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Closed: September 17, 1998

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Kathy Maxwell  katmax@magna.com.au  I thought I had written to you before, but looking through your Bulletin Board it looks like I haven't. BTW I hadn't realised you replied to all your e-mails on the Bulletin Board. You have a great site. One of the most comprehensive fan sites I have seen.
Thank you. Now, all I have to do is get my fan fiction section up and running and then it will be complete, sort of.
I remember watching Gold Monkey when I was in High School and loving it. I was disappointed at the time that it didn't come back the following year. I remember someone telling me at the time that the show had been extremely popular down here and rated well. The TV stations wanted more, but there was no way the series was going to be made only for us Aussies.
TOGM has stopped being shown on Disney channel. A friend pulled off 5 eps for me before it vanished, which I will now sit down and watch happily. It's a shame the pilot wasn't one of them, as I remember it being Fantastic. When I told a friend of mine in Sydney that it was on cable, he also remembered the show, and said that he especially thought the pilot was excellent. Here's hoping it ends up on Foxtel again so I can get the whole thing.
Well, there's hope for you, Kathy. Foxtel ran it back a few years ago on TV1. Then it moved over to Optus back in January 1997 when Disney started running it. I would bet that either Disney is just resting the show for a while or someone else will snap it up. Either way, I'm sure the show will be back on soon. Wish I could say the same for the US.

Methinks that Jim's little invention is quite the hit among this crowd.
Karen J. McLean  babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca  Re: The Jake Cutter action figure ... OH MY GOD! It's The *Hat*! Where can I find a Hat like that???
(who's always been a little fixated on The Hat.)
Too bad I don't work for Hasbro any more. Since it belongs to G.I. Joe, I could have got you tons of them. Too late now. Of course, I don't think it will fit you.

Leanne Shawler  volterra@sd.znet.com  I wanna Jake Cutter figure!!!!!!
Where are you manners, Leanne. You should say, "I wanna Jake Cutter figure, please!!!!!!" We may be rabid fanatics, bordering on psychotic, but we must always be polite.

Leanne Shawler  volterra@sd.znet.com  Sorry. "I wanna Jake Cutter figure, pretty please with sugar on top!" (so I can lick the sugar off later ... er, perhaps one shouldn't go there ....
I think you just crossed the psychotic border. :)

Leanne Shawler  volterra@sd.znet.com  There is something indeed to be said for sitting and thinking about a post before sending it. *blush*
Especially when I can post them almost instantaneously. *smirk*

Leanne Shawler  volterra@sd.znet.com  P~~~~~~~~~~~~
Should I post that too?

Leanne Shawler  volterra@sd.znet.com   sure. let's show off the level of my repartee :) What have I got to lose after all?
Monkey Woman, ever the perfect hostess, obeys the wishes of her guest.

Leanne Shawler  volterra@sd.znet.com   oh Hail Monkey Goddess!!!
(Leanne pinions down her hands before she can do any more damage....)
Oh, I do so love to be worshipped. :)

Robin Gillespie  robbiemeister@yahoo.com  OK, I've gotta say it...it's soooo *cute*! Jim, you're both inventive, and practical. "Action Jake, with Kung-Fu grip!"
We could mass produce those puppies and make a mint! I'm grinnin' from ear to ear...;-)
Since I spent six years working for a toy company, I could help run the production.  Of course, we'd need to get a license from Universal or whomever.  It could all be part of the tie-in with the home video release!  So, I guess this means that we'll have to wait forever for all this to happen.

Robin Gillespie  robbiemeister@yahoo.com  Hey, nothing's impossible..!The local station around here is running weekend-long airings of "Airwolf", so I bet they could be persuaded (with the right financial backing, and Universal's release) to air Gold Monkey. What better show would there be on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon--? Fits right in with the older Lone Ranger and Tarzan serials--!

ARIOCH24  ARIOCH24@aol.com  I was a little young to remember specifics about TOTGM but I do remember the show and it's cool to see that someone out tthere actually devoted the time to do a page devoted to it. Do you know of any pics of Caitlin O'Hearney from The Charmings television show? None of my friends seem to remember that show and I was totally in love with Caitlin when she was in it. ( Even though it WAS a really bad show). Thanks!
Sorry, but I did a quick search of the internet and was unable to find much of anything about The Charmings, let alone any pictures of Caitlin. However, I've got many pictures of her, but as Sarah White, not Snow White.

Stephen Dunn  StephenD@graphdata.co.uk  I thought I was the only person alive who remembered Jake + Jack and Corky. - But no, there's a whole website devoted to them.
Yeah, who'dda thunk it? But then, there's a web site for just about everything.
Fantastic, keep up the good work.
Thanks. I'll try.

