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Closed: July 7, 1998

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Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Now I'm not suggesting any hurry in getting this together at all, nossir, I want Karen to get through June and the tourists first :) *hugs* to Karen!!!
Getting *What* together? I hear you cry.
Well, I just had this freaky idea. In an effort to get Our Beloved Monkey Goddess to get the damn Fanfic page up .... why don't we write our own virtual season of Tales???
I'm not suggesting the incredibly hectic schedule that I put myself through for Lois & Clark's Season 5 (all finished up now -- someone else is masterminding Season 6 -- I have a one episode and a "character consultant" (a title I just gave meself) commitment for it) ... certainly not 22 episodes put out weekly. Kudos to the scriptwriters who *can* do that .... ye gods ...
We could use screen captures to illustrate each fic -- perhaps screen captures could *inspire* a fic ... they wouldn't have to be the 15,000 words I demanded of my writers (and myself) but complete stories nevertheless ....
And if you're wondering what the heck I'm talking about, visit my home page (listed on the front page of the Gold Monkey site) and check out the big blue L&C rectangle ....
And in any case, even if it never gets off the ground (I'd be interested to know the interest out there -- writers, screen capturers, editors ...), what would *you* like to have seen in a "Tales of the Gold Monkey" Season 2?
(who thinks HubbyDan would *kill* her if he heard she was suggesting this)
Of course, you know that I'm working on redesigning the entire web site so I can fit in the fan fiction area. I think when I redesign the buttons, I'll refer to that section as "the damn Fanfic page". :-)
Thanks for all the great ideas.

Lee Turbard lee@esco.co.uk Dear Patricia
Funnily enough, the magazine that gave me your website has now joined ...Golden Monkey in the great tv channel in the sky! It was a UK magazine called CULT TV which began just under a year ago and has unfortunately now ceased publication after 11 issues - issue 11 being the one with your site.
It's a shame to see it go as it was a great little mag that filled a good niche - the publishers, Future Publishing, also publish SFX, which is probably the best Sci-Fi/Fanatasy magazine in the UK, but CULT TV went beyond SF to feature other great cult programmes - classic 70s cop shows, kids shows, the vast works of the likes of Spelling, Larson & Belasarious etc. I guess as it covered a wide range of cult tv, it found itself a bit lost for an audience - not enough SF for hardcore SF fans (the bulk of the cult tv audience), but not enough of anything else to attract fans from elsewhere.
The two other main cult tv mags in the UK and CULT TIMES and TV ZONE, both published by Visual Imagination, but these two play it safe and 80-90% of the content is usually SF/Fantasy based shows.
Hope this info is helpful - I'm looking forward to spending more time scouring your ...Goldne Monkey site.
I'm sorry to hear about the magazine going under. I would have loved to have read it and thank them for the free publicity. And I would have gladly returned the favor by publicizing their magazine. Oh well, always the good die young.

Karen email-paris@accessin.com.au Hi Patricia,hi everybody
I'm Karen, another Aussie invading your website.Wow, what a great site you have here!! I'm actually visiting because I was curious to find out what Jeff MacKay is up to. Personally I think Gold Monkey is a great show and judging by the effort you've put into the site I can imagine it is only a matter of time before your hard work pays off and the monkey is back on television.
I haven't got cable tv and didn't realise the show is on the Disney channel here. I'll have to make an effort to get linked up to cable. Maybe you should ask Disney for a commisson!!hee hee
I'm really pleased to hear Jeff is going to appear on JAG. Fingers crossed that his role becomes permanent.
Catch you all soon
I don't know if Jeff's JAG role will become recurring or not, but I'm sure he'll be able to find more work. As for commission from Disney, I'd settle for them airing Gold Monkey on their cable channel all around the world, not just in Australia. Is that really too much to ask?

Robin Gillespie robbiemeister@yahoo.com Hey, Patricia--I have a question for any of the GM writers who might be looking in from time to time. I've always wondered when a show they think has potential gets cancelled, if they write what they believe the ending should have been. I know I'd want to. Do you think any of the original GM writers out there could give a quickie synopsis on how they think Gold Monkey should have ended--? (Unless it's illegal...).
I don't think it's illegal, Robin. Besides, Leanne Shawler just suggested that folks write fan fiction based on Season 2, the season that never was. So let's find out how the professionals and the amateurs all would have continued the series.

Kbxb70@aol.com Kbxb70@aol.com Sad to see the old girl wasting away. I fly a grumman mallard.
Actually, the real Goose is still alive and kicking. We're just not sure exactly where it is at the moment. But Universal just trashed the mock-ups. Oh, the humanity!!!

