks for sharing.
You're welcome, Kemp. I love to share. And I hate all those useless graphics too. I'm a member of the Joe Friday School of Web Design. "Just the facts, ma'am."

Bill Connors wmc_ms@email.msn.com Hi Patricia, I came across you're site while looking at the Script-O-Rama site and happened to remember (at least I think I remember) that years ago a friend from the past (when I lived in LA and was working in TV Development) told me she either starred or guest-starred as Stephen Collins' girlfriend on "Tales of The Gold Monkey". At the time, I didn't give it any thought, but when I saw your site the memory surfaced and I couldn't resist checking it out. Well, the only character I can think she might have played would have been the role played by Caitlin O'Heaney who, in fact, looks a bit like my old friend, but is not her. By the way, the woman I'm talking about is named Elizabeth Woods (petite, pretty, British). Do you happen to know if she ever appeared on the show in any role?
I like to think I know everything (well, almost) Gold Monkey related. And I do know that Elizabeth Woods did appear briefly in the episode, 'Shanghaied'. She played a character only referred to as "English Woman". It was an under-5 role featured near the beginning of the episode. Her character gets propositioned by Roddy McDowall's character, Louie. He invites her up to his room to see his Gauguin. If you'd like this episode on video or just some video captures of her appearance, please let me know. I'd be happy to supply them.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com It's a very Merry Christmas because I got my "Gathering" video in the mail today. Thank you so very much and a special "Great Job" to whoever taped it all. It came in very clear. Happy Holidays.
Happy holidays to you too, Shannon. I'm glad you liked the tape. Maybe next year you can see it in person.

Michael O'Connell michaelo@gene.COM Hey, glad to see that I'm not the only person out there who still remembers Tales of the Gold Monkey. The show was great and even though it was a Raiders of the Lost Ark ripoff it developed its own persona. Suggestion: How about a Bring 'em Back Alive website (remember, the show Bruce Boxleitner did before Scarecrwo and Mrs. King). Anyway, loved the page and I will definitely be checking it out again.
I'm glad you like the site, Michael. And I'm sorry, but I won't be making a Bring 'Em Back Alive site for two reasons: 1) I never really watched the show (The bits I saw didn't impress me.); and 2) this site takes up all my time.

Bill Cosson BillPresto@aol.com Hiya Patricia! Since I won't be near a modem till December 29, I thought I'd wish you a premature but heartfelt "Merry Christmas & Happy New Year." And in deference to our Canadian friends, "Happy Boxing Day."
What about our friends from other countries, Bill? You're not discriminating them, are you? :)
and if I may quote Jimmy Ibbotsen

All along the Rockies you can feel it in the air
From Telluride to Golden down below
The closest thing to Heaven on this planet anywhere
Is a quiet Christmas morning in the Colorado snow.
Oh, okay. You may quote.

Mark d.wolfe@iwaynet.net About six years ago I found the TOTGM storybook in an old book store. I was wondering if you knew of it's existance? It's basically an adaptation of the pilot. For some reason though, Princess Kogi is refered to as "Dragon Lady"!!! Let me know what you think. keep up the good work.
I once owned a copy of the Storybook, but I gave it away several years ago. (I know, I know. Stupid move.) Fortunately, other fans held on to their copies. The site includes many pictures scanned from the book. However, since I have the entire pilot script online, I thought adding the Storybook would be redundant.
If you'd like to track down another copy of the book, you can have Amazon.com do an out of print book search. The order page is at http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ats-query/2164-7115063-312151.

William Handley circuit@Atcon.com My congrats on your totally COOL web site. Well put together. But if you don't mind me saying please don't call yourself or us Generation X'ers. Read this following E-mail and please I invite your comments on it.
Signed: FELLOW MONKIAC!!!!!!!!!

