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Closed: May 30, 1998

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The end of an era...
Karen J. McLean

TCAoPaKiB - The Final Installment

(Fan-Fict in Both Senses of the Word)

The Monkey Bar was ablaze with lights and the boisterous music echoed out over the lagoon. Patricia and Rick walked down to the Goose. Jake was lying on top of the plane, tinkering with a perfectly good port engine.

"Jake?" Patricia called. "Jake, we're leaving in the morning. We're having a little party up at the Monkey Bar. Why don't you come up and join us?"

"You don't need me," Jake grunted. The screwdriver skidded across metal. "Damn."

Rick swallowed. "Listen, Cutter, no hard feelings, eh? I know you two have known each other a long time, but ..."

"You take care of her," Jake said with just a touch of edge to his voice.

Rick nodded. "I will. I promise."

"Good," Jake replied. "See that you do." He went back to tinkering with the engine.

Another awkward moment passed, and, once again, the screwdriver sliped. "Damn," Jake said again.

Patricia turned to Rick. "Listen, sweetheart, why don't you go back to the bar? I'll be up in a few minutes. I just want to talk to Jake for a minute."

"Of course," Rick replied. He gave Patricia a quick peck on the forehead, then turned away. The sounds of his footsteps echoed away into the night.

"So, that's the sort you go for," Jake said sourly.

"What sort?" Patricia asked.

"The hairy-chested ape," Jake replied bitterly.

Patricia considered this for a moment, then decided to let it go. "Jake, what you and I had ... a long time ago ... was very special. But it was also very brief. And you left without ..."

"... saying goodbye. I know. I *know*." Jake jumped down onto the dock. "But what if, yesterday, I had said something ... I don't know what, but just something, to let you know ... Would it have changed anything?"

Patricia looked up into his face. She hesitated, then replied, "No."

Jake stared at her for a moment, then took a deep breath. "Then that's that. Tomorrow you'll leave, and ... things will go back to normal," he retorted.

"I don't understand you!" Patricia snapped. "You have no claim on me. You never did. After the way you left all of those years ago, leaving me to feel like I'd simply been used, you have absolutely no right to ... to anything!"

Jake turned away from her, looking out over the water. "I know," he whispered, his voice breaking. "That's why this hurts so damn much."

"Oh, Jake," Patricia breathed. "I'm sorry."

"Not half as sorry as I am." Jake swallowed hard, and turned around. His eyes glistened. "Listen, Trishie ... Patricia ... I think you should go back to the party. Thanks for the invite, but ..." He paused. "I just can't be merry right now."

"Oh, Jake," Patricia said quietly. "Come here."

Patricia put her arms around him and held him tightly. "I understand how you feel. Really. And, for what it's worth, I know you never meant to hurt me. Just like I never meant to hurt you."


Corky knocked on Lesley's open door. "Uh, hi. Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure," Lesley replied. "Come on in."

Corky surveyed the open suitcase, and watched sadly as Lesley continued to fill it. "So, uh, you're really catching the clipper, are you?"

Lesley nodded. "We're already so far behind schedule. But Leanne thinks that it might be for the best. Her voice has had a good rest and now she's even better than ..."

Lesley didn't get a chance to finish her sentence because Corky suddenly stepped forward, caught her in his arms, and kissed her.

Breaking away quickly, Corky stepped back and began stammering. "I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean ... I mean ... I shouldn't have ... without asking ..." In utter frustration, he ripped off his hat and held it tightly in his hands. "Oh, Lesley. Please don 't go."

A long moment passed before Lesley quietly walked over to Corky. She looked up into his forlorn face and took both of his hands in hers. "I've been waiting all night for you to say that," she whispered. "And, just for the record, you can kiss me anyti me you want to. Without asking first."

A broad grin settled on Corky's face. "Swell!" he said. "I mean ..."

"I know what you mean," Lesley replied. "Come on. Let's go break the news to Leanne. I imagine she's with Louie."


"Thanks for your help," Karen said to Jake as she watched Doug lug the last of the still to the luggage pile next to the clipper.

"I'm just glad to see you so happy," Jake replied with a grin. "And it looks like Biff won't be bothering anyone for a long time, so you and Doug can rest easy."

"You take care of yourself," Karen said quickly as the clipper's engines started up.

"I will," Jake replied. He gave her shoulder a quick squeeze, and watched as she headed up the ramp.

"Jake?" Patricia said quietly from behind him. "It's almost time."

He turned to see both Patricia and Rick standing there. "Yeah, you'd better board," he said with a half-smile. "You don't want to get stuck here for another two weeks."

Then on impulse, Jake leaned forward and kissed Patricia. Breaking away, he said, "For old times' sake." He grinned. "Goodbye, Patricia. Don't forget to write."

There was a warm light in her misty eyes. "You either."

Rick and Jake shared a hearty handshake, and a minute later Rick and Patricia were boarding the plane.

Leanne frantically waved out the window to Louie, who tried to ignore the lump forming in his throat. "What a truly enchanting mademoiselle," he lamented.

A few moments passed before the clipper's engines finally roared and the great plane began to slowly move across the water's surface. Gliding faster and faster, she finally lifted and was airborne, carrying its passengers away from Boragora and out over the South Pacific once more.

Jake watched sadly as the clipper disappeared into the sunset. His heart heavy, he wondered again what might have happened if he'd stayed with her all of those years ago. He wondered if he'd ever see Patricia again. Attempting a smile, he looked down at Jack.

"Well, I guess I'll always have you."

Jack looked up at Jake. "Woof-WOOF!" he replied.

