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Robin Gillespie  robbiemeister@yahoo.com  Ahem...To Scott's comment on the second season:
We're working on it, we're working on it--! Sheesh, one little deadline... But as to new characters and/or reoccuring characters, I think that can be arranged. In fact, I know that at least two stories will have new characters in them.
BTW, if anyone wants to be part of the writer's staff at Season 2, I don't think Leanne would mind. Would you, Leanne--??

Kate  LilFigment@aol.com  Just stopping by to be counted again. Maybe someone with power and influence will stumble across your site. I would love to see TOTGM on the air again, or at the very least in video, so I could keep them forever. I do have a link to your site on my web page Kate's Homepage. I know if it every comes on a channel we get, I'd go buy several tapes to tape them on.
Thanks for the support and the link, Kate. You're link has just been put up on the bulletin board along with your note.

Scott Greig  sgreig@shrike.depaul.edu  About William Handley's dissertation, "Children of the '80s": LONG LIVE THE '80S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW: about Nickelodeon's You Can't Do That On Television: remember what happened every time Moose said "I don't know"???)
Guess I was too old for that. After all, I was a Teen of the '80s.
Somebody else out there should remember it and report in. I can't have been the only viewer of that show!
The only thing I remember about that show is slime. As a child of the '70s, my kiddie show viewing seemed to revolve around the works of Sid and Marty Krofft.
I hope to see the "damn fanfic page" posted soon; it'll be a nice opportunity to see the story continue on beyond the much-too-short one season.
Yeah, yeah. One day I'll do it. Of course, I've been promising fan fiction for two years. I'm quite the procrastinator.
Have people sent much fan fiction in? I'm sure we all have our "ideas"...
It's trickling in. But then, we're all grown-ups now with WAY too many responsibilities. Sure sucks, don't it!
Port engine's sputtering...better land this thing. Brings something to mind: how the hell did Corky manage to do aircraft maintenance on Boragora? It looks like all they had to work with was hand tools (unless Willie was nice enough to let them use the machine shop next to the secret radio room....)
Simple. Corky was a mechanical genius and this was television. 'Nuff said. :)
P.S. Has anyone ever heard anything about what Marta DuBois or John Fujioka are doing today? I always liked Miss DuBois...even as a 9 or 10 year old I found myself thinking of her as something of a hot babe, in some weird way!
Thanks to the handy-dandy Internet Movie Database, I can tell you that Marta DuBois will be appearing in a movie called "Luminarias" (looks like a low-budget, independent flick) featuring Scott Bakula and Cheech Marin.
Cheech Marin and Marta DuBois?! "Heey, Princees Ko-jee baby, que paso, thees ees Cheech, I need to, I need to move some, like, Boragora Gold, man, and I need some, you know, pro-tec-shun for thees chit, like, uh, like that cool Ninja dude you got there...." :-P~~~~~~~~~~~

Ron  DredStripe@aol.com  Man, I thought that I was the only one who remembered that great show! I just happened to stumble across your page using Yahoo! after typing in the show's title on a whim. It's wonderful. I've joined your letter writing campaign already by using the TNT address and will snail mail the others. If you have any information on anyone having the shows on tape, please let me know. I would be willing to work out some kind of deal with them to dub them for me. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the support with the campaign, Ron. And yes, there are tapes to be had, but there's a catch. I have a 4 month long waiting list. I'll put you on it and post your request to the bulletin board in case somebody else out there can help you quicker.

Canyon-Epoch  canyon@eni.net  I'm a fan of Stephen Collins and remembers this show from years ago!
Great website!
Thanks. And you'd be happy to know that Stephen Collins has his own web site chock full of goodies. If you haven't been there already, check it out at http://www.stephencollins.com.

Imelda Santos  isantos@mail.win.org  Hi, I should have written earlier but work got in the way :). Anyway, I just wanted to say that today, Sept 17th, is Roddy McDowall's 70th birthday. Anyone who wants to can leave a message at http://www.nav.cc.tx.us/staff_pages/dana/roddy/guestbook_roddy.html
Thanks, Mel. I know how pesky work can be.
And on a much sadder note, you may have already read this tragic story from Army Archerd. I'm still in a bit of a state of shock.

Roddy McDowall has terminal cancer
By Army Archerd, Daily Variety Senior Columnist Sep. 18, 1998, 12:08 a.m./ET

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - I phoned Roddy McDowall on Wednesday to wish him a happy 70th birthday -- only to be told he was unable to come to the phone; he was resting and, I was further informed, he is terminally ill with cancer.

The suddenness of this illness has shocked us. Roddy was as recently as last month busily helping with the celebration of the 30th anniversary of "Planet of the Apes'' for which he did a special video, having starred in four of the five features.