Don't call me a Generation X-er
I am a child of the eighties. That is what I prefer to be called. The nineties can do without me.
Grunge isn't here to stay, fashion is fickle and "Generation X" is a myth created by some over-40 writer trying to figure out why people wear flannel in the summer.
When I got home from school, I played with my Atari 2600. I spent hours playing Pitfall or Combat or Breakout or Dodge'em Cars or frogger. I never did beat Asteroids.
Then I watched "Scooby Doo." Daphne was a Goddess, and I thought Shaggy was smoking something synthetic in the back of their psychedelic van. I hated Scrappy.
I would sleep over at friends' houses on the weekends. We played army with GI Joe figures, and I set up galactic wars between Autobots and Decepticons. We stayed up half the night throwing marshmallows and Velveeta at one another.
We never beat the Rubik's Cube.
I got up on Saturday mornings at 6 a.m. to watch bad Hanna-Barbera cartoons like "The Snorks," "Jabberjaw," "Captain Caveman," and "SpaceGhost." In between I would watch "School House rock." ("Conjunction junction, what's your function?")
On weeknights Daisy Duke was my future wife. I was going to own the General Lee and shoot dynamite arrows out the back. Why did they weld the doors shut?
At the movies the Nerds got Revenge on the Alpha Betas by teaming up with the Omega Mus.
I watched Indiana Jones save the Ark of the Covenant, and wondered what Yoda meant when he said, "No, there is another."
Ronald Reagan was cool. Gorbachev was the guy who built a McDonalds in Moscow.
My family took summer vacations to the Gulf of Mexico and collected "Muppet Movie" glasses along the way. (We had the whole set.) My siblings and I fought in the back seat. At the hotel we found creative uses for Connect Four pieces like throwing them in that big air conditioning unit.
I listened to John Cougar Mellencamp sing about Little Pink Houses for Jack and Diane. I was bewildered by Boy George and the colors of his dreams, red, gold, and green.
MTV played videos. Nickelodeon played "You Can't Do That on television" and "Dangermouse." HBO showed Mike Tyson pummel everybody except Robin Givens, the bad actress from "Head of the Class" who took all Mike's cash flow.
I drank Dr. Pepper. "I'm a Pepper, you're a Pepper, wouldn't you like to be a Pepper, too?" Shasta was for losers. TAB was a laboratory accident.
Capri Sun was a social statement. Orange juice wasn't just for breakfast anymore, and bacon had to move over for something meatier.
My mom put a thousand Little Debbie Snack Cakes in my Charlie Brown lunch box, and filled my Snoopy Thermos with grape Kool-Aid. I would never eat the snack cakes, though. Did anyone? I got two thousand cheese and cracker snack packs, and I ate those.
I went to school and had recess. I went to the same classes everyday.
Some weird guy from the eighth grade always won the science fair with the working hydroelectric plant that leaked on my project about music and plants. They just loved Beethoven.
Field day was bigger than Christmas, but it always managed to rain just enough to make everybody miserable before they fell over in the three-legged race.
Where did all those panty hose come from?
"Deck the Halls with Gasoline, fa la la la la la la la la," was just a song.
Burping was cool. Rubber band fights were cooler.
A substitute teacher was a baby sitter/marked woman. Nobody deserved that.
I went to Cub Scouts. I got my arrow-of-light, but never managed to win the Pinewood Derby. I got almost every skill award but don't remember ever doing anything.
The world stopped when the Challenger exploded.
Half of your friends' parents got divorced.
People did not just say no to drugs.
AIDS started, but you knew more people who had a grandparent die from cancer.
Somebody in your school died before they graduated.
When you put all this stuff together, you have my childhood. If this stuff sounds familiar, then I bet you are one, too. We are children of the eighties. That is what I prefer "they" call us. We are the children of the Eighties. We are not the first "lost generation" nor today's lost generation; in fact, we think we know just where we stand - or are discovering it as we speak.
We are the ones who played with Lego Building Blocks when they were just building blocks and gave Malibu Barbie crewcuts with safety scissors that never really cut.
We collected Garbage Pail Kids and Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Ponies and Hot Wheels and He-Man action figures and thought She-Ra looked just a little bit like I would when I was a woman.
Big Wheels and bicycles with streamers were the way to go, and sidewalk chalk was all you needed to build a city.
Imagination was the key. It made the Ewok Treehouse big enough for you to be Luke and the kitchen table and an old sheet dark enough to be a tent in the forest. Your world was the backyard and it was all you needed.
With your pink portable tape player, Debbie Gibson sang back up to you and everyone wanted a skirt like the Material Girl and a glove like Michael Jackson's.
Today, we are the ones who sing along with Bruce Springsteen and The Bangles perfectly and have no idea why.
We recite the lines with the Ghostbusters and still look to The Goonies for a great adventure.
We flip through T.V. stations and stop at The A Team and Knight Rider and Fame and laugh with The Cosby Show and Family Ties and Punky Brewster and what you talkin' 'bout Willis?
We hold strong affections for The Muppets and The Gummy Bears and why did they take the Smurfs off the air?
After school specials were only about cigarettes and stepfamilies.
The Pokka Dot Door was nothing like Barney, and aren't the Power Rangers just Voltron reincarnated?
We are the ones who still read Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, the Bobbsey Twins, Beverly Clearly and Judy Blume, Richard Scary and the Electric Company.
Friendship bracelets were ties you couldn't break and friendship pins went on shoes - preferably hightop Velcro Reebok - and pegged jeans were in, as were Units belts and layered socks and Jean jackets and jams and charm necklaces and side pony tails and just tails.
Rave was a girl's best friend; braces with colored rubberbands made you cool.
The backdoor was always open and Mom served only red Kool-Aid to the Neighborhood kids- never drank New Coke.
Entertainment was cheap and lasted for hours.
All you needed to be a princess was high heels and an apron
The Sit'n'Spin always made you dizzy but never made you stop; Pogoballs were dangerous weapons and Chinese Jump Ropes never failed to trip someone.
In your Underoos you were Wonder Woman Spider Man or R2D2 and in your treehouse you were king.
In the Eighties, nothing was wrong.
Did you know the president was shot?
Star Wars was not only a movie.
Did you ever play in a bomb shelter?
Did you see the Challenger explode or feed the homeless man?
We forgot Vietnam and watched Tiananman's Square on CNN and bought pieces of the Berlin Wall at the store.
AIDS was not the number one killer in the United States.
We didn't start the fire, Billy Joel.
In the Eighties, we redefined the American Dream, and those years defined us.
We are the generation in between strife and facing strife and not turning our backs. The Eighties may have made us idealistic, but it's that idealism that will push us and be passed on to our children - the first children of the twenty-first century.
Never forget: We are the children of the Eighties.
If this is familiar, you are one of us.