(roll credits)

Tim Conlon Tim_Conlon@notes.alliance.ca Wow. You don't know how long I've been searching for info on this show. The problem was, I could never remember the ACTUAL name of the show. I thought it was "Curse of the Golden Monkey", "The goose and the golden monkey", etc. I was only 7 when the show came out, and none of my friends seemed to remember it. But now I'm working at a production company in LA and while doing a search for other television info, I happened on some info that led me to your site. Amazing.
Sorry I haven't read everything on your site yet (which I will!), but I just wanted you to know how excited I am. Briefly scanning it brought back so many memories of the show...Okay, gotta get back to work, but thanks!!!!!
Now that you've found us, Tim, come back often. And don't work too hard.

Steve Metzger metzger@lava.net Patricia, my name is Steve Metzger, and i live in honolulu, hawaii. i was a huge Tales fan while in second grade, so much that my friends would come over and we would watch with my parents religiously every Tuesday night. until they moved it to Thursday. and then Wednesday. and then Saturday (i began to see the trend, and even back then i knew it wasn't going to last). i couldn't understand why, it was the most entertaining and enthralling show on TV.
i have been trying to locate ANY videos of Tales since then. i have been looking through your bulletins, but i got lost because there are so many fans (a great and surprising discovery). so i was just wondering if you knew of a way to obtain the pilot, or any episode. please email me at Metzger@pop.lava.net if you have any information about this, i would greatly appreciate it. and i commend you for believing in something and giving so many people a forum to celebrate their favorite show. thank you. -steve
Thanks for the great note, Steve. I've got good news and bad news for you. I have all the episodes on tape and have been very willing to make copies for folks. The bad news is that I now have a waiting list of at least 2 months. When I can get to your request, all I would ask in return is the cost of the tapes and postage. I don't make any money on the deal. I'll post your note to the bulletin board in the hope that someone else out there could help you sooner.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Okay. I have figured out some possible solutions to the chat problem. Sundays in the evening is usually the best. However, what about a TOTGM ICQ chat room. ICQ is free at www.mirabilis.com. It will let you know whenever a fellow Monkiac is on and you can decided whether or not the send a message or chat. I have found that once in the chat that going to the layout feature on the top tool bar and then hitting IRC is the fastest and easiest if you have more than two in a chat. I also got an idea from the SLIDERS group which meet every Sunday and watch an episode together and chat while it is playing. I attended last week's meeting and it was so much fun. The comments etc. Well, just some ideas to toss around.
Sounds like a good idea, Shannon. I already have ICQ and I like it and as long as I can log the chat, I'm for it.
BTW, when you say evening, what time is that for you? We don't want to make it too late for you, but on the other hand we don't want to make it too early for folks in the western US.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Hi, Feeling a little like Jack, I'm making my mark on this board. *grin* Actually, I'm looking at all the good guy pics on the www.stephencollins.com site, played him reading his opening teaser to his new book, etc etc. However, Karen's final *sob* instalment of TCAoPaKiB is bringing a lump to my throat too! *sniffle*. Of course, I'm sure this but means we can look forward to *new* fics by Karen, right? BTW, my fic is *still* with my L&C editor and I'm beginning to seriously consider getting a new one (editor, that is).
As for ICQ -- well, I have it too :) Should we start swapping numbers or something? I have noticed that some fan sites have their ICQs listed so other fans can get in touch with them. I know how to privately message with ICQ but how do you do a chat with multiple people? (and after looking at ICQ's help, I'm still clueless)
I'm not sure how it would work either. But if people want their ICQ numbers posted on the board, that would be fine. For the record, mine is 1535339.

For those of you who haven't checked it out yet, Stephen Collin's official website, www.stephencollins.com, is now open. But some of you already knew that.
Leanne Shawler
volterra@znet.com We should group-rent "Choke Canyon" (providing any of us can find a copy) and watch it!!!
I've seen it before. It's mindless entertainment, but I'm sure you'd enjoy the "wonderfully silly weightlifting scene". Hubba-hubba! ;-) I did find a previously viewed copy of it several years ago for just $4.95, but I didn't think it was worth it. DUH!
Check this out!!!! *cor*!
Yes, dear, it's a *very* nice picture, but what exactly does "cor" mean?

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Regarding the resurrection of MonkeyChat ... I'm all for the idea of chatting again (although the time zones are going to be tricky) but I'm really not too keen on the idea of having the chat on ICQ. There are a few reasons for my hesitation. First of all, it's been my experience that ICQ isn't all that reliable sometimes -- it connects and disconnects at random. At least if we were on IRC and were having problems, we could always switch servers. Also, ICQ is only available for Windows and Macs -- not Unix. I wouldn't want to disqualify anyone who wanted to chat just by the nature of their operating system. Plus, I don't think it's as easy to log chats on ICQ, and, lastly, I don't know much about multi-user chats on ICQ (although I use the one-on-one messaging frequently) so I wouldn't be much help to anyone who might be having trouble.
But I want to chat! :)
What do you guys think?
We could always give IRC a try again. Does anybody else know a stable chat method that can be logged easily.
As for times, how does 4 pm ET on a Sunday (TBD) sound? This way we can accommodate most time zones. Comments?