McDowall is one of Hollywood's strongest supporters -- not only the industry, its players and its product, but a constant and active contributor to the Motion Picture and TV Fund with royalties from his beautiful books, "Double Exposure,'' his photos of friends, the great and near/great, along with stories about them. He has also been a tireless worker and board member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

From the time he started in the biz here in John Ford's "How Green Was My Valley'' (1941) through the "Lassie'' and "Flicka'' films, on to Broadway and a Tony, back to Hollywood, the "Planet of the Apes" and the small screen series. He also won an Emmy for "Not Without Honor.'' He segued between drama, comedy, family and horror films and musicals. He has been a true friend and supporter of the biz and Roddy has also been a constant confidant and close friend to Elizabeth Taylor, at her side during all of her illnesses and marital travails. We all wish Roddy well.

Leanne Shawler  volterra@sd.znet.com  Noooo .... not Roddy!!! Are there any details at all of what kind -- because I can't relate this news to my husband without him asking what kind it is, and then he'll give me precise details on the progression of the disease. That's what ya get for marrying a cancer researcher!
All I know is what I've read and posted. All the other stories I've seen regarding this have referred to the original Army Archerd story and he didn't know the type of cancer involved. I'll keep my eyes and ears open though.
Onto other stuff: I remember You Can't Do That On Television! And yes, Robin -- more writers would be very very welcome! And to let everyone know: the first three episodes have been written -- the fourth has been started -- only the author's computer has crashed and he can't write anything at the moment. We're a long way from 12 episodes ... so come one, come all!

Bob Clinton  rclinton@Carlson.com  Patricia, I just read on the BB about Roddy. Boy, is that sad. This is not the kind of news I like to read.
It's not the kind of news I like to post either, but it's my duty to inform fellow Monkiacs of all related news, both good and bad.

Toby of Tubeworld  Tubeworld@aol.com  Just wanted to let you know that we stopped by to check out your site.
Unfortunately - even though it's the type of show we love at Tubeworld Central, - we dropped in as part of our research into the tv roles of Roddy McDowall. We just read in Army Archerd's column that when Army called on the 17th to wish him a happy 70th birthday, McDowall was too sick with terminal cancer to come to the phone.
It's one of our sad little duties in the Tubeworld web site to pay tribute to the tv characters of actors who pass away and we figure Bon Chance Louie's memory should be invoked. (in the TV universe, we figure he's been dead already for many years.)
It is a nice site though and we marked it as a fave place to come back for another visit; this time to enjoy the sights of Boragora.
Toby of Tubeworld
I'm glad you liked the site. I'm just sorry that you didn't visit us under better circumstances.

Lee Parten  parten@zebra.net  Patricia, To paraphrase someone, "only the good shows die young".
You've got a great site here. TOTGM was one of the few bright spots on TV for me in the early 80's. I miss being able to see it. Here's hoping it comes to home video soon!
We're all hoping and wishing and praying and writing. I'd like to think that some day soon, the folks at Universal Home Video will crack.

Chuck Whiteneck  CHWH@chevron.com  I'm another fan. Thanks for all the info!
You're welcome.

Robin Gillespie  robbiemeister@yahoo.com  Roddy McDowell has always been one of my favorite actors, and it saddens me to hear of his situation. I will keep him and his family in my prayers.
I'm sure he's in all of our prayers. I've heard that he's in good spirits and is resting comfortably. If you'd like to send him a message of encouragement or whatever, send them to me and I'll forward them along.

Gary Don Oliver  storchman@cybernw.com  Do you have an address so I may write a letter to Stephen Collins?
I've got addresses galore for the guy. You can snail-mail him at:

Stephen Collins
c/o B&B Entertainment
10390 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA 90025
You can also e-mail him directly at stephen@stephencollins.com. And don't forget to check out his own web site at http://www.stephencollins.com.

Karen J. McLean  babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca  It's been a few days since I read about Roddy McDowall, and the shock has finally worn off and cold reality has set in. This is so sad ... it just isn't fair. I guess I always figured we would lose him first, but simply because of the age difference between him and the others. I guess I always hoped he would simply pass away in his sleep. In recent months, I have watched a close family member go through the final stages of cancer, and it's not something I would wish on my worst enemy. From everything I've ever heard to everything I've ever read, Roddy McDowall seems like a real class act -- it's just not fair.
And don't forget, folks, if you'd like to send e-mail messages to Roddy, please send them to me at gmonkey@goldmonkey.com and I'll forward them all.