Thanks for the compliment and the "Children of the '80s" note, but I have to point out that I'm not a Child of the '80s. I'm a Child of the '70s. I'm a Teen of the '80s (I turned 13 in 1980.), so most of the stuff in that note doesn't apply to me. The term "Generation X" refers people born between 1965 and 1972, so technically I am one. I'm not too fond of the phrase myself, but it's easily recognizable. I much prefer the term that inspired my website's creation, "The Duran Duran/Tales of the Gold Monkey Generation", but it is a tad long.

Dave Arlington dja1@iscp.bellcore.com Hi Patricia, Just want to say thanks for both the Gold Monkey Home page and all it's cool info, but also for proving a new theorem of mine that no matter how esoteric you might THINK your interests are, SOMEONE will have a detailed web page about it somewhere! :)
Great page!
Thanks, Dave. And isn't esoterica what the web is all about? :-)

And now, a couple of comments regarding "our" generation...

Merri Martin toby@oce.orst.edu Hey Patricia and all my fellow Monkiacs! Happy New Year from the upper left corner of the US. It's raining. I'm coming to you from Toby's email address because my server is down for upgrades. They should be back up next week.
In regard to William Handley's post on children of the eighties, I prefer not to think of it as a generational thing. Putting any sort of timeline on it makes it exclusive. Yeah, all the things he said were quite familiar to me. I was born in 58 -- so does that make me a child of the sixties? UGH! I'm allergic to Patchouli oil, have never taken LSD and no one smokes anything in my house. In addition to the memories above, I can recall a time when the Beatles were just another British rock group I liked -- so I spent my Xmas money on Hard Days Night as soon as it came out. I remember Drizzle, Drazzle, Druzzle, Drome, Time for this one to come home!, and brand new episodes of Rocky and Bullwinkle. I cried my eyes out when Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee died, and stayed up all night watching, terrified, as Apollo 13struggled to come home. I can also recall the transition from black and white TV to color -- our family was one of the first on the block to get a color TV, and most of the shows broadcast were still in black and white.
What sets us apart is not when we were born, but our connection to the media. TV has always been a huge part of my life, and I'm through apologizing for that. I like TV! I have a really nice, big TV in my living room. I go out and watch TV with my friends! I invite people over to watch TV! I also read about 5 books a week, and am working on my third Bachelor's degree -- so all those snobs out there who say it rots your brain can go back to their miserable" new math" textbooks and bore themselves to death.
What also sets us apart is our playfullness. It takes a Monkiac to understand why someone would spend lots of money to go to a hotel in LA just to spend three days celebrating a TV show that went off the air 15 years ago after only one season. I'm really glad I went even if I am supposedly too old!
Love to all our fellow attendees and future Sweet 16'ers!
Merri Martin