Tim Conlon Tim_Conlon@notes.alliance.ca I just realized something else. I'm currently working on a new television show for the USA Sci-fi Network. We are in constant contact with some of the big-wigs at USA, although they are V.P.s of original broadcasting and series development. But maybe this could be a way to get Tales of the Gold Monkey back on the air! What do you think would be a good battle plan though? I've got phone numbers and contacts. Let me know what to do if you have an idea...
Well, Tim, we would have to find out who the person in charge of programming and scheduling for the USA Network would be. Once we get that name or names, then we can start targeting them with letters and e-mail. Phone calls are very bad form and not usually effective.
The letters should be brief and polite. They should also play up the value of the series. We should use the '80s nostalgia angle. Maybe they could run a block of Universal action/drama shows from the '80s (There were many!) on weekends and Tales of the Gold Monkey could be part of that block.
I read recently that USA was looking for a younger demographic. The letters should mention the show's lure to the 20- and 30-somethings who watched the show in 1982. We should also mention the appeal towards kids and teens. The series was very popular with the under 18 demographic during its original run and I don't think that will have changed. Plus, Stephen Collins must have a huge recognition factor with today's youngsters. After all, I believe that 7th Heaven is a top 10 show among teens. In fact, I saw a WB Network press release that mentioned that the March 2 episode of 7th Heaven finished 5th overall with 12-17 year olds and 3rd among teenage girls.
And we can't forget the monetary value. Since the USA Network is now solely owned by Universal, the show would be relatively cheap to purchase.
And finally, all the letters should ask them to visit the web site and read through some of the many messages left by the fans. If they see that Gold Monkey has a strong and loyal fan base, they may be more inclined to run the show.
Any other ideas?

Darren L. McElroy katmcel@swbell.net Dear Patricia, I have not seen the show since its demise though it is often a topic of conversation around our dinner table and it's a damn shame that the suits can't agree yet as to how to stick it to us. I disagree with you about cable. Cable sucks, they charge too much and give us too little. I personally told them to come and get the box and never darken my door again. I intend to appeal to UPN, Fox, WB, and independant station Channel 39 here in Dallas where I make my home. Great site!!! Thank goodness somebody had the sense to do it. Good luck on your end and thanks for the inspiration.
I can understand your dislike of cable, however, it would be virtually impossible to get Tales of the Gold Monkey reruns on the choices you mention. First of all, UPN, Fox and the WB only run original programming, so they would not be interested. And the only way that a broadcast station, independant or network affiliate, could get the rights to air the show would be if Universal makes it available for general syndication. This is highly unlikely since there are only 22 hours of the series available. Besides, there's such a glut of original programming, like Xena and Hercules, out there. Even the chances of getting Gold Monkey on cable are slim, but at least the chances are better than over-the-air broadcast.

Jim Cutugno cutugno@ndak.net My name is Jim Cutugno. I'm twenty years old and currently enlisted in the US Air Force. I remember watching the show when I was a kid and loved the Goose. I was big into planes back then. Anyway, around 1994/95, I volunteered at the Cradle of Aviation Museum in Garden City, New York. It is a museum dedicated to the history of aviation on Long Island. Especially Grumman aircraft. Towards the end of my time there, to my surprise, there sat a Grumman Goose in the hanger one day. It wasn't in great shape. It looked like it had been sitting on it's under-body for quite a while and corrosion was evident. I was told the museum had gotten it from a studio backlot and that it was the plane used in "Tales of the Gold Monkey". I cannot completely confirm this right now, but my father contributes to the museum and I will ask him to contact the museum and confirm that this really is the aircraft from the show. The plane has since been restored( I helped out a little) but painted in the scheme of a Pan American Airways aircraft. The interior as well, has been redone in Pan Am color and accesories. I will try to obtain a picture or two if possible and send them for your wonderful site. I would really like to see the show again, because I remember loving it as a kid, but I don't recall any of the stories.
Thanks a lot for the compliment and the info, Jim. I'm not sure if the Goose you saw was Cutter's Goose. I believe the Goose was owned by a company in Seattle at the time, but that might have been later. I don't think I have the full timeline of what happened to the plane after the show was cancelled. I know it went back to Alaska and somehow made its way to Washington State, but I don't know if it made a stop in Long Island on the way. Any further information you could find would be greatly appreciated.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Yes, dear, it's a *very* nice picture, but what exactly does "cor" mean?
As in "cor blimey!" it's a note of admiration.
Ah, it's an Aussie thing. So, you liked the picture then? :-)

Colleen Hillerup hillerup@netrover.com Thanks for the memories. This show was a favourite of mine when it was on the air, but since, I hadn't heard anyone mention it.
Colleen Hillerup, Toronto, ON
Just stop by here more often, Colleen and you'll hear people mention it all the time.

Ian Harris ian@slopesoarer.demon.co.uk A true tale of the gold monkey fan. I sure as hell miss that program, and all contact with it, thanks loads for this website, ive spent hours here. Lets get it back on air!!!!!!!
I'm doing my best, but these Hollywood Suits are just so stubborn!

By popular demand, I went out and purchased a used copy of "Choke Canyon" from Reel. Here's just a tasty sampling of the "wonderfully silly weightlifting scene".

Stephen Collins in Choke Canyon

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca In response to the Choke Canyon pic ... "Cor blimey!" (thunk)

Toby Martin toby@peak.org Hail Monkey Goddess,
Not sure if I have posted since the gathering. Hi to all. I have just come back from another stint at sea. Now that I count, 3 of the last 5 weeks have been on the water. The other 2 weeks have been preps for cruises.
So, I haven't been keeping up to date on monkey activities. Merri has been digesting for me. Seems like the big news is that Jeff will be on JAG. Guess I'll have to figure out when it's on and get Merri to tape it.
Down to the nuts and bolts ... what about sweet 16? I just received a message that I have to declare my intended vacations, and I guess that means I need to know when sweet 16 will be.
One thought, most conventions move around a lot. The 15 year gathering was rightly in the birthplace of Gold Monkey, but that opens up other locals for sweet 16. Islands in the south pacific leap to mind, but it was hard enough to get Monkey Goddess to the west coast. Just a thought.
By the way, I did skim the last 2 monkey houses. What was this about new employment?
Welcome back, Toby! According to Ultimate TV, the JAG season finale is May 19, so Jeff would probably show up then or maybe even a week or two before. I'll try to find out more information and pass it along.
Sorry to say that there hasn't been much interest in Sweet 16. I don't think we could get the cast and crew back, even if we hold it again in LA. We definitely couldn't get them to travel elsewhere. Perhaps we should hold the next convention in Boston. After all, the first convention was held in the birthplace of the series. This one should be held in the birthplace of the web site. Okay, the web site was actually born in Pawtucket, RI, but no one will want to vacation there.
Now for my new job. I'm a telemarketing & network administrator for a lighting fixture manufacturer. I know it sounds strange and it's too difficult to explain so I'll leave it at that.