Brian Wilson  brw71@hotmail.com  Thank you, thank you for confirming that Iam not crazy. I told my wife again and again that there was a show on in the early 80's that was about a pilot in the South Pacific who flew a Grumman Goose and that it was really a great show. She didn't believe me. But now I have proof and am glad that others remember the show. Please let me know if the shows ever make it to home video. I would buy 'em all. I have e-mailed all the people and places listed on your web site plus a few more. I plan on re writing them soon, and let me know if there is anything else I can do to help.
Well, just by writing to me and letting me post your message to the bulletin board is some help. I like to think that one day, somebody in a position of power will read through all these message and take the hint!
Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boy!)
Something tells me, Brian, that people have remarked about your name before. :-)
Patricia Annino (not a Beach Boy or Beach Girl either)

Bernard Wilson  bjwilson@airports.ci.la.ca.us  You are right on the money when you mentioned that the "Flying Tigers" did not see service until December 1941. In fact, their first combat mission wasn't flown until about two weeks past Peral Harbor. In the 1942 movie "Flying Tigers", there is a scene showing John Wayne looking at a calendar marked "December 7, 1941". Later, there is a scene of the pilots listening to Roosevelts speech asking for the declaration of war against Japan. Trouble is, because of the International Date Line, the calendar should have said December 8, with the speech (heard December 8 in the U.S.), being listened to on December 9 by the pilots...IF they were in China at all...
Despite the AVG start in 1941, with combat ops starting December, there WERE pilots in China serving under Claire Chennault in the late 1930's. They were pure mercenaries, and not sponsored by the U.S. govt. They didn't have P-40B's, obviously. So, your main character COULD have served under Chennault, in China, flying against the Japanese. It wouldn't have been as a member of the AVG, so he wouldn't have been a "Flying Tiger."
Nice web site.....thanks for doing it.
Bernard Wilson, Captain, Los Angeles Airport Police
Thanks for all your information and the compliment about my web site, Bernard.

WYLIEFIN  WYLIEFIN@aol.com  Hey, Just wanted to let you know 1) I really used to enjoy this show and 2) I can't believe there is a web site for this show. Just goes to show you what you get for searching for the wildest reference from your childhood you can think off! Keep up the good work!
I'm glad you like the site. The Internet sure is one wild and crazy place, eh?

Greg Joiner  Greg.Joiner@usa.net  Just another Fan note: Bring on the Monkey!

"The Miller Beer Guy"  revjohn@kontrol.com  Great page! -Rev.John

Patrick Bennett  wampahunter@webtv.net  I just stubled across your site. This was one of my favorie shows back in the 80's. Bravo to you! Do you know anyone who has the pilot or any of the episodes on tape that they could sell me or copy for me if I sent them some money? I would realy like to watch this series again.
Thanks for the compliment, Patrick. I have all the episodes on tape but I'm swamped with requests right now. However, I'll post your message to the bulletin board in case somebody else can help you.

Kathy Maxwell  katmax@magna.com.au  I finally got an email back from TV1 and they told me they have NO plans to re-purchase Gold Monkey, and the Disney Channel say we are probably going to have to wait a year to see it again. What can I say: bummer!!
Well, at least that means the Disney Channel still owns the rights. If we can get enough nice Aussies to politely ask Disney to reair the series sooner, maybe they'll comply. What was the address that you used and did the reply you got have somebody's name on it?

Kathy Maxwell  katmax@magna.com.au  According to Disney they have lost the rights, which is why it is not on now. They implied that they were trying to get the rights back for 'Tales' and 'starman'. They had been showing both shows back to back. I didn't get an email from them. I phoned theri local office in Sydney. I could try again if you want and see if I can get some more specific information.
Hmmm...I'd hate to have you keep calling them, Kathy. Let's see. Perhaps you could contact them just once more to get an e-mail address and a snail mail address for the channel's programming department. Letters of support are much more effective than phone calls. Maybe you could also ask them if there's anyone the fans could contact to help the Disney Channel secure the rights again. Who knows, if the fans help the Disney Channel in Australia, maybe they'll repay the favor and get Tales of the Gold Monkey for their channels in the US and UK. Anything's possible.

Anthony Amorosi  AnthonyAFA@aol.com  Nice job on the info. I use to watch this show religiously. I'm a Private Pilot now and found your web page through a Grumman Goose link. I love these planes. I hope through your efforts the show ends up on cable. It was a good adventure show without the soap opera antics and sexual inuendo of today's misguided programming. Thanks.
Thanks, Anthony. And you're right. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

Kathy Maxwell  katmax@magna.com.au  I called 'Disney' today and asked for an email address to enquire about programming. They gave me the following name and address: keith_roach@disney.studio.com
So, we should give him a go and ask about getting gold monkey back don't you think? I've Disney can play it here, why not in the states??? It's worth trying.
Anything's worth trying. Thanks, Kathy. Did the Disney people you talked to tell you Keith Roach's title? Does he control the programming on the Disney Channel only in Australia or other countries? BTW, did the person you talked to give you an update on the status of TOTGM in Austrailia? Gee, it's strange being the one asking the questions, not answering them.