Sue (Trent) susan.gamble@virgin.net Hi, Patricia
I just accessed your wonderful page last night (then my application decided to shut me out in the middle of an email to you and wouldn't let me back into my server ... grr!!!).
Anyway, I wanted to let you know how amazing I think your site is and what wonderful memories it brings back of this incredible series.
There was a small network of fans in Britain (which sometimes only numbered 2 that we knew of - but it's a start!) at the time of its transmission here and then we got to know people in the States (namely Marilyn, who posts to the bulletin board) and we even went for holidays to see her and her friend (who has since, sadly, passed away). It was an incredible time.
I loved this series from the first time I saw it - i watched the pilot and was hooked, although somehow I managed to miss taping some of the episodes (!). My favourites were 'the Late Sarah White', 'Trunk from the Past' and of course, 'Distant Shout of Thunder' which featured my favourite thing of all - a volcano (Sufri?). Even though the natives did keep referring to Pele as a god and not a goddess ... I just figured they were a rogue community who didn't know any better ...
As I say, I loved this series and now that I've found you, I would like to know how to join in on the Bulletin Board. I sometimes access the BB's on other fandoms (I'm a rabid Hercuels: Legendary Journeys' fan), and this is definitely the best BB I've seen!!!
All kudos to you for this site - I really admire all the work that has gone into it and the love you all have for one of the nicest shows that ever hit the screens! By the by, I have the two zines which Marilyn published in the 80s and they're wonderful - I assume you have yours by now. Good, aren't they? Again written with a lot of love.
Cheers for now
Sue (Trent)
Welcome, Sue. You've just joined the Bulletin Board by merely sending me an e-mail. I do have a BBS system if I choose to use it, but I like the hands-on approach. Besides, there's always the unused Usenet group, alt.tv.gold-monkey for further conversation.
And yes, Marilyn was kind enough to send me copies of the 'zines. One day I'll get around to posting some of the stories, but it's a very daunting task. I'm also a major procrastinator, which doesn't help the situation.

Billy Enos enos@airmail.net>enos@airmail.net I was here! Get it reaired!
Here, here!!

Chuck NoWay4me2B@aol.com Hello there. I am writing you to let you know that I'm selling off a very large personal collection of original TV screenplays which contain certain TV series titles which may be of interest to you. Due to declining health I am having to prune my 25+ year collection of ORIGINAL scripts but am hoping that at least they go out to those people who are genuinely interested in their preservation. I am posting the scripts on Ebay (the internet auction house) and you may access the list of titles available using the following http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?MfcISAPICommand=ViewListedItems&userid=noway2be&include=0&since=-1&sort=2
Thank you for your time

Chuck NoWay4me2B@aol.com I can't believe it was almost 2-1/2 hours ago when I first found your Gold Monkey page and I'm just now getting around to sending you this note! EXCELLENT work! Usually I'm just surfing the web but in this case I think wading was a better term. Keep up the good work. I've been looking for weeks for a Gold Monkey site.....can't believe I finally found yours! --- Chuck
lad you enjoyed it, Chuck. Hope you are feeling better and that your auction goes well. Just a question, do your original scripts have any margin notes written on them? That always increases the value and my interest.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Of course, you know that I'm working on redesigning the entire web site so I can fit in the fan fiction area. I think when I redesign the buttons, I'll refer to that section as "the damn Fanfic page". :-)
I think "the damn Fanfic page" is an excellent title. I know you're working on it, but I canna help naggin' :) I have the TOTGM story up on my site, if I haven't mentioned it already -- http://www.znet.com/~volterra/fanfic/angels.html
Umm .... oh, and HubbyDan's interested in writing an episode if the idea goes ahead --- from Jack's POV :) We'll have to hire short cameramen!
I think we should go for the JackCam. Just attach a tiny camera to his eye patch. Of course we'd get a lot of shots of people's feet, but that's nitpicking.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net Patricia, I would certainly love to give this a try. I'm not going to claim it will be awesome, but I have had a few ideas.
(Gold Monkey meets Buffy???)
But seriously, let me know what might be going on with this.
I'm sure Leanne would love a Gold Monkey/Buffy crossover fanfic, Jake and Giles doing battle against evil. But if we're going to do crossovers with shows on the WB Network, wouldn't 7th Heaven be the obvious choice? :-)

Tazhe@aol.com Tazhe@aol.com What ever happened to Ron Moody?
He's still acting as far as I can tell. The most recent credit I could find for him was as Merlin in Disney's "A Kid in King Arthur's Court" from 1995.
As far as his role on Tales of the Gold Monkey is concerned, the official story is that he and Don Bellisario butted heads over the portrayal of Louie. So after ABC viewed the pilot and gave the green light for the series, Bellisario replaced Moody with Roddy McDowall, a good move in my opinion. Ron Moody played Louie far too broadly for my tastes. Roddy McDowall could say volumes with just a glance.

Karen J. McLean babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca Just for old times' sake, I think I'd like to write a Karen (Stickney) White story for Season Two. Unlike in the scripts I wrote when I was 12, I'd have Karen leave Boragora at the end. Now that I'm older and wiser (and understand what a cliche is), I'd love to take another stab at it. :)
Far be it from me to stop you, Karen.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com I'm sure Leanne would love a Gold Monkey/Buffy crossover fanfic, Jake and Giles doing battle against evil. But if we're going to do crossovers with shows on the WB Network, wouldn't "7th Heaven" be the obvious choice? :-)
Don't be silly -- it wouldn't be Jake and Giles, it'd be Jake and Buffy -- who if she's wearing the hardly anything she usually wears, could be quite attractive... at least to a mid-season one Jake.