Keith Seroski kseroski@usa.capgemini.com Patricia, I was here. I was looking around for movie wav's and something brought this show back into my mind. Actually, I was trying to explain this show to some friends of mine at the bar last weekend, when we were picking each other's brains for trivia between darts, pool and dancing. NOBODY remembers this show but me. Well, now that I have found this site, I'll have to email the link around to prove that, in this at least, I'm not crazy!
And Thanks bunches for the theme song. I recorded of TV years ago when it first aired, but the tape is so old you can barely hear it.
I'm glad you enjoyed the theme song, Keith. And where were your friends during the early '80s? How could they NOT remember the show? What is this world coming to?

Kelly Boger kboger@aug.com I loved the show - even before I became interested in flying. With all the adventure shows that are on now, you would think they would bring this one back. Test the re-runs, etc.
also check out ryanseaplanes.com
an interesting find
I think it would be wonderful if Tales of the Gold Monkey returned, even just in reruns. But there's no accounting for taste in Hollywood.

Shannon Oliver oliverzoned@geocities.com Greetings from the flooded lands of Italy. We have had so many storms. Anyway, I think that you can get http://www.mirc.co.uk for IRC chats. We use it for chatting.
Oh, we're quite familiar with IRC. Check out the IRC Chat Log and Schedule Page for more details.
Also, How would you feel about a Tales of the Gold Monkey Trading Post? Where Monkiacs can trade episodes amongst themselves--so you won't have to carry so much of the burden. I just finished one for SLIDERS at http://www.geocities.com/sliders.html if you want to check it out and see what you think. I can give you the page with the TOTGM episodes listed instead of the SLIDERS of course. Since it is already done, we could have it going in no time. You don't have to post the url above on the webpage. Just thought you might be interested in it for your site.
Well, Shannon, that URL doesn't work, but I get the idea. Right now though, if people want to trade videos, they can use the bulletin board. Unfortunately, nobody's offering. They're just requesting tapes. Thanks for the offer though.

John Kindergan kinderga@cs.fsu.edu Great site. You told me to mail you, so here it is - just one more meaningless message to clutter up your in-box.
I remember that show. I haven't seen it since it went off the air way back. I loved it - I'd buy the tapes.
No message is meaningless, John. Hopefully someone with the power to bring the show back either in reruns or on video will read all the messages and get the hint.

Guess who's back...
Jeff MacKay
boink@inreach.com Know it's been a long time since writing, but I wanted to update those interested in the JAG episode I will appear in...
The role may come back as a recurring character, but that would have to be next season. What was to be two episodes this year became one. I play the extremely obnoxious father of the character 'Bud', played by Patrick Labyorteaux. The episode is my introduction as his dad and features his wedding.
We are almost finished shooting the episode, and I believe it will air on May 12 as the second to the last of the season. It's a great feeling to be working again. The hours are long, but rewarding. There were a lot of familiar faces behind the camera, which made it a special treat.
I must say that I have worked with many actors over the years, but Patrick is on of the nicest guys and one of the best actors in my experience. He and his brother appeared for years on Little House on the Prairie, and he's thoroughly professional and very talented while being warm and genuine... he's just a great guy. What a pleasure it's been to work with him. He is also a devout Magnum, PI and Gold Monkey fan and reads your site's updates when he gets a chance.
My character is almost the exact opposite of Corky, so brace yourself for a real jerk.
By the way, Bud's younger brother, who is also introduced in this episode is played by none other than Michael Bellisario, one of Don's sons. He is also a great guy. I've actually done a scene with him before... it was on Gold Monkey. I don't recall the episode, but Don, in a white suit played his father in a cameo. Michael was about three years old at the time, and the cutest little guy with wild curly hair. I remember my thoughts at the time were that finally they'd hired someone on the same emotional plane as mine.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the episode and that all is well.
It's great hearing from you again, Jeff, especially hearing that everything is going great. I'm sure we'll all enjoy your performance in JAG and that you'll be back next season. They'd be crazy not to ask you back. And I'm not sure why, but I can see you portraying a lout quite easily. Must be my faith and admiration in your acting talents and nothing to do with your personality.

Maureen S. O'Brien mobrien@dnaco.net Every time I come to your page, I find something cool! Jeff MacKay is going to be Bud's dad...oooh, this is so excellent! And Michael Bellisario...oh, gotta tell the folks over at the Airwolf webpage; I think they're still unhappy with me that I didn't warn them about some previous JAG guests of interest!
Btw, the name of the Bud and Harriet wedding ep is "Wedding Bell Blues". Lessee, this Tuesday was "The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse", next Tuesday is "Clipped Wings", so the Tuesday after that is when Jeff comes on.
Maureen, kinda amused by the "JAG is TOTGM in the 90's" argument. Man, I gotta finish that fanfic explaining how Harm's grandma Sarah is Sarah Stickney-White. But I don't want to, because I can't see how to do it without Jake biting the dust...wait! Maybe she just thought Jake was dead, and that's why she married Grandpa Rabb, who promptly got himself killed fighting the Japanese in a fighter plane off the _Hornet_. Hmm. Maybe this could work....
Hey, Maureen, if you ever finish that fan fiction, send it on to me. I'd be glad to post it on the site.
In the meantime, here's a little press release I found:


Michael Bellisario Guest Stars 

"Wedding Bell Blues" -- Bud and Harriet's wedding threatens to be a
few guests short when Harm, Bud and Admiral Chegwidden all land in
jail, on JAG, Tuesday, May 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS
Television Network. Alan Levi directed theepisode from a script by R.
Scott Gemmill and Stephen Zito. 