Kathy Maxwell  katmax@magna.com.au  You are going to be a bit dissapointed in my answer here. I rang up and asked for an email address for programming, but I didn't ask anything else. I have a horrible suspison they are getting to know me at Disney. I get the strong impression I am the only one in all of Sydney asking about either TOGM or 'starman' (I like both shows). I'm sort of reluctant to bother them too often because of that reason. I thought that the email address might be good for a new angle. BTW they didn't give me his title.
Do you want me to email Keith Roach and ask him?
a) when will TOGM be back??
b) does he only do the programming in Sydney?
c) Does he have a contact in the states for programming (email)?
It couldn't hurt. The worst that can happen is that he just ignores you. I'm getting used to that in this crusade.
So far I have watched: 'trunk from the past', 'the late Sarah white' & legends are forever' off my sole TOGM tape. I've fast forwarded the tape enough to know that 'The sultan of swat' is next. I don't know what the last episode is yet. They are not in order.
This web address might be of some use. It is the website for The Disney Channel in the US http://www.disney.com/DisneyChannel/
We tried that a year and a half ago when the show first popped up on Disney in Australia. We all got the same form e-mail stating that they had no plans to air Tales of the Gold Monkey at that time. WEENIES!!!
I'm off to Europe next week for 2 months. I'll keep an eye out for any TOGM items while I am there if you want.
Just have fun while you're there. But if you happen to stumble upon some merchandise (I'm still trying to get my hands on the comics from the UK.), then feel free to snatch some up.

Barry Nugent  barry.a.nugent@deloitte.co.uk  Hi there I doubt anyone would remember me as it's been quite a few years since I posted a note to one of my favourite sites(it's taken me this long to get net access). I've now graduated from college and I'm busy working(obviously not at the moment). Anyway it great to see the site has grown so much since I last visited it(cool theme song download). I doubt anyone can help me but I'm still trying to get hold of any TOTGM episodes even if it's only one.
I've just created my own site at http://members.tripod.com/~paladin_4/Index.HTM Where I've got a link to your home page. If anyone can remember the last time I posted a letter I was trying to finish my first novel. Well it's finished and if you visit my site you should be able to download the first three chapters. It's called Paladin and it's written in the style of TOTGM and Raiders of the lost ark but it's a modern day adventure.
Anyway must dash
If she's still out there Hi lesley Pohl!!! e-mail me!
Welcome back, Barry. Yes, I remember you. It has been a while. Thanks for the link. I'm sorry nobody's been able to help you with tapes out there, but don't give up hope. And we seem to have "misplaced" Lesley. You're not the only one who wants to hear from here.

Melissa B. Stets  mbstets@bellatlantic.net  Dear Patricia, I just about wet my pants when I stumbled into your website. My adoration for the show began when I was seven years old. My best friend Christopher and I would watch the show religiously and then act out every episode (to the best of our memories). We were heartbroken when the show went off the air and we have been lost without being able to watch the reruns.
I hope that your noble efforts are rewarded. I believe that I still have the Gold Monkey storybook about the first episode and I think that this will inspire me to go for a hunt through my stored books.
Good luck.
Melissa Stets
McKeesport, Pennsylvania
Hello Melissa, welcome to the wonderful world of Monkeydom. I'm glad you like the site and that it's inspired you, but I'm sorry that I'm responsible for your near incontinence. Come back soon when your bladder is better. :-)

Graywolf  CnisLupis@aol.com  I am number 36780, my name is GRAYWOLF..., I don't know if I am deserving of the title of GOLD MONKIAC. I loved the series and never missed when it was on. I forgot the actuall name of the show I thought all these years it was ISLE OF THE GOLDEN MONKEYS. I saw your site as I was surfing for some other great shows that the suit dweebs in television land opted to pull off the air to make room for bullshit like MELROSE PLACE and crap like that : ).
The site is awesome. I really enjoyed hearing the theme song again after all these years. I think your site is outstanding and is well written. How can I get on the program to get reruns put back on the air. Talk later.
I'm glad you like the site, Graywolf. Just by sending me this e-mail, you've helped in our attempt to get reruns on somewhere. I'm currently doing more research for addresses and such to contact people in a position to help us. Stay tuned.

Mary Ellen Daugherty  freesoul@pronet.net  Just found your web site quite accidentally and am delighted to find others like me who thought Tales of the Gold Monkey was a terrific show! Don't have too much time today to visit but I'll certainly be back!
I sure hope so. I think you'll like the place.

DON NAYLOR  gitana@rocketmail.com  For someone who has been to Australia in recent years, to find out that the show was on and I didn't get to see it, I can only say AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH.
Love your web page.
Stats For The Marketers.
25yo SWM College educated, Aerospace Researcher (big fan of the grumman goose) Living in Canada.
Take Care And Keep Up The Good Work Patricia.
If it makes you feel any better, Don, the show has stopped airing in Australia. And maybe soon we'll get it back on in Canada. Thanks for the compliment and the stats.

