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Closed: March 1, 1998

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Merri Martin martinme@ucs.orst.edu After a lengthy period of downtime, my server is back up and you can reach me at my own address. Duran Duran talk brings back memories of when MTV actually played music videos...
I feel so old now. Thanks, Merri.
Thanks to Karen for her link -- I haven't had time to read it all but will send comments when I do. I guess if we're all coming out I should admit that I wrote a Star Trek TNG fanfic years ago. I have always made up stories for shows I liked but seldom wrote any down.
Well, I'm always in the market for Gold Monkey fanfic, so if you feel the urge to write some down, send them on over.
Hey, Canuck! Where's this from:
"Went out for the football team to prove that I'm a man,
Guess I shouldn't tell them that I like Duran Duran..."
Oh great! Encourage her!!! :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca I'm holding off seeing "Titanic" until I can see it with a certain sappy Canuck Sidekick who'll cry all the way through it. Besides, I know how it ends. The ship sinks. :)
You know, MonkeyWoman, the politically-correct term is "sensitive". "Sappy" is for trees.
It's my damn web site, so I say "sappy". :)

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Karen wrote:
Please, please, please explain to me what it was you saw in that skinny, long-haired, Joan-Rivers-nosed bass player known as John Taylor. I really just do not understand. His clothes were always too big, and he couldn't dance, and he couldn't sing or write (Do you remember "I Do what I Do"?). I really don't get it.
Well, he mightn't be able to sing lead vocals (and believe me, you can download his latest single from the internet and it's worse than "I Do..."), I don't recall him dancing at all (hmmm ...) and Simon was the only one in the band who wore those tight leopard tights because he was still stuck in the punk era! (*Leanne ducks*). Umm, I wouldn't know a Joan Rivers nose even if I fell for it, so that insult went nowhere *grin*. Umm, I liked him because he was skinny, had this amazingly expressive face (still does from what I've seen of recent pics) with delicious smirks and he played a mean bass. Where would the Duran Duran hook be without the bass?
Simon, I always thought, was a bit of a ponce ... but he's a fantastic songwriter/poet. And he's *your* favourite, right? How *obvious* to fall for the "front man" for the band!
While we're at it, trivia time: What Duran Duran video featured the Queen Mab speech from "Romeo and Juliet"?
Easy! "Night Boat" ... very cool video .... actually, they did a lot of cool videos ... most of mine, however, are long gone on BETA....
last time, la luna, :)
(who hopes Karen's taking this sparring light-heartedly as she!)
ObTOTGM: I'm looking forward to reading Karen's mystery links ... I was inspired to write a fanfic myself on the way into work today ... hope to get the basic idea down ...
For reasons of fairness (and self-defense), I refuse to take sides in the big Duran Duran debate, although if forced to choose I'd have to pick Simon because I'd always wonder if John was stealing my make-up. :)
Now let's get some fanfic!

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Karen, I believe the answer to your Duranie quiz was "Waiting for the Nightboat". What did I see in John Taylor.....it wasn't how he played, but how he moved when he played that bass. Besides, he was rich, famous, and rather cute. Okay, he didn't know how to dress-- but thinking back to some of the outfits we wore--I don't know if we did either.
Will this debate never end?! :)

Doug Reeves dougree@thepla.net Hi there, Just a small thing you might like to know, the Lee-Enfield rifle type Mark 4 did not go into production untill 1941, the correct rifle for the 1938 time frame should be the No1 Mk111 of WW1 vintage, you are quite correct in stating that rifles were shipped to China, new rifles of the type Mark 4 were shipped to China under the Lend-Lease agreement from the Stevens-Savage factory in Chicopee Falls Massachusetts 40000 rifles were sent to China, deliveries started in late 1942.
This is just a small thing I know, but the telemovie of the novel "Pied Piper" starring Peter O Toole was ruined for me by having RAF personell armed with the Mark 4 in a 1940 timeframe.
I used to watch the tales of the Gold Monkey and enjoyed it immensly.
Cheers Doug Reeves.
Sydney OZ.
Thanks for all the rifle info, Doug. Actually, I don't know anything about rifles. All that information on my Facts page is courtesy of fellow Monkiac, John Hudak. I'll leave it to the guys to talk about guns. Of course, this discussion seems more interesting than the never-ending Simon LeBon/John Taylor debate.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net Not related to TOTGM, but, we tried to see 'Titanic' New Years day, and the show was sold out, then yesterday we went to try again (at the same theater) and there was a misprint in the paper and there was no show on at the time we expected!
It's like there is a conspiracy or something keeping me from seeing the movie. So we went to see 'Alien: Resurrection' instead. Quite entertaining, but slightly bloody, but what can one expect from an Alien movie. It was about a billion times better than 'Alien 3', one of the worst stories I have ever seen.
I've been so busy, but finally got some time to see the Gathering video, it sure reminded me of what a fun time was had there. Thanks for sending it.
I actually saw Duran Duran in concert once (they opened for Blondie in 1982). The only other thing I remember about them is the video for 'Hungry Like a Wolf', that was one of the best videos out that year, it's one of the few videos that told a comprehensible story and was fun to watch as well. Girls flailing in mud always makes for an interesting video!
Has anyone heard from Jeff about his pilot? Is it going to be shown anywhere soon? What about Caitlin's fragrance (smell that!)? I'm counting on the Monkey Woman to keep us informed of these things.
Anyway, I hope that everyone has a great 1998!
For the record, I haven't seen "Titanic" or "Alien Resurrection" and I haven't heard a word about Jeff's pilot and Caitlin's perfume since the Gathering. Guess I'm slacking off in my Monkey Woman duties, but I'm too busy referreeing among feuding Duranies. :)