Dan MacDonald  Sweep99@worldnet.att.com  Interesting web site. I happened upon it just surfing and I was intrigued so I looked. My father owned the plane that was used in the movie and the series. He and my mother went with the plane during the filming to help ensure it was flight ready for the film crew. They took along a pilot/mechanic who flew copilot for the studio pilot. The studio pilot had no time in an amphibian much less a Goose and he soon ripped the bottom out of the plane landing on reefs and beaches. My father's pilot refused to fly with the studio guy so they paid off the studio guy and my father flew copilot. We have tapes of the show and a book that was published as a promo. My folks have pictures of the Goose being loaded on a barge for the ocean trip. My father ran a flying service in Alaska on Kodiak Island and had several of the planes in daily service for 30 years. If you are interested in more details on the plane or the filming of the flying shots, I am sure he would be happy to provide them.
I'd love more details, Dan. Thank you. In fact, I'd take anything I can get my grubby little hands on. Not that I want to appear greedy, but I am.

See what a little grovelling will get ya? :)
Dan MacDonald 
Sweep99@worldnet.att.com  Patricia, I will get in touch with my father, Bob, and get more details when I can. Until then here is some of the stuff I know from a while back.
The original plane that was to be used was lost in the Pacific during a storm while it was being flown to Seatle from Alaska. Universal Studios had contracted with another airline to use the plane and it had to be taken to Seatle to be loaded on an ocean going barge to be shipped to Hawaii for filming. The Goose does not have the range to fly there from the mainland. The original plane lost a engine in the storm and was forced to land. It lost a wing tip pontoon on touch down so the copilot had to crawl out on the top of the other wing to keep the plane from rolling over and sinking. The pilot radioed the coastguard to rescue them. When the crew was taken off the goose it rolled and sank.
The owner of that plane sugested to the studio that Bob might lease them a plane. He and my mother were in Minneapolis at the time. The studio called my house to find him and they agreed to meet the next day (Sunday!) when my folks got back to Seatle. The lawyers were at the airport with a check and the contract when they got off the plane. A few more phone calls and Cutters Goose was on its way to Seatle. Monday ( the studio was behind schedule ) the plane left Seatle for Hawaii strapped to the barge.
The contract called for two weeks filming so my folks decided to go along and keep an eye on the plane. Harry, Bob's pilot/mechanic was also part of the deal. He was to fly copilot and keep the plane flight ready.
The film crew was the same one that did Magnum PI, they used the Hughs 500 helicopter that appeared on Magnum for a cammera platform. My mom kept watching for Tom Selek as she is a big fan, but he never appeared.
As I said in the other letter, the studio pilot did not have any experiance in a Goose and he did a lot of damage to it by hitting reefs and beaches landing in areas he should not have been in. Harry refused to fly with him any more so they paid him off and Bob took over as copilot while Harry flew. They had to be in costume in case they showed in the film so Harry wore a leather jacket and flight cap. Bob wore a wig and the top of a pink dress! Bob was happy to find out he did not show up in the movie.
There is one point where Corky is quoting specs for the "Goose". He uses numbers for a Widgeon which is a very different plane. Bob told the writers the correct stuff but they left all the wrong information in. Bob caught a lot of flak from his pilot friends when they saw that.
There was another filming later when the studio decided they needed more film for the series, another 2 weeks in Hawaii I think.
Cutter's Goose went back to Seatle afterward and was put up for sale as Bob had sold his interest in Kodiak Airways but retained several planes. It took quite a while to sell the plane and it always drew lots of attention with the movie paint still on it. I never saw it in person but we have a few pictures with it and my folks.
I am going to send this and the other letter to Mom and Bob so they can see what I have been up to. Hopefully they will have more stories to tell and can correct any mistakes I have made.

Linda Smith  ldsmitty@webtv.net  I loved Tales of the Gold Monkey. But the real reason I'm contacting you is to ask if you had heard that Roddy McDowall has cancer?
Yes, we've all heard about it and our thoughts and prayers go out to him and his friends and family. But, let's not dwell on the negative. Let's accentuate the postitive. Why did you love TOTGM?

Linda Smith  ldsmitty@webtv.net  Well, I started watching TTGM because Roddy was on it! And then I was totally captivated by Stephen Collins' and his irascible sidekick. I havent seen the series in so long I have forgotten all the characters' names (I've only been on the net a few months and have yet to realize everything that is available!!!) But I do remember the dog with the glass eye and the "conversations" Collins' character had with him (Was he called "Jack" - the dog I mean?)
Anyway, it was a wonderfully written show and I don't know why it was cancelled!!!
I do! It was those evil weenies at ABC!!! Actually, from what I understand, the whole situation was pretty complicated. Essentially, ABC moved and pre-empted the show too much for it to find a solid audience. Plus, it seemed like they weren't sure which audience they were going for, kids or adults. To add fuel to the fire, the ABC executives and Don Bellisario didn't get along. All these factors contributed to the show's cancellation. The really sad part is that, based on audience research, both NBC and CBS thought that Tales of the Gold Monkey would last for years and were shocked when ABC cancelled it, but not shocked enough to pick it up themselves.