Bud thinks he has his hands full when his obnoxious and abusive
father, Big Bud, and his younger brother, Mikey (guest star Michael
Bellisario), arrive in town for the wedding. But the going really gets
rough when Big Bud decides to have a stag party for Bud at a
boisterous strip club, setting into motion a series of events,
including Harm finding his dress whites (temporarily) on the body of a
stripper, which leads to fisticuffs that land Harm, Bud and Chegwidden
in the slammer on the day of the wedding. While Mac goes downtown to
bail them out, Harriet begins to have second thoughts about the
imminent nuptials. 

Lt. Cmdr. Harmon "Harm" Rabb        David James Elliott
Maj. Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie          Catherine Bell
Lt. j.g. Bud Roberts                Patrick Labyorteaux
Admiral Chegwidden                  John Jackson
Ensign Harriet Sims                 Karri Turner
Mikey                               Michael Bellisario
Loni                                Jackie Dabatin
Lydia Sims                          Debbie McLeod
Roland Sims                         John Bennett Perry
Big Bud                             Jeff MacKay
Chaplain                            Scott Haven
Lt. Cmdr. Carolyn Imes              Dana Sparks
Neela                             Mercedes Colon
Johnny Marvel                       Iqbal Theba
Maya                                Catherine Nagan
Cop                                 Don Dowe
Judge                               Gary Miller
Officer Balkings                    Scott MacDonald
Seaman Crothers                     Gary Simpson
Edward Grainger                     Jan Eddy
Molly D'Ambrose                     Ann Walker
P.O. Tiner                          Chuck Carrington


I don't believe that they play up Michael Bellisario's appearance in the episode and not Jeff's. After all, Michael's just a relative. Jeff's a STAR!!

JOY_ABELLA@yr.com JOY_ABELLA@yr.com Hi Patricia. Okay, so for years I've been talking about this show that no one else remembered. Jake Cutter was my first on-screen crush. I always remember him from Gold Monkey. And of course, I watch 7th Heaven religiously (no pun intended). But, as I as reading your email response to the guy who wanted all of the episodes on tape, I'd love to get on your list. I don't mind waiting either. Can you let me know, or give me more information on it? Thanks! Hello, nostalgia.
I'm glad you don't mind waiting, because it's going to be a long wait, unfortunately. I'll gladly put you on the list, but I can't tell you how long it'll take. I've gotten far too many requests for me to handle efficiently. This is why Universal has to release the series on home video.

Heads up! I've just added a bunch of new pictures to the Pics/Audio page. Most are in black and white and a bit grainy, but still nice to look at.

Brett Harris BRETNTRACI@aol.com WOW! Finally a fan of the series! I loved the show when it was on and several years ago I got back into it when USA re-ran it. Alas, nothing is perfect they never re-ran "Shanghied!" and "Trunk from the Past" nor did they ever re-run the re-edited version "Curse at the Gold Monkey" I'm dying to get this on tape can you help me or put me in contact with someone who can.
Which would you prefer, Brett? The pseudo-movie or the actually episodes? I have both to choose from. The episodes are in their original format. Let me know if you're interested in any of this stuff. But be forewarned, it'll take me a while to make copies. I'm backlogged with orders. But maybe there's somebody out there who can help you out sooner.

Sally Mierop rm_fan@ameritech.net Hi Patricia, I was scanning over my April 21-27 issue of The Hollywood Reporter and saw a film that is in production now (April 17) which has Marta DuBois in the cast - "Picture of Priority"(Drama). It is shooting in Denver, Colorado. If there are any of her fans wondering what she's doing, well, they need not wonder any longer.
BTW, I also would like to mention that I am now the keeper and author of - The Official Web Site on the Career of Roddy McDowall - <http://www.ameritech.net/users/rm_fan/roddy.html>
Thanks for all the info, Sally. I, and I'm sure all the other Monkiacs, appreciate it.

Elizabeth ewhyte@bu.edu Hello!!! I am so excited to have found this page. I've been telling my friends about this show for ages and they all think I'm nuts or that I hallucinated the whole thing. Now I finally have proof!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will most definitely be writing to TNT to recommend broadcasting the show seeing as I don't really remember all that much of it. I think I was about 5-6 when it aired originally and the only things I remember are the opening credits (especially the gold monkey statue) and an episode where Jake and Corky were in some sort of swamp and there was a snake swimming around in it. I think Corky was bitten by it, but I'm not sure.
Anyway, I won't babble too much. Again, thank for this page I will certainly come back for many, many more visits.
Glad you stopped by, Elizabeth. Now, don't you feel so much smarter than your friends? BTW, the episode you vaguely remember is 'Escape From Death Island'. You can read more about that episode and others in the episode guide. Maybe it'll jog your memory a bit more.

Toby & Merri toby@peak.org After religiously watching JAG for the last couple of weeks, we finally hit pay dirt with tonights previews of next week. There was Jeff MacKay! So, say tuned to your sets monkiacs, next week we have to increase the JAG ratings so Jeff will have a recurring role.
Don't worry Jeff, now that Walter Koenig is playing a bad guy, he has many more fans.
We'd love Jeff in any role, good or bad. Next week is going to be full of TV viewing for us Monkiacs. Not only is Jeff going to be on JAG next Tuesday, May 12, but the night before is the big season finale of 7th Heaven. We can't disappoint Stephen or Jeff.