Ron Nomura RNomura@aol.com Hello! Just found your website. WOW! Couldn't believe it! I was a huge Gold Monkey fan 15 years ago.
I was lucky enough to own a VCR back then. I'm sure I still have all of the original ABC episodes including a very-well preserved pilot episode.
Back then, there weren't many collectables to be had, so I managed to get the storybook and British Yearbook. A friend at Universal gave me one of the GM Flying Tiger cap devices. The ones used in the show were metal castings of a gold embroidered Chinese Air Force cap device.
I worked at Hollywood Book and Poster back then and was able to collect many of the scripts (Original). One day Stephen Collins entered our store, while on his way to the movies (Ghandi) He was a very nice man and signed some photos for us. Mine was on a really beautiful gold colored drawing of Jake and Jack with the Goose in the background. He signed it "Steve Collins" and drew a little paw print and wrote "ARF! ARF!" next to Jack. I'm glad I got unsigned one as I've never seen another print.
Here's a little costume information
The Flying Tiger jacket used in the show was an A-2 Flight Jacket that was purchased at the Quartermaster in Long Beach, CA. Corky's white cap was also purchased there. The Tiger squadron patch may have been purchased there as well, but I'm not 100% certain of it. I saw a photo of that patch in their 1982 catalog. The patch was silk screened on brown leather.
I spoke with Jean Pierre Dorleac last week. I inquired about the Blood Chit used on the show. It seems that since Stephen Collins is so tall the actual chit looked small on his jacket. Dorleac resized the chit, making it a little larger, and had the emblem silk screened on the back of the jackets.
After researching the GM chit, I made a 1/1 mock-up (with the correct star) I'm going to inquire to some leather companies about getting this screened an an A-2. Thought it would be neat to have a correct Jake jacket to wear.
Sorry to ramble on! I was jazzed by finding this site and reading the messages that everyone wrote.
Please feel free to say Hello!
Hello! Thanks for your note and all the info, Ron.
I love the jacket idea. Let me know how it turns out. Maybe I'll get one for myself, although I like to think that one day, as a reward for all I've done for the Gold Monkey cause, Stephen Collins will give me his jacket (somebody else already has dibs on the hat).
BTW, I not only have a copy of that gold drawing on my web site, but you can still get a copy of it along with dozens of other TOTGM B&W and color promotional pictures from a company called Still Things. They're online at http://www.primenet.com/~stills/.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com ok, y'all ... how different is the money now as opposed to in 1938? Would it be considered fake/poor forgeries? Are they identical???
This could be a crucial hook for a ToTGM fanfic, so I need to know!!!
Which money? French francs or American dollars? I think American money is pretty much the same now as it was then, but I don't know about the French.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Hey! I just realised, this is bulletin board #16 ... Sweet Sixteen! Like the anniversary of our favourite teen show!! So are we gonn have another reunion, are we gonna huh??
Not if the entire reunion consists of the big Duran Duran debate. :)
And are we gonna be game enough to ask SC *THAT* question??
Well, I think I should defer to the webmistress of The Official Stephen Collins Appreciation Society for that.

Speak of the devil!
Karen J. McLean
babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Dear Monkiacs, Shannon and Leanne, you were both right about the trivia question. It was, indeed, "(Waiting for the)Nightboat" which featured the Queen Mab speech from "Romeo and Juliet". Now, Leanne, I'm not quite sure why you would call Simon a "ponce" (= pimp). Care to elaborate? :)
Merri, I think you've got me on your trivia question. I know I've heard the song (why does Weird Al spring to mind?) but I can't tell you what it is. :(
TITANIC is excellent, folks. Go see it. More than once. (MW -- Don't say a word! :) ) It's worth it.
New Duran trivie question: What was the name of Nick Rhodes' cat?
Bonus question: What was Simon LeBon's teddy bear's name? :)
Is it me or are things really getting out of control here?

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Which money? French francs or American dollars? I think American money is pretty much the same now as it was then, but I don't know about the French.
I was thinking American dollars ... but if they were going to the islands anyway, they'd have taken francs (which are totally different, they just recently redesigned them) or traveller's cheques. Anyway, since I asked that question, I've found out that that it has remained pretty much the same except the series date and the treasurer's signature changes (whenever there's a new Secretary of the Treasurer) -- at least, that's all I've managed to find out.
Sounds right to me. We Americans are really unoriginal when it comes to our money.
And to answer Karen's questions: 1) it must be an Aussie-ism but I always understood ponce to mean someone who was flashy/over-the-top/full-of-himself but maybe I've been using it wrong all these years (wouldn't surprise me) -- and according to the online dictionary, I have. Oops! I'll check my Aussie slang book (actually, it's Dan's) at home; and 2) about cats and teddy bears: don't know and don't care.
I'm sure that'll make Karen feel a lot better. :)

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Is it me or are things really getting out of control here?
Nah. If you'd prefer, we could try Monkey trivia:
1) Which eye was Jack's real one?
2) What proof was the purple label rum, and for whose coronation was it created?
3) What meteorological song does Sarah sing in "Naka Jima Kill"?
4) Why does Louie always wear a scarf?
5) In what episode does the "guessing monkeys" game appear, and who is playing?
6) In what episode did the Monkey Bar monkeys bleed and why?
7) In how many episodes did Corky fly the Goose?
8) In what episode does Jake refer to someone as "The Big BowWow"? Whom?
9) What episode featured "The Nefarious Mud Slut"? (Please note that you will not find this character's name listed as such in the script. :)
Incidentally, Thanks for the link, but what was *the question*? By the way, you dropped the "M" off Merri's name. (*pout*)
Well, I took it to mean that you should ask SC about the Sweet 16 party, but maybe I should let Leanne explain.
barely alive in the frozen north
Oh, a little ice never hurt anyone. Er...on second thought...