Gary Don Oliver  storchman@cybernw.com  Do you have a mailing address for Jeff MacKay?
Sorry, I don't. But I do have an e-mail address for him, boink@inreach.com. However, I haven't heard from him in months, so don't be surprised if you don't get an immediate reply.

Catherine  csams@vnet.net  Patricia, I saw your "war" with producer Lee Goldberg on Deja News and was curious. I didn't think that I'd ever seen "Tales of the Gold Monkey", but after visiting your web site, I remember it well.
I had a crush on Stephen Collins, and watched this show all the time. The movie and first episodes were the best. I liked the romance between Sarah and Jake. Jack was cute.
But then, as I recall, the writers/producers moved the show away from the appealing tension between Sarah and Jake, and gave Jake other love interests. The first episodes were definitely better than the last ones. This show didn't stay on long as I remember. What, 11/2 seasons?
Anyway, thanks for the trip down memory lane.
The trip was my pleasure, Catherine. Come back any time. I agree with you about Jake and Sarah's romance (and the crush part :) ). From what Tom Greene, writer/producer for the last 7 episodes (The show only lasted 1 season, 21 episodes), Jake and Sarah were never supposed to get together. And I also heard that ABC hated the fact that their handsome hero had a permanent love interest and wanted the character of Sarah dropped. UGH! MEN! Couldn't they see that what made Tales of the Gold Monkey special was the relationships between the characters? I think I had a crush on Jake (my crush was much more on Jake than Stephen Collins) because he could actually carry on a steady romantic relationship, as opposed to those other "macho heroes" of the day. Will they ever learn?

HEY GANG!! Universal Bigwigs are checking out the site!!
Blair Westlake 
For your information, the data you have on your Web site is out of date. The address and names have changed.
The best contact is:

Karen Timpone
Vice President
Universal Television & Networks Group
Universal Studios
100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg. 509/3030
Universal City, CA 91608
Mr. Meidel is no longer employed by Universal. I am now Chairman of the Group in which Ms. Timpone is VP of Communications.
Blair Westlake
Thank you very much for the information. That's a tremendous help. I'll update my web site accordingly. By the way, how did you learn about my site and do we have any chance of getting Tales of the Gold Monkey in syndication in the US or on home video?

Kkabanova@aol.com  Kkabanova@aol.com  Hello, I was wondering....could you tell me who produced the show.."Tales of the Gold Monkey"? Thanks so much!
Hoping to hear back from you soon!
Hope this is soon enough. TOTGM was created and produced by Donald P. Bellisario, the man behind Magnum, P.I., Airwolf, Quantum Leap and JAG.

Linda Smith  ldsmitty@webtv.net  You know, most of that story sounds like what happened when Quantum Leap (also Donald Bellisarius) was taken off the air. They kept moving it around and messed up completely. Except, I do think NBC was behind the show (basically) just didn't know how to handle it - you would think that television execs would have figured this all out by now, wouldn't you?
Well, in all fairness, the TV industry keeps changing faster and faster. Everytime you turn around, there's a new network or cable channel popping up. Plus, audience tastes keep changing. One year, sitcoms are hot. The next, drama is all the rage. But I think the biggest problem is that most TV execs don't pay attention to the past. They think they know how to do it better and 99 time out of 100, they don't.
Here's how I see it: if people are "moved" enough by a show to write in about it, to try to support it in whatever way, it must be a good show. Of course, I don't understand the whole Neilsen ratings thing; OR the sponsors and how they actually fit in.
It's long. It's complicated. It's boring. I won't go into it here.

Bob Clinton  rclinton@Carlson.com  That is a bigwig! I hope he gets back to you regarding how he learned about the site. Now we can all write new letters to this Karen Timpone.
I'm hoping he was doing some market research for releasing TOTGM on video. But I guess I would wonder why the Chairman of the Group would be surfing the net for research purposes. We can live in hope though!!
He's currently out of the office, so I don't expect to hear back from him for about a week. I sure hope he wasn't looking for evidence of copyright infringement. If I suddenly disappear along with the web site, you know whom you can blame. :)
And my fan fic is going through a hopefully final revision.
And maybe one day I'll put up the fanfic page. But I've got some real incentive now. I'm taking a web publishing class at Northeastern University and I can use my site as a class project. Not only will my site finally get updated, but I'll get college credit for it too.

Robin Gillespie  robbiemeister@yahoo.com  I think the Jake/Sarah tension was before its time--in fact, a lot of stuff in Gold Monkey was pre-anything that we see all over the place now ("Caroline in the City," "Suddenly Susan," etc). And didn't the show "Moonlighting" come after Gold Monkey...? The ABC-ers didn't know how to handle sexual tension and it didn't seem as if they wanted to risk it in a brand-new show. Too bad. TOTGM could've made them all millionaires...
One more wierd idea from me: Couldn't you see TOTGM as a radio serial (a.k.a, "The Shadow" or "Sky King"...)? Hey, all the drama, none of the big budget costs!
I'd like to see it as a graphic novel, basically a high grade comic book. Just think of all the things they could do!