"Jake, stop looking at her like that."
"I'm not looking at Buffy like "that", Sarah"
"Jaaake, she's only a child!"
"But she's a mean hand with a stake!"

(or something like that)
(who will stop writing like that)
Don't be silly, Leanne. This is fan fiction. We don't need the kids. We can just keep the men and bend them to our will. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :-)

Rachel McWilliams rmcwilliams@crs.loc.gov I have to ask... how/where do you get "Caitlin" the perfume?
When last we talked to Caitlin, Saks Fifth Avenue had agreed to carry the scent. You may want to check out some other fine department stores to see if they have it.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net Oh!! I wanted to do an episode from Jack's POV. We just got a Jack Russell terrier and she's so damn funny.
Now I have to think up something original. You're asking a lot!!
We all have faith in you, Bob. You can think of something. How about something from the Goose's POV?

Robin Gillespie robbiemeister@yahoo.com Hey,here's a nice kudos!
Now, I might be behind the Monkey grapevine, but I found a website on the "Gurps" home page (www.geocities.com/Area51) which has advertised the soon to be and up and coming "Tales of the Gold Monkey" role-playing game! Gets my little writer's juices flowin'...Plus, there is a link between the Gurps site, and this li'l ol' Monkey Page!
Could it be?? Maybe now we can get Universal's attention...
Only if the Universal suits enjoy role-playing games. But every little bit helps. Today Gurps, tomorrow the world!!! Besides, if Universal won't give us Boragora back, we'll just have to make it ourselves. Thanks for the info.
BTW, the direct URL is http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Corridor/2298/index-4.html.

Karen email-paris@accessin.com.au Jake and Giles? Don't know, haven't got 7th Heaven here. Jake and Buffy? I agree, she's too young. Now, Jake and Xena, I'd like to see that!!
"Jake, polish up my chest plate"
"Sure thing, Xena"
"AFTER she's taken it off, moron"
"Yes Sarah, Yes Gabrielle"

Karen email-paris@accessin.com.au Sorry guys I stuffed up!! Told you I haven't watched 7th Heaven yet. I realise Giles is from Buffy. Oh well, that will teach me for trying to concentrate on my typing while hubby is hassling me.

(Big) Phil Wujek PWujek@aol.com Hi Patricia! Thanks for what you're doing on this site! I was always a big fan of the show, and could not understand it's cancellation, especially since the Indiana Jones movies were such hits, especially "Raiders."
I do have a favor to ask....I've been looking for a monkey figure, about the size of the one used in the show and have not been able to locate one here in Maryland. It doesn't have to be gold, or even brass. Plastic or concrete would do, as I have the time and skill to "antique" it to look like gold or brass. The closest I've found is a gorilla, but that would not be proper. Do you know of a source?
Sorry, but I don't. I know that Don Bellisario has the actual monkey idol, but I doubt he'd give it up.
Could it be that the show was pulled because it was TOO much like Indiana Jones? I hop not, 'cause you've got me fired up again to start writing letters!
Actually, I think part of the reason ABC cancelled it was because it too little like Indiana Jones. There are a multitude of other reasons why the show was axed, but let's just suffice it to say that the ABC execs were short-sighted weenies.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net Ok, I'm starting now. I hope no one is expecting anything fantastic, because it's probably going to suck. I will give it a go.
I will let you know when it's done so you can laugh at it.
We won't laugh at it, Bob. We'll laugh with it.

Kathy Fleming Lockhavn@gte.net Patricia, I wote to you a few months back asking if you didn't mind my linking to your page (I didn't even have my site up yet). Well, I finally got it up and running back in March, and today I did a total overhaul on my links page, at which point I finally added all my Stephen Collins-related stuff... so, in went your page! In fact, I have a friend who is waiting at this moment for me to post it so that she can link to you. Just found out yesterday she was a Monkiac. We're all over the place, aren't we?
Hey, pretty cool that SC got his own page up, huh? I was about as surprised to come across that as I was to get results when I searched TotGM! How cool can web surfing get? :)
Take care,
Kathy Fleming
It's amazing all the really cool stuff that's just waiting to be discovered on the world wide web, isn't it? Anyway, thanks for the link. I'll put in a link to your site on the bulletin board and when I overhaul my site (Yes, one day soon I will do it. The joint needs a face lift.), I'll put you on the front page.