And back by popular demand (Well, not really, but I thought I'd humor Karen.), it's time for another edition of Crazy Canuck Comics ©.

Imelda Santos isantos@mail.win.org Very nice. Can I get an actual photo, *with* the caption included? I'd like to send it to McDowall to be autographed. Actually, I'd rather have the coat hanger itself ...
Unfortuately, I can't help you with either one. The picture is not from a photo, but from a video capture. You could try saving the graphic and then printing it. I'd do it myself, but I have a lousy printer. Sorry I can't be of more help.

Eric Agent4HARM@aol.com Hello Monkiacs, I recently received a short e-mail from Jeff MacKay thanking me for passing along the info about the Gold Monkey reference on Mystery Science Theater 3000 show 621. He said it was the first time he had ever heard of any other show mentioning TOTGM. Well, I’ve found an even earlier reference in MST3K show 322-Master Ninja 1.
The "movie" Master Ninja 1 is actually 2 episodes of the 1984 TV show The Master. Toward the end of the show Crow is naming other short-lived 80s action shows which were better than The Master. Along with Manimal and Misfits of Science he names Tales of the Gold Monkey!
Apparently, someone in the MST3K writing room was a Gold Monkey fan.
Gee, Eric, I'm not sure if I would take being compared to Manimal and Misfits of Science as a compliment, but thanks for the info. And thanks for letting us know that Jeff is still alive. We were all beginning to worry about him.

Ron Nomura RNomura@aol.com Hi Patricia! I'm wondering if you've ever seen the September 1982 issue of Prevue magazine? There's a four page article about Gold Monkey when the show was still titled. The Brass Monkey. There are several B & W photos with the article, and a really gorgeous color shot of Jake and Sarah in the jungles of Baku. If you don't have this article, I'll be more than happy to send you a copy.
I don't think I've ever seen that article, Ron. I'd love to get a copy and post it to the site. Thanks.

Kevin Langille canuck1138@sympatico.ca Its true that everything is on the web somewhere. I looked the site up by accident but wow, I used to love the show when it was on. I even remember some ogf the commercials (same year as Knight Rider and the other Raiders inspired show Bring em Back Alive)
Ah, yes. 1982, now that was a great year. I like to think that my web site is just a little slice of that wonderful time.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com In the Sci-Fi Channel's Entertainment magazine ... there's an article about fanfic with a quote from me in it! Cool, eh?
Tres cool.
yeah yeah, I know, get back to actually *writing* some fanfic. (Well, I did write my first Buffy fic yesterday ...)
That's nice, if I were running a Buffy web site. But what about Jake, Corky and the rest of the Boragora gang?

Tim morrison10@email.msn.com could you put me on your e-mail list for up coming events
Well, Tim, I don't have an e-mail list or any upcoming events either. I'll save your e-mail address and let you know if anything pops up. Also, check the bulletin boards regularly. If anything does pop up, I'll announce it there first.

Ronnie Pflavia@aol.com Hi Patricia - I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I love your site. We too wish for a return to Bora Bora. We often wonder about poor old Jack - did Jake ever get him his eye back for good? Of course, we absolutely adored Sarah Stickney White's other big hit ----- The Charmings!
I was hoping you knew how I could go about getting one of Jack's puppies ----- they were soooooooo cute!
And yes, my daughter is a valued member of Generation X, and we both think that your page needs a reference to Bring 'Em Back Alive.
Thanks for the note, Ronnie. I can help you with a couple of your concerns. First, according to the show's "bible", which is located on my Facts 'N Stuff page, Jack would never get his eye back. Oh well, I always thought the patch gave him more character. And I do mention Bring 'Em Back Alive a few times on the site, but I can't really comment on the show that much. What little I saw of it, I didn't particularly care for.

John Biggs jwbiggs@cylink.com.cy Dear Patricia, Acting on the instructions in your web page I thought I'd drop you a quick e-mail. During the '80s I was living in England, being born and bred there, and we had one screening of the Golden Monkey which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was broadcast on the BBC (I think!) and has never been repeated.
These days no one seems to remember it apart from me so I was particularly pleased to find your web site. Thanks for a short trip back in time to a much less complicated part of my life!!
I know exactly how you feel, John. I just have one small question to ask you. Where are you living now? I've been going crazy trying to figure out what country uses the code "CY".

Anders Nordström anders.nordstrom@mbox200.swipnet.se Tales of the Gold Monkey is once again on the air in Sweden on the same channel as before. They will send 12 episodes in no particular order it seems.
Anders Nordström
Thanks for the information, Anders. That's 12 more episodes than are airing here in the US.

John Biggs jwbiggs@cylink.com.cy Hi Patricia, Ah ha! The CY fooled you then? It actually stands for Cyprus, a small island in the Mediteranean Sea. (North of Egypt, west of Isreal, south of Turkey and a million miles from home!!)
Thank you. I tried going through every country that began with C. That's one of those things that I would have gotten if I didn't think about it. A few days from now, I would have been in the middle of a totally unrelated conversation and then I'd blurt out Cyprus. Thanks for saving me from potential embarrassment.

Phil Ruth Ruthpj@muohio.edu Just wanted to let you know I stopped at your site. I am at the young edge of the Gen-X (I'm 21), but I still barely remember watching the show and to this day love it (I just wish I could remember all the episodes!).
Hopefully one day soon, some cable channel will help you remember.