William A. Glennon  glennonw@erols.com  Yes, bring the show back. I am an old aeroplane fan (retired helicopter pilot) and loved the flying scenes. That is not to say that the show wasnt' great even without the flying.
But the flying did add a sense of thrills, danger and romance. Just one of the many ingredients that made the show great.

As I'm sure many of you have heard by now, Roddy McDowall passed away from cancer on Saturday, October 3. We'll all miss him, but at least he lives on in his work, including Gold Monkey.

Merri Martin  martinme@ucs.orst.edu  I was surfing and stumbled onto Infoseek to find a report dated 3 October 1998 at 5:33pm (Eastern) saying that Roddy Mcdowall passed away today at his home in Studio City.
Adieu, Bon Chance Louie!

Kate  LilFigment@aol.com  Just read that Roddy McDowell has died. How sad. Was mentioning his illness to a co-worker the other day, and she'd never heard of him. Can you imagine? She'd never heard of TOTGM either, but she was just a baby then. So we took one of our movies "The Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin" starring Roddy McDowell and Suzanne Pleshette for her to watch. It's a wonderful Disney comedy.

Karen J. McLean  babyrain@nbnet.nb.ca  Last night, after hearing about the passing of Roddy McDowall, I went downstairs, lit a candle, and popped "Last Chance Louie" into the VCR. I thought it would be a fitting tribute, since that was the episode which showed me what a brilliant actor the man was. That one long speech mesmerizes me still.
God bless you, Roddy, and thanks for making Bon Chance Louie a living, breathing, *believable* person.

Shannon Oliver  oliverzoned@geocities.com  I just stopped by to send my prayers out to Roddy McDowell. I haven't been able to stop by as much as I used to....but I still love the show and its cast.

It definitely looks like for the next few days that the major, if not only, topic of conversation here will be Roddy, so I won't be adding my usual (mainly) witty remarks to people's messages. But I will be posting relevant information, like this news item found on UltimateTV News Daily.

Due to the recent death of actor Roddy McDowall, A&E's "Biography: Roddy McDowall: Hollywood’s Best Friend" has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 8. The show will feature never-before-seen home movies, outtakes from some of his famous film roles, and interviews with the late actor's friends.

Tom Greene  TJGCOWBOY@aol.com  I wish I could say hello to you on a brighter day. I've been meaning to drop in. But I've been globe-trotting again on assignments. However I love reading your bulletins, and I have my assistant print them out and fax them to me where-ever I am.
I wanted to say hello to all the Monkey fans, especially to the wonderful people I met last year at the reunion, and of course, say how shocked and sadden I am at the passing of Roddy. There are so very few people in this business that you work with that you have so much admiration for, so few who still have that royal class that comes from a different time and a different space. There are so few left like Roddy. Here in Hollywood, most passings are met with a fake sigh and two seconds of "mourning," and then everyone is back to complaining about their agents. However I was actually at a charity function when the news came down, and the place was filled with "celebrities," and I can tell you that people were visibly shaken. Many broke out in real tears, other's were in shock. Two of the "names" who loved him so much, one of whom had dinner with him only a month or so before, had to leave, and couldn't go up for the auction part of the event, they were so moved in sorrow. This was a very unique experience ... because genuine emotion in this town is as rare as plaid M&M's. I can't remember when I've seen such an outpouring of love for anyone.
I remember that over a year ago one of the Roddy's Websites asked me to write some stories about my experiences with him, especially since I wrote the episode that people seem to think showed him off the most: Bon Chance Louie. I wrote several long stories about Roddy, and I believe then sent them to you to post on your board. I have no idea how to find them ... but if you do, it may be nice to reprint them here as a tribute to him. I was going to try and remember them today and write them again, but frankly I'm still too raw for that. Honestly I hadn't seen Roddy in years ... but he was a huge influence on me, and I feel it was his huge talent and huge heart that inspired me to write, what I still believe is some of my best work. And for the kindness and respect he showed to me I will always be grateful.
Au revoir, Louie. Le ciel est juste devenu un plus grand endroit parce qu'ils vous ont. Mes larmes ne peuvent pas arrêter demi de voie en bas de ma joue. Mais votre sourire sera toujours à mon coeur.