TravisRadR@aol.com TravisRadR@aol.com Hi I just want to lend my suport in your crusade to get Tales of The Gold Monke back on the air. Keep up the good work.
Thanks. We could use all the support we can get.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Just to get the whip cracking a little on our Season 2 ....
Should there be a theme? A point we want to reach with our heroes by the end? Will we cliffhang? :) Should our finale .... be a wedding? Or not? Should Jake & Sarah's relationship be the "big regret" of their lives (ie, in that they never followed through?)
Notes for interested writers (and those who would just like to see such and such) .... one of the most frustrating things about TOTGM was the on-again, off-again for no apparent reason relationship with Jake and Sarah ... something we should avoid this time around -- or at least give reasons. For instance, if Episode 3 requires Sarah to be absolutely fuming at Jake, then the big love scene at the end of Ep 2 won't make much sense .... unless we give Sarah's reasons...
Am I making sense?
Yes, you want something that season 1 lacked, continunity for Jake and Sarah's relationship. I think season 2 should pick up where season 1 ended. In the final episodes, the "bimbo of the week" disappeared for the most part and when she did appear and put the moves on Jake (e.g. Genevieve and Whitney), he did take the bait. It appeared that Jake and Sarah were free to see others, but preferred each other's company. Am I making sense?

Kathy Fleming Lockhavn@gte.net Patricia, In my unexpectedly lengthy quest to check out absolutely everything on your site, tonight I decided to tackle reading the bulletin boards. Well, I've been at it two hours and I've only read like three of 'em! Looks live I better stop there...whew!
It was fun reading Jeff's post about his experience on JAG (another of my favorite shows). I thought it was wonderful to see him again. In fact, only a few months ago I was telling a group of friends (in jest) that I had decided to write my masters thesis on "Why JAG is the Tales of the Gold Monkey of Today" (they had no idea what I was talking about, which is why I need to hang around here more < g >). You know, Don Bellisario may be redundant, but he's responsible for some of my all-time favorite series…
I'm looking forward to what new things you might do with your site. I'd *love* to see a chat start up again (in whatever form). What about a listserv? Even an e-mail loop? Or do you find that the bulletin board suffices? And fanfic would be fun. I wrote several scripts for the show when I was, like, 15. They are long gone (which is probably a very good thing), but since I grew up into a real-life writer, it makes me think it would be fun to try some fanfic nowadays (there's always an Eye Contact/7th Heaven crossover. Heh).
And you can add me to your ever-increasing list of people who would like to get tapes. I actually subscribed to cable a few years ago partially based upon the fact that USA was showing TotGM. But did I tape them? No. Thought they'd be on again...why bother...argh. Anyway, I'll trade what I can. After a year of being the Highlander-Episode-Guide-Writing-Woman, I have all the HL eps on tape… And I have most JAGs, including Jeff's episode.
It's funny, I just got finished watching JAG with my mother and son, and my mother (a Monkiac herself who dealt with my teenaged obsession in the early 80's) pokes me in the side, cracking, "well, how do you choose between David James Elliott and Stephen Collins?" "Easy," I say. "Elliott doesn't write me e-mail." I was kidding, but it cracks me up, because in a way it's true. The Internet has made the world an interesting place, hasn't it?
Well, you've been a busy little girl, haven't ya Kathy? So have I, which is why I haven't had time to overhaul the site, but I'll find a totally free day, lock myself in my room and plug away! I think that's the only way to really do it.
We're looking into holding a chat soon, but it's difficult to get everyone in one place at the same time. In the meantime, the bulletin board seems to work just fine. There is a Usenet group, alt.tv.gold-monkey, but nothing ever gets posted in it, so I get the feeling that the boards are enough.
Consider yourself added to the list, but please be patient. Why, oh why, can't Universal just release the series on home video, if only to make my life easier.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Found it at the foot of my Buffy ideas .... it's called "Tales of the Two Monkeys" I think it stemmed from something someone said on the boards ... but anyway, I'm running with it. I think it'll be Willie-centric too ... which is a pity, I wanted to write a Louie-centric one ... well, maybe I'll write two for this season two, eh?
Well, we will need 22 episodes, so unless we can get 22 writers, we may need more than 2.

GB Baker oldsetter@teleplex.net Just a note to say "I Was There". You may be interested to know that there is a huge WWII online aircraft sim community which could lend you great support in your efforts.
I learned about your site at.... news.imagiconline.com warbirds.general
You may want to check out the possibility of keeping an eye on this community to drum up support for your write in efforts.
Just a thought ...enjoyed you site!
Here is the page that led me to you ...just in case you are interested.

From:             Toad 
Subject:          Tales of the Gold  Monkey
Date sent:        Sat, 06 Jun 1998 10:47:28 -0400
Organization:     Toad Hall

How is it possible that I never even HEARD of this?  Where was I? 
Lessee, '82 to '83, 21 episodes .. Oh .. yeah, that was when I didn't
watch TV.  Still ...

So anyway, this looks like the Horrywood equivalent of our own beloved
Wingless Cafe (although I _swear_ I didn't crib any of the Gold Monkey
stuff!) .. really great stuff, from the sounds of it!  Kind of like
Terry and the Pirates, only better!