Brooke Mickelson brookegolf@yahoo.com Hi: I am willing to stand up and be counted. Although i have never actually seen the show Tales of the gold monkey, from what i have read on your website, it sounds like a show that i would like. I found it through Mr. Collins webpage and thought that i would check it out. I am a fan of Mr. C's. I love 7th heaven and i have read his 2nd book, Double Exposure. I am currently trying to find his first book, Eye Contact. I wrote Mr. C an email telling him that I am from Wisconsin, very close to Madeline Island and i got a response. In my heart i believe that it is from him, but i am not positive. I am not going to question it though because in my mind he is perfect. If putting my name on any kind of list will help to get Tales of the GM back on tv, sign me up.
Oh...i was reading about Mr. C's character Jake and just so you know or if you care...the Duluth Dukes have just started up again. I think that they are in their 3rd or 4th year now. There is a sort of midwest baseball league that they are in. They play the St. Paul Saints (owned by actor Bill Murry) and a couple other teams. I think that there is one from Iowa and Canada too. I live in San Diego now, but i am heading back to Wisconsin in a few weeks...so if you really want to know anything about the Dukes let me know. Not sure if this info would be of any benefit to you or if other Gold Monkiacs would want it.
I am also interested in the irc chat thing. If you start it up again please let me know. I think that it could be fun to chat about stuff with people who like the same actor that i do.
Anyway...you have my vote for getting the show on tv so i can see what i missed out.
Great webpage,
Brooke Mickelson
Glad to have you join us, Brooke. Hopefully soon you'll be able to watch Tales of the Gold Monkey. I just noticed that TV Land is running Working it Out, Stephen's 1990 sitcom with Jane Curtin, on Sunday mornings. That show last only 13 weeks! Gold Monkey lasted a whole season. Some cable channel out there is going to wise up soon. They just have to.

Mr. Underhill stacydblevins@juno.com I absolutely LOVED "Tales"! I taped every episode that USA offered (so if you have any of the other eps, please let me know!). I also cassete taped several episodes back when the show first aried.
I have not examined the entire corpus of your archive, so I don't know if this information is of any help to you.
Cutter's Goose appeared in an episode of "Codename: Foxfire"; a show that ran on NBC from Jan 85 to March 85. It starred Joanna Cassidy, of Blade Runner fame. The Goose was blown up(!) by a mad scientist with a SAM missile. I have the scene on tape somewhere. As I remember, it took me over a dozen viewings to determine that the scene only destroyed a model (whew!).
The Monkey Bar appeared in an episode of the "George Burns Comedy Week", which appeared on CBS from Sep 85 to Dec 85. The episode involved a search by a very determined man for a specific type of plant. His hotel room was on the second floor of the Monkey Bar. His search was successful. The twist was that he was looking for the ingredients for a rare dish requested by a condemned man. The man was hoping that if he requested something rare enough, the order could not be filled and his life would be spared. Oh well. I have this on tape somewhere, too.
The last time I saw the Monkey Bar was in two episodes of Simon & Simon, which ran on CBS from Nov 81 to Dec 88. In one, an old man is looking for the B-25 that he flew during WWII. The set has been redecorated, but it is the Monkey Bar. And the cap he wears IS Jake Cutter's cap. In another episode, one of their mothers goes on a trip to the pacific. As they arrive, they realize its not all it's cracked up to be. One of the Simon brothers remarks: "It's like something out of "The Heart of Darkness".". I have this on tape, too.
Oh, and in the Smithsonian in Washington, D. C., there is a Goose on display. A yellow one. The video they play is looped. It is stock footage of CUTTER'S GOOSE flying. You can even read Cutter's Goose on the side. It gave me goosebumps.
I watched TOTGM when I was in Junior High. I could even recite the entire script to the "Legends are Forever" episode. I have seen Jeff MacKay on TV now and again, but I was wondering about Caitlin O'Heany and John Calvin. What have they done recently?
Oh, and I recognized the "Lady and the Tiger" episode crossover between Battlestar Galactica and TOTGM, over ten years ago. Anne Lockhart...*sigh*...what's she done lately?
I also have an issue of STARLOG that details where you can get exact duplicates of Indiana Jone's- type clothes and equipment. I don't have a scanner, so I can only re-enter that interview.
Thanks for all the info, "Mr. Underhill". I remembered the George Burns' Comedy Week episode, but I never watched Codename: Foxfire or Simon & Simon. Caitlin O'Heaney is marketing her own perfume, appropriately named Caitlin. I believe Anne Lockhart just did a guest appearance on "Promised Land" recently, so she's still around. I haven't seen John Calvin in anything recently though.

Dori Koogler cleindor@cfw.com Dear Patricia, I came across the TOGM site on a Dogpile search for articles about the Shelley Monument, of all things. I'm so excited to have found it; I've been trying to find y'all for a while. A couple of years ago, Caitlin O'Heaney was at a BEAUTY AND THE BEAST con in LA, and I had a chance to tell her how much I'd enjoyed TOGM, and she told me that there was a fandom out there. It's taken me this long to find it. < G >
Thank you so much for maintaining the site. Now that I have addresses, I'm planning to write letters. Ho for video release!
Thanks for your kind words and help, Dori. Now that you've found us, come back often.

Patrick Thoms pdthoms@Quetico.tbaytel.net I love this show! You've just been added to my favorites!
TATA for now
Thanks, Pat. Come back soon.

Barbara J. Hancock hunt.pek@cablenet-va.com Patricia, I was in seventh grade when they canceled Tales of the Gold Monkey. . .I cried.(I'm not kidding) So maybe I *was* an adolescent girl who couldn't quite believe that Jake Cutter wasn't out there just waiting for me to grow up and sing him a sultry song: But it was still fabulous to hear that theme song again. My heart was fourteen all over again!!
Thanks for the memories,
Barbara J. Hancock
My favorite line: Sara to Jake when he's seen the Princess naked. "Well, you should have closed your eyes."
You're quite welcome for the memories, Barbara. You have just been initiated into what appears to be the largest segment of Monkiacs, former Horny Teenage Girls who got their puberty throw into high gear by the charms of Jake Cutter.