Alf Nordahl  mac_the_black@mailexcite.com  Tales of the gold monkey was one of my favorite TV shows back in the early eighties when it was released in Sweden for the first time. It seem unbelievable that there´s people who doesn´t remember it, Disney´s "Tale spin" is undoubtedly inspired by TOTGM. I think your site is simply marvelous, i have seen many sites dedicated to TV-shows, but non of them were as good as this. I´m afraid i have to correct Anders Nordström who stated that the swedish cable-channel TV6 was going to "send 12 episodes in no particular order". They did send them in the correct order, but unfortunately only the 10 episodes from 1982. As if that wasn´t enough TV6 has now become a pay-TV channel, and it doesn´t seem like they have any plans to send the remaining episodes anyway. It would be wonderful if you could make copies for me of the 1983 episodes and "Shanghaied" (i was stupid enough to forget to program my VCR). I don´t mind waiting for a couple of months, after all i have waited 15 years to se the show again so a few months more won´t matter. So if you could put me on your waitinglist and tell me how much to send you for tapes (SP) and postage and were to send it i would be very greatful.
I'm glad you like the site, Alf, and I'm sorry that TOTGM is no longer airing in Sweden. I have all the episodes on video, but there are two problems. First, I have a long waiting list, so it could be several months before I could make tapes for you. And secondly, I can only make videos in NTSC format, not PAL, the European standard. But I'll post your message to the bulletin board. Maybe somebody else out there can help.

Steve  Shdwmstr05@aol.com  Dear Monkies, This page totally rules! I would love to get the goose on TV again! Count me in!
Thanks, Steve. Consider yourself counted.

Barry Nugent  barry.a.nugent@deloitte.co.uk  Just a quick note to say hi again to all the TOTGM fans and to put out two heart felt pleas.

  1. Please if there are any fans(ones in England would be very helpful) who could help me get hold of a copy of one or more episodes of the show I would be forever in their debt.
  2. If any anyone gets the chance to visit my website by all means take a look at my story 'Paladin' and download some chapters. I feel that the fans of TOTGM,especially 'The Gneech'(sorry to find out you're winding down astounding adventures quarterly as I had a couple of stories to submit to you finally) may enjoy the type of adventure story I have written. Please feel free to send me any comments you have or post them on the TOTGM bulletin board. Your responses will help me decide whether I pursue my story further and actually attempt to get published.
Before I sign off you may or may not know there was a graphic novel called 'China Seas' which was very much in the mould of TOTGM. It featured a seaplane, an adventurous pilot, a permanently drunk co-pilot and a 13 year old martial arts expert/sidekick. I really enjoyed it. It later became a short-lived comic series...look out for it, if you can find it.
PS I've now set my PC so that it plays the TOTGM theme music when it powers up.
Thanks for the info, Barry. When I get a chance, I'll read your story and let you know what I think. And I thought I was the only one who had the TOTGM theme play during the Windows startup.

Patrick Bennett  wampahunter@webtv.net  Hi Particia. I was just searching again for anyone who had the series on video and would be willing to copy it for me. Or at least just the pilot for right now. I am dying to see this show again. It would be worth its wight in gold! (gold monkies that is). Wouldn't it also be cool if someone like ICONS would make a replica of the Gold Monkey statue. Thanks again for bringing this site to us and keeping the candle lit for the greatest 80's show ever made.
Thanks, Patrick. You're still on my list for tapes, if that's any comfort. If you'd like just the pilot first, maybe I could sneak that in, but you'd have to wait in line for the rest of the series. For just one tape, it's $5 ($2 for the blank tape, $3 for postage) in the US. Of course, you save more when you buy in bulk because the postage is lower. Let me know if you're interested.

Mark Duqueno  mduq@globalnet.co.uk  Patricia, I Love You.
Aw, gee, I'm blushing. :)
I can't believe someone else in the whole world actually remembers Tales of the Gold Monkey, and your web site is excellent! I haven't seen this series since 1983, with the exception of one episode I taped at the time - 'Last Chance Louis' and still have. Do you know how frustrating it is to have access to only one episode?
I know how frustrating it is to have access to no episodes, which is part of the reason I started this site. Maybe soon, we'll get the show on in reruns in more countries, like the US, Canada and the UK.
Thank you and don't stop.
I have no plans to stop, at least not until the whole world gets access to TOTGM.
Fond regards,
P.s. I have the theme music on one of my web sites - Vintage television themes Archive (http://members.tripod.com/~mduq) Drop by, perhaps there is something else of interest there....? Also you may be interested in The Dick Turpin Tribute Page (http://www.byoc.com/homepage/151314/index.htm)
Thanks for the links, Mark. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with Dick Turpin. I'm not sure if it aired here in the US.