Maybe the iMOL guys could get the tapes and have them running in the
hotel bar during the Con?



I'm glad you liked the site and I'm always interested in drumming up support. Thanks for the lead.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com I'm sorry, but there is *no* way I'm co-ordinating 22 episodes. Do you know how much work that is???? I'll do a half season ...
All right, here's the offer. I'll give you a 6 episode commitment with an option for a full season. After that, we can renogiate. Is it a deal?

Robin Gillespie robbiemeister@yahoo.com All right, Monkiac writers...I'm ready with a story, and I've got three others I'm mulling in my mind--! I suppose we need continuity for virtual season #2. Can we throw some ideas out, maybe a sentence or two that describes what we're doing? Also, will we create our own "bible" that once we write something for our virtual seasons that the info will be set in stone? Finally, are we setting limits on length, etc.? Call me a stickler for details (all right, you're a stickler)--!
Fishin' the waters for thoughts...
Well, as far as I can tell, we're still in 1938. This season should pick up where the first left off. Personally, I'd like to see more character development mixed into the action. There's so much about these characters that can be explored much more deeply in fan fiction than ever could on screen.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com don't know if it's out yet, but I just found out something interesting about it that may make it a "Monkiac" go see it -- it seems it was filmed in Bora Bora ...
And you can enter a sweepstakes for a trip to Club Med there -- that is, if you feel like giving out your personal information (and a lot of it -- I mean, they just fall short of asking for your mother's maiden name!) ....
Thanks for the info, Leanne. Hmmm...so let me get this straight. Harrison Ford plays a roguish, independent cargo pilot in the South Pacific. Sounds kinda familiar.

Christine Munley Evans dcjevans@fuse.net Patricia, I love your page, Gold Monkey was one of my favorite shows while I was in High School, and I remember being so disappointed when it didn't come back. I, too, remember the link between the Lupus and tiger episodes. Kudos to you!
Thanks, Christine. And if you ever wax nostalgic for those grand high school days, you know where to go.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com Ok, so far we have a total of 4 authors (should I be counting you, Patricia?) and a total of 8 stories (if Robin decides to do all of her ideas).
Some thoughts:
Word length -- in my last fanfic season, I made the limit 15,000 words. I suggest lowering it to 10,000 for this season (because I barely made it three out of three times and started padding).
Season opener: well, when do new episodes normally start airing? The first episode ever aired on was 22nd September -- do we continue that, or make it more convenient? (ie, have it "air" on a Saturday or Sunday night -- basically, it comes down to how much time Patricia has as she'll be the one who has to post 'em to the site!) And also, a new episode a week, a fortnight (that's two weeks) or a month?
Story descriptions: finally, ideas are being solicited from everyone out there who reads this board! You don't have to write 'em, if they fit in (and we have the people-power/time to do 'em) we will try and do 'em. I think a small mailing list between the writers would be ideal for posting synopses (even scene by scene breakdowns), so we can sort out episode order, discuss continuity (hey, we'll post to the board still -- we need your thoughts and feedback!) and then editing the episode among ourselves before they air. Robin's a stickler for details -- and I'm a stickler for grammar, punctuation, spelling and continuity!
And I still want a limit of 11 episodes -- a half season. If someone thinks they can handle the work after having *lived* through the first eleven and having watched me constantly nag everyone for synopses, meeting deadlines etc etc and want to do it -- they're more than welcome.
Well, I *think* I managed to answer some of Robin's questions. I'll email the writers tonight about getting the list started, see if they're keen!
Correction: Make that *five* writers, I left hubby off the list, ooops!
I always thought that the show should have been on Wednesdays at 9 pm ET/PT, between The Fall Guy and Dynasty. So, we could run the fanfic on Wednesdays. Seeing as we'll need time to prepare, how about beginning season two on Wednesday, September 16? Or do you think we should get a head start on the fall season by debuting it in the summer?
We could shoot for weekly installments, but just like in real life, we could always pre-empt it for a week once in a while. Hey, maybe we can even have reruns. :-)
I suppose we could start with 11 (If this were really TV, we'd probably get a 13 episode commitment). And I'm willing to bang out a story. Now all I need is a plot and some free time.

Joseph Smith level42@mindspring.com Hi! My name is Joseph Smith and I didn't think that anyone even remembered the show much less designed a web page until I ran across the page. What a wonderful job! I used to love that show! Is the letter writing campaign still going? How long has it been going? I would love to eventually get the series on video tape. Do you know anyone who has a couple of episodes who could copy one or two for me? Talk to you soon!
I'm glad you liked the site, Joe. We've been writing to everyone we can think of since the site began in 1996. No luck so far. However, until Universal wises up and puts the show out on home video, I've been making folks copies. But there's a catch. The show is so popular that I have a waiting list many months long. In the meantime, I'll post your request to the bulletin board. Perhaps someone else could make you copies.