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com I was wondering when someone would mention Duran Duran. The last time the subject was discussed, we were arguing over who John Taylor really belonged to and if you could/would share Jake. I am also a member of Generation X, but would rather be known as a Duranie with a thing for pilots with one-eyed dogs.
Personally Shannon, I'd rather be known as a Monkiac with a taste for cool '80s music. :)

David Caldwell psycho@wna-linknet.com Hi Patricia, I am also a great fan of Tales of the Gold Monkey and am glad to see that I'm not the only one. For years I could only fond a few people who remembered the show. I've been wondering how to get ahold of copies, and after years of searching video stores and looking at TV guides I had almost given up hope. Your site has changed that. I was wondering if you could send me information on how to order them from you, be it through an e-mail or from a posting on your site. I would also like information on who I need to write to add to the petition to get the show back on the air. It is truly a remarkable show, and canceling it as abruptly as the networks did was a shame. I was only nine when the show aired, but what I remember of it stirs up images of the types of adventures many of us dreamed of partaking in as a child. I quite agree that it was a much better show than almost all of the shows airing on television today could ever hope of being. Thanks for helping to keep its memory (and hopefully its resurrection) alive.
Thanks for your note and your kind words, David. I can help you with video tapes. I have all the episodes on video and am willing to make copies for anybody who'll cover the cost of the blank tapes and postage. It usually comes to $3/tape total, regardless of how many episodes are on each tape. I can get 2 episodes per tape in SP mode, 4 episodes in LP mode and 7 episodes in SLP. Let me know if you're interested and which episodes and tape speed you'd like.
We haven't had much luck in convincing any US cable networks to re-broadcast the series, but I have some e-mail addresses on my main web page. Also, I have the names and addresses for Universal Studios so we can convince them to make the series available for syndication in North America and/or available on home video.

Leonie Deans leonie_13@Bigpond.com Hi!! Man, I can't believe I found a site on this show! I used to love it when I was a kid (I am 20 now!), this is soooo cool!! I can't believe so many other people out there also loved the show!!! I am from Australia and saw an episode last year on pay T.V then it stopped (and know I realize why - it went to the other Pay T.V broadcaster - Optis Vision - it used to be on Foxtel which I had then it stopped!!! Bummer! I am now thinking of getting Optus just to get the Disney Channel!!
Keep up the great work with this site!!
Thanks, Leonie. And consider yourself lucky. Most of us poor folks don't have any choice in the matter. Makes me sometimes want to move Down Under just to be able to see the show broadcast again. But there's always hope. I recently found out that the show is airing Friday nights in France under the title Jake Cutter (My, those French sure are original.). I figure if it's running in a country so opposed to American TV then it's only a matter of time before the rest of the world will be able to watch it again.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Speaking of cool 80's music -- did you know that Duran Duran is now listed as "alternative" music at CD Wherehouse? Also, they got a new album out. As I've kind of thought their music's sucked since, oh, probably the "Thank You" album (I can't recall any of the tracks from that or "Liberty" although I know I liked a couple on it), I haven't bought the newie. (or the Tribute album -- although the idea of an ABBA tribute band singing "Girls on Film" was almost too much to resist.)
Oh, and I went digging through files yesterday and came up with two stories I wrote about Duran Duran when I was 13/14. God, did I have no clue about relationships then, or what?! Was a real giggle to read :)
And no, I didn't find any ToTGM fanfic -- I remember daydreaming about Jake and learning to sing old jazz standards instead!
You mean when you were a teen, you preferred to write about Simon LeBon instead of Jake Cutter?! Where were your priorities, girl?!! Oh well, I guess you can make up for it by writing some ToTGM fanfic now (hint, hint).