Bill Cosson BillPresto@aol.com Patricia - I'm going offline at the end of this week for awhile; I'm not sure how long. When I get back up and typing I will drop you an email. Till then:
Au revoir, mon ami.
(sniff, sniff) Bye, Bill. Come back soon.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Woo hoo! What a hoot! (So where's that third script, eh?) The third one, though, had the characters down pretty well -- well, Princess Kogi, anyway :) (and yes, I finally read Karen's scripts)
I was setting up my computer work area to (eventually) get stuck back into doing some writing -- like on my "Arthurian"-style fantasy, rewrite that Regency Romance, etc etc. That involved pulling the files out of a box they've been sitting in for nearly two years ... well, I found my old Duran Duran stories (written when I was 13, I think. I didn't date them) and found myself laughing my head off ... and boy, did I write Simon and John as *jerks*, or what?!
So, should I take up Karen's unspoken dare and put them online for the Duranie Monkiacs?
Well, if Karen could embarrass herself, it's the least you can do.
Ok, Patricia, I hear ya, I should finish the Monkiac fic first. I'm now working on it full-time!
Cool! More good stuff!

David Rogerson grover@wantree.com.au Dear Patricia, I waas wondering if you might be able to help me. I am looking for biographical information on Jeff MacKay, such as date of birth, place of birth, where he studied acting eetc.
I do hope you can help
Many Thanks
David Rogerson
My memory may be a bit fuzzy, but I'm pretty sure that Jeff was born on October 20, 1948 in Dallas, Texas. Actually, the best person to ask is the man himself. You can try emailing him at boink@worldnet.att.net. And we know that he lurks around the bulletin boards from time to time so maybe he'll see your request and get in touch with you.

Heather Schubert schubert_h@popmail.firn.edu Just read your web page - it' great! I remember this show while still living in Canada. I really liked it because it took place in an exotic place (sorta like Gilligan's Island). Any show or movie that takes place in the tropics I really enjoy - maybe that's why I live in> Florida! Actually, Florida is not the tropics compared to the Caribbean and South Seas! Does anyone have recent pictures of Stephen Collins? I'd love to see this show reinstated on tv. After all, look at all the reruns they have of the Golden Girls, All in the Family, Sanford and Son, I Dream of Jeannie, etc.
Keep up the good work!
Thanks, Heather. If you want pictures of Stephen Collins (recent or otherwise), check out The Official Stephen Collins Appreciation Society. Karen has lots of pictures that she loves to share. Also, you could check out the 7th Heaven web sites. I know of a couple that have some good photos.

"jbrown13" jbrown13@hotmail.com i found your page and can say nothing more than bravo. i was beginning to think that my father and i were the only ones that remembered the show. some of the best times i can remember were spent with my father watching that show. i know it sounds corny, but i look back on those memories and smile. i will write the studios mentioned above. i really would like to see the show again. this is so cool. thanks and good memory!
p.s. let me know if any events are coming around.
I'm glad you enjoyed the site and thanks for writing to the studios. We don't have any events planned yet, but if something comes up, I'll let everyone know on the bulletin board.

click for larger image

Kenneth Kestner ken.kestner@mail.wdn.com Patricia, If you're still running this web site, you may find this of interest. I used to be a fan of the show back in the early 80's. I was recently poking around in my parent's basement and found this TV guide clipping still pinned to the wall of the rec room.
Thank you! I love it. I'm always on the lookout for more pictures and memorabilia to ad to the site. Thanks again.
I really miss watching TOTGM and wish some network would pick it up. It's great finding at least a few web-sites devoted to the show. I hope you enjoy this scan ( If you think it might violate copyright restrictions, please don't post it).
A few web-sites? Are there others? I thought I was the only one. If you know the address of some other sites, please let me know. I'd love to add links to their sites and trade info.

Lisa Benson Hober4@aol.com Hello! My name is Lisa Benson and I'm from Dublin, Ireland. First off, I have to admit that I've been a "learker" on your web site for a very long time! Just love everything you've done. I was in the "states" when I was just a baby of a girl and used to watch Gold Monkey when it was on USA. I loved it so much. Since I wanted to become a writer back then (and now that I'm all grown and the such, I did just that) I used to look at all the credits. I just loved the shows that Mr. Greene wrote, and I was totally thrown to the wolves when I saw that you had his scripts on your site. I'm still not smart enough to know how to copy them for my very own, but I have been reading them on-line, and oh they are wonderful. One thing I write for is a paper here in Dublin, and recently I was in Glasgow, Scotland and read that one of Mr. Greene's more recent shows was in competition at a big film festival at University. I missed the showing, but there was a wonderful article about his show, and a funny little ruckus that happened because of his winning! If you'd like I'll try to find it and put it up here.
I must tell you, you are a local hero here, since there are quite a few Monkey-fans in the area, (including my editor), and they just can't believe the wonders you have pulled off. I hope you realize just how amazing it is that you were able to put on this website, and then narry a year later have Steve (be still my heart), and all the people to come to a "gathering"! What other miracles do you do? I have a few I'd like to ask you to perform, and am willing to pay.
I wanted to share something with all of you, which is the real reason I'm writing, and then a favor if I can. I was in Japan recently on assignment, and I saw that a movie was being made right outside my hotel room. So I rushed out. They were unfortunately on the very last shot, but I saw that the director was wearing a black cowboy hat and was American. Since I have a wonderful weakness for American Cowboy's I went up to him. He couldn't have been nicer, even though I know he was exhusted from shooting all night, and was rushing to get the last shot in! And guess what... it was Tom Greene! When I told him not only that I was a fan of the show... but of your website, he couldn't stop talking about you and all the other Monkeypeople who have continued to keep the show alive. I think if it was up to him he'd nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize! I was trying to be a professional and all, and never did get his autograph, or a photo of me with him, and by the time I got the nerve they had to shuttle him off to the airport! But again, he was a total gem and boy, does he think the world of you... and of course, could not stop talking about his total admiration and respect for Steve and the gang! Without letting go of any secrets and all, is there any way you can help me get more information on Mr. Greene, or a way of contacting him? My editor at the paper is very interested in doing a story on him, and on what he's doing recently.
Thank you for any info (you know, date of birth, resume material, etc.) Must run, but again, thank you for being such a treat, and just know, you have your own fan club out there!
Gee, a Monkey Woman fan club. I never thought THAT would happen. I'm glad you and friends like the site. As for Tom Greene info, the best thing I can give you is his e-mail address, TJGCOWBOY@aol.com. I'm sure he'd be happy to give you all the information you need.