Bob Clinton bob.clinton.cosmic.ray@worldnet.att.net Hi! I was presuming that the year would be 1939, but it makes no difference to my story (as long as it's after 1937).
I think time stood still in Boragora. Otherwise, if the show had been successful and run for 7 years, they would have gone all the way through WWII. Besides, it was television. M*A*S*H had the 3 year Korean war last for 11 years.
A short blurb about it would be:
"A mysterious stranger and a gruesome murder have Jake, Corky and Sarah investigating with the help of some new found friends - or are they new friends?"
Not very imaginative, I know, but you get what you pay for.
Mine would clearly not be a season opener or finale, and I don't anticipate much character development, but you never know. I'm new at this so I will just be happy if I can get it done without making too big a fool of myself.
Should there be any questions, be sure to let me know.
PS: I have about 3/4 of my outline finished, and hope to start actual story writing soon. Of course everything else conspires to prevent this, but the "good" news is that my employment contract will be over on Friday so I should have a bit of that stuff known as "free time".
"Free time"? Never heard of it.
PPS: I got a nice note from Stephen after I had written him about availablity of his book. That was quite the surprise, but he really is a nice guy.
That's a surprise?! I thought that was a well-known fact that Stephen's a nice guy.

Leanne Shawler volterra@znet.com I suppose we could start with 11 (If this were really TV, we'd probably get a 13 episode commitment). And I'm willing to bang out a story. Now all I need is a plot and some free time.
All of us need free time to get this done. I envy Robin and Bob!
I think we should wait until September to start airing ... maybe start a little earlier if all eleven are done ... (that is, if we get 11 stories!)
I think we'll get 11 stories. It just might take a while, but I think we'll get there.

Robin Gillespie robbiemeister@yahoo.com Hey, I'm psyched--!
I feel like I'm in Hollywood, and the agents have come a'callin'. You think I can get this feeling to last through eleven episodes..?
Why not? We've all had that special Gold Monkey feeling for nearly 16 years.

John Hudak jhudak@ipctech.com Dear Patricia, I caught the episode of JAG, and it was great to see Jeff back in action!
I collect WWII U.S. uniforms, which is why I am so interested in the military aspect of TOGTM. I thought I would send you a couple of shots from a shoot we did of my collection last month, just for laughs. I've probably got close to 50 uniforms.
Thanks and keep up the good work on the site!
Thanks for the pics, John. They now have an honored place on the bulletin board.


Kevin Murdock k.murdock@mindspring.com Dear Patricia, Thanks so much for the time and effort you've put into your web sight. I remember Tales of the Gold Monkey. In fact, I just aquired my first computer, anD I swore my first mission would be to see if there was a TOTGM web sight.
I will certainly do all I can do to get TNT to air the show, so as all us loyal fans can get the show on video, alas, if only VCRs had been common place in 1982. I didn't get my first till I was a senior in high school in 84. Oh well! At least they still air reruns of BA BA BLACK SHEEP.
Thanks again for the memories. I can still hum the theme song.
I'm glad the site brought back some good memories for you, Kevin. Since no cable channels or Universal will do anything, I guess it's up to me.

Ralph luethy@primenet.com Patricia, I was trying to remember this great show but couldn't remember the name of it so I hit the net. There it was! I can't believe it was 1982! It just doesn't seem that long ago!
If you enjoy TV retrospects check out my page: http://www.primenet.com/~luethy
Thanks for the page. Nicely done.
Thanks for the compliment, Ralph. I'm always glad to spread my wealth of semi-useless knowledge throughout the World Wide Web.

Barbara James BJames17@compuserve.com Hi Patricia I loved your page, I couldn't believe it when I found loads of Gold Monkey fans. Gold Monkey hasn't been on UK television for years. I've been looking for videos for ever, it seems.
Well, you can look forever, Barbara, but they don't exist, at least not legally. Universal still hasn't wised up and released the show on home video. But we're all hoping to change that.

Joe Fisher jfisher@frank.mtsu.edu Hi Pat...my name is Joe fischer and I have just discovered your Web Page..quite by accident.....one problem tho..Im not a Generation Xer...wow..now what do I do..??..little bit older than that...do I still get to correspond..??....anyway..yes..I loved the show..I love that era in time..the clothes...especially the Airplane..the atmosphere...everything.....too bad we cant take a Time Trip and go back and visit those days,....they seem so much more interesting and Romantic....anyway..just wanted to drop you a note...keep up the good work in trying to get the show back on the air..I for one would watch it....I work full time for our local University now as I retired from full time job with one of the major airlines..but....my favorite planes are the DC 3 ...the Huey Helicopter..and any seaplane....so..thats why the show was one of my favorites...keep in touch...Joe
I'm glad you found us, Joe, and that you like the site. And there's no age limit to be a Monkiac. The show is suitable for ages 7 to 107.