Derrick Ferguson Singame@webtv.net I am SO glad that somebody has finally said it: TaleSpin is a direct rip off of Tales of The Gold Monkey.
However, that didn't stop me from watching TaleSpin religiously. At it's best, the show was pretty damn good. If it had been a live action show, it probibly would have won Emmys up the wazoo
TaleSpin was originally a live action show, Tales of the Gold Monkey, which did win one Emmy (Art Direction) and was nominated in three other categories. And I couldn't help watching TaleSpin either. I even picked up some videos of the show at Wal-Mart several months back. It's just not fair that we can see Baloo fly his seaplane on home video, but can't see Jake Cutter fly his.

Gwydion gwydion@dave-world.net OK, count me in. I've been here twice so I guess I have to come out of the closet. I was skimming the news groups one day & saw one for Tales Of The Gold Monkey. My instant reaction was to laugh & say, "I remember that show". I visited the page, had a quick look around & left. A week later I'm talking to my brother (Agent4Harm@aol.com) & telling him how there's a news group for anything you want. I tell him, "There's even one for that old TV show Tales Of The Gold Monkey." I start laughing & then he laughs too & said, "I know, I've got 2 posts on it." So since then I've come back a couple times to see his posts & see what else you have. I have to admit, I don't remember much more than he does. I was 12 at the time & I don't think we watched every episode. I do remember the pilot & a couple other episodes though. I'm not so sure you're going to be seeing the show released to video any time soon but I would bet there's a good chance of someone somewhere rerunning it at least once. Even a marathon sort of thing that shows them all in one night would at least allow somebody to make decent tapes of them.
Well, the show is currently airing in several countries that I know of, but unfortunately, the US isn't one of them. Neither is Canada or the UK for that matter. But with the proliferation of cable, there's always a chance it'll pop up again. But then they'll probably be edited to make room for more commercials. That's why I prefer home video.

Cutter's GooseDon "Bucky" Dawson honker@ptialaska.net Patricia-Happy New Year! Here's electronic image of N327 circa l988 over Chesapeake Bay to compliment the hard copy sent which you should have by now. Keep your airspeed up in the turns!
Best wishes-
Thanks a lot, Bucky. I did get everything you sent. Thank you so much. It was a wonderful Christmas present.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com You mean when you were a teen, you preferred to write about Simon LeBon instead of Jake Cutter?! Where were your priorities, girl?!! Oh well, I guess you can make up for it by writing some ToTGM fanfic now (hint, hint).
Well, actually John Taylor :) (he's left DD, you know) ... and I *am* kinda sorta working on a ToTGM/L&C cross-over fic now ... I just got to get a deadline out of the road ... When's it done, you'll be the first to know!
And everyone else will be the second. BTW, Leanne, I hope you realize the trouble you've just caused with your allegience to John Taylor. :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Okay, Shannon/Leanne ... Please, please, please explain to me what it was you saw in that skinny, long-haired, Joan-Rivers-nosed bass player known as John Taylor. I really just do not understand. His clothes were always too big, and he couldn't dance, and he couldn't sing or write (Do you remember "I Do what I Do"?). I really don't get it.
While we're at it, trivia time: What Duran Duran video featured the Queen Mab speech from "Romeo and Juliet"?
shaking up the picture, the lizard mixture ...
How do I let myself get into these things?!!

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca It's a little late for a Christmas present, but I have something for the Monkiacs at this mystery link.
The Canuck Sidekick.
And everyone is encouraged to e-mail me their comments for posting. :)

Mike Rivers hyprdyne@pacbell.net Hi Patricia, I haven't been on the net for a while due to the fact I have been B U S Y. Doing stuff like- attending COMDEX 97(company paid trip), Thanksgiving and X-mas activities, working on my cars, etc. Now I can take a breather, pant pant. Just wanted to drop a line and say hi and have a happy new year. I strongly recommend seeing "Titanic", an EXCELLENT movie (Like G.M.,I have also been a Titanic nut since 1980).
I'm holding off seeing "Titanic" until I can see it with a certain sappy Canuck Sidekick who'll cry all the way through it. Besides, I know how it ends. The ship sinks. :)

I think it's time to move on, so let's go on over to Bulletin Board #16.

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