Kyle Lince  lince@tds.net  Dear Patricia I, too, want to see the Gold Monkey on the air again. I love the page, it brings back a lot of fond memories. The only thing of the Gold Monkey I've seen recently was a storybook based on the pilot episode from Random House. It was tucked away in the corner of a dollar store. Naturally, I picked up a number of copies.
Count me in the revival
Thanks, Kyle, you're duly counted. BTW, if you ever want to part with some of those bargain storybooks, I'm sure there are Monkiacs who would gladly pay you a fair price for them. What store did you find them at and do they still have copies?

Mika Markkanen  mika.markkanen@nettilinja.fi  Hi! Thanks for those magnificent pages of yours! All the info about the series in one place! Actually I have visited them before (one of the first things I did as I learned to surf the net was to look up Gold Monkey!) but now that I got my own pc I´ll be stopping by more often. I still remember it like it was yesterday, when Golden Monkey aired here in Finland. If only we somehow got a rerun here... Few series have had that kind of impact on me, Galactica perhaps is an another one. No high hopes of a rerun Mika Markkanen
I'm sorry you haven't been able to see Gold Monkey on TV in a while. Until we get reruns on in more countries, my web site will just have to do.

Kyle Lince  lince@tds.net  The Gold Monkey Storybook I found was based on the pilot episode. It has tons of great color pictures. It also has the opening pages that list the main characters.
I found it in an "Everything for a Dollar" store in Albany New York. I'm not sure if they have more, but I'm heading that way in about a week.
I'll let everyone in Upstate New York know where the books are. Finding a copy in a retail store is very rare. The only other ways I know how to get a copy is to do an out-of-print book search or find it online. Right now, somebody is auctioning a copy on Ebay for $15. Looks like you got a bargain.

LaCier Vincent  DarkVyper@my-dejanews.com  I've been visiting your Gold Monkey page today, and I'm very impressed!! This is one of the best fan pages I have ever seen. I also agree that this show was sorely underrated and underappreciated. I also "came of age" in the early 80's. I remember looking at TV guide's "new shows" issue when TGM was to debut. I knew at that time that this would be a hit. I hadn't counted on ABC being pretty stupid, however.
Gee, networks executives being stupid? Who'dda thunk it? :)
I've downloaded the BBS logs, and might be able to order the video tape. I wish that I would have looked for TGM on the web before today.
BTW, I understand that Cutter's Goose is based in Seattle. I think that I saw it a few years ago. Even tho I've moved away from Seattle (about 100 miles), I'll see if I can get back there and look the plane up. I'm sure fans would be intersted in seeing the Goose again.
Right now, I'm not exactly sure where the Goose is. I know that Seattle Seaplanes sold it to a private individual, but I don't remember the details. What I do remember is that Seattle Seaplanes painted the Goose blue, so it no longer looks like Cutter's Goose. What a crime!!!

Christopher Mills  Nightmark@aol.com  Patricia, I recently discovered your Tales Of The Gold Monkey site, and I'm greatly impressed. I remember the series quite fondly -- I was fifteen or so when it first aired, and being both a Magnum PI and Indiana Jones fan (Yeah, I even like High Road To China) I loved TOTGM. Since then, I've become a huge fan of '30s-style adventure stories, from pulp heroes like Doc Savage, Republic movie serials, and comic strips like Terry & The Pirates. Because of that, I've now been able to see where Lucas, Spielberg and Bellisaro found their inspirations for Indiana Jones and Jake Cutter.
I'll be sending letters to Universal; I'd prefer to have the series on video than be subject to the whims of network schedules, and I hope your other visitors are writing to them, too. I'll be spreading the word.
And, I've learned something from your site, too (well, I've learned a buncha things) -- I'd always assumed that the series was shot in Hawaii, using the same production facilities and crews as Magnum. I was quite surprised to find that the show was actually shot on the lot at Universal City!
Well, I'll be stopping by again. Keep up the good work.
Christopher Mills
Shadow House Press
Thanks for the compliment and the support. Sooner or later, the folks at Universal will get the hint and release the show on video. In the meantime, there's always my web site to keep you company.

Alden Scott Crow  pmc@lodinet.com  Hello! I really enjoyed your Website for "Tales of the Gold Monkey." Thank you. I can't claim to be a FAN of the series, as I only caught a few of the episodes when they first ran, and I have never seen them in syndication. But I would love to see them again. Put me down as one of the many who calls for bringing back the "Monkey." They sure beat most of what passes for TV these days.
You've done a lot of good work. Thank you. Take care!
Thanks for the support. Maybe if you keep visiting the site, you could be assimilated into the Monkiac Collective. There are certainly worse things that could happen. :)

William  WBynum5230@aol.com  Wow! I never dreamed there was a web page for one of my all-time favorite shows (Tales of the Gold Monkey) ... but there you are! Thanks so much for taking the time to put together this amazing page ... and for coordinating efforts to get the show either back on the air or at least released on video. I'm taking part in most aspects of your write-in campaign so we'll see how it goes!
I'm 29 and remember vividly watching the show every week it was on ... and thinking that it was just fabulous! Like you, I'm not a fanatic when it comes to any TV show ... but I would like to see the show again!
Thanks again!
You're welcome, William. I'm glad to be of service. For the time being, in lieu of reruns, my humble site will have to do. Thanks for writing to me and to the powers that be.