Rosemary Branciforte rbranciforte@jup.com YES!!! How cool is this page? Thank you so much for putting this up, and let me know when reruns may be happening! I loved this show!
Don't worry, Rosemary. When reruns returns, EVERYONE will hear about it.

James Mathrusse jmathrus@us.oracle.com Hi Patricia, I am so fortunate to have found your great web site, as I was trying to find VHS copies of the show. It's very gratifying to see and read about all of the activity surrounding GM, after starting to believe (with great difficulty) that I was alone amongst my friends in remembering what a great show it was.
I am also a great fan of Nick at Nite's "TV Land" network, which does appear to be a natural fit for the show. You're right; they don't just show programs which had long runs. TV Land also looks like it is gaining popularity, as they now feature more mainstream advertising (oh, well) as well as their "own" faux-commerials and sitcom trailers. Adventure lives on forever in all of us, whether our hero is Jake Cutter, Indiana Jones, or any character portrayed by Robert Conrad!
Thanks for re-uniting me with the great theme music, and let's all write to TV Land (http://www.tvland.com) to bring back "Tales of the Gold Monkey"!
Well, it couldn't hurt to write to TV Land. I never wrote to them before because of the dispute between Viacom (which owns TV Land) and Universal (which owns Gold Monkey). Universal and Viacom co-owned the USA Network and Universal took Viacom to court stating that TV Land was a competitor to USA and that violated the agreement the two studios had. Therefore, Universal would not make any of their programs available to TV Land. However, the suit has been settled (Viacom sold its share of USA to Universal). I don't know though if Universal is still withholding their programming from the channel. But we can always ask.

Webb Skinner MOHAWK33@aol.com Pat, While looking for information online, I came across your TOTGM site. You requested an E from people who visited, so here it is! Seems like a pretty neat site. Are you still continuing your campaigns and boards (since I haven't looked through the entire site, yet)?
-----An hour later-----
Pat, I just looked at your bullitin board listing, and answered the question about whether you are still going. I'm impressed, and I haven't had a chance to read them all!
Well, that could take a while, Webb. I think if you print them all out, you'd get over 300 pages. You could always take them to the beach for some summer reading.

Vern Jones verno@surenet.net Just visited your Golden Monkey page. I was glad to see that I was not crazy.
I have just recently finished reading "Where is Joe Merchant" by Jimmy Buffet and for those non-parrot heads, Both the book and Buffett have Grumman seaplanes. > this has re-kindled a love of flying and most of all of old Grumman sea planes.
The crazy part was do to me trying in vein to convince everyone I know that there was a show about this guy named Jake Cutter and "Cutters Goose". I would love to see this show again.
Thanks for the confirmation of sanity
Vern Jones
Ontario Canada
I can only vouch for the veracity of the series' existence, Vern, not your sanity. I don't believe my opinion regarding that would stand up in a court of law. :-)

Since I was only copied on these following messages from Toby and Merri Martin, I won't reply, I'll only post.

Date sent: Tue, 12 May 1998 21:48:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: Toby Martin
To: boink@inreach.com
Subject: Big Bud
Copies to: gmonkey@goldmonkey.com

Wow Jeff, you do a wonderful arrogant asshole.
Although Bud senior was shown the door, I believe there is still a lot of milage in the Big Bud versus Bud Jr relationship. So, perhaps Big Bud will be a reoccuring character.
Have you considered doing villian roles? Not just minor bullies like Big Bud, but real evil villians? I think you could do a really good evil.
Just wanted to congratulate you on your return to prime time! It was a masterful performance.
Toby & Merri

Date sent: Tue, 12 May 1998 22:01:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Toby Martin
To: oliverzoned@geocities.com, stacydblevins@juno.com
Subject: Gold Monkey Trading Post
Copies to: gmonkey@goldmonkey.com

Dear Mr. Underhill
You recently posted to the Gold Monkey site that you have tapes of many of the Gold Monkey episodes that were aired on USA. Not long prior to your posting Ms. Oliver suggested starting a Gold Monkey Trading Post.
As we all know Her Highness, the Monkey Woman, is severly overworked and thus falling ever further behind in copying tapes for her willing subjects. However, until your admission, no one else was known to have tapes. Therefore, there was no one to trade with. Would you be willing to step forward and provide copies of your tapes to people who are willing to provide copies to others?
Are you willing to be the spark that frees our beloved Monkey Goddess from the bonds of copying slavery?
Bark twice for yes, and once for no.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Dan and I sat and watched JAG last night instead of Seinfeld :)
Jeff was quite convincing in his role! Particularly right at the end. Evil ... so when's he gonna turn up on 7H?
Dan now wants to start watching JAG (see what Jeff can do for this show?) -- even though he's a Navy brat and picked a coupla holes in it .. I'm reserving my judgement until I see a "regular" episode. *And* it clashes with Buffy at the moment!
Have you two thought about getting his and hers TV sets? It could make everybody happy. :)
Yes, Jeff was the perfect asshole (There's just no other way to put it.). And I really wish he would turn up on 7th Heaven. He could play the local mechanic, Corky.
Good news for Jeff and JAG ratings-wise. It won its timeslot with a 9.0/16 national Nielsen rating. And great news for Stephen and 7th Heaven. The season finale was the most watched program in WB Network history with over 9.3 million viewers. So with all this popularity, can Tales of the Gold Monkey reruns be far behind?