Christopher Mills  Nightmark@aol.com  Patricia, I wanted to stop by and join in what I'm sure will be an outpouring of tribute to our great, late friend Roddy McDowell. Like yourself, I was a kid of the Seventies. From Planet Of The Apes to Fantastic Journey (anyone else remember that one?) to Gold Monkey to his "Peter Vincent" character in the Fright Night films, Roddy's always been a favorite, familiar face (and voice). Just a few weeks ago, I sat enthralled again by his wonderful performances in the Planet Of The Apes films, and listened with almost childlike wonder as he revealed the secrets of those films on the AMC documentary. Once again, I marvelled at the man's charm and garce, and I know that I'll always remember him fondly along with his other fans around the world.
Adieu, Bon Chance Louis. You will be missed.

Bob Clinton  rclinton@Carlson.com  I'm really sad to hear the news. I have a lot of memories of his work, not just Gold Monkey. He was a very good actor, in anything.
Bye Roddy!

Leanne Shawler  volterra@sd.znet.com  Roddy got a front-page mention and a two-page obit in today's paper ... It wasn't more specific on the type of cancer though ... not that it matters now, I suppose :(
My Louie is gone! *sob*
Well, at least he went peacefully and with dignity. That's the important thing.

Ron Regina ron135x@hotmail.com  Just happened to stumble upon your site while reading the Roddy McDowall obituary. I couldn't believe that someone else besides me remembered the show. I loved it, and yes, I'm a gen-Xer. I just happened to mention the show to my workmates the other day, most of whom are around my age, and NOBODY remembered it. They all thought I was nuts. Love the site... keep it up and running!
I plan to. I even plan to spruce it up a bit. And now it's time to show this page to your workmates to prove that they're the ones who are nuts.

Kathy Fleming  Lockhavn@gte.net  Just wanted to stop by and add my voice to those who are saddened by Roddy's passing, but who continue to celebrate his wonderful life and career. Also, thanks to Tom Greene with his post about Roddy and Hollywood's reaction to such a terrible loss. I actually avoided making my usual (almost daily) stop by here just after his passing, because I knew it would make me sad to read everybody's posts. But now that I'm here, I see it's also nice to know there's a place where fellow fans can gather to talk about the good times and keep Roddy alive in spirit as long as he's in our thoughts.

Jeff MacKay  boink@inreach.com  Couldn't let Roddy's sad passing go without comment. He was a real pro, a gentleman and a friend. He was a piece of history in the film business and it was an honor to work with him and to know him. I remember the first time I met him. It was in Don Bellisario's office at Universal just before shooting was to begin on the series. Don, Steve and Roddy were talking when I walked in and was introduced to him. I told him that I was thrilled that he was joining us and that he would add a good measure of class to the show... add a measure of class... that he did... that he did.

Blair Westlake    By the way, how did you learn about my site and do we have any chance of getting Tales of the Gold Monkey in syndication in the US or on home video?
From a note someone wrote us and I then went to the web site. The problem on the syndication side is that there are so few episodes (you generally need at least 65 episodes) for buyers to be interested in programming a series as they run out of episodes so quickly.
As for Home Video, the tolerance of the video market for TV product has dropped so significantly over the past few years, even if we make the cassettes the retailers generally will not buy them. The view, particularly for product as old as TGM is that there is a limited audience, etc. Long term hope is that the internet will provide Universal the opportunity to make shows available directly to consumers on a VOD basis when cable and similar modems have the bit rate need to view the show.
I knew that getting Tales of the Gold Monkey back in syndication was a longshot, but I'd like to think there's some hope. Some cable channels, such as TV Land and Sci-Fi, do run short-lived cult series occasionally, and Gold Monkey would be good for weekend play. There are also some solid selling points:

  1. The '80s nostaglia wave is gaining momentum. The kids, teens and young adults who watched the show originally are now twenty/thirtysomethings with a fondness for our youth. I actually got the inspiration for my website from a Friends page where someone was commenting on the episode, 'The One With the Prom Video' (a very '80s video). He said, "As a member of the Duran Duran/Tales of the Gold Monkey generation, I found the video to be MOST nostalgic."
  2. The show still would appeal to kids, teens and young adults. It has a timelesss quality to it. Plus, with the huge success of 7th Heaven, Stephen Collins has very high visability and recognition with that audience. I'm sure there are thousands of young folks out there who'd love to see Rev. Camden as an action hero.
  3. Yes, it's morbid, but there must be some increased interest in the series since the recent death of Roddy McDowall. It was his most successful series. I love the VOD concept, but that's still probably 3-5 years down the road. I know we've waited this long, but we'll keep trying for something sooner.
    Thank you for your time and all your help.

    Robin Gillespie  robbiemeister@yahoo.com  Roddy was a great man to watch on screen, and I don't remember ever seeing a movie or t.v. broadcast with him that I wasn't mesmerized by his talent. I will miss him, and the world is a little less sweet without his gifts...Patricia, do you think it's possible to take the letters and comments of this bulletin board and create a small TOTGM fan page remembering him--?
    I may do that later, but right now I'm still just trying to catch up on answering my e-mail. I could probably do it when I do my big redesign of my website.