MMartin871@aol.com  MMartin871@aol.com  it's funny.... i am so thrilled that you have started this web page.... i loved that t.v. show 'cuz i am an avid Goose lover.... and every time i tell people of the show they say "what show".... so, know you are living proof!!! thanks!!
You're welcome. I think I'll add the title "living proof" to my resume now. :)

Joel  Joelmama@aol.com  Do you know of any videos for sale of "Tales of the Gold Monkey"? If so, please let me know where I can purchase them. Thanks.
Ah, the most frequently asked question. Here's the most frequently given answer. The series isn't hasn't been issued on home video, but I do have all the episodes on tape and have been making copies for folks. However, I'm swamped with orders, so there's about a four month wait for tapes. I can post your request to the bulletin board in case somebody else can help you sooner.

Bill Holiday  wholiday@yahoo.com  My name is Bill Holiday. I can remember watching this show when I was a kid... let's see...hmm...1982? I was 14 years old! This was my favorite show!!! I was on the net and figured why not take a few seconds a see if anyone was cool enough to like this show too. I don't know anyone who even remembers it. Anyway, I think that your site is way cool. Hey, what kind of dog was Jack???
Thanks for the way cool compliment, Bill. I believe Jack (real name, Leo) was a terrier mix of some sort. I've read that he was a fox terrier, Jack Russell, Staffordshire Bull, among others. He may have been a mutt, but he was a cute little mutt.

Evan R Hanson  e_hanson@mailexcite.com  Patricia, You don't know how great a service you have performed. Just when a guy is pushing 30 he discovers he is not the only Gold Monkiac in the world. I can't believe that I haven't seen an episode since 1983, I missed the reruns on USA. I can't believe I never searched the web for info on Tales but I can be a bit obtuse at times if I hadn't stumbled across your page I would still be working and not enjoying myself. I just wanted to say thanks for a great site about a great series. Evan
It's my pleasure, Evan. And maybe some day soon, you'll be able to watch it again. We're gonna keep on trying until we get it on cable or video.

Hollie Prefer  hprefer@mail.techpark.sunysb.edu  I Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the site on Tales of the Gold Monkey. I thought I was the only one who remembered the show. I was just talking about it to someone the other day and they looked at me like I had two heads. When I found the site I was so excited. I also wanted to tell you that I found myself laughing alot. I almost got in trouble for laughing too loud. I'm at work and they frown on that. I want to lend my support to have the show brought back in sydication so, I will write to the different places you suggested. I hope it works. Thank you for brightening up my day.
You're welcome, Hollie. I'm glad you enjoyed the site. And in the future, I'll include warnings like: The following web site includes humorous passages. Worker discretion is advised. :)

Gsc32@aol.com  Gsc32@aol.com  i want that show back on the air i want those shows
Okay, I'll see what I can do.

Another Gold Monkey bigwig pays a call...
Don Baer 
donbaer@earthlink.net  Hi Patricia, I recently joined the rest of the world and as one of my first tasks, I had to make a trip to the Marivellas and the Monkey Bar and say hello to a number of people I haven't spoken to in a long time. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the gathering. Harvey Laidman said it was a lot of fun. Was it because the Clipper was full and I couldn't book a seat? I would have loved to have worn my Monkey jacket. I really enjoyed reading your web page and once again return to the days of balmy breezes, warm sand, and high adventure!
My address is donbaer@earthlink.com
All the best.
Don Baer
Thanks for coming by. I'm glad you liked the site. I'm really sorry you couldn't make it to last year's Gathering. Unfortunately, we don't have one planned for this year, but we'll definitely throw a huge bash for the 20th Anniversary in 2002, and maybe we'll get enough people together to hold one before then.
Please feel free to stop by again anytime.

Scott  greenguy@comsource.net  Hi there, how about adding TV Land to the list to try to get to air the series. They've been running some short lived series from the late 70's and early 80's on the weekends.A few minutes cut for time is better than no episodes at all. What kind of quality are your episodes? Are they from ABC or USA Network? Tapes were expensive here back when Monkey aired(24.99 each) and I taped several series back then and only managed to get 2 episodes from ABC. I have a few more I taped from USA, and the rest I got from a trade, and they aren't the best quality, but anything is better than nothing and I'm thankful I have them.Glad to see the Monkey site still going strong!
It wouldn't hurt to try TV Land now that the problems between Universal and Viacom are over. I've been to their website, but I can't find an e-mail address for them. I'll track down the snail mail address and post it when I revamp this site.
I got my episode copies from a few sources. Someone at Universal, who shall remain nameless, sent me copies of the first three episodes. Tom Greene, a writer/producer for the show, sent me copies of the last 7 episodes. And a nice Monkiac sent me copies of the episodes he taped off of ABC. Personally, though, I'd prefer it if Universal would just put the show on video. It would save me the time and money of making the videos myself.