Sean Daly sdaly@washcp.com Hey There: I can't believe I found this site! This is one of those shows that plays around in your subconscious and then one day--WHAM! Every once in awhile I find myself humming the theme song. Was Donald Bellisario behind TOTGM? I remember (or at least I think I do) that Magnum's John Hillerman was on the pilot, right?
Yes, Sean, TOTGM was a Belisarius production and John Hillerman did play the evil Nazi villian (I know, that phrase is *way* too redundant) menacing our heroes in the pilot episode.
Anyway, what's the deal with reruns and such? Is there any merchandise (T-shirts, hats, etc.) out there? Please let me know...
Sean Daly
Assistant Editor
Washington City Paper
The deal with reruns is that they're non-existant in most of the world. The series pops up from time to time in countries like Sweden and Australia, but nothing in the US since the USA Network last ran it back in 1990. I've been begging people to write to various cable channels and Universal to try to get the show either on cable or home video, but no word from the Suits yet.
As for merchandise, there were no official shirts or hats. We had T-shirts made up for our 15th Anniversary Gathering last September, which is as close as it comes. The only official merchandise that I know of were two books, the "Tales of the Gold Monkey Storybook" which was a condensed, kiddie version of the pilot with lots of pictures and the "Tales of the Gold Monkey Annual". I managed, with lots of help, to upload almost all of the Annual contents online at http://www.goldmonkey.com/annual/index.html.

J. jdcacm@NorthState.Net Thank you for maintaining this page(boy mainaining is a really sterile word) because I want to see the show back on the air.The last time I saw The show I was very little, but it affected me enough to go searching around the internet for it two years ago(sorry I didn't email then) and I found your page. OK, maybe not two years,but long enough ago that Providence should have put it back on already.Maybe they're just saving it so it will be all the sweeter when it does return. If you can let me know an easy way to get an episode or two,so people won't think Im crazy when I talk about a show they've never seen(like Magnum orQuantum) e-mail me. THANKS!
Well, the easiest way to get an episode or two is for me to make you a video. I have all the episodes on tape. However, I'm swamped with tape requests so it could take quite some time to get to you. However, I can post your message to the bulletin board where perhaps a kind stranger will take pity on you and make you a tape sooner than I can.

Paul Hanson bodiecowleyndoyle@yahoo.com I was watching one of the old planet of the apes series films and talking with colleagues about Roddy McDowell. I asked them if they remembered a series he was in where he was a bar owner. The general consensus was no but I thought the series was called Tales of the Golden Monkey. Later on in the same day I entered the title in on my search engine and no results came back. I then entered Jake Cutter as I semi-remembered the main characters name. Your excellent web site was returned, I entered and was amazed at the detail you have gone into, as well as feeling a strong sense of remorse when I found out that the series is not being shown anywhere anymore. I was young at the time the series was shown in England probably about 8 or 9. I suppose we got to see it a lot later than the states, but it was definitely good bedtime viewing. I can remember one episode hazily, one with Anubis or Set in it and I can remember hiding behind sofas or chairs (I was only young with a vivid imagination!) but upon reading your listing of episodes I saw that it was not shown in the states in the format that I saw, I seem to remember the curse of Egyptian style deity and lots of scary half bloke half jackal type fellows running around killing certain people (Stargate anyone??).
I'm glad your site exists and that It has been proved that TALES OF THE GOLD MONKEY and Jake Cutter were not products of my over TV'ed and fevered imagination.
I don't even know if you still read e-mails about the gold monkey anymore, but it would be nice to hear from you, also it seems apparent that you have the episodes on tape and I wondered if they were available on British PAL format.
Yours Sincerely
Paul Hanson
PS this is the first E-Mail that I have ever sent, so I apologise for poor E-Mail etiquette, but I was inspired by your web Site
Cheers and keep on Gold Monkeying around
Welcome to my web site and the world wide web, Paul. Yes, I still read and post my e-mail messages. I'm glad I was able to bring back some wonderful memories. Unfortunately, I can't help you with PAL videos, since I only can make NTSC ones. But I'll post your request to the bulletin board. Perhaps someone out there can help you. Also, there may be hope for folks in the UK. I noticed among my weekly web statistics that somebody from SKY TV was lurking about. So keep those enthusiastic messages coming. People in high places may be reading them.

Merri Martin martinme@ucs.orst.edu Monkey Goddess, I just tried to get on the page and got a "no DNS" error. What happened?
I wanted to leave a missive about this week's JAG rerun (not one I had seen). Did you (or any other monkiacs) happen to catch that? Our heroes "stumbling" into a Quantum Leap convention, the explanation "Well, you know the guy that produced Magnum P.I. ..." and the conference's main guest, Bellisario himself, stepping into the hotels making nicey - nice with the adoring fans. I think they stole the idea from us!
Was it poetic justice that Bellisario's car got munched by the tank? *giggle*
Hope there's nothing wrong with my favorite website!
I had heard about that episode of JAG but have never seen it. I take it the Don Weasel didn't mention Gold Monkey at all. Maybe if he had, we would have invited him to our convention. Of course, it would have helped if he hadn't cancelled the only e-mail account I knew for him.
Phew! Turns out it was only a temporary glitch in the Web. Got my Monkey fix and am happy now.
I hate that when that happens.
Toby and I have a couple of story ideas -- but we won't commit until it's written (we have a tendancy to overbook ourselves). I suspect there are more people like us around, so don't give up hope of getting all 22 scripts!
We won't. We'll take just about anything, anytime, anywhere.