William Villani willmv@ida.net Thanks for the memories. As a youngster, I very much enjoyed watching the show - and that G-21 Goose was irresistable to a fan of the products of Leroy Grumman's "Iron Works."
I don't know if it's correct to say that the AVG was absorbed into Chennault's 14th Air Force. Technically, I think they were part of the China Air Task Force at the time, which was, I think, on paper a part of the 10th AF. Of course they were operating as independently as possible as Chennault was not getting along well with the 10th, and that was one of the reasons the 14th came into being.
Also, most of the veteran AVG pilots chose not to join the 23rd FG, being put off by the officious attitude of Gen. Clayton Bissell. The 23rd was, therefore, largely comprised of pilots new to the theater, though these were highly qualified and soon established an enviable record of their own.
This is of course nitpicking, something that we aviation enthusiasts tend to indulge in with relish. Nonetheless I commend you on your efforts and wish you well in the attempt to bring the series back.
Thanks again for the memories.
You're welcome. And feel free to nitpick away. The more you guys nitpick, the more information I get for my site, and I fully admit to being an info-junkie.

Karl Gerulath kgerulath@hotmail.com Hi there! I just stumbled across your excellent web page for the first time today. I noticed that it was started in '96, so I hope it is still a current site. I always loved that show, and for about the last 8 years I have been trying to remember the theme song. It has been "on the tip of my toungue" all this time. O.k. given that it was that long it may not heve been the tip. Needless to say finding that .wav file on your site was a HUGE relief.
What I am actually writing about (aside from thanking you for making the site in the first place) is to see if you are still offering episodes on video tape.....I would really love to get a tape of a few episodes...especially the pilot. I keep waiting for reruns on T.V. but they never seems to come.
Please let me know if you can accomodate me.
Yes, Karl, I'm still in business with both the site and video tapes. I'm a bit backlogged with tape orders at the moment, so if you don't mind waiting about a month, I'll make you tapes. All I ask in return is the cost of the blank video and postage. Let me know if you're interested.
ps...those notes from Steve and Jeff were awesome !
They were even better in person. We held a "Gathering" this past September in honor of the show's 15th anniversary. There are pictures, audio files and a very brief summary on the site. Also, there's a videotape of the event which goes for $5.

Julie and Jay AlexLeiW@aol.com I have to say, I thought my brother and I were the only people in the world who watched this show!! We LOVED it! I guess I was about 10 and he was about 6 when it was on the air. I have four or five episodes on tape, including the movie they did "Curse of the Gold Monkey". I used to have (and still have somewhere, I think) a Tales of the Gold Monkey storybook... and, I have several pictures of the exterior bar set, from the Universal lot. Somewhere, I even have a picture of the Goose on the Universal lot. Heck... I even named my cat Corky, seven years ago! I'm glad to know there are others!!
Don't worry. You're not alone. Now, if we can only convince The Powers That Be that there are LOTS of us out here, then we'll be able to see the show again either in reruns or home video.

John JWilli1925@aol.com I am so glad someone else knows this series. I was wondering if anyone has this series on tape and if anyone can get copies for me? I would be more than willing to supply tapes, pay for shipping, and pay a fee for dubbing them for me. If you can help with any of this, please let me know. Thanks.
I've got good news and bad news for you, John. I have all the episodes on tape, but I'm swamped with requests at the moment. It would take at least a month for me to get to making your tapes. If you want me to put you on the list, I will. All I ask in return for making the tapes is the cost of the blank tapes and postage. If you're interested, let me know which episodes you'd like and at what tape speed you'd like them.

Bruce Ladewig ladewig@primenet.com A gold monkey site. NO WAY! Great job on putting so much work into a site for such a great show. I *just* found it, but I'm looking forward to spending some serious time here, looking at everything you've got.
Wow, I say!
Thanks, I say!

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com It being the kind of day where it's too wet to do gardening and other such stuff, I decided to watch the last of the Gold Monkey videos ... Well, I thought, I'd already seen "Trunk from the Past" recently, no need to see it again... but it was paired with "Once a Tiger ...." imagine my shock when I realized I hadn't seen it?!
So ... that was the last "new" episode of Tales of the Gold Monkey for me ... *sigh* But at least it gave me something to work on w.r.t. to my in progress fanfic ... not to mention giving me an idea for another one!
I'm glad the episode help inspire you. Now that you've seen all the episodes, which is your fave and least fave?

Guess who's back?!
Jeff MacKay
boink@inreach.com Just thought I'd drop a line or two to let you know I'm indeed still lurking about. I've been busy lately and haven't had much time to spend on the net, which I sorely miss, but will make an attempt to be more in touch.
I do read the updates to your terrific web site when I get a chance, and am amazed anew each time I see the fruits of your labor. You really do a remarkable job and should be very proud.
Acting work is scarce, but I will be doing a couple of JAG episodes for Don Bellisario in the next couple of months. The producer of that show, Charles Johnson, called and it seems they want me to play the father of one of the regulars on that show, a character named Bud. His role is very similar to a character I played on Magnum, and I think it'll be fun.
I also wanted you to have an updated email address for me, which you'll find attached to this missive.
My very best to you as always.
Your fan,
Jeff MacKay
Welcome back, stranger! Glad to hear that you're all right and will be popping up on JAG. Can't wait to see those episodes. And thanks for the new e-mail address. We all got a little worried when messages started bouncing.
Y'all come back now, y'hear.