    Rick Mackley  rmackley@hotmail.com  I absolutely love your sight and have several books about the show. It's nice to see I'm not alone in my love. feel free to write me back at rmackley@hotmail.com
    Okay, Rick, I'm writing you back to thank you for the compliment. Feel free to stop back again anytime.

    Mark  Markmercy@aol.com  A couple of points on the Goose as flown by Jake Cutter. The Grumman was produced in a number of variants ALL called Goose by Grumman itself. The brit version was the 0A9 and called the Goose I (one) The plural for the grumman version of the goose (rather than the nature version with feathers and the odd voice) is NOT Geese, but GOOSES. One goose, two gooses. I watched the Gold Monkey whenever my schedule allowed MOSTLY due to the goose. I was living in Alaska as a child and rode on a number of Gooses owned and operated by Ellis Air Lines and Alaska Coastal Air Lines, both of which flew gooses and operated up and down the inside passage/southeastern Alaska.
    I really wish that one of the cable channels would pick up the TOTGM so I could tape the episodes and watch them. Great great web page! keep it up!
    Thanks for the info, Mark. And we're doing our best to get the show on somewhere, but it's an uphill battle. We'll do our best. In the meantime, my site will just have to do.

    Catherine Merritt  cmerritt@netquarters.net  I am visitor # 41438 to your website. I don't know why I loved this show, but I was monumentally disappointed when it was cancelled after only one season. I'd like to see reruns.
    Well, since reruns are still a longshot, perhaps you could poke around the site to figure out why you loved the show.

    JackSarah, Jake and the Goose on the beachJim  starbuck@gate.net  Hi: Patricia On my recent trip to La I found a few new photos that you can use for your site. I also went on the Universal Back lot tour. And I saw what was left of the Jake's Goose. Its just the the front of the cockpit. I was able to get a little video of it when the tram drove by. I'll see if I can snap a picture off the video tape for you..
    Thanks for the pictures, Jim. They're great. I also have a picture of the abuse cockpit of the Goose. You can make a video capture if you want, but one picture seems to be painful enough.

    Mark Cowan  User764808@aol.com  I had no idea that there were others who shared my love of "Tales of the Gold Monkey" until I found your web site. I certainly hope that the "lost" episodes will be shown on cable or released to home video. Thank you for all your hard work!
    Mark Cowan
    Albuquerque, NM
    It's been my pleasure, Mark. Glad to help folks any way I can.

    "SpiritWolf"  kmike45@hotmail.com  Thank you for sharing your page with me...I had forgotten about the Tales of the Gold Monkey until I saw it here...Then I remembered how much I enjoyed watching it..
    Thanks again.
    You're welcome. Glad that I helped bring back some fond memories.

    Joylene Bennett  JoyB@integrityonline14.com  I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful and fun site for all of us who remember TOTGM. You have brought back alot of great memories. I am joining your campaign to convince TNT to run the show again. You can never get too much of a good thing! And, may Roddy rest in peace. God Bless him.
    Thanks for the compliment and the help. As long as people keep writing to me, I'm keeping up the fight.

    Colin Woodward  colin@woodward.prestel.co.uk  I live in the UK (okay my problem not yours I admit) I'm twenty four years but even at this early age I still remember Tales of the Gold Monkey. If I remember it correctly (and it's not through a hazy memory) it was an original show with Indiana Jones/Republic serial type overtones. I recently placed an advert on one of the newgroups, as I'm trying to find anyone, preferably in the UK, with the pilot or any episodes on video tape in PAL. So far no luck but somebody pointed me in your direction and the Website. Which is pretty cool by the way (A bit of toadying there, but I mean it) Do you know anyone in the UK who may have copies of it, or could you possibly put the question out on your website?
    I don't know of anyone personally in the UK who has tapes, but I'll gladly post your request to the bulletin board. If you do find someone, could you let me know?

    Helen Stephens  dstephe8@bellsouth.net  This is actually the second time I've gone into your web site and this "over 40" oldie goldie is just as thrilled as your Generation X'ers that someone has dedicated so much time and given so much LOVE to the great "Tales of the Gold Monkey." I loved every bit of GM and actually taped two or three episodes. I am still very disappointed they cancelled it, and I'm surprised Nick at Nite didn't pick up.
    Well, Nick at Nite tends to rerun sitcoms, but we're holding out some hope for TV Land, now that the legal problems between Viacom and Universal have been settled.
    Anyway, Patricia, I really hope that more people do visit your web site, and maybe become new fans of the show if they haven't seen it. You know, we should at least be able to buy the vidotapes. Any chance of that happening?
    We just heard from the chairman of Universal Television, Blair Westlake, and he doesn't think home video will happen. But they have big hopes for VOD (video on demand) in general. Basically, you'd be able to go on the internet, order a movie or an episode of your favorite show and watch it on your computer. However, modem speeds would have to increase before that happens.
    I'll be checking in on your web site every-so-often - I'm sorry more people don't show up. You've done a wonderful job! I also saw that Stephen Collins actually wrote you a couple of times. I've always been a fan and wish him much success on "7th Heaven." Handsome and a gentleman to boot! Can't get any better than that!!!
    I propose not necessarily bring the old GM back, but perhaps an altogether new Tales of the Gold Monkey. Has Bellisario given this a thought?
    I don't think that Don Bellisario gives Gold Monkey any thought any more, so the odds of that happening are extremely slim. Besides a remake would never be able to live up to the original.