Kathy Fleming  Lockhavn@gte.net  Hey, if anybody's interested in holding another Gathering before 2002, count me in! I am still kicking myself for having missed the 15th by *months*! Of all the cons I do each year, I'd have given them all up for that. So, really, if anybody seriously talks about doing one before the 20th, let me know. I'm there. I'm the Goddess of Organization. I'll help put it together. But, if I really have to wait until 2002, I guess I can try and deal with it. It will be hard. But I know you'll all be there for me...
Maybe we'll do one next year if there's any interest. Of course, it's not just a matter of rounding up the fans. We've gotta get those cast and crew members!
So, how's the Virtual Second Season doing? As Karen knows, I've been working on a virtual reunion show. Maybe by 2002 I'll be done with it < g >.
Judging by how slow things are going, we may have to make TOTGM a mid-season replacement. Or maybe we could do a series of specials instead. :)

Jungle Joe  jlewis@loxinfo.co.th  Greetings from Southeast Asia!
Love your web site. Great fan of Tales of the Gold Monkey but unfortunately only saw a few over here from time to time. How can I help with your campaign because I have selfish reasons as well?
I am opening a pub & eatery in Phuket called Jungle Joe's and I would love to have vdo's of the program to show from time to time. I would also love to get my hands on posters, etc to put on the walls. Do you know where I can do that? Also posters of the Grumman Goose?
Would enjoy hearing from you.
Thanks for a great web site.
Well, Joe, I can't help you directly. I can't send you videotapes of the show to show in your pub because that would be illegal. You could write to Universal to ask them for a tape and permission to use it. They may like the publicity.
I've never seen any Tales of the Gold Monkey posters, but I have seen promotional pictures being sold on the web. Most of them just feature the stars, so they might not be of interest to you. Again, maybe Universal may be able to send you something.
Good luck!

AgentM590@aol.com  AgentM590@aol.com  Your web site is great! I loved this show and I was totally bummed when it was taken off the air. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!
You're welcome. That's what it's there for.

Richard J. Phillips  rich@chums.demon.co.uk  Pleased to see your "Tales of the Gold Minkey" site is still active (spelling works if spoken in Inspector Closeau accent). I hope that someday they may be repeated on a UK satellite channel.. Ho hum.
Just to tell you that the link from your page to "Magnum PI" no longer works. Everything changes.. time deranges men and women and mountain ranges!
Thanks for your note and the heads-up on the out-of-date link. One day, I'll fix it. Really, I will. I'd fix it sooner, but for some strange reason, I can't find anybody to pay me to work full-time on it. Darn!

Imelda Santos  isantos@mail.win.org  I was wondering, do you think the Sci-Fi Channel would consider showing TOTGM? They don't air just pure science fiction shows, e.g., Forever Knight (or Wonder Woman!), so maybe a marginally fantasy series like TOTGM could be shown.
It's worth a try, but it's definitely a long-shot. They can barely justify vampires and superheros. I don't think that TOTGM is "far out" enough for them.

Kathy Fleming  Lockhavn@gte.net  Well, you can count on me for a reunion whenever. I'll help where I can. But you're right, we need the cast and crew. What kinds of cool bribes..I mean...rewards can we offer? :D
I'll do whatever it takes. I have no shame. :)
Hey, you know what? I'm in Atlanta right now at DragonCon. My evening event was cancelled, so I'm back in my hotel room catching up on some major e-mail (I'm actually dealing with getting FAN mail right now. Long story).
Spill it!
And you know who I've been hangin' with (well, hanging briefly with)? Anne Lockhart. She's here with the Battlestar folks (Richard Hatch and Herb Jefferson). We talked about TotGM, and she said she loved doing that episode. I think it's great how so many people connected with the show have such fond memories. Anyway, I told her about this site, and she was amazed to find out such a thing existed. I told her she should check it out, and I don't know if she has Internet access or is into this kind of thing, but maybe she'll stop by. Anyway, we talked about the Battlestar/TotGM episode similarity and all, and I have to tell you that she is one of the sweetest people I've ever met! She's one of those people I could just hang out and talk with about anything. So, I thought I'd pass that along. I am taking a whole bunch of pictures (a good portion of the Babylon 5 cast is here, along with a whole bunch of cool people), and I'll pass my Anne picture along when I get it developed back home.
As for the virtual second season, yeah, maybe a series of specials. Like "Alien Nation" did.
Well, time to go hobnob with the stars < g >. Maybe Anne will come to the reunion... (I'll be seeing her again next month, in fact)
What? Another convention? Why don't these larger conventions ever think to invite the TOTGM folks? It would save me time and money planning these things myself.