Tammy Lee SteelBus@webtv.net I have visited your site on June 27, 1998 at 8:09pm (CDT). I am another fan of Mr. Collins. I have enjoyed watching him in anything that he does on the big and small screens. Tales of the Gold Monkey does seem to have dissapeared into the proverbial TV black hole. It would be nice to watch the reruns over and over again.
Tammy Lee
Irving, Tx
No need to be so formal around here, Tammy. We're all pretty loose around here. Come on in and have some fun. That's what we're all about. This is the only place where you can enjoy the Tales of the Gold Monkey thrill. One day, we'll be able to see them on TV again. In the meantime, we're here to help.

Todd jammin@gnt.net Hey man!! Thanks for setting up this cool website. This was one of my favorite shows. In my opinon some of the best shows were for the 80's.
Thanks a lot for your note. I'll be posting it to the bulletin board.

Mei Kwong catseye231@classic.msn.com Hello! Imagine my surprise as I was idly surfing the net one day and saw something on one of my all time favorite TV shows. You can't imagine the delight I felt seeing that I was not alone in the world in my appreciation of "Tales of the Gold Monkey" and of course Stephen Collins.
I thoroughly enjoyed meandering around your sight and was very happy to know that the cast seems very fond of its loyal fans. I also can't believe that the other networks thought ABC had a bona fide hit on its hands but the ABC Nimrods were so short sighted.
I must tell you that the three episodes (four if you include that atrocious cut and paste job of "Curse of the Gold Monkey") I do have on tape of my prized copies. Would you know of anyone who might have the entire series on tape and would be willing to send me copies if I paid for costs? (I also must add that I cherish my Tales of the Gold Monkey picture book too!)
I've got good news and bad news. I've got the entire series on tape and have been making copies for folks. However, I am still swamped with tape requests, so it would take a few months before I could make copies for you. I can put you on the list and post your request to the bulletin board in case someone else out there can help you sooner.
One thing I did notice that was lacking on the fan site was a fan fiction section that most shows seem to have. I have no idea how big of a fan base the show might have or if anyone in the group is fond of writing, but I thought that was odd. I myself have penned a few stories as a creative outlet, but I must admit that the idea of a Gold Monkey story never crossed my mind until recently when I found your site. Can you imagine the great possibilities if the show had gone on for a few years and the group went into WWII? The ideas are endless.
Did Leanne put you up to this? I've been promising a fan fiction area for quite some time, but haven't had the time to put up a formal area. It is coming soon. Really, really. In fact, some of us are working on coming up with stories for Season 2, the season that never was, thanks to those ABC weenies. If you'd like to join in, let me know.
Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into the site.

Jim S starbuck@gate.net Here is a action figure of Jake Cutter I made. Its a Indy Jones figure and a Star Trek the motion picture figure head from his character Decker. And also a G.I Joe hat. I'm still looking for Jack to add to it.. Please feel free to add it to your Home page if you like..
Thanks, I will. BTW, you're lucky I don't work for Hasbro anymore. I'd have to report you for using the Kenner logo and the G.I. Joe hat without permission.

Jake figure in packageJake figure closeup

Jim S starbuck@gate.net Also here two pictures of a Goose at the Smithsonian. They were also showing clips of Cutters Goose on a TV beside the exhibit...

Goose at Smithsonian     Goose at Smithsonian

James Gardner (Jim) gardnej@maritz.co.uk Patricia, I had to e-mail you when i stumbled across your website today. I haven't seen or heard any trace of Tales Of the Gold Monkey since it was last aired in this country (UK) about 14 or 15 years ago, in fact I was so young when it was originally on that all this time i've been calling it 'Cutters Goose', because that was my outstanding memory of the series, apart from thinking it was great.
You may be able to help me with a nagging memory about the series. I seem to remember an episode with a guy who dressed up an one of the eygptian gods, At the end of the episode he gets trapped in a tomb of some sort, after a fight with our intrepid hero. In fact I think they are having a fight while the stone door of the tomb closes behind them and Jake only just gets out, leaving the other guy to die there. Was this an episode? Or am I thinking of another series or TV program that I've seen in the past. I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out.
First of all, welcome Jim. Yes, indeed, you are correct about the episode you recall. It was a Tales of the Gold Monkey episode called 'Trunk From the Past'. If you'd like, you can read the entire script for that episode and all the others, including 2 unproduced ones. Just go to my episode guide, click on the episode title and viola! It's not as good as watching the episode, but it's the next best thing.

WE DID IT! We're up to Bulletin Board #20!! Huz-zah! Huz-zah! See ya there.

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