    Mark R. Gardner  vli@teleport.com  Great Site! Wow, I wish I'd found your site some time ago! I have been a fan of the show since it first was on. I was stationed overseas in Great Britain at the time but saw the pilot and first five or six episodes then. I was saddened to hear it was cancelled when I returned to the States from overseas. It was unique!
    I recorded the whole series on Beta when it first was rerun but, unfortunately, I was unable to record the series the next time it was on in VHS. I have never seen it since but the warm memories and what might have been continue.
    I suppose, like me, you were saddened by the recent death of the great Roddy McDowell. I am considering setting up a memorial page of some sort for "one of my favorites"....
    One question: Do you know what happened to Leo (the dog who played Jack)? I am sure he died some time ago but I always felt he was the real "heart" of the show and would like to hear about his post-TOTGM life and career, if any.
    Best regards,
    Mark R. Gardner
    Aviation Historian
    I know that Leo did continue acting after Gold Monkey was cancelled. I remember him doing guest appearances on shows like Scarecrow and Mrs. King and The A-Team, but he never got another series to showcase his talents. I'm not sure when he died, but he's probably playing around in doggie heaven right now.
    And if you do create a Roddy McDowall memorial page, please let me know and I'll put up a link to it.

    Shannon Oliver  oliverzoned@geocities.com  I am sorry, but I wasn't able to visit your site until tonight. Roddy's death was a great loss. I wrote a note to the email addy on Stephen Collin's board. He replied with a message that Roddy had died without pain. I thought everyone would be relieved to hear that someone we all loved passed with ease into a much better place.

    Mark  Markmercy@aol.com  Pat: A couple of odd little things that you may or may not have run across regarding TOTGM. The Whole thing is great of course, but since I am more of a Grumman Goose fan than a TOTGM fan (yes I am a fan and in 1985, I was ahem, ....uh.. let me get my calculator out....uh...are you ready for this? Ok, 32. bad thing to get old huh? (Yeah, I am 45 now so what's it to you?) But Louis L'Amour the western writer (very GOOD writer too) wrote a few pulp stories about a character called Turk Madden and his Grumman Goose in the China Sea and that area, some of the stories are available in the book "Night over the Solomons" which is a series of stories that take place around the late 30's and early 40's. Rather interesting stories too all told. Could be that the writers/originators of the gold monkey had read these as well as other adventure pulps and based monkey on that as well as other stories involving mystery and adventure in exotic places, including one with Humphry Bogart and Sidney Greenstreet, if you get what I mean. By the way As much as I like Roddy McDowell (and deeply regret his recent passing) as a shady character, Sidney Greenstreet was DA MAN! but then the second villan who I can picture (The amazing mr. MOTO! as well as hundreds of villans in horror pictures) but can't flash on his name right now, was wonderful! I LIKE pulp fiction and the 30's and 40's myself. In any case, I am slowly working my way through the postings as I can find time (I do have a living to make unfortunately) and wondered if copies of the tapes could be made? by someone. I would like to see a few of the episodes at some point if they might be available (I will NOT whine!)
    thanks. mark
    Well, you are allowed to whine, Mark. It's something to do to pass away the time it takes for me to make copies. I've got a backlog of orders, so it could take several months. I'll put you on the list, though, and post your message to the bulletin board just in case someone else out there can help you.

    Mark  Markmercy@aol.com  OK so I am a goof! But I was wondering about the idea you had for GM stories. I am working on one set in 1959! You may like it so if you wish, when it is done, it is possible that I will submit it to you. We will see. Think about it I would like to hear your reaction. We'll take anything you've got, Mark. Thanks. I like to think of the web site as one big community. Anybody can contribute anything Monkey-related. And I'm beginning to set up an area for fan fiction, so write to your heart's content.

    XIZZOR24@aol.com  XIZZOR24@aol.com  I realy love your page. I've been looking for pages on 70's and 80's TV shows and I'm realy glad that I found yours. Keeps up the good work. After I finish writing you i'm writing TNT and the others about re-running the show.
    Thanks. We can use all the help we can get.

    It's time again to move on over to the next board, (Gold) Monkey House #22.

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