Kathy Fleming and Anne LockhartKathy Fleming  Lockhavn@gte.net  Patricia, I'm back home. And here's my picture of me and Gold Monkey alum Anne...

Pat  nwoptical@coastnet.com  Hey this is great!
However as my kids tell me, repeatedly, I'm a generation x'er. Is that spelt ok? I need pictures.
Well, Pat, I've got plenty of pictures. If you haven't found them already, check them out at http://www.goldmonkey.com/picspage.html. Hope you like them.

Scott Greig  sgreig@shrike.depaul.edu  Greetings again, O Monkey Woman!!! (I posted a message late last year)
Just got through breezing through all the Monkey House (did I get it right?) entries from late 1997 through the most recent one (and my eyes are still on strike from it!) A few comments, if I may:
As long as I'm allowed to make comments too.
About William Handley's dissertation, "Children of the '80s": LONG LIVE THE '80S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW: about Nickelodeon's You Can't Do That On Television: remember what happened every time Moose said "I don't know"???)
Guess I was too old for that. After all, I was a Teen of the '80s.
On the French run of TOTGM being titled simply, "Jake Cutter": I remember seeing American reruns in France in 1989, and the titles were similarly unimaginative. "Hill Street Blues" became "Capitaine Furillo", "The Fall Guy" became "L'homme qui tombe a flics" (The Man Who Falls In Pictures), and "Blue Thunder" (any closet Blue Thunderphiles out there?) became "Tonnere de Feu" (Thunder of Fire). Yowza.
I'm sure quite a few of the Gold Monkiacs out there would like to get a fifty-mission-crush hat like Jake wears. A recent talk with a vintage uniform dealer revealed that most original fifty-mission-crush caps bring price tags that start with four digits, ditto original flight jackets (plus they generally need a professional appraisal.) However, I recently purchased a rather nice looking reproduction of a fifty-mission-crush hat from a mail-order store called Mass Army Navy. I don't have the address at present (will forward when I find it), but it looks to be of good quality, comes with a reproduction gold officer's fixture attached and sells for something around $50.00.
I hope to see the "damn fanfic page" posted soon; it'll be a nice opportunity to see the story continue on beyond the much-too-short one season.
Yeah, yeah. One day I'll do it. Of course, I've been promising fan fiction for two years. I'm quite the procrastinator.
Also, it's nice to see more Monkiacs drifting into the website like Japanese soldiers coming in out of the jungle years after World War 2 ended. I'm especially impressed to see that the show's gotten such a following all over the world.
Quality travels well.
Finally, O Monkey Woman, could you possibly put me on the waiting list for videos of the show? I know it'll be a long wait; no hurry, this may be what finally motivates me to get the family VCR repaired!
Consider yourself listed.
Port engine's sputtering...better land this thing.
P.S. Has anyone ever heard anything about what Marta DuBois or John Fujioka are doing today? I always liked Miss DuBois...even as a 9 or 10 year old I found myself thinking of her as something of a hot babe, in some weird way!
Thanks to the handy-dandy Internet Movie Database, I can tell you that Marta DuBois will be appearing in a movie called "Luminarias" (looks like a low-budget, independent flick) featuring Scott Bakula and Cheech Marin. The last listing for John Fujioka is "Prey of the Jaguar" in 1996.
P.P.S. For fanfic, has anyone dared discuss the possibility of creating a couple of new regular or semi-regular characters? Just a thought....
I don't think anybody's considered adding new regulars, but recurring characters sound good to me.

Scott Greig  sgreig@shrike.depaul.edu  Greetings again, Monkey Woman!
In follow up to yesterday's listing of a supplier for reproduction "50 mission crush" hats, here's the name and address:

Mass Army Navy
15 Fordham Road
Boston, MA 02134
Ordering # (800) 343-7749
Item number is AHB050. Available in sizes 7-7 3/4, it retails for $59.99 plus S&H per my most recent catalog. Upon re-examination of my specimen, I found that the bill is the double-ply, stitched type that can't be rolled up. Other than that it really looks sharp.
Thanks for the info. Kinda scary. That's not too far from me.

Scott Rosenberg  rosenbergs@cnet.com  Thanks for having this site. I loved this show as a child and have sometimes wondered if I didn't just dream it up as a memory, as it was so short lived and then dissappeared forever.
Hopefully not forever, Scott. It'll come back here one day. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday. Until then, we'll just have to keep ourselves occupied somehow.

Michael C. Hurley  squeekyballs@webtv.net  I haven't seen the show since 1982.
I loved that show!
It was right up there with Strike Force!
Glad you liked it.

Fernando Prieto  cornan@df1.telmex.net.mx  Dear Patricia: Just to make sure I'm no number-with-no-name, let me tell you I picked up your page from Pirate King's. I enjoyed my visit (never heard of Gold Monkey before).
Congratulations and good regards to you,
Fernando Prieto
I'm glad you enjoyed the site. Thanks for taking the time to write.

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