Mike Rivers hyprdyne@pacbell.net Hi Patricia, How are things going? I cant believe that it is February 1998 already. 1997 went so fast, especially during the 15th anniversary gathering, what a cool event that was. I am very much looking forward to the 16th and I am counting the days, well, just about.
I have an idea on the next gathering location- the Queen Mary in Long Beach Ca. The location is still technically in L.A., an episode of TOTGM was filmed on it, has a good sized banquet room that can be rented out like at the Airtel, and exploring the ship is fun! I have been going there off and on since 1982 and still enjoy it. Every time I go there, I go to the location on the bow where Jake threw the bomb off (God Save the Queen)and I imagine that scene there, wow, what a rush! Think it over and let me know. If you wish, I can go down to the Queen Mary some weekend and collect the required information, costs and stuff, and send the info to you. Let me know your thoughts on this.
That sounds like a great idea, Mike, but I have this awful feeling that it'll be way out of our monetary means. We would probably need at least a group of 50 to make it financially feasible. But if it's not any trouble for you, feel free to check it out. Thanks.
BTW, the Queen Mary was also used as the slave ship in 'Shanghaied'.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com I'm glad the episode help inspire you. Now that you've seen all the episodes, which is your fave and least fave?
Least fave is the one with the Prince of Wales (in *spite* of the towel scene!) Favourite ... hmmm .... that's a really tough call, can I have a favourite five???? (six???) I'll get back to you when I get to work to answer this one!

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com But first ...
Jeff!!!!! You're not old enough to play someone's father!!!!
OK, I sent you my least fave already -- most fave -- it's currently neck-and-neck between the Pilot and "Last Chance Louie". "Naka Jima Kill" rates as a sentimental favourite, if only because I can recite it with Karen!
Thank you for your list. Maybe this will spur a little discussion about the show. It's better than talking about Duran Duran. :)

Shannon Mewborn TESTING@STUDAFF.SA.SC.EDU Hi! I just thought I'd let you know I visited the site today briefly. I hope to get back there sometime, though it is a work computer I'm using. If time permits I sure will.
I hadn't really thought to find the sight either, but the show popped into my head...so it was time for a net search! Good luck with getting it back on the air!
Thanks, Shannon. And come back soon if you can, but don't get in trouble because of it.

Tim Cossett flint@ns.sympatico.ca Would it be ok to have a link to your GoldenMonkey web pages off of mine? It would appear in my interests pages. My pages can be found at http://www.anguish.org/~flint
I'd be honored to be linked on your page. Thanks for asking. And since one good link deserves another, I'm including a link to your web site on my bulletin board, along with your note.

Ed Christopher Scheele figrin@ic.net I've just got to say thanks for bringing back some memories of a show most people know nothing about! I really thought I was the only person that managed to watch this classic. I was about 10 when Jake and the Goose were cruising the South Pacific, and to this day I'm looking for that hat and a one-eyed dog. I have no clue where you found the opening theme, but I really have to say it's appreciated.
I'm glad you like the site and that it brought back some good memories. That's what the site was designed for. BTW, I got the theme from one of my many video tapes of the show. Thanks to the kindness of folks out in World Wide Web-land, I was able to cobble together a complete set of the series.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Yes, I've finished the first draft ... need to go over it and get rid of all the cliched, kooky stuff ... and I'm thinking of adding a romantic dinner scene between Jake and Sarah, but I'm tempted to leave it where I left them :)
But I'm one of these writers who needs someone to edit it for me, so I'll be seeing if anyone on the fanfic list (the L&C one) is interested ... and maybe someone from our Monkiac group would like to check the verity of the GM stuff? (BTW, your expanded cameo role is *not* changing! I had too much fun with it! -- scared yet?)
It takes a lot to scare the Monkey Woman! Anybody out there want to help Leanne with her story?

Kirk Brockman Kirk.Brockman@HBCFIELD.honeywell.com Re: Oddball Monkey Fan
The subject above is so-called for a good reason. You see ToTGM aired when I was in junior high school and I didn't really get to see it much. However, a few friends of mine would gather together occasionally and watch an episode or two. Now, being _huge_ fans of a certain Mr. Jones (aka Junior), we were awestruck by the show. Unfortunately, it must have been late in the season when we saw this "first" episode as we were not able to catch more than 2 or 3 more shows before its apparent cancellation. Be that as it may, we were instant fans and every now and then when we get together we may happen to remark how great it would be to see an episode again.
I just found this website and it brought back some warm, barely remembered, memories. Well done! BTW, I was wondering if you have had any luck finding videos, reruns (other than Australian), etc. After seeing the postings and main page concerning syndication of the show, I was, and remain, doubtful. I seem to recall that some shows need so many episodes before they become candidates for syndication. I may be wrong (hmm, never been that before) but this is something I seem to recall hearing. Better luck, I think, would be a general release on video (perhaps a late night TV ad: not available in stores, etc.) Just a thought.
One last thing before I go (do wish I had more time...oh well, it is the 90s), I do remember loving the character of Corky. If I remember right, he always got the great, witty one-liners. Give a stranger's best to Jeff Mackay. I look forward to future visits.
Thanks a lot for your note, Kirk. As for reruns, no luck on the US front yet. However, I've found it reruning recently not only in Australia, but in such diverse countrys as Sweden, France and Taiwan. The USA Network did rerun the show from 1988-1990, so there's always hope.
But at least we do have video, sort of. Although it's not technically legal, I have all the episodes on tape and have been making copies for folks, since the twits at Universal don't want to. There's a bit of a waiting list, but let me know if you'd like copies.