Ashley ziplobb@netcomuk.co.uk Hi Patricia, I don't know what reminded me of the program, but when I started searching I honestly didn't think I'd find a single site.
In the UK it used to be shown on Saturday evenings about 7:00 and had to be the best thing on telly. I must have been about 14 years old when it was on, but we've never seen it over here again since.
I've seen the goose at Universal and have got an almost identical pic to the one you have from Darin Luse that I have kept to this day.
Well, enough rabbiting on from me. E-mails pleading for the show to come back are on their way.
Thankyou for helping a bloke re-live the 80's !
My pleasure, Ashley. I'm always willing to help a bloke.

Robin Gillespie robbiemeister@yahoo.com Yowza and O-MAH-GAWD!! I can't believe someone actually created a site for my all-time favorite show from High School. I spent five hours on your site (on and off-line) reading scripts and e-mails of other die-hard fans. And, unlike most the women on the GM site, my crush was on Jeff "Corky" MacKay--! Must've been the co-dependency in me...Anyway, the JAG episode of May 12th(?) was a treat for me, since I rarely see Jeff in anything anymore. Leave it to Donald P. to bring 'im back...Yes, Jeff played a jerk, but every once in a while I couldn't help but imagine Jeff busting out with either Corky's grin or laugh and say, OK--just kidding, Jake--! Also, I could see Big Bud as a relative in Corky's past--his father, perhaps. It'd make sense, considering Corky's sensitivity. Also, I must've missed an episode of TofGM down the line, because I don't remember which episode mentioned the accident of Corky's sister and her baby. Which script has that mentioned? One last strange note: I was such a big GM fan that when the show went off the air, I created a cartoon series of my own. But, not to defame the original characters (I was so devoted to keeping it "pure" in my memory) that I made all of the characters cats! Well, you know--Jake Catter, Sarah Catney-White...etc...And if I'd only known, I would've sent it to Disney and made some money...! Anyhoo, I've truly enjoyed reminiscing with the Monkey gang, and I hope there's another gathering sometime in the future. If there is one, I'll probably faint dead away at the introduction of my childhood heroes--hummuna, hummuna--!
Long live Gold Monkey.

Robin Gillespie robbiemeister@yahoo.com Hello, Monkey Woman! I've been reading over some of the older BBS notices and found a mentioning of a fanfic called "Cutter's Goose." Are those issues available? I'm another one of those folks who loves writing short stories based on my favorite shows, and I don't want to be accused of plagerism! Also, do you think there is a possibility of adding a fanfic area to the Gold Monkey site? Could be fun...
Any way, just checking up. Again, love the hangout!
Welcome to my humble site, Robin. I'm glad you like the place. And yes, one day I'll actually post all the fanfic I got from Cutters Goose 1 and 2 (as far as I know, they're no longer for sale). When I start my fanfic section, I'd love to post your catfic if you can find it.

It's that time again when I get bombarded with tape requests. Since I'm so backed up, I'm posting these messages in the hope that some kind soul(s) out there will take pity on these folks (and me!) and make them copies. Thank you.

Trisha Marvin BelannaTorres@webtv.net Hello, My name is Trisha and I have been trying for the longest time to find out if anyone has Tales of the Gold Monkey o video tape. Would you by any chance know if anyone does? I used to love that show and wish that it would come back. Please let me know if you can help me. Thanks.

Jamie j.hardie@sympatico.ca I am a H-U-G-E fan of gmonkey. I've tried to order recorded t.v. episodes from everywhere, but no luck. Any ideas where i can get any ????
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Pete Copeskey copeskey@panama.c-com.net Greetings Pat. I'm a long time fan of the "Tales of the Gold Monkey". But it's obvious you're a few steps beyond me... what a great page! THANKS for your time & efforts! Now to my question. I am in the US Air Force & currently live in the country of Panama. We don't have much access to any reruns etc, and as a matter of fact, I didn't even know they were on TV [even infrequently]. Can you tell me if it's possible to obtain ANY episodes [VCR] of the show? I'd appreciate any of your comments & direction. Seems you would be a great place to start that search?!. Thanks again for your time.

My, oh, my! Stephen Collins seems to be everywhere...

Elisabeth Holm vsb942e@tninet.se Hi Patricia, Just wanted to let everyone know that Stephen Collins is going to be on the Regis and Kathy Lee show on Friday, May 29, at 9.00 am. (WPVI, WMGM and WABC). But you might already know that.
Still doing a great job with your website!!
Thanks for the compliment and the info, Elisabeth. Actually, the stations you listed are in the New York/Philadelphia area, so people with have to check their local stations for the time and station in their area.

Jim S starbuck@gate.net Stephen is doing book signing. Check out www.geocities.com/hollywood/hills/8944/ He is doing two signing in La. 6/6 /6/7
And if you want further info, you can check out Stephen's own web site for all sorts of neat stuff, including his book tour schedule. It's located at www.stephencollins.com.

Lee Turbard lee@esco.co.uk Hi Patricia! Just to let you know, I was Gold Monkiac 33223 on Tuesday May 26th 1998 - dropping in from England.
It's a great site - it seems only a while ago I thought I was the only person on the planet who remembered the show, then one of the UK Cult TV magazines stuck the theme tune on a cover mount CD, now another clues me in to your website! Hope to spend many hours down memory lane with Jake, Jack, the Goose et al!
I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, Lee. And if you don't mind me asking, which magazines had the Gold Monkey info, particularly the one mentioning my web site?

Paula PMTPARROT@aol.com Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I like your site. I thought I was the only person who remembers "Tales of the Gold Monkey" Thanks for refreshing my memory...has it really been over 15 years?
Actually, we're closing in on 16, Paula. Just keep repeating to yourself, "We're not old. We're retro!!!". :-)

Well, it looks like it's time to close up shop and move on into Board #19.

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