John Hudak JHudak@ipctech.com Dear Patricia, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that Doug Reeves is quite right about the Enfield rifles. However, the rifle pictured in the episode in question was indeed a Mark 4.
I guess we can call this another small error made by the producers of TOTGM! Oh well, the show is still one of the best ever to air.
I also was disappointed by the "Pied Piper" mistake, Doug!
Thanks and take care,
Thanks for the input, John. Like I've said before, I'm blissfully ignorant when it comes to guns and fighter planes.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Sorry I haven't been around in a while, but I was on vacation in Florida and Texas. I actually went to Universal in Florida. I know that it isn't the same as the Gathering, but was the closest I could come --this time. I saw the pic from the TV Guide and know that there is a link on columbiahouse.com to old TV Guides on the internet. Maybe we could try and find the whole article if we know the date. Glad to see that everyone is well and best wishes to Jeff on his role in JAG. Can't wait to see it, but someone will have to tape it since we don't get it overhere.
Hi, Shannon. I hope you had fun on your vacation. The pic I have posted is from a local TV section, not TV Guide. I doubt we'd be able to find the article, if there even was one. Sorry. As for JAG, I'm sure we could find a way to get you copies.

Joe Nusbaum ttc15182@taconic.net Hello, again-- I'm the one who sent you the t-shirt in '96 in exchange for episodes. I've been without internet access since about that time, but I've been popping in at libraries, etc. to follow-up on your site. It was hard knowing there was a reunion and not having the means to make it, but it's a wonderful feeling to know the soul of TotGM lives on--thanks to you. Anyway, I read something about a month ago and have been itching to get on-line to pass it on to you, and perhaps you'll want to post it on the bulletin board: The name of the magazine escapes me--something about Aircraft and Helicopter Market, but about 15 pages into it was a blue and white G.Goose for sale in Florida. The last line of the ad read, "Appeared in the movie Commandos and Tales of Two Monkeys." (sic) Could it be? I figured the owner wasn't a fan and didn't really care about the Goose's previous life in Hollywood (although a juxtaposition of Dickens and Bellasario is sort of an interesting idea). I think the Gneech said it was painted blue and white, but ended up on the West Coast-- is this right? No price was listed, but I'm sure it's beyond my lowly means. Perhaps a bunch of us Monkiacs could pool our resources and do time shares down in Florida??
I'll be able to respond at this e-mail address for a few days if there's any more specific questions-- I'd love to know it ended-up in the hands of a true fan.
Keep up the good work, Patricia,
Joe Nusbaum
Welcome back, Joe. The last I heard about the Goose, it was sold to someone in Washington State. It had previously been owned by Seattle Seaplanes, who indeed painted it blue and white (WEENIES!). I don't know how it ended up in Florida. And I'm sure even if everyone who reads the boards chipped in to buy it, we wouldn't be able to afford it. It must be worth at least $750,000. Let's just hope a rich fan picks it up and restores it to its former glory.

Mike Jedi65@hotmail.com Just wanted to say I was a big GoldMonkey fan when I was a kid. I'm only 21 years old so I have limited memory of the progam, but do remember I used to love the dog and the seaplane! One episode that sticks out is the one when they found the dog's eyeball on a necklace around some fat pirate's neck. I remember how that poor plane always got the shit shot out of it and kept tickin'. Hats off to a great show. BRING BACK THE RE-RUNS!!!!!!!
Yeah, they don't make 'em like that anymore. Such a shame.
Forgot to ask what kind of plane the goose was, I want one. I've looked but can't find it anywhere, Maybe you can help.
The plane was a Grumman G-21A amphibian. If you want to find one, go to Florida. It looks like the original Goose is for sale there. Of course, it'll cost you big bucks, but it's worth it.

Joe Nusbaum ttc15182@taconic.net Patricia--Couple of quick things I forgot: Could you please post the airing dates of JAG with Jeff MacKay when they are known? I don't usually get to catch the show (no tv at the moment), but would go out of my way to see those.
No problem. I'll keep an eye out for them.
Also, has any Gold Monkey fans you know of ever read *The Lady and the Tiger* by Frank R. Stockton? I've seen this forgotten book in used bookstores and wondered if there were any literary allusions in the episode or if it was simply a catchy title. The plot is so far fetched (did you call it "inane" in your episode guide?) that maybe we can redeem it by moving it into the realm of allegory. I know that's a streatch. The plot was used in Battlestar Galactica as well, correct? There must be something going on there.
As far as I can tell, there's no correlation between the short story "The Lady or the Tiger" and the Gold Monkey episode 'The Lady and the Tiger' other than the title. And I didn't call the plot "inane", just most of the plot elements (Amish on a Japanese-held island in the South Pacific?! Puh-leeze!!). And there was something going on between Gold Monkey and Battlestar Galactica. Don Bellisario recycled a script. Actually, it looks like he just took the basic plot from "Shane" and turned it into a couple of episodes. If you're going to steal, steal from the best.
I'm also interested in buying the reunion tape. What are the details?
For just $5 (US$6 outside the US), you can own an hour and a half of fun, laughter and great anecdotes. Just send a check and a request to Patricia Annino, P.O. Box 806, Norwell, MA 02061.

Bo Satcher satcherb@centuryinter.net Awesome Page!!!! I have a question... Do you know what happened to the G-21's they used for filming? I was just curious. Thanks...
Great Page!!!
Thanks, Bo. As far as I know, the actual Goose used in the show (they mainly used mock-ups for filming) is owned by a private individual in Washington State. However, there's a chance that the person is trying to sell it in Florida. Details are very hard to come by.

Jerry Buck It's interesting to look in on your page on Tales of the Gold Monkey. I always liked the show because it reminded me of the movies and serials I saw as a kid. It was sort of like Terry and the Pirates and the movie Only Angels Have Wings.
I was with Don Bellisario at the lagoon, with the Goose in the water and the front for the Monkey Bar on the beach, when a Universal tour bus came by and crossed the "Parting of the Red Sea," which was adjacent. The tour guide told about the show and said the main character was "Jack Cutter." Don got a little upset, cupped his hands to his mouth, and yelled, "Jake Cutter--JAKE."
The original title was "Tales of the Brass Monkey," but Don couldn't get a legal clearance and went with "Gold Monkey" instead. It never really had much of a chance. I don't think too many young people took to it, and the ABC brass I talked to weren't too enthusiastic. I don't know what's become of Jeff MacKay. I thought his Corky was in the tradition of the sidekicks played by Alan Hale Sr. and Jack Weston. But then I was probably the only person who loved High Road to China. Although I thought the story in the book was better.
I see my name all over the web, and some of those columns that I can barely remember writing are out there to haunt me.
Jerry Buck
Well, if I'm haunting you, just let me know. I'll remove the article (on Bulletin Board #2) from my web site. I'm glad you liked the show and stopped by my humble site.
Jeff MacKay is a regular visitor to the bulletin boards whenever he can find the time. These days he's primarily writing, but he did let us know that he's just landed a recurring role (a couple of episodes) on JAG starting later this season. Maybe you could do an interview with him about all his great sidekick roles. You can e-mail him at boink@inreach.com.

Rachel McWilliams rmcwilliams@crs.loc.gov Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have just made my day. A webpage for my favorite show of all time!!!!! I love you!!!! I was a huge GM fan when I was 12 and 13... I think I sent so much fan mail to the set that they could have papered the trailers. I can't tell you how much fun a lonely kid got from one TV show. I know that some of the cast and crew stop by from time to time... a big thank you to Stephen, Jeff, Caitlin, and anyone else. Especially Stephen, who took the time out to meet me on another show called "Fantasy"... if you don't remember the show, it was where you wrote in to have your fantasies granted. They chose me to interview Stephen Collins. It meant a lot to me... he was as nice as he could be. I have been meaning to write him a thank you note for about 15 years and haven't had an address... this is as close as I have been to it. Thank you. And thank you Patricia for taking the time to do this... sorry I missed the get together!!!!
I'm sorry you missed the Gathering too, Rachel. Maybe if things go well, we'll have a Sweet 16 party in September. But, if you'd like to thank Stephen Collins directly for granting your fantasy (Too bad that show is off the air!! :-)), you can try e-mailing him at Steve10147@aol.com. It's his public e-mail address, but I can't guarantee a response.

Merri Martin martinme@ucs.orst.edu It is really nice to hear from Jeff -- I am waiting with baited breath for those JAG epsodes! Interesting that he's working with Bellasario again. I. for one, would like to see Jeff in some good sci-fi -- maybe something like Bab5 -- hey, JMS, hire him for your next project! We can all dream, can't we...
We can dream about a lot of things like reruns, home video, reunion movies, etc.
Karen, Karen, Karen, tsk, tsk tsk! Try Bare Naked Ladies, a song called Grade 9. And you call yourself a Canuck!
But she really is a Canuck. I've been up there. I've seen it. :)

AL delachic@abts.net I have just discovered the Gold Monkey page and I am grateful that we can still relive all the cool old shows from the early 80's. Gold Monkey was my absolute favorite show from this time period. But I do have one aspect I would like to comment on for the Bulletin Board.
Jake Cutter and some of his other pals were supposedly Flying Tigers, but there is a major problem with this line of thinking. Tales took place in 1938, but as an avid student of the American Volunteer Group (aka the Flying Tigers), it is common knowledge that the AVG came together in the summer of 1941 and saw first action against the Japanese in December of 1941 (Dec. 19th to be exact). They had numerous engagements throughout the spring of 1942 until they were officially disbanded on July 4th, 1942.
So as you can see, the idea of Jake Cutter being an ex-Flying Tiger is totally impossible!!!
Just my two cents. It was still my favorite show!
Oh, we all know that Jake couldn't have been an ex-Flying Tiger, but since when do TV shows have to be accurate, historically or otherwise. I mean, geez, the man had a one-eyed, multi-lingual terrier. The show wasn't exactly grounded in reality. But we all loved it just the same.

Stan McClain info@stan-mcclain.com Patricia- I was doing a link check for my page and noticed that Mark Throw had entered a note on page 14 of the guest book. I had no idea that there was a Gold Monkey Gathering!!!
In the future, let me know, and I'll see what I can do to drum up some more crew from the show.
Stan McClain,
aerial unit cameraman, Gold Monkey, http://www.stan-mcclain.com/
I'm sorry, Stan. I could have sworn that I sent you an e-mail regarding the Gathering, but I think I sent it to the AOL address you used when you first wrote to me. If it makes you feel any better, we're thinking of holding another Gathering in September, if there's enough interest.

Stan McClain info@stan-mcclain.com Patricia- I just browsed your site some more. here are a few notes you may or may not want.
The aerial coordinator was David Jones, who passed away last July
The 2nd unit DP was Jim Lusk
The Aerial Unit Camera Operator was Stan McClain (me)
The Aerial Unit Transportation Coordiator was David Muntz ( who went on to be Tom Selleck's Assistant, and still is.)
I hope this helps- Stan McClain, SOC
I'm always glad to receive more information about the show. Any little fact is greatly appreciated.

Thomas Casabura TCAZ-1@webtv.net I always wonder what happened to this. I wish I could see it on TV again. Good to know there are other fans of this but how many are there?
How many fans? Well, that's difficult to say. My counter on my main web page is up close to 29,000, but I'm sure that's just scratching the surface. Just in the two years that I've had this site, I've heard from people all around the world on 6 continents. (I don't think they got the show in Antarctica.) Plus I've heard from a great number of cast and crew members who still fondly remember the show. So there are plenty of us out there. You're not the only one.

It's time to move on into Bulletin Board #17.

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